Darcel McBath introduces himself

SANTA CLARA – The newest Niner, Darcel McBath, spoke today about how he became a Niner and how he can contribute to the team. Here’s a transcript.

Q: How did this opportunity come across for you?

McBATH: They just called me, asked if I was healthy and if I was in shape and if I was ready to play football and if I thought I could come in and compete and make the team.

Q: Are your health issues a thing of the past?

McBATH: Oh yeah. I’ve been training hard, eating right – all the things I’m supposed to do to stay healthy.

Q: You broke your arm in a game?

McBATH: Yes, I broke it in December last year. Rehab went well. It took a little longer than expected. Got it back to 100 percent and now I’m ready to go.

Q: You played safety for Denver and cornerback for Jacksonville. What do you see yourself doing here?

McBATH: Wherever I need to. Wherever I can help.

Q: If Dashon Goldson stays away for a while does that open the door for you?

McBATH: I haven’t even thought about that. That really hadn’t even crossed my mind. I think my job is to compete everyday and do the right thing, and that’s what I’m going to do.

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