Exhibition 2: Raiders at 49ers

Exhibition 2: Raiders at 49ers


This is a pivotal game in the Niners Great QB Debate of 2009, as Alex Smith gets the start. Shaun Hill is scheduled to see plenty of action with the No. 1 offense, too.


Let’s get to the pregame notes:


–LBs Patrick Willis and Parys Haralson, DBs Michael Lewis, Tarell Brown and Eric Green, and G David Baas are not in uniform for tonight’s game against the Raiders.


–S Dashon Goldson and LB Scott McKillop have the helmets tonight outfitted with the radio transmitters to call defensive players for the 49ers.


–There’s nothing new in the Michael Crabtree contract stuff. His contract impasse has reached 26 days – the second-longest rookie stalemate in franchise history. I don’t suspect there will be an announcement at tonight’s game to honor the occasion.


–Mike Singletary is wearing a microphone for tonight’s game. His edited comments from tonight will air on the 49ers’ telecast on KPIX, Channel 5.





–Strong plays vs. run from Aubrayo Franklin and Manny Lawson on first two run plays by Darren McFadden. And a quick three-and-out, as JaMarcus Russell throws wildly on third and long.


–On third down for 49ers, Micheal Spurlock enters as third WR, joining Isaac Bruce and Josh Morgan . . . Pass to Vernon Davis for a first down to the 41. After the previous play, Davis was looking toward the sideline, pleading for the ball.


–The 49ers don’t convert this third down, as Smith’s throw goes through Davis‘ hands. Niners will punt. It goes through the end zone. Raiders will take over at the 20 with 10:50 left in the quarter.


–Goldson with a big, low hit after a 20-yard pass play to Tony Stewart. Raiders with the ball at their own 45.


–By the way, with Lewis out of action, Mark Roman gets the start at strong safety.


–Manny Lawson gets the sack after Russell stumbles and falls. That’s your first sack of the 2009 49ers exhibition season, and it was a gimme.


–Glen Coffee and Arnaz Battle are in; Frank Gore and Isaac Bruce are out. Coffee with a 16-yard gain.


–On third-and-6, Smith hits Battle for a first down to the 45.


–Alex Smith decleats Greg Ellis with a block on a reverse to Battle. That was a heck of an unbelievable block with his right shoulder. The play lost 6 yards, but who cares.


–Third-down pass goes through Morgan’s hands. Ricky Brown with the interception, and Smith chases him down and saves a TD with a tackle at the 7-yard line after a 46-yard INT return. That’s where the Raiders take over with 3:01 remaining.


–Smith’s stats are awful: 3 of 8 for 30 yards and an interception. The throw wasn’t great, but Morgan should have caught it.


–Jeff Ulbrich and Takeo Spikes stop Justin Fargas. It’s third and goal from the 3 . . . Mark Roman with the nice play to break up the pass in the end zone. And now the Raiders are going for it on fourth down . . .


–No pressure, but Russell throws high to Murphy incomplete. The 49ers take over at the 3. Smith is back in there.


–Coffee ends first quarter with an 18-yard gain to the 34-yard line. As he broke into the clear, he wrapped the ball with both hands.




–This is very odd. In the middle of the drive, Shaun Hill takes over at QB. Why not let Alex Smith finish the drive?


–It’s third-and-9 for Hill and the 49ers . . . Hill squeezes pass into Morgan to the 40. They’re a couple yards shy of the first down. The 49ers are going for it.


–On fourth down . . . Hill’s pass batted down by Tommy Kelly at the line of scrimmage. Raiders take over around the 40.


–Russell throws incomplete to Darrius Heyward-Bey, who right now has the same number of catches as Crabtree in this game.


–Russell throws incomplete to Darrius Heyward-Bey, who right now has the same number of catches as Crabtree in this game.


–Nate Clements had a great week of practice. But, man, did he look awful there. He just grabbed Johnnie Lee Higgins for a pass interference. That’s a 22-yard penalty on No. 22.


–Two Raiders penalties move them back to the 26-yard line.


–Dre’ Bly is shaken up after his part in a gang tackle of Louis Murphy. He got the wind knocked out of him. His return is probable.


–No pass rush whatsoever on JaMarcus Russell, who finds Murphy all alone in the end zone for a 24-yard TD pass. It’s RAIDERS 7, 49ERS 0 with 8:45 left in the half. And after the 49ers’ secondary were laughing Wednesday on the practice field, guess who’s laughing last?


–Coffee with a 35-yard gain. He’s showing a lot of speed. He has eight carries for 100 yards.




–Coffee is looking mighty good – and so is the 49ers’ offensive line. They’re dominating right now.


–Hill hits Battle for 12 yards. Coffee with a couple more carries. The 49ers are inside the Raiders’ 10. It’s third-and-short. . . Coffee over left side with the 49ers employing an unbalanced line. It’s first down at the 4.


–Coffee loses 3 yards, and Snyder hobbles off with an injury. Marvel Smith replaces him at right tackle.


–Drive stalls again. Nedney kicks a short field goal. It’s RAIDERS 7, 49ERS 3 with 1:59 left in the half. Other than Coffee, there’s not much happening with the 49ers’ offense.


Quote from Frank Gore: “We’re doing great, especially in the run game. Our team is moving the pile. We’ve just got to keep going and get some points.”


–INJURY UPDATE: Snyder has a right ankle and knee sprain. He won’t return to the game.


–If that’s it for Shaun Hill, it was a pretty forgettable night for the 49ers’ QBs. Neither one took any kind of step forward.


–Jeff Garcia enters the game after kickoff goes out of bounds.


–Raiders move to the 49ers’ 28 with :39 remaining in the half. Pass sails high off hands of Higgins and seldom-used DB Allen Rossum gets the interception.


–Hill is back with :29 remaining. Hill back to pass, but takes the sack. On final play of half, Robinson gains some yards.


* * * 


Because I have to get to work on my newspaper stuff, that’ll be it for the in-game blogging. Enjoy the second half.


* * *

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