Eric Reid: “I’m confident I will be on somebody’s team next year, whether it’s this one or somewhere else.”

Safety Eric Reid answers questions during 49ers training camp


Safety Eric Reid answered questions in the 49ers media auditorium Thursday. Here’s a transcript.

Q: What are realistic expectations for the team?

REID: For me and I think for the team is to take it one week at a time. We’re not going to settle for anything. We know that we struggled last year. We’re trying get the ship going in the right direction. But for me, I’m trying to win every time I step on the field to play.

Q: Is it difficult to block out your contract status?

REID: I definitely think about it. It’s obviously in my brain. But, I’m just going to continue playing football and whatever happens, happens. I would love to be here for longer, but it’s a business and I understand that.

Q: You said earlier in the offseason there wasn’t talk of an extension. Have you had conversations?

REID: No. Still no conversations. But again, it’s a business.

Q: You weren’t drafted by this regime, so in some ways it could seem like they want to see what you have. Do you feel you have to prove yourself at least in their eyes?

REID: It’s true, they didn’t draft me. But for me, I’m living my dream. All I’ve ever wanted to do was play football. At the end of the day, I’m confident I will be on somebody’s team next year, whether it’s this one or somewhere else. I’m just going to keep doing what I do, and that’s playing ball. Keep making plays for my teammates, making plays for my team and being a guy that my teammates can depend on. At the end of the day when the season is over, we’ll see what happens, but right now that’s not my focus. We start training camp today, I’ve got this conditioning test, and we start practice tomorrow. That’s what my focus is.

Q: Is this new position somewhere you can succeed in this defense?

REID: I definitely think I can. I remember talking about it earlier, feeling like I was made for this position with my body type. I’m excited. I’m looking forward to playing in this scheme.

Q: You’re more of a run-defender now.

REID: Well, it’s an eight-man box. So, I will be involved in the run game a lot more, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I won’t be involved in the pass game. I’ll just be more of a presence in the run game.

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  1. I completely agree. He will be on somebody’s team next year. :-P

    I hope he fits in nicely to the SS role, but I am still not convinced.

  2. I think Hyde will be a very high priority if he can remain healthy. One of the most talented backs in the NFL. I agree on Reid.

    1. Shanny can find backs in the 4th round. Why would they invest in that position unless he’s the next coming of Elliott?

      1. He is every bit as good as Elliot. His issue is staying healthy and our sh***y line that he has played behind. Dallas has the best line in football. It made McFadden and Morris look great in there time going in. Plus we no clue what Williams can do. Hyde was easily on pace to go over 1000 yards with 10+ TDs with no talent around him. That says a lot in my opinion.

          1. I will go on record saying that “IF” he plays 16 games that he will have a better year then Elliot.

    2. I agree–particularly if Hyde has an exceptional year and the rest of the RB cadre is somewhat unsettled in terms of performance. Now if Hyde gets dinged up to the point he’s off the field extensively, or even healthy his production is good but not great, then this may be his last year as a 9er.

      Reid–barring a stunning renaissance–will be gone.

  3. “There’s been a lot of productive conversations here in the last couple days,” Lynch said about two hours before the team took part in a conditioning test. “Just left some of those. We’re hopeful that we can get this done in the necessary time. I’m aware from my experience as a player … in the business of football that deadlines typically get these things done. We’re drawing close to that and hopeful that we continue to make progress and tie this thing up so Solomon can be here with his teammates.”

    “It all adds up each day,” Shanahan said. “You want him there right away. I’m pretty confident that we will get it done but it is part of the business. It’s something that you have got to deal with a little bit every year. It doesn’t always happen, but I think everyone who has been in the business has been through it and we totally understand it. I think Solomon wants to be here as bad as anyone, I know we want him here as bad as anyone and I’m confident we’ll get it done. We can’t worry about it too much. I think it will end up being all right.”

    1. I think Solomon wants to be here as bad as anyone

      OK, then he’s not, why? He just needs to say the word and he’s here.

      1. Is there any specific reason Solomon Thomas is not signed yet?
        2:13 PM – Jul 26, 2017
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        Twitter Ads info and privacy-Cam Inman
        If there is, it’s unknown. Thomas is represented by the same agency as Joshua Garnett, a first-round draft pick last year who didn’t sign until the eve of camp. There have been no signals of a contract war, especially with the rookie-slotting system in place. Don’t hit the panic button for a couple days.

  4. From KNBR…

    There’s only one round of cuts this season, instead of the customary two. It’ll streamline things for the final preseason game, but it’ll also make Shanahan and Lynch’s job that much more excruciating at the end of the summer.

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