Delanie Walker on Aldon Smith: “He’s a little wild dude.”

Delanie Walker spoke on a conference call with Bay Area reporters Wednesday morning. Here is a transcript.

Q: You’re on pace to have the best year you’ve ever had. What’s going on out there to make you be so productive?

WALKER: Mainly because I’m the first read at tight end. They put in plays for me to get the ball and to try to make plays. That’s all I ask for and I think that’s why I’m here.

Q: Did it ever get frustrating for you being second fiddle behind Vernon Davis?

WALKER: Not at all. I wasn’t drafted as a tight end. I was drafted as a receiver so I was trying to become a good tight end in the NFL. I felt like learning behind Vernon was a good opportunity for me to see how to do what he did blocking-wise and that’s what I tried to develop. Now, I think it’s a good opportunity that I had to break off from that and have my own identity.

Q: Knowing Aldon like you do, did this catch you by surprise or did you almost see it coming?

WALKER: Aldon is a young guy. He’s a little wild dude. He’s kind of wild. I didn’t think something like that would happen during the season. I just read what had happened. I didn’t think he would get into any more trouble after what was going on, but I don’t know. I don’t know how he has changed. I haven’t been out there in San Francisco, haven’t talked to him in a while. It kind of did surprise me a little bit.

Q: What are your thoughts on Eric Reid?

WALKER: He’s playing fast. He’s trying to become the second Whitner, or the Hitner. He’s coming up and making big hits and great tackles. I can’t wait to get out there and play against him.

Q: You mentioned Hitner. What do you think of the pending name change?

WALKER: It fits. He does hit. He likes to come up and try to destroy people. It fits him. If he keeps playing that way, I ain’t mad at him if he changes his name to that.

Q: Everything considered, was this a good move for you to go to Tennessee?

WALKER: Yeah. It was a great move for me. I’m happy here with the organization. The coaches are great. I’m getting the opportunity that I want. I feel like I should have more, but hey, slow process, we’re going to get back on pace and I think I’m going to have more receptions and bigger games.

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  1. Who is asking that first question? While it may be his “best” year yet, he averages 3 catches for 30 yards a game and has only has 2 TD’s in 6 games. That’s pretty average for a featured/starting TE in the NFL.

  2. How many drops does he have thus far? I know he was pilloried for a very bad drop he had in the Titans/Chargers game. Oh well, brother got paid after having a pedestrian 26 catch season (including 11 drops).

  3. Big fan of Delanie’s play. Glad he’s happy and growing comfortable with his new team. Do well Delanie! (just not this week ;) )

    1. His interview showed maturity, a lot of maturity and thought. Nice to see someone without the attitude and grateful for the past and his new situation.

  4. Are we messing up not going after Nicks?

    I just don’t buy into the fact Crabtree and MM will be fully healthy/effective this year. Baldwin and all these other WRs have done nothing. Are we going to be in the same position we were in against the Giants in the playoffs two years ago??? I guess we just roll the dice.

      1. You’re right, LOL! This is one of my favorites. Wasn’t thinking along these lines at all until I watched the coaches film yesterday. It just jumped out if you know what I mean.

      2. Jack also I have seen both Davis and Boldin lined up in the backfield in earlier games not sure about the Cards game havnt rewatched that game. I do believe Davis is playing more WR/slot then tight end.

      3. undercenter,

        They had Davis back there for a few plays on Sunday too. The even put Williams in the backfield on one and then motioned him out wide. It was on the red zone pass to Baldwin that got knocked down at the LOS.

  5. Jack,
    I think VD is actually their #1. If they use him right he’s the big bomb home-run threat that few teams can match up with. I think only Patrick Sherman can play him straight up, like he did in Seattle, which then frees up Boldin or Crabs.
    Crabs was never a threat to take a short slant and go all the way, much like how Larry Fitzgerald did agains the Niners last Sunday.

    If they have kept Randy Moss, they would have two deep threats to stretch the D so Colin to work the undeneath stuff.

      1. Davis had 95 targets during the regular season in 2011, and is on pace to have 105 targets this season. What is the common thread between the two seasons?

        1. No number 2 receiver.

          Still, Vernon Davis has been targeted 10 or more times just twice under Harbaugh, last Sunday and against the Cardinals in 2011.

          Sometimes defenses don’t have to take away Vernon Davis because the 49ers take him away.

      2. Your #2 receiver shouldn’t be getting 10 or more receptions on a regular basis. At least not in the 49ers style of offense. Davis is averaging 7 targets per game so far this season. That’s about right. Last year’s #2 averaged under 4 per game.

      3. Grant,
        But he should be targeted more.

        He’s the threat, the most explosive receiving threat to take it to the house if they draw up a few good “shot” plays. Look at Jimmy Graham. He’s taller and bigger then VD, but doesn’t have his speed.

        They need to established the run, but Gore is rarely a breakaway threat now. Maybe LMJ.

        Doesn’t Greg Roman play Madden 2014? You should get him a copy and teach him a few things!

        1. Yup, and sometimes defenses are ready for those shots and the 49ers have nothing else to turn to. Seattle always is ready for the shot plays to Vernon Davis.

  6. I’ll give Davis some more credit. He’s become better catching with his hands. Used to be he would only catch against his body but he’s started catching balls with his hands extended. And also, if he’s a #2 WR, then ww need a #1 TE to step up. Queue Vance McDonald.

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