Draft day live blog: Day 2

SANTA CLARA — This is the live blog for Day 2 of the NFL Draft. I will update this with information and analysis from the 49ers’ press trailer.

3:56 The 49ers probably are targeting  a cornerback who can play on the outside in Round 2. Which cornerback do you think the Niners are targeting? I think Pierre Desir is the best cornerback available.

4:11 The Texans draft Xavier Su’a-Filo with the 33rd pick. I love that Houston has passed on a quarterback with its first two picks.

4:14 The Redskins trade the 34th pick to the Cowboys for pick Nos.47 and 78. They have to take a defensive lineman here.

4:16 They do. The Cowboys draft DE Demarcus Lawrence with the 34th pick.

4:21 The Browns draft OT Joel Bitonio with the 35th pick. The Raiders are on the clock. They should not take Derek Carr. They should trade down.

4:26 Of course, the Raiders take Carr. Adam Schefter tweets Carr was the Raiders’ top-rated quarterback. Good grief.

4:37 The Falcons take DT Ra’Shede Hageman with the 37th pick.

4:39 The Buccaneers draft TE Austin Seferian-Jenkins with the 38th pick. The Buccaneers now have a 6-5 tight end and two 6-5 wide receivers.

4:41 The Jaguars take Marqise Lee with the 39th pick. I like Jacksonville’s first-two picks, Blake Bortles and Lee.

4:43 The Seahawks traded the 40th pick to the Lions.

4:45 The Lions draft LB Kyle Van Noy with the 40th pick.

4:48 The Bills trade the 41st pick to the Rams.

4:49 The Rams take S/CB Lamarcus Joyner with the 41st pick. I wonder if they would have taken Jimmie Ward had he still been available.

4:52 The Titans trade the 42nd pick to the Eagles.

4:54 The Eagles take Jordan Matthews. Great pick. I’m glad Matthews went before Cody Lattimer.

4:58 The Giants draft C Weston Richburg with the 43rd pick.

5:00 The Bills take T Cyrus Kouandjio with the 44th pick.

5:09 The Seahawks take WR Paul Richardson with the 45th pick. Love this pick. Russell Wilson gets another deep threat.

5:10 The Steelers take Stephon Tuitt with the 46th pick.

5:13 The Redskins take Trent Murphy with the 47th pick.

5:19 The Ravens take Timmy Jernigan with the 48th pick.

5:26 Looks like Pierre Desir, or whichever CB the 49ers desire, will be waiting for them at pick No.56.

5:29 The Jets take TE Jace Amaro with the 49th pick. The Chargers are on the clock. They traded up with the Dolphins.

5:31 The Chargers take OLB Jeremiah Attaochu with the 50th pick. Mike Mayock thinks he “isn’t long enough.”

5:34 The Bear draft DT Ego Ferguson with the 51st pick. Five picks away from the 49ers’ first selection of Day 2.

5:40 The Cardinals take TE Troy Niklas with the 52nd pick.

5:43 The Packers take WR Davante Adams with the 53rd pick. Good replacement for James Jones.

5:46 The Titans take RB Bishop Sankey with the 54th pick.

5:48 The 49ers trade pick Nos. 56 and 242 to the Broncos for pick Nos. 63, 171 and a fourth rounder in 2015.

5:53 The Bengals take RB Jeremy Hill with the 55th pick.

5:55 The Broncos take WR Cody Lattimer.

5:55 The 49ers trade up with the Dolphins for pick No.57.

5:57 The 49ers’ pick is in.

6:03 It’s RB Carlos Hyde. The 49ers take him with the 57th pick. Good pick. He fits the 49ers’ offense much better than LaMichael James does.

6:10 The 49ers trade the 61st pick to the Jaguars.

6:17 The Jaguars take Allen Robinson with the 61st pick. I love Jacksonville’s draft so far.

6:24 The Patriots take QB Jimmy Garoppolo with the 62nd pick. I don’t like that pick. They passed up a player who could have helped their Super Bowl run this season.

6:35 The Texans take TE C.J. Fiedorowicz with the 65th pick.

6:46 The 49ers’ No.70 pick is in.

6:53 The 49ers take C Marcus Martin from USC with the 70th pick.

7:05 The 49ers’ No.77 pick is in.

7:14 The 49ers’ take ILB Chris Borland with pick No.77. Theme of the draft for the Niners: Improve the middle of their offense and defense.

7:59 The 49ers trade the 94th pick to the Browns.

8:18 The 49ers take G Brandon Thomas from Clemson with the 100th pick. Consistent with the 49ers’ theme of the draft.

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  1. Per Jason La Canfora:

    “Hearing Nix could go HOU at 33, Lee at 35, Carr at 36 (Dallas could trade up for pass rush here). Amaro or pass rusher at 37. Su’a-Filo 38”

    He also says Jernigan to the Seahawks at #40.

  2. Am I the only one who fixates on watching the clock countdown? I like that trades show up almost immediately on the big board.

  3. Does Cannonball Baalke make a splash in the second? Or does Budha Baalke sit in the lotus position and go with the flow?
    My guess is he embraces the inevitable (stays and goes BPA but with one cb in 56/61.)

  4. I agree Grant. They are doing a good job of restocking on talent, and can still get a serviceable QB later on.

  5. The Dallas trade starts the market for trade ups: #78 for 13 spots. Means the Niners could move 56 to 43 for #77. With the Johnson trade I doubt Baalke makes this kind of move.

  6. So far so good. This is shaping out pretty good for the Niners. The fat guys are flying off the board, lots of quality DBs on the board.

  7. Just woke up and had my first cup of coffee here in the mountains of northwest Thailand (Chiang Mai).

    As I noted in my short pre-draft post yesterday, you do not draft a WR when you need CBs. Look for the 49ers to continue to look for CBs and pass rushers in this draft, maybe OL if the right player is available.

    We don’t need any rookie WRs on the 2014 roster with the current group o WRs. Someone mentioned trading Crabs. Well, IF an AFC team would give up a 2015 first or two #2’s ….

  8. I think speculation the Falcons are switching to a 3-4 can be confirmed. Hageman will be a nice fit as a 3-4 DE that switches inside to DT on 4-man fronts.

    1. I am usually loath to be overly negative about the pleadings prepared by a fellow member of the bar, but the complaint to which he story links reads more like plaintiff’s closing argument than a pleading. The entire “introduction” has no place in a pleading as it is of no legal significance. I will take a step further and add that, in I my evaluation of this pleading, the introduction (which is not a required, or even common element of plaintiff’s complaint) is targeted at the press, the public and Culliver’s “handlers”. It is designed for the “pay off” negotiations, not for the court.

      The actual claims are a mixed bag.

      Assault – yeah, pretty good case.

      Battery — depends on the “touching” itself. Hitting a car with another car can be battery on the occupants of the car that was hit.

      Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress (IIED) — difficult to meet all the elements and seems unlikely given the facts alleged.

      Negligent Entrustment – this is against whoever lent Culliver the car. Meh. May be a proximate cause problem for plaintiff — can’t show the entrustment was proximal to the damaging behavior.

      My favorite part of the entire complaint (and not favorite in a good way), is the gratuitous (and extra-evidentiary) association of Culliver with dog fighting, and by extension, Michael Vick (Plaintiff’s Complaint Paragraph 9). There is absolutely no place in a court pleading for that kind of garbage.

    2. Not to be facetious, but I don’t even think Chris Culliver has the cultural knowledge to know to use a term like “wet-back” as an insult. I highly doubt that term is in his vocabulary based on the substance (or lack there of) in every interview that he’s done to date as a 49er. I’m not calling Chris Culliver dumb, just know of the intelligence to even know that term exists or even how/when to use it. But then again…I could be wrong. We’ll wait until it’s settled.

  9. Smart for Seattle to stockpile 4th round picks in this deep draft. Looks like they made the move as soon as Lee was gone.

        1. Yes, I agree with him. He’s in a good situation with the Giants, they should use him properly.

    1. I was hoping some a bizarre BPA scenario where the run on WRs caused Aaron Donald (or Barr) dropped to the low 20s, the Niners trading up for him.

    1. KY49er: Well, there is no rush to draft a WR. The Niners still need DB and DL. Plenty of those around on the board. Good value at their spot. No need to panic and overreach like the Rams just did.

  10. Baalke thinks he’s smarter then everyone else…He did well with McCloughan s picks..He’llreach again here…

  11. Wow Seahawks one up us as always…Let’s get that big ass corner from Nebraska and beat Seattle at there own game..

  12. Wow, didnt see that coming. He is a burner with decent hands but very slight. Seahawks will need to put him on that Ahem… “adderall”.

  13. At this point it is looking like there will actually be very good value left at WR and CB for the 49ers #56 and #61 picks…

    1. Razor: I think McQuarles would be a better fit than Nix…and value. You can get him in the 3rd round.

  14. Well I’m at a lost. I didn’t agree with who everyone thought we should take but it seems like everyone’s picks are being picked by everyone except us.

    1. It’s a deep draft, so it’s the best year in a while for standing pat and keeping the five day two picks. Not saying I might not have made a bid or two for the top of the second, but staying has it’s value arguement. Stay tuned.

    1. Thanks Scooter. I am in Asia so the changes on the board take longer to reflect on my screen. Stockpiling is good…

      1. Good trade. Still plenty of CBs and WRs on the board, only move back a few spots, but swap a 7th for a 5th and replace the 4th rounder (or 3rd) in 2015 they gave up for Johnson.

    2. But why? This is a text I sent a friend earlier today:
      He asked me who we were going to draft in the 2nd round:
      “I have no clue what we are doing. If I had to guess they are going to try to trade this years picks for next yr. We did that last year”

    3. Thx. I also am traveling and updates are slow (including Grant’s!). Appreciate it. Seems like good value.

  15. WTF!!!! Baalke doesn’t seem to know what the hell he is doing. Time for the hot seat. We need three or four quality guys, not MORE draft pics. We should have been moving up for high quality, not down for mass mediocrity. Baalke sucks, we need a new GM.

  16. Great pick at a position of need! AND he’s the number one player at his position in my opinion in this draft.

  17. Trent Baalke, I tip my cap. Only time will tell how smart these picks are, but I have to commend you for an excellent subterfuge on our draft picks and focus. So much for Lattimore as Gore’s replacement…maybe he will be, maybe he won’t.

    I still think we’re a couple of young WRs receiver short of a potential dynasty, but I’d hate to play poker with you.

  18. I’m not sure what the trade up cost, but I believe it was the two 2014 picks we got from the Broncos earlier – #63 and #171.

  19. I’ll take Hyde BUT we need a WR to open up the BOX and everything underneath. It’s nothing but a cluster. I can’t watch our RB’s running into an 7-8 man filled box again

  20. Love that Hyde not only brings power, he’s an excellent pass blocker on 3rd downs. Keeps Gore fresh throughout the year. And Lattimore can essentially redshirt again if he needs to. We still have a 2nd and a few 3rd’s to bolster our CB, DL, C, WR positions.

    1. Seriously? I think you’re in for a huge surprise from lattimore then. lol from what I’ve heard from Gil Brandt, who I’ve learned to trust, lattimore looks “dynamite”.

  21. Either that was a mistake, or Lattimore was a mistake. I have been a fan of Baalke, but this is either a mea culpa or an error.

  22. So Baalke just admitted that the draft of Marcus Lattimore was a stupid mistake. He keeps trading to avoid drafting mistakes.

    1. It won’t be a mistake when Lattimore and Hyde form a two-headed beast to take over for Gore in 2015.

    2. Greg: No, he took the best RB and best player available. The Niners’ offense is geared for running. It only means that LMJ is gone…there is room for Lattimore and Hyde in this offense.

    3. Greg– Baalke makes move’s to correct mistakes. That same pattern manifested itself in his during season roster moves. It’s driven by ego. I do not like the patterns I have been seeing out of him for some time. Just not the type of character you want in charge making decisions.

  23. I love Carlos Hyde he is a top 20 talent at the bottom of the 2nd rd. Baalke continues to kill it.

    1. He is a good player but the process by which he was gotten by was flawed. Most of Baalke’s moves are goal displaced. They do not follow a plan of action but are individual moves. Initially I also thought his individual moves were dictated towards a larger objective but it became clear that there is very little coordination of pattern but rather they are in fact rather sporadic. In isolation they appear to be good moves but not when put into the big picture.

    1. Razor: Lucky? I think Baalke understood the draft as a whole from day one. They must have estimated that in such a deep draft there would be long runs of certain positions. Great job so far….but I am still waiting for that stud at C. Someone has to push around those Rams linemen…

  24. I did draft Hyde in a mock draft but that was after I took one WR & CB. I’m holding out Martavis Bryant

  25. Wtf? I don’t understand stand Baalke …i like the Hyde pick but we do all this trading then draft lattimor and then we draft another running back? Color me confused…anyways Hyde is a beast great pick great value

    1. As I stated Hyde is a good player and a value pick at that position, but not one that makes a great deal of sense considering the big picture. I for one do not assume that Baalke must know what he is doing. As I have often stated Baalke has serious flaws which effect his ability to make long term co-ordinating decisions. He is like an ADD GM. Smart but very Erratic.

      1. I’m convinced you don’t understand both Baalke and Harbaugh’s over all football philosophy. The Hyde pick isn’t that surprising…if not expected.

  26. So what picks do we have now? We keep trading back but they don’t seem to say what picks we traded for

  27. 4 picks in the 3rd round. Lots of value in that round. I imagine more trades are in the plans for future considerations.

  28. Bizarre to pick a rb unless this guy is GREAT but Baalke falls in love with players like LMJ which was a wasted pick as was AJ. To stop the guys on the Hawks, Rams, etc we will need impact CBs and pass rushers. Maybe Lattimore isn’t healing fast enough.

    1. Kezar: I don’t know…by looking at the board, there are lots of solid players, particularly CB’s and pass rushers. The 3rd round will be key. They will have to come up with a solid CB and DL out of it.

    2. He’s not.
      Marcus Lattimore concedes he’s “not all the way back, physically or mentally” from his catastrophic college knee injuries.
      Lattimore’s college career-ending injury involved ACL, PCL, and LCL tears in his right knee. Lattimore concedes he “still lacks the first-step burst” and “explosiveness through the hole” that he possessed as a freshman. Even before the 2012 triple-knee-ligament tear, Lattimore tore his left ACL as a sophomore. Lattimore is an easy guy to root for, but remains a long shot to rediscover past dynamic form. We’ll monitor him closely throughout training camp, of course

  29. Baalke is better at trades than at drafting. You might call him a draft dodger with his seeming fear of pulling the trigger.

      1. Yeah, Baalke is terrible. This draft weekend has been a disaster. This team is going to the toilet. Blah blah blah…

  30. I guess you trade back when your guy (Jean-Baptiste) gets plucked in front of you due to poor drafting tactics. Harbaugh should be livid

  31. Jaguars are well and truly saying goodbye to Justin Blackmon. That offense finally has some weapons. Lee and Robinson + Shorts should be a nice combo for Bortles to throw to.

    1. Too bad we can’t build our future though the draft. I like veteran receiver but GEEZ we have to have young guys coming up through the ranks.

  32. I do not like Carlos Hyde.
    He was a big back that was seldom hit in the backfield. This concerns me when coupled with his upright running style… all that power goes to waste if you run upright and dont get a head of steam up. getting to the second level untouched almost never happens in the pros.

  33. Bottom line is that with a bit of hoodie-voodie pick trading, Baalke came up with the necessary 4th round for next year to pay Buffalo. Pretty cool. Now let’s watch what he does in the next hour or so…

        1. You are just so enamored with Baalke’s wheeling and dealing that you lose sight of the big picture-much like he does. The wide receiver they acquired through that trade is going to cost a lot against the cap. That trade was also a make up for a mistake. The reason that draft picks are the way to go in todays NFL is because of the advantage of rookie salaries against the cap. To stay out of cap difficulties teams need to stock their rosters with draft picks. The idea for having draft picks in a deep draft is to acquire high quality players starters that can be kept at a low cost while their rookie contracts are still active. It’s still a short term correction but at a high cap cost. Baalke is much like the financial experts who put this country into economic heell. They wheel and deal giving the appearance of growth but it’s just all smoke and mirrors.

  34. Hyde reminds me of Ron Dayne. ….he looks like he gets taken down easily after the first hit plus gets caught from behind. But, he did get most of his handoffs out of shotgun which gore hates. Hell be good for short yardage I guess……I’m not too excited.

    1. Hyde has more shiftiness, better balance, better vision, softer hands, and pass-blocking ability than Dayne. And Hyde has a bigger frame.

    2. I agree, I hate big backs with upright running styles… He reminds me of Brandon Jacobs. A big slow running back that needs to build up speed to be affective… meh.

  35. NFL.com…why do you ask Matt Millen to give advice on the draft?!! He is giving a lecture on when to take the BPA and when to stay true to your board.

  36. As the lone member of the Charles Sims bandwagon let me say I think he can be very effective in today’s NFL. And curse you NFL for making us wait through two commercial breaks for this pick.

  37. I’ve found Baalke frustrating today, but the layering of picks does make a lot of sense. A bruiser RB behind a monster center (and the rest of our line). It’s so perfect for play action – I just wish we had one true burner (VD?).

  38. The Niners’ are a running team first and foremost. They are getting stronger….and much better at those key positions.

  39. Baalke who hasn’t proven he can pick a pass catcher is going to Find a diamond in the rough midway through round three?

  40. I predicted after the Johnson trade today that Baalke would have a monumental draft weekend and so far I think I’m right in a big way

  41. Love the pick. I was a bit nervous about just turning the starting center job over to Kilgore. Now add the best C in the draft, and in the third round? Perfect.

    I believe Martin has the ability to start at C from day one, although he’ll have to prove it by beating out Kilgore.

    1. Moncrief was the 3rd fastest WR in the combine and is 6-2, 220, far bigger than the 2 guys that ran a little faster. What do you say Oneniner, let’s make it 2 in a row with a Moncrief prediction?

      1. Sounds good to me

        Mississippi wide receiver Donte Moncrief (6-2, 225) – Lightning fast for a man his size with 4.4 speed, including an impressive first-step burst. He’s also a good blocker, but his reputation is a guy who often makes the highlight-reel catches.

  42. I love Ward, Hyde, Martin and Johnson. This draft is not what ANYONE expected but three quality prospects added and one quality proven player added.

  43. Martin is a mauler!!! He just needs to stay on his feet and stay with his block. 330 lbs!!! Where Is The beef?

    1. Oh! Borland is a Football Player, capitalization purposeful. ST. Plugger. Smart.
      Trench Warrior, no 3rd downs, but can blitz on 2nd.

    1. Not fast for coverages, but can blitz, fill the 4 hole, run to the ball with good angles. Tough and football smart and instinctive vs run.

  44. WTF? A backup MLB? IS it just me or does anyone in the 49ers fron office see the gaping hole at CB? How about the desperate need for a big red zone WR? A speedy WR?

    1. You are aware that Bowman probably starts the year on the PUP list (which means he’s out at least the first six weeks), right? And even then, he may not be playing at the level he was last year for awhile.

      This is not just a backup linebacker; this is a guy who will have the opportunity to earn a starting position for at least the start of the season. He’ll have the chance to make an important contribution.

  45. Well Patrick Willis isn’t the player he used to be, maybe this guy can be groomed to take over when Willis’ contract is up.

    1. Domingo: at this point on the draft, teams have fewer picks, maybe one per round and are trying to maximize their selections. The Niners will find a solid CB and speedy WR at the end of this round..

  46. Borland reminds me big time of Gary Plummer. He wasn’t tall enough. He wasn’t fast enough but he had a hell of a career and was a damn good 49er

  47. Chris Borland can ball — don’t worry about his size and arm length. 49ers have drafted two defensive players with a nose for the ball in Ward and Borland.

  48. This draft sucks…..not many top notch players…..I can’t even think of a cb or wr they could pick and would be guaranteed to make the roster……

  49. You don’t draft a player just for need. He has to be better than the players you have. The Niners aren’t going to take a player who can’t make the team.
    It is pretty clear they don’t grade the CB’s very high.

  50. Is anyone going to draft Louis Nix?! The guy is still on the board…why are teams staying away from him?

  51. DId I forget to mention, BEAT LA!

    On the Borland pick, I thought Skov could have been the pick until I remembered where he went to school.

  52. I think Borland went here as another value pick. A guy who is smart enough to start right away, giving Bowman plenty of time to heal. Borland will also be a great special teamer, and should be great in practice and off the field.

    Though, I agree that we need to get to CB soon. My big question is which TYPE of CB will we take?

  53. Another good football player, but at this point I think we have to assume that the Niners have absolutely no interest in upgrading the CB position. I suspect they simply don’t value corners full stop. They just don’t see their value in the scheme, and think that getting pressure on the QB is far more important than staying with WRs. Just seems like a philosophy thing. We waited for CBs throughout the last draft too. Just never, ever happens. Maybe they simply love Cook? Makes no sense to me, but hey.

    1. They already have – Ward will play as the nickel CB. I expect they will still draft another CB yet too.

      1. I’m talking about an outside CB not a nickel. We have Brock and Culliver, and we all know the latter is a tad flakey on and off the field. Ward pick was fine by me but we need more CBs rather than backups at positions we already have depth. All i can say is that the Niners obviously disagree and think they already have sufficient depth. I hope I’m wrong and they’re right of course

  54. Love Borland!
    This guy will more than make up for the loss of our last special teams phenom, Blake Costanzo.

    Not necessarily the type of body type player that Baalke picks, but this guy is a straight-up ball’r who will make an instant impact on ST’s and make an occasional appearance on defense.

    The 49ers have not made any sexy picks, but the players selected so far are solid and have a very good chance of not only making the roster, but making contributions in their rookie season.

    1. As someone else mentioned earlier, I think Baalke is just going for “safe picks” this draft. He was afraid to pull the trigger. He didn’t go for any WR and instead traded for one. Still covering for his weakness. wi the receivers still left are low expectation low risk so if they don’t pan out he won’t have to take responsibility for drafting another bust. They really needed to get a couple young receivers in this draft. Now they have high cost vets who’s contracts will soon expire.

    2. Way better than Blake Costanzo. This guy has a legit shot at starting while Bowman is out. He is a stud. He is not fast, but he is quick.

  55. Not at all confident in that Chess GM

    Harbaalke are damned excellent at maneuvering the Draft esp picking up extra picks. Yes they pick outstanding strong, football smart tough players BUT I think Harbaalke is ABSOLUTELY CLUELESS in recognizing we NEED MORE SPEEEEED on this Offense to stretch the freaking field!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Harbaugh is about power, toughness, & grinding

    Walsh likes that too but puts way more emphasis on SPEED & EXPLOSIVENESS. A MORE DYNAMIC VARIED OFFENSE

    I repeat all this Offense NEEDS IS A LEGIT DEEP THREAT & we would be completely unstoppable & Super Bowl favorites on multiple years. It MOST DEFINITELY INCREASES OUR ODDS

    Harbaalke not seeing how crucial & important it is to get that speed deep threat is just IGNORANT!!

    1. I disagree your screams for speedy wr is overrated…..and who is the speedy wr you think is available…….

      Bottom line your speedy receiver will only play 25% of the snaps….stop whinning….

      1. Just because you can not see the need doesn’t make it not so. The coaches also recognize the need for a speed receiver. Why do you think Baalke reached for Jenkins? Don’t you remember what both Baalke and Harbaugh said about why they drafted him? Baalke thought he had found a steal, but he just wasn’t strong enough to break coverage. If you can not comprehend the cause and effect nature of a speed receive on the rest of the offense leave it to those that have the ability. Why does it bother you when others speak about things you can not comprehend?

        1. I can comprehend we have won lots of games including played 3 NFC championship games in a row without a speedy WR…..

          A speedy WR who would only play 20% of game snaps is not a priority for our style of play.

          Did I miss the part where Groman is no longer our OC or has everyone forgotten who our OC is?

          1. They idea is not to get to the NFCC game but to win the Superbowl. It’s to find and acquire the missing pieces. The Niner offense was much more effective when they had Moss on the field. He didn’t even have to make receptions the threat of him going deep opened up the middle for Crabs and the run. You don’t beat Seattle with possession receivers. The only receivers who had good games against them where speed receivers. Seattle DB’s can be beaten with speed. Their DB are not very fast. The team needs to get the pieces that they are missing not just double up on the ones they already have.

  56. How much playing time will a rookie wide receiver get with Crabtree, Bolin,Johnson and Patton?
    speed is great, but it has to get on the field.

    1. So does it make sense to fill your team with possession receivers?. Granted they are far easier to come by, but that shouldn’t the attempt at getting one. This was the draft to do that. If they don’t get one it will be an opportunity missed. It would make just as little sense to have a team devoid of possession receivers. Crabs contract will soon expire. Johnson goes up to 9 mil next year. Boldin is gone after next year as well. All they have done is delay the problem. Patten is still a question mark. Remember Williams looked good for a short stint before he was injured the season before last. Where are the receivers going to come from? Expensive free agents? Johnson was just a short term fix. The problem with him is that he expires the same time as Boldin and with Johnsons cap hit they definitely would not be able to resign Crabs. They had the capital to improve their odds this year of acquiring cheap young talent but chose to chicken out. What is left are purely shot in the dark prospects.

      1. This gives the offense more options. With Anquan Boldin, Crabtree and Johnson, we have three receivers who know how to get open and know how to make plays. This offense is much better today than it was yesterday.

        1. I agree that the offense is better. But the argument that is given about the speed receiver not seeing the field because of the lack of 3 wide receiver sets also applies to Johnson as well. I do understand that it is important to have depth but I am just using this as an example of why having a more than 3 receivers is a good idea. Acquiring Johnson does not mean that they don’t still need to draft a low cost ( preferably speed) receiver who will have years to play on his rookie contract.

      2. I might have made a mistake about the cost of Johnson contract next year. That’s what I read but it seems a bit too high to be real. Perhaps it’s this years and next years combined.

    2. Sure if the talent is lacking speed won’t get on the field. That’s why you have to move up to get the better talent. Loading your team with possession receivers is an example of a lack of acquiring the talent you need. They have bombed out in respect to receivers who can stretch the field. I remember certain people saying that it takes a receiver at least a season and a half to reach their potential. The excuse used for AJ. Well if that is so shouldn’t they be drafting receivers now to replace Boldin, Crabs and Johnson? No the excuse is always given that we have all the starters and they wouln’t see the field as rookies. Well what about when the vets contracts expire? Then you are going to put them on the field as rookies? Why continually defer draft picks to the next season if the effectiveness of those picks is deferred even more when they are used on receivers.

  57. The Martin pick either means Iupati is not a priority or they have no faith in Kilgore.
    The RB pick was a head shaker as well. Not sure why or where that came from. Baalke so far this draft is confusing as to what he wants. Maybe round three provides more insight.

    1. Prime Time, I don’t think you and I have ever agreed on anything. We are a power running team. Yet, when it comes to drafting a stud RB and Center, you don’t see “where that came from.” Unbelievable.

        1. Prime Time – Last year the Hawks won by leaning on a power running game to set up their passing game. And, of course, they played great defense.

    2. I dunno Prime. OC was one priority, but I thought for depth. So, not too many OCs this year? So maybe you don’t want a 5th Rounder. So they looked upgrade instead of back up. Kilgore probably
      starts Gme#1, but Martin wins the job eventually. Brick in the wall.

    3. Why is it that every pick means a previous pick was a bust or something? Has anyone ever heard of depth and versatility? Just sayin!

      1. Depth is good but it needs to come after immediate needs are met. Interesting that the depth that was filled out this season wasn’t dealt with in the last two previous drafts which were also filled with plenty of picks. If someone has to continue to draft for the same positions year after year that should tell you something. How many draft picks were wasted the last few drafts. It seems like as the seasons progress more and more holes ( positions of need ) in the roster appear that were not considered and dealt with when the excess draft picks were available. Long term planning appears to be lacking.

    4. Prime,

      Been telling you forever that they wouldn’t resign Iupati. They aren’t giving a huge deal to a G who isn’t a great pass blocker, especially when they have others that need to be resigned. Thomas and Martin will be plugged in next year to replace Iupati and Kilgore. Martin may replace Kilgore this year although he’s likely going to sit for awhile due to being so young.

  58. Harbaughs vision of the Offense. Tough, run first, some passing

    Baalkes vision of the Offense = nada, nothing. He just acquires smart tough football players. He has zero vision how a dynamic or more dynamic passing game should be

    He has a QB who excels at throwing intermediate to deep but NO SPEED receiver to take advantage of him or open up all of our remaining weapons

    I’m just saying Harbaalke is missing something. As far as getting that “guy” to get on the field GO FIND & GET HIM & make it a priority

    Ex….WTF is Brandon Lloyd doing here? We’re just f’ing around with no purpose

    1. We get it.
      You’re not happy and need to let it out.

      But how many posts you need to do that?

  59. A returner /CB or WR would be good in the next few picks.
    the Niners can only use another 2-3 picks, except for a red shirt choice.

    1. Haha, nah, I don’t get too invested in any of these guys as 49ers. I’m quite happy with how the draft is playing out.

  60. Stevie Johnson I get. He’s young & could replace our Boldin/Crabtree type of big possession WR who could challenge Seattle’s big corners


    1. No we don’t. …..again how many speedy wr’s can play 75% of the snaps on a niner team……the only hope you have is a wr-pr/kr….who can play 10-20% of the snaps and own the return game….

      1. You are using a catch 22 argument. Since we haven’t had a reliable third receiver we have not used many 3 receiver sets. We have not had a viable speed receiver since Moss either. You can not use what you don’t have. It does not follow that if they had a speed receiver that he would not see the field more than 20%. They now have 3 viable targets with Johnson. Does it follow that it was a mistake to pay Johnson the cap hit he brings because he is only going to see the field on 20% of the snaps. You are using an illogical argument. Most of you are attempting to play “Chess” using “Checkers” intellect.

    2. Mike S,
      I too felt that a ‘speed’ WR was a priority, but the fact that Harbaugh and Baalke have not chosen a speed WR early on only proves that our priority and the Org’s priorities are absolutely different.

      I will continue to trust our brain thrust to make the right picks and so far the players that have been chosen far exceeds last years (maybe last 2 yrs) picks across the board (minus Reid).

      1. I am glad you also trusted the people in Washington to watch out for our financial interests. Most people are still clueless as to the disaster that they have created because not all the consequences have not hit yet. All that was also foreseeable but people trusted that they knew what they were doing as well. Most of you know football and many of you are very good at evaluating individual players. Much better at it than I am. But when it comes to recognizing managerial ineffectiveness or character flaws and the generally foreseeable negative patterns and results which they produce, then most of you are totally blind.

        1. Wiiltalk,
          I think you confused this blog site for the Huffington Post for a moment there bud.

          I’m here for football, who and what I support in Washington is my personal business.

          BTW, speaking of football, I give our picks (to this point) a grade B.

  61. Anyone noticed how few corners have been taken in the last two rounds. None? Stop bitching, obviously the talent is not at that position.

    1. The predraft grade for the cb position was a C-. A lot of depth but not much quality. That is why I pushed for moving up to get a WR as opposed to a CB. Some of the CB’s might still pan out but none were real shutdown corners. It was a high volume low quality draft at that position.

        1. Count yourself fortunate that we are not meeting face to face. I don’t like to write because I am not that good at expressing myself. I think in concepts that are not very easily expressed through the limits of a forum. I could write a book on the interpersonal dynamics of the 49er front office.

  62. A very perplexing draft. I love the players we have gotten and the value in their selections but cannot believe that Baalke has passively held back and let the draft come to him. Thought he would aggressively trade up for some sexier picks.

    1. Domingo,
      “cannot believe that Baalke has passively held back and let the draft come to him.”

      Ha! best line of the day. That is a great description of how Baalke has treated this draft.

      But although there are no sexy picks, every pick so far has been solid and are great value at where we chose them.
      Brandon Thomas could have easily been an early 2nd rd player if not for his leg injury.
      Chris Borland does not fit the prototypical LB mode, but this guy is going to make Sunday’s very exciting because he is a flat-out ball’r.

      Baalke and Harbaugh may have well let the draft come to them, but because this draft is so deep the pickings have been bountiful imo.

  63. The 49er defensive picks are all about “natural football instincts” so far.
    The 49er offensive picks are about winning the middle.

    Sorry to see Moncrief go.

  64. I love the job these 2 are doing but IMHO SPEED WR to open up all our weapons & maximize Kaps talents would overwhelm our opponents

    We’d kick some serious a$$ esp with the D we built. And our solid STs play. Bottom line we need just a bit more speed, pop, & explosiveness in our Offense & the legit speed WR who can legitimately also catch would accomplish that for us

    1. Their 4th (106 overall).

      Good thing that the Niners can’t trade their 100. They’ll have to pick somebody!

  65. Had a feeling we would trade…….this draft sucks….not much talent……niners doing well not just wasting picks…

  66. The #49ers have traded the 94th-overall pick to the Browns for picks 106 (4th round) & 180 (6th round). #49ersDraft

    Strange trade that one. Not sure there is much value in trading back for a 6th rounder.

  67. In other news the entire 7th round now belongs to SF.
    This draft makes no sense so far, we dont need this many picks…. congrats Baalke we just drafted 13 players for the cheifs, lions, rams, seahawks and bears.

    1. Been saying that since yesterday. Baalke’s job was to use this plethora of draft picks to move up and get three or four high quality players. He has failed, instead going for more picks that we can’t use. Maybe the guys he has drafted will work, but his last two drafts indicate he isn’t a very good talent evaluator. This draft should have been better, but Baalke seems afraid to pull the trigger to draft anyone.

      1. You have zero clue what you are talking about. This is an A+ draft and will provide us depth early and starters for years to come.

        1. But not the players at positions of real need. You are the one who doesn’t know what they are talking about.

    1. I imagine a few of them will be traded for future considerations. No way all these picks make the roster. Maybe 3 more picks…and trade the rest for 2015 selections.

      The NIners still have to work a trade to unload LMJ.

    2. The idea if you have a loaded roster with limited spots available is to trade up for quality rather than back for quantity. The other alternative is to trade for future picks. The farther you trade back the less the value those future picks would have. It’s a simple concept that a lot of you don’t seem to comprehend. You just always assume that since TB is smart that what ever happens was planned and is a good move. He did the same last year and ended up with low round picks that he wasn;t able to use to trade up with or for futures. He said so himself.

      1. Have you ever heard anyone from the team say they needed to trade for fewer picks because there weren’t many spots available? This is a complete fabrication made up by the media and you are seeing that the team obviously feels differently and want to upgrade their depth. Contrary to popular belief this team does need to upgrade the depth in a number of areas and still has some work to do. I highly doubt they use all 7 picks tomorrow but they are going to come out of this draft with at least 9-10 players.

        1. Completely agree rocket. And yes, there may be a possibility that a guy they draft late on doesn’t make the 53-man roster. But every guy drafted will certainly have a shot and provide greater competition in camp.

          The idea the 49ers depth is so fantastic that it can’t be improved upon is a fallacy.

        2. So what are they going to do with the picks that they don’t use? Oh the reason the media stated the need to trade up was because in the position they find themselves in it just makes the most sense. No one needs the media to tell them the spots are not available. Last season TB put Gray and Cooper on waivers. Players they wanted to keep. There were other players that hey lost due to bad decisions that they attempted to correct by playing musical chairs with the roster all season. That TB and Harbaugh are not on the same page is also very evident and probably the main reason for the lack of direction. They were also were fortunate they had a large number of IR or they would have lost even more players.

  68. A great pick to finish up….he played well against clowney when he was healthy……future starter

  69. To those of you who said SF didn’t like this draft, I didn’t want to listen. You were right. Only Martin and War can start and play significantly on offense or defense for this team this year. Maybe just trade the rest and do the same B.S. next year. Another redshirt in Thomas. Zero upgrade at CB, zero upgrade at speed or size WR. Wow.

  70. Not a flashy draft…lots of guys who do all the heavy lifting though. They are ranked at the top of their positions.

  71. Ward, Hyde, Martin, Borland and Thomas, + a trade for Stevie Johnson. That is some nice players there.

    Those that are complaining about not getting a CB or a speed WR need to chill. Johnson is the 3rd WR and has good size and the ability to get deep, despite not having great deep speed. Ward is the new nickel CB. And they’ll still likely pick up another CB tomorrow, with plenty of talented guys still available.

    This is a bruiser team in a bruiser division, and they’ve drafted accordingly.

    Tomorrow I expect to see a CB, DT/DE, WR/KR/PR, QB and TE, and/ or more red shirt players.

    1. Agree with you Scooter. I can’t stop laughing at all the hand wringing going on in here.

      The Niners have drafted at minimum, 4 starters with the first 5 picks and we have some droning on about how crappy the draft is.

      Tonight all they did was draft arguably the best C, OG and RB in the draft, then added a tackling machine who may be a future starter and at worst a monster on ST’s.

      I’m not sure what they will do tomorrow but what we are seeing is what everybody has been saying: it’s a deep draft. They are using their picks and will likely pick up a CB and WR tomorrow among other things.

      This is a very good draft so far and there is a lot more to come.

      1. Yep. They clearly went into the draft with one thing on their mind – BPA. At each pick, just take really good footballers. They’ve done that well so far.

        And look at that, no pure CB yet but they still have a shot at Desir, Breeland, Watkins, Johnson, Huff or McGill (hopefully not McGill though). Plenty of good options still available and they got top talent at other positions.

        And yes, they didn’t get a speed WR (yet), instead they got a proven WR giving them one of the most potent passing attacks in the NFL. And they still have the option to take a guy like Bryant, Ellington or Herron to provide some speed and return ability.

        1. I guess we just grade these picks differently. I don’t think Hyde is very good and their is no way I grade him above Latimore or Moncrief. I hate big, slow runningbacks that run upright, see Ron Dayne and Brandon Jacobs. He is a situational player at best, the last situational running back they draft was Lamichael James (He was just drafted for a different situation) of course that turned out well.
          Now we drafted an Injured 2/3rd prospect coming off an injury at guard which would be so bad if he fit the offense. The number one knock on him is he cant move a pile in the run game… yeah that totally works for us.
          I am fine with trading back as long as it makes sense for us, like obtaining a future pick in an earlier round. However even in that case we have to pick players that could be future starters for us. Trading back to pick up special teamers, spot players and backups with little potential doesn’t make sense to me.

          1. Nothing you said here is accurate with the exception of the fact you like certain players and are upset the team didn’t agree with you. Hyde is fast, along with being extremely athletic and powerful. He will team with Lattimore to give the Niners the best running tandem or close to it, in the league. Thomas is a monster who handled Clowney one on one while playing LT which isn’t even his best position. He will be sitting there next year as a replacement for Iupati. Marcus Martin was rated the best C in the draft by most of the sites and Borland will be a great backup inside and a core ST’s player. Combine these picks with getting a slot CB in Ward and a better WR in Johnson than you were ever going to find later in the draft, and this is already a great draft for the Niners. Thing is they still have a bevy of picks to use tomorrow.

            They drafted the best players available. They weren’t the players you wanted but I’ve got news for you; they’ve watched these players a lot more than you or I have and picked the guys they wanted.

            1. Great stuff rocket. Im loving this draft the more i research theae guys. Again Martin was my favorite pick, great value. At the end of the day we truly got better. Johnson will be a big contributor, ward will start nickel, and martn will start.

              Im hoping for desir or bbreeland. I wonder if we even have room for a rookie Wr.

            2. Hyde is fast??? Since when is 4.66 fast for a running back?
              And Thomas at guard would make sense if we were Denver. He is good at pass protection and shifting people but is not very powerful at the point of attack… Does that sound like it fits our system to you? Oh then there is the fact he was valued as 3rder prior to the injury. So I don’t see the huge bang for the buck that many do on this one.

              1. Shoupbj,
                Hyde’ 40 (4.6) is not going to win many foot races, but his quick thrust off his first step and add to that his 230 lbs of force will make him a very formidable downhill north/south RB which is a good fit for our offensive style. I see Hyde being the type of RB that can beat-down a defense and render it helpless by the 4th qtr.

                RB’s were not a premium in this draft. This is the first time ever that a RB was chosen so late.

                My RB of choice was Andre Williams of Boston, but that is because going in to the draft I thought that C.Hyde would be off the board and Williams’ running style was close to Hyde’s bang-up style.

                I think that we will be very happy with Hyde down the road and if M.Lattimore can recapture his health and skill set, we will be dangerously good at the RB position for years to come.

          1. I understand your exuberance Leo, and your skepticism Brotha. I’d say Martin has the license to win the job. It’s up to him. Physically he’s a more imposing presence than Kilgore. It’s the mental aspect of his game that will be tested. He’s young, but if I had to wager, I’d probably put my money on Martin….

    2. 41 of his 52 receptions and all of his TD’s were out of the slot position last season. Not saying under the circumstances it was a bad move, but might it not have been a better move to acquire a speed receiver instead? A receiver that would be available at a rookie rate for multiple years rather than have the present cap hit and an increasing and expiring contract to worry about in the near future. Also having him on the team sort of negates the idea that a third receiver wasn’t necessary because they don’t run 3 receiver sets.

  72. Not addressing the Corner Position scares me to death… we have lost significant ground to Seattle in my mind. We still need a return man, a corner and a deep threat, all players that could contribute right away. Im sick and tired of drafting special teams players.

  73. Future starter IF he’s the same player after his injury.

    I think tonight’s draft picks, plus trade downs, show that Baalke has no real interest in drafting anyone to help the team next season. He thinks we are set, and that’s that. I don’t really understand the strategy. Why stockpile picks if you’re not going to draft anyone who can improve the team, let alone stockpile them for the following year when you won’t use them again. I thought the point in having multiple picks was to package them together and trade up for an impact player. I was obviously wrong. Furthermore what’s the point in having lots of picks in supposedly the deepest draft in living memory, but not actually using them to improve our chances or success in the immediate future. I’m genuinely a bit confused. Who would’ve thought we wouldn’t take a single CB or WR today? It’s just bizarre

    1. Ward will be a starter in the nickel from day 1. Hyde will be the short yardage back this year, and maybe more. Martin will compete with Kilgore for the Centre spot this year. Johnson will be the 3rd WR this year. Yep, I see your point…

      1. Oh, and Borland will compete for the starting ILB spot next to Willis this year while Bowman recovers. Yep, no help from this draft class this year at all…

        1. oh we have the 5th pick in the 4th with Desir and Colvin still available. At WR Ellington is still available. We have needs, but you have to fill future needs also.

        2. That is the best case scenario. None of those players have even seen the field. Just because you say it will happen does not make it so. Jenkins was supposed to be a star. LMJ was going to be a receiver coming out of the back field. Lat was going to be a Gore .2. McDonald, etc. They were all going to do things they have not yet. Didn’t they draft a LB last year who was supposed to be a backup? Why was it then necessary to draft a backup this year. Oh yah he ended up not being good enough except for special teams. Unless he drafts them injured so no one else will touch them or he moves up in the first round TB picks have generally under produced. As someone has stated TB drafts are generally to correct previous mistakes. Or as he stated throw a lot of darts and you will hit something. What an effective draft policy. Well he after a time will not have that many darts to throw and then what.

    2. The only rational I can gather from his strategy is that he wants to force Harbaugh out. Don’t give him the players that will put him over the top. Rather frustrate him so that he doesn’t want to come back when his contract expires. You people that are making excuses for TB sound just like the posters who did the same with AJ. Can’t see it until it becomes really super obvious.

  74. Boy I sure hope Baalke knows what he is doing because I sure don’t. I hope the Ninja didn’t accidently knock himself out with his numchucks.

  75. Only reason to keep trading back now would be if Baalke has a couple of players he REALLY likes and thinks will be on the board tommoroe.

  76. Two primary needs the whole football world agreed the 49ers needed to address in this draft; speed slot receiver and starting corner. So far 0 for 5. 3 rounders traded for 5th and 7ths? Another injured player that can’t play for a year when the 2 from last year still haven’t contributed a single snap? I’m completely baffled and sorely disappointed in this 49er draft so far. I’m still hoping for Baalke to get his head out of his @#@ and make some better picks tomorrow but I don’t think he’s got it in him. This day sucked.

    1. Ward is the starting slot corner, one of the best in the nation. Boldin plays slot, Johnson is a proven nfl commodity, with 3 1000 yard seasons in the last 4 years AND is still young. He may go WR next pick.

    2. Bar None – I was you last night after Jim Ward pick……Don’t sweat it bro, you’ll probably feel great tmrw. Have a couple drinks and sleep on it bro. Baalke got some BPA’s tonight…..Best players available who fulfill needs. Hyde is Beastmode 2.0, Martin is a stud center on a unusually weak USC team and that crazy white boy LB Borland from Wisconsin is a football player, John Madden would’ve scooped up this kid. Also, Brandon Thomas has a meanstreak to him, he’ll kick your ass in an alley fight…….Not mine though. Thomas will save York a ton of money by replacing Iupati next year.
      All arrows up!!!!

    3. Completely disagree. I love this draft. Love the Jimmie Ward pick. I’ve read the nfl comparison to Hyde is Eddie Lacy. Can’t go wrong with that. Best center in the drafted well. These are all clearly the top players on there board when they pick. Love drafting that way

  77. I think Baalke feels that the developmental guys at the back end of the draft are not that different from each other, so get as many them as possible and let them fight it out. I don’t think you can plan of trading black into next year. He tried to do that last year and got stuck when no one would trade with him. He had to make the pick then. The sixth and seventh round are sweetener picks, not trade back picks. You move up and throw in a six or a seven. I think you can do well trading a fourth or fifth for next year’s third. We may see him pick two more developmental/injured players and trade the rest. Bryant, Ellington and/or Colvin in play.
    When it comes to CB, Fangio loves veterans. I think we’ll get a cut former first rounder towards the end of training camp. Done it before with Rogers and Harris.

  78. Baalke said the selection of Hyde is not an indication that the 49ers do not have confidence that Marcus Lattimore, a fourth-round pick last year, can return to full strength after sitting out his rookie season due to a grisly knee injury he sustained his final year of college.

    “Absolutely not,” Baalke said. “Once again, it’s competition. The great thing, these guys aren’t afraid to compete. It’s crowded, but at the same time it’s going to make every one of them step up and play to their capability. And that’s what you’re looking for.”

  79. Closer – Are you happy with Niners picks tonight? I loved all of them. Don’t sugar coat it if you disapprove. Hyde was my favorite.

    1. Other then losing out on Murphy to the Skins the only pick I wasn’t crazy about was Martin. I felt like Swanson who went 6 picks later was the better prospect at the position.

      I’d still like to see another CB and am very curious what they plan on doing if Culliver gets suspended or if any of their guys get injured significantly.

      Although Murphy was the guy I made the most noise about I always said the player I want us to draft most is Ben Gardner so we’ll see how happy I am tomorrow.

      1. Good post bro, USC has had same high level talent, but since Pete left the coaching has been pathetic. Moral is down since UCLA is kickin their ass now……Watch some film on Martin, he is Chuck Norris tough.

  80. Where is everyone? It’s a ghost town in here. Hope you single fellas had some hot dates tonight…..Get aggressive out there, chicks love guys who act like they don’t care…..You know what I mean. ;)

    1. Never look desperate or you’re doomed. If you’ve been striking out lately, watch Dazed and Confused movie and you’ll turn things around.

    2. Glad to see you in a better mood tonight Crab man. Don’t you love these bad asses they are adding to this team?

      1. rocket man – All we need now is to draft a couple CB’s and let Culliver and co compete against the rookies. Best man wins. Or make another trade for a veteran corner. Looks like we won’t get that speed receiver.

        ♫ You can’t always get what you want
        You can’t always get what you want
        You can’t always get what you want
        But if you try sometimes well you just might find
        You get what you need ♫

        1. There’s still some speed guys out there Crab. Ellington, Bryant, Herron, and a few others are still on the board.

          Baalke said tonight that he didn’t think the CB class was as good as it’s been previously and the lack of CB picks today pretty much backs that up. We all tend to fall in love with names and videos, but often times these guys aren’t looked at the same way by the pros.

          I’ll be happy if they get Colvin tomorrow as I think he’s the best of the remaining CB’s, but after that it’s pretty much whoever they feel can come in and compete.

          1. I forgot Colvin — another red shirt for next year.
            In the meantime Piere Desir is still on the board. Also McGill and Davis.
            And some good WRs.

              1. Matt Hazel is a sleeper to watch ,Jeff Janis one of my favs,”sneaky”Abberderis,HB/TE T, Millard,etc Colvin,W.Aikens,M.Huff-db’s I’m stoked for tommorrow!!!See ya early fellas keep the faith!

  81. First the not so good:
    Niners did not fill the big need at corner. And they did not tap into the greatest wide reciever pool ever. Though they took side ways advantage of it.

    Now the very good:
    Where do I start. They got a highly rated DB for nickel, Free safety, special teams and etc. Pick up a vet wide receiver taking quick advantage of WR fever in draft. Use next year pick to save valued picks for this year. Then recover that pick with higher value from this year.

    They protected their oh so valuable mid round picks. Then they used them to full advantage. Picked up a 4th rounder for next year and a red shirt IR player for next year. Keep the cost down for the cap and keep player count down for full roster while jumping up the pre season competition.
    Grab the fourth for next year with that Baalke trademark trickster move (fall way down and then move up while netting the future along the way) .
    Grabbed the best available and some gems along the way while meeting the system. Arguably the best running back and best center. The RB is suited to Niner system. Get a linebacker fit as well.
    Get a linebacker fit. Find the last guy hiding in the Green room.
    Player ratings demonstrate impressive BPA landings:
    37 th overall – Martin
    42 nd overall – Hyde (should be higher if not for pass happy NFL)
    63 th over all – Ward
    94 th over all -Thomas (would be higher if not for injury)
    97th over all – Boreland
    plus WR Johnson payed for in second round with minimal discomfort.

    Deft handling of this draft so far by Baalke. Genius. All that is left is for them to pick up Desir, McGill and Fales (or Smith) and all the holes are filled and a draft well done.

  82. I’m so upset we have not taken a WR with speed & size. If the refuse to do so, I hope they change the offensive game plan.

    1. Why would you be upset? How many times have you seen the 49ers run a four wideout set, especially now that they have Davis, Boldin, Crabtree and Johnson. Not including Patton. Another WR would never see the field.

      1. Not that often true… but they also faced more 8 man fronts than any other team in the league. And how often were they able to throw the other team out of those 8 man fronts???

      2. Now it’s how many times do the Niner’s run a four wide out set. Before they got Johnson it was how many times do they run a three wide out set. Pure rationalization to support the position that the team doesn’t need a speed receiver.

  83. Man I wish I watched this live, such a weird day 2. So many strange reaches and so many strange falls (Crichton, Moses, and Nix lasting to the third?? Really?). While I’ve mocked both Martin and Borland to the 49ers before and had a feeling they’d take a RB earlier than people expected, I’m still surprised this is actually how it went down. Still some corners and receivers I had in my top 10s. Desir, Breeland, Reynolds at corner and Ellington, Bryant at WR. If they draft Ellington and Desir or Reynolds tomorrow I’ll be so happy with this draft.

  84. Ok, Day 3, Saturday…let the good times begin in a few hours. Wish List. T. Hart DE, McGill, Breeland, Desir, CB’s. T. Boyd, QB, B. Coleman WR. With what I’ve got so far, one, with Brandon Thomas OG reshirt, one should be about par for the rest of Saturday. Like the picks and trade so far.

  85. While I am not totally down on this draft, I really like Ward and Martin, I think Willtalk has some valid points, especially when he referenced Gray and Cooper from last season.

  86. Wow, I must have been zombified by watching too much tv yesterday. Checking in here this morning I find that the sky fell last night. Glad I checked in, I had no idea.

    1. Did anybody read what Kiper said about our round 2 draft on ESPN.com? This was a solid day yesterday with adding Johnson and plugging future holes. I think Baalke is nailing it.

  87. Good thing Tom Savage didn’t accept that invite to NY. Poor guy would still be sitting in that green room all alone.

  88. My hoped for draft scenarios were…
    – Trading up (without selling the store) into the low 20’s for Lee, Fuller.
    – Trading up into the teens for a BPA defensive stud that fell in the WR frenzy like Donald, Barr or Beckham if the price was right.

    It was all about the bright and shiny new toys. They never fell, and trade trade up prices (from what I hear) were exorbitant. So instead of bright and shiny, the 49ers went for solid.

    1st (30)-S Jimmie Ward, N.Ill
    2nd (57)-RB Carlos Hyde, Ohio St.
    3rd (70)-C Marcus Martin, USC
    3rd (77)-ILB Chris Borland, Wisc.
    3rd (100)-G Brandon Thomas (injured redshirt pick)
    Stevie Johnson (27 years old) via trade

    Ward and Borland won’t likely turn into Lott and Willis, but they are both know for having a great first step… good football instincts.

    Hyde, Martin and Thomas are all about shoring up the middle of the offense, and keeping the 49ers physical personality intact even if Iupati leaves in 2015.

  89. Plenty of great prospects left for Baalke to strengthen the roster. Here’s to another tremendous day…..

  90. the trades are downright artful – several wall street firms probably wish Baalke traded their MBS portfolios.

    but we won’t know how good these picks are for months, possibly even years. on that score, the last 2-3 Niner drafts are disturbingly paltry, especially if you think some of last year’s “red shirt” picks arent going to be significant contributors. (eg does Hyde diminish Lattimore’s future impact)

    clearly, Baalke is stocking up on cap-friendly rookie conracts to provide depth for the next 3 years. maintaining talent level versus the cap is an increasingly important factor going forward. but last I checked, our problem was that Seattle was younger/tougher/faster at a number of key positions, because they simply beat us up in their 2 home games while we won our home game against them. In the NFC championship game, it appeared that Kaep was the only useful weapon we had on offense against their D. Hyde hopefully improves the run game, but we unless S. Johnson turns out to be the second coming of John Taylor we are woefully short of receivers who can get open, make catches, and then get yac against their D. we have one WR likely to walk into his FA year, and another who is 33 and headed into the last year of his contract. this was a draft which by all accounts was full of WR talent, and now we’re going into round 4 without using any of our picks to get a potential gamebreaker. as a fan, admitting my lack of experience in evaluating talent at the college or pro level, and the likelihood of a college player to translate his talent to the pro level, i call that a failure. winning Mel Kiper’s admiration for your picks will not suffice if we are smoked by Seattle for the next 12 months.

  91. To make this draft sound even better take the picks and compare them with the guys they replace on the roster. Ward takes Ventrones place. Hyde takes Dixon’s spot. Martin takes Goodwins. Borland takes Bowman’s till he comes back, after that there will probably be a spot after an injury. Thomas is a red shirt. Looking at numbers the 9ers lost two corners but gained one with Cook so they will draft another. I can’t think of any other losses but I expect a WR to get picked. I think they should go with Ellington, Bryant, or Janis. At corner they can get Desir, Colvin or any of the three Florida boys.

  92. Welcome to Day 3. Here’s Baalke’s strategy in his own words…

    “We’ve seen it all too often,” Baalke said. “(Fullback) Bruce Miller was a seventh-round pick. There’s value to be found. And the more darts you have, the more balloons you can pop. Here’s some value in that.”

    That’s some strategy when you want to stock up other team’s from your practice squad.

      1. Thanks Montana. I’ve been excited about Borland throughout the draft process but never thought the 49ers would go ILB so early.

        He was a stud in college and a real good addition.

        The live practices in training camp are going to be sick with all the talent on this roster.

  93. Bruce Ellington WR.
    Rated 1 on Mel’ board. Mel says we have had an amazing draft. Dilfor says we have dominated this draft.

    I guess you could say that we’ve done alright huh, Willtalk? (lol)

    1. AES I have been saying since we picked up Johnon that I thought Baalke was going to have a monumental weekend and with every pick it seems to get better. Next pick I would love to see Colvin or Desir

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