Donte Whitner lobbies for Terrell Owens on twitter

This falls under the “For What it’s Worth” category.

Donte Whitner, who played for the Buffalo Bills with Terrell Owens in 2009, lobbied for the Niners to sign the once-great wide receiver this morning on twitter.

T.O. started the correspondence by tweeting this to Whitner: “Let em know if they need me I’m ready homie!! I’m ready 2 take em deep!!”

Whitner then responded with this tweet: “I know u are! And I’m ready to vouch for (you)…and let everyone kno how GREAT of a teammate u were in Buffalo!”

If Whitner’s really lobbbying for Owens behind the scenes, the chances of the Niners signing T.O. may have improved. Whitner is the most serious player on the team and his words carry weight.

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