Dorsey: “You draw the line where the ball is knock them back.”

CHARLOTTE – Here’s what Glenn Dorsey said at his locker after the game.

Q: It seemed to me the two goal line stands turned the game. Do you agree?

DORSEY: I agree. Those were some big downs, man. We had our back against the wall, but we perform better like that. In games like this, you want it to come down to your defense. You look forward to those opportunities. Hopefully, we won’t be in goal line as much but, when you are, you’ve got to do your job and the defense stepped up.

Q: They were down there twice. Is there a mindset you guys have, and are you saying things to each other?

DORSEY: Yeah, you draw your line. You draw the line where the ball is and knock them back.

Q: Do you feel sorry for yourself that they’re so close to the goal line?

DORSEY: I don’t know if I feel sorry. I’m mad that we let them get down there. Always. As a defense, you want to hold them to nothing. Of course you’re going to be a little angry. You’ve got to make it right.

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