Fangio on the 49ers D’s problem covering quick slot receivers: “I don’t see it as an epidemic by any means.”

SANTA CLARA – Here’s what Vic Fangio said at his Saturday press conference about the 49ers defense’s recent struggles covering slot receivers.

ME: Your defense has struggled to cover quick inside receivers. What do you attribute that to, and has it had an effect on the overall defense?

FANGIO: Everybody has a little bit of a hard time covering some of those guys. It’s just a tough position at times for the nickel to cover, or the corner if he’s inside. We’ve gone against some good slot receivers. They’ve caught some balls on us, but I don’t see it as an epidemic by any means.

CI: Would you consider putting Perrish Cox at nickelback to see how he can do?

FANGIO: He’s the guy who plays behind Carlos in that role, and if something ever happened, Perrish would be the guy who went it. But we haven’t considered replacing Carlos with him, no.

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