Did Fangio ask his players to watch the Monday Night broadcast? Fangio: “No. Why should I?”

SANTA CLARA – At his Thursday press conference, Vic Fangio spoke about watching the Monday Night broadcast of the Seahawks-Saints game. Here is a trancsript.

Q: How does Russell Wilson prevent getting his passes knocked down at the line of scrimmage?

FANGIO: He throws through windows. He doesn’t get his balls batted. I was watching the Monday Night game and they threw a stat up there that he’s in the top half of not getting balls batted. I didn’t even know anybody kept that stat.

Q: You watched the Monday Night game live?

FANGIO: Some of it, yes.

Q: You watched it here?


Q: By yourself?

FANGIO: It was on in my office while I was working.

Q: Did you ask your players to check out the live broadcast of the Monday Night game?


Q: Why not?

FANGIO: Why should I?

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