Falcons-Seahawks live blog

This is the live blog for the Falcons-Seahawks divisional playoff game. I’ll update this frequently with observations and analysis from the Cohn Zohn.

10:14 The Falcons easily drive 54 yards in 11 plays and 5:20. The Falcons went right after the Seahawks defensive weakness – stopping the run. On that drive the Falcons averaged 5.3 yards per carry. On third and three from Seattle’s 21 yard line, Matt Ryan had Roddy White open in the end zone, but Ryan threw it a second late and Richard Sherman knocked it away. The Falcons make the field goal. 3-0.

10:20 The Falcons stuff Marshawn Lynch on first and second down, and Russell Wilson throws high and incomplete for Sidney Rice on third down. The Seahawks punt.

10:20 Everyone says the Falcons are finesse, they can’t punch a team in the mouth. But they’re punching the Seahawks in the mouth right now. Michael Turner is running down their throats and the front-seven is stout.

10:21 Nate Silver just predicted a Seahawks-Patriots Super Bowl.

10:25 Nate Silver’s prediction swing the whole game. Just as the Falcons are driving into the Seahawks territory again, Matt Ryan throws an interception right to Bobby Wagner. Seahawks ball at their 29 yard line.

10:29 Marshawn Lynch gives the ball back to the Falcons. He breaks a tackle in the backfield, runs for about 15 yards and fumbles as he gets hit.

10:37 The Falcons are easily marching down the field once again. They’re at the Seahawks’ one yard line. Maybe Nate Silver should stick to predicting elections.

10:38 First and goal, play action pass to Tony Gonzalez. Touchdown. That was the obvious and correct play call by Dirk Koetter. 10-0 Falcons early.

10:45 The Seahawks offense stalls at midfield when Russell Wilson can’t convert a third-and-8. This game could get out of hand early. The Seahawks’ defense, except for the one interception, has played horrendously.

10:46 First play, Jacquizz Rodgers runs 45 yards. Oh boy.

10:49 Next play, Koetter goes for it all. He calls a deep pass to Julio Jones. Richard Sherman knocks the pass away. He must be the best cornerback in the NFL.

11:00 Matt Bryant makes another field goal and it’s 13-0 Falcons with 9:13 left in the second quarter. The Seahawks are in danger of suffering an early knockout.

11:06 The Seahawks drive all the way to the Falcons’ 10 yard line. It’s fourth and one and Seahawks’ offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell calls a handoff to Michael Robinson, the full back. He doesn’t pick up the first down. Duh. Darrell Bevell is the Seahawks’ weakest link. You either hand off to Marshawn Lynch of play fake and throw to Zach Miller in that situation.

11:11 Michael Turner rushes for 33 yards and a few plays later, Ryan throws deep for Roddy White. Touchdown. 20-0 Falcons with 4:16 left in the first half. This is going to be a rout.

11:52 The Seahawks open the second half with a touchdown drive. They’ve been able to move the ball on the Falcons, but the Seahawks have just made mistakes. Russell Wilson almost made a huge mistake on this drive, taking a sack on first down. But he made up for it on the next play, hitting Zach Miller for a 20 yard gain. And then he hit Golden Tate for a touchdown. 20-7 Falcons. Now the Seahawks have to hold up on defense.

12:06 The Falcons go 13 plays and 75 yards for a touchdown. They’re killing the Seahawks.

12:17 The Seahawks just drove the length of the field again. It’s first and 10 at the Falcons’ 13. The Seahawks certainly can move the ball on the Falcons. If the Seahawks can do it, I’d think the 49ers could, too.

12:22 Russell Wilson just ran it in for the touchdown. 27-14 Falcons. If the Seahawks’ defense could stop the Falcons’ offense, the Seahawks could come back and win.

12:29 Matt Ryan just threw deep into double coverage and got picked off by Earl Thomas. The Seahawks needed that break. Now they need to score a touchdown.

12:35 The Seahawks just drove 62 yards in four plays and 1:50. Russell Wilson threw a TD pass to Zach Miller. The Falcons cannot cover him. The 49ers must be rooting for the Falcons to hang on and win. The 49ers could beat Atlanta.

12:40 The Falcons go three and out and lose three yards. They punt and it’s a short punt. The Seahawks will start from their 40 yard line. The Falcons look like they’re crumbling.

12:47 The Seahawks can’t convert a third down at midfield and they have to punt. The Falcons will start from their 20. Let’s see if Matt Ryan can redeem himself.

12:53 The Falcons go four and out. This is it for the Seahawks. 2:30 left.

1:00 Russell Wilson escapes a sack and hits Marshawn Lynch, who runs it down to the 4. Then the Falcons have 12 men on the field. Half the distance to the goal. First and goal from the 2, Marshawn Lynch runs up the middle for a touchdown. The ball pop out as it crosses the goal line. The refs are reviewing the play.

1:03 The refs confirm that it was a touchdown. 27-27. Ryan Longwell has to make the extra point to give the Seahawks the lead.

1:04 He makes it. 28-27 Seahawks with 31 seconds left.

1:07 Matt Ryan hits Harry Douglas for 22 yards. First and 10 at midfield with 18 seconds left.

1:07 And then Ryan hits Gonzalez for 19 yards.

1:08 Matt Bryan will attempt a 50-yard field goal.

1:09 He misses it, but the Seahawks called timeout. Wow.

1:10 Now he nails it. Unbelievable. But it’s not over. There are eight seconds left.

1:12 The Falcons squib the kickoff and the Seahawks recover at their 46 yard line with 6 seconds left.

1:14 The Hail Mary is intercepted. The Falcons win.

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