Dolphins-49ers live blog: First quarter

SAN FRANCISCO — This is the live blog for the first quarter of the 49ers Week 14 game against the Miami Dolphins. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

1:03 David Akers is kicking 50 yard field goals after the coin toss. He seems a little hyped up.

1:04 Alex Smith, a captain, did not get to go to midfield for the coin toss. The 49ers will receive the opening kick.

1:06 LaMichael James, not Ted Ginn Jr., returns the opening kickoff from the very back of the end zone to the SF 26 yard line.

1:08 Colin Kaepernick completes a 20-yard pass to Delanie Walker on the first play of the game. That was a well-designed play by John Morton.

1:09 On third and three from the Dolphins’ 47 yard line, Kaepernick drops back and the pocket collapses. Cameron Wake beats Anthony Davis, sacks Kaepernick and forces a fumble. Anthony Davis recovers the ball and the 49ers punt. Lee’s punt bounces into the end zone. The 49ers offensive line does not hold up in an obvious passing situation, just like last week.

1:09 Davone Bess beats Tarell Brown on a slant on the first play of the game for an eight-yard gain. Next play, Carlos Rogers lets Brian Hartline run right by him, and Tannehill hits the receiver for an easy 28-yard gain. The Dolphins go nowhere after that. Reggie Bush drops an third and eight checkdown pass and the Dolphins punt. They down the ball at the Niners’ six yard line.

1:20 Kaepernick scrambles out of the pocket on first down and throws against his body to Crabtree for a nine-yard completion. Next play, Gore bounces a run outside to the left and picks up 11. Next, Kaepernick hits Vernon Davis underneath, and he’s tackled right away by Karlos Dansby. Gain of four. Then Alex Boone false starts. The the 49ers call timeout to avoid a delay of game. Second and 11.

1:22 Kaepernick drops back, Cameron Wake blows by Anthony Davis and sacks Kaepernick. That’s the second sack Davis has given up in the first quarter. Third and 15.

1:23 Kaepernick fires a pass to Davis in the flat and Davis can’t catch it. The 49ers have to punt. Their pass protection is not holding up. It will be interesting to see if and how the 49ers adjust.

1:26 On third and seven, Bess beats Rogers for a 10-yard completion. Next play, Bess beats Brown on a deep post for a 21-yard gain. First and 10 at the SF 28.

1:28 Two plays later, Hartline beats Rogers on a slant for a six-yard completion on second and six. The Dolphins are marching right down the field.

1:29 On second and seven from the SF 15, Tannehill throws over Fasano’s head and into the hands of Donte Whitner, but he drops it.

1:30 On third and seven, Tannehill dumps a screen to LaMar Milller. Dashon Goldson and Justin Smith whiff. Miller gains eight. First and goal at the seven. But they false start, so it’s first and goal at the 12.

1:31 And then the Dolphins false start again. First and goal at the 17.

1:32 Reggie Bush gains eight yards up the middle on first down. Second and goal at the nine, and that’s the end of the first quarter.

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