Davis, Iupati get first-team reps

Tackle Anthony Davis and guard Mike Iupati reached a milestone today. Each took reps with the 49ers’ first-team offense, Davis on the right side and Iupati on the left.

That marked the first time the first-round draft choices had taken on the look of starters in 2010. But they weren’t limited to those reps. Davis and Iupati both got time with the second team as well, making for a very busy day for the No. 11 and No. 17 overall picks, respectively, in this year’s draft.

“I just think the coaches are trying to get ’em all the reps that they can, whether it’s the first team or the second team or whatever,” coach Mike Singletary said. “Just trying to get ’em more reps.”

The big rookies didn’t stand out a lot, which is probably good. It means they didn’t badly blow any blocks or move before the snap.

“Just trying to do their job right now, head spinning a little bit,” quarterback Alex Smith said. “When you step in there with the first group and you’re a young guy, you’re just trying not to get noticed. Because if the play goes well, it’s a good thing. You did your job and the play goes on and you go to the next play. … I don’t really pick up on when they’re in there or not.”

Later in practice, David Baas and Adam Snyder were back with the first team, giving Davis and Iupati some needed rest. Neither rookie was available for comment today. Late in the media-access period, they jogged into the locker room side by side as if pulling for a sweep in slow motion, grabbed their playbooks out of their lockers and jogged right back out for a meeting.

All part of a big day for two of the most important young players on the 49ers’ roster.

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