David Fales Q&A

SANTA CLARA – Friday afternoon, I interviewed David Fales in a small group in 49ers’ the defensive meeting room after the 49ers’ local Pro Day. Here is a transcript of the interview.

Q: How did San Jose State enhance your development as a quarterback?

FALES: Going junior college and making that leap to Division I, obviously you’ve got bigger, faster athletes and the game is a little bit faster than junior college, so you automatically adapt. But being with the coaches I was fortunate to work with – developing my mental game was huge over the two years.

Q: Why are you NFL ready?

FALES: I think mentally, I can definitely adapt. I don’t know if I will be ready immediately. You’ve got to adjust to the speed because it’s a whole other speed. But I’ve been able to adapt at all levels, so I feel like at the next level I’ll be able to adapt and learn and pick up the game pretty quickly.

Q: How can you take your game to the next level? What is the next stage of development for you?

FALES: Always trying to develop physically – get my legs stronger, my core. Now that I’m done with school, it has been all football with my diet and my routine – getting in the best shape that I can. That has been huge. It’s tough when you don’t know what system you’re going to be in to develop that side, but being around pre-combine with Terry Shea, learning from him and the various coaches I’ve gotten to spend some time with, it definitely has helped.

Q: One of the things people say about you is if you get in the right system, one or two years down the road you could be a starter. Do you agree with that, or do think you could start next year?

FALES: I don’t feel like I’m just a system guy. At my junior college I played in a whole different system. I was at Nevada for a little bit, and then at San Jose State. Being able to adapt to different systems, I think that’s something I’m really good at doing. Being able to adjust and understand the offense and play to its strengths.

Q: How much different was the 2013 San Jose State offense from the 2012 one? A lot more attacking down the field in 2013?

FALES: At first we were definitely throwing it down the field, but we adjusted. The terminology was different – that was a huge part. And the protections were different. For the most part it was just terminology.

Q: How helpful is it that you’ve had to learn four offenses in the last five years?

FALES: I definitely got to see different sides of the game, different perspectives in different offensives. When you pick up all the different terminology along the way, it kind of ties together. Just getting a taste of everything definitely helps. When I went to the Senior Bowl (and played for) the Jaguars’ (coaching staff), I understood everything they were doing. It’s easy to connect with the coaches and have the same dialog.

Q: When NFL teams ask you about bouncing around, transferring twice, what do you say?

FALES: It made me the competitor and the person I am today.

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