DeSean can fill need for speed

This is my Wednesday  column.

Yes, of course the 49ers should trade for Eagles’ wide receiver DeSean Jackson. Not even a discussion.

On Tuesday, CSN Philly reported that the Eagles are shopping Jackson for a third-round pick, and that the 49ers are interested.

Let me list the reasons the 49ers should make this trade:

1. The 49ers have two third-round picks, two second-round picks and a first-round pick. The 49ers can trade the Eagles one third-rounder, and still have four of the top-94 picks. The Niners can use those picks to trade up for the best cornerback possible.

2. Jackson has just $250,000 guaranteed left on his current contract. If the 49ers trade for him, he will want to renegotiate his deal. And that works in the 49ers’ favor. They have less than $4 million in cap space this year. The 49ers can afford Jackson only if he renegotiates. The 49ers could give him what he wants – more guaranteed money – but stretch the guaranteed money over the course of the entire contract. That way, he would fit into the 49ers’ salary-cap structure.

3. Jackson would give the 49ers’ offense what it lacks most – speed. The Niners’ fastest offensive players are its quarterback and tight end. No speed on the outside. Jackson’s mere presence on the field would make every other 49er’s job easier. The opposing defense would have to commit a safety to making sure Jackson doesn’t break free deep, which would give Frank Gore more room to run between the tackles, and Anquan Boldin and Michael Crabtree more room to get open underneath.

4. There is no receiver more explosive than Jackson in this year’s draft. Jackson was one of the top-three most explosive receivers in the NFL last year. Only Jackson, Calvin Johnson and Josh Gordon caught more than 65 passes and averaged more than 16 yards per catch. Sammy Watkins is the one receiver in the draft who has a chance to become as dangerous as Jackson already is, but Watkins will be a top-five pick. Out of the 49ers’ reach.

5. 49ers’ general manager Trent Baalke has an abysmal record drafting wide receivers, and 49ers’ wide receivers coach John Morton has an equally abysmal record developing them. Think A.J. Jenkins and Kyle Williams. Rather than trust Baalke and Morton to find and develop a wide-receiver gem in the second round or third round, the 49ers should play it smart and trade for Jackson, a proven player.

5. Jackson would give the 49ers a punt-returning threat, something the Niners lost when Ted Ginn left in free agency last year. The Niners’ current punt returner, LaMichael James, specializes in the fair catch.

6. Jackson would give the 49ers a long-term replacement for Michael Crabtree, who will be a free agent after next season. Crabtree could become one of the top-10-highest-paid wide receivers, but he’s not worth that much money. He has missed 17 games during his 5-year NFL career. Not dependable. Not fast, either. He’s a possession receiver, and possession receivers are a dime a dozen – the 49ers already have Boldin, another possession receiver. Explosive receivers like Jackson are rare. Jackson deserves to be one of the top-ten highest paid receivers, not Crabtree.

7. Jackson would make the 49ers clear-cut Super Bowl favorites next season. Jackson, Boldin, Crabtree and Vernon Davis by far would be the best receiver-quartet in the NFL.

8. Jackson would uncover the truth about Jim Harbaugh and Colin Kaepernick. Can they or can’t they win the Super Bowl? If they can’t win it next season with Jackson and the best roster in the NFL, then the Niners know Harbaugh and Kaepernick are not worth mega-million-dollar contract extensions, and the Niners can start searching for a new quarterback and a new head coach.

End the mystery. Make the trade.

Grant Cohn writes sports columns and the “Inside the 49ers” blog for the Press Democrat’s website. You can reach him at

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    1. Grant, good article. You thought that one through pretty well. I agree, they should go for it if it doesn’t destroy their cap situation going forward. I do believe in windows, it is a very competivie league and you have to be exceptional to win it all, not just really really good. The last time the 49ers made bold move like that to get them past a tough opponent (1994), it worked out pretty well ;)

    2. Wildly inaccurate tho. Williams was the fair catch master. Maybe grant is confusing the two. And I believe james only muffed one punt during the season.

    3. Actually the guy before him was the fair catch specialist and fumbled , LMJ was a draft mistake but thy are trying to show some face and keep him.

  1. I agree Grant, if the price is a third rounder they should do it. While they should definitely try, I don’t think it is necessary to restructure his deal either. Rogers gets them 6.6M in June and if they restructured Gore they could probably get another 4-5M in cap space. Giving Kaepernick the best group of receivers in the NFL is too good a proposition to pass up, even if there is a lot of talent at WR in the draft.

    1. @tkamB

      Grant as usual is out of his mind. And you along with him.

      Not only can the 49ers NOT afford him but even if they could he would be an “Outsider” that would not only be the Highest Paid 49er WR but also 1 of the Highest Paid on the whole roster.

      It would throw the whole Pecking Order out of whack in relation to the Cap. And what kind of a message would you be sending the rest of your Team that is mostly Home Grown?

      Complete Chaos!

      1. I have NEVER bought in to that theory. Players want to win and they want to get paid. No one was upset when Justin Smith came to the Niners and got a big contract. No one would have been upset if they landed Payton Manning and gave him the big money deal. Seriously, what is your thinking/argument for what you state? If you are worth the money NFL players love seeing each-other get paid. Especially if its a player on your team that will help you win. On top of all that, Kaep and Jackson are good friends. Our QB would be a happy happy man.

        1. MikeInSF,
          Sorry for the late response. Sometimes it takes me a couple of days to read through all the posts especially when there are this many.

          As I was reading your take on how signing DJax would make Kaep happy I couldn’t help but to think if there’s been any inquiries by Aaron Rodgers (of GB) regarding Jackson since they both starred at Berkeley.

          AR and DJax would make good sense especially after the loss of James Jones in free agency.
          I heard anything from Rodgers have you?

      2. While I agree that Grant is usually out of his mind (Loco Jr.), I do think this time Grant is spot on. The 49ers can definitely afford him. They could even create the space to assume his contract now the way it is, which is what I think the 49ers should do. And D Jax wouldn’t be an outsider. What did Kaep say about Micheal Sam? “We don’t care if you’re black, white, gay or Buddhist – all we care about is if you do your job to help us win ball games.” The same would be said about D Jax. No Super Bowl ring was ever won with all the pieces fitting in perfectly. Ditka and Ryan hated each other. Seattle just won after all their secondary members were busted for steriods. Roethlisberger had rape allegations. It’s never perfect, and to be considered a champion, you have to overcome certain inequalities or imperfections like, in this particular case, Jackson making more money for one year. The pecking order is small potatoes compared to a ring.

  2. Would love to see #10 back in Cali in the new stadium!!! He could stretch the field and would def create huge mismatches for us.

  3. I agree they should attempt to land Desean Jackson, this would help with the offense.

    Then they could trade up in the draft and select a quality corner
    1) CB-Justin Gilbert
    2) SS Buchanon/ Jimmie Ward
    3) WR-Jordan Mathews
    4) CB-Stanley Jean-Baptiste
    5) C-Bryan Stork
    6) QB-Logan
    7) DE-Sam-Missouri

  4. doesn’t really matter if kaep doesn’t look past his first read. When Kaep sees the whole field, patton will stretch the field enough for crab and boldin and VD. I love ya Kaep but finish goin through your reads.

      1. I’m looking forward to Pattons’ development this year. I don’t think he’s afraid of contact. I’ve got a hunch he’s going to be a pleasant surprise if he can stay healthy. I’m also excited about VMacs’ progression catching down field and in the red zone….

      2. According to who? This is the first time I’ve seen anyone question Patton’s toughness over the middle (or his toughness in general).

        Like you razor, I think people will be pleasantly surprised with how Patton comes on this year.

        1. For what it’s worth Scooter (not much in my book), McShay was the one who labeled Patton in that fashion.

          Quinton is gonna get his, one way or the other. No doubt in my mind about that….

        2. This was my scouting report on QP last year:

          Has great focus, able to win one on one battles. Shows pretty good speed and acceleration, able to take the top off defenses. Has great body control and balance. Physical receiver; can beat jams at the line. Elusive and dangerous after the catch. Good field vision and is a natural runner with the football. Playmaker. Not afraid to go over the middle and isn’t afraid of contact. Tough player who can break tackles at times. Able to catch the ball in traffic. Has pretty good hands. Very competitive. Very capable blocker. Has pretty good awareness. Elite motor, looks like he gives 100% on every play. Instincts.

          1. Yeah, that is definitely more in line with what I recall seeing said about Patton leading up to the draft last year, and I’ve not seen anything to suggest Patton is afraid going over the middle.

            1. My eyes opened up on the move he made on that fly sweep to turn it up field. It’s early, but to me it looks like he might end up being the most instinctual runner with the ball in his hands on the team….

              1. Yes, and is one of the reasons I’m surprised the team appears to be looking hard for a punt returner – I’d be getting Patton as many reps back there in TC as possible.

    1. Agreed! But D Jax would force Kaep to evolve. No excuse for not throwing for 300 plus yards a game if your receivers are Crabtree, D Jax, Vernon and Boldin.

  5. That would be your
    1st Round
    2nd Round
    3rd Tound
    4th Round
    5th Round
    7th Round-RB Dri Archer
    7th Round-QB Logan
    7th Round-DE Sam/ Mizzou

  6. First good writeup you’ve done in a while. Stayed away from disparaging any of our players and called it straight. We would be fools not to do this.
    They can still draft a high end CB and another possession receiver and a backup QB. They have the picks to do it. This is seriously a win win situation.
    The only part I have a problem with is that you mention Gore having more room to run between tackles. As much as I love Frank, I want to get faster and more diverse at the RB position. If Frank is touching the ball more than 10-12 times a game I’ll be pretty disappointed. It will mean we didn’t get better at that position.

  7. I wouldn’t have a problem with Harbaalke pulling the trigger on a trade like this…as long as the price is right…it’s just a question of will DJax be willing to play for less to get a ring?

  8. Grant,

    You don’t like Harbaugh or Kaep and sometimes I think you dislike the entire 49er organization, but this is the most persuasive “article” you’ve ever written explaining why the 49ers should make a particular move. I agree with everything you said today. The many voices saying the Niners shouldn’t try to make this trade are out of their minds, and I don’t need to get into all the reasons why because you already gave them. Good job! Now, go convince Baalke and you’ll forever be my favorite sports writer.

  9. If he were willing to renegotiate I could see it, but I don’t think he’s looking to take less to come to SF. If they could get him to take 8-9 mill per for more guaranteed money maybe that could work considering that is what they will be looking at to retain Crabtree.

    And for goodness sake, can we stop with the hyperbole about how Baalke can’t draft WR’s? Baalke has drafted 4 WR’s since McCloughan left and two were in the 6th round. He’s spent one pick in the first 3 rounds on a WR and it failed. Since when does one mistake constitute a trend?

    1. rocket:

      Shame on you. Bringing up inconvenient facts takes all the fun out of conclusory statements like, “Baalke sucks at drafting WRs.”

      Another inconvenient fact: Baalke was Director of Player personnel in 2009, when the 49ers drafted Crabtree.

          1. Well, I suppose if you don’t give Baalke any credit when he gets it right, it makes it easier to say “he always gets it wrong.”

          1. No, it was the Raiders stupidity that allowed the 49ers the gift that that keeps giving since Kaepernick became his gunslinger….

  10. Just don’t see the benefit for the price. The 49ers do not have trouble moving the ball down the field or “opening things up.” They have trouble scoring inside the 20. I keep hearing that we need a fast WR to stretch the field. What I think we really need is a large, athletic 3rd option for the RZ to help convert more of those FG’s to TD’s. We would have back to back rings right now if we could have turned a few of those FG’s into 7 points.

    1. With VMac having a better grasp of the offense, he should provide a very good option down there in that Red Zone…..

      1. VMac was a tremendous disappointment last year. Both in how he performed and how the 49ers underutilized him.
        Can we expect a huge jump from him this year?

        1. I’m with you there, but then I realized how unrealistic it was on my part to expect him to learn this complicated offense with all the blocking schemes. It was pretty evident he was having to think too much on the field. I have to believe the mental part sorts itself out and he develops into that vision of Ditka, Jim compared him to…..

          1. Well said. The instant gratification effect – wanting draft picks to be stars from day one. I expect a lot of the guys drafted last year to be more regular contributors this season.

            1. It took a long time for Delanie Walker to get to where he was. Instant gratification is right, and very unrealistic. McDonald was running WR routes in College. He was a long way from playing TE in this offense. Give the kid some time.

        2. For his lack of experience VMac’s line blocking was pretty good. I think he’ll improve quite a bit this season. He took over many of DWalk’s intricate trap blocking duties. That made him think too much and slowed his game. He’s more suited to playing on the line in the traditional TE spot. A healthy Miller will help.

    2. A speedy outside WR does more than just stretch the field vertically, he also stretches the field horizontally when the safety has to over-commit on one side to go over and help.

      Truth is that we need speed – Jackson or not – to open up the underneath for Q and Crabs.

  11. Grant, you have James mixed up with K Williams. That’s dude fair catch wind! James had more yds in his first run back than Williams had the year before he got cut. Why trade for Jackson and cut the development of other players? Leave his negative attitude in Philly and let the 49rs grow their own players!

    1. Good read, Ricardo. Thanks for the link. Grant writes about why the Niners should absolutely do this deal, Kawakami details why it’s a potentially bad move, and NOT the way the Niners do business. Both well written and well thought out, good balance between the two.

  12. Grant,

    I don’t think it’s the guaranteed money that’s the problem, I believe it’s his cap number that’s the problem. It’s pretty steep because the Eagles spread out his cap hit over time. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

    But the biggest problem is that Jackson is a perpetual locker room issue. What good is HIS upside if he drags down the locker room. I don’t like the deal.

    I do agree that J. Morton sucks at developing WR’s. The pro move for Baalke would be to convince Harbaugh to let Morton go and then convince Jerry Rice to come in and coach receivers.

  13. Someplace its written that “the definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over but expecting different results”. I’m afraid Baalke and Harbaugh will stick to their stubborn way of doing things the safe way; only trying to mine for gold through the draft and never just “going for it’ in free agency. We’ll have good records, be in the playoffs, but never add the 6th trophy to the case. I like them being in the playoffs for sure, but I want them to win the Super Bowl. Just don’t have faith it will happen without them taking some risk in free agency.

    1. the definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over but expecting different results

      What do you call it when you see someone else do the same thing over and over, but expect different results when you do it? You know, like seeing how the Redskins and Cowboys regularly have been major players in free agency, but have never won any Super Bowls using that approach, and yet still insisting that the only way for the 49ers to win the Super Bowl is to “go for it in free agency.” What is that called?

      1. When the Yorks took over and changed everything (coaches, schemes, the type of players drafted)… people still wondered why the 49ers weren’t winning like they used to.

        I used a transposed version of the above that went something like… the (other) definition of insanity is changing everything, but expected the SAME results.

      2. Claude,

        That was funny.

        And wouldn’t it be just horrible to subjected to the fourth year in a row of being one of the favorites to win the SB? I shudder to think…

        1. Ex, somehow 1990s Bills fans are not sharing in the belly laughs.

          But I do get your’s and claude’s point. Things could be and have been, very recently, much much worse.

    2. Bar None,

      You do realize this stubborn way of doing things has led them to 3 straight NFCCG’s right? Going wild in FA is not a recipe for success and in the case of the teams Claude mentioned, led to failure and mediocrity. This isn’t Madden or Fantasy football. You build teams through the draft and supplement with FA or trades which is exactly what this front office does.

  14. I’m still not convinced. I don’t think I’d do it. Patton and a draft pick like OBJr. or Cooks is the way to go in my opinion. That Jackson ship has sailed for me….

  15. Well Claude, I believe the Cowboys won Five and the Redskins won Three, but I get what you’re trying to say. Of late they’ve both sucked, although I don’t think it has been because they are active in free agency.

    1. Bar None:

      The point is that neither of those teams have won Super Bowls since they started “going for it” in free agency. Profligate free agency spending hasn’t resulted in Super Bowls for any team.

      As for the Deion Sanders signing in 1994, it was nothing like the proposed trade for Jackson. First, it cost the 49ers no draft picks. Second, it cost the 49ers very little money. Sanders’ salary was $1.1 million. Third, Deion was a once-in-a-generation talent, arguably the best CB of all time. Jackson is very good, but he isn’t a generational talent. It’s not even clear that he’s a good fit with the 49ers offense. Fourth, although he was a showboat who liked to call attention to himself, Deion wasn’t a malcontent, he never quit on any team and he was committed to winning above all else. Jackson? I’m not so sure.

  16. Razor, you’re right it was a beautiful thing. When the Niners signed free agent Deion Sanders it tipped the scales in favor of the Niners over the Cowboys, thus securing their fifth trophy. Not sure they would have done it that year without going for it in FA.

            1. “The Playmaker” had 12 catches for 192 yards and two TD’s on “Primetime” in the ’94 Championship game. The earlier matchup, Harper did not play due to injury.

              1. Harper was not expected to play in the first match up with a sprained knee, but did play. Sanders was hired to stop Irvin, not Harper….

              2. No, Sanders was on Harper for the most part in that game. They double-teamed Irvin. Remember the reach-in bat down Sanders had on the home run ball to Harper from Aikman in the first half.

              3. Not to mention the very first play of the game was intercepted by Eric Davis who was playing zone to Irvin’s side. Sanders largely played on his right side of the field (offensive left side of the field).

  17. Perhaps, but wasn’t he awesome to watch? And, he did shut down one whole side of the field. I don’t usually like end zone antics, I prefer Jerry’s “flip the ball to the ref” style. but I did love Deion’s end zone dance.

    1. Razor,
      This kid (Borland) looks like a flat out ball’r. I’ve heard his name mentioned before but have never looked him up to check out his play.

      Not sure what his measurements and timed-speeds are, but he certainly seemed to have very little trouble making tackles behind the line of scrimmage.
      Also, the one tackle he made while jumping over a player tells me this guy has a lion’s heart.

      Do you know where he is projected (round) on being drafted?

      1. Borland is a nice player, projecting in the 2nd-3rd range. He’s a bit undersized at 5’11″ so he draws a lot of comparisons to Zach Thomas.

        1. Hammer

          5′ 11″ does seem small but Thomas was a great LB as was Sam Mills. If Borland can come close to equaling in the pros what he’s done in college I’m sure a team will be very happy they drafted him.

        1. Shane Skov from Stanford had a pedestrian 40 time but some have him going early in the 2nd rd.
          Skov is a smart player that takes good angles which helps him compensate for lack of speed.

          Skov will help someone just like Borland will but it has to be in the right scheme.

          Not sure these guys would fit in our scheme.
          Making a boatload of tackles doesn’t aways guarantee wins, remember Derek Smith?

          1. Borland would be plug n play inside next to Willis in their 3-4. He just doesn’t have the speed or athleticism to play in a 4-3 scheme in my opinion. Be nice if they could get him in the 4th round, but probably late 3rd is more realistic.

            Yea, Skov is more your prototypical 3-4 linebacker that they like, because he can play multiple positions. He looks all the way back with the show he put on against WA/Oregon. 2nd Round is higher than I’d be willing to go for the position, but you never know….

  18. Can’t believe Grant didn’t use this stat from PFF.

    Kaepernick completed 21 passes last year that traveled 20+ yards in the air. 13 of those were to TE’s. Davis had 11 and McDonald had 2. 8 were to WR’s. 7 to Boldin and 1 to Patton.

    1. MWN – Grant brainwashed me a little (made some good points), I’m leaning towards trading for DJax now. If Grant’s numbers are accurate and Niners can restructure some contracts.
      I can’t believe Grant’s mind control trumped my voice of reason.

        1. No worries Crab. I used to be MidWestNiner but changed it so that MWNiner won’t be confused by others as me.

  19. LOL I keep hearing “Maybe he’d play for cheaper for a ring. The Eagles were contenders last season and he still threw a fit about his “scratch” My concern would be now that he’d be back home, could he stay out of trouble to play…… From what Ive read Chip and his staff are very likable. How can he get along here if he couldn’t there? Good talent… Worth the risk?????? idk

  20. Seems that and ESPN have cooled on the subject of a Jackson trade since neither site have it as a headline article any longer. I guess they believe what Chip told Jackson. “We’re not trading you, DeSean.”

      1. Jack, I was addressing the web sites, not the TV network. They got to keep filling those time slots so they can have commercials, lol.

  21. For the David Fales fans:

    Trent Dilfer‏@TDESPN·2 hrs
    Just watched @dfales10 #RipIt at his pro day.Natural spinner of the ball, very accurate & can make every piercing throw. Trent Green clone

  22. I feel like the Niners FO and the fans are scared. Jackson is a known commodity in his prime. Why gamble in draft?

    I understand the risk but we need to do something. We have failed the past three years. If he blows up the team up synergy and cap fine forget it. But if common ground and winning Super Bowls is sold to the team then TB, JH and York would be on their way to unseat NE as modern day dynasty.

    A little dramatic but y’all get the picture

      1. claude, It’s been awhile since someone said “smh” and put a smile on my face! Your timing is outstanding (reminds me of a good comedian). Thanks again for the few moment of laughter!

        1. ricardo:

          I’m glad I could help.

          It astounds me how many commenters view the past three seasons as a failure and think that the team should scrap a well-reasoned and successful operating philosophy (not to mention a successful offensive scheme) in favor of what works on Madden.

    1. Interesting how in less than a day DeSean Jackson has managed to become the one missing piece we’ve been waiting three long years for to finally bring Super Bowl glory to San Francisco.

      1. Stretching the field has been the missing piece for years. Randy Moss, R. Lockett, b. Edwards, AJJ, now Patton. We have failed to have that type of WR. Even all the hype of putting the V. Davis at WR last summer.

  23. I’m surprised there has been no fuel added to the trade fire since both Harbaugh and Kelly were at VT’s pro day. Exchanged greetings could easily become trade talks with the media, lol.

  24. Grant you and I are on the same page. I completely agree with this move if possible. However Trent is not going to go for it. When Jackson was available on the Draft several years ago i was praying for us to pick him and we passed him up for a bust. Do you remember Eddie D was pushing for us to draft Jackson!

  25. Is it really an accomplishment for a QB to complete 52 of 53 passes at his pro day?

    They’re throwing against air, to receivers they’ve worked with all year in a scripted sequence.

    1. But what if a graduate assistant is waving a broom in front of the qb? That makes it a true test of their cool under fire, right? : )

  26. Re Josh Morgan: Rotoworld earlier today:

    ESPN 980 Washington D.C. reports the Panthers and 49ers are among six teams interested in free agent WR Josh Morgan.

  27. I completely agree that Jackson would make us better, except the stupid QB we have can’t look at multiple receivers. Do this and draft Fales, and groom Fales to replace Kap midseason like Kap did with Smith. Then maybe the offense will be as strong as the defense.

  28. Grant, if you’re wondering why people don’t always take you seriously, this is why:

    “Jackson would give the 49ers a punt-returning threat, something the Niners lost when Ted Ginn left in free agency last year. The Niners’ current punt returner, LaMichael James, specializes in the fair catch.”

    2013 Stats:
    Desean Jackson: Punts returned: 14. Punts fair-caught: 9.
    Lamichael James: Punts returned: 23 Punts fair-caught: 14

    You make some good points. But until you have the pride and journalistic integrity to actually do some research and find out what you’re talking about, instead of spewing things that get hits, you’ll just be a small-market Skip Bayless.

    1. Brady:

      Ouch. Good work. That means Jackson fair caught 39.1% of the punts kicked to him. For James the percentage was 37.8%

      That’s okay because I am sure that Jackson made up for it by outdistancing James in yards per return. What? James averaged 10.9 yards/return, while Jackson averaged 5.1 yards/return? Wow. To be fair, it’s not like that data was readily available. It took a whole two minutes to find it.

      You didn’t have to liken Grant to Skip Bayless, however. That was a low blow.

      1. Hey! thanks for the assist, Claude.

        And in fairness, I think Grant is a step above Skip. But if he continues to let headline sentences, rather than logic and facts, run his show, he’s headed down that path.

        Though he does have notably better hair…

  29. As far as I am concerned the only credible argument against trading for Desean Jackson are the salary cap issues. Thats assuming that he can in fact, be had for a third rounder.

  30. The difference between the niners in Seahawks in talent is not much.. Very similar. The big difference is that when they feel the need to add to help there chances to put them over the top they do it.. Example harvin… The next example is Jared Allen who there close to signing… It’s your move niners, take a risk for a player that we defently need… Balke make it happen.. Restructure gores deal and so others.. If gore refuses cut him.. It’s time to move on anyway.

      1. Boldin. Harvin hardly played while Boldin kept our passing game alive. Harvin’s only true impact was on one play during the Super Bowl when the game was already a sleeper.

    1. If gore refuses cut him.. It’s time to move on anyway.

      So, not only do you want the 49ers to bring in a me first guy, you think it’s a good idea to bring him in as the highest paid player in the locker room, making more than anyone else, including guys who re-signed with the team for less than they could have gotten elsewhere? And you want them to cut the player who has been and is the heart and soul of the team if it’s necessary to get the me first guy?

      Smh. Thank God Baalke has more sense than that.

      1. You do whatever it takes to win a SB.. It’s better to get rid of a guy a year early then a year to late. If 11 carries for 14 yards is acceptable to you then I don’t know what to tell you.. Gore is done! 6+ mil for a 31 year old is a joke..gore is a great niner but should cut that Salary by about 4 mil.

          1. Yet he has a history of not giving his all when things aren’t going his way. He has a me first attitude.

            1. Almost all top level professional athletes have a me first attitude. Randy Moss quit on the Raiders, but that didn’t keep Belichick or Harbaugh/Baalke from bringing him in.

      1. Imagine if Kap held out this training camp and then finally came into camp but didn’t try his hardest this season. Then after the season he admitted that he didn’t try as hard as he could because he wasn’t getting paid enough. Kap would be absolutely eviscerated on this board. Jackson already did this, why no reaction?

    1. Is it worth it to you to win a SB? Or would you like to see seatle go back to back.. Our window is 2 years.. After that who knows who our head coach is going to be.. There comes a time as a GM when you have to go against your theory’s.. This is it.. Be aggressive and bring the Lombardi home where it belongs. No brainer!

      1. Is it worth risking the chance of repeating the same mistakes that put the 49ers into the bottom of the cellar for a decade?

      2. Hardly a no brainer. Jackson is owed $10 million, and he’s unhappy with how small his contract is.

        If we sign Jackson, it’s goodbye to extensions for Michael Crabtree, and either Aldon Smith or Colin Kaepernick.

        Jackson’s good. But he’s not that good.

        1. I didn’t mean to say “extensions for.” Should just say “goodbye to michael crabtree and either aldon smith or colin kaepernick.”

              1. You think that he will give his all while signed to a contract he isn’t happy with? He’s yet to prove that he can.

        2. They will have plenty of money next off season.. Justin smiths 8+ mil, gore 6+ mil gone off the books.. They will almost have 40 mil in cap space.. kaep will count for 18, Aldon will get his option picked up for 9.5.. That leaves crab.. If he takes 8-9 mil a year great.. If not let him go.. We can get his replacement in this rich wr draft . Recievers take time to develop.. Restructure Jackson to where it’s only a 2 year deal.. with Balke and marothe, the days of cap hell are gone.. Once again it’s a no brainer!

      3. There comes a time as a GM when you have to go against your theory’s.. This is it.. Be aggressive and bring the Lombardi home where it belongs. No brainer!

        The Philadelphia Eagles once thought like that too and look where it got them.

        1. Two columns devoted to bring aboard Desean Jackson …

          A look into my crystal ball tells me ..
          “it ain’t gonna happen”

          “why” ? … you ask ?

          because my grandson would be totally miffed ..
          and probably wouldn’t speak to me all season long ..
          (he’s an Eagles fan .. dunno where I went wrong with him)

          Those sayin’ the draft is a crap-shoot .. are correct …
          but then … so is free agency !

          I’m not a stat-junkie .. but, I bet that for every “star” FA
          signed ..more “stars” have come directly from the draft ..
          (see: Eric Reid)

          And … with all the possible stars in this years draft .. I’d
          go that route, instead …
          (considering cap concerns, of course)

          So what if we whiff on Moncreif, Watkins and all the rest
          in the 1st round ?

          Jordan Mathews will probably still be there to snag in the 2nd !

          MidWest … there were still those who confused us even
          when we directed our comments to each other !

      4. CK:

        No brainer!

        I wouldn’t say you have no brains, just that you seem to be confusing fantasy football and Madden with real life.

        1. I’m surprised you have the nerve to say anything with a name like Claude balls.. Do me a favor take a break on the balls in your mouth for a liitle while and talk football.. Don’t run your mouth behind a key board or phone etc..

          1. When you start putting forth arguments that display something besides naive, juvenile demands (“I want it now!!), I’ll take them seriously. But right now, you’re not talking football; you’re simply jumping at every shiny object that crosses your line of sight.

            And feel free to take a shot at my screen name if that’s all you got. You have to admit, however, that it’s an ironic tact to take for an adult whose screen name consists of a fanboy shout out to his absolute FAVORITE PLAYER in the whole wide world!!

            1. This is coming from a guy who was a HUGE Alex smith supporter.. Lol.. I have read this blog for a long time. I have a very good memory. I came up with my blog name to go against what grant has being saying lately regarding the niners needing to draft another QB. You on the other hand chose a very ironic screen name. Claude balls.. Congrats your blog name is cooler.. I just give my opinion on what I believe the niners are truly lacking.. More times then not I m right…

        2. You are a pompous insulting jerk. Stick to football comments instead of personal attacks.
          If it’s a stat, you know it Claude. Beyond that you know Jack….

          1. Ouch, that stings coming from the guy who routinely labels people who don’t agree with him as “douches” and/or “trolls,” the guy who also searches the internet for stuff he can use to try to embarrass other commenters. I don’t know if I can live up to the noble sticking-to-football-comments-and-avoiding-personal-attacks standard you have set, but I’ll try.

            Yeah, I know Jack. What of it? I also know rocket, exgolfer, ribico, JPN, Mood Indigo, Razor, Scooter, Coffee, ricardo, MWD, MWNiner, and many other commenters. Is that a bad thing?

  31. I’m a little disappointed in both the knowledge and enthusiasm for D Jax on this blog. Grant’s half right. You certainly trade for D Jax. If you can get a guy like D Jax, you do it, no questions asked. And apparently the trade price is nothing for the 49ers – a 3rd and change? That’s like trading Chris Culliver or Cory Lemonier for a chance to win a Super Bowl. You definitely do that with this being Gore’s last year and Cowboy’s last year, and Harbaugh and his coordinators all in for one more year. And D Jax is absolutely the missing piece to this offense. I’ll explain why in detail below.

    Grant’s only half correct, however, because there’s no way D Jax would restructure his contract here. D Jax would be traded to SF with his current deal because he wouldn’t restructure to take less. That’s not who he is. He wants more, more, more. I don’t think he realizes the importance of the ring. At least not until he gets to a team like the 49ers who are in hot pursuit, with a sense of urgency to get a ring. From his perspective, right now, it’s all about the money. He won’t restructure to play here.

    I don’t know how the $250,000 guaranteed is dispersed, whether it’s all guaranteed in 2014, or there’s more in 2015, but if it’s all guaranteed for one year, D Jax would then be an expensive one year rental. To pull it off, you trade for him with a 3rd and change (that’s easy), you swallow his $10 million plus for one year by convincing guys like Gore, Staley, Willis, Bowman and others to hopefully take a little less now for a chance to win it all next year (harder to do), and you tell D Jax flat-out it’s a one year deal (if there’s no guaranteed in 2015) and you let it be know in circles around the league (if not outright in the media) he’s a Niner for only 2014 so he’s motivated playing for a new contract and he’s not a headache.

    D Jax is a sideline receiver who would take pressure off both Gore and the slot receiver. Boldin, Crabtree, Vernon and D Jax in formation? Good luck defending that. With Kaep also able to run? D Jax would consistently take the top off the defense with routes opening up underneath because you have to have a safety over the top of D Jax at all times, and if you don’t, as long as Kaep can connnect, he’s gone… Touchdown!

    The 49ers absolutely need a big play receiver to take the pressure off an older team. This team can’t afford to play grueling ground and pound games on a weekly basis. They’re old. Relatively old. If the 49ers can get a guy who can create quick strikes in the passing attack, and the 49ers, with their defense, can put games away early, you absolutely go out and get D Jax for one year. He takes the top off the defense even when he’s not getting the ball, opening things up underneath for everyone else, you can’t get someone as good in the draft, and with some creative financing you can afford to pay him 10 million plus for one year.

    This is something the 49ers should exhaust pursuing.

    1. If they can get him without creating any salary cap issues down the track, yes, it would make sense even if he’s only here for one year. This move may be better done post June 1, when Carlos Rogers’ $6.6M comes off the books. To make the deal now they would have to restructure quite a few players.

      1. Even if he creates some issues, you do it. He is the missing piece that puts the 49ers over the top as long as two things happen – Kaep can hit him deep and Roman studies how the Eagles under both Reid and Kelly used Jackson. Use him right, hit him deep, and don’t worry about mortgaging. He’s worth it.

        1. Ah, I take it you are a “2014 or bust” person then? Happy to put all your eggs in the 2014 basket?

          There is a lot of talk about how this team is getting old and the window is shutting. But if Kaep really is any good then he extends that window. The older guys can be replaced, there are enough good young players on this team to be competing every year for the next decade, especially with a good draft this year. But if they put themselves in a bad cap situation then they will not only lose their older guys, but also their younger players when they come off contract.

            1. Yes yes, I have read your posts about how QBs never win after they have had their big pay days. The question is – is that because the teams can’t afford to keep their talent, or because the teams end up drafting towards the end of each round and thereby aren’t replenishing their talent?

              The 49ers have a lot of talent on their books from early picks, and Baalke has shown himself adept at acquiring extra picks in the first 3 rounds. I think the 49ers are in a pretty good position to keep a talented roster together, so long as they don’t over-extend themselves now by pushing cap hits into future years so they can’t keep their existing young guys.

              1. Scooter,

                I’ve been working on something around this topic, but ran into some technichal difficulties this week. Hope to have it completed in the next couple days.

          1. Scooter – I don’t think the window is shutting at all. Provided the 49ers re-sign Harbaugh and Fangio after 2014, their window is open as long as the coaches are in place. However, you can have both your cake and eat it too with some creative maneuvering (for one year only) to make one last push for Gore and Cowboy. We can do that while also having a core team in place for 2015 with Aldon, Kaep, Bowman, Reid, Tank, Cory, Moody, Culliver, Brock, Hunter and others.

            1. Gotcha. I still think they would be better off waiting until post June 1 to make such a move so the amount of restructuring of contracts can be minimised.

              1. Maybe you’re right, but I don’t care when they make it happen as long as they make it happen. And it’s within reach, no doubt. Unless of course, and this should be considered…. The Eagles could just be sending D Jax a message to cool it. It seems, though, now that the Eagles have gone from just listening to actively shopping him, but nobody really knows.

  32. Grant’s half right. You certainly trade for D Jax. If you can get a guy like D Jax, you do it, no questions asked. And apparently the trade price is nothing for the 49ers – a 3rd and change? That’s like trading Chris Culliver or Cory Lemonier for a chance to win a Super Bowl. You definitely do that with this being Gore’s last year and Cowboy’s last year, and Harbaugh and his coordinators all in for one more year. And D Jax is absolutely the missing piece to this offense. I’ll explain why in detail below.

    Grant’s only half correct, however, because there’s no way D Jax would restructure his contract here. D Jax would be traded to SF with his current deal because he wouldn’t restructure to take less. That’s not who he is. He wants more, more, more. I don’t think he realizes the importance of the ring. At least not until he gets to a team like the 49ers who are in hot pursuit, with a sense of urgency to get a ring. From his perspective, right now, it’s all about the money. He won’t restructure to play here.

    I don’t know how the $250,000 guaranteed is dispersed, whether it’s all guaranteed in 2014, or there’s more in 2015, but if it’s all guaranteed for one year, D Jax would then be an expensive one year rental. To pull it off, you trade for him with a 3rd and change (that’s easy), you swallow his $10 million plus for one year by convincing guys like Gore, Staley, Willis, Bowman and others to hopefully take a little less now for a chance to win it all next year (harder to do), and you tell D Jax flat-out it’s a one year deal (if there’s no guaranteed in 2015) and you let it be know in circles around the league (if not outright in the media) he’s a Niner for only 2014 so he’s motivated playing for a new contract and he’s not a headache.

    D Jax is a sideline receiver who would take pressure off both Gore and the slot receiver. Boldin, Crabtree, Vernon and D Jax in formation? Good luck defending that. With Kaep also able to run? D Jax would consistently take the top off the defense with routes opening up underneath because you have to have a safety over the top of D Jax at all times, and if you don’t, as long as Kaep can connnect, he’s gone… Touchdown!

    The 49ers absolutely need a big play receiver to take the pressure off an older team. This team can’t afford to play grueling ground and pound games on a weekly basis. They’re old. Relatively old. If the 49ers can get a guy who can create quick strikes in the passing attack, and the 49ers, with their defense, can put games away early, you absolutely go out and get D Jax for one year. He takes the top off the defense even when he’s not getting the ball, opening things up underneath for everyone else, you can’t get someone as good in the draft, and with some creative financing you can afford to pay him 10 million plus for one year.

    This is something the 49ers should exhaust pursuing.

  33. I see yer point, spit … but …still .. don’t
    think he’ll restructure, anyhoo …
    If that’s true … my crystal ball was correct

  34. OK, so we can have Boldin, Crabtree, Patton, Jackson and Davis BEFORE the draft starts. That means we can focus and trade up for 2 CB.
    Let me think about that prospect.

      1. I doubt they reduce Gore’s contract. Gore will be aware they have no sure-fire replacement for him so they can’t afford to cut him, so why would he accept less when he’s consistently been the workhorse? He’s the clear cut #1 RB on this team and I don’t see why he’d believe he’s not worth his $6M+ this year. If his carries had been getting reduced it might be a different matter, but that hasn’t been the case.

        If they do anything it will be an extension to reduce his cap hit this season, which in my opinion would be a bad idea. At his age they should be looking to let him play out this season and then either re-sign him to a lower contract or move on.

      2. And who would replace Gore? We have a career backup, a guy whining to start even though he has done squat, and one coming off a gruesome injury that was pretty close to career-threatening.

        1. Draft another RB this year.. RBs can be had in every draft.. The easiest position to find in the draft! Hunter runs great every time he gets a chance. James does not get a chance. Lattimore if healthy will be a stud, big IF though I agree.

            1. It’s myopic thinking to believe only Gore could run the ball and pass block. The nature of the NFL is that positions turnover.

          1. I agree ..
            cutting Frank’s paycheck for this guy would be a slap
            in the face for him …

            Frank the Tank is destined for the Ring of Honor..
            as well as the HOF … and, yeah, I know ..
            “this is bid-nezz” …but, jeeze !

              1. Sorry, but I don’t take lessons from someone who puts up novels of nothingness on this blog.

              2. >>So you’d sacrifice a ring to keep Gore from getting his feelings hurt?

                So convince us it is solely Gore that’s preventing us from that sixth trophy. AFAIK Gore wasn’t directly involved in the two critical plays that prevented us from winning one SB or getting back to another. I seem to remember a certain QB and a certain WR as instrumental in both.

              3. However I do recall Gore as instrumental in the play that sealed the only win against the Hawks in the last four tries. But it’s Gore’s ego that’s preventing us from signing DJax, who would somehow put us over the edge against the Hawks? Got it.

        2. Who says, you? You’ve dropped a “NOT” on us here. You have to be about 18 years old, and I’m guessing because of your logic you’ve got about as much credibility as an 18 year old. So let’s not have you trying to pass your opinion off as the way things outta be.

            1. Winning Super Bowls doesn’t fit in nice neat little packages. It’s not a perfect formula. Seattle just won after most of their secondary was caught using steroids. It’s never easy or clean. You have to make some sacrifices. I don’t advocate drugs, but tweaking the noses of players chasing a ring with a guy making a bigger payday isn’t the end of the world, and shouldn’t be for guys who want to be called World Champions.

              1. It is when that player cares more about money than winning a Super Bowl. Jackson is in that category and therefore is a no go.

              2. Who says, you? You have to be about 18 years old. I doubt you’ve got much credibility around here if you’ve blogged like this the past several months. You can redeem yourself by bowing to me.

              3. You post something an eight year old would say and then expect me to bow down to you? Okay.

  35. Who’s saying you cut Gore? You reduce him. Gore wants to win a Super Bowl more than any other 49er, and he wants to do it as a starter, not from the bench. What did Gore say in 2014? “The defenses know what’s coming.” Why’d he say that? Because the 49ers passing attack was broken without Crabtree, Ginn, Moss and Delanie Walker. When Crabs came back, things loosened up a little. Patton and McDonald were rookies and it takes a while for rookies to contribute. So it’s logical that with more offensive weapons, things would loosen up for Gore, and I think you could convince him to take less for a legit shot a ring with a talent like D Jax. The 49ers will be a contender with or without D Jax, but they’re absolutely more potent on offense with D Jax, and Gore would certainly know this. And if it came to hardball, it’s easier to replace a running back than it is a wide reciever. I love Devanta Freeman from Florida State in the draft – and Jeremy Hill from LSU. Niner fans are stuck on saying, “Yeah, but they won’t be able to pass block like Frank Gore.” How do you know? And what’s Tom Rathman here for if it’s not to develop and coach talent? Rathman’s had the easiest job in the NFL for the last five years coaching Gore. Challenge Rathman a little if Frank wants to play hardball. I don’t think it will come to that, but Grant’s right about this as well…. Gore’s a shadow of his former self, and if Bill Walsh were still alive and had any influence at all over the current 49er situation, Gore would be gone. Now I’m not advocating this because some in the 49er front office are addicted to Gore, but you certainly restructure him whether he wants to or not. He’s scheduled to make 6 million, none of it guaranteed, he’s worth maybe 3, and the only thing keeping the 49ers addicted to Gore is their emotional attachment that Walsh preached so mightily against. The point is, Gore has no real leverage, just emotion, and D Jax is an opportunity you don’t pass up.

            1. Well, Brooks broke a beer bottle over a fellow players head because he wanted to drive drunk. Perrish Cox was accused of rape, allegedly. Aldon got a DUI in Florida, is up for a felony gun violation and crashed his car into a tree. Please tell us how Jeremy Hill is worse. I love 49er fans who are under the illusion of the 49ers avoiding head cases. Fact is, the team with the best program to help these players usually creates more of a competitive edge. And so far, the 49ers are helping their players pretty well. But, as always, I cross my fingers.

              1. Please bring something to the table besides nothing. Each player that you mentioned had the incident occur before or after coming to the 49ers, not in college. How many head cases from college has Baalke drafted?

              2. Aldon Smith, Parrish Cox, Eric Wright, Ahmad Brooks, Terrell Brown? That’s a lot to bring to the table. I don’t know about you. That’s like over a half ton of beef. I know you’d have to do a google search to figure a half ton so I’ll save you from the search – a ton is 2,000 #s. Oh wait, # equals pounds. Sorry.

              3. Spit,

                I was questioning your point of view, until you let it be known that you not only know what a ton is, but also what a half ton is. Impressive…

      1. There is a mortgaging component here that advocates of D Jax have to consider if they’re to be reasonable, and “we’re all reasonable men here.” D Jax wouldn’t be the mortgage. It would be the other players, older players like Staley, Vernon and Willis, who you’d have to mortgage a little to create the space for D Jax, but it would certainly be worth it. Nobody knows the future of 2015. Nobody. Harbaugh could get hit by a bus. Aldon Smith could find religion through AA and pull a Glenn Coffee. Crabtree and Iupati could walk out of spite for some insane reason. Nobody knows. The future is now. In the immortal words of Ty from Caddyshack, “Ma… Ma… Make your future, Danny. Make it.”

        1. It would be the other players, older players like Staley, Vernon and Willis, who you’d have to mortgage a little to create the space for D Jax, but it would certainly be worth it.

          Weaken core areas of the team just to add one guy. Works every time. NOT!

        2. Case in point: Terrell Brown. At Texas Brown was busted on two separate occasions – once for a weapons violation, and once for weed. Nolan drafted him anyway. How many times was Terrell Brown busted as a 49er?

            1. Your logic may need some…… tweaking? Is that the world I’m looking for? Overhaul? Your logic needs an overhaul? Yeap… overhaul’s the word I’m looking for, and MidWestDynasty, those are things Old McDonald used to wear.

              1. But to further my point, which I love because it just makes MidWestDynasty look more foolish, Trent Baalke knew of Aldon Smith’s character issues prior to the draft and Baalke still picked him with the 7th overall anyway. And Aldon has had issues as a Niner, still has issues, and you can’t convince me they’d do it any other way again if they could do it over.

              2. I can’t convince someone that thinks he is God of the Universe. You’ve done nothing but proven how empty and weak your novels on this blog are. Like I said, TRY AGAIN.

              3. The only thing your posts have in them is sheer egoticism. It’s been lovely, but I’d rather talk football with someone that can keep up and doesn’t bore me. Gotta go. (Now start boasting about how you ‘owned’ me. I know you want to.)

              4. You’re going to go talk football with someone else at midnight? Wow. Seems legit. What gives you the impression I want to say I owned you? Could it be the fact that I called the National Guard on you an hour ago?

  36. Spit …
    the latest cap space I’ve read sez the Niners (now) have
    $3 million and change … + $6 million and change coming in June ..

    If you do the math … not enuff to make the $10 million
    you suggest the niners sign him for …

    Should HarBaalke do what you want …

    What do we use for signing the draftees ?

    1. In my opinion you’d have to create about 13 million in cap space. That’s 10 for D Jax and 3 for future picks. I think the 49ers have 6 million right now, and I’d increase that to 9 million by telling (not asking) Frank Gore he’s taking a pay decrease from 6 to 3. Then I’d be at 9 million and I’d restructure Vernon, Willis and Staley to get from 9 to 13. The older players who definitely want rings (trust me) would restructure (not give up money, restructure money) to see the offense be more potent.

      1. Order the one who has helped keep the offense afloat to take a pay cut? Genius. The Seahawks would pick him up after the team is forced to release him and then we will have Lynch, Gore, and Turbin to deal with. Good times.

          1. And DeSean Jackson will happily play on his current contract if he is traded to the 49ers.
            Your Styrofoam quip has a better chance of being realistic.

            1. D Jax wouldn’t have a choice. Actually, he could hold out. You’re right. That happens a lot now days. I’m going to change your name to dogpeckerknats. You’re like those small flies that buzz the old dog’s genitals while he lays on the porch in the afternoon sun.

              1. Wow. Now you’re down to calling me childish names. That in itself proves how weak your arguments have been and how desperate you are. I don’t even have to prove because you did it yourself. Well done.

  37. You make the trade because Kaep and Harbaugh need to be put on notice. How can you NOT win it all — with ease — with that line-up on offense? It’s the same thing when the Niners got deion for one year.

    Any step the defense may have lost with Bowman out half the year, and Cowboy getting older, is made up with Desean. Cut or trade Crabs. Boldin and Crabs are essentially the same type of possession WR.

    Gore is getting older but the Niners don’t have to feature him with that offense.

    If KAEP lives up to his potentially, then he’ll learn how to go through his read and earn that big paycheck. Now there would be no excuses.

    And if Harbs and KAEP can’t win it all with such a stacked team, then let them walk. The Niners have been closed for three years, but close counts for nothing.

    Let’s finish this already!

  38. Hello, Mr. President? This is Spitblood. You need to bring the cops, the sheriff, EMTs, bring in the National Guard — ANY HELP YOU CAN GATHER — to the Press Democrat’s 49er Blog RIGHT NOW because I am killin’ MidWestDynasty tonight. Killin’ him.

  39. Grant is right–trade for DJax, if you can, reasonably. Because if Seattle signs Jared Allen (cue the naysayers who will claim he’s an overpriced alcoholic with nothing left) the Niners HAVE to bring in an impact player if they want to win this year. Especially with our best overall defender, Navarro, being a question mark for much of the season.

    1. It’s no longer IF…the Seahawks are getting him…plus Arizona signed Antonio Cromartie…meanwhile what have we done exactly?

  40. If you give DJax a “take it or leave it” proposition, like the one
    suggested above ..
    how much effort do you suppose he’s gonna put on the field ?

    1. MWNiner – that really all depends on how his guaranteed money is spread out in the remainder of his contract. It’s reported that Jackson only has $250,000 left in guarantees, with I think, two years left on his deal. But we all know that a contract without guarantees is only good for the owners because if they want to cut you, they can. But if the player doesn’t want to play, he’s stuck. Nobody holds out anymore. So if the rest of the $250,000 guaranteed is paid in 2014, the 49ers can cut him after the year, no questions asked and no hit on the cap. And I think this is how his guaranteed money is allocated because you don’t split $125,000 into two years, or something like that – it would make no sense. The agent wouldn’t allow something like that because $125,000 doesn’t guarantee the owners will pony up the rest. It’s too small of a buy out. In fact, $250,000 is almost too small of a buy out because the Eagles are threatening to cut him (which I think is a bluff).

      Assuming D Jax has no money guaranteed in 2015, and assuming he comes over with the current deal (which is the only way I think he’d come because he’d have no choice), the 49ers should make it clear to D Jax and the media they had no intention of honoring the 2015 year of his contract, and I think, for PR reasons, people would forgive the 49ers and the NFL for not honoring that year of the contract because he was traded (also because it happens all the time anyway). If D Jax and NFL fans know he’s going to be a free agent in 2015, he’ll play like the dickens for a new contract with a new team in 2015. In fact, I think the Eagles are somewhat dumb to be dangling D Jax now because they could get a really motivated player in 2015 if they played this correctly.

  41. How to Get the Most Out of DeSean… I understand the argument for wanting him to renegotiate. But if I could find other restructurings that would allow me to pay his $10 mil salary for this year, I would play the opposite game. Here’s why…

    DeSean has an insecure streak. He wants people to respect his abilities and consider him one of the best. That’s just how he’s built. Well…. We have a head coach who is willing to say anything to motivate someone, whether it’s true or not. If I were Harbs, I would, upon making this trade, tell DeSean that if he plays the way Harbs knows he can play, he’s in for a contract negotiation that would make DeSean one of the top 5 paid WRs in the league. That’s how you get the very most out of him THIS YEAR.

    Then, next year, you give DeSean what you feel he’s really worth–whether it’s a lot or a little, depends on how he perform in 2014–and if he doesn’t like your offer, you trade him for a pick that’s similar, or even better, than what you had to give up to get him.

    We know Harbs will say whatever he needs to, whether it’s the truth or not.

    1. I don’t think Harbaugh would do that in a million years. First, I think he believes the hyperbolic things he says about his players. He may be wrong sometimes, but those statements are genuine. Second, I don’t think he would ever make a promise to a player that he did not intend to keep. That’s not who he is. Third, Harbaugh doesn’t have anything to do with contracts, so he wouldn’t even be in a position to make that promise. At most, he would promise to go to bat for Jackson and lobby for a pay raise.

  42. REPOSTING – Sorry, typos…

    How to Get the Most Out of DeSean… I understand the argument for wanting him to renegotiate. But if I could find other restructurings that would allow me to pay his $10 mil salary for this year, I would play the opposite game. Here’s why…

    DeSean has an insecure streak. He wants people to respect his abilities and consider him one of the best. That’s just how he’s built. Well…. We have a head coach who is willing to say anything to motivate someone, whether it’s true or not. If I were Harbs, I would, upon making this trade, tell DeSean that if he plays the way Harbs knows he can play, he’s in for a contract negotiation that would make DeSean one of the top 5 paid WRs in the league. That’s how you get the very most out of him THIS YEAR.

    Then, next year, you give DeSean what you feel he’s really worth–whether it’s a lot or a little, depending on how he performs in 2014–and if he doesn’t like your offer, you trade him for a pick that’s similar, or even better, than what you had to give up to get him.

  43. ok, Sully ..
    while, I’ll admit .. I wasn’t a high finance major in college ..
    you make a strong argument for “cooking the books” on him ..
    (and .. it just might work, too ) … but …

    I’m still of the mind we can probably find the same kind of talent
    and motivation … in the draft !

    (Not to mention … it would be much more
    cap friendly) …

    If we get him … fine ..
    if not …

    well … I won’t lose too much sleep over it

    1. MWNiner,
      There’s no way you could find the same kind of talent in the draft in 2014 as D Jax. Actually, anything’s possible, but the likelihood is about the same as you winning the Super Lotto next to me with no witnesses around and me not shankin’ your kester and stuffing you in the nearest garbage can while simultaneously booking a flight to Kuala Lumpur.

      Take a look at some stats. Let’s take the two most prodigious wide receivers in the game over the last ten years: Calvin Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald. In both of their rookie years, both Johnson and Fitz had roughly 750 passing yards and Johnson had 4 touchdowns while Fitz doubled that with 8 for the mathematically challenged.

      Compare that to D Jax in 2013 with 1332 yards receiving and 9 touchdowns. And Calvin Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald were top five receivers in the draft. Now you might draft a guy at the end of the first round (where the 49ers are currently drafting) and eventually, in three or four years, get D Jax type numbers, but even then it’s not likely with Baalke because Baalke couldn’t hit receiver pay dirt if he fell out of an airplane….. going over Australia ( a large continent with a lot of dirt?… nevermind).

      1. “…..There’s no way you could find the same kind of talent in the draft in 2014 as D Jax….”

        Let’s agree to disagree on that one, .. ok.. spit ?

        I can remember someone the Niners drafted from that
        well known school.. Mississippi Valley State …
        (a few years back)

        And you’ll probably say …
        ” … yeah.. but ..but .. he sucked his rookie year ! ..”

        and some would say … “.. yeah, you’re right !”

        but.. remember … we have others already on the roster who have been
        “developing” .. the past year, or so ..
        (and.. I’m not just talking only at the receiver position, either) ..

        I find it hard to believe that they’re just getting pine splinters
        in their back ends… collecting a fat paycheck… if they sucked !

        so … it IS possible you just might be pleasantly
        surprised come this season !

        Relax, spit …
        take a couple of Tums … and remember …

        If the Niners don’t sign D-Jax ..
        it won’t be the end of the world …
        and HarBaalke will NOT be proven as idiots, either

        (and .. I STILL will be a Niner fan !)

        As I’ve said before … I’m not a stat-junkie .. because
        stats can be used to “prove” just about any point of view..
        but .. there is one stat I’m sure of … to wit:

        Each season … only 1/32 .. of ALL the teams in the NFL
        win the Super Bowl !!

      2. DJax is good but he benefited last season playing in Chip Kelly’s offense where he was featured. Do you really think he’s going to put up those sort of numbers in this offense? Crabtree and Boldin will still be the primary targets, and this will still be a run first offense. How long before DJax starts complaining and goes Randy Moss half-hearted circa 2012?

        DJax would be a nice addition, no doubt, but there are a lot of talented WRs in this year’s draft, and yes, I do think a guy like Beckham or Lee could come in as the 3rd WR and play that deep threat role well with Crabtree, Boldin and Davis drawing most of the D’s attention. They’d cost more than a 3rd rounder,but they’d cost much less dollars against the cap, would likely be less of a distraction when they aren’t the focal point of the offense, and would be here for at least four years.

        If they get DJax for a 3rd and can fit him under the cap without too much pushing contracts back to later years, good move. If they have to push a lot of money back to future years then they are better off going hard for a guy like Beckham, Lee or Cooks and increase their chances of keeping their young talent for years to come. And using excuses like Baalke can’t evaluate WR talent as a reason not to trust a WR drafted early is silly. This is a talented crop, make hay while the sun shines.

        1. Scooter:

          Good points. You have been killing it on this topic.

          I wanted to follow up on what you wrote about Jackson not being able to put up similar numbers in Harbaugh’s offense. Trading for Jackson only makes sense if Harbaugh is willing to revamp the offense in a significant way. To make proper use of the new $10 million dollar man, the 49ers would have to use more 3 WR sets (more reads for Kaepernick!) and move away, at least somewhat, from the power run first offense. I know some commenters believe that is going to happen anyway (or at least they really, really want it to happen), but when has Harbaugh ever done that? Or even given a hint that he would do that?

          If Harbaugh doesn’t revamp the offense, then Jackson essentially would just be taking snaps away from Crabtree and/or Boldin. That doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, at least not $10 million worth of sense.

        2. I was just about to type exactly what you said scooter. I agree with everything you wrote. I’d stress even more that Jackson could become a major cancer in the locker room if he feels like he isn’t featured enough in this offense. Crabtree, Boldin, and Jackson on the field at the same time sounds attractive but are there enough balls to go around to keep these guys happy – especially in the 9ers offense.

        3. I concur with the others Scooter, well thought out and I agree.

          It’s head scratching to see how some view this as a simple decision that is a no brainer. The money is obviously an impediment, but the chemistry of a locker room is so important to success too.

          Does anybody wonder why the Eagles are considering dumping Jackson for a 3rd round pick? Chip Kelly has been a College Coach for some time and has had to deal with some big time egos and immaturity, yet he’s reportedly had enough of Jackson. Does that not concern any of you on the Jackson or bust wagon?

          Somebody above stated they should force a pay cut on Gore or release him. Let’s think this through for a second. You have the most respected player on the team by both fellow players and Coaches in what is likely his last season, and you think treating him like a bag of sh*t to add a player only in it for the money, would not harm the chemistry of this team?

          I’ve got news for you, treating a respected leader in the locker room that way does not motivate players to play harder. These guys have relationships and families that have developed over time, and there is nothing that would destroy a locker room faster than making moves like this.

          Now if as Scooter laid out, there is a way to renegotiate a deal with Jackson that makes sense for the team and that won’t have Jackson whining publically about how he’s underpaid in 6 months, then great go for it, but this is not a simple transaction to make and it certainly wouldn’t work with some of the ideas that have been thrown around on here.

          Ultimately I don’t see it happening or working because of the simple fact this offense wouldn’t make enough use of 3 WRs to make it worthwhile. If you think Harbaugh is going to shift his philosophy to mirror Sean Payton or Mike McCarthy, you are dreaming. He’s never going to go away from his power running, 2 TE, play action passing mentality. That’s who he is and has always been both as a player and a HC.

          1. Oh I fully expect to see an incremental increase in 3 wide out sets, and the more successful, the more we’ll see. Maiocco has reported Harbaugh intends to do just that….

            1. Razor,

              Incremental, sure, but this is not a team that is going to morph into a pass first offense. It doesn’t fit with Harbaugh’s mentality. If you add a 3rd WR to this offense at that kind of salary, you need to use a 3 WR set as your base offense and that wouldn’t be the case imo. Harbaugh is a double TE set kind of guy.

              1. GreggisKhan (South Bend)

                Do you believe we’ll see an incremental increase in the 3 WR Sets? Something Harbaughs’ offense rarely uses, making an expensive aquisition like Jackson, a luxury purchase….
                Bill Williamson (2:19 PM)

                All the interest in WRs shows they are interested in not being the team that uses the 3 WR sets the least in the NFL anymore.

              2. This team isn’t going to go from using 3 WRs the least to being one of the most heavy 3 WR set using teams in the NFL. Yes, they will likely increase the amount they use 3 WRs, but not so significantly that the #3 WR will see the field 60% to 70% of snaps.

                Only one football to go around, and the 49ers prefer to give a large chunk of those touches to the RBs.

              3. Scooter, including playoffs, they averaged 22.8 percent of the time last season utilizing 3 wide receiver sets. The league average I believe was 54% I don’t think it is out of the realm of possibilities that figure could jump to 27% or more depending on the tier wide receiver they draft….

              4. Jump “to” or “by”? I’m assuming you meant by – I definitely agree they could jump to 27%, no sweat. I don’t think they’ll start using 3 WR sets more than half the time though. I think a realistic increase would be to somewhere between 30% and 35% of the time, maybe 40% at a stretch, and then utilise a bit of a rotation in 1 and 2 WRs sets if the #3 WR is good enough to push for playing time.

                I find it hard to believe they will change completely from a power based offense. The only reason I can think they would use a lot of 3 WR sets is if their 3rd WR was built like a TE… like Benjamin…

              5. Scooter, sounds like we’re on the same page, but I would caution you to be aware of the fact that if they were to get a guy like OBJr., the more success they have, the more they’ll use it and perhaps even go crazy every now and again with a 4 wide receiver set. lol

              6. If they start having a lot of success running out of 3 WR sets then yes, I think they will start using it more. Because that is what it all comes down to – they don’t want to use a lot of 3 WR sets if teams know they will be passing out of it.

              7. Scooter,

                Have you watched any film of Lattimore recently? He had a lot of success running out of the spread/gun stuff.

              8. Perhaps bad taste, but Lattimore hasn’t had a lot of success running for around 18 months now… :-(

                But yeah, fingers crossed his knee is all good, and he could well be the guy to run out of the 3 WR sets.

              9. I would love to see more 3 WR sets and we probably will, but any increase takes them from last, to bottom 5 at best most likely. This is a power running offense and will be until Harbaugh is no longer here.

                Hyde is a good call Razor. He would be great in a combination with Lattimore going forward. He might also be there in the 3rd round which would be great value.

              10. Rocket, no way in hell Mr. Hyde is there in the 3rd Round. The latest he goes is the top of the second….

  44. Why is Sammy Watkins “out of reach?” Lol! I’d say the 49ers have as good a chance of landing Sammy Watkins in the draft (say via trade with the Raiders or Jaguars) than trading a mere third rounder for disgruntled MeSean Jackson, fitting his contract demands within the team’s tight salary cap, and keeping our key players happy within/under the cap.

    I believe a great draft, key signings, smart cap management – sets this team up as a contender for the next few seasons. Signing a big problem player for too much – is a huge risk. Restructured contracts doesn’t make the cap issues better long-term. Player cuts will need to be made.

    1. PeteyBrian,
      Are you aware what it would take for the 49ers to move up from 30th to around 5th overall in the draft (5th is where some mocks have Watkins going)? The 5th overall is worth 1700 points, and the 49ers first round pick at 30th is worth 620. Their two second round picks are worth roughly 684 points. Their two thirds are worth roughly 300. So to move up to get Walkins at 5th, the 49ers would have to trade their first, two seconds and two thirds to get Watkins. And then he wouldn’t be nearly as productive as D Jax as I outlined above. Or the 49ers could pony up a 3rd and pay the man.

  45. This Jackson talk is crazy on so many levels. How can anyone take it seriously? Percey Harvin? He did squat last year and not much the year befroe in Freezerland. Jackson would be the highest paid — or one of them — on the Niners? A runt like him who couldn’t block Ellen DeGeneres? Some of you guys are nuts…

  46. Someone sez: DeSean Jackson would make the 49ers clear-cut Super Bowl favorites next season.

    Note to Mr. Harbaw: once again the fans know/believe that you have the tools, you have the players needed to get the job done. The clock is ticking, sir.

    …this would give the Niners by far the best receiver-quartet in the NFL and it would
    ” uncover the truth about Jim Harbaugh and Colin Kaepernick. Can they or can’t they win the Super Bowl? If they can’t win it next season with Jackson and the best roster in the NFL, then the Niners should start searching for a new quarterback and a new head coach.

    I am still on your back, Mr. Harbaw.
    I am the Super Bowl monkey.

  47. DJax wouldn’t just help us as a deep threat. He’s also excellent on reverses. He’s a punt returner and kickoff returner who can really change up field position–important for our sometimes anemic offense–and he can occasionally score in the return game.

    By my count, that’s 4 things he can do to help us.

    It would also help our run game, because at least one safety would have to play way off the LOS.

    There’s no rookie in the draft who will be ready to do all that at a high level–except for maybe Watkins. But even he will have to go through growing pains as a rookie.

    1. Jackson’s punt return average in 2013 was less than half of LaMichael James’ average. Jackson is not a kickoff return man. He has returned four kickoffs in his entire NFL career.

      This information is readily available. Why do so many people have trouble examining the facts before they make an assertion?

      By the way, since we’re examining all the ways Jackson can help the team, how is he as a blocker?

      1. He’s murder on ball boys, members of the chain gang, photogs, cheerleaders, and other civilians roaming the sidelines.

  48. Kawakami’s article makes a lot of sense to me. Grant asserts in point #2 that Jackson would want to renegotiate his contract. It’s all just opinion, but Grant is the only one saying that. Nobody else thinks DeSean (who was talking extension after a playoff loss) has any interest in lowering his income.
    A renegotiated contract is crucial to make this even possible, and I don’t think D-Jax has that in mind. The draft choice is inconsequential, and might be a 2nd if the money wasn’t such a burden to any potential trade partners.

  49. This in from Rotoworld:

    One person close to DeSean Jackson told the Allentown Morning Call that there’s “no way” Jackson will return to the Eagles in 2014.

    There have been so many conflicting reports on the Eagles’ feelings about D-Jax that it’s hard to know what to believe. “There is no way he’s an Eagle this year,” the person close to Jackson said. “However it leaked out, it leaked out, and now this is what you have.” Eagles beat writer Nick Fierro predicts “Jackson is out of here for sure, and long before the NFL draft too.” Appearing on Sirius XM Radio Thursday morning, ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio told host Ross Tucker that “DeSean Jackson’s act is wearing thin with Chip Kelly.”

  50. After all the Spitblood bloviating, and the rumor patrol alerts, I am still not persuaded. The only way I’d consider it, is if he were to come and play on a one year $5-$6 million dollar deal….

    1. The only way DJax would ever take less money is if he were cut. But that’s cool, Razor, I’m sure we’ll land plenty of Super Bowl talent with the 30th pick in the draft and a couple more picks at the bottom of the second round. That should make up for the Revis/Byrd/Talib/soon-to-be-Jared Allen signings by our fiercest competitors. But we did get Bethea… They didn’t get Bethea… But we definitely got Bethea.

      1. … I’m sure we’ll land plenty of Super Bowl talent with the 30th pick in the draft

        Ah yes, I remember all those Super Bowls in which Desean Jackson played.

      2. Uncle Sully, you make it sound as if the 49ers haven’t made it to three consecutive NFC Championship games the last three years. For the love of Pete, they had enough to get by the entire year without Mr. Crabs. They have a promising edge receiver in Patton who happens to be an outstanding team mate. If they can learn to play smarter situational football in big time games, coaching staff included, they could get fitted for Super Bowl rings. This draft is all about finding key components at CB and WR, and then strengthening the depth along the defensive front. Jackson is all about the Benjamin’s, and not the team….

        1. Razor, I just think you and I disagree regarding the quality of the Niners’ roster compared to those of our competitors. I think we now have the 5th best roster in the league. We’ve lost our best overall defender for most of the year. And we have not added at least one impact player, like our main four competitors have (when the Hawks sign Allen). Year-over-year that puts us -2

          And for those who say, “Oh, but the draft…” Our competitors have bottom-of-each round picks just like us. Our ONLY advantage over them in the draft is that we have an extra pick at the bottom of the 2nd, and an extra pick in the middle of the 3rd. That’s great! But it’s not going to make up for the -2

          1. Kaepernick, Crabs, Boldin, VD, Patton all healthy on the field together is enough to put the Fear Of God into the Legion Of Boom….

            1. It’s not enough to strike fear, actually. There’s no true deep threat to stretch the field, and teams no longer have to gameplan specially for Gore. So most of what we earn is in the short-to-intermediate passing game, plus the occasional run by Kaep. That’s not going to scare the Hawks, Saints, Broncos, or Pats.

              1. And the guy who thinks he’s underpaid at $10 million/year is the only deep threat available?

              2. Fear leads to mistakes -2. Hope that’s not your Wonderlic score. Patton may not be as fast as Jackson, but he’s fast enough and bigger and tougher and most importantly, he runs on some of the best fuel outside of Putins’ borders, HUMILITY!

              3. Boldin, Crabtree, Patton, Davis and a draft pick like Beckham Jr. or whoever they choose, looks pretty formidable to me.

                The Niners problem in Seattle was not being able to run the ball more than anything. Kap was a one man show in the NFCCG and it wasn’t enough. They have to figure out how to run the ball on the Seahawks in that stadium.

              4. OBJr. or Cooks would be the perfect compliment to what they have now….Cooks is the same size as Jackson, and sounds like a team player. I would move up if needed to secure OBJr., and if somehow I missed out, I would make another move for Cooks. Which ever one goes first, rest assured that the other won’t get by the Panthers….

              1. Always living in the past Officer Hammer and still having the comprehension problems I see. Were Crabs, Patton, Boldin, VD all heathly? I still don’t know how in the hell they made it to January without Crabs let alone the might Jackson. Maybe you can explain it to me?

              2. Just enough offense you say? That sounds like all the 49ers need to do is stay healthy as a unit, build that continuity with Kaepernick and play smart situational football. Isn’t that what I’ve been saying, while you want Shaw, Fales, Revis and Jackson?

              3. You also said that this group of receivers puts the fear of god in Seattle’s secondary. That’s a joke.

                Try sticking with the thread.

              4. The joke is you. Dahl. Remember that joke? Still funny. You’re not a fan, but a statistical fanatic who belittles Harbaugh, ridicules Kaepernick, and ignores the guidelines set forth by Baalke when it fits your agenda…..

              5. Good to see you resort to name calling. I owned up to being wrong on Dahl when proven so.

                Regarding your fan comment, that’s comedy.

              6. Awwww, did I hurt your little feelings with the Dahl jab? So sorry, but you shouldn’t have been so emphatic about him being signed to start day one. That was the pinnacle of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. In fact, one of my Ram’s buddies, not too long ago, when referring to something as ridiculous, said “…..and that would be like expecting Dahl to be your starting safety.” We had a good laugh together. Thanks, and have a good day you comedian, you…..

              7. Not in my opinion. Jay was outstanding and on top of his game. Fallon has a long way to go…..

      3. Sully, are you worried about the Broncos and Patriots? Those teams both went out and spent heavy in free agency, but lets be honest – the Seahawks showed how much better the NFC’s top teams are than the AFC’s. I still think the Seahawks and 49ers have better rosters.

        The Seahawks lost Golden Tate, Sidney Rice, Chris Clemons, Red Bryant, Walter Thurmond and Breno Giacomini, and have added Jared Allen… yes, I see how they are getting much better…

        The 49ers lost some key pieces too, sure. Whitner was a loss but they replaced him with Bethea (once again, despite your negativity towards him, a very good signing and upgrade). Losing Brown and Rogers is a blow for the CB position, but they get Culliver back and re-signed Wright who never really got an opportunity last year. CB and WR are the two positions that need the most immediate attention, but with a few good draft picks they can have that covered. If anything they are gaining ground on the Seahawks, given how many players they have lost and not replaced.

  51. You can have the best catcher in the world, even Megatron, but if you throw poorly, or don’t look at 2nd or 3rd option, you’ll never get the ring.
    And btw, D-Jax is not the best WR in the world. No way. He’s maybe the best trouble maker, locker-room breaker and selfish player around the League.
    Not convinced at all. And not a fan of Kap also.

    1. Jone, you’re right on both counts… to a degree. The jury is still out on Kaep. This is a big year for him and the Niners. If he adjusts his attitude and straightens up those mechanics, we’re in good shape. If not, we’re f*cked.

      DJax isn’t even a Top 10 WR. HOWEVER, he is a huge threat in the areas where the Niners need help most–return game, over the top speed, and gadget play speed. He’s actually a lot like Harvin–not nearly as physical a runner, but better at adjusting to deep passes. And as we’ve seen with guys like Randy Moss, with just the right approach, you can get them to play up to their potential for at least a year or two. Make no mistake about it, we’d probably be giving up a 3rd-round pick for a guy who will play for us just 1-2 years.

      1. The jury is not out on Kaepernick. Harbaugh hand picked him. Jack approved. The 49ers have made it clear, he is their franchise quarterback. As long as Kaepernick is on the field, it’s the 49ers who will be doing the f*cking and the majority of the opponents will be the ones getting f*cked….

          1. Grants’ stamp of approval might get you a box of cracker jacks, but don’t count on the prize at the bottom….

      2. Sully, pls don’t misunderstand me. I am not saying D-Jax is crap. I am saying that he’s not top 5, he’s not worth 10 milion, and surely he’s not worth the mess he’s going to bring with him.
        He’s a very good player that, imho, is not worth the risk.
        We have a rep, in the League. Build the team in a certain manner, choose certain type of player, create a certain type of culture. D-Jax goes against this.
        That said, I would land the most selfish and trouble-maker player in the world if I am sure to a certain extent to have the go-to-guy on the court. Simply, according to me, he’s not.

  52. Hopefully reality has set in for the kool-aid chuggers that DivaSean Jackson isn’t coming here. Although it’s fun hearing you guys give away the house just for one player or talk about how three or four players are going to restructure their contract just so we can pay him. It’s OK, it’s the off season and you guys are allowed your little fits of fantasy.

    1. cfc,

      Your posts sometimes remind me of 49er Girl. You seem to be a knowledgeable football fan. Sometimes you’re a ridiculous idiot but sometimes you have a clue – Just about like everyone else on this blog. But in the special moments where your posts drip with condescension and superiority I’m reminded of the time that 49er Girl taught me the term Delta Bravo.

      Jeez, where is 49er Girl? I miss her.

  53. There is no question about Jackson ability. That isn’t a issue what so ever. My problem with Jackson is his mental make up or the lack of. For me a man’s word is what I take to the bank. His word has zero validity. He says he will play for x amount of dollars then a year or two later he decides that he is worth more. That may be true, that he is worth more but the fact of the matter is he said and signed for a specified contract and should by all means live up to it. When he doesn’t get his way he throws a tantrum much like a little girl squealing (does that sound familiar). Without a mans word, a man has nothing and to me that is what he brings to the table – nothing.

  54. Say goodnight Spitblood.

    Albert Breer:

    Been told the 49ers aren’t interested in DeSean Jackson. Right now, they have $4.22M in cap space. And they have to budget for Kaepernick…..
    7:05 PM – 18 Mar 2014

    1. But wait. We can restructure half of teams’ contracts, force the others to take pay cuts, call the National Guard on those who refuse either option, etc. We can make it work!

  55. Question is: would he accept a downgrading restructure after a poor year?! Too easy asking a new contract after a boom year.
    Live up with the signed contract.
    A man is his word.

  56. Looks as though not only the Legion of Boom will stand in Kaepernicks way, but now he’ll have to contend with the Legion of Doom now that the Cardinals have added Antonio….

    1. yeah, and they still have to deal with
      the Niners D …, too !

      The only team to worry about is the Seadderal SeaChickens ..
      and, I betcha dollars to donuts.. they won’t be much of
      a threat this season

      1. I’m thinking Arizona may be a bigger threat and they lost Carlos Dansby so they may have a little set back on the D.

    2. Antonio was pretty bad last year. The Jets could have used a CB and didn’t try to bring him back. The Cards already had a good defense so this doesn’t concern me.

  57. Has anyone on the Let’s-Get-DSJ-At-All-Costs bandwagon stopped to ask themselves, why are the Eagles considering trading DSJ? Just wondering…

    1. I dunno, ex …
      good question, fer sure ..
      and, knowing that our WRs need to be proficient in
      blocking …. you gotta wonder if he really is a good fit ?

    1. that’s as non-committal an article as I’ve seen, recently, Crabs ..

      He doesn’t say one way or another if the Niners should
      break the bank for him or not …
      Just points out DJax’s baggage ..

      (which is probably more substantial than
      Madden’s “diplomatic” description)

  58. Hey Grant, Maybe you could dig up the 8 million or so extra dollars we’d need to swing that and just slip it to him so he only asks for 2 mil.

    1. You clearly missed the part where it said $250,000 is all that’s guaranteed, idon’t think anybody needs to pony up 8 mil. CoulCould be a good reason why jax wants to renegotiate, 250,000 for the year he justhad

      1. They would need to redo a few deals to free up about $7 million in cap space.

        They currently have ~ $4.35 mil available and Jackson has a $10.5 million cap hit in 2014.

  59. DeSean Jackson signed a 5-yr $47mm contract with Philly two years ago – the deal has $15mm guaranteed, and $10mm signing bonus.
    Getting him on a negotiated contract would be difficult. It comes down to salary cap math. It’s no secret the Niners need to deal with key players’ contracts that are expiring after this coming season: Kaep, Crabtree, Ilupati, Aldon. Now, add another monkey wrench to that mix (Jackson’s contract), not sure how financially feasible it would be.
    Jackson is demanding more money; at least guaranteed money… so imagine even with a similar contract ($9.4mm per year), and stretch the $$$ into future years with a heavier back-load, it’d still be too much. I just don’t see it happening without some big sacrifices (e.g. unable to sign key players later, or drags the team’s salary cap for years to come). At this point, with the way how the Niners have been managing the salary cap and its philosophy for success, I don’t see it happening.

  60. We love to see him in San Francisco but Baalke is too cheap with no vision so I don’t see if he is coming to San Francisco.

  61. IF you just keep managing your salary cap, you will never win a superbowl. you have to be a visionary Manager, not a bean counter.

  62. Guys…. We are clearly missing the part where it says “only 250,000 is guaranteed” . Also, Balkee is the one who made the call, so you would think he’s seen djax cap number. I say go get him, the man is dangerous on offense and special teams. Special talent with top end speed. No Wr in this draft would contribute as much as hom. “This year.”

    1. If he wants to be a Niner .. he’ll have to learn how to block ! ..

      Can’t wait to see DJax .. in the red n gold ..
      taking on a 290 lb DL !!

      (bookmark THAT youtube fer sure !)

  63. Pani Ta’e (Lake Town)

    Any Insider information on who the Niners are enamored with at CB in the draft??
    Bill Williamson (2:33 PM)

    Verrett, Fuller, Roby.

    1. What guy that changes teams doesn’t say that? Exactly that. Those were Golden Tate’s words too. Mostly its about expectations being disappointed, perhaps because agents let their clients have too high hopes and because agents always want the guy to take the biggest deal so their % is bigger. Business as usual.
      Sometimes its reality that slaps a guy.

    1. It’ll be interesting to see the terms of the deal. Allen was adamant about getting what he felt he was worth or would consider retirement. I doubt Seattle paid him what he thought he was worth.

    2. Same stuff different day Jack. Dont get me wrong, i know we build through the draft, but there’s always the quality free agents to put u over the top, and Allen is a quality free agent. So is Revis, Eldleman, Etc…

  64. WOW, how is it that the seahawks can add major players to their roster every year and we can not or do not have the cap space. Now Seahawks have another great pass rusher to join Avril, Bennett, Irvin! Jared A is going to contribute in that loud environment. And AZ is going to be much better too. We need more pass rushers.

          1. They were already better than Seattle at the stick and likely on a neutral field Hammer. There’s no gap here that the Niners need to overcome. The one thing that has to change is their level of play in Seattle.

            1. You say they have no gap to overcome, and then contradict yourself in the next sentence by saying they need to play better in Seattle.

              1. Talent gap Jack. That’s what this is about isn’t it? You saying they need to get Jackson to get better than Seattle?

                Their play in Seattle isn’t talent related; it’s mental and they almost overcame it in the NFCCG.

              2. Call the reason for the gap whatever you want, one team has a Super Bowl ring the other doesn’t.

                “they almost overcame it in the NFCCG”

                Yeah, and they almost made the Super Bowl in 2011, and almost won the Super Bowl in 2012. 49ers fans can shout from the roof tops, “We’re #2!”

              3. Duh! What the hell have we been talking about Hammer? S I T U A T I O N A L F O O T B A L L! Coaching staff on down. What did Emtman say? Just remember, football is 80% mental and 40% physical….

              4. Yep until they’re number one which they consistently have a chance at due to the way they run their business.

                Seattle didn’t win a SB by signing over priced FA’s and redoing contracts.

            2. Rocket, you and I agree on many things but I disagree about your comment on Seahawks talent!

              Yes we had a chance to beat the Seahawks last year and go to the Super Bowl. We really should have won that game but we did not regardless of how we look at it!

              Seahawks are 14 million below cap and they have the best defense in the NFL with one of thd most explosive WR in the game.

              To my opinion on paper our roster could be going down hill since we lost Whitner and Brown on the defense and Dixon on the special teams! Now it’s all about how we draft and if the rookies can contribute. Our roster is aging with Frank, Boldin, j. Smith, VD, Ray Mc, my man Pat Willis. Our best d player bowmen had a major injury and culver is also recovering. On top of it the red shirt key rookies latti, tank and Dahl are still question marks. Oh how about Vance Mc! So we either can end up really good or this team can struggle in the best nfl division with a tough calendar. I do not want to be negative but we need to continue to improve the roster by adding key role players.

              Jared A, is older but he will do just fine as a key situational pass rusher. I do not suggest for us to break the bank but I do not believe we are being proactive and agressive in the free agency to lure some of these top players to come to our team for a one year contract.

              1. It’s ok Chi town, we can’t agree on everything.

                Here’s what I see when comparing Seattle and SF: both have strong front 7′s, Seattle has the better secondary.

                Both have good RB depth and good young QB’s, but SF has better Oline and receiving talent is about equal.

                I think what gets lost in all the talk about how Seattle signed FA’s to put them over the top is that they won playing the way the Niners did in 2011. Their offense was not much of a factor from the second half of the season through the playoffs. They made plays here and there, but essentially the offense ran the ball effectively and their defense got turnovers and held a lead.

                I don’t a discrepancy in talent between the two, in fact I’d give the overall edge to the Niners with more to come this year in a deep draft where Seattle only has two picks in the first 3 rounds to 5 for SF.

                The Niners are older at some spots but they also have young players behind those guys. You’ve also deemed players that are 29 and 30 to be old which is jumping the gun. VD, McD and Willis are playing at a high level and are in their prime right now. They lost Whitner but signed Bethea, Lost Brown, but will have Culliver coming back. They haven’t lost anybody they don’t have a viable replacement for with the exception of Rogers. Wheras Seattle has lost some depth on their Dline, Oline, WR, CB. It’s part of doing business in the NFL.

                The Niners are right there with Seattle right now, Allen or no Allen. They will have young players in their second year making bigger contributions and their young QB will be more experienced. Add to that all the picks they figure to add and this team is in great shape. They don’t need to go and add big money FA’s. If they can get a good player under market value in FA, great, but they don’t need to go and overspend or blow up their cap. They are a viable SB contender right now.

              2. Rocket we are on the same page on most everything you have stated however our offense is not better or have played better than Seattle. In the NFC championship we struggled when needed. Frank was a none factor and CK had three turn overs. Our Wr were not effective because Seattle’s secondary is very good. Despite all the finger pointing to CK and i personally believe our defense let us down in the NFC championship by giving up two huge TDs! Regardless of CKs turnover if we had stopped even one of the TDs maybe the outcome would have been different. Therefore, I believe this team still needs better pass rush and DBS as well as a game changing fast wr that can stretch the field to open up the routes for VD, Q and Crab. Even if we find a fast WR in the draft, would Kap have the confidence and the chemistry to throw to him! I agree we should not over react and sign big money FA but why not show more willingness to get some of these top FA to come for short 1 year contracts to add more pass rush. Why did Brown sign with the Raiders for $3.5 per year! we should have offered him the same money.

              3. Chicago,

                Are you calling Percy “I’ve Got An Owie” Harvin one of the most explosive WRs in the NFL? You’ve got to be kidding. Look at his career stats, he’s averaged over 13 yds per catch only once, and that was his rookie season. His yds per catch has gone down every year since (excluding this year, when only managed to catch one pass). He’s an very good number two receiver, and probably a bit better as a novelty act / slot receiver. If he’s your number one WR, you’re in trouble.

          2. Allen is still a good player but his best days are behind him – he wasn’t as dominant this past season though came on strong towards the end of the year. The Seahawks needed to replace the losses of Bryant and Clemons. They are still missing some receivers and a replacement for Thurmond.

            1. The Seahawks aren’t missing any receivers. Rice was hurt almost all of last season and they replace Golden Tate with Percy Harvin.

              1. Took the word out of my mouth there Scooter. With ex trusted agent Hitner AWOL, I really wanted a guy like Roby to come in and help lay the wood on that dude….I think Watkins can do the job with one of those 2nd Rounders….

              2. Any team going into the season with just two WRs (one of them injury prone) is asking for trouble – just ask the 2013 49ers. It is why the 49ers have to be serious about drafting at least one WR high this year, and likely a 2nd one pretty early too. It is also why the Seahawks will likely be drafting a WR very high too, because they know they can’t simply trust that Harvin will be healthy all year.

                And yes, I get that trading for DJax would solve this issue of WR depth too.

              3. They don’t have just 2 receivers they have their top 3 in Harvin, Baldwin and Kearse. In addition they have Lockette returning who they used a little on offense and was a contributor on special teams.

              4. Right now the 49ers have Crabs, Boldin, Patton. I’d say they can hold their own against your mighty Seahawks…if they all stay healthy.

              5. Hammer says “Yeah, according to you they “put the fear of god in secondaries.” Below is my actual statement:

                Kaepernick, Crabs, Boldin, VD, Patton all healthy on the field together is enough to put the Fear Of God into the Legion Of Boom….

                Notice the key word in my sentence “enough”. Clearly my context was not that they do, but as a group when healthy, they have that license. Your act is getting really Dahl….

              6. When you remove a word from a sentence, it can sometimes be the difference, as is the case here. Fascinating how the English Language works that way isn’t it Dahl-ila?

              7. My apologies. Did not realize I was in the company of a wordsmith such as yourself.

                See, the interesting thing about your take is that the legion of boom was so worried that with all 3 of the players you mention on the field they made the play that finished off the game and sent the 49ers to their couches for the Super Bowl.

              8. My point was when healthy, and they weren’t all healthy as a group with continuity. Why do you persist on being so disingenuous? As to what the Seahawks did, I give them their due. I also believe it had more to do with what the 49ers didn’t do, than what the Seahawks did, but whatever. It’s in the past, and I can’t wait to get them back out on the field….

            2. Scooter you are correct about Seahawks need for WR, however if Percy stays healthy that offense will be dangerous with good field position, lynch and Percy!

              Also how about our WR group? Crabtree has history of injuries, Patton was injured most of last year and Q is aging and anything can happen!

              1. Well you can make the same argument you just made for the Seahawks for the 49ers. And the thing people seem to forget about the “oft-injured” Crabtree is that last season was the first time he’d missed any significant playing time through injury for the 49ers. Unlike Harvin who has had two straight injury-interrupted seasons.

        1. well, next year they’ll have less money and Wilson to worry about. They are not going to be able to sustain this big FA signing every yr.

          1. ricardo,

            That’s just it, they aren’t big FA signings. I don’t know what or if they’ll get Allen for, but their FA signings last year were for short under market money because the guys they signed didn’t get the deals they wanted.

            We have people here wanting the Niners to take on 10-12 million dollar FA’s/trades, but that isn’t what Seattle has done to put them over the top at all. In fact their highest priced acquisition (Harvin) hardly played at all for them last year. It’s not about the high priced FA’s. It’s about the individual players and their fit on the team.

            1. Yeah, and now Harvin will step in to a starting role allowing them to let Rice go. It’s the same thing the 49ers should be thinking with Crabtree.

              1. Comparing the situation, not the players. I’m of the belief that Crabtree is among the top 10 WR’s in the league.

              2. Or they could possibly resign Crabtree, or use that money elsewhere while developing a WR or two from this year’s draft.

                Let me ask you this Jack: Knowing what we do about this offense and the fact 3 receivers sets account for about a quarter of the offensive snaps, how do you see Jackson getting involved in this offense enough to merit a 10 million dollar salary?

                If we are simply looking for speed wouldn’t it make more sense to draft it and not spend 10 mill on it?

              3. Jackson would fit into the rotation. His speed on the outside could open things up when they go with their heavy personnel. They don’t have that threat right now.

                Not if you want it to help you this year, and his contract decreases in value each season.

              4. Jack,

                I’d want more than a rotation for 10 mill. Listen I’d be far more open to this if the Niners ran a pass heavy offense, but they don’t, and won’t just because they add a speed guy on the outside.

                For the amount of snaps they’ll use a 3rd and 4th receiver, I think they’ll go through the draft to find it.

              5. They probably will. I happen to disagree with that. This team has a 1-2 year window to win a championship.

              6. Jack Hammer says “This team has a 1-2 year window to win a championship”. If they continue to conduct their business in the fashion they have the last three years, the window should stay unlocked with a chance to open it every year….

              7. “I’m of the belief that Crabtree is among the top 10 WR’s in the league.”

                Same. Or top 15 anyway. Do you think they will re-sign him Jack?

              8. Me neither. Which is why it is so important to draft at least one of the top WRs this year, and preferably (for me anyway) two of the top 12-15. One big WR, one smaller/ shiftier WR, and at least one of them needs to be able to stretch the D.

              9. They probably will. I happen to disagree with that. This team has a 1-2 year window to win a championship.

                That’s possible if they let the team get old and draft poorly, Harbaugh’s future will play a part also, but nothing I’ve seen so far leads me to believe that will be the case. I also don’t see Jackson as the difference between winning a SB or not.

              10. Yep, even if they got Jackson I’d still want them to take a WR early. I highly doubt they get Jackson though.

              11. How about running back prospects. I want someone who can catch/pass protect and if he were big and fast that would be nice too. I think RB is much more likely to slip into the Niners top 5 picks than a DT.

              12. Yeah, getting a guy like Carlos Hyde in the 2nd round wouldn’t shock me in the slightest.

            2. I agree, rocket. I’m curious to see the numbers on this Allen signing. I used the word “big” not because of the financial agreement (we’ll see when the numbers come out), but more on Allen’s status and reputation. I think Harvin’s signing was one of the worst investment on FA last yr. Sure, he might redeemed himself going forward, but last year was just bad.

            3. Rocket, I think most of us 49er fans want the bpa for the right price. the question i have is why Seahawks org can find very good players in free agency for decent pay check such as Bennet or Avril but none of these guys sign with us?

    1. Last year they added Avril and Bennett on short, below market deals when no other teams stepped up with better offers. Looks to be the same with Allen this year. They aren’t doing anything special here. They are waiting until the market is dwindling and count on the player signing with them for less for a chance to win.

      The 9ers have pass rushers in place and also have Carradine joining the rotation this year. Allen didn’t fit the Niner defense so I doubt he was ever even a consideration.

  65. No discussion, eh. Hmm. If DJ’s so great, why are the Eagles shopping him? Too expensive? If that’s so, why would the Niners trade for him. Diva? Check…another reason Kelly may be anxious to get rid of him. Career stats: 9.9 yd punt return avg. LMJ had over 12 yd return avg last year. 5.3 TD per season. 59 rec. per season. Best stat: 3 X 1000+ yd seasons. He’s fast, yes. Can make big plays. Carries huge salary/cap hit, arguably the biggest reason Philly’s willing to part with him. Possible hindrance to signing Crabtree long-term…uh, yup. If it came down to a choice by Baalke, it’s Crabtree, not even close. DJ a long-term replacement for Crabtree…you’re joking, right. No? Then I don’t know what to tell you…

  66. great article! I agree, Niners can make this happen and should. DJax wants to come home and his addition would certainly place the Niners over the “hump.” I would definitely pay DJax top ten WR money over Crabtree. I believe with the Niner coaching staff and leadership, DJax can be a team player. Hope the Niners execute this trade!

  67. Ok now with Allen being a Seahak, (which I wished the 9ers would have signed) I am fully on board with this trade now. I don’t care how stupid he acts, we NEED another weapon now to counter an already tough defense that just got better. Not holding my breath though it just doesn’t fit balkee’ way of doing things. I can only hope for a bunch of injuries in Seattle. And yes I said it, after watching their fans throw popcorn at bowman after his injury I could give to ****s about Seattle

  68. If we’re going to pay $10M a year for a receiver, I’d rather just resign Crabtree. Desean Jackson is a me-first guy, which is not a fit for our team. He’ll never be satisfied with how much he makes, and will continue to just ask for more and more.

    We can afford the draft picks, but the salary just isn’t worth the headache IMO. If you’re giving that type of money for a player, it better be someone like Darelle Revis.

      1. MWN,

        Schefter just sent it out on Twitter. No details yet.

        Also Allen has not officially signed with Seattle yet.

          1. No prob and it looks like Bill Williamson of ESPN actually reported it first so I should give him the credit not Schefter.

            I’m guessing Allen does wind up signing, but he’s obviously it. He was adamant he wouldn’t play for less than what he thought he was worth and I would bet he is being offered far below what he thinks he’s worth from Seattle.

  69. Taking a step back and looking at this DJ trade talk… I think the overarching issue is a consensus on whether you believe we should or should not trade for DJ…

    * The Niners need as WR to stretch the field! *

    If you don’t believe that then look at what has happened to our offense. Gore and the “mad scientist OC’s” running attack has been neutralized for the most part, end or year to play-offs. Boring predictable offense doesn’t have the ability to stretch the field. So now they press our possession WRs and drop a safety down in the box. Especially when teams have a FS like Thomas that can cover the sidelines (BOTH) if you decide to throw it deep (check CK’s slow release, could be an issue).

    If you believe the Niners need more vertical routes then all this excitement for DJ is absolutely warranted. Why would we expect to fill this type of player in the draft. TB has failed the past 3 years to acquire a said resource… DJ is a known commodity in the prime of his career. Further, this blog is filled and has been filled with SLOT EFFING CB TALK… As if Carlos Rogers lost us the last three Superbowl rings!

    Now is DJ too expensive for us? Yes… Would he be happy just to stay in Philly, probably, the QB is blowing up. The coach is the talk of the town. They could be legit contenders… shoot, I’d argue their offense is better then ours… but I don’t want to excite the populous with an off topic comment… well, ahh eff it. The Philly offense has an athletic pocket passer who is playing like a legit MVP, the RB next to AP is I believe the best RB in football. The back RB is not bad. They have 3 WRs that can start on most teams in this league. And their offense approach is balances and DEADLY.

    So if DJ were to come here we need to ensure locker continuity… a salary that wil allow us to extend CK… yes that is about it: Aldon Smith looked tired at the end of the year, I want him back, but he wasn’t really dominant was he… let’s be honest, since J Smith was hurt 2 years ago, Smith has been OK. Iupati, a guard over a skilled player..NO WAY, later… Crabs… I actually would love Crabs and DJ for the next 5 years. So keep CK, Crabs and DJ.

    …or we throw cation to the wind and “hopefully” get a true #2..or #3 WR that can stretch the field… or those whom think we don’t need that, can grind out wins for the next 2-3 years and maybe pull off a playoff run/superbowl.

    Sorry I’m cranky L8TR

    Go Niners!!!

    1. At the end of the season there was no miller either. You don’t think that hurt the running game? He is a huge piece to our running game. The unsung hero if you will.

  70. The last time Allen faced the 49ers he finished with a sack, a QB hit, and 2 hurries. Playing part time should keep his legs fresh and the noise up there will help him as well.

  71. I’m disappointed at the fact that teams in our division are definitely getting better and we are standing pat. I’d Allen signs with Seattle, we have to counter that somehow. Our defense so clearly notfoi b get to be better than theirs and I’d we don’t sign Jackson, I can’t imagine what we are going to do in the Draft that is going to improve us that much on offenseor Iin the secondary right away. I don’t like this at all.

      1. “…I’m disappointed at the fact that teams in our division are definitely getting better and we are standing pat. …”

        Jordo ..
        and why do you think we’re standing pat ..?
        I’m thinkin’ … it’s because … the need for
        big-name FAs isn’t as critical as some would have you believe …

        I bet this season.. we find out why we drafted
        or traded for some of the guys on the roster …

        and … we’ll be ok …

        Trust me ..

        the sky .. isn’t falling

            1. But rocket, haven’t you heard the 49ers are rubbish? We’re falling way behind our rivals… if we don’t shell out big money for an IMPACT player we’ve got no chance this year… especially if we don’t get a $10M+ player to be our 3rd WR…

              1. I’m so sick of hearing that defecate, I can’t wait to get them back out on the field….

              2. It’s official Scooter, we are doomed. Maybe there is still an opportunity to piss away 10-12 mill that will come up in the next few months. Never say never.

        1. I don’t say we need big names. Just look at the upgrades for an already deep Seattle team. Somehow, they still manage to get Allen. I believe he will sign with them. We’ve done nothing and we are not better than Seattle. We were not better last year and we’ve done nothing to get better this year. We are leaking in 2 areas and I don’t trust that we can fill those voids with rookies and win a championship.

          1. Jordan,

            If they do sign Allen, he will be the first FA they signed this offseason other than their own. The Niners were just as good as Seattle last year for the most part. The difference was not having Crabtree for most of the season and Seattle getting home field in the playoffs. I said above, there is no talent gap between these teams and if anything the Niners have probably gone ahead with all the losses Seattle has suffered so far. They also only have two picks in the first 3 rounds while the Niners have 5 and possibly 6 if the compensatory comes at the end of the 3rd. The only guy the Niners haven’t replaced is the guy you think sucks and has no business being on the team.

            You don’t win games by winning the FA period. You are overreacting big time, but you are hardly alone.

              1. Really? So losing a starting WR, RT, 3 Dlinemen and a Slot CB is about the same as losing two CB’s? You have some funny ideas Jack.

            1. Exactly, if Tank and Lattimore are healthy and live up to their hype, plus the draft, the 49ers can have the stronger roster….The lack of draft picks in such a motherlode of talent is going to bite them.

              1. Yeah, that’s what I don’t get when people say we don’t have any impact players coming in. I appreciate Tank hasn’t shown anything in the NFL yet, but he was drafted very much with an eye to being an impact player this year onward. First round talent that fell due to injury.

                VMac will be a better player for last season, as will Patton and Lemonier. Unlike the 2012 rookie class, those guys all showed flashes as rookies last year. This is the year the 49ers front office expects them to start making a strong contribution – after a full offseason program with the team. And if Lattimore does come back strongly from his knee injury then he’s a high round talent RB they are adding to the roster that has already had time to learn the playbook.

              2. So refreshing to hear the promise this team holds within it’s roster, instead of the repetitive doom and gloom. The Seahawks are coming to rape and pillage. Run for your lives! They’ve got Allen! Allen! Allen!

          2. I think there is a lot of uncertainty our depth will produce. How many will step up and contribute/push for playing time.

            > Tank – a lot of hype around him as first round talent
            > Q. Dail – got some playtime to relieve Dorsey (FYI – Dorsey stepped up)
            > Q Patton – showed some flashes but nothing to get super excited about like a lot of fans… Think Jason Hill, J. Morgan (decent but not even #2 in DC) oh and AJJ
            > He got some playing time and showed some promise early when Aldon was out. Scuda came in and handled his biz
            > V. McDonald – crazy b/c he was to come in and produce, good pre-season. Not be a blocking TE. I know the hands had some trouble, but this guy needs to step up. His Rice counter part, the rookie made plays against us for
            > LMJ – disappointing to say the least. Must not be deployed correctly or scouting was way off and JH just had fear/respect when playing OR.
            > J. Baldwin – a lot of hype coming out of HS, then when drafted… really not sure if this guy can take it to the next level… it would be great!!!
            > D. Morris – is he the next T Brock?

  72. I happen to think Jackson is a very good wide receiver. I liked him a great deal when he was at Cal. If he could be traded for a 3 or even a 3 and a 5 I would say take it; except for his salary. He is not worth $10M. He is not worth blowing up the salary structure for.

    It also appears the draft is being ignored by some people. This is suppose to be a talent deep draft. While it might not have as much talent as the 86 draft it MIGHT be close. In that draft the Niners picked up Rathman, Haley, Talyor, Fagan, Wallace, Roberts, McKyer and Griffin in picks 2-6. If we can pick up 3-4 starters in this draft instead of 8 that would have an significant impact on the team for not only this year but the next 4-5 years.

    Finally, Seattle is not that much “better” than the Niners. We should have won that game and if Kap’s pass had been 2-3 feet farther we would have. It is not like the 90′s when the Cowboys were so much better.

  73. Mw
    If we had scored a TD instead of a field goal on Wilson’s fumble that could have started a blow out.
    I do agree with Grant on one thing; The Red Zone Offense needs to improve. We need to score TD’s not field goals.

    1. Oh wait, there are other teams who might want Jackson? And the Jets have the cap space to offer Jackson the guaranteed money he wants? And there’s no roster bonuses or other artificial deadlines that would force the Eagles to make a decision by a certain date? So the Eagles can basically have an open bidding war for Jackson? Wow, I wonder why these facts didn’t enter into the 8 point discussion provided above.

  74. @Adarn Schefter,

    “The 49ers have agreed in principle to acquire DeSean Jackson from the Philadelphia Eagles in exchange for a 3rd round pick and a conditional 2015 draft pick.”

    1. @Adarn Schefter,

      “The 49ers have agreed in principle to acquire DeSean Jackson from the Philadelphia Eagles in exchange for a 3rd round pick and a conditional 2015 draft pick.”
      Do you actually get a kick out of posting this crap?
      Just curious…

  75. …woulda, shoulda, coulda
    (inscription on Harbaw’s tombstone).

    No worries; Pete Carroll with refrain from
    “defacing” it with his used chewing gum…

    Why bother? He already won the big game…

  76. Grant, turning back to the draft. You were pretty adamant a few months ago that Bridgewater would go #1. Here’s where your boy seems to be stacking up now…

    NFL Media analyst Daniel Jeremiah states that Louisville QB Teddy Bridgewater “has failed to generate excitement among the personnel executives,” which is the reason he dropped Bridgewater to No. 26 in his latest mock draft.
    “I still view Bridgewater as the top quarterback in this draft class, but he has failed to generate excitement among the personnel executives I’ve talked to. If he falls past the Titans at pick No. 11, I think it’s realistic he could slide all the way down to this (No.26) spot,” Jeremiah wrote. In Jeremiah’s previous mock draft he had Bridgewater at No. 8 to the Vikings and now has him falling 18 spots to the Cleveland Browns.

    1. Doesn’t have special size or speed. Will he be a special outside receiver in the NFL, or just a slot guy? Is he more like Victor Cruz or Cecil Shorts? Fair questions.

      1. At 5’11″, some think OBJr is better suited for the slot. There have been some 5’11″ guys who’ve thrived outside. Coaches will guess and time will tell.
        But doesn’t have special speed? How special does it need to be? Official Combine 40 was 4.43.
        From Bucky Brooks: “He is a speedster with exceptional quickness and burst.”

          1. Yeah, he has size and good hands and runs good routes, but he needs work against press coverages and isn’t quite as sudden or elusive as OBJr, and doesn’t get as many yards after catch or have the ST return ability. They’re both good, but I prefer Beckham. Beckham is plenty fast and quick enough.

            1. I think when you’re talking about committing a felony theft in the first round, I immediately think Marquise Lee. Like Roby, he had a down year, but the talent is eerily similar to Watkins. Watkins had his down year in 2012, and he also has a possession arrest that no one mentions. If Lee were to fall around 19, I could see Baalke going up and getting him….

              1. Thats a good point Razor. After his great sophomore year where Lee had 118 receptions for 1721 yards and 14 TD’s it looked like he was a consensus top ten pick. He was sensational in 2012. Then he comes back his junior year and is injured, has a mediocre QB throwing to him and is playing in a bad Head Coaching situation and catches only 57 balls for 791 yards.

                He appears to be vastly underrated at this point. If he falls past 15 he would be worth a trade up. He is at the top of my WR board along with Watkins.

              2. I think we’re doing this all wrong. If I like a guy, I should be running him down, pointing out flaws, questioning his courage, anything to drive his value down.
                Forget Fales. McCarron? Fogettaboutit. Sign Tebow! Sign Sanchez! Anybody got phone numbers for Jamarcus & Vince? Need for speed? Where’s Dexter Carter? James Owens?

              3. Razor,

                I agree. Bucky Brooks did an article comparing Watkins and Lee on yesterday that was pretty eye opening. Lee suffered a knee injury earlier on last season and had some pretty questionable QB play that hampered his production. If you look at the year prior though he was the best WR in the country.

                If he ever fell to #30 he’d be a steal and a half. I like OBJr. too. Both could play inside or out.

              4. Whoops, sorry for stating some of the same things you did Domingo. I really need to read every post before commenting.

              5. Marqise Lee seems to body catch the ball too much and might be somewhat brittle but he has some god given talent to play WR. From my limited perspective he has rare quick and nifty feet that transcend his combine numbers. Watching his highlights he escapes defenders over and over when he looks covered or about to be tackled. He would be a great addition to the 49ers Wideout corp. and compliment Crab and Boldin.

              6. Yea, Lee had a faster shuttle with 4.01 vs Watkins at 4.34 I believe. I’m not sure he’d fall that far Rocket, but it’s possible for the reasons Domingo mentioned….

              7. Ode to Sammy Watkins

                “I used to play in the grease bowl,

                but I was just a kid to dumb to see,

                Score’s the only one for me,

                use it with a little water and your hair holds like it otter,

                Ah Sammy, thats the Score, thats the Score’

                Anyone remember that commercial for Score Hair Creme with Joe Namath after the Jets won the Super Bowl?

              8. Yeah, Lee would be a great pick for the 49ers too. I think Beckham is going to be a better NFL receiver than Lee though.

          2. Why compare Beckham and Matthews? Both are good prospects in their own right, but they are completely different WRs.

            Matthews is probably the safest WR pick in this year’s draft – good physical attributes to go with top-notch intangibles. But he’s more of a possession type WR. Despite running a 4.46s 40, Matthews has never been a consistent big play, downfield threat.

            I think I’d be the happiest 49er fan around if they drafted Beckham in round 1 and Matthews in round 2, need for a CB or no. The WR spot would be sorted for the next 3 years, with Patton on the books too.

            1. Matthews has never been a consistent big play, downfield threat.

              Not true. Matthews averaged 19 yards per catch as a sophomore.

              Another thing to factor in: Beckham played with an NFL-starting-QB talent, Zach Mettenberger. Jordan Matthews played with Jordan Rodgers and some other guy.

              1. No, he average 16.6. And then 19.5 as a junior. In fact his average increased each year.

                Anyway, stats aside, do you believe Matthews is as good a deep threat as Beckham? When I watch Matthews play I see a guy with good long speed, so I can see he could be a dangerous guy in the vein of Jeffrey. But he doesn’t clear out defenders from the box the same way Beckham does. Teams fear Beckham’s deep speed and ability to take the lid off the D.

              2. We will see if teams fear Beckham’s deep speed in the NFL. 4.43 is nothing special. 4.46 with 6-3 size is more dangerous.

      2. Doesn’t have special speed… as Brotha points out, he ran an official time of 4.43s, but has an unofficial time of 4.31s. Victor Cruz had a time of 4.47s.

        As I said, he’s got all the traits you look for in a smaller WR. That explosiveness in and out of his cuts is exceptional. If he played in an offense that threw the ball more than 25 times a game he’d have had the ridiculous stat lines to make him a top 15 pick.

          1. When I watch film of Beckham I think Victor Cruz is a good comparison (thanks Bucky Brooks). The really quick feet to avoid the press and the fast cuts and explosion out of his breaks. But no comparison is really 100% accurate.

            The important thing is his skills should all translate well to the NFL.

            1. Cruz excels in the slot. When Cruz entered the draft, he was much, much stronger than Beckham is now — 16 bench reps v. 7 bench reps. Fair to wonder if Beckham will hold up like Cruz, and dominate over the middle like Cruz.

              1. You can raise questions about every single draft prospect Grant. Nothing such as a sure thing. They all have their own warts.

              2. Ah, gotcha. Yeah, as I said no comparison is 100% accurate, but I can see why Bucky Brooks makes the comparison as they have a lot of similarities. Beckham may not be used over the middle as much as Cruz is though, as he seems to me to better suited to playing the perimeter.

                Also, one thing about WR strength and the bench-press – beating the jam for a smaller WR is more about core and leg strength and quick feet, not strictly arm strength, and Beckham appears to have pretty good core and leg strength. Beckham showed great ability to beat press coverage at LSU, so I don’t think the 7 repetitions on the bench press is much cause for concern. Also worth noting he has long arms for a guy that is 5’11″.

              3. I want my No.1 receiver to be able to dominate in the slot and outside. I’m worried Beckham is a No.2 receiver. He was a No.2 receiver at LSU.

              4. I want my #1 WR to be Calvin Johnson…

                But, we don’t always get what we wish for. Beckham looks like a nice 1a or 1b option, which is what he was at LSU. They had two good WRs and used them as such. Landry was the possession WR, so had more targets and catches. Beckham was the big play WR and so had more yards per catch for similar yardage as Landry. He’ll need another good WR opposite him to be at his most effective. But then most WRs do.

                He’s exactly what this offense needs in my opinion.

              5. No, he was firmly the No.2 option every year at LSU. No.2 behind Reuben Randle in 2011, and No.2 behind Landry in 2012 and 2013.

                Seems to me he’ll be a high-level No.2 option in the NFL, at best.

              6. Nah, he wasn’t the #2 WR last year – not in the way I think of a #2 WR anyway. A #2 WR is a complementary receiver to a featured receiver. Landry wasn’t their featured receiver. Like I said, different roles. LSU used both receivers as 1a and 1b options.

              7. Landry had 77 catches and Beckham had 57.

                On the 2012 Ravens, Boldin had 65 catches and Torrey Smith had 49. Boldin was the No.1 and Smith was the No.2. Similar situation.

              8. And both guys had over 1,000 yards receiving. Different receivers used different ways. Is it any surprise the deep threat WRs end up with less catches than the possession WRs? Does that make the possession WR the featured player?

              9. Flacco had a 93.5 rating throwing to Torrey Smith in 2012 and an 82.4 rating throwing to Smith in 2013.

                Smith seems better as a complementary guy.

              10. Is Alshon Jeffery a #2 WR then? And who else did the Ravens have last year?

                Torrey Smith isn’t a possession type WR, he’s a big play WR and should be used as such. Beckham would be used similarly. He’s got the skills to run the full route tree and be dangerous at each level, but he’s going to need another guy on the other side to play the possession role. He’s not going to take over a game if he’s the only threat on the team. Not many receivers can do that.

  77. Grant, why do you think the Raiders haven’t pursued Michael Vick and if they sign Schaub exactly how many seconds into his first game will he be sacked and subsequently injured and put on IR?

  78. So the first mock I was stuck at #30 unable to find a trade partner. Thankfully the second time around the Jags picked up the phone and helped me get to where I wanted to be for my intended first pick:

    #30 Trade #30 to Jacksonville for #39, #101 & #199

    #39 Trent Murphy.(DE/OLB) Play him at OLB. Murphy replaces Brooks after ’14. Brooks’s cap hit jumps to over $8M in ’15 and ’16 plus we have to extend Aldon Smith who is likely to earn more then Brooks. The Packers want Murphy too so we need to trade in front of them and the Dolphins seem to be our friends at the moment.

    #61 Jordan Matthews(WR) – People are worried about his speed when they should be paying attention to his hands. Harbaugh likes receivers with great hands. I also like his height and his ability to go up and get the ball. And how can you go wrong drafting Jerry Rice’s cousin on the 49ers?

    #77 Jaylen Watkins(CB) – What’s the point of a ‘deep’ draft if you are not going to take advantage of it’s value? The mid rounds are replete with good prospects and I think Watkins is an excellent one for the slot.

    #94 Marion Grice(RB) – Some will say this is a reach but I think it’s a steal. I like his size, could stand to put on a couple pounds or so but I also really like his ability to catch the ball. I don’t know if he can block at all but if not I think I know a certain 49ers RB coach that can help him out with that.

    #101 Bruce Ellington(WR) – I hate picking a shorty but I see this guy as a potential ST’s return man as well as a slot receiver. He’s short but he’s also nearly 200lbs so hopefully his body can absorb the hits. I like his 4.4 speed if it can translate to the field.

    #158 Ben Gardner(DE) – This is my Justin Smith replacement. If he had not torn his pectoral muscle he would be in the round 1 or 2 conversation. It’s easy to assume I want to pair him back up with Trent Murphy but I see Murphy playing on the other side behind McDonald this year and someone else next. That could change if Aldon either decides to leave in FA or gets into trouble again. Gardner will mentor behind Justin and replace him next season. Gardner is the steal of the draft if we can actually get him at #158. In future mocks I will almost certainly move up or take him sooner. He’s lighter then Justin but not by much at least not by much of his listed weight. Gardner is a freaking football stud just like Cowboy and I can’t think of any better replacement.

    1. “… and the Dolphins seem to be our friends at the moment.”

      Oops forgot to take that out from the first version.

    2. To get into the 60′s to draft Watkins earlier has it has been suggested I will have to give away a 2015 Rnd 4 pick. Im just not sure yet if I really need to move up for him but if so I’ll make the trade in my final mock.

  79. Donte Moncrief: 6-2, 220, 4.40 40, 39.5″ vert… Likely won’t be drafted until the mid second round… The knocks on him are fixable (needs to polish routes, etc), and my guess is he would benefit greatly by working with Boldin. Oh, and 32.5″ arms. WRs need a little time to develop, so waiting until next year to solve what is likely a departing Crabs and aging Boldin doesn’t make sense. But, I think we’ll probably want to address CB with our 1st pick. Thoughts?

    1. A lot of people like him on here including me. He is another guy who had a less than stellar season but was much better the year before. He’s got the measurable and has shown flashes of being a potential #1 caliber WR so he’d be worth a pick in the 2nd depending on what they do in the first imo.

      1. There’s even a possibility he could slide into the 3rd which would be great value with the Titan’s pick the Niners have.

      2. Yeah, I’m a fan too – though maybe not as high on him as some others. Great speed for a big guy. I’d just like to see him play more a like a big guy on occasion too – he gets a little too reliant on his speed, isn’t great at using his body to shield defenders, and doesn’t hands catch as much as he should. If he works on those things, + his route running (though he’s better in that regard than he seems to get credit for) he could be something special.

    1. I said on here that we should sign him as soon as he was released. We just won’t pay for something we need. We needed him!

    1. thanx, Grimey ..

      He’s right when he sez he hasn’t don’t anything
      on the field … yet

      Would be nice to see him score the very first TD
      in the new digs …

  80. If the 49ers go receiver in round 1 and miss out on one of the top CB prospects, what chance they wait until the mid to late rounds to take either Dontae Johnson or Marqueston Huff? I could see either guy being someone Baalke would like the look of – both have a good size and speed combo and are not afraid to tackle. Similar to the types of CBs Baalke has gone for previously in Culliver and Cooper.

  81. One scenario is they go wide receiver first, and then target Jaylen Watkins with their next pick. I’m pretty confident he’ll be available allowing them to get OBJr. or Lee…..

      1. He’s moved up into the second round. Remember we had this conversation a month ago when you thought he was a 4th rounder and I said no later than 3rd. I think now, the 3rd round for Watkins is too risky….

        1. Its only risky if you think the 49ers have to have him. If you really want him then yes, you probably grab him in the 2nd.

    1. If all these players are moving up, who is moving down? It’s easy to say – insert name here – won’t be available, yet somebody will be because not everybody is going in the first or second round.

      Very good chance Watkins is still around in the 3rd imo. If not, somebody else will be like Gains, McGill, Desir etc.

      1. Wait, are you suggesting that for every action there might be an equal and opposite reaction? Sounds sketchy.

        1. I’m going back to my grade 6 Science Text Book for that one BT.


          There’s a lot of WR’s and CB’s to go around.

      2. It does seem like CB and WR are dire needs for several teams – Jets and Panthers to start with. After last year’s OL/front7 heavy draft, this season looks to be a WR/CB heavy draft.

        1. Which means some very talented players at other positions will be available later than you’d expect.

          If there is a big run on CBs and the option is getting Jaylen Watkins in the 2nd or Dontae Johnson/ Marqueston Huff later on, I think I’d go the latter and with the two 2nd round picks take two quality players at other positions that have fallen.

          If they went that way I wouldn’t be surprised to see the 49ers pick up a guy like Drayton Florence, Rashean Mathis or even Carlos Rogers after the draft.

            1. If they don’t get a top CB in the draft I wouldn’t be surprised to see them look for another vet option, and Rogers would make sense if he’s still available as he knows the system and can play both on the perimeter and in the slot.

    Odell Beckham:
    198 pounds
    4.43 40-time
    38.5″ vert
    122.0″ broad
    7 bench reps
    32-3/4″ arms
    10″ hands

    A.J. Jenkins
    190 pounds
    4.39 40-time
    38.5″ vert
    124.0″ broad
    12 bench reps
    32-3/4″ arms
    9-1/2″ hands


    1. Someone posted a link right after the combine that allowed for comparisons like this.

      Most of the guys brought up around here did not compare well.

    2. Jenkins numbers were good and a big reason he was a first round pick Grant. Lack of talent is not why he failed here. A player has to have it mentally as well as physically and Jenkins didn’t.

    3. If Baalke doesn’t like Beckham because his combine numbers were similar to AJ’s then he should be let go.

      Also, you left off the 3 cone and 20 yard shuttle. At his pro day he ran a 4.12s 20 YS, and 6.73s 3-cone. Good numbers. Beckham was 3.94s 20 YS (4th fastest by a WR at the combine since 2006) and 6.69s 3-cone. Again, nothing to dissimilar.

      Both guys are great athletes, and as rocket points out that is why AJ ended up being a top pick. But they look completely different players on the field.

      1. Right. Analyze the players, not the numbers, LOL.
        This thread has excellent potential for Crab to mine some stuff for next year’s Tuesday Throwback Quotes.

      1. That’s not funny, rocket …
        (lol) ..

        Hey Grant …
        since this thread is marked “Wednesday’s column”

        .. and it’s already Friday …

        are you takin’ a break .. or what ?

        Yeah … not much really happenin’ right now ..
        maybe you could score an in depth interview with
        Taylor Price, or somethin’

          1. No, reality does. By the way, how has Jackson done in the playoffs? Very impressed with his first three quarters against the Saints in January.

            1. We’ll see what happens when Kaepernick is asked to carry the load and doesn’t have a top 5 defense behind him.

    Jordan Matthews:
    212 pounds
    4.46 40-time
    35.5″ vert
    120″ broad
    33-1/4″ arms
    10-3/8″ hands

    Alshon Jeffery (pro day numbers):
    216 pounds
    4.48 40-time
    36.5″ vert
    122″ broad
    33″ arms
    10-1/4″ hands


    1. As with Beckham vs Jenkins, if Baalke likes Matthews because his combine numbers were similar to Jeffery’s then he should be let go.

        1. Where did I say Jeffery had anything over Matthews? I like Matthews – a lot.

          But if Baalke looks at those combine numbers and says Beckham is no good because he tested similar to Jenkins and Matthews is going to be good because he tested similar to Jeffery, time for Baalke to move on (btw, I am absolutely certain Baalke won’t be making decisions based on those comparisons).

          1. I like Beckham too — a lot.

            We’re arguing which receiver is better, Beckham or Matthews. I’m leaning toward Matthews.

            1. Tough call as they are so dissimilar in their skills and style. I’d go Beckham only because I think he suits what the team needs right now better. But like I said before, I’d be the happiest 49er fan if they could get both somehow.

              1. Beckham worries me a little because he’s a smaller receiver who is not exceptionally tough or exceptionally fast. That said, I think he’ll have a good career.

              2. Why do you say he’s not exceptionally tough? He seems pretty tough to me. Not afraid of taking a hit going for a football. And I disagree on exceptionally fast – he has exceptional quickness and very good long speed. He had 4.43s official time, but he led receivers with a 4.31s unofficial time. And on film he looks like one of the fastest guys on the field.

              3. He’s tough but he’s not tough like Steve Smith, and he’s not fast like DeSean Jackson — two excellent, smaller outside receivers.

              4. And if those were the only two small WRs to ever be successful I may be slightly concerned about Beckham. Is he as tough as Antonio Brown? Because he’s faster than him. Bigger too. What about Victor Cruz? He’s faster than him too.

                Is Torrey Smith fast? He ran the same 40 time as Beckham and seems to do pretty well as a deep threat WR.

                Anyway, I appreciate there are some concerns, but there are concerns with every draft prospect. He looks like a very good player with some exceptional qualities, not least his quickness and ability to track the ball deep. I think he’ll be a quality starting receiver in the NFL.

    2. When did Jeffrey run a 4.48? I don’t know about the rest of those numbers, but last year I wasn’t seeing him under 4.55, and I saw one at 4.69.
      Now we know he turned out well, but 4.48?

  84. Regarding rookie WRs… Most don’t contribute in their first seasons. It’s like every other position, but with the added difficulty of having to read disguised coverages, then be on the same page with your QB who is 10- 20- 30- yards away, then you have to catch the ball even though you’re still in your head instead of operating instinctively.

    If we want to win this year, my recommendation would be that rework a couple contracts and trade for DJax, then draft secondary personnel with two of our first three picks. For those who don’t believe me, remember the struggles Crabs and Vernon both had in their rookie years. Tavon Austin, Robert Woods, and C. Patterson all showed flashes last year, but couldn’t contribute in a consistent way as receivers (returners, yes).

    Without guaranteed money in the coming years, DJax would be motivated, and he’s right in the prime of his career. Even if we keep him for just this season, it’s the POTENTIAL game-changing move to make.

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