Expectations for Blaine Gabbert

What are your expectations for Blaine Gabbert?

How many game do you think he will last as the 49ers starting quarterback? Do you think he’ll outplay Colin Kaepernick’s 2015 performance? Or do you think Gabbert will get benched and Kaepernick will get another shot to start?

Please explain your answers

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    1. Was`nt t Tom Brady a backup,just saying plus Gabbert have had some time to sit on the bench and watch and learn,I expect Him to grab the job by the throat and not let go.

      1. ,I expect Him to grab the job by the throat and not let go.
        As he drags the offense down with him.

      2. Blaine Gabbert will face a different defense than Kaepernick has faced. If the team goes back to what has worked, slants, quick passes, 3-5 yard completions he will succeed mightily. Will he win games? Probably not.
        Gabbert is athletic. He is not a running QB but he can and will escape the pocket. I expect the team to move the pocket like they attempted to do for Kaepernick. I suspect Gabbert’s tenure as starter is short. I see 3 wins remaining for SF in 2015. Cleveland against Manzel, the Browns, and the Lions. I suspect Kaepernick returns against Chicago at the latest. I don’t think the OL will keep Gabbert Healthy.
        Now those three wins could be the three I listed or you could trade the Bears and Atlanta for one of the other teams.
        There just doesn’t appear to be enough talent on this team for anyone to be successful.

        1. You lost me when you predicted that even if Gabbert “succeeds mightily” he probably won’t win games.

          That seems to me to say that you think the team is bad from top to bottom and sideways. That happens to be about what Jerry Rice said on KNBR this week.

    2. Chiefs owner gives vote of confidence to Andy Reid, John Dorsey, nothing from 49ers

      By David Fucillo  @NinersNation on Nov 4, 2015, 9:00a 21


    3. Washington was gifted that Super Bowl appearance with phantom DH/PI calls in the 4th qtr of the NFCCG vs the 49ers.

      I knew the Raiders would kill them. Raider defenders said after the game they were glad they didn’t have to play the 49ers offense. Washington was dumb enough to think Riggo would run over the Raiders.

      When Squirek made the pick 6, it was sweet justice.

  1. I have noticed over and over that backups do great for 2 games then come back down to earth. There are many examples of this with many teams. The reason is that there is no game tape on them, and so opposing teams don’t know the QB’s tendencies, weaknesses, strengths, etc. Opposing teams come in cold and it shows.

    Blaine will do better than Kap for 2 games, then he will come crashing back down to earth in game 3, whomever it is we are playing at that time. He will then get one more chance to crash down to earth before Kap is named the starter again. But the niners might just want to keep Kap in bubble wrap until the season is over to avoid the injury clause in their contract with him.

    The only time I can remember where a 49ers QB played dramatically better after being benched was Jeff Garcia. He never looked back after he came back on the field.

  2. Its hard to say. I gotta believe Gabbert will get the ball out quicker and not take as many sacks. He’s also pretty athletic so he should be able to escape pressure at times and make a play. But its gonna be ugly. At best Gabbert is a Alex Smith 2.0, but Alex, like Colin, needs a very strong supporting cast in order to succeed, we obviously don’t have that. My best guess is Gabbert makes it 2 ½ games before getting injured due to a porous line and we’ll see Collin back soon enough.

    1. There’s goals, and then there’s expectations. I don’t think the Niners will be that much better, but I think there will be more consistency. There will be more check downs. There will be less great improve plays, or impressive looking fastballs, but there will be a functioning offense. Much like what Kaep did against the Giants and Ravens.

      He will leave fewer plays on the field. That missed throw to Torrie Smith sealed Kaep’s fact. Along with the delay of game penalty when he’s not even aware of the play clock. He got bailed out by Frank Gore last season. Not this time.

      Teams won’t crowd the box because the Niners have no running game. So they will be able to stop the run with just the front 7. Gabbert will get a few more first downs through check downs. Pinion will still punt a lot, just not as much.

      Gabbert looked alot better in preseason, and yes it’s only presason but Kaep looked horrible.

      I don’t expert any miracles from Gabbert, I just got tired of seeing the same crap from Kaepernick.

      1. My expectations of Blaine are that he will settle the team into a working unit on both Offense and Defense. Putting together some scoring drives…including more players (RB’s and WR’s) in the offense and the general scheme of the game…having more options by seeing his receivers (all of them) . Not that he will overcome all of the problems in our Oline, but to inject some pride back into a young professional group who will grow with him and will want to show the fire that was not engendered by his predecesser. Show some maturity in his demeanor, and some spark in his understanding to his teammates when stuff breaks down. Reinvigorate the Albert, Tittle, Montana, Young, and Smith attitude for Fortyniner QB’s. Play with edge and understand that interceptions are part of the game…both ways…and present himself with a dose of humility as well as professionality.

        1. OREGON,

          Honest question: What has Blaine Gabbert done to make you believe he will be even remotely close to the player you describe here?

          1. Rocket

            In giving you my reasons, I’ll ask that you consider them seriously. Settling the team on offense I think will happen when he begins the game with some 1st downs to reinforce the Oline’s confidence that we are indeed moving toward a positive action. (touchdown) Mobility to escape the pocket and complete passes…unlike Kaep who would run without seeking out a second or third pass option. In the same light, the D will become settled by the same actions except to become energized to believe that upon leaving the field, they will not be dispirited by constant 3 and outs and a short break on the sideline as with CK. His vision and ability to see the field (receivers) and openings and his ability to throw receivers open instead of choosing to run first. offering encouragement to his linemen without appearing to blame them…these guys might form one of the worst Olines in football, but they ARE professional players and can grow by working better together and learning each others tendencies…pay attention to the game even when you’re on the sidelines, and don’t look like a kicked dog when something goes wrong. Don’t sit on the end of the bench like some stupid clique…your teammates are looking to you for leadership and someone to be proud with…deliver.

            1. I asked you the question so I’ll definitely consider them seriously. Some of the things you pointed out about Kap like his attitude on the sideline are legit, but some of the things you are attributing to Gabbert aren’t. I’m not asking this in an effort to mock you so don’t take it that way, but have you ever seen Gabbert play? I only ask because your assumption that he has good vision and will throw receivers open is in direct contrast to what he did in College or in Jax. He was a one read and throw QB at Missouri and struggled doing anything more when he reached the pros. He has never been a QB who will sit there and go through progressions, and was often panicked in the pocket. I get that he had a lousy supporting cast in Jax, but it’s possible he has the same level of team around him now as he did then.

              I’m going to be pulling for Gabbert like I do everybody who plays for this team ON, but I think you may be overestimating what exactly he brings to the table. I honestly hope you’re right, but there is no evidence of him ever playing this way which leaves little reason to expect it now.

              1. Rocket

                Thanks for your reply…Yeah, I did watch him Play in college, but did not see the same Gabbert that you apparently saw… while I did see him cock and fire a couple of times, I assumed that was a series from the sidelines. I do remember that I was impressed with his patience in the pocket so you and I were probably seeing the same plays, but through different eyes. The game I saw were against K-State and (I believe)Texas. I was watching his Senior year and was looking for more, but apparently Missouri lost quite a few quality players to graduation the year before, which didn’t allow for his running game as a Senior., but still good IMO.

                I remember his first game as a starter in Jacksonville, I couldn’t finish watching….It was not a pretty thing…It was like a 10 yard dash to the QB, and all the Dlinemen won. Still Gabbert stood in and managed a couple of runs, but both other times were no better, and unless I’m field dressing game, I don’t care for the sight of blood. O.K., I’m guilty of overestimation on his expectations, but I’m believing that like Rodgers, he’s sat and watched, and I think that the last two years have taught him what to do and what not to do to find success. I’m overly optimistic, but I’m believing in the devil that we DON’T know rather than the devil that we DO know. Time will tell….Go Niners

        2. What moron didn’t start Gabbert to start the 2014 season, or at least the 2015 season? What you describe comes along maybe once in ten years to the NFL as a whole.

          1. Htwaits

            O.K. mr. Cynic…YOU know the moron(s) that didn’t start Gabbert in either 2014 nor 2015….plenty of people wanted him…

  3. Uploaded on Jan 15, 2008

    Expectations for Gabbert: Survival.

    With Baalke notifying all NFL teams before the season that “we’re going to run the ball,” the only question left unanswered was: Were OC Chryst, QB Coach Logan, and DC Mangini going to show the NFL something they haven’t seen before…The answer to that was a resounding NO!…Those stretch run plays fooled nobody–completely shut down, and their passing game–at high school level–was a joke…The following film exemplifies how far the 49er offense has come since 1903…At least the team in the video runs the hurry-up hoping to catch the DL outside their gaps.

    This historic film captures an early collegiate football game between Princeton and Yale in 1903.


    1. I forgot to mention how SMUG Baalke looked when he interrupted the cringing new Yes Man Coach during his press conference to say, “we’re going to run the ball.” “How’s that working now, Baalke?”

      1. I hope, for 49er fans sake, we never witness that episode of a cringing coach in squeezed between two powerful suits again.

      1. Princeton and Yale’s 1903 battle wasn’t just a match-up of undefeated teams. It also served as the site for the oldest collegiate football video footage on record, thanks to a Thomas Alva Edison-sponsored production company. The result is a remarkable recording of a game previously witnessed by only the

  4. Gabbert will do a better job of getting the ball out. The falcons will adjust by bringing 9 into the box taking away all the quick hitters and things will fall apart quickly after that. I predict a slight statistical improvement from Gabbert but nothing monumental.

    1. I mainly agree with Old Coach, especially if the 49ers cannot generate a running game. I would not be surprised if we initially see quick, short passes and then a few sacks, followed by rushed passes and interceptions.

  5. I hope Blaine does well and he might for a couple of games. The scary part is he plays well for the remainder of the year, the FO thinks he is the solution and he starts next year and the real Blaine shows up. I do not understand why they have not promoted Dylan to the 53 man squad. He could get some valuable experience in mop up duties. But really until the o-line gets fixed I don’t see ‘any’ QB being able to perform week after week on the NFL’s most dysfunctional team. The team woe’s do not rest entirely on CK.

    1. As Matt Barrows said on KNBR, “Dylan is very much an undrafted player.” Matt didn’t think there was any thought of Dylan seeing the field this year.

  6. Gabbert will struggle to stay healthy, let alone succeed.

    – The first, second, third and forth string running backs are out (none “ACL redshirts” by the way).

    – The passing game is based on play action, which is based on a strong run game.

    – The offensive line is exactly what we think it is (need I describe the carnage?)

    Blain will be smashed badly behind that awful line. We’ll have no idea if he’s actually improved. The quarterback rotation to be like the running backs are… beaten up so badly, it will be health (not skill) that determines who starts.

    I’m expect a 3-man rotation with CK, BG and Thompson. Maybe a warm body free agent.

    1. Pep Hamilton was fired by the Colts, maybe we can hire him to coach up Kap while he’s sidelined….How about, NO!…That would require proactive and forward thinking by the 49ers.

        1. Sorry Coach,

          We’re all searching for answers just to get to the finish line this year, when a complete dismantling will occur.

    2. What Brodie wrote; I fear that he’s prophetic.
      The Falcons don’t need tape on New Blaine. They have tape on the OL. Game Plan against Blaine? Pressure the A gap. Repeat as needed.

    3. Brodie i agree the O line is the main problem. Not that CK hasn’t been terrible but if CK has been terrible then the O line has been measurable worse. I don’t mean just the right side but the whole line Staley and Boone included.

      1. I was surprised the other day when I PFF had Boone rated negative too.

        I’m wondering what they’ll do when Anthony Davis returns. I have a hunch AD might be faking his desire to return so he won’t have to pay back prorated signing bonus money. I see a re-worked contract or litigation with AD out of football.

          1. As I understand it, the 49ers still have rights to him. So, if he wants to earn multi-millions he needs to return. I suppose he can request a trade or stay out of football and probably have a drastically reduced income (although I don’t know that for sure).

            1. Cubus

              …Yes, the niners retain his rights if he returns…if it were me, I’d trade his rights as he was walking in the building, saving us at least 100 yards in illegal motion penalties….no heart in that guy…and he was a favorite of mine…

              1. Yeah, I’m really conflicted on AD. The fan in me, comrade- in-arms in me would like to see his rights traded. But geez, this team we’ve got? THIS team? This team is so desperate they might have to welcome him back.

          2. If AD stays retired, he owes the 49ers millions in pro-rated signing bonus. He might not even have it if he was spendy with his regular salary.

            The 49ers have exclusive rights to AD if he wants to return to NFL football.

            Its rare for 24 year olds to retire. I’m not sure what precedents they can go on (JPN, you out there?)

            My hunch is 50/50 AD really does want to play… or he’s posturing because he knows he could get sued by the 49ers. I imagine his agents at some point could negotiate a settlement, with the 49ers getting a portion of the signing bonus back.

            If the 49ers just let him show up in camp, he could stink to high heaven, get cut, and only owe them the 2015 portion of the prorated signing bonus.

            1. I vaguely recall some discussion last spring about negotiations between the team and him over bonus money, but not how it shook out.

    4. Next 3 games are against Atlanta, Seattle and Arizona. If Gabbert survives behind that O line, it will be nothing short of a miracle.
      Atlanta is all fired up because they think the Niners put in Gabbert because they wanted him to face a poor defense. Bet they bring the house, and sack Gabbert 6 times.

      1. Maybe we have a game mamager. We were allot better off with Alex Smith. I think the O will be more controlled. We might actually win this game

    5. Geez

      You guys sound as though it was the four horsemen of the Apocalypse we were facing….maybe JT or TB should have a meeting in the Oline room and mention that some fat paychecks might not be showing up if some fat boys in the line don’t start knocking some other fat boys on their cans. Protect your QB…and your checkbooks

  7. I dont care who u put n at QB,if they don’t get that garbage as right side of tha line startn wit tha center out of tha line up,QBs are goin to b pitiful…its time to let tha draftees on def an off lines get experience wit theez last 8 games to see were we at for next year if they can’t b any worse than theez sorry as veterans that’s playn rite now…start buildin wit them now an plug ur holes up as u go!!!!

  8. He will play better than Kap just because he can get the ball out quicker, He can throw the hitch route that Kap couldn’t, this will help the offense a lot just by spreading the defense out, Defenses have been crowding line of scrimmage the whole game. They must rebuild the Oline, the first pick in the draft should be Oline.

    1. While this sounds good, as someone said above, it will only last for a very short time. Teams will begin to crowd the box and corners will begin to jump the hitch routes. Without a running game, a solid o-line, the hitch and go is out of the question. He will do okay against a “weak” defense just like Kaep did against Baltimore. Eventually he will crumble. There are too many issues for any QB to overcome.

      1. Why crowd the box when the running game’s a rumor? Teams might play 7 in the box, pressure the A gap on pass downs.

          1. KY,
            I think that Gabbert will be an upgrade over CK for the simple fact that defenses will need to plan slightly different with Gabby.

            CK’ head has been a mess and the fact he has been playing in timid mode (remember his reference about overthrowing his WR’s “safe throws”) only worked as a recipe for disaster.
            Time for him to clear his head and hopefully find a new resolve.

  9. I think we’ll see one and a half games of Blaine Gabbert. I expect that the offense will perform no differently then it did with Colin. Blaine might appear at first to be having more success as he dinks and dunks his way through a few drives that will ultimately all end in FG’s, sound familiar? The running game will still be awful and the offensive line will actually be worse because defense will pretty much be blitzing every down until Gabbert forces them not to, which he wont because he can’t.

    I’m not convinced the team even wants to be starting Blaine Gabbert but could be feeling a need to appease external pressures to do so. They probably already know like most of us do that he’s terrible and wont be any better then Colin was. Once Gabbert goes in and loses to Atlanta and then gets embarrassed in the first half against Seattle the team can put Colin back in and still come away looking like they tried to fix the situation.

    1. Familiar??? no, that would require first downs.
      I expect our first down totals to double and for us to still have the worst offense in the NFL. Note the first down totals may double if only due PI’s that can now be called as they could be argued catchable.
      I also expect the levi stadium earthworm life expectancy to greatly increase.

  10. Honestly I am surprised at how much people still care this season of whatever the Niners do at QB or not. It is not only irrelevant, but it invites the FO to keep giving us in the future a subpar product.

  11. Hey Jack Hammer-
    You should weigh in on this one. Last year I think you predicted Blaine take over at mid-season. What do you think BG might put up?

    1. If I remember Blaine was to come in for an injured Colin and then have continued if not greater success with the offense.

      This is me not holding my breath.

  12. Blaine will do well, he will complete short passes quickly and will hopefully keep the chains moving. He has never been an accurate long passer. He may even help the team win the next game. I expect the team to come out fired up. What I am interested in seeing is how he does after four of five games and defensive coordinators have studied film on him. That is where the proof will be. Unfortunately, I do not think this coaching staff will be able to help him very much. I will be rooting for him and the niners. However, I do not have much hope.

    BTW, Adam Gase is doing a wonderful job with Jay Cutler. He is helping Cutler become a better qb. If Gase can do this with that head-case imagine what impact he could have had on our offense.

    1. Leo we play the Seahawks in two weeks. I do not see him doing better than Kaep in that game. I pray I am wrong but I doubt it. Kaep looked good against subpar defenses.

  13. – Gabbert will come in and complete some short passes.
    – Opponents will adjust to short passes.
    – Sacks or INT’s will follow
    – Gabbert will go into the fetal position.

    I hope he does well, but I don’t expect anything out of him other than an artificial spark. He just isn’t a good QB.

  14. Coach,

    Apologize for not explaining further…Pep Hamilton was just my suggestion to get a car leaking oil across the finish line…I was looking for Pep only as an Interim coach.

  15. Devante Parker is having a quiet rookie season, 4 receptions for 49 yards on 8 targets with 7 games appeared. He’s got a lot competition for targets unlike Cooper but I think if Amari was on the Dolphins he’d probably still have more then 4 receptions so far.

  16. By Fansided:

    It shouldn’t be much of a surprise to see the San Francisco 49ers wallowing in the depths of NFL power rankings after their Week 8 loss to the St. Louis Rams.
    By dropping the contest 20-6, the 49ers ensured their last-ranked offense would continue to be the laughingstock of the NFL and any sort of upward trend won’t be happening any time soon. The culmination of disastrous, anemic play resulted in quarterback Colin Kaepernick being benched and the team scrambling for any sort of positive momentum.

  17. Gabbert (along with scheme adjustments) will bring a bit more consistency and stability to the offense. Field vision should improve and the ball will be delivered more quickly. Receivers will have more chances with better delivered balls–but there won’t be enough. Do expect an ugly sack or two and a couple INTs. Like’s been said before, off-the-bench performances look good for a while, then opposing teams adjust and clamp down.

    Would be fun to have a few plays where Kaep lines up wide or in the backfield.

  18. I expect Blaine Gabbert to hold the job for two quarters. In all fairness to Mr. Gabbert, nobody could survive behind this offensive line. I don’t think even a young Joe Montana or Steve Young would be successful on the current team. Aside from the weak offensive line, we have no established running back (I am discounting Pierre Thomas, who had only had days to prepare and this his ninth season in the league) and an extremely vanilla coaching staff. I do not have faith that Geep Chryst can devise a plan to keep Gabbert protected enough to function successfully.

  19. Tough to say what we see this week from Gabbert. He hasn’t played a meaningful game in two years and was awful when he did play. If the plays they called for him in preseason are any indication, he’ll be throwing short passes and running boots quite a bit. I don’t expect much but that’s why they play the games. I actually feel sorry for the guy honestly. First start and he has to play behind one of the worst Olines in football and has a group of RB’s who haven’t played a game all season or even practiced for that matter.

      1. They don’t have the ability to set him up to succeed. Coaching, injuries, bad Oline picks, you name it and they’ve F’d it up.

        1. Well they’re starting him at home against the Falcons, so I guess they did their best. But that was more of a rhetorical question/bad joke.

  20. I hope Blaine Gabbert does the noble thing and allows Kaep to play. He should say that he will allow competition for the job, and start, but once he does not lead a scoring drive, he would let Kaep start the next series. This would give both QBs incentives to score, and allow both to study drives from the side lines. Throwing in Gabbert as a sacrificial lamb will probably end with him getting bludgeoned, especially in the Seahawk and Cardinal games.
    If they do not change up the O line, Gabbert will be crushed since he is not elusive as Kaep.

    1. Wow. How does that work? Blaine just walks off the field, finds Kaep on the sidelines and says..”hey, you go in…’ Didn’t know that the NFL worked that way. Help me understand.

      1. Gabbert starts. If he directs a scoring drive, he continues. If they have a turnover or have to punt, Kaep leads the next drive, and plays as long as the Niners score. If they punt or turn it over, then Gabbert gets to lead the next series of downs.

        1. You are a fool beyond fools. You don’t think Blaine Gabbert wants to succeed. This is his last chance at football and you want him to concede?Stupidest comment ever.

          1. You obviously have not been reading the posts. There have been lots of stupider comments, and this scheme could benefit Gabbert, too. instead of being chewed up and spit out , he could have time to recover, regroup and study the defense.
            Seeing how inept and futile the offense has been, Gabbert may be set up to fail. NOBODY will succeed behind that O line.

            1. You are asking a pro athlete, regardless of the team around him to give up his chance to play? Are you a special kind of mentally challenged person? STFU already.

        2. Seb

          Those are the two most ridiculous statements I can even imagine…what scenarios !!What will you come up with next…the wing-T ?

          1. Sweeps, pistol, laterals, reverses,flea flicker, statue of liberty, hook and lateral. Any one of those is better than running straight into the teeth of the defense, which has led to a 2-6 season.

    2. seb:

      It’s not BG’s call – unless he is injured. If he gets bludgeoned and is no longer the guy, the HC/OC are the ones to make the call, not BG.

      1. Gabbert can voluntarily allow Kaep to play by making the position competitive. He does not need to say that Kaep has to stay on the bench all game.
        Of course, the coaches would have to allow this to occur. It is rarely done, yet has been done before. Any 2-6 team should be desperate enough to allow it, and it might be the best way to help Kaep regain his confidence.

            1. You are not thinking outside the box. You have been hot boxing it for too long. Please think before commenting. Gabbert hasn’t played in 2 years and now you are asking him to voluntarily concede his position. Please sir, check your head.

              1. Gabbert will still play, because Kaep has shown that he cannot score. Gabbert is also a big boy, and has stated that he is one play from starting, and one play from sitting.
                Calmate. Comprende?

            2. That might work in an “everyone plays” junior soccer league for eight year olds Seb. You are going so far out of reality (is reality the box?) that it worries me.

              1. Pardon me. I just want to reward success. Gabbert was the second string QB. If you assume the Niners go to the SB if he plays, then maybe he will start for the rest of the season. However, the Niners are in a nose dive, and desperate times require bold initiatives.
                The problem is, too many people are content with failure. I would elevate Dylan Thompson and put him in the mix. Of all the Niner QBs, I think he has the best touch on the ball and that last preseason game showed he was pretty accurate. I would throw in Blake Bell, too, since he was a QB.
                I just want the 49er QB to sustain drives and score TDs instead of FGs. Kaep has failed, Gabbert will probably not survive the next 3 games with Seattle and Arizona chomping at the bit to give another beatdown. Rotating, until the successful QB keeps starting, with an open competition, may be the recipe for winning.
                If you accept a 2-6 record with a smile, and worry about hurt feelings, I guess I cant stop you, but I am a tad frustrated, and want the Niners to think quicker and smarter. Rewarding success is a strategy from the Art of War. Another axiom is punishing failure. I think a little accountability may be what is needed.

              2. Ht Frankly my dear, I dont give a damn.
                You seem to feel free to mock and haunt my posts, but if I give back a teensy bit, you get bent all out of shape.
                I do not write my posts to be popular, I write them because I try to say something.
                Poor Mex, he is new and does not know my history on this blog site, but many posters know me and leave me alone, because they know that I like to argue and be provocative. I win again, because I have upset him so much he has to resort to name calling. He loses because he lost his composure, so my power over him makes him sound foolish, as if stamping his foot and holding his breath will win against me. How pathetic, to become so upset that one needs to insult others to try and feel superior.
                Like I have said previously, I heartily invite you, and any others, to ignore my posts. If you want to engage me, game on. I will not be gentle.

              3. Oh Seb, you are entertaining.

                As an aside, I’ve often found telling people how superior you are to them does not have the desired result of making the other person realise how smart and better than them you really are. ;-)

              4. Ht, I am sorry. Maybe I was more responding to the poster who was hurling insults. Still, I am just a poster who likes to throw out ideas, and it seems like the others act like they are so superior to me that they attack me viciously. I do not suffer fools gladly, and just respond in kind.
                Scooter, I may seem like entertainment, but maybe this site needs a little levity. Too many posters just go full on negativity. The hate filled screeds are pretty pointless, and are a huge waste of time.
                Obviously, the quarterbacking situation is dire, and my scheme is a tactic to try and improve the situation. I hope Kaep shows some leadership, admits his failings, and allows Gabbert to also play until the QB problem is solved and one stands out.
                When the quarterback situation is muddled, some coaches will alternate QBs. Its been done before. My scenario rewards success and punishes failure.

              5. ” I hope Kaep shows some leadership, admits his failings, and allows Gabbert to also play until the QB problem is solved and one stands out.” … Seb

                You keep pleading with Kaepernick and Gabbert to “share” playing time every time one of them fails to lead the team to a score. That’s not out of the box thinking, that’s out of reality thinking and it will lead to people who don’t know you thinking all sorts of things.

                By the way, only a few of the “legends of the game” ever made a play or not play decision in modern football. The 49ers once shared the QB role with three guys. It did work for maybe three games and then the Bears destroyed the QBs. To make room to do it the 49ers traded Y.A. Tittle for a backup guard who never played. It also cut their payroll which ownership liked.

      2. Cubus, that is my point. Gabbert may get crushed behind that turnstile O line, and now they have no QB. They need to think it through, and plan for every contingency.

        1. And if Collin Kaeprrnik
          Plays and gets hurt guess what, team pays out
          Remaining contract. Seb Learn facts before posting.

  21. Maybe it’s because I never watched any of the games when BG was with Jacksonville, but I’m surprised by some of the comments. I think BG deserves a second chance to show what he can do. Jax was at least two years ago and he’s showed improvement even if it was only the preseason.

    I will evaluate BG basically as follows: Can he make the plays that are there to be had? We have to be fair to him and realize that there will be a lot of plays that can’t be made because of the wretched OL and play calling. As a result, it will be difficult for BG, but a review of All 22 film should reveal how many plays he left on the field. If it’s less than CK, then I think he would be the better QB.

    Having said that, I’m not sure I actually want the team to win any more games. If he takes the team to 6 and 10 or 8 and 8, what chance do we have of seeing GM and CS changes? I know it sounds heretical, but, at this point in time, it’s realistic. I’m guessing my viewpoint might change and I’ll have to take it one game at a time. First, need to see how BG performs against Atlanta.

    1. “Maybe it’s because I never watched any of the games when BG was with Jacksonville, but I’m surprised by some of the comments.”

      You’re in for a treat.

      “If he takes the team to 6 and 10 or 8 and 8, what chance do we have of seeing GM and CS changes?”

      Don’t worry his career record is 5-22.

    2. I’m a big fan of Pat Kirwin and he was a big fan of Blaine Gabbert when he came into the league and as such so was I. Even as he struggled Pat would continue to defend him pointing out the quality of the team around him, sound familiar? It’s not a new excuse. Because of Kirwin’s confidence I continued to track his progress and continued to hold out hope that he would improve. I as well as most Jags fans continued to be disappointed.

      There are many important things you just can never teach to a QB and accuracy is one of them, just ask Brady Quinn. Blaine’s accuracy is horrendous and it’s never improved. Unfortunately neither did his decision making and he would continue to make plays that would just leave you shaking your head.

      There should be zero expectations for Blaine Gabbert. Anything negative he does should be expected and anything positive will be a relief.

      It should also be noted that Pat Kirwin is a Bill Parcels guy, do we know anyone else that is too?

      1. I’ll only respond to the accuracy. During training camp and preseason, it was stated that Logan had BG reduce the speed of his passes targeting about 85% of his previous speed (I don’t know how they would measure that, but it’s probably something like don’t throw it quite as hard). It was said that this lead to a noticeable improvement in his accuracy, which it seems was evident during the preseason. Of course it’s only preseason. I’m certainly not a diehard fan of BG if for no other reason than I hardly know him. If he sucks, I’ll be one of the first to turn on him :)

        1. How does one throw 15% sofer? How does the brain know 20 % from 30% in throwing strength? It’s ridiculous to assign numbers to such a thing. He’s saying that they’ve told him to not try to push the ball so hard which is what he does to compensate for the fact that the doesn’t have a strong arm. If he stops pushing the ball to be more accurate defenders will pounce right on those slow moving ducks.

            1. I gave a hasty response and the clarity suffered as usual. I wasn’t so much questioning the ability to measure the speed of the ball leaving his hand as much as the concept of the brain knowing 85% from 100%. He can stand still in front of a speed gun and throw until the velocity is 15% slower but how long does it take for the muscle memory to learn 85% consistently versus 80, or 90 or etc. When he’s not in that controlled environment and is out on the field with the play and the defense in his mind and face can his brain consistently know and remember what 85% throwing strength is?

              There’s also a reason that other coaches haven’t simply suggested not throwing so hard. In the NFL ball velocity is everything because these defenders not only have elite speed but they are smart and can anticipate where you’re throwing. It doesn’t get mentioned too frequently but ball velocity has made and broken more NFL QB careers then you would believe. Gabbert doesn’t have a particularly strong arm and to exist in the NFL he’s had to push the ball which has killed his accuracy. When he takes some speed off his passes to be more accurate his ball velocity wont be up to NFL standards and defenders will pick him apart.

            2. Heh, I agree CfC, I think the idea of 15% softer sounds great, but in reality I’m guessing (as cubus pointed out) coach Logan just meant for Gabbert to take a little bit of heat off his passes to help get his technique right and throw more catchable balls.

              The thing is, if he gets the technique right, the velocity on the passes probably won’t be that different than if he tried muscling it in anyway.

              1. Agree, Scooter. A QB with good technique and timing doesn’t have to throw a rocket. A QB, like Kap, who throws late does need a rocket of an arm to have a chance.

          1. He did the same thing with Kaep, and those softer passes resulted in 2 pick sixes in the Cards game. When Kaep was allowed to throw fastballs, the defenders got their hands on the ball in the Rams game, but could not hang onto the ball.

            1. It wasn’t just the speed of the ball in the Cardinals game. The balls were thrown late and if I recall correctly he threw one off his back foot as a defender was close to or actually sacking him. When a QB is throwing towards the sideline, trig tells us that the hypotenuse can be substantially longer than the vertical downfield distance depending upon the angle. A QB needs to understand this and take it into account.

              1. Logan also said that the type of pass Kaep threw was supposed to be safety play. One that should be there all the time. Too bad Iupati divulged all the Niner offensive tendencies, so the Cards knew the Niner offense so well, they jumped routes.

              2. No, its too bad Kaep took so long to get the ball out of his hands on those plays. Both would have been completions if thrown on time.

              3. 2 pick sixes on the first 2 pass plays is just an amazing coincidence. It is not possible that the Cards knew where the ball was going. Kaep did not help by throwing late off his back foot, but the defense crowed that they knew the play before the snap.

              4. Not only are you a moron commenter with your Gabbert conceding play time, now your theory of Iupati stealing signals/giving Intel as an excuse for the quarterback. Not only stupid but delusional too

              5. I’m just saying you sound planets away from assessing what this team needs. I get it, you have zero clue

          2. Just like golf…slow down your backswing…you hit further and more accurately too start your delivery sooner…

            Cubus…I think that you and I are the only ones on the blog who believe in Gabbert I think it’s going to be good

            1. In Golf you don’t have 300 pound padded lineman charging right at you while you’re making that swing. Nor are you making that swing while being chased by said 300 pound lineman.

            2. “Cubus…I think that you and I are the only ones on the blog who believe in Gabbert I think it’s going to be good”

              I wouldn’t go quite that far Oregoniner :) I’m just willing to give him a chance without negative preconceptions based on his play at Jax. I do have some preconceptions based on the poor OL and I’m not going to hold that against Gabbert. If he just makes the plays that are there, I’ll think he did well.

              1. cubus

                I may be one of them, but with all of the ‘absolutists’ blogging today, the odds are awfully good for a lot of our friends here to have a lot of egg on their faces come Sunday…I sure hope so…

      2. CFC,

        I’m with you on Pat. I love listening to him on MTC as he comes off as a friendly old football guy who really likes sharing his knowledge.

        As is often the case with anybody though, he gets blinded by players he thinks should be better than they are or biased due to who they were Coached by or system they came up in. He ripped the Raiders for taking Cooper over Williams in the draft this year for example and that is really looking bad on him.

        1. Yarp, he’s also a big Whisenhunt fan. Me not so much. It’s killing me that Ryan left and they replaced him with Jimmy Miller because I really can’t stand that guy. Typical ex-player that thinks he and everyone from his generation did everything the right way and is overly critical of modern players. Plus he’s a huge Bears homer.

          I like that he(Kirwin) has the front office view of things having been a general manager in the past.

          I also try to tune in when Bill Polian is on.

          1. Yep, Tim and Pat were excellent. Jim has improved from where he was originally but I agree with you on the holier than though attitude and homerism. He’s also awful at predicting games and the draft but I digress.

            Polian is great no doubt about it.

      3. Wasn’t Bill Walsh a Parcells guy? My memory is a bit vague but wasn’t Bill Walsh his OC before he went to Stanford? Or was that Bill’s brother? Oh well.

    3. I’m all for giving Gabbert a chance, not just from the point of view of getting hi on the field, but also as a fan in not making up my mind until I see him.

      However, I can’t ignore that he was truly horrible at the Jags. My realistic expectation is he won’t be an upgrade over Kaep.

      1. Having expectations and then getting to check them out in a game works for me. I’ll recheck my expectations after the next three games if Gabbert gets to play all three.

      2. If the Niners want BG to succeed, they should try and protect him. Keeping the same O line will be like throwing him to the wolves.
        Getting hi on the field? Are you referring to the grass?

  22. One other thing that will be of interest. How will the rest of the team respond to BG playing or perhaps better said, to CK not playing. It’s possible that over the course of the eight games played, the players became disheartened with CK’s poor play and began to play with less effort and enthusiasm. With new blood many of them might play better. It will be interesting to watch.

  23. Watching the press conference, Tomsula is making it sound like this is a 1 week thing to clear Colin’s head and provide a changeup for the offense.

      1. I am jumping for joy. Devey and Pears were a big reason for Kaep losing his job.
        Tiller and Brown would be an improvement, because it could not get worse.

        1. Knowing how this coaching staff works, their OL change will probably be to have Devey take the RG position full time again. :-P

    1. Of course it is. Do you really think they are going to roll Blaine Gabbert out against the Seahawks defense. Well then again they just might. This is the niners we are talking about.

    2. That’s the joke I posted yesterday. Play Gabbert in games outside the division and put Colin in for the division games. Don’t know why I think it’s a joke, but it sure would be.

  24. It’s interesting that you’re talking about expectations, Grant, when the team is clearly thrown under a bus by ownership and management. The towel is thrown. The glove is on the arena floor. The offensive line is a travesty, Chryst is the worst OC in the league (counting the two fired ones now) and Blaine will be running for his life. But he will also make a bunch of slant completions, move the chains and establish a rhythm. Now and then. I expect the Falcons game to be close but that leakage about saving Gabbert for the “weak” Atlanta defense will come back and haunt us when we lose in the fourth quarter.. likely in a semi-tied game and on a Mattie Ice final drive for a field goal. Imagine if the 49ers had brought in Garcia to help Kap. Imagine if they had gotten a real head coach. A real offensive coordinator and a West Coast offense with some trickery-play support. And Mangini as D coach. Imagine..

    1. “Summary: Remember when this line was one of the best in the league? That wasn’t all that long ago, and acts as a real highlight of what’s wrong with this team.”

      Good luck to Blaine, Pierre, and the other guy, you know whatshisname.

    1. Terrible sounding headline but when you look at the article it also says that the team is only expected to win one more game if Kaepernick was the QB so is it really saying much that we’re expected to win 0 with Gabbert? 0 vs 1. Hmmm, well since we’re probably talking draft spots at this point wouldn’t 0 be better?

      1. Do you want to beat Detroit, George? The diehard fan in you probably answers with “hell yes”. What does the realist answer?

        1. cubus, I don’t want them to beat Detroit or anyone else. I’ve felt that way since they lost to Arizona. I want them to have the worst record in the league because that would make Jed the laughing stock of pro sports. I want Jed to feel humiliated like he’s never felt it before.
          When he walks into a restaurant, I want everyone to boo him. When he walks down the street, I want everyone in hearing distance to laugh about him out loud. At the hairdressers, I want people to make nasty looks at his his wife. At church, I want his fellow parishioners to shun him. Etc. I hope I am painting a clear picture.

          1. Loud and clear, George, loud and clear. I want Baalke and the CS out and that probably won’t happen if we win 6 games or more.

          2. I know I am very much in the minority, but I don’t necessarily want the 49ers to lose every game from here on out. I understand the angst with Jed and the FO, but I just don’t think Jed is about to step down because they lose badly, and I’d be surprised if Baalke is let go at the end of the year no matter the record. And I really can’t see losing out being a good thing long term for a team with so many young players.

            However, if they are only losing by small margins, largely due to ineptness at a handful of positions manned by vets like Gabbert, Pears and Devey, I won’t be too upset with that. Something to give the young players encouragement for the future.

            1. Scooter: I think most of us who have this opinion realize that Jed is not going anywhere soon. Our goal is to get rid of Baalke and the HC/OC/DC. I believe that there is a much higher probability of this happening if the final win/loss record is very bad.

              I think it could be the opposite with regards to “losing out” affecting our younger players. A number of years with 4/12 to 8/8 records with the same GM and CS can lead to disgruntlement, esp. for a once proud team. The troops will see that year after year only the deck chairs are being rearranged. The troops can also see that the 49ers are a team with stone-age game plans and strategies vice the modern-day game plans/strategies of most successful NFL teams. It could very easily turn into a Browns-like franchise. But if strong, decisive action is taken to right the ship that can encourage the “employees” even if it takes a year or two to get there. They can see that the ship is on the right path.

              This is really no different than trying to turn around a company. Many badly-performing companies aren’t turned around by the current management; it often takes outsiders to come in and shake things up to effect meaningful change. Why shouldn’t it be the same with this multi-billion dollar football team?

              1. If finishing the season 2-14 rather than 4-12 or 5-11 is enough to instigate wholesale changes, then sure. But I think even a 2-14 season will see Baalke retained, for now. And I think 4-12 or 5-11 won’t be enough for the coaching staff not to be given a shake up. This season is well below what Jed and FO expected, and I’d be surprised if Kaep was made the only scapegoat.

                I also advice you be careful what you wish for in terms of wholesale changes to the FO. Who is going to be advising Jed on the next GM and coaching hires? They need to bring in some new blood first, then kick some of the old guys out. And I’m not convinced Tom Gamble alone is enough to right the ship.

                Also, if there is a complete overhaul, don’t expect many of the current youngsters to be retained. New regimes typically want their own stamp on the roster. While Baalke hasn’t wowed with his recent drafts, there are a lot of young players this team needs to count on in the next few years as they rebuild.

                Finally, if they are winning games, even if it is against bad teams, to me that is a promising sign for the young talent on the team. If they can win games with Gabbert at QB, street FAs at RB and a woeful OL, then some of these young guys must be playing alright. I’d rather go into this offseason thinking the young guys provide some hope rather than thinking the roster actually does need to be purged as well.

              2. Grimey, if this was a team of vets then I’d agree they are hollow victories. For a team with a lot of young players then winning those games is a positive sign for the future.

              3. “I also advice you be careful what you wish for in terms of wholesale changes to the FO. Who is going to be advising Jed on the next GM and coaching hires?”

                Yeah, this was a topic of one of my first posts on this blog late last year. At least we have Gamble now, back then it was no one. Also, I think Jed understands the importance of having consultants to assist with hiring a new GM.

                There are a lot of unknowns in the various strategies for trying to turn this franchise around. The one I suggest could easily go down the toilet if poor choices are made for GM and HC/OC/DC. The one you suggest will more likely lead to the status quo, unless Baalke has a major epiphany.

                In the end, although it didn’t occur to me until now, I think part of the reason I want to blow things up is because of the Harbaugh fiasco. The way they got rid of a top NFL coach (and probably the best coach ever with regards to turning teams around) instills little confidence that this group can turn things around. It seems that they didn’t realize just how important a good HC is. I suspect Baalke convinced Jed that the GM position is the most important and not the HC. I don’t expect Baalke to change from that arrogant, self-serving attitude and for that reason, I would like him gone.

              4. Seems to me, from what I’ve read about it, getting rid of Harbaugh was more Jed and Maraathe’s idea than Baalke’s.

              5. I will say, if Jed can get out of the way of his own ego and find himself someone to provide specialist counsel on football affairs (say, a Mike Holmgren or Mike Shanahan, though they may not be ideal candidates for this kind of role either), I am all for blowing this thing up and starting again with a new GM and coaching staff.

              6. Well, you probably know from my posts regarding “gray area” subjects, I seldom take a 100% stand on a side. Sure if it’s whether or not 1 + 1 =2, that’s easy. Despite what I wrote about Baalke, I also tend to believe he wanted Gase, which is the guy I wanted. I believe it was mostly Jed that wanted to force Tomsula on Gase. But I also hated when Baalke undermined Tomsula at his first press conference with “I think somewhere in there he said we are going to run the ball” or words to that affect.

                There are no easy answers. You take your best shot and hope for the best. At this point in time, doing nothing to me is not taking a shot. Several months from now things may be different. But one thing seems for sure – if there’s going to be a change at GM it needs to happen first in order for the other dominos to be setup correctly.

                I’ll leave you with one last thought. How many other coach press conferences do you think there are where the coach is continuously asked if “he” made the decision to do something. The Bay Area media continually asks those questions to Tomsula with the implication that everyone knows Baalke is pulling the strings.

              7. Yeah, I think Baalke wanted Gase too. But where there is smoke there is fire – I am sure Baalke has final say, and when he feels he needs to will step in over Tomsula.

                I liked razor’s idea of hiring Nick Casiero as GM.

            2. Scooter,

              Players can be turned around by a good Coaching staff (see the team across the Bay) so I’m not worried about the lingering effects of losing a lot of games this year. You see it all over the league with once doormat teams turning things around. The Niners were one of those teams 5 years ago in fact. The certainly weren’t as bad as this current version, but they were in the midst of an almost decade long run of bad football and Harbaugh turned it around in one offseason while the league was in the midst of a lock out no less.

              I don’t want to see the team blown out every week either, but the reality is this is a bad team that is poorly Coached with young players that don’t seem to be developing the way it was intended. The difference between finishing with 2 wins as opposed to 4 or 5 means that Jed can’t pull some BS statement out at the end of the year saying he saw things turning around in the second half, or that the team was showing signs of improving. The only way we see any changes is if this team crashes and burns and gives him no choice. Even then he may decide to do nothing as you say, but at least there will be nothing for him to hide behind.

              The other benefit is obviously draft position where we would be hopefully picking in the top 5. Even if Jed keeps Baalke, his chances of hitting in the draft will be greatly enhanced by picking near the top of every round.

              Sadly, I think you are likely correct with your view that no major changes will be made no matter how this season finishes, but that is all I have to hang onto at the moment so I’m going with it :p

              1. Yeah, it happens (teams turn it around with a new coach), but its usually on the back of significant roster changes as well. Obviously there will need to be some significant roster changes here as well, but I am a believer that young players on really bad teams learn how to find ways to lose, and that losing is ok.

                Most teams that turn things right around need to completely change the culture of the team, and that is usually done through roster purge and bringing in a bunch of vets wih excellent leadership skills that have been there and done it before. Its not an easy fix over a short period of time.

              2. That’s true in some ways, but you also have look at the fact that this team is likely looking at 2-3 years of losing no matter what they do. What I don’t want to see happen is the averaging of 6-8 wins with no progress and picking in the middle to lower part of the draft. With a 2 win season things tend to change more dramatically and I think that is what we need.

    1. Best line is when Sanders says that Manning is “going to regurgitate Vernon Davis”

      Peyton’s going to eat him? Makes me feel bad for Vernon.

  25. Gabbert won’t even make it through the ATL game. He’s gonna killed behind that o line and it will be back to kap. Hopefully this turns everyones attention to the guy that deserves it: Baalke

    1. Keep hoping my friend it’s not going to happen. Why wish something bad happening to Blaine Gabbert. That’s one reason why Kaepernick is not playing, because they the 49ers management don’t want to CK injured comes end of the season if they want to trade or release him.

  26. Yesterday somebody on here mentioned that the Niners shut down the comment section on their website. They like fans when they’re buying tickets and overpriced food and beer and logo gear, but they don’t so much want to hear what they think. It’s not a big deal, but in some small way it reminds me of the creepy, paranoid, bunker mentality that the Nixon White House staff sank into during Watergate.

  27. Gabbert will lead us to at least 16 points. There will be first downs, completions, and maybe even a deep ball. He won’t be great, but it will be a refreshing change, as we haven’t seen a QB read a defense in years… and even then, Alex Smith read one option then went checkdown.

    Gabbert was the #10 pick for a reason – he had success at Missouri. They were a formulaic spread offense, and he was asked to make efficient throws, probably doing much of his reading before the snap. Sound like Kap? Of course not, he’s pre-snap illiterate. Gabbert “sucked” behind a line that was basically 5 Deveys. Please see the 2013 Jags wikipedia, it is truly comical. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2013_Jacksonville_Jaguars_season)

    Gabbert is big, should be mediocre with pocket movement, should make decent reads, and can move well (4.6 something, i believe). And he’s also rusty, and has little to work with, so we’re not expecting much. Smith will have a tough matchup, so he will have Ellington/Patton, Celek, and maybe a gimpy Boldin. Great. Hard to draw conclusions either way. Just hoping for competent decision making and a respectable loss.

  28. I’m posting without reading today’s posts.

    Yesterday I joked about Colin playing more games this year. In my joke he would play against division teams and maybe Cincinnati, and Gabbert would play against the weaker teams left on the schedule.

    That’s probably still a joke, but based on what Tomsula said about why “he” benched Kaepernick it’s a little tiny more than a joke. If Gabbert doesn’t play in Seattle game on, or joke on.

  29. With Gabbert at the controls of the offense the 49ers will squeak into the playoffs at 9-7 just as I predicted a year ago. Locknot it in!!!

    1. Wow! Gabbert is going to be a world beater, he’s going to face a hot Atlanta Falcons, Seattle, Arizona, Bengals and Rams! I’d say the 49ers will win maybe against Chicago and Detroit who probably want to lose to the 49ers for the overall 1st pick in the draft. I’m expecting the 49ers record will be 2-14 or just maybe 3-13 at end of the season.

      1. Sorry Scooter, but Bell will be needed at TE/HB what with Davis going to the Broncos and Celek facing concussion protocol.

  30. Not being one to rush to judgment, Gabbert will require some games to get up to speed. I suspect about eight games should do it- don’t want to expose mentally fragile QB7 to injury who knows what he is capable of. QB7 to Gabbert is the process of natural progression found in all sports. The 49er machine needs many well engineered cogs to replace this outdated, oxidizing, broken down, hulk of a team built by the organizations brain trust. What the heck kicking the tires never hurt. Good luck 49ers.

  31. Gabbert will last one-and-a-half games. He will be able to play through the game against a Falcons team that doesn’t have a good pass tush, but then he be exposed against an aggressive Seahawks defense that will expose his poor pocket awareness. That will open the doors for Kaepernick to start in the second half, and he will continue to show regression.

    1. Coffee’s for Closers® November 4, 2015 at 9:19 am
      I think we’ll see one and a half games of Blaine Gabbert.
      Get your own material! ;)

      1. Don’t be too sure on that. There’s a reason why Gabbert is the Qb now and CK is sitting on the bench. The 49ers are in a mission to get something out of this losing season. For one thing they’ll see what Gabbert has as signal caller, and secondly, if they’re overhauling the team next season why not be in a good position in up coming draft. And 49ers will get some trade value for CK.

  32. VD opens up in Denver:

    “Former 49ers tight end Vernon Davis is now a member of the undefeated Denver Broncos, and amongst the changes in city, teammates, and climate, Davis is also having to deal with a new culture — a winning culture.

    “I know what it feels like to win and to be on a team that has that winning spirit. Not too long ago we were able to win some games, and I still feel that, I can feel it a little bit. I just have to get acclimated to it again because it seems like it’s been so long,” Davis said. “But I can imagine that it’s intense, it’s exciting, everyone is playing together as one, and there’s a lot of love.” “

  33. I remember this QB, who was Heisman Trophy winner , the No 1 draft pick by the Patriots and a Bust. Football people said he was broken and just like Humpy Dumpy counld never be put back together again. Jim Plunkett did just fine after a while sitting on the bench.
    You never know until a player plays, everything else is…

    See ya

  34. The way I see it all, I think the 49ers already gave up on the season. Further more the 49ers are now are eyeing on the 1st pick overall in the draft in the first round. By playing Gabbert now at Qb the last 8 games this will secure their bid if they lose the remainder of those game. The 49ers by keeping CK in a bubble wrap now if they decided release or trade CK before April 2016 they will have a healthy kaepernick to trade.that still has some value in the market.

    1. In this day and age you have to face the reality.The truth is the 49ers team aren’t very good. And they are playing teams you just mentioned that has tremendous offense and defenses. Good luck!!

  35. With all of the bad luck this organization has faced the last year wouldn’t it be nice to see something good happen?
    Seriously we are due. It wouldn’t bother me to see Gabbert grow into something we could keep for the future. Not saying it will happen but it would be a very nice change of events.
    If any team needs a miracle it would be this one.

    1. I agree with you, that would be nice. But this season is already loss and the 49ers brass knows that too. If Blaine Gabbert doesn’t win in the last 8 games remaining. There’s still an option for the 49ers the Draft, There are good young Qb’s like in the draft.

      1) Paxton Lynch his 6’6 very athletic, an accurate passer for a QB. fr. Memphis

      2) Conner Cook his 6’4 good Qb, fr. Michigan state.

      3)Jarred Goff his 6’5 good athletic Qb and good passer.

      4) Carson Wentz his 6’5 Qb, fr. North Dakota state.

  36. I am expecting the worst, and hoping for the best. But with this whole team, from the HC to the trainers, the latter is more of a pipe dream.

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