Does Vernon Davis have time for football?

Couldn’t I just be Vernon Davis for 24 hours? The 49ers tight end leads such an action-packed and glamorous life, he must have a few premieres or ribbon cuttings to casually toss to the rest of us slobs.

Just check out a few of Davis’ Twitter posts from the past week.

10:33 p.m. Friday: “Thanks to Jim for letting me use his 30million dollar home tomorrow to for my fabulous pool party.”

10:00 a.m. Saturday: “Thanks to Porsche for giving me their new 4 door to drive around. I think I’m in love,”

10:40 a.m. Monday: “House keeping just woke me up, Time to grind now, guess I’ll start my day off with bikram yoga.”

11:38 p.m. Monday: “Just got done with my scene and killed it in 2 takes. Make sure y’all see I’m in love with a church girl when it comes out next yr.”

11:38 a.m. Wednesday: “Rise and shine, where is grace the massage therapist?”

While Davis was splashing at an exclusive pool party, bending into yoga poses and hanging out with rapper Ja Rule this week, his teammates were sweating away at voluntary practices. Rise and shine at 11:38? Most of the 49ers’ were deep into 2-minute drills, nearing the end of the day’s workout.

All of which raises a legitimate question: Is Vernon Davis overextended?

The Pro Bowler is never far from the spotlight. On April 29 he met with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell at 49ers headquarters. On May 13 he took part in a panel discussion on arts funding in San Francisco. He paints, he parties, he poses for pictures. Is there any time left for football?

Mike Singletary is as mono-focused as Davis is eclectic, but the 49ers coach has no problem with his tight end’s Renaissance reputation.

“Maybe he needs it,” Singletary said. “Some people need to stay busy. Some people need to do a lot of different things. Some people can. I’m not one of them. But whatever suits him, as long as he’s doing what he needs to do, taking care of business, I’m fine.”

Singletary added that he “absolutely” sees Davis’ commitment on the field.

Delanie Walker, Davis’ backup at tight end and one of his closest friends on the team, agrees with Singletary.

“Football is his No. 1 priority,” Walker said of Davis. “It’s always good to have some activities outside of football, because you can’t play football forever, and I think he’s just setting a future for him outside of football. But the coaches are not worried about it, I’m not worried about it, Vernon ain’t worried about it. … When he gets in here, he goes hard.”

Another reason the 49ers haven’t sweated Davis’ absence this week: They know what they have in the fifth-year player. He’s a matchup nightmare as a receiver, a physical blocker and an energetic locker-room leader. When he’s off the field, that just means more plays for Walker, Tony Curtis, Joe Jon Finley and rookie Nate Byham.

“I think this is just a good opportunity for me to show the coaches that if something was to happen to Vernon, I could step up and wear his shoes,” Walker said.

And you know those shoes would be fabulous.

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