Dez sez he’ll ‘most likely’ report to camp on time

The consensus top wide receiver in this draft is Dez Bryant of Oklahoma State – just as a year ago the top receiver in the draft was Michael Crabtree.


Bryant, like Crabtree, considers Deion Sanders a “mentor.” Bryant, like Crabtree, hired the man who represented Sanders during his career, Eugene Parker, to be his agent.


Crabtree was the No. 10 pick in the draft, and he did not report to the 49ers until after the beginning of the regular season because of a contract stalemate. Bryant said today that whichever team drafts him will likely get him for the first day of training camp.


combdez.jpg“It’s real important. I can’t wait to get back in pads. Most likely, I will be there the first day,” Bryant said.


The NCAA suspended Bryant after three games for lying to investigators when he told them he had not gone to Sanders’ home or worked out with him.


Bryant, like Oklahoma tackle Trent Williams yesterday, said he will ultimately decide whether to report to camp on time. He said it’s not Parker’s decision to make.


“I look at Eugene, what kind of person he was, checked his background and everything was great,” Bryant said. “He also has the best player in the NFL as one of his players.”


Bryant was referring to Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald.


In addition to being an explosive receiver, Bryant is also a dynamic return man. In 2008, Bryant caught 87 passes for 1,480 yards and 19 touchdowns, while also scoring twice on punt returns.


“I can make plays from anywhere on the field with kick returns and punt returns,” Bryant said.


He will not work out at the combine because he “tweaked” a hamstring last week, he said. 


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