Did Fangio ask his players to watch the Monday Night broadcast? Fangio: “No. Why should I?”

SANTA CLARA – At his Thursday press conference, Vic Fangio spoke about watching the Monday Night broadcast of the Seahawks-Saints game. Here is a trancsript.

Q: How does Russell Wilson prevent getting his passes knocked down at the line of scrimmage?

FANGIO: He throws through windows. He doesn’t get his balls batted. I was watching the Monday Night game and they threw a stat up there that he’s in the top half of not getting balls batted. I didn’t even know anybody kept that stat.

Q: You watched the Monday Night game live?

FANGIO: Some of it, yes.

Q: You watched it here?


Q: By yourself?

FANGIO: It was on in my office while I was working.

Q: Did you ask your players to check out the live broadcast of the Monday Night game?


Q: Why not?

FANGIO: Why should I?

  1. Razor…..and the media wonders why coaches and players ca’nt stand talking to them. As if watching a game on live TV is 1% as informative as the hours and hours of films they watch…..How long have you been a black quarterback?

  2. Our D-fence is not so much of a problem, if the OFFENSE can just sustain some drives and give the D an opportunity to recover…….something they have just begun to do these past couple of games.
    They weren’t good enough vs. Carolina…..OR New Orleans, tho the D-fence won that N.O. game anyway…..if one disregards the officials’ very questionable call against Ahmad Brooks.

  3. LOL, Vic’s a Players’ Coach, he doesn’t want to subject his players to the drivel we so often have to listen to during the broadcast. Mind pollution.

    1. Amen Brotha. I know it’s not the NFL but Gary Danielson has to be the worst announcer in all of sports. He says alot of things that make me think he is truly an imbecile. I have absolutely no idea how he continues to call some of the best games. They need to hire Andre Ware or some other guy at the regional level and promote him to Danielson’s spot. Lundquist is ok. Danielson makes me want to throw my beverage at the TV.

      1. The only sympathy I have for those guys is that if you’re always talking, there will be some random amount of balogna in the flow. John Madden, bless his heart, is so far ahead of me in football wisdom that it’s orders of magnitude, but once in a while he’d let some head shaker fly……..

      2. True but Danielson never has anything to say that I find remotely insightful or interesting and the head shakers are flying constantly. I really can’t stand the guy, if you can’t tell.

      3. Madden is not only insightful, he calls the plays before they happen. It is very painful to hear these commentators argue amongst themselves what happened on any particular play.

  4. How does Russell Wilson prevent getting his passes knocked down at the line of scrimmage?
    I’d be curious to see his release time especially compared to the rest of the list. My guess is he’s able to get the ball out before the defender can react and get his hand up. Kaepernicks side-fling-windmill action can be clocked with an egg timer.

  5. Reporter: I think you should have had them watch it.
    Fangio: Great idea. We’ll just focus on that one game and use it for our game plan. Genius! (looks down at secret note he has and finishes writing: INVITE GENIUS TO PRIVATE DEFENSIVE CONTACT DRILLS. WE NEED A PINATA TO BREAK.)

  6. Why would they watch a 4 hour live brodcast when they can get the tape of it right when it ends and watch film on things they actually care about. Like would a starting corner want to watch kickoffs, PATs and field goals? Watch tape of a past Seahawk game and then watch Mondays game when all 22 comes out. Really stupid question.

      1. Grant color comentators do’nt say anything of value to players, they play to the avg fan. I saw Hubie Brown speak at a clinic years ago someone asked him why he did’nt explain things on TV the way he spoke to coaches at clinics. He said this is the sound you would hear across the nation if i spoke to the avg viewer the way i speak to a room full of coaches, then he stood there in silence for about 20 secs, he said thats the sound of a million people turning off their TV’s.
        Grant i have always recomended to writers that they attend coaching clinics, have you ever attended one?

      2. In my opinion it does hurt because it’s less efficient use of time watching a game with commercials, advertisements, and unnecessary plays. Fangio won’t tell his players to watch the game because he knows this. He isn’t going to tell them not to watch it either. I’m sure a lot of players did.

      3. Grant,

        So Gruden praising every body he talks about provides insight? There is nothing Coaches or players get from the live broadcast that they don’t get from the Coaches tape.

      4. So from what you’re saying then, the Niner Coaches should get the previous live broadcast of whatever team they are facing so they can learn something from the Color Commentator? You are about to get a SMH Grant.

        1. If I were a player, I’d watch the Monday Night broadcast of a team I was about to play. Why not? It couldn’t hurt and I might learn something. Fangio watched it.

      5. Fangio had it on in the background while he was working. Big difference between that and studying the broadcast to learn something.

        1. That’s not what he said. He said he watched some of it. I take that to mean he watched the Seahawks’ offense. He didn’t say it was ambient background noise.

      6. The players know they will be watching the game in the film room the next day. There is no need for them to watch it live if they don’t want to. Many probably did anyway, but If I’m a player I’m getting away from the game for a day or two when I have the chance.

        1. It’s always good to get the perspective of someone outside the building. Quarterbacks especially should be soaking up all possible knowledge. Kaepernick made an immature mistake.

        1. He said he watched some of it. Watching means watching. He watched closely enough to remember one of the stats they put on the screen.

      1. Not the film cut ups of the Saints game. There is nothing to lose watching the game live. There is something to gain.

      2. Again Grant, you lose time. You can watch two game tapes by the time it takes to finish the Monday night game. Plust the Monday night game doesn’t show everything a player needs. For a DB he can’t see the routes run, a WR can’t see where the safety plays or reacts to a certain play fake. Why watch the game that takes 4 hours without seeing everything you need when you can get that 10 min after it ends… for Gruden’s commentary? Ha come on Grant.

        1. Time is not the issue. It’s a missed opportunity to learn something. The 49ers say they’re about chasing that extra 1 percent.

      3. Time is not the issue? So when Jim Schwartz says he spends 100 hours a week working I guess time isn’t the issue. I guess you are right. He probably watches every game by using the live broadcast to hear the commentary instead of watching the all 22 film. Makes total sense

      4. Grant, I agree and I would say that most of the players did watch the game. My whole beef was the question asking why Fangio wouldnt tell his players to watch the game. It was a dumb question for the reasons we are all saying, it’s not as efficient as watching game tape. By the time the game is on most players are home with their families and maybe watching the game. Fangio knows this but wouldn’t require his players to watch the game when there are better things to do.

        1. It’s not a dumb question. The players have enough time to watch the Monday Night broadcast. If time really is an issue, they can DVR it and start watching the game an hour late.

          Maybe the players watched it. Kaepernick bragged about not watching it, which was bad and immature.

      5. I don’t think Fangio would tell his players to watch the game. They can do what they want. I really don’t think the players with all the studying they do, really benefit from it. It might be more beneficial for some of them to get away from football. Everyone is different. I’m sure a some of the players watched it intently, some casually, and some were getting their minds off football for a few hours. It’s all ok. They don’t need teacher telling them to watch a football game on their own time.

    1. The players are watching Coaches tape a few hours after the game so watching it on Monday night football live is irrelevant. These are the types of questions that annoy the Coaches and players and I get it.

      1. Not irrelevant. It’s a missed opportunity. Gruden has unique analysis the players may not get from Fangio. Fangio himself admitted he learned something from watching the broadcast.

      2. He learned that Wilson was in the top half of the league in not getting passes batted at the line Grant from a graphic they put up. He didn’t learn anything about how to defend Wilson. That comes from the Coaches tape. He said he had it on while he was working; in other words, background noise that he looked at once in awhile.

        You can’t be serious that Fangio could learn something from listening to Gruden’s generic glad handing. C’mon man.

        1. Fangio could learn and the players could learn. You never pass up an opportunity to learn. Gruden won a Super Bowl. Fangio has not won one.

      3. Gruden doesn’t say anything Coaches can learn from. He’s speaking to the coach potatoes across America who have a rudimentary understanding of the game. People who understand the game are watching what is happening and forming their own conclusions, much like the Coaches do when they watch the film later on.

      4. Grant,

        If you honestly believe Coaches in the NFL are tuning in to a live broadcast to see if they can learn something from the Color Commentator then you are delusional. I’m not calling you a name, simply stating what your view of this is.

        You can’t get the overview from the live broadcast that you can from Coaches tape. You have to be able to see what everybody is doing on a given play to get insight into how to play against them. John Gruden breaking down a play here and there in between telling everybody how great so and so player is, doesn’t teach anybody with knowledge of the game anything. He may show you something you didn’t pick up on when watching it live, but you see it all on Coaches tape anyway.

        1. Fangio admitted to watching some of the game. He did it for a reason. You can’t learn everything from the broadcast but there’s a chance you’d learn something that you wouldn’t have learned if you hadn’t watched it. That’s why Fangio watched some of the broadcast.

      5. Ahh now I understand. I’m not just arguing with Grant, but Pops too. Be honest Grant did you feel that way before your Dad took that opinion?

      6. You guys need to ease off laying into Grant.

        I’m 100% sure lots of coaches have told their players to watch a game of an upcoming opponent, many times. Fangio didn’t, and was frankly, a bit snarky in his response to the question.
        And, lots of times, tv commentators give insightful commentary. Gruden, for all his sycophantic babble, often makes some great points.

  7. MidWestNiner – “Like how to ride another coach’s formula to a Super Bowl victory?” Hahaha. I REALLY hate this argument given that his FORMER team was on the other sideline (Riding Gruden’s formula all the way to a Super Bowl). It goes both ways my friend.

    1. I am talking about Gruden getting credit for what Tony Dungy created. And I believe that Bill Callahan rode on the system that Gruden created in Oakland.

      1. That’s my point: By your logic Dungy deserves all the credit for building that Super bowl team on the Bucs sideline therefore Gruden deserves the SAME credit for building the Super Bowl team on the other sideline. Any way you slice it (with your logic) Gruden had his hands on both sidelines making it to the Super Bowl and he got the win.

      2. Nope. He was gifted the win. His system that Callahan rode on was abused left and right during the Super Bowl by the Dungy system that Gruden rode on. The two facts that Callahan was fired the following season and Gruden couldn’t even get the Bucs back to the Super Bowl and was fired because of it is all of the proof that is needed.

  8. Would any of us want our boss to tell us what to read or watch away from the job? They already have homework on their iPads, Vic or Jim are supposed to assign them to watch the game? I don’t agree with that assumption.
    Oh, btw, we’re all making wayyyyyyyyyy too much of this.

    1. BT ..
      I don’t think it’s a matter of the coaches
      telling players to watch the game .. but, since
      this particular game featured our “much-despised”
      division rival … I would think
      more than a few watched the game …

      But then, it could be argued ..
      that a pro player watching MNF .. is like ..
      your postman taking a walk ..
      on his day off !

      1. Why so serious? I’m teasing. It’s the Macho behind the half-grin. As in “Nah, man, I didn’t watch those chumps.”

      2. It used to surprise me also when I would hear coaches and players say that they didn’t watch any or ‘the’ game but I’ve heard that response so often that I’ve just come to accept that those actually playing and studying the game dont’ seem to put much stock into what you can gleam by watching the live broadcast.

        What you should do is ask if they watch tape of the game the next day?

    2. I agree with your last statement Tuna; we are making too much out of it.
      That being said, I’ll bet you anything that the vast majority of the team watched it- a bunch of them probably watched it with team mates. I expect they hang together often after work.

      Finally, I have to admit that it does bug me that Kap said he didn’t watch it. Comes across as smug and arrogant.

      1. ForeverF
        One yes and one no, bro. : >)
        Yeah most watched out of curiosity.
        But no, disagree on Kap. It’s so personal, everybody has different needs to cycle ready for the next week. I don’t second guess anyone on that. Meditation. Rock music. Country. HipHop. Rowdy.quiet. He said in interview he hadn’t watched much Wilson. He doesn’t watch.

  9. Grant

    Fangio may have watched a bit of the MNF game over dinner at the office, or just for a few minutes for relaxation.

    The Niners coaches have probably watched more tape of the Seahawks over the last two seasons since Wilson arrived than Gruden has for all the NFL teams. In my opinion, there’s nothing for the coaches to learn from listening to live commentary from Gruden.

    On the other hand, I feel you could have used this opportunity to ask a football-related question rather than this human-interest throwaway.

    For example, if I am not wrong Lynch had a lot of success against the Niners at Seattle in September running out three-receiver formations. Is that something the Niners D needs to pay special attention or was it just Dorsey not yet set at the NT position (or was it Ian Williams)?

    1. Williams broke his ankle early in that game when the Seadderol Seahawks cut block him.

      With a powerful RB that runs well between the tackles, why would any team not use this formation?

      The Niners could learn something from that formation with Gore in the backfield.

    2. Mood is very easy to ask questions without making the coaches or players upset. If you want to findout if the team has studied the monday night game you may ask:

      Seahawks had a lot of success against the Saints by moving the chain, to your opinion how did they exploit saints defense?

      Saints pressure was not effective, in matter of fact Russell W made big plays when they put pressure on him. Why do you believe they were able to gain yards despite the pressure from the saints?

      Russell appears to check down to Lynch or his TE when he is in trouble, how come teams do not cover lynch when applying pressure on RW!

      Any of the above questions would confirm if the coaches have studied film and they are preparing for it by coaching the players and developing strategy to be ready for the game on Sunday.

    3. Mood,
      With this coaching regime, you’ll never get a substantive answer to a question like that. The coaches will give some milque-toast nonsense about “they do certain things well” or “giving certain looks”. If we’re lucky. If I was a reporter, I wouldn’t waste my time at the mic asking an x’s and o’s question, as it simply won’t be answered. I might as well ask what Harbaugh likes for breakfast. At least then i might get an actual answer.

  10. Jack inquired:
    “…. Does your postman still walk MWN?
    Most out here just drive…”

    Yeah .. he has a regular mail vehicle .. but he parks it
    and walks up and down two or three blocks to deliver..
    then he moves his vehicle down a few more blocks ..
    rinses and repeats ..

    but, I dread the winters … I gotta plow a path to my mailbox
    (plus the sidewalk) for him every time it snows …

    Im in luck, though … I have the “Cadillac”
    of snow removal tools at my disposal ..

  11. This is from the Cohn Zone the link is above in one of Jacks post.

    “Lack of maturity to understand his obligations for him to say that he signed a contract to play football, not to engage the media.”

    This is a prime example of why you don’t talk to reporters. CK told it like he felt. Speak the truth and you get nailed by the reporters. Don’t reporters get it yet why players do not want to speak to reporters.

    1. Good post undercenter.
      Many media types have a narcissistic personality disorder.
      And they have convinced themselves that they are bigger than the sport and the athletes they cover.
      As I read CK’ response yesterday, I only see him respond to a question that had a passive/aggressive overtone to it. Take a look at the question again and judge for yourself.

      Media question:
      That was the first smile I’ve seen with all the media around you in a long time. Do you not like this, you’re so guarded it seems. Would
      you just like to cut loose sometimes and speak more extemporaneously or just let it all fly?

      “Well, I signed a contract to play football. The media is just something I have the obligation to do.”

      I feel that Kaep’ answer clearly fit the first question asked of him.
      It would be good for the media to take inventory every once and awhile and realize that the profession they’re in requires developing a good relationship with the very athletes that gives them an avenue for there livelihood.
      In other words, it works both ways!

    1. correction: “Can(‘t) see all the diagrams.”

      Maybe someone will add captions and replacement diagrams. I have to be 2″ from the computer to get it.

      Not just plays, but how he organizes summer practices and budgets time months in advance to complement specific game situations… backed up on your own 2 yard line, 4 points down with 5 seconds left… every scenario given plenty of reps with each playing knowing their role be the end of camp.

  12. Anybody else watching the Houston/Jax game? I had picture but no sound for a bit, now the Spanish language play by play. What the Que is going on?

  13. Grant, please do not take my comment the wrong way since i do not mean to disrespect you but the question for watching the monday night game was extremely stupid. Specially when he said no and he was asked why not! Please keep in mind these coaches have years of experience and they will spend most of their time on game films to systematically establish patterns and tendencies. Players do not benefit to watch the game on the tv. The benefit is to watch the game films and formations, tendencies base on the offensive or defensive formations, down, distance, personnel package and specific player skills/tendencies. Listening to a few announcers is not going to enlighten the coaching staff or players. When you ask questions like this you are going to lose coaches or players respect! This is just my humble opinion

  14. one thing i saw watching the seahawk saints game was how the sainst def end junior gallette repeatedly bit on the rb on the read option, allowing wilson to get outside for nice gains…hoping the niners defensive ends have more discipline

      1. Please do. You used to do at least five during the week, but lately you have only had 1-2 matchups. I liked seeing what you thought to be the top 5 matchups to watch during each game and your take on each one.

  15. What helpful information would any player possibly learn from watching the MNF broadcast that they couldn’t learn from their coaches or watching the game film? If the 49ers need an analyst’s “input” from a TV broadcast in order to succeed, then we are in serious trouble.

  16. Wow its like there is a thin blue line amongst you media types. You guys will defend each other regardless of how ridiculous a question is asked. The question asked in this article is indefensible, i do’nt think i can remember a subject where 100% of the posters saw it one way.

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