Does Kap struggle with progressions? Harbaugh: “I understand what you’re doing, glomming onto somebody’s opinion.”

SANTA CLARA — Jim Harbaugh spoke in the defensive meeting room Monday afternoon. Here is a transcript courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.


How do you explain what’s happened, as far as the passing game goes, last ranked in the league coming into this game and just really not ever being able to get anything going against the Panthers?

“Well, if you look at the last four quarters of this game, offensively, not getting into a rhythm there, moving the ball, picking up consecutive first downs enough. We didn’t play well enough. Came up short there.”


There’s been a lot of chatter since the game about QB Colin Kaepernick’s ability, or inability, to go through his progressions in the passing game. Where is he in that regard as far as his, the evolution of Colin Kaepernick?

“The way we look at it is as a unit. The unit, offensively, we didn’t play well enough to win the game. Now, across the board, we think about accountability for that we’ve got fingerprints on it. I’m not going to go through, dissect, position by position, raking anybody over the coals. Don’t think that’s the best thing for us. We’ve got a tough game coming up and we’re not going to wallow in it. We’re going to move onto New Orleans.”


Not to rake him over the coals, but is that something that a young quarterback is always working on, always improving upon? That seems to be one of the toughest parts about playing quarterback is that something that naturally a young guy has to continue to get better at.

“I understand. I understand what you’re doing, what you’re trying to do and glomming onto somebody’s opinion, but I think it’s whatever they think. The main thing is that we’ll look at it and talk about it with our players and see the areas that we can improve. Just dissecting it as a unit, we had too many negative plays in te game, too many negative plays, loss of yardage plays, penalties, sack, turnover, that we’ve got to get better at. We didn’t do a good enough job.


Not to use it as an excuse, but it seemed like when TE Vernon Davis was out against the Colts and when Vernon left yesterday, the offense really stagnated. How vital is he to the offense, particularly with his ability to kind of stretch the field with his speed?

“I think that definitely contributed to, one of the things that contributed to the rhythm of the offense and no I’m not going to use any excuses or is anybody going to alibi. But, we did lose two tight ends in the game, [TE Garrett] Celek before Vernon and that contributed.”


How encouraged were you by WR Mario Manningham’s season debut almost 11 months after he’d played?

“It was very encouraging being back in the fray, being back in the fire and had some opportunities to contribute and I think it’s a positive.”


Carolina Panthers LB Luke Kuechly made a nice play on that ball. Was that something that you’d expect TE Vance McDonald to come down with?

“Again, we could go through this really across the unit. Our staff, everybody involved that touches the offense, up and down the line. We’ve all got plays in there and when it’s all said and done you look back and say, ‘that was the winning edge.’ We could have made plays offensively. We could have eliminated the error, the negative plays and it would’ve been a better outcome for us. It would’ve been a winning-edge outcome for our team. We didn’t get that done and I’ll take responsibility for it, but can’t wallow in it because we play too good of a team this week. I think any time spent there isn’t going to be productive. Outside of the fact, I think it was a good game to learn from and we’ll do that.”


S Eric Reid suffered his second concussion in two months. What extra precautions does he need to go through maybe to get cleared? Are there extra, is there anything extra in the protocol having two in a season and how’s he doing?

“He seemed to be doing good after the game. To answer your question, I don’t know the answer to that in terms of extra protocols.”


Did he have to go to the hospital or anything like that after the game?

“Not that I’m aware of.”


You might just say this is glomming on, but just generally, how do you think Colin has played this season? Last year, he drops right in the middle of the season and the numbers are fantastic. This season has been not the same. Do you think he’s been as good as he was last year or is this just what happens to a quarterback sometimes?

“Just talk about this offensively. There’s been tremendous play by our quarterback. There’s been tremendous play by our line. There’s been tremendous play by our backs, tight ends, receivers. That’s all taken place. That’s occurred. There’s been great play-calling. There’s been exceptional work and everybody involved with it is working harder than you can imagine to get it to be the kind of winning edge that we need to it to be championship type of football. We didn’t get that done this week. We didn’t play championship football offensively. That’s always what our aim is. That’s what we strive for.”


The offense ran one screen. It was a pass to WR Kyle Williams in the second quarter on a 3rd and 20-something. Why not call screens more often in this game and in general?

“That’s not a bad point. Point well taken.”


What were you saying in particular, if anything, on the third downs and that lack of consecutive first downs that you mentioned was a big hole for you guys yesterday?

“What did I say? What would I say?”


What were you saying, looking back on tape that maybe they were doing or maybe you guys weren’t doing on third downs to not get those consecutive first downs that you pointed to?

“Well, we were in some third down and long yardage situations due to some negative plays early in the down and we didn’t convert also on some short yardage third downs. And we didn’t convert on some second downs, second down and ones that resulted in negative plays and then a longer third down play. So, there’s quite a bit of circumstance and situation to each and every one of those. Not going to go through them specifically.”


Not just talking about yesterday’s game, is there a reason Colin is not running as much this year, not using his legs as much? He’s had some games where he–.

“Yeah, we’ve covered it in plenty of press conferences where we talked about how well he’s used his legs, how well he’s run the ball. And that’s back to the earlier point.”


If Vernon and Celek can’t play Sunday, is TE Derek Carrier ready to be elevated from the practice squad?

“We’re looking at some options right now and there’s some decisions to be made. You wait until you get the medical results back and then have more evidence to make those decisions.”


Is it possible to bring someone in from the outside?

“I think the first step is just wait to get the medical results and get those guys examined and have more data.”


Are those today? Are they both going through some tests today?



After the game you talked about, I think, regroup, refit, a few other re-things. Do you have to also–?



Reorganize, thank you. Do you have to readjust maybe, you’re two games behind Seattle, I know you can’t just throw away the division, but do you have to change your thought thinking about this a little bit? Say maybe the division isn’t exactly what you’re focused on?

“The thought process there, no it doesn’t change. Our next game is our biggest and most important game.”


Kaepernick bootlegged twice, I believe, against the Panthers. Why not move the pocket more frequently, especially considering how fast he is?

“It’s something that’s always in our game plan and that’s another area we didn’t have a good result. You bring up a great point, which frustrates everybody. Everybody involved in the unit. When you’re not in the rhythm picking up first downs and being able to get in deeper to your playbook, get into the screen, get into the movement game, keep things off-balance, it’s frustrating to all.”


Will LB Nick Moody be on the 53-man this week?

“Again, decisions are being made. I anticipate that though, yes.”


Were there any things you saw that the offensive line had trouble with yesterday?

“Like I said, across the board up and down, we’re all taking accountability and looking at those situations, but we’re going to meet on it. We’re going to get the feedback of the players involved too, which we have not yet done as a group.”


Ultimately, what was the decision on LB Aldon Smith? Why have him play, I think it turned out to be 18% of the defensive snaps? Was it just, was he just not physically fit enough to play an entire game or just what was your thinking on why limit his pitch count?

“It was our plan to go in as a, much like we did when he started his rookie year, to play in the nickel. This was abnormally low amount of nickel that was played in the game. And [LB] Dan Skuta’s doing a heck of a job in the base. So, that was the plan this week. That doesn’t mean that’ll be necessarily the plan next week. All those options will be open.”


Do you think that was Carolina’s plan to keep you guys in base, to not trot out their multi-receiver package to keep Aldon off the field?

“They have been predominantly more of a base offense, but there’s been some games where they’ve been higher in the nickel. It has not been something that’s been set per standard for them.”


How did you think Aldon played?

“Fine. Good to have him back out there. He’ll continue to get re-acclimated and things are going well. And continue to keep it on a day-to-day basis. Defensively, I thought it was obvious we played extremely hard, played extremely well. Definitely had a winning edge there, defensively, and going to need that again this week.”


What does senior offensive consultant Eric Mangini do during the game to contribute to the game execution?

“Several things, not going to go into all of the assignments for all the coaches on a week-to-week basis, but he does several things for us.”


This was the most we saw RB LaMichael James, not only just with kickoff return, but also on offense. Is that something you’re going to gauge week-by-week? You had said earlier this season there would be a time for him, is this that time you expect to get him about that amount of touches for the rest of the season?

“Yeah, all those options will be open. We’re not really going to talk about, for any position, how they’re going to be used or how much a certain player is going to be used. But, I thought his effort and his performance was fine yesterday and solid, and another weapon there to be implemented.”


I sensed frustration yesterday by the offense. How is their mindset? Do you feel the need to boost their spirits or anything at this point? Your motivation skills are well known. How do you sense their mindset is about what happened and what you need to do looking ahead?

“I think their mindset will be what it’s always been. It’s a blue-collar mindset. And that involves fixing things, building things, sutures in our hands and the weapons are in our hands, our fate is in our hands and that’s our mindset.”


The organization has transformed over the last few years, can you talk about chief executive officer Jed York and how he’s contributed to that transformation and how he contributes to your success?

“Continuous and always. He’s the captain of the ship. Does a tremendous job giving us the tools to be successful.”


You had a chance to meet Sergeant Alfredo Gutierrez yesterday. As today is Veterans Day, what struck you about him when you met him and what lessons can you learn from his life experience?

“So many things, discipline, selfless. There’s things that he is, in terms of country unit, that are bigger than himself. And I think those are the things we can learn the most from. And he’s a fine person and good friend. And we drew much inspiration from him and the selfless act that he did for his country in serving, which we all respect. Also, that he gifted us his purple heart. It was a great pleasure as an organization and as a team to honor him and present that back to him at the game. That was quite a moment.”


Might we see WR Michael Crabtree this weekend? Is it too soon or could that happen?

“We’ll see.”


Did former 49ers WR Terrell Owens joke with you about asking for a workout or anything? He kind of played around with that, he still thinks he can play.

“Yeah, I think he mentioned it. Yes.”

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  1. Harbaugh has found his level of Incompetence. He is a second-tier (i.e. second-rate) coach. He was good enough for college. Second tier coaches can last for a long time – without a title. His teams are seldom prepared to play on game day – even when they win.

    1. You might consider that the second rate coach did bring home a NFC Championship. I think it’s too early to doubt. Lots of football left. Let’s see what they can do with the Saints….

    2. Doubter,
      I think you have found your level of incompetence (i.e. being a dumb ass). He may not turn out to be an all time great, but his run has been very, very successful so far. You need to remember where this team was before he stepped into the building.

    3. Year 1: NFC Championship (After missing the playoffs for nearly a decade).

      Year 2: Superbowl- A controversial loss.

      Year 3: He has the Niners are likely to go deep into the playoffs gain.

      I would say Harbaugh is doing a damn good job with this team.

      1. John,

        I’m here not too bashed harbaugh or disrespect his coaching ability. The way I look at it, Harbaugh inherited a very good 49er team, that already have good young talented players in offense and especially the defense.

        If Harbaugh came to the 49ers with less talented players, I highly doubt that he will have this kind of success his having the last three seasons as a NFL head coach.

    4. I seem to remember coach Harbawling telling the Green Bay Packers that they for got to bring their brass knuckles to the game. Its obvious that the 40Whiners for got to bring their brass knuckles to the Carolina game.

    5. I seem to remember earlier in the season coach Harbalwing telling the Green Bay Packers, that they for got to bring their brass knuckles to the game. It appears that the Carolina Panthers remembered Harbawling’s statement, because the Panthers brought their brass knuckles to the game!!!

      1. 40whiners, we lost a game by 1 point to a tough team that’s really hot right now. Wtf? The level of stupidity is insane around here. Or it’s just standard trolling by seahawk fans which for some reason that’s all they do in niner discussions

    6. Except he has a title, in his second year on the job. Wtf r u talking about? Winning the NFC is no easy feat, he did it. His teams are seldom ready to play on game day? You know they won five straight with over 30 points in each game right? We have 3 losses on the season , to very tough teams. The sky isn’t falling dude, harbough isn’t incompetent, you are just trippin.

    7. Your Ignorance is at an all Time High of what I’ve read lately here. And my reply needs no explanation to that, that’s how absurd your comment is.

      As far as Jimbo not throwing his QB under the bus?

      Ya I get it…What’s the point in doing that? And for anybody else on Offense because clearly it was the worst performance since the Giants game last year.

      Everybody from Jimbo & GRo to the O-Line need to take the Hit on this loss. And I don’t want hear excuses because VD was knocked out of the game early.

      Good QB’s get EVERYBODY involved in the Passing Game so CK7 needs to take his Blinders off & start getting better at making plays with his feet when the pocket start collapsing than taking a Sack first of all. And when he does have time in the pocket he needs to do a better job in his Progressions. Plain & Simple.

      But keep Drives going & make defenses pay with his feet when the pocket collapses, because that in itself will loosen the Defensive Coverage up.

  2. Everyone needs to remember where the Niners were before Harbaugh and staff came to the team. There are problems on the team and it seems much of the problems are the same as the pre Harbaugh era. WRs have been an issue longer then the QB position. Dropped passes, penalties, coaching decisions, pass protection were all pass issues and are current issues. Doesn’t seem who the QB is the results have pretty much been the same in the last three years. I doubt very seriously the Niners win the West, they are going to be in for a dog fight for a wild card.

    1. The QB isn’t the problem; it’s never been the problem, not since Harbaugh has been here. The issue continues to be the playcalling. When the protection is bad or the defense is blitzing you non stop, the coaching staff needs to adjust the gameplan accordingly. They are not putting Kaepernick in a position to succeed.

      1. Jack you are correct but the front 7 put tremendous amount of pressure on the passing downs. They did not need to blitz since they could put pressure with their front line. A Davis was getting push back all game long and CK just did not look comfortable for whatever reason!

      2. He was hit on 16 of 28 passing plays, which is way too often. Like Chicago said, their front seven was generating a lot of pressure.

      3. Jack, Big P:

        You are reporting what seem like inconsistent pass rush numbers. Jack has reported that PFF noted that Kaepernick was pressured on 10 of 31 dropbacks. BigP reports that he was hit on 16 of 28 passing plays. While I recognize that a QB can get hit without being “pressured” (blind side hit immediately after release), I don’t think it happens 6 times a game. Moreover, most pass rush stat sites treat hits as a subset of pressures (I know that PFF has treated them that way), so hits also count as pressures.

        Based on that limited understanding, it would seem that your numbers are in conflict. Am I missing something?

      4. Claude,

        I’ll have more on this later, but through the 1st quarter and 1st possession of the second the hit count is at 1.

      5. Claude,
        I was listening to the Around the League podcast last night when I was running and Greg Rosenthal was mentioning that in addition to the six sacks, Kaepernick was hit another seven times while dropping back to pass. I think Jack was responding to LSX’s assertion that they blitzed CK all day, which they didn’t. They did however, apply constant pressure. It reminded me of when we played the Giants last year.

      6. Jack, Big P:

        Thanks for responding so quickly.

        Jack, I’ll wait for the final numbers. Thanks.

        BigP, actually, in another thread, Jack gave us the PFF numbers for total pressures: 10 out of 31 dropbacks.

    2. Undercenter,
      I can see the Panthers getting into the playoffs. If Carolina defense stays healthy, I don’t see Panthers missing the playoffs. The Panthers defense is incredible they can take this Carolina team deep into the playoff. Their offense aren’t that bad either, they have a talented Qb, RB and good receivers.

  3. The passing game is ranked last in the league? Oh really, in what?

    People continue to base these blanket statements off of some really dumb statistics.

    1. The only stat that I care about is wins. The second-tier coach is 33-12-1 in 2-1/2 seasons. The season is not over yet!
      And by the way, Kuechly made a heck of a play on the ball thrown to McDonald.

    2. In what? In passing yardage per game. That’s not a dumb statistic. He has among the lowest completion percentages in the league. Kap is around average in QB rating, and his yards per attempt aren’t bad, but you can’t win against the good teams with an anemic passing attack.

      1. This is the same BS I used to defend Smith against, and not surprisingly I’m having to defend CK against it too. For the last time, who gives a crap about yards per game??? I’m sure if we chose to throw 30, 40, 50 times a game like many other teams, we wouldn’t be “last in the league”.

      2. I agree with you on that LSX. I’m concerned with a different stat. We’re close to last, if not last, in 3 and outs. That’s not good, particularly when we have a good/great running game.

      3. The 3 and outs were supposed to start disappearing when the qb change was made. Perhaps it’s a system issue. I have a problem with the power run team that can’t convert 3rd and 1 which happened twice yesterday, I believe.

      4. @LSX…
        I agree to a certain point with you…I too, defended Alex Smith from the detractors that bitched about his lacking the 300+ yard passing game, poor red zone production (geez, just like this season…whoda thunk?) and so on….I do, however, believe that Kaepernick doesn’t run through his progressions very well, fails to throw the receivers open and holds onto the ball a little too long….basically the same things that the Alex bashers were saying about AS last season….there’s no way you can coach up experience, and CK is seriously lacking in that area, but that isn’t his fault….he’s in just a little over his head at this point

  4. I noticed Harbaugh mention “winning edge” multiple times throughout this press conference. In general, its just a unique combination of words, but knowing how much Harbaugh respects and has studied Bill Walsh, I couldn’t help but immediately think of Bill Walsh’s book (“Finding the Winning Edge”) when hear the words “winning edge”.

    I also can’t help wonder (and hope) if we don’t start seeing some of the basics of the timing-based, rhythm offense we all love: West Coast Offense. I think many Niner fans would love to see this, because as much as we all love to see Kaepernick occasionally (maybe this year, rarely is a more apt term) rip off a big run, our passing offense has by all accounts lacked rhythm, precision, and execution – the holy tenets of any West Coast Offense (and successful quarterback if you asked Walsh),

  5. Someone writes:
    It is very alarming for a team with heavy superbowl aspirations. Instead of worrying about getting a first-round bye, we need to be concerned about making the playoffs. Period.
    To which Mr. Harbaw has no direct answer, such as
    “we realize, we admit, we know we will not win the division.”

    Later, Coach Harbaw does more disco dancing: “So, there’s quite a bit of circumstance and situation to each and every one of those.”

    Asked about the offensive players being frustrated:
    “I think their mindset will be what it has always been. It’s a blue-collar mindset. And that involves fixing things, building things, sutures in our hands and the weapons are in our hands, our fate is in our hands and that’s our mindset.”

    According to Harbaw, the players have a lot “in their hands”
    (sutures….. the weapons…….. and our fate).

    sounds sorta familiar: ……. gobble, gobble, gobble

    1. The man can gobble, gobble all he wants, he is 32-12-1 over that last 2-1/2 seasons; a .733 winning percentage with two NFC west titles and an NFC championship! Who the hell would you rather have?

    2. Thanks Alex groupie for your insight. Go get a shrink and take your meds you might learn that life goes on and bitterness will only kill you. Your prince is making millions of dollars and is living large so be happy and don’tp worry now :)

  6. In regards to the poll question, theres only one game in Alex Smith’s career where the 49ers lost while holding an opponent to 10 points or fewer. A 10-9 Jaguars victory in 2005, his rookie season. And in that game the Jaguars didn’t turn the ball over, while we got two turnovers in yesterday’s game.

    1. Yesterday’s game was just flat out atrocious and offensive. There’s been other games when the Niners offense was bad, but this was a game when the opposing team was giving it to the Niners and they still couldn’t do anything.
      Playcalling and QB execution. I’m not trying to pile on Colin. But it is what it is.
      Sure Alex stunk for a few years. He was on a horrible team, and then he got hurt. Colin has immensely more physical skill then Alex. So did Demarcus Russell, so did Vince Young. But those guys are out of the league.
      Cam Newton played with poise even when he didn’t have good numbers. The longer the season goes, the more it seems like last year was a fluke. And you can’t pin it on the lost of star players. A QB has to make others better.
      I think Colin should be called out for his play, and like Jack Hammer says, step up or step out!

  7. Harbaugh, Roman, and Co. continue to disappoint. 4th and 1 on the 2, and they couldn’t figure out a play to call to score six, or get a first down, because two of the TE’s were hurt? Perhaps an extra O-lineman and Anthony Dixon (in lieu of a two, TE set) and hand the ball to #21? Or #7 on a QB sneak behind the center to pick up the first down? One of the big reasons they made the QB change from #11 to #7 was to score TD’s, not field goals. Disappointing, and doesn’t provide much confidence heading into New Orleans, and beyond.

    1. Adding an extra lineman on short yardage would have been smart, especially without two of our TEs. But I don’t think Roman is very good, he kept running the same play on short yardage expecting different results, but getting stuffed up the middle every time. Like when he ran Hunter, a small guy, instead of the much bigger Dixon, and Hunter got stuffed and stripped as a result.

      1. Milleneum,

        Why are you guys blaming Roman? His not out there on the playing field, Kap is supposed to improvise and makes audible in the line of scrimmage. It’s his responsibility to change the plays if necessary whatever plays they send from the sideline. But Kap’s problem he can’t recognize the defensive scheme that a good defensive team presents at the line of scrimmage.

        Kap has ability to throw the football long 50 yards or more than anyone in NFL and have the speed to outrun opponents. But kap lacks the intelligence to be a good Qb in the NFL.

      2. Cape, not sure I go that far. I’d say at this point he lacks the maturity to overcome the confidence he seems to have lost @ Seattle.

  8. Grant,

    With regards to your poll question: If Alex Smith still was the QB, would the 49ers have beaten the Panthers on Sunday?

    Are you assuming that Boldin and Dorsey on the team or the 49ers without them?
    Please note that the salary cap relief that the 49ers got by trading Alex enabled them to sign Boldin and Dorsey.
    Then the follow up question becomes do the 49ers with Alex, Gore, VD and Williams beat GB?

  9. From the ill-fated pitch to Ted Ginn deep in our own territory on-the-road in St. Louis last year, to the illegal procedure call to start the Super Bowl, I guess Roman is our guy. I don’t see it. I guess, as Niner fans, we really were spoiled for a long-time with great play callers.

    1. >>the illegal procedure call to start the Super Bowl, I guess Roman is our guy.

      You’re right Boz. I definitely saw Roman jump at the line of scrimmage on that play. And to think it only took seconds for him to get back up to the booth after that.

    1. Skuta was excellent. What a FA signing that is turning out to be. Brooks was also great and has been very consistent with his play this year. A lot of good things happening here even after the loss.

  10. Fair point on Jimmy Raye and Mike Johnson. Those were dark years. I should have clarified that Niner fans were spoiled with highly capable, offensive play-callers in the 80′s and 90′s.

  11. If Alex Smith still was the QB, would the 49er have beaten the Panthers yesterday?

    I’ll take the bait because it is an amusing and hypothetically entertaining question.

    So to answer your question, NO!
    That’s it.

    1. I was one of them that said yes mainly because the team could have used some game management, an area which Kaep is very weak in, to counter what the Panthers defense was doing.

      1. if smith is qb the niners have more than 91 yards passing….many mock the checkdown but when faced with a great defense in the 1st seattle game last year
        niners came out in 2nd half and smith hits the underneath passes to gore and walker for a td drive….plus smith is simply much better at the presnap reads and getting niners into the right play…and gore is a better runner with a fullback in fronmt of him than in the read option….finally re the 6 sacks smith probably has the presence of mind to throw the ball away on some of those sacks sunday

      2. Harbaugh picked his QB. Move on….. If you want to compare though, go pull up Smith’s second year stats under Norv and compare to Kaeps 2nd year. Beyond that anything you are saying is pointless unless you have a point.

    2. It’s a difficult question to answer since the margin of defeat was just one point. All the Niners needed was to get within field goal distance.

      So, I’d say that it would not surprise me if Alex would have been able to pull it off. He probably would have taken 4-5 sacks, too, but may have been able to check down for some receiver (e.g., Gore) on first and second downs to make the third downs more manageable. I think heard Ted Robinson point out that 9 out of the 13 third downs were for 9 yards or more. It’s not surprising that the Niners converted only 2 of 13.

      But it’s an irrelevant question. We’ll be riding the Kaep horse for the next decade and so we better have patience as he improves his reading of defenses.

      Meanwhile, here’s an interview with Alex if anyone’s interested.

    3. Considering this was the classic potential Alex Smith winning scenario: bailed out by:

      A. Strong defensive effort

      B. Field goal kicker

      So after years of hearing that non-stop from the haters, I have to vote yes.

      1. I too vote yes, Smith would have gotten at least one more point. Smith took inexcusable abuse for being a ‘game manager’. His style has the Chiefs with the best record in football. We could have used better game management Sunday. Having a QB back there who can run like a gazelle and has a canon arm meant absolute nothing Sunday. Grant, somehow you lay the blame for being sacked ‘more than 6 times on Smith’. It shows an irrational bias against Smith which you have harbored for as long as he played for the 9ers. Smith’s team is assured a playoff spot and the Niners are in turmoil. Truth be told, and all the specific so called statistics aside, bottom line is our team has regressed at the QB position. That’s where we are now. Inconsistency is our QB’s hallmark. I love the 9ers. They are my team. It’s not over for the season but let’s admit the obvious, it’s going to be a struggle this year and into the future until Kap gets some experience. And let’s give the kid a break. He’ll come around. He needs work on learning progressions and some maturity. We all need to be patient. The problem is that the team will suffer during this learning experience. Thanks Jim Harbaugh.

  12. It appears the coaches do not have confidence in The pass offense. I don’t know how much is a lack of confidence in Kap, the receivers , the line or just the entire group.
    They don’t throw down the field very often except to Davis. They rarely throw out routes with Crabtree out, the rarely throw slants.
    This is such a low risk low reward offense.
    If we want to have a chance against N. O. They are going to have to open up the offense or the game will be over by half time.

    1. Not all doom and gloom against the Saints.

      Niners defense better than Cowboys, so can slow down Brees
      And Saints run defense nowhere close to the Panthers.

      So, as long as they don’t forget to hand the ball off to Gore, we’ll do just fine….

      1. We will need to score at least 30 to win the game most likely even if our defense plays great. Does anyone really think we can score 30 against them?

    2. they had 3rd down on 5 in panthers territory sunday and run gore for 4 yards…sounds like a possible lack of confidence in the qb to me

  13. Hey fellas..I watch and follow no college football whatsoever. .Is there any Calvin Johnson or AJ Green type players coming out in this years draft..Any info would be appreciated. .I say if there is we give our draft up for him…

    1. @NorCalMafia

      Yes! I brought it up a couple of games ago…and we don’t even have to damage our draft at all. There are literally tons of WR’s out there…some from small schools, and some from NAIA and Div ll schools. and they’re in training camps, while we sit there and hold onto some of the dogmeat we’ve held out hope that they’ll ‘mature’. Well, THEY HAVEN’T. Give some of these guys a tryout. Can they give us any less than what we have seen? What’s to lose?

  14. If someone asked last summer “suppose Crabtree and Vernon are out injured… and Jenkins is a total bust… and Walker is gone through free agency… and Manningham is JUST coming off an injury… and none of the WR prospects stepped up… just how good will the passing game be?”

    Its possible Kaepernick regressed from last year, but players matter.

    1. players matter—-thats a point many here rejected when discussing the 2011 nfc championship when the niers qb was throwing to crabtree, willaims swain and hastings

  15. It’s clear. The NFL has figured out how to confuse and rattle Kaepernick. He was making some tough throws against Green Bay. But once the NFL watched some tape, they figured out how to baffle him. Last year, he had the benefit of being new. All new QBs (except Luck) are going thru a sophomore slump (I consider Kaep a sophomore since he sat his first year). Even Cam Newton went thru it the beginning of last year.

    Also, it’s clear the Niners recognized it although they won’t admit it (and rightly so). Look at what happened. After they trade Alex Smith. They risk losing their top prospect at QB (Daniels) for who? A veteran that was suppose to be Colt McCoy. Alex Smith is a very smart QB. During the strike he setup his own minicamp. He helped Kaep thru his first two years and continued to help even when he lost his starting job to Kaep. The Niners aren’t foolishly going thru prospects. Harbaugh is a QB guru. They’re not looking for the next starter. None of the vets (Wallace, Skelton, McLeod-Thompson) are any better than Daniels as a prospect. They already have the future in Kaep. They need a good vet to “coach” Kaep between series the way Alex Smith coached him. But none of the vets know the offense any better than Kaepernick. It may be a big problem until he has the weapons to bail him out.

    Once he gets his mojo back, he’ll be alright. Hopefully it’s this year.

    1. Totally agree. The world fell in love with Kaep. Just like they fell in love with Tebow, Sanchez, Vick and of course Cam Newton. Once they build you up they love to tear you down.
      Kaep is young and needs to build chemistry with his receivers.
      But who are they? Every QB needs a go to guy, that was Crabtree and Davis. Kyle Williams hasn’t done anything, the rookie Patton was hurt, Moore went to Miami and all we have left is Boldin who is double teamed. Manningham is rusty and Crabtree won’t get going right away either. When was the last time the Niners hit a home run through the draft with a wide receiver? Been freakin forever.
      Give Kaep weapons and build some chemistry and you will see why I believe in Kaep. He is not a one season wonder, he needs weapons and the coaches need to tailor the game plan to optimize the weapons they do have. Defense and the run.

      1. I want to believe in kap, but if you watch the game, you can see he’s not going through any progressions. He doesn’t wait for the 3rd read. He immediately scrambles and now it’s a busted play. That’s what Russell Wilson does. Only he has clutch intangibles.

      2. When you have extreme pressure on you, you don’t get time to look at the 3rd read. You need 3-4 seconds to get to the 3rd read. Pressure is there in 2 seconds. What game did you watch?

    2. It’s funny, when I mentioned in the off-season that the backup QB they should look to sign should be a smart vet that can help coach Kaep in-game I got ridiculed, because “that’s the coaches job”. Having that experienced voice as a sounding board during the game can be very useful for a young QB. Pity we ended up with McCoy instead.

  16. Hey Grant. One reason I believe our special teams weren’t special was that Osgood was inactive. I think he is one of or best special teamers. U?

  17. Kaepernick needs to lose the headphones and the silly hip-hop hat that hides his eyes during his press conferences. He’s not a kid and shouldn’t look so sullen after a loss. A leader takes it in stride (remember Montana’s press conferences?). Like it or not Kap is a leader on this team and should play the part when he’s on television. After yesterday’s game he looked like a complete “doofus” on television. The kid is smart, has a degree, and usually has good manners. He should show them in public ….win or lose.

    1. Well-said Mike. I’ve been thinking the same thing for a while now.
      He IS an intelligent young athlete, so…
      Be accountable in a tough loss, hold your head up and project some optimism about the future.
      Watch a post game presser with Manning, Brees, or Luck. Great role models all.
      Time to grow up now.

  18. I don’t know if Smith would have beat the Panthers but it’s pretty safe to say he wouldn’t have done any worse than Kaepernick. My guess though is that Smith would have lost that first game to Green Bay. Smith has been lucky with KC and Kaepernick has been very unlucky with the 49ers. That includes the differences in the coaching staff. What ever happened to the screen passes on this team or a running quarterback. Alex Smith is doing more running than Kaepernick. This season is gone after the first wild card game.

  19. Man what a gut wrenching game! I felt just awful last night. This was one of the worst offensive performances in the past few years. We had several chances to win the game but the offense just did not show up! The offense looked flat with no confidence and CK was plain and simple useless. I felt bad for the defensive players for clawing all game long to lose the game. However the season is not over yet!!!

    Bad News:

    We have some major injuries that makes me worried about the future of some key players (VD and our Rookie Safety) with their second concussions!

    Ck is human after all and he still has to become a true NFL QB and going through growing pains!

    Seattle most likely will win the division and Rams are starting to click!

    We have some tough games ahead of us without an established offense!

    Good News

    Whats done is done and every team could have a few horrible games and injures can drastically change the playoff picture! we just looked rusty after the bye and this could be a good wake up call!

    If we can some how beat the Saints at home and get VD and Crabtree back we might start clicking on offense right before the end of the season.

    This lost should push the players and coaches to explore other options to become more productive

    Ck is still learning from all these experiences which may help him prepare to be a better QB if we make it to the playoffs

    Win or lose, regardless of what happens I am a proud San Francisco 49ers fan. What is so sad to me is reading all these Alex groupies talking $hit and being disrespectful towards the 49er coaches and players rather than just moving on. Come on people, who cares about Alex, he is getting paid and very happy with a new team so can we just get over it already. Alex had all the chances and it just did not happen in SF for millions of reasons. And now we have CK, a promising young QB with great potential, lets give him a chance to see how he does before getting all crazy and calling for his head. Yes CK has not played well so far except for the first game but he is still a rookie! If he continues to regress through out the season then the coaching staff needs to explore other options for the future. GO NINERS

      1. Chi
        Good points, I just have one issue. “alex groupies”? First off no one is calling for Kaep’s head yet, and the “million reasons” Alex didnt get it done? One of them was that he got replaced while completing 27 0ut of his last 29 passes for 4 TD and never got his job back. Surely you can see why some people would be upset at replacing a QB who was playing very well for a guy who now has to go through growing pains. Its a fair question to ask where we would be THIS YEAR if AS was still our QB. Beyond this season NOBODY would pick AS over CK but all the reasons the “haters” told us a switch to CK was great seem to fizzle. CK does not “throw receivers open” and our O is not more explosive.
        So in conclusion the positives of replacing AS with CK have not materialized yet and negatives have been on full display, Its a fair discussion to have

      2. You mean except the fact that he got us to the superbowl right? And that Harbaugh picked one over the other. Unless you know more than Harbaugh does. I know you are a Smither Bos, but that shipped has sailed….. Go the the Chiefs blog if you like him so much.

      3. Way to completely avoid BOS’s actual comments and respond to something he didn’t say. You guys sure are tough on the straw men.

      4. BOS49ers,

        I’ll take up your question: where would the 49ers be this season with Alex still as the QB?

        Before I address it, I will state that IMHO, the 49ers should have stayed the course with Smith and seen how the 2012 season panned out and then made the decision in the offseason (whom to keep).

        However, Harbaugh and company believed Kaepernick was the right choice to move forward with. I did not agree with the decision, but I understood why:
        a. There was no guarantee that the 49ers would win the Superbowl with Alex, even though some on this blog seem to believe, that it was a foregone conclusion.
        b. From the 49ers perspective, they were getting a QB who could perform as well as Alex, with upside from on the talent as well as the salary cap. Also, they could capitialize on his pistol/RO skills as an edge in the 2012 season.
        c. Did they know then that Kaepernick would struggle as much as he has this season? probably not but some of it is due to the missing personnel.
        So, it was a bold move to go with Kaepernick, some would call it a gamble, and it almost paid off last season.
        Question: would we be having this discussion, if the 49ers had won the Superbowl with Kaepernick?

        Lastly, if Smith would still be the QB this season, because of his salary, the 49ers probably would not have been able to afford Boldin, Dorsey and perhaps even Skuta. Imagine going into the season with Davis, Williams and perhaps AJJ as the receiving targets. How would you say, this season would then have panned out?

      5. Thanks for the kind words MidWest, just my 2 cents on this subject.

        I have been a reader of this blog, all through the Maiocco-Barber-Padecky-Branch-Grant years, though I only comment from time-to-time.

      6. 90-0
        Thank you for addressing my question and not insulting me in the process (this is refreshing on this site)
        I don’t think its automatic that we would have won the SB with AS at the helm

        I agree with all your points and particularly with the salary cap relief that we got from trading AS. When I posed the question I did so NOT because I already knew the answer like Bay thinks (BOS>Smither>so that means BOS will take Smith every time). I was simply stating that its a fair question to ask. It took huge stones for JH to stick with CK last year and a no brainer to trade AS in the offseason and get the 2 2nd rd picks. However I think its fair to question whether ultimately that was a good decision.
        The league is littered with guys who were a flash in the pan and had 1 or half of a great season. From M.Cassel 27td one year to J.Freeman 2o+ td in two different years, to Fitzpatric who had 6 good games then cashed in a huge contract. All those guys are now backups or marginal players. I PRAY that Kaep does not fall in to that category, He is having a sophomore slump and its natural to second guess a admittedly tough decision, its human nature.
        My post was more of a reply to Chi who thinks that if you second guess the coaches u are talking $ht. We second guess people on here all the time and the fact that we care enough to read/argue over issues important to the team MAKES US ALL NINER FAITHFULL and true fans

        PS I second Mid West keep posting here you can never have enough insightful rational commenters

    1. “he is still a rookie”

      No, this is his third year. Maybe you meant first year starter.

      My problem with Kaep and his future is precisely that, it seems that he has a promising future and a “learning present”. The issue is that we have some key players in the present that will not be with us in that future, making any declarations of glory years to come quite uncertain. I am talking about Justin Smith (34); Carlos Rogers (32); Ahmad Brooks (29); Frank Gore (30); Vernon Davis (29 and injuring himself frequently now); Joe Staley (29).

      In three years time, two or three of this guys will definitely not be with us anymore and the rest will probably be on the decline. You hope to have good drafts and be able to replace them with equal or better talent (Eric Reid). You hope Tank becomes a beast and Lattimore is the second coming of Gore. And it may come to happen, but today we have a great team (albeit with some injuries pestering our offense) and to waste it on a learning project when we were sold he was “the hot hand” is, in my humble opinion, a tragedy.

    2. Chicago49er,

      I’m sorry to disagree with you. No disrespect to the 49ers team this Sunday Drew Brees and the Saints are going to beat the 49ers in New Orleans. The disappointing loss to the 49ers last season will only motivate drew Brees and the Saints more. There’s a lot at stake for the Saints in this game. They’re eyeing on the #1 seed going to the playoffs. The game last season was so close then people think the Saints should’ve won that game. With HC Payton back in the Saints sideline and R. Ryan’s running the defense the Saints are a much better team from last season.

      There’s no comparison at Qb between Brees and Kap. Certainly, I’ll give the edge to the Saints. Seeing how Brees and the Saints dominated the cowboys in New Orleans, the Saints have the upper hand in their meeting with the 49ers this Sunday.

    3. Bos, I read your response to my blog and just would like to clarify a few thinks:

      I DO NOT believe nor stated that if you second guess the coaches or question them for thier decision you are talking $hit! So your understanding of my comment was inacurrate. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and its actually fun to have a discussion with people with different views. My reference is directed to some individuals that post here with constant negativetly despite the outcome of the game and wish for the team to lose in the future games because they are either not a fan or just resentful since Alex is no longer here and only care about Alex. For god sake if your login name is insulting to the 49ers than why would you even waste your time to join a 49er blog if you are not severally distressed in your life!!!

      Yes it was a tough decision for Jim Harabugh to make a decision to change QBs and i can understand why some fans are or were disappointed however that water is under the bridge and CK is our QB now whether if you like it or not so move on. As far as the merit for the decision, i completely support Jim H as an expert and someone that has played the QB position in this leaque. So with all due respect to all the individuals that questions his decision, i have more fate in the coach than some fan without all the wisdom and the inside knowledge of the two qbs abilities.

      90-0, nice job for listing all the reasons for the change, you are right on.

      1. Chi
        I guess im a little hypersensitive any time i hear “Alex Smith groupies” i equate it to the Smither V Hater debates. I dont know if there is anybody here (besides the alex smith 9-0 feeling no pressure guy) who feels bad for smith about last year’s switch.
        I glad i didnt have to make that tough decision last year and have no doubt that JH is infinitley more informed than any fan, its just sometimes when I watch CK struggle my faith vaivers as to whether JH made the right choice. Long term i have no doubts that CK is the man but as Bonanza has said 3 years from now many key players will be on the downside and I hope that Keap hase gone through his growing pains by then and we end up with a lombardi trophy or two.

  20. The 49ers have some issues, but then, what team doesn’t. The Colts beat all the great NFL teams they played against (49ers, Sea Hawks, and Broncos) and then got smoked by the rams. They’re all banged up, which is par for the course at this stage of the season. Everyone is so ready to say what a powerhouse Seattle is but they beat the 49ers at the beginning of the season when they had all but abandoned the power run game, which is their strength on offense. Seattle has had some very close calls against some teams that they should have smoked. There’s a difference between finding a way to win and the other team delivering the win to you on a silver platter. Marshawn Lynch takes a lot of pressure off that offense, but when teams limit him, the rest of the offense really struggles, i.e,, the Colts and the Rams. Seattle hasn’t played a tough opponent in quite a while. Lets see how they do against the Saints and the 49ers in the near future. In spite of the 49ers problems, they are not the same team that played Seattle in week 2.

  21. Isn’t it obvious why they 49ers don’t run more screens?

    1. They don’t call them b/c that is not CK’s strength. At least from what we’ve seen, CK throws a wonderful deep ball (deep passes are by their very nature low %, but eye test wise, he seems to better than most), but he’s horrible at short stuff.

    2. CK would never audible to a short pass. Like most QBs who have big arms, he’s always looking to push the ball down the field.

    Seriously, this is like saying, “Why don’t the coaches have Rajon Rondo shoot more 3′s?”

    1. They never called them with smith either. And short throws are smiths only strength. It’s not the qb, it’s the play calling

  22. Don’t worry 49ers faithful. No one has won a championship in Game 9 of the regular season. It is all about peaking at the right time.

    Our team does not suck but we do need to improve. We’re not going to win the division. But we don’t have to.

    2012 champion (10-6 record)
    2011 champion (9-7 record)
    2010 champion (10-6 record)
    2009 champion (13-3 record)
    2008 champion (12-4 record)
    2007 champion (10-6 record)

    Here’s a big hope: Here’s hoping Tank, Cowboy, Aldon, Lemonier, Ahmad, RayMac bring the heat. You’ll notice 4 of 6 champions had mediocre winning records. But all but the Saints (2009) had a fierce defense.

    The trouble will be beating Seattle in the playoffs. If we can dominate their offense (the way they dominate ours), create points off of turnovers, and have some game changers on special teams (i.e. LMJ and not “Fair Catch” Williams). Last 2 playoff losses, we had huge special teams breakdowns. This season against Seattle we were matching them series for series defensively (Sea 5 – SF 0 at the half) but then Seattle had a few big plays and the flood gates opened.

  23. what comes around goes around…
    Of course Coach Ron Rivera has too much class
    to jog Harbaw’s memory by doing a Jim Schwartz
    on him (extra squeeze of hand/slap on the back).
    But we remember and so we gotta ask…
    having just lost a football game (& been humiliated)
    did Coach Harbaw offer a handshake, say congrats,
    and then run away like a spoiled brat? or did he
    plant his feet, hold his ground, and allow Mr. Rivera
    to say a few words and then, as the winning coach,
    be the one to turn/signal: “The conversation is over.”

    Yes, Coach; you and your team had been embarassed,
    however, you made it worse if you refused to graciously
    offer your congratulations to Mr. Rivera and as many of
    the Panthers as wished to speak with you postgame.
    If you wore your emotions on your sleeve and hastily
    fled “the scene of the crime”, then you are teaching Colin
    some early lessons which will affect his game performance.
    Trust me. Other teams smell blood in the water. Ya sabes?

  24. I thought kaper was supposed to make us a awesome passing team?actually he’s made us the worst.40 some yards passing accounting sacks must be a record.hell he makes a. Smith look like Joe Montana,and I don’t care about wrs a good QB makes wrs better

    1. Although CK stunk it out on Sunday, in no way did he make Alex Smith look like Joe Montana.
      You have to dig way down deep in the ‘hate’ dept. to make that type of comparison.

      This is a typical case of the CK (axe to grind because he took Alex’ place) haters finding the perfect opportunity to go zombie on Kap.

      I’ll take the Jim Harbaugh approach on this one.
      Bad game – time to move on.
      Well, that is unless the zombies want to feed throughout the week.

      1. AES:

        Although I cannot read other people’s minds the way some commenters can, if I had to guess, I would say it wasn’t so much hating on CK (how many regular commenters actually fit that description?) as it is hating on the hypocrisy of other commenters. Some of the same regulars who used to dismiss any explanation for Smith’s low numbers (e.g., lack of supporting talent, coaching philosophy) as mere “Alexcuses” now rush in to explain Kaepernick’s struggles on the identical factors.

      2. Agreed Claude,
        And as some here have said on occasion, “haters will hate.”

        I guess its not much of a challenge after reading some of the posts regarding CK’ ugly game where their allegiances are.
        No biggie Claude.
        I responded the way many here do to other posters.

      3. Many of us have pointed out the systems responsibility in low passing numbers and many didn’t want to hear it preferring instead to blame it on Alex Smith and the team trying to hide him because of his limitations. Now that it is obvious that wasn’t the case, the venom is turning toward Greg Roman and even Harbaugh.

        The reality is everybody involved shares in the blame. Kap is not playing well, but he’s also not always being put in positions to achieve success either. Football is the ultimate team sport. Everybody has to be on the same page for it to work and we aren’t seeing that at times with the Niners. The Coaches need to figure out how to get Kap in a rhythm, the Oline needs to do a better job in pass protection, and Kap needs to look for more than one guy before leaving the pocket. It’s on everybody.

  25. Harbaugh has been a miracle worker, turning a moribund franchise into an instant SB contender. Don’t see that very often. At the same time (and this was a big disappointment to me; I don’t follow college football) he is not a coach who emphasizes passing. It’s not a matter of just play calling, or QB play, it’s a coach who believes in a BIG passing game and emphasizes it constantly in practice and in the games. Bill Parcells ALWAYS had a big passing game, 4,000 yard QBs, from Sims to Bledsoe to Testaverde and finally to Romo. Bill Belichik same thing. Mike Martz, Sean Payton, etc etc A whole bunch of coaches who just freaking LOVE big passing games and ALL their QBs do it. Martz was like Walsh in that he coached a whole string of QBs to big numbers. Because not only was he an “offensive genius” (and yes, Faulk even rushed for 1,000 yards in a Martz offense) but like Parcells and Belchik (defensive coaches) passing was the way he went about winning. How about the new Philly coach? First year, has a backup QB throw for 7 TDs and almost 500 yards in a game. Harbaugh is a QB guru too, BUT …. he likes to throw 20 – 25 passes a game, run a lot, and hold on. I’ll just say I may love JH, but I can’t stand that type of football. Two straight “game managers” – it ain’t the QBs, it’s the philosophy of football.

    1. Nice assessment KezarMike.
      The coaches you mentioned seemed to have one thing in common: They were going to Attack the defense. Their mindset was to put the defense on its heels from the outset and not wait to see what the defense was going to give them.

      But they also had the offensive weapons to give confidence and credence to that attitude.

      Kap is far from a finished product. He is still learning the game from week to week.
      We’ve all been witness to the awesome flashes of potential as well as the stark reality of his inexperience and rawness.

      It may take Kap another couple of years before he has it honed in.
      Sure Sunday’ game was a clunker, but the best is yet to come.

  26. Subject change that could help us.
    Browner could be out for an extensive amount of time-per Pete the cheat.
    That’s a pretty big blow to the dirtbags up north on a pretty important stretch coming up.

  27. Not hating just saying,i want kap to succeed.he just has sucked this year no denying that .173 yards a game is not good.we are not going anywhere in playoffs with the way he’s playing with or without crabs.

  28. It’s insane to watch all other offenses in the NFL. And to see that nearly all have a qb who, as a passer, are better than Kap. You look at all these offenses, with less talent than us moving the ball through the air. Why is Kap and this offense incapable of passing? People blame the WRs. Well are you gonna say the Raiders, steelers, Vikings, jets, jaguars, titans all have better wrs than the niners? No, I don’t think so. Boldin and Vernon are better than anyone on any of those teams. And yea some of those offenses stats are inflated because they’re passing so much because they’re down. So clearly the problem with the passing game falls on qb ability and play call. I don’t know why this pass game is so bad but I’m done with the “no weapons to throw to” BS excuse. Kap needs to elevate his damn game.

    1. We are freaking out while we are watching a young QB go through the natural progression of a learning curve.

      Kaep didn’t have to go through progressions last year because his first option was usually open. They created so many mismatches when they had Crabtree, VD, Walker and Moss on the field.
      Depending on what X did, Y was open. Each one was so good, that at any given time, each one was the first option.

      Fast forward to this year, no Moss, no Walker, no Crabtree, and in two losses, no VD. If you want to beat someone up, beat Baalke and Harbaugh up for not bringing in replacements for the lost weapons. The Jenkins first round pick is one of the biggest reasons we are in this mess. Jenkins bust, Kyle Williams bust, Baldwin bust, Lockette bust. What was our plan? If it was to tread water until Manningham and Crabtree came back, it was a failed plan. PERIOD. Now you have a young Qb and Roman who are trying to work with what they have. Baalke and Harbaugh failed them both.

      The good news is that Kaepernick is having to accelerate his time table in terms of running the offense from under center and going through progressions. A huge part of the issue is not having experienced receivers that can get open. It’s not by accident that we’ve been searching for a #2 receivers. They have been non existent. In comes Manningham and immediately he is targeted 6 times and made a few nice plays. That is how bad our existing talent has been.
      Has Kaep been bad and inconsistent this year? Absolutely. There is a reason why they scaled back the number of passes per game and scaled back the pistol, they decided to start from square one and do what they have to do with the current weapons that we have, mentor our QB. The nice part is long term we will be fine.

    2. Adam I agree it isn’t just because of the talent at WR, but it’s not because Kap has been exposed as a fraud all of a sudden either. This offensive system is not conducive to big passing numbers and we’ve seen that for 3 years now. Even when Kap went on a mini passing tear last year, he wasn’t throwing the ball that much; they were just hitting on more big plays. This year teams have obviously taken away the read option, and Kap is still adjusting to playing primarily from the pocket, and is currently struggling. It takes time for a young QB to change his game to the point of being consistent as a pocket passer.

      I don’t think we can make excuses for Kap missing throws he should make, or the fact he will leave the pocket too early at times, but we also have to keep in mind that he’s still a work in progress. That’s get’s forgotten because of the impact he made last year but in NFL playing terms, he’s still a young player.

      This place seems to have a complete meltdown after a loss and hyperbole takes over, but things aren’t that bad even after this loss. Yes the Division is probably going to Seattle, but the Niners are still in good position to take a WC spot and with the impending return of Crabtree, maybe Kap turns the corner and starts to regain some of the ability he showed last year. All it takes is a little momentum at the right time to make a run in the playoffs.

  29. Ex Niner Scott Tolzien had a pretty good game for the Packers in a losing cause. Not bad considering he was on the practice squad the week before.

    1. Undercenter,

      You must be looking at the stats from that game. They are very misleading stats. Tolzein’s numbers look good but the Packers could have and should have won that game. Tolzein made several mistakes inside the red zone in that game. He threw sick from the Eagle 5. He threw 2 others that were dropped. His receivers, especially Boynkin and jordy Nelson were making circus catches on bad throws from Tolzein. He really started out extremely shaky. His numbers didn’t improve until the Pack were down big. Then he began to complete the underneath stuff.

      1. Yeah, and it was his first start. Tolzein looked pretty god considering. Plan him up with the first team and in two games he’ll be a more than decent NFL QB…

      2. 23Jordan
        I rarely look at stats or use stats it was just the eyeball test. For a guy to come off the practice squad the week before as a backup, I thought he did a pretty good job.

  30. Something to consider regarding the call to kick the FG on 4th and 1 from the 2.

    On their first 2 possession they faced a 3rd and 1, and on both occassions they were stuffed for -1 yards. Added to the prior failure was Davis being injured, leaving them with only 1 TE.

    Hindsight is 20-20, but given the circumstances at that point in the game, kicking the FG and going up 2 scores was the right call.

    1. Agreed Jack. I made a similar point to Jordan and Prime on this subject yesterday. Going for it at the expense of going up by two scores at that point is not the right call, especially with only 1 healthy TE and the fact they’ve stopped you on short yardage twice already. The fact is if they score at all in the second half they likely win the game. That is why they lost; not because they took a FG instead of going for it on 4th down.

    2. There should have no question about the FG. You always try and go up two scores if you have the chance. Those questioning are the ones that think on the woulda coulda level. We all do it at times, but you can’t argue a two score lead.

    3. didnt joe staley play tight end at c.michigan before being mvoe to tackle…why not put snyder at left tackle and line staley up next to him as tight end…they can run out of that formation and the defense would even have to account for staley as a receiver

    4. For what it’s worth, the 4th down calculator disagrees. Both the expected points and the chances of winning the game were greater going for it vs. kicking the FG:

      Numbers to fill in so that you can run the calculation yourself: 4th and 1 at the Carolina 2; 6:21 left in the 2nd quarter.

      Having a two score lead is valuable when there isn’t much time left in the game and your opponent won’t have more than a couple of possessions in which to get those two scores. It doesn’t mean nearly as much when there are 36+ minutes and numerous possessions left in the game.

      The injury situation at TE is a fact that might change the calculation, however, especially given how much the 49ers rely on multiple TE formations at the goal line.

  31. Coach Harbaw’s vocabulary lesson for the day.
    Introducing two new consonants: M and W
    Does this feel like Sesame Street…?
    Can you say “glomming” and “wallowing”….?
    I knew you could.
    Humor from Las Vegas: the Saints are 2-pt favorites.
    Does anyone in the known universe (besides Razoreater)
    believe that the win/lose margin will be two points?
    Yes the Niners won the last 2 meetings (36-32 & 31-21)
    but prior to that New Orleans won six in a row and
    nine of the previous 11 games against San Francisco.
    the “who dat” sharks smell blood in the water…

  32. Guys’ll took a real good look at the All-22 coaches file and a few things stand out to me about the game on Sunday.

    1. The play selection for that game was crap. The slant patterns and out patters were there all day. They weren’t being called or thrown. A simple 3 step drop and throw would’ve killed that defense.

    2. We ran effectively early thanks to 50% O line and 50% Gore. Gore made some great decisions and some great cuts. He broke a lot of tackles in space.

    3. Iupati really struggled yesterday in the pass game and the run game. He missed a ton of blocks and gave up on others too soon. He missed #59 every time he tried to hit him on the 2nd level. Davis was horrible on the edge, he got killed yesterday. Stayley started slowly but played well later in the game. Goodwin needs to be replaced. Kilgore needs a shot at center. Goodwin is just entirely too slow for the position. He’s not strong enough to control the middle. We need better pass protection up the middle of our O line. Boone was decent.

    3. Gore is a beast. He balled yesterday. Best player on the field on both offenses. He got yardage when he should’ve been held to nothing on several plays. His patience is something Hunter and LMJ may never have. Miller went back to his old self from earlier this year. He missed a few blocks and didn’t help in protection. When he went into the flat for passes, a couple of times, it was just too casual. A few times, Kap just didn’t see him.

    4. That fumble by Hunter was the ballgame. He fumbled on 2nd and 1 from the panther 34. Yes, the tackle was perfect but Hunter has to have that ball wrapped up running inside at the point of attack. I think gore got nicked a play or two earlier. If he wants hurt, he should’ve been in there. If not, run Miller or Dixon on 2nd and 1, not Hunter. That was the ballgame right there.

    5. The receivers ar getting single coverage and have to be able to get open. Boldin should have been targeted a lot mor on the shorter routes. Carolina gave us 7 yard cushions on most plays unless it was a short yardage play.

    6. Kaepernick was really as bad as I thought he was. Despite being under some serious pressure, he made some horrible decisions with the football. He was terribly inaccurate all day. Even on the completions he had, the ball was not on target. He was actually choosing to make throws to the wrong receivers far too often in the game. He made a poor and selfish decision on the 2nd and 1 call with Gore on the read option in the 3rd quarter I believe. Gore had a huge hole. Kap ended up losing 6 yards. He just made all the wrong decisions far too often in that game. He is unsettled in the run game and pass game. Did you see how many times he almost bumped into Gore handing the ball off to him? It’s as if Kap forgot his footwork on run plays! The last pass of the game was a killer. It was only 35 seconds left but he overlooked 2 receivers 12 yards down the field that were open to throw into quadruple coverage, where a receiver was not open.

    8. McDonald has to make that catch. Yes, 59 grappled his arm after the ball arrived. However, he grabbed the trail arm. McDonalds front arm controlled the catch, he has to slow down and wrap that ball up with both hands. Yes, he’s a rookie but I still feel like his hands were and still are questionable.

    9. The coaching was suspect. The play calling troubles me as well as the formations. I will say this and I will continue to do so until something is done about it. We need some 4.3 speed at wideout. I don’t care if he can’t catch a cold. We need him to clear the safeties. They immediately charged inward on literally every snap against us in that game. We never tested them deep with a wideout. Not getting us speed at wideout is killing our offense. Moss was a blessing last year even though he didn’t catch a ton of balls. He commanded respect deep down the field.

    Defense was amazing except for T brown not understanding situational football. That out route to Smith killed us late in the game on 3rd down. Mcdonalds absence hurt us as well. No penetration on his side of the line once he got hurt. Thank God Brooks balled out. He saved us.

    1. Nice writeup,
      I agree with all of it. I go back to what I said earlier, the Jenkins pick killed us. Whoever is evaluating WR talent continues to swing and miss. How did we initially evaluate this guy, and why did it take keeping him a full second training camp to realize that he was a bust?

      Second gripe,
      Tight end Vance McDonald. You are correct that after getting both hands on the ball, his trail arm was yanked. He’s young but we need him to mature real fast. He took over for Delaney and so far is one of the reasons our passing game is failing. In a passing attack that needs a target to step up, VMac is non existent. I’ll say this, it was a terrible day for Kaep, but he made a beautiful throw to VMac that should have been caught. If that catch is made, we win the game more than likely.
      Do the coaches not trust VMac? Is he not open? Does Kaep not trust him?
      Here is how VMac stacks up against other rookie TE’s.

      Tyler Eifert RD 1 has 22 catches 270 yards
      Zack Ertz RD 2 has 13 catches 196 yards
      Jordan Reed RD 3 has 26 catches 298 yards
      Mychal Rivera RD 6 has 12 catches 138
      V McDonald RD 2 has 6 catches 86 yards

      Is there something to the notion that Roman is a run coordinator and developing wide outs and pass receivers is an afterthought?

    2. I saw the damn McDonald play right in front of me and it should have been caught. Notated what anyone says about his other arm being pulled. Should have been a catch. Oh well it wast the only play that went bad for the offense. But it was the Biggest

    3. Great post Jordan, I agree completely. Especially this regarding Kap: “He was actually choosing to make throws to the wrong receivers far too often in the game.”
      That’s been something that he does, and it shows up by him only throwing to Boldin, Crab, or VD, aside from the seemingly obligatory 1st drive throw to Miller (that always works btw). He picks one guy to throw to, and then throws it to him no matter the coverage. That is a rookie-esque, streetball QB move. The problem being he isn’t seeing receivers that are wide-freaking-open.
      And yes… also, call and throw a M-F’ing Slant!! I noticed during the game that they were wide open all day long.

    4. Thanks for sharing that Jordan. I’m not sure why in-game offensive adjustments are not being made to counter the opposition’s defense. Quick slants, draw plays, screens, misdirection, etc. would have all worked yesterday the way Carolina was playing D.

      1. Thanks Nick. It was frustrating to watch that game. We blew every chance we had to win it. Im curious to know if Crabtree plays this week against the Saints? Who plays the slot now in place of Williams?

    1. Yikes, first Marlon “soon to be the 49ers version of Wes Welker” Moore, now Kyle “he was building a strong rapport with Kaep before his knee injury” Williams. Shocking…

    1. For you classical music fans…feel free to sing along:

      HAL le lujah!
      HAL le lujah!
      Hallelujah, Hallelujah,Halle LOOOOOOO jah!

  33. Niners need to move away slowly from its overdependence on the turnover battle .
    From Bill Barnwell: “Since Jim Harbaugh arrived in San Francisco, the 49ers are 32-2-1 when they win or draw the turnover battle and a scary 1-9 when they fail to do so. That seems obvious — it’s harder to win when you turn the ball over more than the opposition — but San Francisco’s case is particularly extreme. Over that same time frame, teams have won just more than 20 percent of the games in which they lost the turnover battle, while teams that finished the year with a winning record won 33 percent of the games in which they lost the game-within-a-game.”

    This strategy leads to an overdependence on D and an ultraconservative offense, It made sense in 2011, but the Niners haven’t moved past it. Its difficult for me to conclude whether the lack of a passing game is purely lack of talent among receivers (without Crab and Davis), or its mostly schematic and inadequate coaching. Other teams, after all, are getting production from role-players and backup receivers. Niners have had almost no success with receivers other than two top-10 draft picks and briefly, Boldin.

    Barrows spend his morning comparing Kap and Alex,

    1. Hate arguments built on small sample sizes, I mean if the Niners win their next game while losing the turnover battle then they too have a winning percentage of 20%. Win the next one and they jump to 27%. Plus I can think of a couple games we’ve lost recently that had nothing to do with turnovers. The Colts game earlier this year for example where we didn’t turn the ball over til 4 min left in the fourth quarter and we were already down 20-7. Seattle game last year if I’m remembering correctly is also another game where the turnovers didn’t start til we were way out of the game. Sunday we would’ve won the turnover battle if not for Kaepernick’s late pick. Turnovers are the last of my worries on offense right now, #1 is the most anemic passing game we’ve seen since 2007.

    2. That stat by Barnwell is stupid. So in average all teams will still win 20% of those games right? If the 49ers win their next game losing the turnover battle what percentage will they be? 22%, 2-9. That is a one game difference. No big deal for me.

    1. i think Tedd Ginn coming back here with vengeance in a panther’s uniform was the last straw…..ending the KW debacle once and for all!!
      The kid had heart and i wish him the best! Reminds me of Alex Smith without the happy ending…….great person, ok football player.

  34. No need to compare Alex and Kaep. That bus has left the depot.

    The problem I see is the coaching staff is not able to make adjustments during the game that give their personnel the best chance to succeed on offense given what the defense is doing. They do a much better job of adjusting on defense, but it appears that on offense they know what they know and don’t want to be confused with the facts during the game.

    I am also getting a little tired of the two play system with the QB picking the play at the line. Perhaps that is causing too much confusion given they don’t decide until 2 or 3 seconds before the snap. I could be wrong, but it doesn’t seem like that is enough time for everybody to get their head wrapped around the play they are running. Anyway, I don’t hear Drew Brees screaming “kill” at the line. Perhaps the Niners are doing too much thinking and not enough executing. The Saints execute.

    1. Well said Dennis. I’m not a fan of the “two-play” system either. I’m also not a fan of all the pre-snap movement. More effective would an up tempo game plan. Just line up and play ball.

      1. Good point about possibly overthinking, but if they go up-tempo and still go 3&out more times than not it will kill the defense even more… just sayin.

      2. It seems to me that Drew Brees is looking at the defense before he snaps the ball figuring out who is going to be open given the defense he thinks is coming. Kaepernick is looking at the defense trying to guess what play will work better. He doesn’t have time to visualize the play and who should be open.

    2. Agreed Dennis, it goes right with the Roman philosophy of the ‘safe play’. That’s a lot to ask a young QB who never had to do that before in his career. I do not like the 2 play system. If he has to read the defense before Let it Roll or Kill, why not go to the LOS, read the D, then call 1 play that best suits the opposing D, ala Peyton.

    1. They’re no more haters than those who were happy to see Chilo or Kwame go. Wanting your team to cut the dead weight and get better is part of being a fan.

      Where it starts to cross the line into being a “hater” (in my opinion, anyway) is when a fan starts celebrating a player’s shortcomings at the expense of the team, and they become incapable of rational thought about a player. They find ways to dismiss the successes, and magnify the failures. We saw it in years past with he-who-must-not-be-named, and you see it now with Kap. It doesn’t even have to be after a loss; a hater can’t be happy with a win if their hated player contributed.

      Me, I can’t say I’m sad to see KW cut. I am sad, however, that I feel like he never reached his potential. I would have liked to see him find redemption, but looks like that won’t be happening on this team.

      1. No, I don’t think anyone digs that crap, especially since it was pretty much conclusively disproved in 2011. The team dumped Singletary him, but kept Alex Smith, and improved by 7 games.

        Let me show you without the use of big words.

        Singletary + Smith = 6-10
        Harbaugh + Smith = 13-3.

        So, tell me again, how it was all Smith’s fault?

      2. Gee Claude,
        sounds like you are giving Smith all the credit for the success. Maybe it’s the fact that the defense went from 13th in 2010 to 4th overall in 2011.
        You could have plugged 15 different QB’s on that team and they still would have won, and maybe the whole thing if Kyle Williams wasn’t on the team.

      3. This is where folks like you Claude can’t say squat about the history of this blog when you came in only 3 years ago. Take a back seat private. And stay out of my conversations until you can provide your own opinion for once. I know how you and other Smithers like to bury his first 5 years here, but I don’t. Beat it troll!

      4. Bay:

        “The pre-2011 failures were not all Alex Smith’s fault” does not equal “all credit for the 2011-12 successes goes to Alex Smith”. Please stop with the straw men. We get it. You can defeat an argument that no one made.

        It’s clear that your fear of admitting you were wrong about Smith renders you unable to recognize his contributions to the the 49ers’ success. Just like it left you blind to the Chiefs’ chances of being good this year. Do you still think Razor and MidWestNiner were clueless?

        I hope that you can get past the injustice of Alex Smith quarterbacking a 9-0 team and enjoy New Orleans. I second ribico’s recommendation of Commander’s Palace and NOLA. I have had amazing meals at both places. Then again, it’s not that difficult to find a great restaurant in New Orleans.

        If really old dive bars have any appeal for you, check out Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop in the French Quarter. It’s the oldest continuously operated bar in the country, and legend has it that Jean and Pierre Lafitte ran the blacksmith shop as a front for their smuggling/pirate activities in the late 1700s/early 1800s.

        Warning No. 1: The bathroom smells like it is the oldest bathroom in the country.

        Warning No. 2: You want Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop, not Cafe Lafitte. The former is the oldest bar in America; the latter is a gay bar. There’s a difference.

  35. KWill has been here for some time MD. He definitely was given every opportunity to establish himself.

    I’m a little disappointed to see him go only because I felt he was part of the 49er family, but in this business you must produce when given your chances.

    1. Oh no doubt, that’s sarcasm for those who hold a certain ex player higher than others. And wanted to call them haters for wanting better at that certain position. Hypocrisy is a biotch. :-)

      1. 5 years of sucking out loud and some “fans” who praised him and made every damn excuse in the world for this player, and calling those who wanted a better player haters. Then turn around and bash at will the other players who sucked for ONE year.
        Hit a nerve Claude?

      2. I can’t wait for you to identify the five years Smith “suck[ed] out loud”.

        And you do realize, don’t you, that the commenters who were termed “haters” went far beyond merely wanting a better player?

        Finally, can you identify those commenters who labeled others haters, but themselves bashed Williams at will?

        Hit a nerve? Hardly. Do you think your comment described me or my comments? I don’t.

      3. Rclaude balls says:
        November 12, 2013 at 1:29 pm
        I can’t wait for you to identify the five years Smith “suck[ed] out loud”.

        And you do realize, don’t you, that the commenters who were termed “haters” went far beyond merely wanting a better player?

        Finally, can you identify those commenters who labeled others haters, but themselves bashed Williams at will?

        Hit a nerve? Hardly. Do you think your comment described me or my comments? I don’t.

        I didn’t say your name Claude. So why is your cape on with hands on hips? Yeah I think it hit a nerve when you’re commenting. When your name wasn’t mentioned.

        And your wait is over. 3 1/2 of those 5 years were garbage. You want to throw in his mediocre season go ahead. But it wasn’t even top 15 the year before he was injured. And the 1 1/2 year he was on the sidelines due to injury or benching he still sucked because I said so. I seen him plenty of times miss the mouthes of the starting qb with the water bottle, I even seen him fumble the clipboard a couple of times.
        How’s that for you Claude?

      4. ninermd:

        I know how you and other Smithers like to bury his first 5 years here, but I don’t.

        No, you’d rather fault Smith for the half season he played on a separated shoulder and the season he missed with a broken shoulder. And, somehow, you seem to think those seasons are as relevant as his play in 2011-012. You don’t know what you are talking about.

        I gave you three opportunities to back up your opinions, and you whiffed on all three. Maybe if you didn’t talk out of your a$$ so much, you wouldn’t keep embarrassing yourself. Just admit it; the game is too complicated for you.

        I seen him plenty of times miss the mouthes of the starting qb with the water bottle, I even seen him fumble the clipboard a couple of times.

        Is that supposed to be English? Wow.

      5. Lol of course I wiffed in a Smithers mindset. First of all his separated shoulder is an excuse. If he was the golden boy you claim he is, and was killing his team with a bad shoulder, maybe he should have stepped away from the center. Oh that’s right Nolan MADE him play. Lol you know why I won’t answer your dumb questions? Because you don’t answer anyone else’s unless it fits your demographic. Ill entertain your silly troll self Claude. And for someone who NEVER gives an outlook on anything football related, those are pretty bold words your fat little finger typed about the game being to big for me. I actually played football Claude. While you were trading cards and subscribing to football weekly. I was dating hot girls while you were playing d&d in your friends basement. It’s this simple Claude. You jumped on the 49er bandwagon three years ago, and I grew up watching my team. You sit home and probably don’t watch the games, while I celebrate every home game with fellow 49er fans. You’re a joke Claude. Not one person respects what you have to say, because its never about football. You troll with your buddy ribico who you invented and want to argue. That nerve I hit is hurting you Claude. You haven’t released my nuts for days now. Silly little geeks. To funny.

      6. LOL!
        NinerMD, you’re the just the coolest guy on the internet! You played football and dated hot girls! Ha! You’re my hero….I’ll never know if it’s true, darn.

        I do know that whoever you dated sure wasn’t into smarts, because you have demonstrated to hundreds of regular readers so many times that you just don’t have them.
        Please reply with one of your ridiculous juvenile sayings that you love, such as “step back, son!”, or, “You just got served, junior!”. I can’t do them justice. Give me a good one.

      7. Claude, Let go of Alex and MD nuts. hahhah You really sound like your from another planet. Do you wear a white short sleeve shirt and have a pen protector in your shirt pocket?

      8. Isn’t life great Augustine? No need to say anything like you got served. Truth is, I’m a winner in life and I can keep it football. Can you say the same for Claude? Must have set in with you personally pal. Why else would you get involved with someone else’s problem? Smithers forever. Beat it Canada

      9. He seems to suffer from bittersmithernerdious#11
        It’s a disease where you never had a social life and or was picked on by the jocks. And are determined to troll the Alex smith doubters for eternity. It’s contagious. Look it’s even worked its way to Canada.

      10. ninermd:

        No, you whiffed in the minds of people with three digit IQs. Whenever you get called on one of your ridiculous fictions, you can never back it up. All you can do is call names. Now, you’ve gotten so pathetic that you’ve stooped to making up stories about what a stud you used to be. And telling me how long I have been rooting for the 49ers.

        I’ve got news for you. I’m not losing any sleep because I don’t have your respect. After reading the uninformed and poorly-reasoned nonsense that you you regularly trot out on this blog, having your respect doesn’t hold much value for me.

        But look at this way; you’ve got Neal on your side. I’m sure that’s comforting.

  36. Ed Reed released after he criticized the Houston D-coaches. If he has anything left, Niners should pick him up what with our best safety on his second concussion of the year…

    1. Absolutely! I was thinking the same thing… Sit Eric Reid for 3-5 games and add Ed reed.. Then when Eric is ready you move Whitner out on third downs and plug in Ed! No brainer… He should be cheap considering he is still being paid by Houston

    2. Ed Reid could not cover our slow receivers this season, he looked really old. He won two Super Bowls, and he is comfortable and no longer hungry.

  37. Ed Reed looks slow and old.

    Is it possible the coaches don’t trust Kap? Are the game plans conservative because they don’t have confidence right now that Kap will make the right decisions?
    I don’t know the answers, but I am concerned that the game plan have gotten much more conservative in the last few games in order to insure the offense does not lose the game thru mistakes.

  38. Interesting piece done on CSN Bayarea by Maiacco and Mindi discussing how CK has not made the players around him better. I’ve only been talkin about that for 3 weeks. Remember boys, greatness is defined by making others around you better. Jordan did it, Magic did it, Montana did it, Gretzky did.

    1. You are limited like your old boy toy. Get off your white horse, Kaep does not need to be anything like that , to be a solid NFL QB. Joe Montana had Rice and Taylor, who do we have Abbot and Costello. Your IQ can’t be over 50.

  39. I want to know which dumb arse answered YES to the survey question. How do you justify or substantiate that?

    If Alex Smith still was the QB, would the 49ers have beaten the Panthers on Sunday?

    1. It’s very simple Nick, those are the kind of games Smith usually wins. He has been doing so for the last three years… consistently.

      Would he have won against GB, I guess not, but this last Sunday, yes.

      1. While I’m not sure I personally agree (undecided), I can certainly understand why someone would say yes for that very reason.

        This is much different that those who stubbornly claim that other QB would have won the Super Bowl. That, I will never comprehend.

    2. Nick:

      Not to pile on, but it wasn’t one person, but 129 persons who thus far answered yes. More than half of the respondents. Do you want to try to make the case that they’re all dumba$$es? Go ahead, it’s a free country.

      1. It’s 141 (53%) now. Why do they have any more of a burden to justify their votes than do the 47% who voted no?

        By the way, it doesn’t take much effort to find and read several comments explaining why a yes vote makes sense. It’s the no votes that have yet to be supported.

      2. Obama has messed up since the day that he became president in his first term, so why in the world would I have voted in the clown a second time? I may as well have voted for DS as president if I was truly that stupid.

      3. My point exactly. Just because the majority says Smith would have won the game, does not exclude them from the dumb@ss club…..

      4. Don’t start with the politics. We get enough uninformed/misinformed b/s on this site when the conversation is limited to football.

      5. Razor:

        With fact-based, well-reasoned arguments like the one you presented, I don’t know how anyone could disagree with you.

      6. Deputy Balls, shoulder your pistol. You inferred that because the masses voted for Smith, that they were somehow exempt from being a card carrying member of the dumb ass club. I merely used Obama as an example. Would you have preferred the Jews and the crucifying of Christ? Facts in a hypothetical argument are hard to come by. You and your stat brothers are entitled to your opinions, but if the was Smith or Kaepernick going into the Panthers game, I’m going to take Kaepernick…..Oh, and so did Harbaugh.

      7. >>The same ones who voted for Obama again…

        lol. The other option being brain-dead Sarah Palin and the dumb@$$ who picked her, and then in 2012 Mr. Roboto. Yeah, great choices there.

      8. But, but but….Obama had to clean up the little troll Bush’ debt, and face all of the racism, and he had a bad shoulder. It’s not his fault. Maybe America will trade him to Russia and they can go 9-0 vs countries like Mexico, India, and other world military powers. :-)

    3. I answered yes to the poll question, and here’s why….

      The difference between Smith and Kaepernick right now is razor thin, with the only real difference being their speed and as we have all seen, good defenses can neutralize that.

      From a quarterbacking standpoint there were plays in the first half Sunday that Kaepernick missed on that I’ve seen Smith make.

      1. But Jack…. Smith wouldn’t have had any receivers to beat the panthers. You’ve got to send some of that stuff you’re smoking this way.

    1. Jack:

      Great, informative write up. Thanks once again for sharing these with us.

      I knew you had coached, but I didn’t realize that you also had played QB. Do you mind providing some details?

      1. Thanks Claude.

        I played QB in HS for the coach that taught Harbaugh the fly offense. My senior year we made the playoffs for the first time in 6 years.

        After high school I went to a local JC, but got beat out by a guy who would go on to start for 2 years at Wyoming. Although I didn’t get to play much it was a great experience and I learned a ton about offense that I later used as a coach.

      2. Thanks for the background info Jack.

        Let’s see; you played QB in HS, learned more about the game and the position in junior college, and later coached. I don’t know why the four of us continue to read your blog; there’s nothing we could possibly learn from it.

        So, here’s my question. What can Harbaugh/Roman/Chryst do to help Kaepernick make the adjustments he needs to make?

        Thanks in advance.

      3. Claude,

        If their progressions are based on receivers and not DB’s, which is what I think it is, there is a real simple drill that they probably are already doing.

        You line up 3 guys in positions where the receivers should be based on the play. The coach, who is behind the QB signals which one is to be “open”. As the QB starts to go through his progression they either put their hands up to show they are open, or cross their arms to show that they are covered.

        You can make it tougher by adding pressure with people getting in his face, etc.

        That’s one thing from a practice standpoint, but once the game starts they need to give him plays that get the ball out quick. We saw a lot of that during the 5 game win streak, and early on yesterday as well.

        He also needs to do a better job of understanding where guys will be going once the ball is snapped and anticipating the throw. Too often he doesn’t start his throw until the receiver is already open. That is something that I would think Mangini should be able to contribute to from a defensive perspective along with Harbaugh.

    2. Great job as usual Jack. You have become required reading and made me extremely lazy at the same time. I used to go through and watch the all 22 at some point in the week and sometimes not at all due to being busy, but now I don’t bother half the time and just read your break down. Thanks for taking the time to put it together.

    3. Jack, great read as always. It is going to be interesting to see how the team reacts in these next two road games to remain a playoff team. I don’t see a realistic shot at winning the division though mathematically they’re still in the race. The fact that the Seahawks only need to win 3 of their next 6 games (with 4 coming at home) to get to 12-4 compared to the 49ers needing to win 6 of 7 to get to the same record kind of sums up the challenge. Looking like a wildcard spot, but the 49ers are still going to have to string some wins together to get there. I think 11-5 is the record they’ll need. What do you think?

      1. Thanks Space.

        11-5 definitely gets it done, 10-6 and it becomes very interesting. That Dec 29 game against Arizona might be huge.

    4. Good read Jack. Basically the offensive side of the ball (Roman, Kaep, OL, etc.) need to seriously work on their fundamentals which includes not shooting themselves in the foot.

  40. Jack:
    That was a great breakdown of the issues with the offense. Thanks.
    Does Colin have trouble reading defenses or does he not trust what he sees or does he have to see a receiver open before he throws the ball?
    The line appears to have games where they don’t seem to play well. Is it against tougher defenses or are there more mental errors?

  41. What’s the word on Eric Reid?

    This was his second concussion this season.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if he was out indefinately.

    This would be a major blow (no pun intended) to his health, his career, and our secondary (Craig Dahl).

    1. That play upset me, too.

      Reid’s coming in for the tackle, and turns to hit with the shoulder, exactly as the league wants him to. What does the RB do? Lowers his head and puts a blow to the side of Reid’s head.

      I thought they weren’t going to allow that this year. Would hate to see a promising young career derailed like that.

    1. I was a little surprised by that one. I figured that regardless of CB value, he had special teams value on coverage and (more importantly) as backup PR.

      Who steps in to return punts if LMJ goes down now? Anyone know?

  42. Can anyone explain to me why we stopped running gore after the hunter fumble?seemed to me gore was gashing that awesome front 7.we were only down by 1 but it seemed to me like we abandoned the run to early .also why does it seem like we never run any type of crossing routes to create pics and easy throws for kap or maybe a te screen.anything has to be better than all these deep routes

    1. My guess would be that they had a plan to use the run in the first half to set up the pass in the 2nd half. They should have scrapped that plan with Vernon out though if that was the case.

    2. Field position, and poor down and distance situations.

      After the Hunter fumble, they never started a drive outside of their own 20. It was the 12, 1, and 20. On the possession they started at their own 12, they got 31 on the first play on a scramble/penalty, but were put immediately in a 1st and 15 when Boldin jumped offside, followed by 2 drops and an offensive pass interference call on Boldin.

      It’s tough to call plays in those situations.

  43. Agreed that’s a screen call or a draw or if ur creative use ur best weapon and run a crazy designed QB sneak.i can be more creative on madden.thanks jack watched whole game , forgot bout that series,must of been a nightmare!!(oh that’s right it was).

  44. The fact that they continue to ignore the quick 8 yard seam route to the tight end on either side really frustrates me….

  45. If Smith was the QB for the Niners last Sunday.. Panthers would have had double digit sacks.. Or something close.. At least 8 for sure !

    1. Kaepernick was pressured 10 times, resulting in 6 sacks and 0 completions. It’s not like he did anything positive on those plays.

      1. The only way Smith changes the outcome in that game is to have been on the sidelines helping Kaepernick with adjustments and reads……

      2. But imo thats because the Panthers had to respect Kaep’s scrambling ability and speed. Smith has neither so they would of been able to bring the house.. Resulting in more sacks & pressures.

      1. mark,
        Your words: Chiefs (team) win versus Kaepernick (individual) loss, tells me how much you know about the game of football or if you actually understood my comment. In any case, thanks for your response .

    2. That’s just Hater talk. The Panthers are not the most dominating defense that Smith has ever faced. He lost to a few good ones, like the Giants, but he also beat some good ones, like the Giants.
      Alex’s limited skill set would have been enough to beat the Panthers.
      He was better at audibles when he reached he peak before his concussion, and he was better at throwing check-downs.
      Sure he have been sacked more, they would also have had a better chance of winning..

  46. Here are the Week 10 standings and results from the Quest4Six league:

    1. Amsterdam Invaders 8-2
    Lost to TeamSF 92.98 to 83.54

    2. barnone dmp5 6-4
    Defeated Coffee’s for Closers 88.38 to 61.10

    3. NF_HAS 6-4
    Defeated West Coast Bias 120.00 to 54.58

    4. MidWestNiner 5-5
    Defeated GreenDart 107.02 to 97.22

    5. GreenDart 5-5
    Lost to MidWestNiner 107.22 to 97.22

    6. TeamSF 5-5
    Defeated Amsterdam Invaders 92.98 to 83.54

    7. Orenthal Hernandez 4-6
    Lost to Uaaaatchi 85.76 to 72.26

    8. West Coast Bias 4-6
    Lost to NF_HAS 120.00 to 54.58

    9. Coffee’s for Closers 4-6
    Lost to barnone dmp5 88.38 to 61.10

    10. Uaaaatchi 3-7
    Defeated Orenthal Hernandez 85.76 to 72.26

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