Dolphins-49ers live blog: Fourth quarter

SAN FRANCISCO — This is the live blog for the fourth quarter of the 49ers Week 14 game against the Miami Dolphins. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

3:11 Gore runs a draw up the middle for 19 yards. First and goal at the one yard line.

3:11 The 49ers line up in jumbo formation and Anthony Dixon runs it in for a touchdown. 20-6 49ers. The 49ers did not give up any sacks on that drive because Roman called a lot of zone reads and quick passes. That was the first good drive he’s called in a quite some time.

3:17 On the Dolphins first play of the drive, Tannehill hits Bess on the right sideline for eight yards. The 49ers are challenging the play, saying Bess’ foot was out of bounds. They lose the challenge and their last timeout.

3:21 Tarell Brown is flagged for illegal contact, and then on the next play Tannehill steps up  in the pocket, jukes Goldson and picks up 20 yards. First and 10 at the SF 40.

3:22 Tannehill throws deep to Hartline in the end zone. He’s being covered one-on-one by Chris Culliver, and he knocks the pass away. Beautiful play. He’s unquestionably the 49ers best cornerback.

3:23 On third and eight, Pouncey puts Goldson on his back and Bush gains nine yards on a screen pass.

3:25 Bush gains two yards on first down, four yards on second down and 17 yards on third and three. First and goal at the six.

3:26 Daniel Thomas picks up two yards on first and goal and one yard on second and goal. Third and goal from the three.

3:27 The Dolphins call a sprint right option, and Tannehill throws the ball away. They’re going for it on fourth and goal.

3:28 Tannehill throws it up to Fasano in the back corner of the end zone. He makes a sprawling, diving catch and gets one knee in bounds. 20-13 49ers with 7:55 left in the game.

3:35 Another bad series for Greg Roman. The 49ers offense goes three and out. Crabtree gains five yards on a wide receiver screen on first down. James gains nothing on a pitch sweep to the left on second down. And Roman calls a short pass to Crabtree on third and five which only gains three yards. The 49ers punt. Dolphins ball at their 38 yard line down seven with 5:35 left in the fourth quarter.

3:41 Aldon Smith is flagged for a neutral zone infraction on first down. The Dolphins move the ball to the 50 and then Fangio calls back-to-back blitzes. On the second blitz, Bowman hits Tannehill in the head and is flagged 15 yards. First and 10 at the SF 35 yard line.

3:43 Tannehill overthrows a deep pass on first down, and then throws the ball away on second down before Aldon Smith can sack him. Third and 10. Two bad play calls by the Dolphins.

3:44 The Dolphins call timeout before Jonathan Martin false starts.

3:44 The Dolphins should call a quick slant pass on third and ten. It has worked for them all game. Even if they don’t get 10 yards, they should get to fourth and short with a slant pass.

3:45 The Dolphins call another deep pass. Dumb. Tannehill overthrows it. Now they have to convert a fourth-and-ten.

3:46 Tannehill overthrows another deep pass. Four terrible play calls in a row by Mike Sherman. The Dolphins were moving the ball with runs and short passes, and they had plenty of time. They got to midfield and started throwing deep for no reason.

3:52 On third and six, Kaepernick lines up in the pistol. He fakes the handoff and runs around the left end for a 50-yard TD run. 27-13 49ers. I’m running down to the locker room. Back at you soon.

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