Do running backs measure up for 49ers?

Quarterbacks, running backs and wide receivers are the next group to weigh in and get measured. Those groups followed yesterday’s gaggle of offensive linemen, tight ends and specialists.


Daniel Jeremiah of Move the Sticks has posted some of the heights and weights of the running backs via Twitter.


This is important for 49ers fans because I get the distinct impression that the 49ers want bigger bodies at running back. Bigger running backs are able to do the things the 49ers like to see, such as picking up blitzes and running between the tackles.


The 49ers have two running backs who are not the biggest guys in the world. However, both Frank Gore (5-foot-9, 217 pounds) and Glen Coffee (6-0, 209) play big. While it seems C.J. Spiller of Clemson would give the 49ers a much-needed element of speed and intrigue, is it possible that the 49ers consider a bigger runner as a change-of-pace option?


Here are the heights and weights of some of the notable running backs, according to Jeremiah (the last number in the height is in eighths of an inch):


C.J. Spiller (Clemson) 5105, 196 lbs (this translates to 5-foot-10 and 5/8.

Jahvid Best (Cal) 5101 199 lbs.

Joe McKnight (USC) 5113, 198 lbs

Ryan Matthews (Fresno State) 5115, 218 lbs.

Jonathan Dwyer (Georgia Tech) 5112, 229 lbs

Toby Gerhart (Stanford) 6000, 231 lbs

LeGarrette Blount (Oregon) 6004, 241 lbs


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Memorable scene from yesterday at the combine: Agitated Cowboys fan cornering coach Wade Phillips near the hotel elevator, shouting from close range, “You have GOT to improve that offensive line!”


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Thursday: Offensive line, tight ends, specialists

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Saturday: Offensive line, tight ends, specialists

Sunday: Quarterbacks, wide receivers, running backs

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