The Eliot Wolf Challenge

Let’s assume the 49ers do the right thing and hire Eliot Wolf as their new GM. Based on what we know about him, predict whom he would bring with him as the 49ers new head coach, three free-agent signing he would make and the first three players he would draft. As always, explain your answers and show your work.


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  1. I believe Wolf would bring Tom Clements in to be head coach if he’s given his choice. Clements has been with the Packers since 2006. He’s filled the role of QB coach and OC and is currently the assistant head coach.

    Free Agents:
    QB-Brian Hoyer: Decent back up QB that can win 2/4 games if needed.
    OLB-Melvin Ingram: Instantly upgrades our pass rush. Wont be cheap but we have the cash.
    OL/G: TJ Lang. One of the top guards in the league. Wolf is familiar with.

    DE-Jonathan Allen: Having already signed Ingram they decide to beef up the DL with the best lineman in the draft.
    WR- Courtland Sutton: Best WR prospect in the draft. Aggressive, physical receiver with solid hands that runs good routes.
    QB- Pat Mahomes: Best QB prospect in this years draft.

    1. I like the Allen pick.

      People will express well reasoned concerns. Allan’s at a position the Niners already drafted in the first round 2015/2016.

      But I’m still for it. Garrett will be gone, and Allen’s the best player available. He may not be at a “need” position, but he has a “need” attitude and has “need” skills like quarterbacks killing, disruption and run stuffing.

      1. If Baalke hadn’t been fired I wouldn’t even consider DL but with him gone the new regime is open to do what they feel is best.

      2. I’d disagree that Allen isn’t at a need position. I feel like he’ll be a better pass rusher in the NFL then some are giving him credit for. I think that a 5t DE in our base or Nickel is a position of need at the moment.

        1. The 49ers have described Armstead and Buckner as “4-techs”, but most media has described them as “5-techs.” No matter what the position or name, seems like all play best inside.

          I agree Allen’s a better pass rusher than people realize. That “airborn” sack was wicked.

          I don’t know what kind of defense the new HC will install, so I’m going with “need”, and pass rush and disruption is always a need.

      3. I also like the Allen pick, I truly do. His ferocity is the closest thing to Justin Smith I’ve ever seen since Smith’s retirement. That said, however, I’d rather us trade down to around the 8th pick and get Reubin Foster, plus a couple good draft picks. Foster is the closest thing to Patrick Willis that I’ve seen since Willis’s retirement. More importantly, ILB is currently our most pressing need. Imagine Foster being tutored by a healthy All Pro Navorro Bowman, who was similarly groomed by former All Pro Patrick Willis. The Foster pick could elevate the 49ers back to an impregnable Defensive Dominance. I also like QB Mahomes, but please let’s not sign Brian Hoyer. He is forever injury prone and injuries have been the team’s cancer for the last three years.

        1. Of the free agent QB’s Hoyer has really great exp and although you don’t want him to have to play in the tournament for you, he’s a great guy to win a couple games during the regular season if your starter tweaks a hammy which is what most back up QB’s end up doing.

        2. After viewing Allen last night, I think Solomon Thomas is the better comparison to Justin Smith. I do agree about Foster….

          1. Since the Niners cannot count on Bowman returning to his previous play, the Niners must get an ILB. Foster is a force.

            Allen kinda disappeared, so they should pass on him.

            Trading back seems like the best strategy.

      1. I admit that the likelihood factor is pretty low on the Clements and Allen picks. Maybe if they do hire Wolf he can throw Clements name into the mix as a late entry but you’re right, it’s probably a stretch.

        Given the previous drafts and the ‘inconsistent’ but promising play of Buckner another DL is probably not likely but if Wolf is a true BPA guy then Allen is still a possibility.

        1. I think Clements chances at HC job were really jeopardized when he lost play calling duties last year. Whether it was his fault or not, McCarthy taking that responsibility away likely hurt him in the eyes of teams needing HCs.

          1. “Whether it was his fault or not, McCarthy taking that responsibility away likely hurt him in the eyes of teams needing HCs.”
            The move was no different then John Harbaugh swapping OC’s, desperate move made by a coach who didn’t know what else to do when the team was struggling. Front office execs will likely see that situation for what it was.

            1. Cameron seems to be doing ok at LSU and Trestman only recently got fired. Too soon to say but I doubt he’ll be out of work long either.

              1. In other words, neither of them is employed by an NFL team. If a guy was stripped of play calling, he’s most likely not successful HC material.

              2. “If a guy was stripped of play calling, he’s most likely not successful HC material.”

                The only reason he was calling plays was because McCarthy had been stripped of the duty. I guess McCarthy is not HC material.

              3. McCarthy is obviously HC material, which is why he calls the plays again after a short, failed experiment. McCarthy is also a Super Bowl champion. Clements is an assistant coach who provides McCarthy with the down and distance between plays.

              4. I’m sure his duties are slightly more involved then simply telling the coach the down and distance. Clements is also a SuperBowl champion, he was part of the team in 2011.

              5. McCarthy won a SB as a HC. Clements lasted less than a season as the play caller. Clements was quoted as saying that his responsibilities this year were to provide ‘down and distance’ help to McCarthy as an assistant. He’s basically a lame duck that was kept on the staff because McCarthy is loyal to him and didn’t want to fire him.

              6. The play calling duties being taken away is not worth focusing on. It was a dubious situation to begin with and we don’t know any of the decisions that were being made or suggested during that time. Play calling wasn’t his responsibility when he was given the OC position so to have it taken away after only being given it for a short time is mostly inconsequential.

                As a head coaching candidate his ability to get his players to practice and play hard and his ability to organize the team as a unit will be called upon more then his ability to call plays which will be handled by the OC. I would be surprised if he was interviewed if the subject ever even came up.

              7. Considering that play calling was his perceived weakness from an experience standpoint, an interviewer would have to be grossly incompetent to not ask why he wasn’t able to make it through a single season as a play calling, offensive coordinator, if he had been performing up to expectations.

              8. When asked about it this was McCarthy’s response; “Without going into total details … it wasn’t about Tom or Tom calling plays.”

                This is what I’m talking about when I say we don’t know anything about that situation or why it went the way it did.

                Also, don’t forget that the team won it’s first 6 games of the season and won by an avg margin of 10.5 points a game. They had their Bye week and then lost their next 3 games, two of which were against the two teams that played in the SuperBowl that year. The third game was against the Lions. They then won 2 of their next 3 before McCarthy took back over the play calling. So his record as a play caller was 8-4.

                So, McCarthy alludes to the decision not being about him or his play calling and he wasn’t even bad at it, winning twice as many games as he lost after winning 6 straight.

              9. Regardless of what McCarthy tells the media, he took back play calling duties from Clements during the season. Clements has less than a single season of play calling experience. I’m not saying he’s bad or would be bad if allowed to call plays, and I know that the offense was performing okay before his being relieved of duties, but he doesn’t call the plays anymore and he lacks experience in comparison to a Kyle Shannan or a McDaniels. McDaniels also has prior HC experience, which I do believe he will have learned from his Denver mistakes. I don’t see Clements being a HC without more experience and responsibilities. That being said, if Wolfe is hired, the GB connection would possibly make sense. I’ll trust whatever Wolfe chooses to do if he’s the hire. They need to get the GM first, either way.

              10. He was the Bill’s OC for two seasons. Now, the team wasn’t very successful during those years but consider this, his first season he had Drew Bledsoe who if Eli Manning is playing on the back 9 of his career then Bledsoe was putting on the 18th. The next year they picked up J.P. Losman.

                He didn’t have much to work with.

    2. C4C

      I strongly agree on Tom Clements as HC or at least OC…perhaps Assistant HC…? I also agree with you on Mel Ingram and Lang.

      I believe that we would be well served with WR (mike ?) Williams from Texas A&M AND Courtland at WR….Trubisky at QB….

      1. I’m not sold on Trubisky. Don’t like that in his first two seasons he couldn’t beat out a QB that went undrafted and hasn’t been able to catch on with a team.

          1. Yea, it’s not as difficult. If he can’t beat out players when it’s easy how’s he going to do it at the professional level.

            1. Here’s my post from the last thread in regards to this question:

              A number of things go into that. The first thing is Williams was already a two year starter by the time Trubisky arrived. He also stayed through his Sr. year which didn’t work out for Trubisky because there aren’t many Coaches who are going to bench a Sr. QB who has started for 3 years. Another important point is it’s a different brand of football at the College level. A QB who can run for a lot of yards is valued highly in the College game and Williams was a really good running QB.

              There are reasons to question Trubisky – his lack of starts being the biggest for me – but I wouldn’t get too caught up in why he didn’t start before this year.

              1. I am more worried about his windup and his lack of fire. Trubisky is a second round prospect at best.

              2. I disagree. Talent wise he is a first rounder. It’s his lack of experience that is the draw back.

              3. “but I wouldn’t get too caught up in why he didn’t start before this year.”

                Like the Riddick tweet. It doesn’t make it’s own argument but when you’re trying to consider everything it does come into account. When looking for ways to separate players where stats are almost meaningless you look for a player that stands above, that separates himself with his talent.

              4. Midwest,
                Why are you concerned with his windup? He has one of the quicker releases in college football.

            2. CFC,

              You have to look at every detail no doubt, but my point is I wouldn’t dock him too much for not beating out a QB who played 4 years and was a two year starter before Trubisky arrived. That is more about the HC going with somebody he is familiar with and who knows how to run the offense the way he wants. If Williams had been terrible and still started over Trubisky, that would be a bit of a question mark for sure, but Williams was pretty good in that system.

              What should always take precedence is the on field play. Trubisky was excellent this season on a team that didn’t have a whole lot of playmakers. He showed accuracy and decision making qualities far beyond his experience. It’s still a gamble, and not one I would make with the first pick, but if he was still there near the end of the first, I would trade up to get him.

        1. Trubisky is much better than Pat Mahomes. Problem for the 49ers is Trubisky is incredibly over-valued in the draft. There’s no way in hell anyone should spend a top 10 pick on a QB with 1 year experience starting and 3 years experience sitting behind guys who couldn’t make it in the NFL.

            1. If Watson beats Alabama tonight, he could immediately propel himself as the #1 QB in draft. Trubisky, Kizer and Mahomes will be out of the “best QB” argument.

              1. “If Watson beats Alabama tonight, he could immediately propel himself as the #1 QB in draft.”

                Good, just pushes better talent later into the draft.

            2. It’s based on me watching both play. Admittedly I’ve only seen Trubisky once. I was impressed with his skill set but I don’t think he should be a top 15 pick. I’ve seen Mahomes play a few times in person and a large number of games on TV. We have a connection with the Tech team so I try to catch them as much as I can. Mahomes makes absolutely horrible decisions and his legs are better than his arm. He’s a system QB and he wasn’t even all that great in the system. I will be absolutely shocked if Mahomes ever starts in the NFL.

              1. “Mahomes makes absolutely horrible decisions and his legs are better than his arm.”

                I couldn’t disagree more with that statement and find me a scout who says the same thing about him?

              2. Mahomes probably has the strongest arm of all the candidates including the ones that are returning to school. Kaepernick is a running QB, in college he had a nearly 1:1 ratio of pass attempts to rushing. Mahomes as a 4:1 ratio of passing attempts vs rushing. He’s not a running QB.

                He has a lot of success on the ground because he’s a top athlete so on the occasions he’s had to escape the pocket he’s capable of picking up big yards.

              3. Don’t really care what scouts say. I’m going by what I’ve seen with my own eyes. Scouts could be right and I could be wrong. I’m certainly not an expert but I know what I like to see in QBs. Many NFL scouts have proven they are clueless when it comes to QB evaluation. My opinion is Mahomes will not be a good NFL QB.

              4. I liked Prescott for all the intangibles but he scared me. I would have probably been good with a 3rd or 4th on him. I wasn’t big on the 9ers getting him so I’m sure I missed the boat like alot of guys did with him. What I noticed about him was the leadership most of all. You could see it on the sidelines when he played. He was a magnate for his teammates and he seemed like a fantastic leader off the field too. What scared me was his tendency to run himself out of trouble instead of keeping plays alive with good pocket presence so he could pass the ball. That was more pronounced early in his career than later in his career. I’m on the edge of SEC country so I get to see a ton of SEC games. You could see the improvement with Prescott every year with his ability to lead the offense through passing. I liked him a lot more than Mahomes but I’d be lying if I said I gave him much thought as a solution for the 49ers.

          1. You ain’t lying. Moreover, Trubisky didn’t have much of a history for other defenses to prepare a game plan. Who knows if his stats wouldn’t take a nose dive the next year, were he too resume playing at his school.

    3. It’s a safe bet that any current GB assistants would be considered for HC, but I think he’d aim hire than that personally. I still think McDaniels and Shanahan would be at the the top of the list along with the other names that have been mentioned.

      Many FA’s he could bring in but if only able to list 3 I’d say:

      Mike Glennon
      JC Tretter
      Melvin Ingram or Chandler Jones

      First 3 Draft picks:


      1. My God, this is a horrible year to need a QB. Mahomes is not an NFL quality QB. Kaaya has some tools but he’s going to be a career backup at best. If these are the guys we’re looking at then we better lock up Blaine Gabbert immediately. He is better than either of these guys will ever be in their lives.

        1. It’s not a good draft class of QB’s looking at it now I agree, but there are some talented players who could develop with time. Why are you so down on Mahomes?

          1. Rocker,

            Why are you so pro Mahomes?

            I’d give my opinion on him, but I’ve only watched three of his games so I’ll wait to cirque

            1. Reasons to like Mahomes:

              1-Ticks all the physical boxes. Tall but not too skinny. Strong arm, quick release and fast on the run.

              2-Took a lot of reps in college. 1349 attempts in 3 seasons. Kaepernick had 740 in 4.

              3-Productive with his attempts. 63.5% 11252 yards 8.3 avg. 93TD/29INT. For every 14.5 attempts he threw a TD yet went 46 attempts before throwing an INT.

              4-Makes it through his reads. Not a one read and run QB.

              5-Keeps his eyes down field while moving in the pocket. Good presence, doesn’t feel ghosts and run prematurely.

              6-When he does run, he runs well. Is able to negotiate out of a collapsing pocket without running into the defenders.

              7-Good genes. Father was a professional baseball player.

              8-Mahomes Jr has spent his life around professional athletes and in clubhouses. Will be comfortable and confident at the next level.

              1. I mean what are some of the things he needs to work on or are detractors.

              2. Not everyone agrees that he spends enough time looking for his receivers before running. Not everyone agrees that he’s as good in the pocket as I’m suggesting. He plays in the Air Raid Offense which even for me is a tough one to get over, this is the primary reason I keep saying take him after pick #60.

              3. @CfC,

                I didn’t look up Mahomes numbers so I’m using yours…

                1349 Attempts
                63.5% Completion %
                11,252 Yards
                8.3 AY/A
                93 TD
                29 INT

                A different Kliff Kingsbury disciple?

                2229 Attempts
                69.4% Completion %
                19,217 Yards
                9.1 AY/A
                155 TD’s
                45 Ints

                Who is this absolutely amazing prospect? Case Keenum from University of Houston. I absolutely love the guy. He was MUCH better than Mahomes in college. He’s better at reading defenses. He makes great decisions. And he protected the football much better than Mahomes. At best, Case Keenum is a career backup in the NFL. Mahomes is not as good as Keenum. So that’s where I’m coming from. In terms of Kingsbury’s system, there have been 2 or 3 guys who run it better than Mahomes and none of them will ever be a starter in the NFL. Absolutely Awesome college QB’s but just not fit for the NFL game. I’d be ok with a 4th round flyer on Mahomes. I wouldn’t like taking Mahomes in the 3rd but I guess I could live with it if there weren’t any big RBs or LB’s available.

            2. I’m not pro Mahomes, but as a 3rd or 4th round pick I think he’d be worth the choice. Physical talent is undeniable and is a more accurate thrower than most of the QB’s being touted ahead of him.

              Let’s put it this way, I’d much rather take a shot on Mahomes later in the draft than waste a first round pick on somebody like Watson.

              1. Agree. I know you guys are not proposing Mahomes in the 1st or 2nd. My point is that the 49ers are not going to find a future starter in this draft unless they get super lucky and it won’t be Mahomes – in my opinion. I’d much rather the 49ers use picks 1-2-3 to get an edge rusher, WR, and ILB. My opinion is a pick in the first 3 rounds on Mahomes is a wasted pick. If we’re taking flyers on QB’s I’d much rather see them take Chad Kelly, Cooper Rush, or Brady Gustafson in the 5th or later. Odds are those guys don’t work out but then again not many 5th and later guys do have long careers.

    4. One thing I realize I leave out of my Eliot challenge response is who the starting QB is. I didn’t have an answer because he wasn’t going to be a draft pick or a free agent signing. I believe that Wolf would trade, or at least try real hard, for JG.

      One of Ron Wolf’s first major moves in GB was to trade for Brett Favre.

      1. Right on CFC. Another early Wolf move was signing Reggie White. Ron Wolf valued getting a good QB and getting after the opposing QB. I expect his son to have a similar vision.

  2. Grant’s Coaching/GM outlook is spot on. We’ve seen this coaching caravan circus before.

    Think back, Fans. The 49er’s coaching/GM search is really a gargantuan coaching-leverage fest, where good coaches leverage the 49ers for a larger contract, before leaving them the bottom of the barrel leftovers–the Jimmy Raye III and Jim Hostlers for OC.

    The football meeting sit-ins by Paraag, where he has no business being involved says it all. The suits have made it clear they are in charge and spare no expense in shows of strength to demonstate to coaches who holds power . Who can forget the 49ers ripping off the Girl Scouts of America during SuperBowl week, thinking national reporters had better things to do than report on their minor money making operations (ie, in the grand schem of financial matters) , or Jed stiffing T. Kawakami on the dinner bill; threatening to sue him for reporting 49er annual profits, then having the cops call his home in a show of intimidation and suit and tie force. (Tim’s written about this).

    That wine sipping tour through 49er locker rooms with Jed’s Silicon Valley entourage after a tough loss in addition to parking in Jim Harbaughs parking place; Paraage given the coaching job of flag challenger for a season in the coaching sky box poisoned the NFL coaching fraternity well. All they need do is call text Jim Harbaugh for the full story of him being reprimanded for pulling his team from the Levis Stadium turf as unsafe, then he was reprimanded by Jed and Paraag, because Silicon Valley billionaires were wine sipping in that maiden practice–an embarrassment to Jed.

    Now the Mayor of Santa Clara is suing the 49ers for copies of the field maintenance records because they discovered the 49ers aren’t paying their share of the field maintenance bill–the taxpayers are. The 49ers will not give up the records to date.

    Per source, #49ers will interview Colts VP of football operations Jimmy Raye III for their GM opening. He’s the son of former 49ers OC.

    Matt Barrows Verified account 
    Grant’ts GM Outlook here is spot on. We’ve seen this coaching caravan circus before.

    Grant’s analysis: This is a joke, right? This guy shouldn’t even be on Jed York’s radar. The 49ers are the only team with an opening at GM — they should be able to hire the best candidate available. If they hire someone like Raye III, that just shows that quality front office people don’t want to work for York.

  3. Considering Wolf is smart, and has high standards, he should just hire back Chip, because Chip deserves to still be the HC. He should hold Jed to his word. He should fire O’Neil and bring back Tomsula as the DC, and Chip will want his buddy Helfrich as the OC. With Baalke gone, Tomsula may come back.

    Only 3 Free agents? I could think of 10, at least.

    Chandler Jones, Eric Berry, Melvin Ingram, Dontae Hightower, Kawann Short, Calais Campbell, Nick Perry, Dontari Poe, Trumaine johnson and Logan Ryan, and that is only on defense.

    Le’veon Bell, Alshon Jefferey, Martellus Bennett, and Ronald Leary are all on the top 30 list. I think they should not draft a WR early, but concentrate on FA WRs like Kendall Wright, Cordarrelle Patterson, Kenny Britt, Brian Quick and Terrelle Pryor. The Niners should bring back Anquan Boldin just for his leadership, alone.

    If the Niners manage to sign 6 out of those 20, I would be happy.

    For the draft, The Niners should trade back twice in the first round and acquire 2 additional second round picks. They should select Reuben Foster in the first, then get Christian McCaffrey when he falls into the second. I like Raekwon Mc Millan, Carlos Watkins or Chris Wormley also in the second, and Ryan Anderson in the third.

      1. Considering that Jed will be treated like a leper, Chip may be the ONLY decent alternative.

        Of course, I think Jed should assemble the entire team and let Chip kick him in the rear end, too.

    1. For trades, the Niners should reward Staley for his stellar service by trading him to a playoff team of his choice for an additional second round pick.

      The Niners should trade Bethea, Brooks and Mike Davis for Frank Gore.

      The Niners should let AD unretire, then trade him to a team of his choice for a second or third round pick.

    2. Bill Walsh has a better chance to coach the 49ers then does Chip. Which is impossible!

      I would not have minded if Chip was retained for another season, but his style and system was not compatible in the NFL.
      He completely drained the defense of it’s energy by constantly staying on the field. Unlike college where he could count on a much larger roster of players to move in and out of the field, this strategy was not viable in the NFL because of smaller rosters.
      That said, I had a small interest in seeing what Kelly could do with a NFL caliber QB.

  4. Seb, you’ve posted over and over and over again about how any interested candidates just need to talk to former Jed associates and then steer far clear of this franchise. And yet you have this fantastic scenario that Chip, even in the .0001% likelihood he’d be asked back, would ignore all that and come running back to Jed’s less than open arms. Do you see a disconnect here?

          1. They are not paying Singletary anymore. They will pay Chip and Tomsula 30 mil for doing nothing. Why not let them earn their money?

            1. >>They will pay Chip and Tomsula 30 mil for doing nothing.

              *Now* you are concerned about Jed? Seb, think these things through. Shouldn’t you hope Jed develops a cash flow problem?

              1. Sorry, Rib, I do not need to. Jed is pinching his own revenue flow by having that empty mausoleum.

              1. Now that Baalke is gone, winning is around the corner.

                The problem is, JH does not want to come back.

    1. No, Chip said he still wants to coach, and if Wolf can be the grownup in the room, it is possible.

      Yes, Jed needs to admit his mistake and swallow his ego, but if Chip has the proper support, he can win more games.

      Look, they are paying Chip anyways, so this will seem like a good business move on the Niners’ part. It would also be poetic justice.

      Now that Baalke is gone, Chip may want to return. I bet the team would welcome him back with open arms, and Bill Walsh himself stressed the importance of good locker room dynamics.

      Of course, this may be the only scenario where Kaep stays, but since he won the Eshmont, The team would also welcome him back with open arms. Now that Baalke is gone, Kaep may want to stay.

      Heck, with Baalke gone, Tomsula may want to return, too. I bet Denise would welcome him back with open arms, too. Just remember, Tomsula was the D line coach whose squad did not allow a 100 yard rusher for 15 games, and only one rushing TD all season. He would be just the man to fix the D line woes.

      1. Jed lost two coaches when he fired Harbaugh.
        Harbaugh and eventually Tomsula who was a great DL coach but a horrible HC

        I also agree the Jed has not been fair to Chip, but that is done with. I don’t expect either Chip or the Niners to to do a restart

        I hope If Eliott Wolf comes along They take Mike Smith as HC with Norv Turner as OC. Much as I like Kap I dont think he is coming back. I hope they draft D Kizer

        1. Mike Smith, Lovie Smith and Jim Schwartz may be decent former HCs. However, They should stay away from Ryan, Fisher and Bradley.

      2. Seb-

        You let it slip! It’s all about Kap with you. 9ers be damned, as long as Kap is still on his pedestal…………
        Forget it. He’s gone. You got your “storm” with swollen creeks yesterday. Kap may not even be picked up next year.
        “Kap won the Eshmont”………Big deal. Hitler was once man of the year with Time magazine……….

        1. Yep, I just want the Niners to win, and NO ONE has given me a suitable replacement to Kaep. Garropolo will have talked with Caserio. Cousins? Washington is not brain dead like the Niners and will want to keep their starting QB. Glennon? 5-13. Romo? He will not want to come here because he wants to go to a SB contender. My guess is the Texans. Their defense is number one. Fitzpatrick, Shaub, Sanchez? LOLOLOLOLOL.

          Drafting a QB this year is problematic, since the whole class has been generally declared weak.

          Face it, Kaep has enraged the haters by actually being decent. He is the best QB candidate to lead the Niners to victory, and if they give him enough support, he can take the league by storm.

          Personally I want a HC who is smart enough to take any QB, even Kaep, and win with him. A HC who gives up before even trying, sounds defeatist to me, and not smart enough to lead the team.

          I want a HC who can strategize properly and think quick on his feet. I want a HC who can accentuate their talents and disguise their weaknesses. I want a HC who can maximize their potential, and squeeze every drop of effort from them.
          I want a HC who can motivate and inspire his team, and one who is a master of the locker room dynamics.

          other than the second half adjustments and thinking quick on his feet, Chip has done that, and since the team played their guts out for Chip, I think he deserves another chance.

          Chip was not the sole reason they went on a 13 game losing streak. It was a system wide collapse that started with the GM. However, Chip could help this team start winning, and establishing that culture of class. It was a mistake to fire him, and they are compounding their mistake by not hiring him back.

          With Chip back, he will draft a QB, and Lewis should return, so there will be competition, and if they beat out Kaep for the starting job, I will root for them like I rooted for Gabbert when he was starting.

          But the losing will only stop when people stop thinking like losers. Winners want Kaep, and the Niners to succeed. Dissing Kaep will just lead to more losing.

          1. Seb-

            I have followed all of your arguments, your objective analysis and critical thinking with respect to Kap, his wonders and greatness to perform–and I have come to one conclusion:

            YOUR NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            1. LOL I must have struck a nerve. Quit being so easily rattled.The vehemence in your screed just screams desperation.

              Sure hope Jed sticks to his guns and promotes Gamble. It would show me that he has at least a smidgen of guts. I am not the one to only conjure rumors out of thin air. Sometimes the truth hurts.

              Its out there, deal with it. Maybe Jed is another person who does not suffer fools gladly. Sounds like Jed needs new friends. After being thoroughly humiliated, with scorn heaped upon his brow, maybe Jed is growing up.

      3. When, in the history of the NFL, did a team fire a head coach specifically for the expressed need to replace him and then hire him right back?

        1. Baalke was the problem, and Baalke was poisoning the well, backstabbing Chip as he left.

          Now that Baalke is gone, Chip is looking a lot better to many, because Chip did the one thing most other 2-14 HCs failed to do. Chip kept the locker room together, when most others would have had players quitting on him.

          Bill Walsh stressed how important locker room dynamics are, and how easy it is to destroy them. Chip, by being a leader, is the right person to keep leading the team. Jed is the one who broke his promise, and hiring Chip back would be the smartest thing he could do, because he would be admitting he made a mistake, and correcting it.

      1. I will counter your 0.0000000000000001% odds with my trump card.

        Denise. She cannot be pleased by Jed’s behavior, and any mother would want their kids to honor their word.

        It would also save money.

  5. I believe that the HC must be an offence guy. Either McDaniel or Shanahan.

    Top three FA’s

    1. Alshon Jeffery (#1 reciever)
    2.Melvin Ingram (edge rusher)
    3. Dantari Poe (run stopper)


    Round 1

    Miles Garret (#2 overall)

    Round 2

    #2 and #4 for Jimmy Garoppolo

    Round 3

    Middle Linebacker

  6. Brent Jones, on Murph and Mac stated he’s talked to NFL coaches around the league who say they Paraag and the suits sitting in on coaching meetings is a turn off to NFL coaches and that Jed needs to draw the line—Administrators stay in their offices and coaches in theirs. Now and then they can meet, but creative freedom is stymied when Paraag is hovering around like a mold fungus.

    1. Brent also explained culture, something Jed said he’s interested in.

      Brent stated that coaches have a tight knit culture, and in their down time, having Paraag in the meeting room typing in his analytics on the computer makes them reserved, holding back on jokes, stategy, ability to relax.

    2. Fully agree with you. Parag and the suits need to stay out of football decisions. But will Jed learn. I have little hope.

      Yorks are all about Financials that is why Parag has been brought back into the power structure. We need to lose the Yorks

        1. Brent Jones talked to NFL coaches around the league to learn what the Village Idiot already knows. Hmmm. Nothing personal but Paraag discussing football with real football people is like tits on a bull.

    3. They don’t want York or Marathe near the team and I don’t blame them. They’re posers. They thought they were going to light the NFL world on fire with their money ball approach to football. It all comes down to wanting credit for any success the team has. Instead of hiring the right people and getting out of the way, they hang out around the team and subtly try to influence the operation.

      Paraag has always been a disliked figure in the NFL coaching fraternity, just like the York’s are disliked by other owners. The fact that he’s (Paraag) part of the interview process proves to me that Jed hasn’t learned his lesson and probably never will.

      It must drive them up the wall that they are so disliked by the people they employ. At what point do they step back and wake the fu@# up to the fact that they are the problem? Some people are just unlikeable. The unlikeables tend to try harder to be liked through dysfunctional means, which just compounds the situation. That’s what the 49ers are right now due to York, an unlikeable trying desperately to be likeable. He’s the Joffrey Baratheon of the NFL. The only thing shielding him from being a victim of feces flinging is the glass on his luxury suite.

      1. @sebnynah

        yeah, I know the names in the mix for the GM position. But Grant’s post and your comment doesn’t tell me WHY the two of you believe Wolf is the best candidate.

        1. Because RayeIII and Riddick are marginal candidates compared to Ballard, Caserio, Wolf and Pioli.

          The fact that both Ballard and Caserio refused to be interviewed just convinces me more of their football acumen.

          Wolf did interview, and it sounds like Jed is kissing his ass.

          Maybe I am old school, but begging for a job on TV is unseemly.

          1. @Sebnyhah

            Because RayeIII and Riddick are marginal candidates compared to Ballard, Caserio, Wolf and Pioli.

            but WHY are Ballard, Caserio, Wolf and Pioli better candidates?

            I haven’t been paying close attention but I haven’t been overly impressed with Green Bay’s drafting and free agent signings. Rodgers essentially carries that team. No other talented player really comes to mind on that team…save maybe Jordy Nelson, Randal Cobb and Devante Adams…which is of course 3Xs the starting WR talent the Niners have. But the rest of the team? Eh….

            What did Pioli do for the Chiefs? Some have said he had a positive impact in a lesser (than GM) role with the Falcons. I think Kansas City has done a pretty good job in acquiring talent. But it’s always hard to determine to what degree having a stable and established coach like Andy Reid does for development of talent.

            Yeah, I too think it’s kind of unseemly how Riddick is openly pining for the 49er’s GM job.

            1. All, for the simple reason that they are all on playoff teams. That shows competency. Way better competency than the Colts who are out of the playoffs and a talking head who is out of the league.

  7. Hiring Wolf would be an excellent first step in showing a commitment to actually vetting outsiders for jobs versus the typical in-house promotion that the Yorks love because they’re so afraid of being challenged.

    If Wolf is hired, here’s how I think he will/should spend these resources:

    HC-Walk into York’s office and tell him that his team is in shambles and the organization is a laughing stock to the rest of the NFL. Tell him that money can’t be an issue when getting an HC. Tell him that you’re calling Shaw/Saban and are prepared to back up the Brinks truck and give them some control over the roster and process. Sell it to York by suggesting that the Packers organization has shown an ability to collaborate across positions/divisions before and bringing the smartest/best people in is worth the risk.

    FAs-Go get some mid-level guys that aren’t someone you’d be tied to forever, but could become immediate starters on a poor roster.

    Kenny Stills-WR-
    Lawrence Timmons-ILB
    Erik Walden-OLB

    In the draft, expect that, whether to the Browns or someone else, Myles Garrett will be the first overall selection and off the table. Start making phone calls now to hype up the QBs/Jonathan Allen and look for someone interested in trading for the 2nd overall pick.

    Find a way to draft 4 or 5 times in the first 3 rounds. This draft, more than any recently, is incredibly deep, despite a lack of clear top-end talent beyond the first few players. So maximize your chance of hitting by taking more swings.

    Go after guys like Reuben Foster, Tim Williams in the top-10. Or a receiver in the 10-20 range. If you get into late first and haven’t grabbed an ILB, look at Zach Cunningham or Jarrad Davis, also Raekwon McMillan.

    In the 2nd/3rd round, go get a QB or two. Get another WR. Another EDGE. An interior OL. Basically, the roster is so poor that almost any position could see an upgrade.

    Lastly, and this is just because I’m intrigued…if the 49ers stay at 2 and Garrett is gone, I’d love for them to draft Adams. I don’t think Reid is healthy long-term or, quite frankly, the player everyone would like to think he is. Bethea should be gone without question. Ward may be relegated to boundary CB because the roster is so bad. So bring in an immediate game-changer and show that nobody is safe and you play better or you get out.

    1. Jerod Brown

      Lots of thought in your post, and I like all of it…I may be alone in this, but I think that the Browns take Trubisky, and WE get Garrett….

      1. Oregoniner,

        Thanks, I appreciate it. I’d be in heaven if that happens. No way to screw that up. 10-year lockdown defender.

  8. Brian Murphy compared the 49ers job as a new house w/o furniture, cable, carpet–a blank canvas that a creative coach gets to walk in to, but sitting over of the house is Paraag.

    Then Murphy asked Jones if Carmen Policy (49er Dynasty President) ever sat in on team meetings, Jones stated: “Hell no. Eddie hired competent people” and drew a line where no one crossed into another’s expertise.

  9. Free agent signings will dictate who they draft. The Niners should fill every big need with free agents, and with 90 mil, they could more sign than one.

    With all the bases covered, then they will have the luxury to select the BPA, and draft for depth.

    Even with Kaep possibly coming back, I think they should spend a higher pick than a 6th to draft a QB. Joshua Dobbs, Cooper Rush and Davis Webb could all be possibilities.

    1. Hire Eliot Wolf, then hire Sean McVay – can you imagine the energy at Levis. The whole organization would be transformed by a legacy youth movement. I think if Garrett is gone – you have to go with Mike Williams – we need a #1 WR and Williams made Watson look great at Clemson. He will fill a huge gap.

  10. If Wolf was the one who decided, it would be McDermott or Shanahan who would become the next coach. I will go with Kyle Shanahan because his offensive scheme appears to better fit the 49ers. McDermott would not be a bad choice, but signing him would guarantee some bad upcoming seasons due to the defense being changed to a 4-3.
    Before he signs any free agents, Wolf will trade a fifth round pick for Romo as a stopgap low risk/high reward QB who could be be more than a stopgap, making Smith and happy WR. He will then trade away Staley to the Broncos for a second round pick and make Brown a LT.
    The first free agent he signs will be OLB Chandler Jones, who will easily be the top edge rusher on the market. Next he will fix the leak in the middle by signing ILB Dont’a Hightower. The third signing will be a justice to the offense with the signing of FB Kyle Juszczyk. Wolf will also resign Streator and Kerley to two-year deals.
    Wolf will wisely trade back from the second pick of the draft in order to set the team up for the future. Then he will shock the heck out of the fan base by selecting RB Dalvin Cook who is a versatile weapon in the run and passing game. Next he will address the void at RT by drafting OT Ryan Ramczyk. Then he will take OLB Jordan Willis with the next second round pick in order to shore up the left side of the LB corps. Finally he will address WR by drafting Malachi Dupre, who could be this year’s Michael Thomas, with the last of the three second round picks. Afterwards, he will draft CB Chidobe Awuzie, SS Eddie Jackson, DT Jarrod Jones, QB David Webb, and WR Ryan Switzer.

  11. I know very little about Eliot Wolf. I can’t properly do the challenge, but here’s what I’d like him to do.

    HC – Kyle Shanahan or McDaniels or McVay or Fangio for HC.

    Draft – Jonathan Allen, Solomon Thomas, Christian McCaffrey


    – If Garrett is available at #2, draft him first.

    – Solomon Thomas and Christian McCaffrey would likely require modest trade ups from 34 and 66.

    – Its early. I’m not really clear who I want rounds 2 or 3. I’m sure my draft day wish list will be different. For example, what about QB, ILB, NT, WR and the rumored great TE class?

    – I’m developing a trade scenario with better need fits. Reuben Foster, then use extra 2nd to trade back into the 1rst for QB, WR, Edge etc.

    – Have not explored free agents yet. Will be more clear when I know which players don’t get re-signed.

    1. Sorry, but Solomon Thomas may be long gone. He started at 37, after the bowl game he was 12, and now CBS Sports has him rated as number 5.

  12. Eliot Wolf wants to get back to the 49ers roots and hires Sean McVay. He’s young but so was Madden. These two can form the nucleus to transform the culture inside 49ers headquarters for years to come.

    Free Agent Acquisitions In Order Of Importance:

    Captain Kirk Cousins, QB
    Dontari Poe, NT
    Zack Brown, ILB
    A.J. Bouye, CB
    Pierre Garcon, WR
    Cameron Fleming, OL

    49ers NFL Draft Selections 1-3:

    Trade down with Jets for their 6th pick, this years 2nd round pick and next years 2nd:

    6) Reuban Foster, ILB, Alabama
    34)Carl Lawson, DE/OLB, Auburn
    39)*From Jets* Courtland Sutton, WR SMU
    66)Patrick Mahomes II, QB, Texas Tech

    Not sure Sutton declares, but if he does, I like him too. He’s been a sleeper of mine, and I think he’s a great value here. Mahomes can sit and learn behind Cousins. Foster and Lawson behind The Twin Towers and Poe should go a long way into restoring defensive pride.

    Word on the street is Thompson will be stepping down, and Wolf will be the new GM. Thanks for another fun homework assignment, Grant!

  13. Wolf yes please, but Niner Nation has Riddick chirping again about him
    & Mc Daniel’s –I hope not!

    Much rather Wolf & McVay or Shanny Jr.

    1. NN also had a pretty harsh assessment on Riddick’s track record in the draft.

      Riddick’s 2011 draft was about as good as Baalke’s 2012 draft.

    2. Bandit

      I was hot for McDaniels, but have cooled somewhat this year…don’t think he’ll leave NE anyway….I’m with you on Wolf GM, and McVay or Kyle HC and the other as OC….Greedy…? ..Naw….

  14. Wolf hires McVay.


    1. WR John Ross, after trading down.
    2. Pick 34 used in Garoppolo trade.
    3. OLB TJ Watt


    FB John Kuhn
    WR Alshon Jeffrey
    ILB Manti Te’o

      1. Here is a scouting report on Garoppolo.

        “Garoppolo shined at Eastern Illinois as a quick rhythm passer with exceptional accuracy, ball placement, and timing. In addition, he displayed outstanding arm talent and a high football IQ.” He has proved he can do it in the pros.

        Hundley is athletic but has trouble reading defenses and isn’t always accurate. I don’t want a Kap clone. I want a passer.

      1. Thinking as Wolf I think he gets his guy Kuhn. Te’o would be cheap and I don’t think they will spend much money on ILB with Bow and Ray Ray under contract.

        What is everyone’s take on John Ross? He has drawn comparisons to DeSean Jackson because of his kick returns and speed.

        I think he will be a much better RECEIVER than DeSean. He has a knack for getting under intermediate and deep passes without breaking stride.

        He is good in the slot. He can use his speed against man coverage and he is good at finding open spaces against the zone. He is a decent blocker.

        I see him as a faster more athletic version of Welker. He is my top WR in this draft.

        1. Kuhn is 34, so it would be better to invest in some youth at FB. The status of Bowman is up in the air, and Armstrong was only signed for two seasons. While I like Te’o, he is more of a two down player, so I think the team would be better off signing Hightower or drafting Foster.

    1. I believe there’s been some bellyaching up in GB by the coaching staff that they would like to acquire FAs as well.

      I still think you need to have an integrated approach.

      1. I agree on an integrated approach, but the coaching staff in Green Bay needs to put a sock in it because the Packers are currently one of the most dangerous teams to face in the playoffs right now.

          1. I honestly can’t remember but I think I had that too. Grant will probably find it and it’s Pats/Cowboys…

    1. “January 9, 2017 at 1:51 pm
      Pretty scathing piece by TK.”

      What else is new. He’s a blowhard that wouldn’t have a career if he couldn’t complain about Jed York.

        1. Prime, TK sucked you into his victim narrative. Try this one:
          -Arrogant journalist challenges a billionaire to a bet. TK thought it up.
          -Billionaire wins the bet
          -Journalist pays off bet
          -Butt hurt journalist waits for months sulking, then whines publicly about having to pay off bet.
          -Jed’s a fweaking billionaire and always has been. It probably never occurred to him that it was a pinch for TK to pay up. TK made the bet!
          -TK, don’t try to run with the big dogs if you can’t keep up. If TK bet me and won, I’d pay dinner for four at French Laundry w/o whining. He’s a sissy.

          1. Obviously you guys don’t like TK but I didn’t see anything in his writing that wasn’t pretty accurate. Jed has surrounded himself with syncophants and you get what we have. Fire Harbaugh. Sure jest tell me when Jed. Seriously, what real football person just says, sure Boss? Tomsula hire, same, same. Look, you bring Paraag to the meetings either because you are plain stupid (not good) or you need him to tell prospects that hey there are things you just got to understand about the fiscal issues and that’s the way is (also not good). If other teams can win with the cap issues then why do the 49ers need a guy to come in to explain the complexities. It is what it is, get over it and let’s win some games. It’s your option to dislike TK but sometimes you may be your crossing over to just shoot the messenger.

    2. Typical TK. He’s suggesting asking combative challenging questions of your potential employer during a job interview. Sure TK

    1. A VP of football ops is the position Jed should have been interviewing someone for. Then the VP of football ops should have been doing the interviews for the GM and HC.

      1. In Ron Wolf’s book The Packer Way he’s insistent about not using outside sources or consultants when hiring. He felt strongly that the manager in this case owner should be doing his own hiring research. I believe it was #2 in his 9 stepping stones to building a successful organization.

              1. With my unlikely HC choice and universally unpopular back up QB selection it wont be hard to avoid plagiarising me. First round DL choice isn’t likely to make your list either I’m assuming.

  15. Looks like Riddick’s ability to scout is as good as Baalke’s. Pass, no thanks, just hire Wolf please;

    Matt Barrows ‏@mattbarrows 1m1 minute ago
    Matt Barrows Retweeted Louis Riddick
    #49ers GM candidate Louis Riddick has had a lot of astute tweets over the years. Then there’s this one ..

    Louis Riddick @LRiddickESPN
    Two of my favorite OL’s acquired for great value due to positional versatility: #49ers Marcus Martin & Brandon Thomas. Future starters.

      1. The problem with Riddick is that he will be right with Carr, and everyone thinks he is a savant, then when the archives are mined, they dig up gems like that one.on Martin and Thomas.

        He is in the media because he is a smooth talker and presents himself well. There is a reason why he has been out of the league for years. Jed does not need to be shown up both physically and mentally. Jed does not need a sycophant, he already has Wormtongue. Jed needs some one who is strong enough to tell him the truth. Jed needs a strong foundation to build upon, not jello.

    1. Most of the fans liked Martin and Thomas before they learned those two stunk, so using that tweet as a reason to pass on Riddick is ridiculous. It hold even less merit if McDaniels is excused for drafting Tebow but Riddick is nailed for the tweet on Martin and Thomas.

      1. “so using that tweet as a reason to pass on Riddick is ridiculous”

        It’s not THE reason to pass it’s justification for saying the guy isn’t qualified.

      2. If all the fans love a draft pick does the GM get a pass if he becomes a bust? What a ridiculous suggestion.

        1. Masterful job of twistin my words. You are trying to say he is not qualified to be GM based on a tweet. Bring something that can stick to the fan.

          1. You’re trying to tell me what I said and getting it wrong but accusing me of twisting your words. Nice.

            I’ve already said he isn’t qualified, the tweet backs up remarks previously made on the subject. They(tweets) don’t make any argument themselves they simply substantiate claims already made.

            1. No, they don’t. They indicate cherry-picking evidence that does not tell the story. How about what Riddick’s drafting during his time as the GM for the Redskins?

              1. I am glad you noticed my trap statement. When you get down to it, there is not enough evidence to indicate Riddick could be a good or bad GM. All we the fans can do is state our opinions on a GM candidate, then just hope for the best regardless of whom gets picked.

  16. Assuming Wolf is the man.
    HC McDaniels
    Free agents
    OLB nick perry
    WE Alston Jeffrey
    Qb Garapolo

    The draft
    Allen/Garret one of them will be a Niner
    OJ Howard TE good pass blocker and awesome hands. You’ll see tonight.
    Joe Mixon RB trouble in his past but as a sooner fan I
    Must say he’s actually the better of the two rb in Oklahoma. Big strong and has a great eye for holes.
    That’s my take. Hope it happens. :-)

    1. Nick Perry should have been signed last off season like I was petitioning for before this big season, would have been a lot cheaper. I saw him as a solid depth potential starter player but now he’s risky. I say risky because before 2016 he was averaging 3.1 sacks a season. Nothing special. Now though after having a “break out” season with 11 sacks he’s likely to get paid a lot more then a LB averaging 3.1 sacks per season. Is he really an 11 sack per season player now or was this year an aberration. Given that he was playing on a one year contract after finishing his rookie deal my fear is that he was a contract year wonder.

      He was a first round pick(sort of #28) but I don’t see a lot of LB’s that are average for the first 4 years suddenly become star play makers. Not impossible just not common. Unless there is a scheme or position change which I don’t believe happened with Perry this past season.

      Anyway, I still like the idea of picking him up but only if he can be had for 3.1 sack per year money instead of 11.

  17. Wolf will bring in Sean McVay as HC – he’s young but considered to be a bright coach with excellent leadership and communication skills.

    In FA, first and foremost, Wolf and McVay realise this is a rebuild. So FA should be used to instill culture and veteran leadership, but is unlikely to make this team a contender in 2017. Wolf comes from a culture where you build through the draft, so that’s what he’ll look to do.

    On D, Wolf will see some young talent but little in the way of veteran leadership. A NT is a must, but they’ll want a guy that can also rotate in the 4-man fronts. Dontari Poe would be perfect, but may be hard to get and to be honest, isn’t worth the money for a rebuilding team. Brandon Williams may be more realistic, but if he also gets too pricey, Bennie Logan could be a good choice as a tough minded player in the middle. Wolf also brings back Dorsey for the rotation. At ILB, Zack Brown would bring a perfect balance of speed and hitting power, though is a little rough around the edges and has question marks about his work habits. As such, they bypass him and look to the draft, and bring in a low cost FA (maybe Hodges) for depth. At OLB, Erik Walden gets reunited with Wolf. He’s a tough minded guy, that brings a good attitude to the 49ers young D. The secondary is kept intact.

    On offense, building the OL is the name of the game. Staley remains a building block, but they need to upgrade the interior of the OL and get a backup OT. JC Tretter at centre makes sense, and a lower value vet OT to backup Staley and Brown.

    At QB, a guy like Hoyer is a perfect stop gap. But it is likely Nick Foles will be released by the Chiefs (well, technically he won’t have his option picked up). Foles and Hoyer can compete for the temporary starting position, but they will also draft a QB high, with the hope they will beat out Foles and Hoyer, but expectation one of Foles or Hoyer will start.

    McVay’s offense uses a lot of 3 WR and 2 TE sets. Don’t really use a FB, so no need to go get one in FA. Vernon Davis played more snaps than Jordan Reed, though Reed missed a few games. But Reed had more receptions. McVay likes both his TEs to be capable pass catchers, but one must be able to block. McDonald can play the role of Vernon Davis. They need an athletic pass catcher… and the draft is full of them.

    At WR, the Redskins used two smaller, faster guys and one bigger WR. 49ers have Smith and Ellington, and bring back Kerley, so the smaller, shiftier WRs are covered. But they need a big guy. The draft would be the ideal place to find him, but there are only so many picks. LaFell makes for a decent stop gap, with Streater brought back for depth.

    At RB, they need another option to play with Hyde. The Packers and Redskins are largely passing teams, so the RB needs to also be a decent receiver. The draft will be a source of some good RBs, but they also bring in Tim Hightower.

    In the draft:
    – While the team needs a QB, Packers FO doesn’t believe in reaching, so I doubt Wolf will. He’d have to be blown away with one of the prospects to do so. But I also don’t know how easy it will be to trade back. First option would be trade back. If they can’t, take the best player at a need position. I’m going to assume they can find a trade partner though, move back a few spots and get an extra 2nd. Then take Reuben Foster or Mike Williams, probably Williams.
    – Trade up from 34 using a 4th rounder to the back end of round 1 for a QB. If Josh Allen declares, he could be an interesting option here. Otherwise, one of Watson, Trubisky or Kizer will likely be available. I know Mahomes has become something of a darling on here for those wanting to find a mid round gem, but when you need a QB you can’t wait until the 3rd round for one.
    – With the other 2nd round pick (from trade back in round 1), take Raekwon McMillan or Jarrad Davis.
    – With their 3rd round pick, take the best TE remaining.
    – In the 4th round, grab a RB and pass rusher.
    – In the 5th round take Chad Kelly.
    – In later rounds, add depth to OL, secondary and DL.

    1. Clearly the aim here is to upgrade the offense through the draft to meet McVay’s needs, defense primarily through FA. And if they took Mike Williams in round 1 they probably wouldn’t need to sign LaFell.

    2. Nice scenario Scooter. This one seems to be popping up a lot over the past couple of days. McVay would scare the hell out of me because he’s so young, but he’s getting a lot of positive pub. If they went with Wolf/McVay, we’d have the youngest GM and HC tandem in the league. I wonder if Kirk Cousins would be an option if that transpired? More than likely the Skins will Franchise him again or work out a deal, but if not? Could be interesting.

      1. I said the other day McVay has the sort of personality to win over York. And sounds like he did. All he would need to do is win over Wolf.

        I recall reading previously that York likes working with younger staff around his own age, so this would,d kind of make sense. I understand your concerns, and it would probably end horribly, but I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if it is what the 49ers get.

        1. York will need to come to the realization that whomever he hires, he should not expect more than 15-20 wins in a 3 year span.
          That means, let the GM/HC compete the rebuild without any pressure. Patience is key here.

              1. So you think that it’s Jed and not the fans who are applying the pressure to fire his coaches too soon? Wonder what fans would have thought if Jed let Baalke and Chip have three years. Right now we’d be 2 down and 13 to 18 to meet the target…and I’d be packing to move to Canada.

        2. “I recall reading previously that York likes working with younger staff around his own age, so this would,d kind of make sense.”

          That’s one of the most sound reasons I’ve heard for any head coach candidate so far. If York and not the new GM is making the final decision on the HC then I could see your reasoning making this decision.

      2. I don’t see any scenario where Cousins leaves Wash. They just became relevant again with him at the helm. He’s a franchise QB and he continues to improve, they gotta sign him.

        But I like your thoughts Scooter. But I hear you Rocket I would also be scared, more of McVay than Wolf. I like Wolf, seems smart and well-respected. McVay seems to need more seasoning before he takes on HC role. Our team is just too young with very little veteran presences. We need someone who can bring them all together and get these younger players focused. However, if McVay conveys that he has the ability to do that, then hey why not. I gotta think though after the Chip experiment Jed is looking for more of a “sure” thing.

        1. “January 9, 2017 at 4:13 pm
          I don’t see any scenario where Cousins leaves Wash.”

          Not totally impossible, if they’re still deciding if he’s worth a long term contract then they could come to the decision he’s not worth the 21.5M that the tag will pay him in 2017. $21.5M is a boatload of cash to give a guy for one season if you aren’t positive that you want him around long term.

          I agree the chances are low but they aren’t zero.

    3. McVay feels like McDaniels 2.0 Young bright guys that are going to struggle leading veterans who’ve played the game their entire lives. Not leaders of men. Career coordinators.

      1. Maybe, maybe not, But from what I’ve read McVay seems to have a much better personality that translates to being a good leader. He gets more out of his players and they play harder for him. McDaniels, to me at least, just seems like a pure X’s and O’s guy and lacks those other traits.

        1. “He gets more out of his players and they play harder for him.”

          That’s a pretty subjective statement. How does that translate to the field? Wouldn’t you agree that McDaniels has had a little bit more success then McVay?

          1. McDaniels success will always be tied to having Tom Brady. That’s why he is the biggest question mark out there. Also why he might want to leave the shadows of NE and build something himself. He will need a strong , experienced GM in order to have any type of success.

          2. I agree with Leo regarding McVay’s personality. Sounds like he is different to how McDaniels was at 33. More in tune with his players.

          3. All I’m saying is that how do you know McVay get’s his players to play harder then McDaniels does? If playing harder means winning then I would think McDaniels is getting the most out of his players. If playing harder means something other then winning then I’d like to know what exactly you are measuring the players effort with?

            Outside of the QB and for about 4 games a season the TE position I don’t see the Patriots as being that much farther ahead then Washington in the talent department.

            1. CFC – Of course you can’t measure how hard a guy plays for a coach or how in tune they are with their players, but that’s why we use words like “seems” and “sounds like”. It’s a reputation they’ve built and how they come across. Again McVay “seems” to have the traits of someone who can relate to his players and get them to buy in and play hard. Don’t ask me to back that up though ;)

              1. “Don’t ask me to back that up though ;)”

                Ok but only because you asked :)

                As I just posted to Scooter, I’d take McVay over McDaniels if they were the only two choices.

    4. Scooter, I generally agree with many of your picks, but Hoyer? Please, I do not like QBs who throw like the DBs are the intended receivers.

      I like your trade back scenario, but would not be so desperate to move up.

      I hope the Niners do not draft a WR so high, but just sign a battled tested and hardened FA. Like you said, they should be able to get some good players in the later rounds to rebuild through the draft.

      1. Hoyer or Foles. Preference would be Foles, but not by much.

        Cousins wasn’t much until McVay got to work with him.

        1. If those were my only choices it would be Foles also, but man after that stint with St. Louis it would be tough to watch every week. Somehow Andy seems to get more out of Foles than others (aside from Chip of course). Almost prefer to keep Kap for another year…..almost.

        2. “Cousins wasn’t much until McVay got to work with him.”

          Cousins numbers didn’t increase until 2014 when McVay became the OC but RG3 was still the starter in 2014. McVay was the TE coach up until 2014 so he wasn’t working with Cousins prior to that. Cousins numbers increased in 2014 but how much of that was McVay and how much of that was simply because he became the starter with RG3 out?

          1. For what it’s worth if they were the only two options I’d go with McVay simply by default because we’ve already seen what McDaniels is like as a HC. McVay still has the advantage of not having failed already at the job.

            1. Both guys as highly touted as they are, are questions marks. This is why an experienced GM is so highly critical to guide these young coaches like Shanny, McDaniels and McVay.
              I’ll say it again, this hire will impact the 49ers for the next 10 years. If not done right, then for sure no one will ever work for the Yorks!

            2. McVay is the guy I think they’ll hire. I don’t mind the idea of McVay, but I would have liked your guy Toub. I don’t mind McDaniels either, hoping he’s learned from his previous experience.

              1. While I am not totally opposed to McVay, I just wish he had some more experience like turning around a couple College programs while as HC.

                If you want to go young, Chris Peterson is the best choice.

        3. The probability is that any QB the 49ers get to start in 2017 will be a place holder for a year or two. It will be a bonus if that QB can just bring a basic stability while better team talent is being brought in.

  18. If Ted Thompson retires or transitions to scouting for one year before retiring, I have a feeling we will not get Eliot Wolf, as he would become the GM for Green Bay. Then, it would be between Brian Gutekunst or Louis Riddick. I prefer Gutekunst, but Wolf may make him head of Player Personnel and keep him in Green Bay.

    If it is Wolf, I feel given his experience around the game he is fine with a younger coach, such as McVay. Or, if he needs someone with more coordinator experience, Kyle Shanahan. Riddick, because he has been doing ESPN for the last year, will probably go with the coordinator with prior head coaching experience, in which case it would be McDaniels. I am hoping for Wolf and McVay, and letting the rebuild grow with the youth and enthusiasm Wolf and McVay would bring as younger leaders.

    Using Fanspeak’s Ultimate GM Challenge and Draft, I see Wolf doing the following:

    1. QB stopgap: He won’t reach for a QB in the draft, unless he thinks DeShaun Watson is like Favre; a gunslinger and leader with whom you accept the 1.5 turnovers a game he will make. Thus, I think he takes Hoyer as a stopgap, unless the market falls on Mike Glennon after everyone worries about “Brock Osweiler Syndrome.”

    2. Eric Berry: The Niners will overpay for him, but here is a leader, a fiery presence, and a player everyone in the locker room will respect and listen to. When you are rebuilding, you need as many of these players as you can get. $12 mil/year for 5 years, with 50% guaranteed, is well worth the money to have someone be the captain with Bowman on the defense.

    3. Dontari Poe and Glenn Dorsey: Dorsey for rotational help, especially given his injury history playing on a rotational basis might assist with his health. Poe for the brute strength in the middle, and the ability to play in a 4 man front (in other words, for all the reasons Scooter made). 4 year, $9 mil/year with 45% guaranteed.

    4. Melvin Ingram: Younger and cheaper than Chandler Jones, who will be an astronomical price, especially since the Cardinals can’t give him up after trading a player and draft pick for him.

    5. Danny Woodhead: The type of 3rd down back we need, a receiver out of the backfield, a steady pass blocker, and can be the running back for a few plays.

    6. Cut Kaepernick, Eric Reid, and Antoine Bethea. Players not worth starting, or being paid their anticipated salaries.

    7. Matt Kalil. Injured last year, former Pro Bowl Left Tackle, would make a good swing tackle, first reserve off the bench type.

    8. Re-sign Jeremy Kerley. Slot receiver in a pinch.

    9. I also like the Tight Ends in the draft, so I do not spend the money on Martellus Bennett, who will cost an arm and a leg.

    10. After cutting Kaepernick, Reid, and Bethea, there is enough money to sign Zack Brown at ILB and Stephon Gilmore at CB.

    11. After trading back twice, ending up with the Browns’ 1st round pick (#12) and 2 2nd round picks (#1 and #20 in the 2nd), as well as the Jaguars’ 3rd round pick (#4 in the 3rd), I drafted the following (using CBS’ Big Board and the computer drafting for all the other teams):

    1st Round: WR Mike Williams, Clemson (it was between him and ILB Reuben Foster, Alabama)
    2nd Round: EDGE Derek Barnett, Tennessee
    2nd Round: QB Mitch Trubisky, North Carolina
    2nd Round: CB Adoree Jackson, USC
    3rd Round: C Pat Elflein, Ohio State
    3rd Round: TE Evan Engram, Mississippi
    4th Round: S Obi Melifonwu, Connecticut
    4th Round: RB Alvin Kamara, Tennessee
    5th Round: WR KD Cannon, Baylor
    5th Round: EDGE Hunter Dimick, Utah
    5th Round: LB Jayon Brown, UCLA
    6th Round: LB Riley Bullough, Michigan State
    6th Round: K Daniel Carlson, Auburn
    7th Round: RT/G Jon Heck, North Carolina
    7th Round: DE Isaac Rochell, Notre Dame

  19. Here’s a great read about Ron Wolf and his philosophy. Should give a little peak into the world that Eliot was raised in.

    1. Williams has been the only one on the Alabama defense that has looked good so far tonight. The others are making dumb mistakes.

  20. If Eliot Wolf is hired as GM:

    HC – Would Coach McDaniels and Wolf work seamlessly together, or would there be conflict? I don’t know enough to answer this, but if that is a consideration then the other options would be Coach Shanahan, who seems likely to go to Denver, or Coach McVay, who, if he has the knack to run a team instead of only concentrating on Offense, could be the perfect hire, for many reasons, not the least his apparent overwhelming attention to detail. Both he and Wolf are young and could grow together. The owner has promised patience…

    For the Free Agents, Alshon Jeffery is still young enough, and he’s been in a rebuild his whole career. Dontari Poe is the perfect plug in, but he is with a winning team and probably wants to stay there. Dorsey is good, but always gets hurt, so maybe Coach McVay could bring Chris Baker with him, whose stats are double what Dorsey’s were this season. Based on his performance in the pre season I’d resign Christian Ponder for any need. There are many viewpoints of Colin Kaepernick, but it seems best for all parties that he moves on during a rebuild, so Ponder (who looked good) fills a need and has a rapport with the offense already. You asked for three FA choices, but let’s not forget Jeremy Kerley, he needs to return, he is better than Ellington (what we’ve seen) and made it through the season injury free, which Ellington never has. Also he led the team in receptions and yards.

    In the draft, a couple of things really need to be determined first. If Coach McDaniels comes in and brings Jimmy Garoppolo then things change. If he becomes a 49er then the draft shifts, no QB necessary in the first round. The other factor here is the payment for Garoppolo. It would seem crucial to keep this year’s draft picks, the word is the Patriots want a first and a fourth. Why not stretch it out to 2018 and 2019 and give them two second round picks, with the 2019 choice based on performance to be either a 2nd or a 4th.

    If this is possible then the team should choose Myles Garrett in the first round. If he is taken Number One by Cleveland then the team should take Mike Williams to pair with Garoppolo, Jeffery, and Kerley. Then the choice can be made to either keep, trade, or cut Torrey Smith, and pick up more cap space. If it seems possible the team could trade back in the first, if their Board says Williams can be had with a later choice and there are willing trade partners. This would increase the 2017 or 2018 Draft Stock.

    If it is Coach McVay instead of Coach McDaniels then perhaps they do take Mitch Trubisky, if the Browns don’t. Though Coach McVay has had success with him it doesn’t feel right to start over with Kirk Cousins and his age and expected salary. In reviewing the tape on Trubisky, he looks a lot like Christian Ponder, so maybe Trubisky sits for a year or more (patience) and Ponder plays. If the Browns take Trubisky then it goes back to Garrett, and the QB position must be addressed elsewhere, but not in the first round of the draft.

    Either way the team should take the remaining ILB, either Foster, Cunningham, McMillian, or Davis with the second round choice. Again, it seems crucial to retain this pick to rebuild the team. Regardless of whether the Defense stays a 3/4 hybrid or switches to a 4/3 it isn’t possible to count on Navarro Bowman to return to his former shape after the knee and the Achilles, so the linebacker is the pick here, the ILB carousel employed this season was not productive. Ray Ray Armstrong could be retained but there again there are injury concerns, and it’s a rebuild. As much as it sucks the team may choose not to retain Bowman.

    If QB is the first round direction, there are some Edge rushers a bit later who seem to be a good fit. Brooks can’t last forever, though he’s signed for another year, and he did begin his career as an ILB, so that could also be a possibility. Harold has not fulfilled his expectations. Lynch needs to prioritize, the team has already been diminished by counting on an OLB (Aldon Smith) to behave and produce.

    In the third round, if a QB is in place, the team should choose either Ethan Pocic or Pat Elflein. Daniel Kilgore has been good, but he is hurt too often and Marcus Martin hasn’t performed well enough to anchor the Offense. Whether it is Garoppolo, Trubisky, Ponder, or someone else, there needs to be cohesion at the Center position after Kilgore, without having to move Beadles out of position. If no QB is in place then Mason Rudolph could be available at this spot (fingers crossed) and Tyler Orlovsky or Kyle Fuller can be had at Center in a later round.

    I would agree with CFC about Coach Clements, his credentials are impeccable, though he has had great QB’s to work with he has put up some record numbers as an OC, but I do wonder if, at 60, he would want to start from scratch again with a much younger GM. He seems to have been kicked upstairs, not sure what his current function is, and he is probably well settled in Green Bay.

      1. Same here. The 49ers need to capitalize on it and draft a starter or someone that can split the carries with Hyde.

  21. The ‘Bama D really is so much better than any offense in college. Lots of talent across the board on that D. But it does make me wonder if the sum of its parts is greater than the individual talent.

    1. I am afraid I have to agree. Williams and Anderson are the only ones I have been impressed with so far tonight.

      1. The whole D has been good. The front 7 are winning their matchups. The edge guys are looking good for sure, but they are getting help from a lot of 1 on 1s and the middle collapsing the pocket and preventing Watson from having room to step up and avoid the outside rush. Great team D.

    2. “if the sum of its parts is greater than the individual talent.”

      Sure could be. Not an uncommon occurrence that isn’t given enough credence.

      1. I agree. Easy to get excited by a prospect that looks great on a great team. Same goes with players in the NFL.

        It also works the other way. Easy to get down on a decent player made to look worse than he is playing on a bad team.

  22. Watson looks like a first round pick when he has the protection. He needs to go to a team with solid pass protection, but unfortunately the Cowboys already have Prescott.

    1. All the teams with good OLs have their young QB in place. Watson needs to go somewhere the FO is willing to make the same type of investment as the Cowboys, Titans and Raiders. And he should still be given some time as a backup if he isn’t ready at the end of TC.

  23. Scooter, you see where OBJr is scolded by the GM and told to grow up? Might have to send him to the showers like VD…;>)

      1. I learned recently that OBJ was an all-American in youth soccer. He’s a fabulous talent.
        I’d trade him straight-up for a young Steve Smith (Sr.) in a heartbeat.

  24. Did anybody else notice how Williams went to the ground in order to avoid it getting his bell rung again?

  25. Foster might be the best LB to come out since Kuekly. Watson will go in the top 20 of the draft. Kid is mentally strong.

    1. I like Foster, but I am leaning away from taking him in the top 10.
      Watson is looking good after a slow start. However, he will need to go to a team that has solid pass protection.

    1. I think it’s not entirely crazy for Watson to creep into top 10 consideration. He is playing well against a superior D.. Scouts see that.

      1. That’s why I had the Jets trading up for him with us. Seemed like a Jets move provided he showed up in this game….

      1. I was of that opinion too a few weeks ago. But then I recalled the error I made in 2014 with Kelvin Benjamin. You can’t teach size. And Williams has excellent body control and good hands to go with his size. He has more upside than Davis.

    2. This game probably won’t have any impact on his draft stock. If anything, NFL execs will like that he’s battled through an early knock.

        1. Let’s say that was Rodgers who was making those throws. Would you still be critiquing the QB?

          1. I would critique Rodgers more harshly. I assume you’re talking about Rodgers when he was still in college and didn’t have his current reputation as a proven NFL QB.

            If Rodgers had problems with accuracy, placement, and decision making in college he wouldn’t have been drafted.

              1. It says, “Consistency was Watson’s greatest struggle in 2016, particularly in terms of ball placement and decision-making.”

                This link is more clear about his weaknesses.


                The link you provided hit on another thing about Watson. ” Clemson’s offense is a relatively simple one, frequently asking the quarterback to make simple underneath throws off of pre-determined reads.” Being a system QB skews completion %. Similar to Falk and Trubisky.

              2. *are
                I honestly wonder how capable the webmaster is if he is not can’t even add an edit feature to the site.

              3. Its important to understand a players strengths and weaknesses. Its fair to say that at times Watson struggles with ball placement and decision making. But there are also times where his ball placement is perfect. Every QB will have some throws off target, the important thing is Watson gets enough on target. And he throws a very catchable ball.

                Yes, the offense he plays in can be pretty simple. The vast majority of college systems are these days. But he runs it very well. And it isn’t just underneath stuff. He throws downfield a fair bit too.

                The main thing is he has great leadership and mental toughness, and is smart. He’s a winner. He’s an excellent athlete. He’s an easy thrower and can make every throw.

              4. Not arguing that, but the article mainly dings him on stature, durability, and consistency. The rest is mainly nitpicking, which scouts are supposed to do.
                The reality is Watson and Williams both make themselves look good and will need to go through a couple of growing pain seasons, but that does not change what they did tonight. They were clutch.

              5. Scooter,

                Inconsistent ball placement reminds me of Gabbert. It’s not as easy to fix as mechanics.

                I’ve been saying Kizer is the best QB prospect for months. Mostly because his ability to make all the throws and he is a dual threat in that order. I also like the fact that Kizer plays in a pro style offense.

                If Kizer played for Clemson with Williams his numbers would be much better, he may have won the Heisman. If Watson was playing for ND his numbers would suffer and we would have no idea if he could show up in playoff games.

              6. Mid,

                You may consider it nitpicking but I haven’t seen any scouting report list accuracy, ball placement, and decision making as Watson’s strenghts.

                He struggles in those areas in a QB friendly system. I expect him to struggle even more in the pros. The pro defenses are much better too.

              7. “I’ve been saying Kizer is the best QB prospect for months. Mostly because his ability to make all the throws and he is a dual threat in that order. I also like the fact that Kizer plays in a pro style offense.”

                I can’t agree with that statement. Kizer is the better prospect, and can move but he is no where near the runner that Watson is.
                Kizer compares to Big Ben, while Watson is much more fluid in the run game ala Vince Young.

                So while Kizer is the better prospect, Watson’s ability to run makes him a better college qb.

              8. Shoup,

                I don’t understand your post. You said you can’t agree with my statement that Kizer is the best prospect. You then say that Kizer is a better prospect than Watson.

              9. 80,
                I disagreed with the idea that Kizer would have been better than Watson in Clemson’s system. The two are vastly different players and Clemson’s offense maximizes Watson’s skill set but wouldn’t do the same for Kizer.
                It’s nit picking tbh, I’m not disagreeing with your main point only the argument you used to support it.

              10. Shoup,

                I think you’re underestimating Kizer’s running ability. Kizer runs when all else fails. He just doesn’t chose to run 10 to 20 times a game like Watson.

                I think Watson is like Kap or RGIII. They lock on to their first read and look to run as their second read. Watson would be horrible in NDs offense. He would be lucky to complete half of his passes.

                Kizer in Clemson would have better numbers than Watson in Clemson. Watson averaged 7.9 yards per attempt with 17 Ints.Kizer averaged 8.1 yards per attempt with only 9 picks. He is already a better passer.

                Watson had 3.8 yards per carry. with 9 TDs. Kizer had 3.7 ypc with 8 TDs. Kizer could run 10 to 20 times a game but he doesn’t have too.

                Put Kizer on Clemson and his overall numbers would be better than Watson’s. Watson may still have a slight edge in rushing because of more carries. Watson is barely a better runner than Watson.

  26. I’ve been of the opinion the talk of Watson’s declining draft stock was overstated. This game just showcases why he will be a high draft pick. He has some flaws, but he is a winner, rarely plays a bad game, overcomes his mistakes, and plays well in big games.

    1. You can say that about a lot of College QB’s Scooter. AJ McCarron was a winner and rarely played a bad game, but is a backup in the NFL. He may be a high draft pick I don’t know, but I wouldn’t take that chance.

    1. I’ll try and find it but there was a report early on that Gamble wasn’t a candidate for the position. Either way he’s still a better choice then Riddick ;)

    2. I hope that is not true. That will just confirm that York wants a yes man and nothing more.

    1. It better not be Gamble. But I wouldn’t be surpried if this GM search is just for show. McVay could be this years Gase. And Cable could be this years Kelly.

        1. Fair enough. I think Kizer can make the necessary adjustments. Williams is making Watson look better than he actually is here in the 4th.

      1. Watson’ Leadership skills and interception questions remind me a little of Winston when he was coming out. He’s coming along pretty well in the bigs.

        1. Yep. Though Winston was much further along in terms of understanding a pro system and concepts. Even so, I find it hard to dismiss someone that has the intangibles you look for, has pretty good mechanics and feel in the pocket, and can make every throw.

          1. I’m coming around to taking him at 2 if the Browns take Garrett. I like his deep balls too. Very catch friendly….

            1. If the new 49ers GM and HC like him, I’d be fine with taking him at #2.

              Or, as you said yesterday, it may provide someone for the 49ers to use to get a trade down.

  27. I am salivating over Williams. It would be nice for the Niners to get a receiver that fights for the ball on the deep pass.

  28. Epic Game!!!!! Wow D Watson trying to throw his name into the top 5 hat…. The kid has something about him.

    1. He probably did tonight RAW. I still do not think he should be in that range, but Watson has definitely solidified a place in the top 15 if not the top 10.

        1. I think what will help his stock is going up againsta fantastic Alabama defense and getting pounded upon, yet still being able to come out on top.

              1. I’m serious. I think Hue Jackson drafts Watson number one after this performance, leaving us Garrett….

  29. Watson made a poor decision on the next to last throw. He was bailed out by Williams twice in the 4th. His made bad decisions and his placement was bad, but he shows up in big games. This game was more of the same strengths and weaknesses. My opinion hasn’t changed.

    1. I think Watson was putting the ball up where he knew Williams would be able to go get it.

      1. What about the one on the final drive where the WR had to dive down to get it on the left side? I can’t remember his name but it wasn’t Williams. The final TD pass was an easy pass to make.

        1. That was the TE Leggett. Great catch. But also a good pass. Kept it away from the defender, put it where only his guy had a play on it. Nice timing as well.

          1. Maybe I need to rewatch that play. I’m pretty sure he was wide open and poor placement cost him another 5 to 10 yards.

            1. It set up first and goal. It also was done with tight coverage on Leggett. Placing it further to the right had a good chance of being incomplete or intercepted.

            2. Just rewatched the final drive on YouTube. Legget wasn’t wide open but he did have seperation, thanks to a pushoff. The placement could have been better but it was away from the defender.

              We already knew that he shows up in big games. We already knew his weaknesses and they were on display tonight. I was too harsh on him earlier but I still see him as project and likely a bust.

        2. That was a wide throw, but that is where the receiver has to make a play on it. Sometimes it works out, and other times it does not.

    1. Oh that’s the reason its so impressive, but it is kind of funny that he’s played like that most of the year and been progressively getting more and more negative reviews. He is what he is. Gamer.

      1. No. How does someone living in So Cal have a 49ers “source” close enough to give her a head nod?

        In this day of “unnamed sources” anyone can just make stuff up. It’s not like she has a reputation to worry about.

        1. Unfortunately, the age of twitter has made it far too easy for nobodies to “break news” from supposed “sources”. No disrespect, but this lady is a blogger -at best- with zero actual connections inside the organization. Hell, I might be just as connected to the 49ers power structure as she is.

    1. Actually, she’s not some random chick. She broke the news about Aldon Smith’s last screw up on the Niners and about Marathe being demoted. Her source is pretty high up.

      1. Didn’t write “random chick”. I know who she writes for. Doesn’t change my opinion.

        Given her background it doesn’t surprise me that she’d know about Smiths legal troubles before others.

  30. Niners should draft Watson, and let the Bears and Jets go into a bidding war for him.

    Heck, Niners might get a second round pick and a second next year, along with their first.

  31. Earlier, as my third round pick, I chose Ryan Anderson. Too bad he might go in the earlier rounds now. Niners might miss out on him.

    1. A few months back I made the comment that despite his apparent slide in draft stock he was still the QB most likely to be drafted first and that opinion hasn’t changed. With that said I see him as RG3 with higher upside. I think he has a better chance of succeeding in the NFL then Griffin has but he’s not the guy I would build my team around.

        1. I wouldn’t take any QB in this draft before pick #60 and then I would take them in this order: Mahomes, Trubisky, Watson.

          In reality I expect that Watson will go between pick #5-#15 and Trubisky will end up being taken around #25-#32.

            1. It’s certainly not out of the realm of possibility. If the league is smarter then most of the draft pundits out there then I think you’ll be correct. Seems like a guy that a bad team like Jacksonville or Chicago might reach for though.

    1. Yup. Did you see him being compared to Vince Young in his post game interview? Watson didn’t seem to like the comparison.

    1. Yup. ILB, QB, WR, DL, Edge, LT… Most and possibly all starter quality. Good game. I think one of them will be a Niner. 93 and 10 are my top choices.

  32. Watson has a lot of potential. There’s no way to know how any pick will pan out but he has the physicality and the heart…he also seems very humble. Great traits that could lead to great things. I like him.

    1. One of the big transitions for a player like Watson will be NOT to try to do it all in the pros… Put less pressure on himself and use other skills guys as primary resources.

      Once he’s mastered this, then turn on the heroics when the time is right.

  33. The play call on the final TD was a thing of beauty. Completely flummoxed the coverage. Run to perfection by receivers. Even Kaep would have completed that throw.

    1. Twitter land is screaming “sprint right option” as a nod to Clemson star Dwight Clark. But it looks more like a well executed semi-legal pick play.

        1. I know, and I am as light as a feather, I am as happy as an angel, I am as merry as a schoolboy. I am as giddy as a drunken man!

  34. In 50 years, there have only been two quarterbacks to ever win both a Super Bowl and NCAA Championship –Montana & Namith

  35. Well, you will all have to bow down to me. I called it.

    Jed will be fed up by being humiliated and scorned by the rest of the league, and everyone will have been treating him like he has the bubonic plague and 3 eyes.. Jed will think things through and decide to do the right thing. Jed will honor his word by allowing Chip to become the HC of the San Francisco 49ers again. He will simply promote Gamble to provide continuity, and he will get what he wants.- 2 guys who can work well together towards a common goal.

    Gamble is already a slam dunk winner simply because he is not Baalke .He will re-sign AD. He will sign decent Free Agents, and will not save any cap space because he wants to win now, instead of in the future. Gamble will be a wild success simply by abandoning the ACL strategy. Gamble will let Chip help decide the roster so he can obtain players that fit his system. Gamble and Chip will make it work because they are good friends, unlike the Baalke/Chip acrimony.

    With Gamble as the GM, he can fix the holes on the defense, he will have a great draft position, a boatload of cash to spend on Free agents, and a tight, cohesive locker room that will only get better with adding better players. To top it off, lots of injured players will return like Armstead, Ray Ray, Ellington, Reid and others. Niners need massive improvements, but they do have some talent, so they do not need to blow everything up and start all over.

    if the Niners can fix the run defense and provide Kaep with some weapons on offense, they should be able to win at least 6 games, and if the planets align and they stay healthy, a no losing season is possible. Jed is smart to consider locker room dynamics, and the importance of steady leadership, and continuity to build cohesion.

    This rumor gives me hope, and it gives Prime indigestion. Ol’ Prime must be grinding his teeth, because Chip likes Kaep. Kaep will be persuaded to stay, the QB situation will be settled so the Niners now can draft some defensive guys instead of having to spend a high draft pick on a QB. In fact, the Niners should be poised to move back in the draft to select more bodies. They could leverage that second pick into some more second round picks, and be able to select talented weapons for offense.Maybe they can bring back the fond memories of another ’86 draft and Tom can channel Trader Bill.

    I wish to thank Jed for coming to his senses, and this is the first step to becoming relevant again. I will admire any man who keeps his word, Jed included. Jed will have acted with class, and this could be turning the corner into becoming a winning organization once again. I hope Jed admits his mistakes, and pledges to strive to get better. All he needs to do is dump Paraag, and my cup will runneth over.

    While I am happy for Clemson for winning the National title, this news about Jed promoting Gamble is making me jump for joy.

    1. Seb this is bold. Let’s say it goes this way. What about
      1. Chip has shown no good DC’s will sign up. How does the defensive issues get addressed?
      2. How does Jed convince fan base that a guy he fired for culture reasons is all of a sudden now the culture solution?
      3. The fan base has no leash for Kaep…how does Jed/Gamble/Chip make a case that will buy new patience in a fan base that is done with Kaep?
      4. As long as we’re on this counterculture revolution, does Tomsula come back as DL coach?
      5. At the Chip re-intro, is there a new photo opp of Jed/Gamble/Chip in suits, toting rocks?
      6. Would you reccomend Jed wear a form fitting Armani bullet proof vest in public from now on?

      For entertainment value, Chip coming back would be big. The media and fanbase would shred him in a big way. Could he weather that storm?

      1. Max, now Baalke is gone, anything is possible.

        I hope Denise gets Chip and Tomsula together, and see if they can work together. I would be happy for Tomsula to be the new DC. Now that Baalke is gone, Tomsula may come back.

        Chip is the guy to start a winning culture because he has the proper locker room dynamics, and he and Gamble will work together with one goal in mind. Gamble and Chip are exactly what Jed was talking about when he mentioned GM/HC dynamics.

        I cannot help it if some fans are too stupid to want to keep Kaep. Right now, Kaep is the starter for the San Francisco 49ers. Throwing him away like he is a piece of trash, and he may come back to haunt them. Both the Rams and Cards need QB upgrades, so Kaep could possibly play against the Niners twice a year, if Jed is stupid enough to let him leave, or drive him away.

        The argument that cutting Kaep will save money is specious, because the Niners are awash in cash, and have plenty of money to spend while keeping Kaep.

        I look forward to that PC because Jed will have to admit he made a mistake, and he will show remorse by trying to rectify his blunder. I am not worried about the optics, because to me, it will be poetic justice, and I will not be worried about Jed getting pilloried. Jed seems to soak up abuse like a sponge, so he can take it. Actually, I will be calling Jed a hero, because he will not take the easy way out and blow things up. Jed will redeem himself in my eyes because he will be keeping his promises. Jed promised Chip 3 years. I want to hold him to those words.

        Advocating acts of violence is sickening. Advocating murder is stepping over the line. I hope you have enough character to walk back that statement.

          1. Let the Chips fall where they may.

            Of course, it is a long shot, but Chip may want to keep coaching those players. Sounds like they would run through a brick wall for him.

            Maybe I am hopeful because Baalke is gone.

  36. With Alabama having one of the most talented teams in NCAA history, does that mean that saint Nick is not quite the coach everyone says?
    This give more credence to those that argue that St. Nick isn’t an NFL coach. Don’t get me wrong he is a good coach but he is far better recruiter than coach. In the last 4 years has he played against a team with more talent than his? The only possibility I can see would have been Ohio State.

      1. That is true, but they typically allow a lot more contact down the field in college football so its almost to be expected.

        He also has to recognize they blew a 10 pt. lead in the 4th quarter.

    1. Shoup you make a great point about Saban having more talent than everybody he plays. I think that is why he likes the College game better than the pros. He can go out and vie for any player he wants and more often than not he gets them.

      The thing about the College game though is that as good as you might be overall, you still have to bring in new starters regularly and having a true freshman QB is what really cost them this season. Hurts is likely going to be an excellent player for them, but he was really limited as a passer and Clemson exploited that in the second half.

      Next year Saban will be right back in the mix for another title and whether it’s Coaching, recruiting or both, he’s best suited for the College game imo.

      1. Rocket,
        But would also state that there different types of coaches in college. Some are great on the chalk board while others are great at recruiting… every coach has to have a little of both to be successful. However, in the NFL recruiting is taken out and it’s pure coaching which imho takes away nick’s biggest strength.

    1. Jed’s timing is impeccable… Just gives the potential HC/GM candidates something else to wonder about (“what am I getting myself into with the Yorks”) :/

    1. Oh please! As I mentioned yesterday when this article was posted, TK suggests that candidates confront Jed, their prospective employer, challenge him with combative questions. Sure, Tim, that’s just how interviews work!
      He does not have the cajones or lack of common sense to act like that in a job interview. What a poseur!

      1. Sorry.. BT .. missed your post .. but ..
        hey … methinks .. the Jedster ..may
        be under a lot of pressure to get this one right ..and
        if so .. then … just .. maybe … the prospective
        GM candidate … (Wolf..or whoever) could be in
        a position .. to give him that kind of ultimatum …

        Jedster .. could be having his ear bent by Unka Eddie..
        to find someone (good) .. and ..”get outta the way” ! …

        (yeah .. and monkeys might fly outta my butt… too !)

  37. Watson had a great game but I hope we don’t take him.
    1 game does make an NFL qb. I can’t help but recall the most successful qb against Bama in recent years (outside of Watson) was none other than Johnny Football.

  38. The more I see Mike Williams play the more I want him in a 49ers uniform.

    I know the 2nd pick in the draft is probably too high for a WR, but you know Williams will not be around when they pick again in round 2.

    What do you guys think? Should the Niners take him with the 2nd pick? It will be an instant upgrade at the WR position.

    1. If Garrett is gone, a trade partner should emerge for a quarterback. At that point, you trade down and then target Williams….

      1. That’s the ideal scenario. The problem is I don’t see a Franchise Quarterback that a team would want to trade up and get at the two spot. The top six or seven QBs in the draft are pretty much the same. A QB needy team such as the Jets, Bears, and maybe Jacksonville (if they plan on moving on from Bortles) can just stay put and will be guaranteed to pickup a good QB without making a deal.

        1. Rick, the Jets may want to leapfrog over the Bears to get the QB they covet. Watson has shown he can win at the highest level in clutch situations.

          Jets might consider a first and second round pick is worth getting a franchise QB.

  39. My neck is sore from watching Razor and Mid go back and forth on their opinions ;p

    In reading the posts that were made during the game, I’m just wondering how much of Watson some of you had seen previously because he played the way he’s always played and how he played against Alabama last year. His abilities as a top College QB have never been in question; it’s how his skills translate to the pro game that is the million dollar question. I compared Watson to Vince Young awhile ago and that is still the most apt comparison imo, although Watson is a better thrower, while Young was the better runner. He is made for the College game with an elusiveness and playmaking ability to make things happen, but those skills don’t translate very well to the pro game.

    First and foremost he is a half field read QB. Quite often it’s a single read and run. While he can play from the pocket, his ball placement is often poor and there was plenty of that last night. He throws a lot of interceptions and has shown no ability to fit passes into tight spaces as he will need to do at the next level. He has a good enough arm, he’s poised and is a tough kid, but he is nowhere near good enough to warrant a high first round pick imo. He’s a great College QB with a ton to learn and work on before even becoming a competent NFL starter.

    1. Rocket,

      Since the college game is so different from the pro game, it is practically impossible to answer your “million $$$ question”. It does make for good (and endless) discussions.

      IMO, for a QB to succeed in the NFL, three things are helpful — the first one is absolutely necessary and at least one of the next two are needed:
      1. The ability and willingness to work to acquire the needed skills and discipline (thread the needle, cut down on interceptions, reading defense, etc.)
      2. Having a good supporting cast on offense (O line, functioning running game and competent receivers). Supporting cast need not be brilliant but should not make the eyes bleed to watch like the Niners receiving corps does or cough up the ball like the Niners’ RBs.
      3. A patient and supportive coaching staff, esp. a good QB coach.

      Dak Prescott definitely has 1 and 2 going for him even though he was forced to start as a rookie due to circumstances. IMO, for a team like the Niners it’s best to focus on 2 and 3 while drafting an accurate passer with football smarts and work ethic in the first two rounds. I’d rather trade down and take Trubisky or Kizer later in the first than take Watson at 2. Then use FA to raise the talent level of the supporting cast on offense.

      1. Good points Mood.

        It’s so hard to find QB’s that can make the jump from College to the pros because you just don’t know how hard they will work or if they are even capable due to the way some systems can hide flaws. I agree with you on Trubisky and Kizer. I would take both before Watson, but wouldn’t take anybody before the bottom of the first at the earliest.

        1. Rocket

          I agree about not going too early on QBs…I personally would hold off until 3rd or 4th round with this years class…there’s a lot of quality players in this years crop and it bodes well for the niners to rebuild a lot of positions in the draft. It would also help to find 4-6 quality FAs first who can play well together….not all FAs CAN

  40. Just watching the game again, I really question whether Williams should been allowed back in the game. His eyes looked glazed after that shot to the head and he was blinking and shaking his head sitting on the sideline like he was trying to get the cobwebs out. Big game like this often results in decisions being made that aren’t in the best interest of the player.

    Rueben Foster is quick and an excellent tackler, but he is able to run to the ball unencumbered on almost every play because the Dline doesn’t let blockers get on the LB’s in that defense.

    Alabama really struggled in the passing game, but that is to be expected with a true freshman. If they had been playing with even an average passer like they had last year in Coker, they would have won this game.

    Great end to the College season, and now the draft coverage goes to another level.

      1. Yeah, reports are that in his prayer Dabo made god aware of his performance bonus for winning the championship, and, presto, Williams was good as new.

    1. Had the same thought on Foster. It’s sure a heck of a lot easier for a backer to fly to the ball when the line is all tied up.

    2. Rocket,
      That has been my issue with Foster all along. He has some great attributes in terms of always being around the ball, a sure tackler who delivers a wallop, and is a very good blitzer.
      My issues with him are as follows, while he is seldom fooled, he appears a step slow in his play diagnosis and when coupling this with the fact that I seldom saw him fight through blockers it give me great concerns. It is one of the few cases where I believe his combine numbers will be very important, especially his shuttle run and 40 yrd dash (paying particular attention to his 10 and 20 yard splits).

  41. Grant is it possible to switch the Top Stories with the Recent Comments. I like the RC’s being higher in the page so when It refreshes or when I first click on the page I can see the most recent posts right away.

  42. Mike Nolan’s interview on KNBR during this morning’s commute was a very, very good listen. The man has found his calling, which is to be in front of the microphone — just like Gruden and Riddick. (All three should stay there.)

    Nolan was very frank about the lessons he has learned. His comments on his interview were interesting but not surprising. He got asked a lot of questions that have nothing to do with being a successful HC. I don’t think it’s just the Yorks — Amy Trask said yesterday on KNBR that Al Davis ‘ HC interviews were only about Xs and Os.

    Nolan was insistent that an experienced GM should be chosen first and he mentioned his own experience with another rookie GM, McLoughan. He was clear that the #1 thing to look for in a GM is his track record on personnel decisions. He mentioned Terry McDonough of the Cardinals as one his favorites. Does anyone have any opinion about McDonough?

      1. Obviously qualified, but it may be like Wolf in GB. They did not want Wolf to go to a division rival, so they blocked it.

        I notice that TM is not even being considered.

      2. Nolan had a oblique remark on how suggestions for GM candidates come from the strangest of sources and how important it is to get a disinterested party to vet the worthiness of the candidates.

  43. Oy. Never post when you’re needing to sleep; you find out you’ve posted a dumb comment the next day if you do.
    The scouts are doing their job by breaking down every aspect of the player. Watson does have limitations, but most of the scouting reports I have read indicate that it all boils down to consistency in terms of accuracy, ball placement, and decision making. As I pointed out last night, Watson will need to go to a team that excels in pass protection if he wants to succeed at the next level. The team also needs to understand that it must have the right pieces around Watson in order for him to succeed.

    1. He is definitely a guy who has the intangibles and heart of a lion. But it looks like he would rather run than stand in and deliver the ball in the pocket. Accuracy has always been the red flag with him but maybe he is a guy that responds well to coaching and will be a student of the game. Id rather have Jimmy Garropolo.

    2. MWD, that is true for any QB.

      A stout O line, good RB and WR, and many rookie QBs will look good, Just ask Dak.

      Throwing a rookie QB to the wolves by playing him immediately with little talent to help him, and he may struggle. Just ask Gabbert.

  44. Watson, with his clutch performance, just became the top QB prospect.

    What was so impressive was his early struggles with several shots to the head, but he fought back. He just beat the best defensive college team that many have to be the most talented ever assembled.

    Coming back twice after being down 2 scores is another impressive feat.Throwing for 420 yards and 3 TDs and also running for a score, was incredible against an Alabama team poised to repeat as national champions.

    Niners should draft Watson, and let the Jets and Bears get into a bidding war over him.

    1. seb,

      They should trade the pick before the draft instead of drafting Watson and then pursuing a trade. We would want draft picks in return.

    1. When you complete 65.7% of 591 attempts you’re making a lot more good throws then bad. His final year avg was 8.5 yards per attempt. Let’s compare: Trubisky 8.4. Watson 7.9. Kizer 8.1 Prescott 8.0. I think you get the point. For a guy who apparently made his living on quick throws he still somehow averaged more yards per attempt then any of the other candidates or even darling Dak.

        1. Before Combine or Senior Bowl I’d have to stick with Allen. That could change in the next month or so though.

          1. The Senior Bowl and mostly the news about it’s week of practice then the actual performances during the game has a lot of sway with me.

            1. It makes alot of sense Thanks! Watson seems to be a winner but alot has to go right in the big boy league, Be intersting to see what happens!

      1. That may be, but Mahomes II should not be drafted unless you plan to let him sit and season for a couple of seasons. The skills are there, but he is too much of a one read QB who stares down his target, tends to overthrow his deep targets, and panics at at times in the face of pressure which causes him to make risky, and sometimes costly, throws.

        1. “That may be, but Mahomes II should not be drafted unless you plan to let him sit and season for a couple of seasons.”

          Nothing I haven’t said myself.

        2. In my challenge plan I have the team trading for Garappolo, signing Hoyer and drafting Mahomes. That gives Mahomes no less then two to three seasons before the team decides if Garappolo is worth keeping. Hoyer is competent enough to back up JG. Mahomes can sit in regular clothes on Sundays for his first season. Second season they can dump Hoyer and go to Mahomes as the back up or keep Hoyer if Mahomes isn’t ready yet. Year 3, Mahomes is the #2. If Garappolo is the real deal then they can decide what to do with PM at that point, if not then by year 3 they can start putting him in and see how he handles it.

      2. CfC, that high yards per attempt is a function of his deep passing game, often off scrambling around to evade pressure. Like Russell Wilson.

      3. CfC, do you think playing in the Big 12 helped Mahomes put up some of his big stats? Those defenses are downright atrocious. A lot of Mahomes big plays seem to come from blown coverages with his receiver wide open.

        1. Between the Air Raid and the Conference there’s no question the stats had help. I try to attach the stats when Im discussing his reps in college. To show that yes he took a lot of reps and they were good reps. In the 8 reasons to like Mahomes that I posted the passing stats were only one of them. When it comes to QB evaluation the only QB stats that I really care about are the amount of pass attempts, completion % and the td/int/attempt ratio. Even those are still far from ideal in telling you anything truly tangible about a prospects likelihood to succeed in the NFL but they are the better numbers to try and distill a players success away from the scheme he was in. I’d like to see a high avg but there are a lot of factors that can effect that one as you point out.

          The nice thing about Mahomes hitting wide open receivers is that at least he can do it. Can’t even say that about the last two guys we’ve had at the position.

            1. I know you are high on him and really I should not judge him as that bad of a QB. No one deserves that. But from what I’ve seen, he does play better when plays are broken and he can improvise. That rarely happens in the NFL.

    2. Yeah, same. He does some really impressive things when he is given a clean pocket or when he can escape pressure and play sand lot football.

  45. Hey Rocket , If I remember correctly, You have liked Watson for awhile, Would you use the # 2 pick and then use , cap money to sign oline and wr’s or would you take Garrett if the Browns snap up Watson? I guess the old adadge of grabbing the franchise QB while you can is important, it is funny listening to the Mike Nolan interview today, I remember all the talk was their were no franchise qbs or any one great in that draft, Now Rodgers seems to be a hall of famer for the future and it is debatable if Alex Smith was ever a franchise QB but he has been productive for the Chiefs, He just took awhile to get his groove going like Urban Meyer predicted. I am in Love with the DE-OLB Garrett but if Watson as a chance or one of the other qbs of being special I guess we need to go in that direction, I also love mike Williams has a franchise WR but I am the guy that thought Chip would do well so what do I know?

  46. Whoops my Bad Rocket , it is Scooter that I think has liked Watson for awhile, but hey , I will take comments from anyone . I just hope we get this pick right!

    1. Heh, yeah, rocket has no love for Watson.

      I like him but don’t love him as a prospect. But I do think he has the a couple of intangible traits that are often overlooked in a QB in favour of the tangibles – he is a great leader, poised, plays well in big moments and big games, and doesn’t let set backs affect him. He is excellent in those areas.

      He’s a one read QB, that is true. But so are most QBs coming out of spread systems these days. Even Goff last year mostly was given half field reads where all he needed to decide was whether to throw high or low. And his ball placement can be less than perfect downfield. But again, most QBs have some balls off target. He gets dinged more than he should in this regard in my opinion – his ball placement isn’t that big an issue. The biggest issue is his decision making and trusting his receiver too much to make a play when well covered. He needs to clean that up.

      As to your question, personally yes, I would be ok taking him #2. No idea if he will work out, but he’s got a lot of good traits to work with. And while he isn’t the elite QB prospect that guys like Luck or Winston were (or even Mariota), when you need a QB your best bet of getting a decent one is to take one early. But at the same time I would have no problem passing on him and then trading back into the first round to take the best QB available at that time. And who knows, it is possible that could still be Watson anyway.

      1. Great points , Thank you! I can see Why CFC likes Allen , you need that rock in the middle, and Garrett seems special to me but since the Qb position is so hard to get right and Watson s a good leader and to have that success against a very special Alabama D, I guess i am getting overstimulated, I would love to have that Franchise QB but going to be harder at the “next level!” We just want that great lego piece we can build on! You have great points as usuall!

          1. Whoops, bad placement on my part, so do you then rotate Buckner and Armstead on the other end, as either is to tall and light to be in the middle right? and then find a new NT or play the 4-3 which I believe you suggested in earlier posts!

        1. One thing I find funny is that Allen is getting some average grades for his performance yesterday. The ‘Bama front 7 was stuffing the run and getting pressure on Watson all game. That doesn’t happen without the DL playing well. I guess because of who he is, if he doesn’t get some headline stats like sacks or get noticed in highlights he must have had a bad game :-P

          1. The Dline played excellent for Alabama all around. The game plan wasn’t just to put pressure on, but to come in under control and not let him escape contain. They often brought one of the ILB’s and then had them just float and spy Watson as well. Great job by the front seven, but the secondary had too many breakdowns and couldn’t do anything with Williams on the contested passes.

    2. rebelscum,

      No problem at all, and don’t sell yourself short; none of us truly know anymore than you do. It’s all opinion and speculation so don’t hold back.

      If there were an obvious franchise caliber QB in this draft, he’d be the pick, but the strength of this draft – especially in the first round – is one sided to defense. I would be hesitant to take Williams second overall, but he is the top WR for me and would fill a need for sure. At this point if they stay at two, I’d go with Garett or Allen depending on which one the Browns selected, then take one of the ILB’s in the second that are likely to fall due to the numbers. If Cleveland takes a QB #1, then it gets really interesting because we then have our pick of the BPA group or we can trade down most likely. I’d also think about trading up into the bottom of the first if Trubisky or Kizer were still on the board, but they’ll likely be gone before then.

  47. I hope all of this doesn’t amount to pissing in the wind. With York I feel at anytime we can get news that he’s hired Gamble or Riddick or even Raye. There’s never any safe feeling when he’s making decisions.

    If it does end up being one of those 3 can it at least be Gamble? No, it’ll be Raye.

    1. York: “I have a ton of respect for Tom Gamble. But again, I think it’s time that we have two new people at the helm from the general manager and the head coach perspective.”

          1. But do either of them really want the job? That’s my greatest fear – not that Jed wants someone like Gamble, Riddick or Raye, but that those are the only guys willing to take the job.

            1. Hell, Scooter …
              I’d take the GM gig .. (cheap) … just
              as long as I could also hire you and all
              of the other stalwarts of this blog as …

              u-hhh … advisors !

          2. They’re already about as high as they can both be without Thompson retiring or being fired. It’s not like Vrabel where they’re trying to get a promotion and/or raise by interviewing with us. I think if York is offering autonomy and isn’t low balling them then they will certainly be interested.

          3. Silver also reported that Hue Jackson was going to SF…. The next GM of the Niners is Riddick or Gamble… If Mcdaniels excepts the Niners job it’s Riddick. If not I could see Gamble and whoever is left over possibly Joseph.

  48. I hope Watson accepts his invite to the Senior Bowl. That would be a great chance to see if he can operate a more pro style offense.

        1. Which is something I think is worth noting too. He’s a true junior that has loaded himself up academically in order to graduate early while playing football and starting since his freshman year. He’s got a very good work ethic.

              1. Although I’m pretty sure that Gabbert is fairly bright and works pretty hard too. Wish there was more of a direct correlation in the NFL between those two.

              2. Oops I didn’t express that thought fully.

                “Wish there was more of a direct correlation to being successful in the NFL between those two.”

  49. I’m just not seeing what Wolf has really done for GB.
    Maybe someone can help, but without Rodgers that team isn’t winning 4 games.
    Their defense has been Swiss cheese since their Super Bowl win, they have mediocre receivers, and virtually no running game.
    I’m thinking the packers franchise is riding on Rodgers and Rodgers alone.

    1. The Patriots are not a team replete with talent it could easily be said they win because of Brady and Brady alone. Does that mean Caserio isn’t a worthy candidate?

        1. Well Rodgers hasn’t missed a game since 2013 when he missed 7 games late in the season so there’s no way to compare them on that.

        2. With that said. The Patriots knew they were going to be without Brady and had the off season to prepare JG to play. Brisset only had to play two games and he lost one of them in a shut out.

    2. GB has taken Clay Matthews and Clinton-Dix. On offense they have taken Nelson, Lang, Sitton, and Lacy. It’s hard to say how much say Wolf had in GB’s team building. It might be better to look at his father’s team building strategy.

      Ron Wolf hired Holmgren and traded for Favre He then signed Reggie White, Santana Dotson and Sean Jones. Throw in Gilbert Brown and it is clear Wolf was a trenches guy.

      As GM Ron Wolf had a 92 and 52 recrd with GB. That was the second best record in that time span, behind the Niners.

      1. His daddy’s resume is far more impressive. Those receivers are Rodgers’ aren’t are made by him I believe.
        The injuries have been their excuse for years now. I know this if he did have a hand in drafting their players they got smoked by baalke and harbaugh. And they struggle vs tough defenses, fast defenses.
        Would he be better than baalke? I’m guessing most on here would be.
        But measuring GB’ success isn’t working well with me. Idk maybe here it would be different. I’m willing to accept it, just with some questions.

    3. They’ve done a pretty good job of finding personnel in a number of areas imo. The WR’s are all second round and later picks and all make plays. They are using a WR at RB due to a rash of injuries and are still able to run the ball enough to keep defenses from keying solely on the passing game. The Oline continually gets turned over due to FA losses and they just keep plugging the next guy in. The secondary has been missing starters all year but have been able to keep things together with guys who started the year at the bottom of the depth chart.

      The Packers are a true draft and develop team and every Scout or personnel director who has left and gone somewhere else has done pretty much the same thing with a fair bit of success. I think Wolf would do the same.

    1. The troubling thing with Musgrave is that in his 20 year career he’s never been with a team for more then three seasons and he’s been through 9 team changes in that time. A few places, he’s the QB/assistant one year and the OC the next and gone the season after that.

  50. Is Watson really the 2nd best player in the draft? If Garrett or Allen are much better players the Niners need to take one of them. This team needs top end talent and lots of it. I know they need a QB, but reaching for one is a big mistake. In rounds 1-3 they should take the BPA, unless they just took a player at the same position. I would prefer a great D-Lineman or LB than a average or above average QB.

  51. Prime Time Quote:

    McDaniel’s success will always be tied to Tom Brady. That’s why he’s the biggest question mark out their…

    TomD’s Response: Fans, I have always been honest. And now I’ll tell it like it is again, no matter if I engender York family hatred or Jed loyalist bitterness toward me.

    Jed needs to have a football operations person with him during these interviews.

    Someone to ask, in cover 1 (man) design a play that beats it
    Show me a play to beat cover 2 (man).

    Etc., Etc., Jed and Paraag have their expertise, and it isn’t football play design. So they need to give fans a break and stop interviewing until a qualified expert is on board, or another story teller like Baalke will have Jed misled again.

    I agree with Prime

    1. And Seb,

      Quit goading Prime with inane, prospective football coaching hires.

      Like Kap, to insist on Hayne as running back and now, your man crush on Kelly regaining his job, are exercises from the Twilight Zone…

      Seb, pull the oxygen mask from the emergency jumbo jet flight plan compartment, wear it, and you will recede back from unconsciousness, to the reality that you’re living in the past, superfluous thoughts, a dinasour.

      This Twilight Zone Episode illustrates Prime’s analysis of the Seb: “The Obsolete Man.”

        1. I think it partly depends on the HC. Lynn would seem a good pairing with a HC that specialises in the passing game. Might team well with McVay, who can get a little pass happy.

          McCoy has history with McDaniels, so he could be a logical candidate to pair with McDaniels again.

            1. I’d be fine with either McDaniels or McVay. Probably a slight leaning towards McDaniels because of his experience. But only if he has learned from his mistakes dealing with players and staff.

  52. McDermott Has done a great job though over a long time in Carolina. If he gets the right OC he’ll be fine. Belichick was a D.C. That did okay with the QB position.

    1. That’s the million dollar question? Finding an OC is one thing, retaining one through a 3 year rebuild is another. That’s why the HC needs to be of the offsensive variety.

      1. Having an offensive minded HC does not mean the team will run a good offense though Prime. A perfect example of this is Brian Billick, an offensive minded coach whose team was more known for its defense than offense. The truth is a defensive minded coach does not mean the team won’t be able to run and maintain a quality offense.

        1. True but what’s a better scenario, McDaniels whose worked with Brady and has an offensive back ground and he develops let’s say Trubisky, or a guy like Vance Joseph or Matt Patricia?
          To me, the 49ers need a QB to get back to respectability and that starts with our first two picks and ones a QB.

  53. Finding the QB is the important factor. If you have MattRyan, Russell Wilson,Tom Brady & Big Ben you could succeed with a defensive minded coach. If you have Tyrod Taylor & EJ Manuel you maybe in trouble anyway.

  54. Well, that was exciting. Big old 60 foot oak came down on the road in front of my house. Also had 4 Eukes fall in the back.

    County told us they would not allow anyone to cut on the oak because it was so dangerous. We waited till they left after calling for a boom truck, then I and 2 others whipped out our chain saws and cut a path so cars can squeeze through. With 5 others hauling branches, we accomplished our goal, and left the dangerous part for the county. We all shook hands and wished each other a happy new year while thanking one and all for all the help. I love living in Sebastopol.

      1. I live on the ridge, and the wind was WHIPPING.

        Although it was interesting, my eukes fell to the north yesterday, and this oak fell to the south this evening.

          1. They sure are. Checked out the base of the oak, and not a hint of rot. Then there is a hoary old oak nearby that is practically hollow, and it is still standing.

              1. He looked frazzled and exhausted. Said he was working on one tree, and had another come down and trapped his truck. Said there were sparks flying.

    1. I’m in the mill Creek area hills between Healdsburg and Venado (7.5 inches rain in 24 hours). Spent last night in Santa Rosa though. Just got an email big tree blocked our dirt road (I’m on the ridge top). Finally cleared it an hour ago. The trees are angry all over my friend.

      If there’s power I’m heading home tomorrow. Stay safe!

      1. Dang, just found a message from my neighbor. Woodshed and fence that was burned earlier just had one of my Monterey pine’s fall on it.

        When it rains, it pours. :(

        1. Alot of trees weakened by the drought will be toppling. At least if you’re in the country you usually don’t have to chip and haul them out.

        2. Glad you are ok, I live in paradise, ca where we have had problems the last couple of years with falling trees, a lady was crushed to death in her car and another was killed in a shed he was living in. Gives a whole new meaning to keep your head on a swivel, rather get by a blitzing lb then a oak tree! Going from drought conditions to lots of wind and rain is causing havoc through ca!

          1. Thanks. We are staying away from the trees.

            My son works near Graton, and he watched as 3 cars tried to cross a flooded out road. Of course, there had to be 3 rescues.

            Paradise? Bet you are a fan of Aaron Rodgers.

    1. I don’t understand why Wolf is seen as so much better than Gutekunst. They have both been a part of the Packers personnel side for a long time, and both have been getting promoted to larger roles the past few years. I’d be happy with either.

        1. Yes, I very much think that’s it. I am sure he’s a good candidate, but being a Wolf does lend him credibility that belies his experience.

          1. Someone with some knowledge on the matter mentioned on KNBR that Wolf is more new age (analytics, etc.) while Gute is more old school…

  55. Mike Silver’s Twitter feed is great for HC and GM searches. Fights through the noise. Funny too. … But he tweets so much on various topics, I have to unsubscribe as soon as we know who gets the job.

  56. McDonough going to be interviewed.

    At least we can’t say jed is not reaching out to right people for gm job.

    I don’t know if I believe any 9ers news but it really seemed like Ballard and casserio were the top choices.

    Aside from cable, Lynn, and Jospeh id be ok for coach. Mcdaniel’s also scares me. It was a complete debacle in Denver when he was coach. Once a numb nut always a numb nut

  57. Sounds like little Jed is getting uncomfortable at the thought of hiring an outsider…

    “After an extensive search, Paraag and I came to the conclusion the best candidate to lead this team forward is Tom Gamble.”

  58. Nolan mentions McDonough and he’s scheduled for an interview. Coincidence? Don’t believe in them. Maybe Seb is right, and Jed is getting candidates from Media Blogs/friends….

  59. Hmmm, looks like Lynn might be a strong possibility, especially if the Bills hire McDermott.

    That is OK with me. He likes TT, so Kaep may be a viable option to him.

  60. All these interviews are starting to resemble interviews just to get an idea of what other coaches/GM’s around the league think of 49ers. Very similar to when they interviewed all these up and coming coaches and settled on Jimmy Tomsula. Scary!

  61. Per Niner Nation–Broncos expected to make an offer to Vance Joseph

    Leave door open for Shanny…..please no on Lynn– we go with Lynn & let the Rams get Mcvay it will show that we have no clue what offensive system works in the NFL. System Lynn runs has been figured out by defenses. Lynn is not as good an OC as Roman. Lynn may be okay for Cal -not the 9ers.

    1. If the Broncos lock up Vance Joseph I hope that Shannahan is now the front runner for our HC vacancy. Since 2008, a Kyle Shannahan led offense has finished top 10 in either rushing or passing yards all but once–besides his one year stint in Cleveland, but I’m willing to overlook that year.

      Shannahan has proven proven record and is still fairly short in the tooth.

  62. Contrary to the beliefs of certain navel gazers on here, teams don’t read their local media blogs for ideas. The PR folks glance to keep a feel for market mood.
    Teams do on occasion glance at rival teams’ media just so as not to miss any small bits of personnel or injury intelligence that might be floating around the public sphere.
    This time of year, as in the draft time, teams may look to rivals’ media for any hints as to the team’s thinking or intuitions; right now on coaches.
    Any team reading THIS site is likely confused as hell by the ‘bring back Tomsula, bring back Chip’ balderdash. Head shaking stuff. Embarrassing really.