Draft live blog: Day 3

SANTA CLARA — This is the live blog for Day 3 of the NFL Draft. I will update this with information and analysis from the 49ers’ press trailer.

8:53 The 49ers currently have pick Nos. 6 and 29 in the fourth round — pick Nos. 106 and 129 overall.

9:07 The Eagles take CB Jaylen Watkins with the 101st pick. Another slot corner. Compare his rookie season to Jimmie Ward’s.

9:09 Here comes the run on cornerbacks.

9:10 The Redskins take CB Bashaud Breeland with the 102nd pick.

9:24 The 49ers draft WR Bruce Ellington with the 106th. Mike Mayock calls Ellington a “natural slot receiver.”

10:32 The Chiefs take De’Anthony Thomas with the 124th pick. Great pick.

10:33 The Browns take Pierre Desir with the 127th pick. The 49ers are missing out on the cornerbacks. The Browns aren’t. They have taken Desir and Justin Gilbert in this draft.

10:35 The 49ers are on the clock.

10:36 The 49ers take CB Dontae Johnson with the 129th pick.

10:38 Mike Mayock and Daniel Jeremiah says Johnson frequently bites and needs a lot of development.

11:29 The 49ers take DE Aaron Lynch with the 150th pick.

12:24 The 49ers are on the clock at pick No.170

12:26 The 49ers draft CB Keith Reaser from FAU. He tore his ACL last October, and then had surgery on it for a second time on February 27. Seems like another redshirt pick.

12:53 The 49ers are on the clock at pick No.180.

12:55 The 49ers take CB Kenneth Acker from SMU with the 180th pick. I expect to see his name on the Waiver Wire in a few months.

1:02 The Bears take David Fales with the 183rd pick. Great pick. Perfect fit for Fales.

3:32 The 49ers take DT Kaleb Ramsey from Boston College with pick No.243. Do you think he will make the 49ers’ final roster?

3:3 The 49ers take FB Trey Millard with the 245th pick. He is the third player who tore his ACL last season that the 49ers have drafted.

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  1. To make this draft sound even better take the picks and compare them with the guys they replace on the roster. Ward takes Ventrones place. Hyde takes Dixon’s spot. Martin takes Goodwins. Borland takes Bowman’s till he comes back, after that there will probably be a spot after an injury. Thomas is a red shirt. Looking at numbers the 9ers lost two corners but gained one with Cook so they will draft another. I can’t think of any other losses but I expect a WR to get picked. I think they should go with Ellington, Bryant, or Janis. At corner they can get Desir, Colvin or any of the three Florida boys.

  2. I’ve seen some comments questioning why we would draft guys who won’t be starting for us. I see it as quite the opposite if these guys can stay healthy…

    WARD plays 50% of the snaps this year / and starts over Bethea next year.

    HYDE, same as Ward. In fact, Lattimore will be the only other RB under contract for us next year if we dump LMJ.

    MARTIN starts this year.

    BORLAND starts the first 10 games for us this year.

    BRYANT competes for a starting spot at guard next year as I don’t see how we can re-sign Iupati and Kaep and Crabs for 2015.

  3. Grade for Baalke so far [trades included] A+ he just seems to have that magic touch that can keep a team viable for years not just drafting for the next year.
    I see CB, WR and QB today Colvin and Janis are 2 of my draft crushes.

    1. Old coach,
      I could be very tempted to give Magic touch Baalke an A+ right now as well but way too premature. Time tells but even for the early grade they need to fill the CB hole. Piere Desir would be good pick. Hazel at WR would round out small school possible gems in the rough.

    1. This is a deep draft; it ain’t over yet. And Baalke still has picks plus one new. CB and maybe WR, QB time.

  4. CB Brandon Flowers of KC is on the trade block. His salary for this year is $5.25 mil, so he might be too expensive for us. But if he’s not forced to play press, he’s a talented guy, and is built to match up against the Harvins of the world. Again, though, probably too expensive.

  5. Baalke waited until the 4th rd and got the 9ers their speed receiver and return man and ellington will only get better, he didn’t become a full time football player until this yr. Next pick CB?

    1. I think him not playing full time is what might help him since he was SC starting point guard. He knew he wanted football so hardly played basketball his last season. He will have a good feel for a ball me thinks.

  6. Could be disappointed about pass on Piere or other CB but Baalke is going after best available and his usual save the D back field for last.

  7. Baalke has taken two of my favorite prospects in the draft in Ward and Ellington so far, I’m happy to say the least.

  8. Fellas, we have the best GM in football and it’s not close. He is putting on a clinic. Just a well planned attack. Nothing short of brilliant!

  9. Desir,is D Mcullers off the board
    ,Colvin ,is Aberdderis still on the board, Janis,killing it 9er fans, go!

  10. Ellington is very good pick. That spells the definite end of Baldwin’s tenure with the 49ers. He’ll be the first of WRs to get cut, unless Lloyd just completely lost his game with that year off. Osgood stays as a ST specialists primarily. So our WR group will be: Crabtree, Boldin, Patton, Johnson, Ellington, Osgood.

    There’s no room on the team for Lloyd unless he beats out one of the veterans. We’re not cutting a talented young WR in favor of a, now, question mark.

    1. Not just Baldwin’s end, but perhaps James’ as well if Ellington earns the kick/punt returner spot.

  11. Next year when Crabtree leaves. Johnson Patton Ellington. Maybe boldin. Time will tell about Patton and Ellington. But I feel much better

    1. You make a good point about the possibility of Crabree’s departure…..it could very well happen….in a pure economic scenario. Look at it this way, Iupati’s contract is up, Crabtree’s contract is up, who do you spend the money on? Do you break up one of the best O-lines in the NFL? Do you let a sure handed receiver walk?

      1. I think many other things factor into Crabtree’s possible departure. His agent, Crabtree thinking he is better than he is, his hx of injuries (with types of injuries that he has had, they will eventually get worse instead of better, the inflammation created from forces and movement in the feet will eventually create increasing arthritis and further limit his speed and elusiveness/quick movement). I wouldn’t mind signing him for 2-3 more years at 6-7 million per. But he is going to want much more in my opinion. I do like his game and his rapport with kaep but price will likely be too steep.

    1. Bro maybe you should pay a little more attention to college football before making a stupid statement like that. A top 60 player in this draft at 106…

    2. Maybe you should actually watch the prospects before you comment? Ellington was easily one of the top 10 wide receivers in this draft. Super quick, great body control, and is still learning the position but shows lots of upside with his route-running.

  12. Lattimore (South Carolina) last year and now Ellington (SC)……Go Cocks!!!! It’s very uncomfortable saying that. Lol….Have you seen some of the shirts the chick’s wear at those South Carolina home games? Very provocative.

    1. Ghost,
      The NFL will have to wait at least one more year for Alabama’ Amari Cooper.
      But it wouldn’t surprise me one bit to see freshman Cameron Sims emerge as a star WR for the Tide next season.
      Wow, the rich just keep getting richer!

  13. Cooper? Ineligible. Only a sophomore. Hope Harbaugh and other FO members looking at him. Game changer.

  14. Ellington is 200 lbs on a 5’10” and runs a 4.45. That’ll work. BAF you know squat just spew every post. Give it a rest dude…

      1. Bay,
        You may be on the short end of that bet because B.Ellington is a straight-up ball’r who likely beat out Baldwin and Lloyd in TC.

        Ellington may not have the height and blazing speed that we all wanted the team to pick (I was pulling for Martavis Bryant who fits that description), but he has compact size (very strong) and better than decent speed.

        I’m not a betting man, and you didn’t challenge me with the bet, but I would say Ellington makes the team with flying colors.

    1. Whoever they picked at Wr had to have a chance to beat out Patton. Ellington is not better than Patton.

      1. Yes he is, and you’re missing the point that they’re preparing for the future. Lloyd and Baldwin will not make the team, Osgood’s spot is in doubt as well.

        1. Osgood is a special teams guy. Baldwin is gone. Ellington is going to be a practice squad guy this year watch. He is NOT better than Patton.

          Kaep doesn’t loft the ball well, he throws it on a line. Not a good combination for a 5’9 receiver. I don’t like the pick at all….

          1. He is absolutely a better prospect than Patton was last year, and I really liked Patton. My comparison for Ellington is Randall Cobb mixed with some Hines Ward toughness. You’re going to love him.

    1. Shaking my head at fans who wanted a 25 year old cornerback prospect who wasn’t good in college and has stiff hips.

    2. Not so unhappy about McGill now after hearing about character issues from both McShane and Mayock. Let the Raiders deal with him.
      Fingers crossed for Desir but long way to go.

    1. Not taking Martavis Bryant was moronic. Not taking Logan Thomas, also moronic.

      Other than that, nice draft. Satisfied, Casper?

  15. Haha! Logan Thomas off the board before Tom Savage. I really wish Savage had accepted that invitation to NYC.

        1. Who was the person talking him up on here? If one person watched even one game of Savage and thought “1st or 2nd rounder” they have no idea what they are talking about.

    1. I only hope coaches and scouts know what is going on. I suspect they do…

      A lot of questions about value in the first four rounds. I’m concerned we are not getting faster.

  16. CB from freakin NC State. Admission to having missed on Desir. Would have cost a 6th to move up to get Desir or McGill

    1. NC State sports some good defense. Tom O’Brien had good recruits. Last year was a big coaching changeover, and a lot of recruits left. Watch them again this year and you’ll see the bounce back. I’m an alumn so I watch them pretty often :)

  17. Checked on Ellington. 5’9″ and 197 is a thick man, short, but not small. Guy is all quick-twitch, and ran 4.31 and 4.37 at the combine. He’ll definitely make the team. Still prefer Bryant, but Ellington is a stud, and will handle ST duties with aplomb.

    1. He is. 3rd rd pick tout. He is our man for tall WR’s since he’s 6’2-3″ Most CB’s need development more than most since they have to be adopted to the team’s system. AND I had him as a pick along with Jean-Baptiste and McGill. SO…I’m up to two picks now…whooooot!

  18. I guess. I don’t understand not getting McGill or Desir when they had about 10 opportunities to do so. And Roberson and Purifoy are still on the board. I think it’s the wrong one. And the eye test thing is right. Johnson falls for fakes everytime. Easily tricked. Years away from playing.

    1. As a press corner, Johnson doesn’t have to worry about falling for fakes and being tricked. Off the ball he would be a disaster.

  19. Looking at Culliver, Cook, and now our pick of Johnson, I’m starting to think we are going to go with mostly big press corners on the cheap the way Seattle has. Quick scouting report on CB Johnson:

    Johnson is long, lean and physical, and could be a steal here for the Niners at 129. A true press corner who utilizes violent, active hands at the line, and who offers some versatility to rotate inside at safety. He´s vulnerable over the top though, and gambles too often. He´s raw, but has nice upside.

  20. The Johnson pick reminds me of the Culliver pick in 2011, a big,raw athlete who some thought would transition to safety but will likely play corner for us. Hopefully Donatell can work the same magic he worked with Culliver for Johnson.

    1. Well, NFL.com says they have two (150 and 170), but ESPN says they only have 170, so I don’t really know…

  21. I’m not sure any of the big corners – Desir SJB and McGill – are not projects. So as long as the Niner have a big athelete who can run, its up to Donatell to get him up to speed.

    Now please package up and get the QB you want, please. Just one time!

    1. Press corner only Old Coach. This kid would bite on a glance, let alone a full head turn and pump fake…..

    1. I’m on board with that. Janis would round out the draft nicely.
      So far the 49ers got their big corner and their slot corner. They got their slot WR. Maybe a big WR for the future is just the ticket.

  22. Would have preferred Watkins over Johnson, but at least we drafted a CB. Was hoping for Robinson as our WR pick, but Ellington is a great pick for that round. Very happy with our draft, thus far, although the rest of the league is still going to sit back and see what the NFC West drops when the cutoff arrives.

    Aside from Niners, given my bias, I like the draft management for the following:

    Packers, Browns, Jags, Ravens…and the Texans (they are building a monster D against Andrew).

  23. This Dontae Johnson pick is the first pick that I am struggling with. I am guessing that Piere Desir going to Browns (who did not need him) two picks prior was a surprise and so they had to scramble a bit.

    At best he will be a work in progress and not likely to start this year.

  24. Coach: I can only post at the bottom, but here goes. I would go get whatever QB Harbs wants to whisper to. At this point, picks other than QB have no spots on the roster so please go get whoever they want and then finish up with camp depth.

  25. Off subject but the LB Telvin Smith could be very effective on third downs. He has size and speed to cover big slot guys. He just needs to lay off the ganja.

    1. If you could put Trent Murphys’ attitude inside Lynch, you’d have a versatile monster to unleash on either end…..

      1. I should’ve said maturity issues rather than off-field concerns, lots of talk about his transfer from Notre Dame being due to selfish reasons, him not being a hard worker, etc. Could be Notre Dame leaking this stuff due to being bitter about his departure but I’m sure they looked into it.

    1. A dream of a prospect who can play either end. The 49ers are rolling the dice that Tomsula can motivate him along with Uyeyama bulking him up, to become the next Cowboy…..

  26. Why am I getting this error Grant? Did you ban me again. Jesus.

    Denied access by Sucuri (ip blacklisted). Please contact the site owner to get it re-opened. Your IP address:

    1. At this point, I hope they just aim for pure talent, regardless of position. Or trade back and pile up some picks for future.

  27. Like this pick. Baalke has played it safe throughout the draft letting it fall to him and making generally conservative value picks. This is a departure. A gamble on greatness.

  28. Aaron Lynch has great physical gifts. From his BIO he seems like a gamble pick. If he keeps his head on straight he will thrive. If not its a roll of the dice.

  29. Really like our draft so far. I didn’t think we’d take a chance with Lynch, but dang, he is a poor man’s Clowney. Incredible versatility, can play the line and be fearsome. Hopefully, Cowboy will drill a work ethic into his head.

  30. I’m loving lynch. Big body quick first move. Excellent swim moves. Huge upside!!!
    Needs to work on splitting double teams, developing a second or third go to move, lowering his pad level at point of attack. He’s a hybrid DE/olb type player. Look at his film while playing at Norte dame. Off field issues need to be avoided. Baalke is killing it today. I predict most of our draft this year making the team. Dobbs, eddie, james and other fringe players be on notice.

    1. From a Norte dame alumn, he had better upside than both Nix and Tuitt. His work ethic lacked on the field.

      He needs to grab the Cowboys lunch box and follow him every where. Willis, bowman and company will make him a man.

  31. Walter Football had Aaron Lynch as a 7th Rounder but has been higher on another I’ve seen: Didn’t want to bring in the negatives, but here are the Postives:


    •Possesses physical traits that cannot be taught.
    •Uncommon frame with significant length.
    •Explosive coming off the ball, frequently the first to contact.
    •Noticeably more disciplined than he was as a freshman.
    •Finds the ball well with adequate football instincts.
    •Laterally quick to attack gaps from head-up alignments.
    •Quick, aggressive and violent hands that only need some refinement.
    •Has a maneuverable upper body that contorts to slide off the hands of blockers.
    •Can flatten out on the corner by dipping his inside shoulder as a speed-rusher.
    •Flashes a heavy punch to jolt pass-blockers.
    •Rips through the hands of blockers to finish when he gets a step.
    •Regular disruptor of the backfield with the ability to split gaps.
    •Can control run blocks when he lands his hands, frequent length advantage.
    •Accelerates to click and close on the ball in the open field.
    •Plays with a high energy level and notable tenacity.
    •Comfortable playing from his feet as well as down, did both for South Florida.

    1. Yea you left off the negatives on that one. Suffice it to say if he gets a good fit into a system, gets focused and on track and most of all gets motivated then all the positives you quote could show in the NFL.

      1. Given that Aldon could further implode at any time, it’s good to have Brooks, Lemonier, Skuta, Lynch as the rest of our OLB options.

  32. At first glance Aaron lynch is a reach since he was projected in 6th or 7th. Lots of talent but a bit off track leading to an unmotivated label.
    Can they get him on track?
    I would say a true boom or bust at 80 / 20, boom / bust.

    1. He’s raw and obviously brought on to learn from the best Aldon Smith, and to occupy his time on the field and to make sure he gets home.

  33. Rotoworld on Dontae Johnson:
    Dontae Johnson – DB – 49ers
    49ers selected North Carolina State CB Dontae Johnson with the No. 129 overall pick in the 2014 NFL draft.
    Johnson (6-foot-2, 200) spent time at safety, slot, outside corner, and even linebacker during his college career, making 28 starts. He ran 4.45 at the Combine with a 38 1/2-inch vertical and 10-foot-4 broad jump. Johnson was exposed by quick-twitch receivers in the ACC, but boasts an intriguing size-athleticism combination and outstanding versatility. His college position coach, Dave Doeren, coached Aqib Talib at Kansas and likened Johnson’s skill set to the Broncos’ $57 million corner. Johnson is a sleeper to develop into a starting press corner or safety.

      1. Bruce Z, I think any rookie corner will have a lot to develop. Just look at the first two CBs picked in last year’s draft, Millner and Hayden. Neither made much of a positive contribution.

  34. Murray to Chiefs. Perfect fit…Alex Part Deux.

    Wondering where Brandon Coleman will go. Dude is huge for a WR.

  35. Woo! Just woke up and I see we now have our speedy slot WR/ return man, Dontae Johnson (you beauty! I’ve been saying he was the big athletic CB they’d take later on!) and Aaron Lynch. Very happy with that!

    Ellington is very good value in the 4th. Johnson I think is a perfect fit for the press CB role they are looking for, and Aaron Lynch is the kind of flyer you can take when you’ve got a good roster – tremendous talent as a pass rusher if he dedicates himself.

    1. That’s right you were the one who was high on Johnson. Makes me feel better about the kid.
      But I still don’t see him as a starter for this year. And Reaser clearly won’t be.

    1. He’s the guy that got sent home from the Combine after his medical and doctors discovered his body had rejected the cadaver ligament they’d used to repair his knee.

    1. Makes sense that its a guy who tore his ACL early so never on my radar. Wish they took Rashaad Reynolds though, Oregon State corners are always so underrated for whatever reason.

  36. According to NFL Draft Profile – He’s a “leader” who has played many games. No stats given. Not a ballhawk, not a press corner, man corner, who knows? Probable RS then cut.

    1. Yeah, kid can flat out fly, and is good in coverage. Hopefully the 2nd surgery on his knee works out, he could be a nice depth guy in a year or two.

  37. Reaser is like Thomas a pick for next year so as not to crowd the roster for this year. He will be a redshirt PUP. Getting these guys are equivalent to trading down to get extra picks for next year. Maybe better since these two are out of a deep draft where next year won’t come close.

  38. Resear, a real thumper. You see the combination of size and speed on him. He’s not tall but it would seem like he’d be a good safety with excellent speed and roughness. Red shirt the kid.

  39. Grant it looks like Fales will slip to the 6th rd. So who do you think is wrong about him, you and I or the rest of the NFL?

    1. Include me in that group just change the dialogue. We are right and all those team managers are wrong.

  40. On Reaser:
    05/07/2014 – 2014 NFL Draft: 126 FBS programs, 126 possible UDFAs: FLORIDA ATLANTIC: CB Keith Reaser (5-11, 189, 4.43)…Reaser is a no-question draft pick if healthy, but after tearing his ACL last fall, he had a setback from surgery and was sent home from the NFL Combine – some team will get a bargain. – Dane Brugler, NFLDraftScout.com

  41. Starting to get the feeling Baalke googles “draft prospect ACL tear” and adds the results to his draft board. No roster spots? No problem

  42. love the draft so far however a few critiques…

    wish we’d gone for Bryant over Ellison.

    can’t figure out why we passed on Stinson. I think lynch could have been picked up later and Stinson could be groomed to replace j. smith. other than that, solid stuff.

    I’d like to see us grab McCullers or Johnson to sure up DL

  43. @JoeGoodberry Hue Jackson on McCarron: “We had a first-round grade on him. Thought about trading up but decided to wait until the 5th.”

    Dumbest thing I’ve heard all week.

  44. In 6th and 7th, trade for next year’s draft and swing for the fences when you take the pick. Take Purifoy, Roberson, Adrian Hubbard, etc. See what they look like in camp. May surprise and not only stick, but play this year. Still need talent and depth at CB.

  45. Man I went DEEEEP into the corner class this year and Baalke just took back to back corner prospects that I’ve never heard of.

    1. That is what he does. Corners are for development in this system. And apparently even when they are the top need.

      1. Yes, agreed.

        Also, I’m assuming they wanted a slot WR type which is what Ellington provides, not Bryant. And Lynch will be an OLB for the 49ers, not a DE like Stinson.

    1. Love Ellington. Would have been very happy with Stinson, but Lynch fits our system. I think Lynch will be the steal of the draft.

    1. Nice pick by Da Bears. Fales needs to fit in with a system, can’t freelance, and Trestman’s stockbroker offense is a good meld.

    2. Chicago has killed my mock draft. First they grab Fuller and now Fales.

      Good landing spot for Fales. He could get an opportunity there.

      1. Good place for Fales since Harbaugh made it known several days ago he was not interested in him by singing his praises publicly.
        Good for Fales; bad for us.
        …..Speaking sentimentally and when he beats the pants off us in the future.

  46. Man a top 5 qb in the eyes of jimbo in fales not drafted in the 5th rnd? Holy crap I did not see this coming…… Actually I did. He is not a pro QB. Look for jimbo to select his QB in Conner shaw in the 7th.

  47. Niners picking up 7th round and udfa guys in the 5th and 6th. Not mad at these last couple picks. Just seems early.

  48. Just heard Coach Harbaugh talk about the Lynch pick. He said the head coach is a good friend of his and vouched for him, after they had him in for a visit. Jim seemed to be containing his excitement when talking about how he’ll be used to get to the quarterback…..

    1. The kid is terrifying. Something tells me, he is going to make people pay for passing him over. What a great group of coaches and teammates to be drafted into when you need to mature. Scary.

    2. Lynch could be anything. Immense talent. Hopefully he can find his passion for the game at the 49ers.

    3. Lynch is my steal in the draft. Love the guy. He can be scary good, like Jean Pierre whatever his name is with the Giants.

  49. 49ers HC Jim Harbaugh, whose team has been wheeling and dealing: “I have newfound respect for people who trade for a living.”

    Great quote.

  50. Michael Sam still undrafted. Does he sign as a free agent? If so, I hope not here…we have enough media drama with aldon, cully and Martin.

  51. Positives guys Positives:

    Matt Barrows ‏@mattbarrows 36s
    When Kenneth Acker & SMU played Texas A&M this year, they lost 42-13. But Mike Evans was held to two catches for 57 yards w/ Acker in cvrge.

  52. Im checking out for the day guys. Great draftweekend, pretty much what nobody expected, but we really did get better on both side of the ball. Kaep has some great weapons and the backfield just got stronger. Im excited for the season. No excuses not to get that 6th.

  53. About Kenneth Acker, here’s what nfl.com had to say:
    STRENGTHS Very good size. Clean footwork, fluid hips and good balance in his pedal. Good coverage instincts. Sorts out route combos and reacts to the thrown ball. Good route recognition, anticipation and ball production. Has a 36-inch vertical jump and adjusts well to the ball in the air. Plays with confidence. Willing in run support.
    WEAKNESSES Average press strength. Struggled keeping phase with Texas A&M WR Mike Evans down the field and will struggle vs. the physicality of bigger receivers. Low, dive tackler

    My take: You would think his weaknesses can be fixed, leaving you with some impressive strengths.

  54. WR depth chart:

    Michael Crabtree
    Anquan Boldin
    Stevie Johnson
    Brandon Lloyd
    Quinton Patton
    Bruce Ellington
    Jon Baldwin

    1. By the end of camp I’d rather see it this way:
      Keeping 5

      1. I have to admit I’m not crazy about Lloyd (ego) or Baldwin (?). Patton and Ellington, hopefully, form our future.

        1. Patton and Ellington have complimentary skillsets. Patton will be ahead mentally, but if Ellington can put his quicks to use he could more dangerous to a defense.

    2. La-La,
      If the 49ers go with 5 WR’s who are the odd men out?

      My guess: Baldwin and Lloyd.

      Roster WR’s for 2014:

      *If we go 6: Baldwin is likely out.
      Also, there is still a chance the team signs UDFA WR’s to the mix for camp competition/ fodder.

        1. Yep.

          Only reason Osgood doesn’t make the roster is if they believe a guy like Acker is better value on STs.

      1. The fallout from a draft that is rich in one position, in this case wide receivers, is that teams fall in love with their picks and will release perfectly good veterans (see Steve Johnson). Ballke probably gambled on doing more damage in the release wires with more decent veterans looking for work……. Just my guess.

    3. No love for Osgood?

      I think Osgood will compete once again for a spot on STs, and could end up the 6th WR as a result.

      1. scooter,
        Osgood’ only value seems to be on ST’s. I think it will be difficult for the team to justify keeping a player on the roster for ST’s, especially if it clogs-up the WR roster.
        But that’s just one man’s opinion.

          1. scooter,
            That other guy my turn out to be Chris Borland.
            Borland is younger, is fearless, and will cause fumbles on ST’s with his explosive hits.
            Borland will also present better value because he will likely play LB more than Osgood plays WR.

            1. Borland won’t be playing gunner for the 49ers. He’ll be a core STs player, but won’t take Osgood’s role.

      1. As I said awhile ago his tape is mediocre at best, not instincts, pretty stiff, and invisible in run support. People also overrated his athleticism, and when he posted a subpar 40 I think that just killed his stock.

    1. tkamB,
      Maybe I missed it, but has Ahmad Dixon been drafted by anyone?
      He’s a player I mocked for the 49ers.

        1. La-La,
          I wasn’t aware that Dixon was charged in his assault legal matter. Last I heard Dixon was arrested on assault but was cleared of the charges.

      1. Box safety possessing the physical talent to compete in the NFL and even earn a starting job eventually if he can stay focused, commit to a playbook and hone his eyes. Should be able to factor readily on special teams. Coverage limitations will leave him vulnerable and would be best in a very simple scheme.

  55. Round 7…this is where the magic happens for Baalke. What kind of Bruce Miller-type player will he come up with this year?

  56. I’m surprised Jackson Jeffcoat hasn’t been taken yet. I realise there are some concerns to his game, but I would have thought somebody would take a chance on him by now.

  57. Well, I think we got some good talent early on, but I can’t help but feeling we have a bit of a dog’s breakfast when it comes to CB (ex Ward), when it made so much more sense to consolidate and get a player that is likely to make the team, rather than one that will make another team (see Marcus Cooper). I guess the optimism in me would suggest that competition in training camp at the position will ultimately yield better starters.

  58. why do we need another slot though. with Steve we’ve now got that. boldin is good in the slot too. we should have gone for Bryant who could line up on te outside and blow the top off. his size is far superior too.

  59. To answer your question Grant, no, I do not think he makes the 53-man roster this year. Not sure where he is at with his rehab, but he might be a chance at PUP/ IR this year.

      1. Thomas, Reaser and Millard are all good value having fallen due to knee injuries, so long as they are able to come back 100%.

            1. Big niner,
              Unless I missed a trade away they did trade for next year. That was this year’s Baalke now patented trickster move that netted them a 2015 5th rounder.
              Helps reduce impact of Johnson trade. I expect more trades for future picks at upcoming roster trimming.
              Also you can count redshirt pup players as picks for next year. Better yet these PUP players come out of a stronger draft putting some of them at equivalent top of draft next year.

            2. He got a 4th in 2015 from Denver, but that’s it. I think they are in line for a couple of compensation picks too.

          1. Exactly Jack. They get Carradine, Lattimore and Dial this year. Next year they get Thomas, Reaser and Millard. This is a team that can afford those types of risks to potentially get some high calibre talent on the cheap.

            The Lynch and Ramsey picks are also examples of getting talent on the cheap, for a team that had the picks to take those risks.

        1. Wow. He plays tailback too. Hope he regains that athleticism. Perfect scheme fit for what Harbaugh likes to do.

          1. Yeah, this is a very solid B+/A- draft for mine. Add Stevie Johnson to the draft and its definitely an A- bordering on A.

            They got a lot of talented guys the past three days, that really fit the identity of the 49ers. Plus they did a good job of getting talented guys on the cheap.

    1. USA Today has a long list of pros for this guy, pro ready pass and run blocking, good at short yardage and goal line, good hands for pass catching, versatility, physical pounder, breaks tackles, Explosive downhill and on dive and as wham blocker, good balance and base…..
      The only con was the injury.

      1. This guy being Trey Millard if any confusion there. If this guy fully recovers from surgery consider him a top round pick for next year because that is what it would take to draft him.

    2. I had Millard in one of my mocks.
      I see him being our Delaney Walker but the reality is that his chances are a long shot at best.

  60. Millard. Another redshirt, but love the pick! We needed another FB and he brings ST value, also. Keeper. Not too many fullbacks anymore, lost art.

  61. Now let’s see who we pick up as UDFAs. Like last year, there will be some players taking other offers because they know our roster is loaded and their chances are better elsewhere. But if I’m an UDFA with any type of injury…I would get on my hands and knees and pray for the Niners. Stanford Hospital and UCSF are becoming our major selling points.

  62. So kaleb ramsey….I saw highlights of him against Nevada. He had a sack on kap, a hurry, two hits, two batted balls and a tackle after an 8 yard run.
    I’m now 100% sure Greg Roman is not the right OC for Kap. Anyone realize kap can throw the rb screen pass? Anyone realize he can read a defense and has the touch pass to his arson. I found myself watching kap more than anyone else. Check it out. 2010, kaleb ramsey be nevada.

  63. UDFA Wishes:

    Antonio Richardson
    Brandon Coleman
    Christian Jones
    Craig Loston
    Marcel Jensen
    Shayne Skov

      1. Harbaugh wasted no time in calling him. Could be training camp fodder for future practice squad, but that’s fine. He is big, efficient, and mobile.

    1. All that time spent with Garoppolo at the pro day, nobody noticed Harbaugh was also checking out Faulkner…

  64. Dion Bailey picked up by the Seahawks. I don’t think much of him as a safety, but he actually is a very good fit for the Kam Chancellor type role.

  65. The commish whispered in Rams coach Fisher’s ear the following:
    Remember that compensatory pick I gave you in the end of the seventh round well here is the player I am hoping you use it on……..no pressure just hoping.

      1. “12. SS : L.J. McCray, Catawba 6′ 0″ 215
        McCray is an excellent tackler who wraps up ball carriers and rarely misses a tackle. He can be a liability in the passing because of his propensity to the run. Can cover but seems to fall for the play action occasionally losing sight of his coverage. He has the tools and natural ability to succeed at the next level if given the opportunity.”

  66. And we get Asante Cleveland, TE from the U. We should have enough players for training camp.

    Scooter, what’s your feedback on this guy?

  67. Thrilled about Skov. I know Harbaugh has hangups about bringing in former Stanford players, but Skov is great. I don’t know if he has to RS due to injuries, but I think he can be the best backup MLB on the team. I liked him better than Borland before the draft and I still do. Wilhoite, turn in your playbook.

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