DeForest Buckner talks about attacking the ball and extreme violence


Here are select quotes from DeForest Buckner’s first press conference of 2017.

Q: Where have the coaches said you’re going to play?

BUCKNER: “Last year, I moved around a lot. Right now, Coach is telling me the big end spot and some 3-technique.”

Q: You’ve trained a lot with Michael Bennett who comes from a similar scheme. Have you talked to him about the nuances of that front?

BUCKNER: “Yeah, actually. Me, Arik (Armstead), Eli (Harold) and Ron (Blair), we’re all going out there in July. We’re going to be out there in Hawaii for almost a whole month working out with Michael Bennett. We’re going to be able to have the opportunity to pick his brain and things we can use to be successful in this scheme.”

Q: Would you rather be a 3-tech or at the big end spot?

BUCKNER: “To be honest, it doesn’t matter. I’ve had success at both spots. I’m just looking forward to learning the new scheme.”

Q: What are your initial impressions of your new defensive coordinator?

BUCKNER: “I like him a lot. He talks about the style of defense he wants us to be. He wants us to attack the ball, have extreme violence and he has talked to us about having all gas, no brakes. ”

Q: Are you going to be one-gapping more than last season?

BUCKNER: “He said it’s more of a one-gap control defense. One gap and we’re going.”

Q: How does that change things?

BUCKNER: “Off the snap I’m not two-gapping, so I’m not holding on to blocks. I’m more avoiding now, so I’m excited about that. I don’t have to hold off a 300-pound man for two seconds and then shed him. It’s going to be more exciting.”

Q: When you were watching film cutups today, was it of Seattle, or…?

BUCKNER: “Coach said we’re going to have a variation of cutups. It’s probably going to be with Seattle and Atlanta and Jacksonville. I’m just taking notes and watching what to do and what not to do.”

Q: What was your learning experience as a rookie and how will you transition to Year 2?

BUCKNER: “Last year, my whole thing was about consistency and keeping my pad level low and my pass rush. I kind of started off slow during the year. As we played more games, things started to get a lot easier. Just transitioning to really watching the film. Throughout the year I really got better at watching the film, and seeing the little things I have to change in my own play and things I can pick up on from other teams. Being able to develop more in the class room really helped me throughout the season.”

Q: How excited are you to get after the quarterback more in this scheme now than in the past? You’re said you’re going to be one-gapping now, so you won’t have to stack-and-shed as much. That’s going to benefit you a lot, especially as a pass rusher.

BUCKNER: “Oh yeah, definitely. I’ve never been in this kind of scheme. We were really reacting and stuff last year and the scheme I was in the past couple years. Being able to just rip and run and go, everybody is definitely excited to get out there.”

Q: Now that this is your second year, how do you feel about being able to gel with your defensive line unit, knowing where guys are going to be before they’re going to be there and just being a cohesive unit?

BUCKNER: “Still have most of the same guys in the room. We also have the Sams in the room and the Leos. The outside backers are more D-linemen now. So when we go through pass rush things and talking about getting after the quarterback, it’s going to be a lot better compared to last year because we all know what we need to do with, I want to say, caging the quarterback.”

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  1. *Draft Buzzer: Two trusted sources told me they feel Lattimore is overrated and lacks coverage skills. I agree with both statements and have stated several times I believe Lattimore’s ball skills pale in comparison to those of teammate Gareon Conley.

    Lattimore’s injury history is also a big red flag for teams.

    Again from trusted sources, I’m told that despite reports that a hip flexor prematurely ended Lattimore’s combine workout — he did not participate in position drills — hamstring issues did play a role in sidelining him during the final day of workouts.

    1. This could be rumors but I heard similar stuff on him prior to and during combine. I’m not sure I would go with this young man, but then again, you know how I feel about your hyper inflated draft crush Thomas the Boy King!

    2. In watching film of Ohio State, I have to agree I like Conley much better. Conley played LCB and was good in run support, much better than Lattimore. The other ting I noticed watching film is that if the play was to the other side Lattimore was lackadaisical and didn’t go to the plahy which was not the case with Conley.

  2. “We also have the Sams in the room and the Leos.”

    Again, outlining the SAM spot is really a DE.

    I agree with #80, Buckner could be very good in this scheme.

    1. “Right now, Coach is telling me the big end spot and some 3-technique.”

      Didn’t the blog pretty much reach a consensus that Buckner would be the 3-tech and Armstead the “big end”. Don’t you find his response surprising?

      1. Yeah, that surprises me. Thought for sure he would be the 3T. If he is playing big end, wonder what that means for Armstead? Is he the 3T? Saleh said he could play some Leo… but really don’t see that happening.

            1. I think if they draft Allen they’re ****ing up. The guy does not have the athleticism for the position. I mean, Jeeze-Louize, his SPARQ is in the 27th percentile.

              So while in college he’s a good athlete, in NFL athleticism he’s slow, lacks agility and to top it off, he’s weak. And I’d love to know at what point does ‘slow, weak and clumsy’ translate into ‘3T?’

              If this was baseball we were talking about, we’d be acknowledging that he was a AAAA player. One with skills enough to dominate the minors, but lacks talent enough to succeed in the majors.

              Happens all the time in baseball. Great minor league players, even guys hitting .300, just don’t make it to the show despite the impressive stats.

              And football is no different. This guy has ‘run-stuffing DT who plays in a booth’ written all over him. And that’s IF he puts on weight and strength. But he sure as flip doesn’t have ‘edge’ or ‘3T’ written on him.

              1. Sold! Let’s take Tyus Bowser at #2. Bowser has the highest SPARQ rating. He must be a slam dunk right?

        1. I believe Armstead will be a rotational player and see time all along the dline behind Mitchell, Buckner at big end and 3 technique

          1. that way, he would still see 60 to 75 of the defensive plays and the coaches can pick and choose where to put him in certain situations

        2. I think that situation is still very fluid and they are playing around with possibilities still. Wait till things shake out after the draft.

      2. No. Players get injured so everyone cross trains to some extent. AND they said they’d be fitting players to where they worked best and try them at more than one position until they got the best unit on the field.

        So I find that entirely consistent with what’s been said and standard NFL practice.

          1. Evolution. If you’re standing still you’re falling behind. Version 2017New.
            Aggressive seems good; its football.

            Walsh tried to refresh his offense each season (contributing to his dynastic success) and wasn’t afraid to delegate each year’s twists to others: Wyche, Holmgren, ShannySr.
            He learned that from Coryell, who allowed Perkins and Gibbs and Walsh and other OCs to bring their virtuoso tweaks to Air Coryell.

    1. I totally agree.They need to get back to playing NINER football.

      With Mangenius and O’Neil, they were trying to play the Cleveland Browns defense.

  3. Two defensive backs, Adoree’ Jackson and Justin Evans, are swiftly moving up draft boards.

    Jackson is viewed as a game changer and one of the most improved defensive backs in the country. Teams love Evans’ film and believe he’s cast in the Kam Chancellor mold. *Pauline

    1. Makes me think of this recent tweet from Amy Trask:

      Amy Trask‏Verified account @AmyTrask Apr 7
      Whenever a player zooms up a draft board in April, I wonder “did I miss something – were games played since the season ended?” #watchthetape

        1. I said top 5 and if Grant isn’t right about Adams to the Bears then yea I do.

          What does that have to do with Trask’s tweet or late climbing prospects?

            1. Sorry for the snark, seemed out of place so I thought you were trying to bring up an old topic. My bad.

          1. It is interesting that there is almost nothing being said about him anymore. Maybe the medical concerns are real and he’s due for a slide. I can’t see him getting out of top 10 still. He such a good prospect that someone will take a chance on him even if there are concerns over his shoulders.

      1. A lot of the perceived movement is likely on media boards rather than team boards. Stay tuned! Keep checking in for breaking developments!
        Also, each team has tiers of scouts, evaluators, coaches, co-ordinaters and position coaches all chipping in (or waiting to) their tie-breakers as each board gets fine tuned. Those tweaks probably won’t be apparent to any of us.

    1. And yet Trubisky got the same scout rating as Goff AND Wentz got last year… And they wen’t 1 & 2. That’s, in part, why I don’t listen to the talking heads anymore. It’s all the flavor of the week and stroking the perceived meta with them. Just chatter to fill air time with the ‘conventional wisdom/hype.’

      And none of them will put the brakes on the hype machine. So guys like Allen, who — BY NFL STANDARDS — is a marginal athlete and will almost certainly be an ‘in the phone booth’ run stuffing DT with little pass rush in the NFL ranked as a Top-5 prospect.

      Why? Just because he’s athletic enough and good enough to over-whelm a bunch of low-skill, low-talent college players who’ll never get a sniff at the NFL? But when you look hard at him, he lacks the athletic ability to over-come the vastly more talented NFL players and was more of a player who lifted by the talent around him than a player who lifted the talent around him.

      Yet people are on his bandwagon even though the guy, as a potential NFL athlete, is a potato. He’s the kind of guy if he were on a poor team, would be drafted in the 3rd or 4th round.

      1. And yet Trubisky got the same scout rating as Goff AND Wentz got last year… And they wen’t 1 & 2.

        The fact that he’s only had a year of experience, his lack of an Alpha gene, and his inability to win the job over UFA quarterbacks on NC’s depth chart define why he’s not expected to go that high….

  4. Mariucci is even bringing up the prospect of trading back.

    Gotta find the right partner, and the Saints or Browns are the most logical candidates.

    Niners should set up the Fournett sweepstakes and invite all bids.

    1. It’s obvious Fournette is a smokescreen. The Jags or Panthers must really want him. Did you hear the Browns “are considering Fournette with the first overall pick” with

      1. Could you imagine if they did? I wonder how fast Shanahan or Lynch could sprint to the podium with Garrett’s name? I know I’d be knocking tables over to get there…

        1. Moses,
          I believe the Browns want Garrett and Fournette. Thats why my mock has the 9ers trading #2 for the Browns #12 then drafting Jabril Peppers and a CB with their 2nd Rd pick.

          1. EastCoast,
            My hopes are the 9ers get the Browns first pick in 2018. With the Browns #1 and the 9ers #1 I believe the 9ers could trade up and get any QB they want in a QB heavy draft.

            1. Old Coach, I wish to respectfully differ. Browns will not want to give up their first, because they may want it to draft a QB from the 2018 class. Niners would profit handsomely from another year of futility from the Browns, so your trade, while I would jump for joy if Lynch could pull it off, favors the Niners too much.

              Cleveland has tons of draft capital, with 2 firsts and 2 seconds. Their third is essentially a late round second.

              Cleveland could offer their 12th pick, along with a second and third round pick, with only a 2018 second round pick, and the deal would pretty much balance out in the TVC. Niners would be extremely happy because Lynch could leverage the number 2 pick into 3 picks. It would be a total of 4 picks including the 2018 second round pick.

              1. Seb,
                It would all depend on how badly the Browns want both players. The 9ers are in the drivers seat. They could stay at #2 and draft either Garrett or Fournette then trade the player for #12 or just draft the player they want at #2. I like Peppers at #12 because he is a play maker. He reminds me of Troy Polamalu.

              2. Old Coach, I agree. Peppers at 12 would be a great choice.

                I like his versatility, and he could return kickoffs.

  5. In putting together this mock, one thing kept coming back to me – they want to change the culture. So that’s what I think they will focus on. With that in mind, here is my mock.

    1. Jamal Adams. There really are a few directions that make sense with this pick. I could easily make a case for any one of Lattimore, Thomas, Hooker, Allen even Foster or Fournette. And in reality I think the 49ers will be trying hard to trade back. But if they stay put I think Adams is the guy that really provides the tone setting leader that Lynch and Shanahan have been talking about wanting. You want to instill a hard nosed winning attitude in your secondary and D as a whole? Adams is your man.

    2. Deshone Kizer. This will probably be seen as a “WTH are you thinking Scooter?” moment, but I’m going back to changing the culture. With that thought in mind I think Deshaun Watson becomes a real possibility if he is there. No other QB in this class brings his kind of leadership and culture changing qualities. He may be a flawed prospect, but when it comes to the intangibles needed to succeed he has them all in abundance. However, I really doubt he lasts that long. Kevin King if he is available would make a lot of sense as option 2, but I also think he will be taken. So I think Deshone Kizer becomes the likely option here. I don’t really love him as a prospect and in all honesty think he will be a bust, but I do think Shanahan will want a QB taken before the end of day 2 and Kizer has traits he could like.

    3. Quincy Wilson. Sidney Jones would be awfully tempting here, but I think they will want a CB that can contribute right away. Ahkello Witherspoon has the physical traits to make him a real possibility, but I’ll go with the combative Quincy Wilson. I really like his competitiveness, which I think ties in nicely once again with the idea of changing the culture.

    4a. JoJo Mathis. I think there is a real chance he doesn’t last this long, but if he is there at the top of round 4 then I think he would be a great pick as the edge rusher for the 49ers. To be honest, if I was the 49ers and hadn’t drafted an edge player after their top 3 picks, I would trade back into the 3rd round to get Mathis. He isn’t the best athlete, but he will maul the OT and TE opposite him all day.

    4b. Jalen Reeves Mabin. The shoulder injury is a big concern, no getting around it. But he is a really good LB when healthy. Instinctive. Productive. And also very athletic. Most draft sites have him going lower than this, but if his shoulder checks out I think he goes around here.

    5a. Dalvin Tomlinson. This may seem too low a spot for Tomlinson, but 2 down DL tend to fall. And this draft has a lot of mid tier DTs for Tomlinson to compete with. For the 49ers he would make a nice guy in the rotation as a 1T.

    5b. Aaron Jones. Explosive RB that plays with a lot of power and quickness despite not having great size. Needs to be more patient as a runner, but he can be a load to bring down.

    6a. Brad Seaton. Tall, athletic OT that should be well suited to a ZBS.

    6b. Robert Davis. Big bodied WR with big catch radius and good speed. He’s the type of WR the current group appears to be missing.

    7. Corey Levin. As Grant outlined previously, Levin has the tools to be a good fit at OG in the ZBS. Though I think this is closer to where he gets drafted.

    1. Well done Scooter. You can’t go wrong with Adams. He’s a complete prospect and a leader.

      I’m more optimistic than you about Kizer, so I like the pick. Especially if Shanny give him a thumbs up.

      Wilson and Mathis could (probably would) start.

      Aaron Jones could be a steal. At 5’10” 205 LBs and your scouting report, he reminds me of Terrell Davis who was 5’11” 210 LBs. I picture Bobby Turner drooling over Jones’ potential.

      1. Thanks mate. Completely agree on Adams. He’s a guy you build a team around. If they take Kizer I too will trust Shanahan knows what he is doing. But I won’t be at all surprised if he never amounts to more than somewhat disappointing.

        1. You don’t draft to strengths. And safety is probably the single strongest unit on the defense. Reid will, finally, be playing in his natural spot — SS. Ward has the range and vision and coverage ability to be an excellent FS.

          There is no need there.

          Where there is need is for pass-rush. Where there is need is QB. Where there is need is WR. Where there is need is a good-hands, pass-catching TE. Where there is need is linebacking (but that’s better done in Rounds 2 through 4).

          Every day I am glad fans don’t get to run teams. You’re, literally, ignoring the talent on the roster and pimping a safety who’d barely make Top-10 in most NFL draft classes. But this class, lacking a lot of star power, he crept up the board.

          There are three players worth our pick — Garrett (whom we’re not going to get), Fournette & Thomas. Anything else and you’re severely over-drafting.

          1. Moses- You say don’t draft to strengths, yet you say that maybe we take Fournette at #2? After signing Highsmith, RB is now a strength. I disagree with you on Adams and many have said that he’s one of the best safeties to come along in years. If you think a player is going to be a gamechanger, you take him. What if Fournette turns out to be an Eric Dickerson? What if Adams is another Steve Atwater or Ronnie Lott? I think that Reid will be gone after this year. He’s had concussion issues and playing SS will just put him at more risk. I hope that I’m wrong and he winds up being great at that position, but I can’t see it. I really think that the 49ers will be improved next year and will not be picking quite as high in the draft. If there are impact players available this year and the 49ers know how to use them, then they should draft them. If anybody knows how to scout and size up safeties, it’s John Lynch. If he thinks that Adams is that special, my money is on him being the pick at #2. I wouldn’t be unhappy if we picked Fournette either. We’ll find out in a couple of weeks!

          2. Reid isn’t a natural SS. He isn’t an enforcer in the run game down at the LOS. And he’s a linear athlete best playing downhill. He is a FS in a system that plays its safeties interchangeably with a lot of 2 deep looks.

            SS is not a strength on this team right now. And Adams is definitely a top talent.

              1. Deep class, but that doesn’t mean there are game changing safeties to be had in later rounds. There is a good reason Adams is rated so highly.

              2. Oh I think Budda would be just fine at the top of the second round if they were to pass on Grizzly Adams….

              3. Like you said, Scooter, Adams leadership would be very appealing to Lynch. He would be a good foundation to build upon.

                Adams also ran a 4.38 forty, so he has blazing speed.

              4. SS isn’t really a priority with Tartt and Reid. I know you don’t believe Reid is a SS, but I feel like that’s his best shot at a starting role. Having two guys that can play the position, the value of the position coupled with depth leads me to believe they draft later there and develop….

              5. If they like Reid for the SS role they won’t take Adams, on that I agree. Just not convinced they will be sold on him.

              6. I have zero faith in Reid at SS. Lynch and Saleh will take one look at his arm tackling and schedule another visit with Adams. Tartt is a backup.

          3. The single most dominating player on film by position is easily Rueben Foster. If the Niners keep the second pick you draft the player most likely to be a pro bowler especially when it is a position of dire need!

            1. The 49ers ended the season second to last in both rushing defense DVOA, and in Pro Football Focus’ front seven rankings. The lowest rated member of their front seven was ILB Michael Wilhoite who was the third lowest ranked front seven member across all 32 teams. He also played the third most snaps of the 49ers’ 12 person linebacker crew over the course of the season. San Francisco ranked 23rd in second level yards per carry. In addition the 49ers finished 28th in passing defense DVOA….

            2. Problem is the 49ers have a lot of money invested in Bowman and Smith already, and base on Saleh’s comments the 49ers will only be using two traditional LBs. The 3rd LB will be more of an edge rush type player like Brooks. So if they draft Foster, they will either be sitting their #2 pick, or sitting a high priced vet. Seems unlikely to me.

    2. You know Kizer has demonstrated virtually every problem Kaepernick has, right?

      WEAKNESSES Gets stuck on primary read missing out on early openers around field. May not have eyes or compact release to spot and hit flashing targets. Can be too reliant upon arm strength over mechanics. Wants open throwing window rather than operating with early anticipation. Can improve in leading receivers and throwing stationary targets open. Too hesitant. Gets caught in pump fake vortex at times. Quick to drop his eyes and halt progressions when pocket warms up. Inconsistent decision-maker. Showed dreadful lapses in judgement that lead to interceptions. Too willing to make off-balanced heaves. Benched against Stanford. Had at least one interception in 15 of his 23 starts. Will take a sack despite having ample time to read and throw.

      Honestly, there are only two QBs in the draft that I like — Trubisky and Mahomes — and the rest can pound sand for all I care. And with Mahomes, you can expect two years on the bench learning how to drop back from center before he starts.

      1. As I said, not a fan of Kizer. But I seriously doubt the 49ers go past day 2 without drafting a QB, and Kizer has traits I think suit Shanahan’s style of QB.

    3. I like it. You’ll score points with Rocket for going S first :)

      Feeling like Adams or Lattimore are the two most likely selections at this point at #2. I’ll be pretty surprised if Kizer makes it out of the first round. If he does then I’d actually have little qualms about taking him there. I do think Mathis will have to be taken much earlier then that. I don’t think we can call him a sleeper anymore.

      Top notch as usual Scooter. Nice job.

      1. Cheers mate. I agree on Lattimore or Adams, and personally I hope you are right that Kizer is gone, forcing them to go a different direction!

        Mathis is a tough one – limited good film on him plus not a great athlete will give teams pause. I don’t think he goes before round 3.

    4. Good work Scooter, but I still think Thomas is the man that can instill the culture shock necessary while killing quarterbacks at the same time.

      1. Thomas is also a good culture guy, that’s true, but he seems more the cerebral leader while Adams seems to me the more passionate leader on the field. I take that guy.

        1. No doubting King Solomon is cerebral. You see it in his play the way he sets up his opponents. I do not believe the 49ers will go secondary, even though Adams was my guy back when Peppers was being drooled over by media and fans alike….

    5. Well done,glad to see Adams,Quincy and Mathis .On all honesty Seaton and Levin are two guys I will have to take a look at.Seeing A Jones get some attention lately is of interest.Thanks for sharing this ,nice job!

      1. Seaton and Levin are just guys, don’t waste too much time on them! Just seem like potential decent ZBS candidates given their athleticism.

    6. Not bad Scooter, but I don’t see Shanahan reaching for a QB with our 2nd round pick. (You said that Shanahan will definitely want to have a QB by the end of day 2.) If he’s not happy with who’s sitting there at pick # 34, I think he’ll just wait for day 3. If he’s really sold on a QB that’s still sitting there in the mid 20’s he’ll make the move by trading back into the first round. I think that the 49ers are going to go by the value of the picks. That could mean trading down from # 34 to get a QB who might be available. Bottom line: Unless he falls in love with one of the QBs, I just don’t see him giving up any draft capital. I don’t think that any of the top 4 QBs will get past the Texans at pick # 25. Seeing that we have so many needs and that we have so many picks, including 5 in the first 4 rounds, we should use them to hopefully get 3-5 starters next year. If a QB is available and is a value pick, take him. If not, take one in the 6th or 7th round or sign 1 or 2 undrafted ones. There are quite a few from smaller schools that might turn out to be gems.

      1. Yeah, just don’t see it. Shanahan knows he still doesn’t have the QB of the future on the roster, and he can’t control who is available next year. Can’t just rely on the idea next year will be better. So I think he will overdraft one this year.

        While everyone wants to find that late round QB gem the reality is that very few pan out.

    7. While Adams is a good player and I can’t fault your reasoning, I think he’s superfluous. I may be wrong here but he is BPA so it’s the right move. To me Thomas is not the right player, Fournette might be as would Barnett or Howard but the latter two seem like reaches at #2 but if they want them and they can be difference makers…

      I keep thinking first couple of rounds will be heavy on defense as FA was heavily slated on the offense. I think they will address the secondary especially the gaping hole in CB. This may even be done via trade.

      Your later picks are especially solid Scooter.

      1. You know I don’t like Kizer so I didn’t mention him, and like you I think he has bust written all over him…

        1. East, I agree, especially if Cousins will fall in their lap next year. Kizer has too many flaws, like this entire QB draft class.

          Webb, Peterman, Dobbs and Evans could all be available later with the same amount of bust potential.

          Niners should use their number 34 pick to get a player like Kevin King, Montravius Adams, Carl Lawson or Budda Baker. Raekwon McMillen is rated later, but he would fill a big need.

          Christian McCaffrey may fall in their laps if he ends up in the second round, too.

      2. Thanks East. I disagree on Adams. He’s a game changer like Weddle. Reid and Tartt are not. And this D needs great secondary players. Also this is about the future as well. Reid is on his last year, and a better fit in a D that plays its safeties interchangeably in my opinion. While Adams is a commanding leader and a great fit for the Chancellor/ Neal role.

            1. Scooter I actually like Eric Reid and think he is a better player than most here. He had been asked to cover for other’s mistakes and so he looks bad in comparison but if you look at his assignments he plays them very well and is still a ferocious hitter. He is unfairly maligned. I believe Lynch will see through the chaff.

              1. East, I don’t believe Reid is a bad player either. Like you I believe he has been made to look worse than he is by those around him.

                However, I strongly believe he is best suited to playing FS in a defense that primarily plays a two deep safety defense. He doesn’t have the range to play a lot of single high safety, and has always struggled moving laterally (which is needed in coverage playing closer to the LOS) and breaking down for the tackle (this issue shows up a lot when you see him come flying in to make a tackle only to be beaten by the subtlest of movements by the ball carrier). This can make him a liability playing closer to the LOS on a regular basis.

              2. Perhaps you are right but I think many of us coverage issues stemmed from him trying to do too much rather than simply playing his game. To me he seemed to try too hard and that’s when he got cutesy and exposed. But you may be right that he has challenges in that area.

              3. Reid looks good in coverage when he has the play in front of him and can break downhill on the ball. He’s good at that. Not so good when asked to run and chase guys, as he struggles sticking with them out of breaks. That’s my opinion based on what I have observed, anyway.

                Where he gets exposed being too cutesy is when he bites on fakes and jumps underneath routes when playing a deeper role, leaving the area behind him vacant. Does it too often for my liking too. He’s made his CBs look pretty darn bad a few times because of it.

      1. Seb and everyone else that does full mocks, thanks for putting in the time as well. I hardly ever do one. I do the easy stuff, mainly day one and two draft crushes.

    8. Scooter, Thanks for putting in the work. Takes alot of football study time to put in a full 7 round mock.

      I might might blanch at a quarterback at 34 because of the other top talent likely to be available at that spot. But if Shanahan likes him he does for a reason. Its all about what player gives the best chance of winning.

      My only concern about Adams is the (apparent) glut at SS with Reid and Tartt. Hate to be a broken record, but I think the draft will comes down to how the 49ers self scout the secondary.

      1. Totally agree about the self scouting element. If they really like Reid or Tartt in that SS role, Adams probably won’t be the pick. But I am not convinced.

        I hope I am wrong about drafting Kizer at 34. :-)

    9. Good draft Scooter. I think they would take Kizer with little hesitation if he was there at 34, so I’m hoping he goes in the first too. Dalvin Tomlinson is a really nice pick at that spot.

      1. Thanks mate. Tomlinson seems like a guy that could fall to the 5th, and if so I really do think he would be a nice pick up there. Bama’s LBs really benefited from being kept clean, and that wasn’t all because of Allen. Tomlinson was a big part of that too.

        Have you posted your mock yet? Did I miss it?

  6. Niners may want to draft Fournett, and then open bidding for the best deal. If no one comes up with a fair deal, the Niners just keep him.

    I think Fournett is the second best player in the draft. With his size and speed, he could be a game changer.

    Saints may covet that LSU player. The problem with the Saints is that Breeze scores too quickly, so their defense is on the field too long and gets worn down. With Fournett, they can march down the field on the ground, and eat up the clock. He could keep their defense fresher, and better rested. Since the Saints have 2 first round picks, they have enough draft capital to pull it off.

  7. Saleh’s comments on Barnett’s get off being elite has me puzzled, because it looks to me his game is all predicated on anticipation and not explosion or twitch….

    1. “Get off” is an evaluation of the first 3 yards. 40 yard dash times are suggestive of pursuit ability in a DE/Edge.

  8. Saleh’s comments regarding the priority in physicality have me questioning whether or not he’d even be interested in Garrett….

  9. Here’s my first shot at a mock draft. No DL with the exception of an edge rusher. It just seems to me that the DL is already stocked. Also, some of the selections might be wishful thinking on my part that the player will still be available.

    2. Malik Hooker – FS – great fit for single high safety. With the Hooker selection, Ward moves to CB.

    34. Cam Robinson – OT – Joe Staley won’t be around forever. Not convinced that Trent Brown can move to LT.

    66. Jordan Willis – Edge Rusher – high motor, productive edge rusher.

    109. Rasul Douglas – CB – tall lengthy CB in the Seattle tradition.

    143. Dede Westbrook – WR – unclear if previous domestic violence issues (no convictions) will make him untouchable for Lynch.

    146. Brad Kaaya or Nathan Peterman – QB

    161. Kenny Golladay – WR – potential red zone threat due to size and length.

    198. Aaron Jones – RB – 1773 yards in 2016.

    202. Corey Levin – OL – for reasons Grant and Scooter stated earlier.

    219. Elijah Lee – LB – good pass defender.

    1. Instead of Westbrook, maybe Jordan Leggett TE.

      Other than that, nice mock. Kayaa and Peterman would both be acceptable.

        1. I like the Malik Hooker pick, because he is the one player in the draft that reminds me of Earl Thomas.

          Maybe the Niners could trade back with the Jets, get a second round pick along with a 2018 second round pick, and still get Hooker at 6, who is rated at 7.

          1. Send, that would be the ideal scenario. Maybe that’s part of the Fournette rumor… Generate modest interest from teams in the top six. Niners get an extra pick and still grab the guy they are targeting.

    2. Nice one cubus. In the 4th, rather than Douglas, what are your thoughts on Howard Wilson? I lime him in the 4th if they haven’t taken a CB earlier.

      1. Thanks, Scooter. Very late night out on the town or up ultra early?

        I was looking for length for the CB selection. A concern with these tall CBs is can they move their hips quickly enough or do they get tangled up in their own length. Wilson certainly had a very good 2016. My only concern with Wilson is that he seems a bit frail, but as many have noted, NFL strength and nutrition programs go a long way towards alleviating that. One thing I think that many of us forget is that these are all very young men. Most are still growing physically and all are still growing mentally and emotionally.

        1. An unfortunate bout of insomnia for me. Very annoying!

          Wilson kind of reminds me of Rashard Robinson a bit. I like guys that come in as freshman and produce. He is still young, RS Sophomore, so I think he will get bigger over time as you say.

              1. I know you follow the Steelers. Have you seen this on PF (BTW: It seemed like Jesse James had a pretty decent 2016, didn’t he?):

                NFL Network’s Aditi Kinkhabwala reports Ben Roethlisberger is lobbying the Steelers to take a tight end at No. 30 overall.
                Part of this year’s vaunted tight end group, Njoku is No. 14 overall on Josh Norris’ big board. Even before Big Ben’s words, Norris wrote he couldn’t see Njoku slipping past Pittsburgh. The Steelers lacked weapons beyond world-beaters Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell last season, and Ladarius Green was a mega-bust at tight end. Roethlisberger heavily targeted Heath Miller for years, and likes a true seam threat. Njoku is an elite athlete.

              2. I hadn’t seen that. They will take a TE at some point, but highly doubt it will be in round 1.

                I wasn’t a big James fan out of college, just thought he was big, but you are right. He was pretty good last year. Reliable target. Good #2 guy.

          1. Liquid melatonin works for me. If I ever have trouble getting back to sleep after a bathroom trip, a few drops almost always works.

      2. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that your selection of Aaron Jones pushed me into making the same selection. I had simultaneous mocks going with Perine in one and Jones in the other; not that they are projected to be selected in the same round. Perine is projected about two rounds earlier.

  10. Next year is a QB heavy draft…

    Unless Shanahan spots a can’t miss prospect, he won’t budge until the 2nd Rd., However, in light of Bruce Arrians recent comments about drafting Kizer, it puts Shanahan in position to worry about Arrians comments and to move back into the 1st round to draft Kizer. Arrians is a smart man for forcing the Niners to rethink their draft strategy…The chatter has been out their and this is just one example from Cards Wire:

    “The Cardinals don’t need a quarterback to step in as a rookie. This is not a sign Kizer is going to be their pick in the first round, although it certainly could happen.”

    TomD’s Take: Let Arrians bluff all he wants, draft to your needs 49ers.

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