Curtis Taylor Q&A


Third-year safety Curtis Taylor, who may or may not make the team this season, spoke to a group of reporters today in Santa Clara.

Here’s the complete transcript of that interview.

Q: How difficult is it for you to practice with so many different safety partners?

TAYLOR: It’s not difficult at all. You come into the classroom, you put in the work, and you go out there and do your job.

Q: Is there an issue developing chemistry?

TAYLOR: No. You have to know both positions, so everybody’s working together helping us learn this new scheme.

Q: Which do you feel is your better position, strong or free?

TAYLOR: Both, you’ve got to know both positions, so it really doesn’t matter.

Q: How eager are you to get into a game?

TAYLOR: Very eager. It’s been a long offseason, it’s been a long vacation, so I’m really excited to get back to football.

Q: With so many safeties competing for so few roster spots, how do you separate yourself?

TAYLOR: That’s the NFL – there’s going to be a battle wherever you’re at. It really doesn’t matter what the number is. Everybody’s competing for a job, so you just put in the work.

Q: Is Special Teams key in all this?

TAYLOR: Special Teams is key in everything. Special Teams, defense, offense, there’s competition across the board.

Q: Are you looking forward to going back to Louisiana?

TAYLOR: Yeah I’m looking forward to it. Last time I played in the Super Dome for the National Championship, so It’s going to be real fun to go back there.

Q: Has there been any talk among teammates about the new drug testing that will take place before and after games?

TAYLOR: I’ve just heard about that, but it really doesn’t matter to me. I don’t care, I don’t do drugs. It’s not big issue.

Q: How much will you be playing?

TAYLOR: I have no idea, whatever playing time I get I’m going to love it.

Q: How have you seen the talent level of the receiving group change over the last few years?

TAYLOR: It’s the NFL, everybody’s talented. Whoever they bring in here is going to bring something to the team. It’s always a challenge to go out there with those guys, so it’s a good look for us.

Q: What does Braylon Edwards look like to you early on?

TAYLOR: The first time I saw him walk out here I thought he was a tight end. It’s good having a guy with that type of size and athleticism to help with the team.

Q: How does a receiver with that kind of size make it difficult on guys like you? What does that size mean for a receiver?

TAYLOR: It means a lot, especially when you’re in man-to-man coverages. That guy can push off, he can maybe get off the ball. He may not be as fast as the smaller guys but he’s real powerful, so it’s good work to have that guy on your team.

Q: Does the offense look any less predictable to you than in previous years?

TAYLOR: They’re running some different stuff. I like it. I was with them at San Jose State, so I’ve seen some of the stuff they’re putting in as far as the packages go. I think it’s going to help us a lot.

Q: Do you and Ricky Jean-Francois give the Ohio State alumni a hard time?

TAYLOR: All the time, everyday. It’s a joy to have those guys on your team knowing that you played against them in a big game. We’re always picking on them. We’ve got to let them know who’s the boss.


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