Davis ‘not ready’ for fewer targets

After Mike Singletary alluded to an offseason conversation with Vernon Davis earlier this week, I asked the Niners tight end about the confab Thursday.

Singletary said he discussed being selfless in regards to sharing catches – particularly because Davis will no doubt attract more attention this season after tying the NFL record for TD catches by a tight end (13) last year.

Singletary is praised for his interpersonal skills with his players. And his ability to foreshadow a potential problem with Davis and discuss it is a perfect illustration.

So, is Davis now comfortable with the possibility of seeing fewer targets?

“No, I’m not ready for that,” Davis said. “I’m not ready for it because I look at like this, whether I’ve got two people on me or not, I’ve still got to win. And in my mind, I feel like I’m going to win because I feel like there’s no one that can stop me, especially one on one. But that’s how you have to think. That’s how I’ve always thought of myself.”

Davis, of course, likes to express himself and is not known for humility. But he did eventually strike a company-line tone, “If they’re on me,” he said, “then they’ve got to worry about Josh Morgan, Michael Crabtree, Ted Ginn and also don’t forget about Delanie Walker.”

Davis, known as a tireless talker and a tireless worker, is one of the Niners’ six captains. But offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye indicated he’s still developing his leadership abilities.

How does Davis lead? “Very …” Raye began and remained stuck on the word for at least five seconds, seemingly considering the possibilities, “gregariously.”

Raye went on to say that Davis’ work ethic is impeccable. And his mouth is, in Raye’s mind, not his strongest asset.

“He does more with actions maybe more than words because when he tries it with words sometimes it gets a little – can get a little out of bounds,” Raye said.

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