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  1. What about the other position groups? The oline might be the best in the division? The secondary has depth and size and speed?
    Who will start beside Bowman?
    You didn’t address any of those?

    1. The offensive and Defensive line are much improved!!

      Gotta give credit there.

      Probably won’t show up in the win totals though.

    2. I’ll address the obvious. That is, it is quite obvious that Ray-Ray Armstrong will be playing alongside Bowman. Ray-Ray may not be as big and strong as Hodges and Wilhoit, nor as effective against the run, but he is smarter and far more effective against the pass. Pass defense for linebackers is all the more necessary, since it is no longer one of Bowman’s major strengths.

  2. Grant:

    Just because the niners gave Kaep the contract he has now, does not mean jed is going to say ‘hey start Kaep because he is making too much money to sit.’ Kaep still sucks – he still makes only one read, does not scan the field and cannot connect deep because of his inaccuracy. He looked only decent against the chargers, but those were 3rd & 4th stringers. Only reason Kaep made the team is because his 11.9 million salary for 2016 is guaranteed.

    1. A lot of Kaepernick and Gabbert, and everyone else who throws a ball’s problem with the 49ers is the players Baalke has provided them to throw to.

      It says a lot that 2 of your 5 recievers on your roster were not there just 2 weeks ago.

      This may be the worst group of recievers in the modern passing football league.

      1. It is not the worst group of receivers even for the 49ers in this century.

        Which isn’t much, but better the worst of the modern days from the whole league.

    2. Yes, very true. I agree whole-heartedly: Kaepernick sucks! But, but, but, imagine if the evil league decides to let Kaepernick cheat? Kaep wants the league to allow him to wear tinted visors, which he claims his poor vision needs but which everyone in the league knows it is to keep the secondary from following Kap’s eyes as he follows his one and only 1st option receiver, waiting for him to get open. If the league allows the Darth Vader-like dark tinted visor, no one will be able to know right away he is #1 receiver option is. Kap is pushing for the visor allowance because Kap also knows he sucks. He is born cheater.

  3. Bad decisions galore it’s an ongoing theme this time of year . Whilhoite , Martin & TJE are all terrible and should have been cut , Skov , Rush and any other lineman would have been better , even keeping Juhan Harris .

  4. This whole offseason has put Baalke in the spotlight.

    He should be fired, but I have a sneaky suspicion that he still has not done enough wrong in Jed Yorks eyes.

    I don’t know what those two have going on but it’s unhealthy for the league and the fans.

    We deserve better.

    A GM that is competent.

    1. Agreed. Bake should have been fired after the dreadful 2012 draft in which none of those players are on the niners. None! Balke must have provocative photos of Jed, that us why Jed has not fired him yet. Balke needs to go after this season – grow some balls, Jed!

      1. Yes provocative photos and or they areally actually in agreement and Baalke is doing this just the way Jed York wants him too.

        I often wonder.

        It’s amazing that our 2 best recievers on the roster were other teams cuts and castoffs.

        Absolutely amazing!

  5. This just out from MSN, Kaep jerseys are the #1 sellers in NFL shops this weekend. Holy crap I never would have guessed that in a million years.

    1. Kaepernick is a likeable guy.

      He just can’t play the position very well.

      And he has a General Manager who has made his job even harder than it needed to be over his career.

  6. I think it’s a safe bet Kelly hasn’t pushed in all his Chips on Gabbert, and that’s why he stuck his neck out for Kaepernick. I think it’s another bet of safety that he wouldn’t do that unless he believed Kaepernick was improving at a pace that will soon surpass Gabbert. Now that may be comical to some, but not near as comical as, “The 49ers improve their receiving corps”. What receiving corps? Another reason Baalke is a dead GM walking….

    1. I hope you are correct he is a dead GM walking but I have my doubts.

      Remember he actually got a secret backroom 3 year extension this past offseason as the coach got fired.

      I think he and York are somewhere right now celebrating this final roster and thinking they will be “Winning with Class.”

      It’s going to be a total surprise to them when they go 1-4 or 0-5 out of the gate.

    2. Here I disagree. Cutting Kaepernick now would have been an even larger distraction than he already is. Keeping Ponder says all it needs to say about the QB fiasco in SF. The team is not sold on Gabbert, isn’t sure it can safely play Kaepernick, and the 2017 QB conundrum just got a lot worse.
      Better to let the legs die on the Kaepernick story. This shows the hypersensitive media that SF stood behind Kaepernick, but he just couldn’t break the starting lineup by week 4.
      By then, teams will be contenders or pretenders and fans will care less if Kaepernick is cut. Just my opinion, but I think the team intends to cut him in the coming weeks. This gives time to allow Ponder to surpass Gabbert which shouldn’t be hard.

      1. The only reason the didn’t cut Kaepernick in April and now is because Jed York and Baalke don’t want Kaepernick to think “he won”.

        I don’t think the thinking goes any deeper than that.

            1. Razor- Kelly told my daughter he wants to Ponder some before he puts all his Chips out. Cassie where are you? You know I’m not good with people.

            2. You do realize ponder was not a painter…he was painting his own place. God this story is so stupid. If he had been mowing his grass theyd call him a landscaper. Ponder was a 1st round pick who has been paid millions, his wife is an espn personality for college gameday. Warner was a arena guy bagging grocies as his only means of income. Two completely different stories.

    3. I doubt it. I think he wants no less than two good enough QBs, since so very often his quarterbacks end up getting injured. In any case, a quarterback needs to be a quick thinker in Kelly’s offense. He needs to make quick decisions, including the decision to switch from the first receiver option to the 2nd, then the 3rd, then 4th, then back to the first option. Gabbert is good at progressions, plus great athleticism and ability to elude pass rushers. The same goes for Ponder: good at progressions, plus speedy elusiveness. Kaepernick is only good at running away. On pass plays, he stares at his 1st option until the pass rush begins encircling him, then he runs.

      1. He can’t play, he wasn’t coming back regardless.

        Shold have never been here in the first place to have an opportunity to come back.

        He sucks.

        Can’t play.

        End of story.

  7. Roster comments
    As I look at this group I think I see a group that hopes to play D and stay close. Maybe they can run the ball and play keep away, hope so. It looks like they’ll hope they can win with 20 ppg. A dicey proposition.

    1. They got 15 points a game last year and that was with Bolden.

      None of the recievers are anywhere near as good as him and the injury prone running backs are the same.

      It sure where you find 20 points per game at here.

        1. I loved getting rid of them but I don’t think this offense is improved.

          That’s why they play the games though.

          With no wide receivers and injury prone running backs I don’t see this rough schedule as helping out the offense.

            1. I understood that part.

              I am just wondering where you found 20 points per game with other teams castoffs at Wide Receiver, 3 terrible Quarterbacks, and 3 running backs who cannot stay healthy and hold on to the ball.

              Thas all I was saying.

              We shall see though.

              If you are correct I will say say but I have a hard time seeing this offense as better.

              The offensive line is better by far but overall the offense isnt.

              That’s why they play the games though.

              We will see these first 5 weeks.

              I see Carlos Hyde out by week 3 and Gabbert on the bench.

              1. “The offensive line is better by far but overall the offense isnt.”

                The only differences on offense other than the OL from last year is Bolden is gone, and they have a competent offensive coach. Are you saying that Bolden is more important than putting together an OL that “is better by far” and having a decent offensive coach?

              2. Scooter, it won’t let me reply after you so I have to reply before you.

                What I am saying is you need a great offensI’ve line and Defensive line to allow you Skill position players to do well.

                If you don’t have any skill position players then having a line won’t help you.

                You don’t have to believe me.

                The Dallas Cowboys were widely regarded as having the best offensive line in the league correct?

                If I am not mistaken (I’m not) they picked higher in the draft than the 49ers did because they were lacking at the skill position after Tony Romo went down.

                Like I said if I am wrong I will say I’m wrong but this 5th string starting offensive skill players we have is not scoring 20 points per game.

                That’s a dream.

                What we have on out hands is a nightmare.

          1. I hear you on injury-prone running backs, with Davis the lone exception. But, we just signed two season veteran wide receivers in Kersey and Streater. Kelly’s offense can make any receiver look good.

  8. They will keep 3 QB’s. This is now a Chip Kelly team which will focus on the QB as the focal point. It may take him a bit to get it where he wants it, but Baalke is definitely listening to Chip.

  9. Remember that Eddie D fired 2 coaches and a GM one right after the other before he found Bill Walsh. York needs to jettison Baalke now to clear away the storm cloud he has become to the fan base. If you can’t draft well, you simply can’t win. Baalke has not drafted well.

    1. Amen, you better preach up in here!

      Until the 49ers draft well nothing else matters.

      No free Agents will want to come.

      The players you have that are marginal will look like bad players because they don’t have a supporting cast.

      Your coaching that’s not the great (Chip Kelly) will look worse than what it is.

      Nothing else matters until the 49ers draft well.

      Period point blank!

      1. 1. OL is in good shape
        2. DL looks that way too
        3. Rashard Robinson will be a top-5 corner by 2018
        4. Chip Kelly is a great coach
        5. Baalke’s view of successful football is an affront to the Walsh #49ers, he can’t relate to people, and he’s a horrific drafter of offense.

        1. JC – I told Seb I would wear the clown avatar for him because of his “bet” with prime. I constantly get criticized for my observations of Baalke, but my feelings are based on my conviction that the 49ers cannot regain their playoff glory until he is gone. Baalke is the second coming of Joe Thomas. If we fans have any impact on the team at all, continuing to be divided on him will just keep him around longer. Only when the fans send a clear message to Jed will he do what has to be done so the team can move forward.

          1. WC, sounds like you are taking one for the team. I still will wear the clown avatar because a bet is a bet, but thank you for being such a good sport.

            However, I did not lose to Prime at all.

              1. Seb – The only thing I know is that I am not up to it and either is Baalke. I was once at a Little League game where my son was playing and there was a controversial call so I yelled out what the call should be. The umpires conversed and made the right call. So another fan says to me: “Hey you said different”. My reply was: “I’m a fan not an ump. I made the call in our favor.” It’s not for me to put a good team on the field. But I do know a good one when I see it. I see a defense that has ranged from excellent to pathetic during the Baalke years and an offense that is just good enough to run out the clock and be close enough to win…sometimes – and the running out the clock option is now gone. But the excellent defense was because of a lot of things that are gone: Cowboy, P. Willis, the real Bowman, Aldon, etc., and of course Vic Fangio. Look at the players we lost and one by one the players we have now and tell me it’s not a wing and a prayer. (P. Willis is Michael Wilhoite now) On offense, we lost Kaep and now we have Gabbert, a guy who looks like Kaep but isn’t, and Ponder. Hyde replaced Gore but we’re still waiting for his potential. Hey, I’m getting too pessimistic even for me. I’m old and grouchy and worried that I might not live long enough to see 49er offenses like the past and until Mooch was fired. The forest looks sick to me. You guys can keep looking at the trees but I’m too old.

              2. WC, oh how I long for the Glory Years.

                Bill Walsh spoiled us. They expected to win because they acted like Champions.

                Now with Baalke, we expect futility. He is a classic case of the Peter Principle when one gets promoted to his level of incompetence. Baalke started out as a scout, and seems to think like a scout. He focuses on a single player, and does not see the whole picture.

                Can Baalke turn it around? With Gamble helping, I think they can. Baalke has been slapped down, and I am glad he is not trying to micromanage the team like last year. He could push around Tomsula, and meddle with the coaching, but Chip is a whole ‘nother story.

                With Chip, they have a chance. He took a floundering Oregon program that was the doormat of the Pac 10, and turned it into a national contender. He took a 4-12 Eagles squad, and got them into the playoffs the next season.

                With the 49ers, he inherited a team that could barely function on the field.The offensive incompetence was so poor, I could hardly watch. With Chip, he can turn things around.

                The good news is that it will not be hard to do. The Niners do have talent, but were unprepared, unfocused and shot themselves in the foot too many times. Chip, hopefully will fix those things, and make the Niners relevant again.

                I agree, the FO is a mess, and Jed needs to grow up, but I do like this team. Flats will get the O line to play cohesively, and Azzinaro has the D line looking stout. I do worry about Modkins and O’Neil, but with Chip leading them, he may hide their weaknesses.

                Take heart, the Niners will hopefully emerge from the cellar, and if the planets align, they may even sniff the playoffs.

  10. Scooter, is this coaches speech?

    “I think you need to have three [quarterbacks] in this league with the injury rate of quarterbacks,” Kelly said. “I have never been comfortable with keeping two. I think you need to have three, and I think Christian’s performance, coming in on a short week against Denver and how he played there and the performance of how he played last Thursday night against San Diego, gave him the opportunity to earn the No. 3 spot.”

    1. That’s been thecase for a long time. Having 3 QBs used to be the norm. But the 3rd QB is usually a developmental guy, as I outlined previously.

      The 49ers have gone with 3 vets with a fair amount of NFL starting experience. Its very unusual. Even Kelly has never done it before. If your offense puts the QB in such a position they are at such a high risk of injury you are required to keep 3 veteran QBs, it is time to change your offense.

        1. He goes through them from season to season. During the season he has typically only used 2 QBs.

          Keeping 3 vet QBs is a sign he doesn’t like any of the QBs he has. Not that he is worried about losing 2 too injury.

          1. I think you need to have three [quarterbacks] in this league with the injury rate of quarterbacks. Driskel wasn’t developing so instead of having a developmental guy he has a vet. It may be unusual, but I fail to see how it is a sign that he doesn’t like any of them. In fact, I don’t see it as a bad thing at all. Matter of fact, seems like an advantage. Perhaps as you noted, an advantage he hasn’t had before….

            1. Florida Driskel emerged under the bright lights. That is why he lasted after 13 other QBs until the 6th round.

              If they want to put a QB on the PS, I hope they get Hogan.

            2. If that is how you want to see it, sure.

              I see it as a sign he doesn’t have a lot of faith in his QBs because in 3 years in the NFL his 3rd QB has only ever had to play 2 games. That’s close to a 4% chance of playing. You can probably get by with a developmental guy in that spot.

              There is probably more chance of Ponder playing due to poor performance of the guys ahead of him than due to injury. Which is why I think its a sign he doesn’t have much faith in any of them.

              1. Barkley? He had 2 games of experience in relief duty. Very different to having 3 QBs all of which have started seasons as the starting QB and made over 2 seasons worth of starts in the NFL.

              2. Speaking of unique, I wonder if it is the first time a team has had three QBs on the 53 man roster all drafted within the first 36 picks of the same draft?

              3. What if Chip is holding on to Ponder because he simply has no idea which version of Kap he has. We already know that Chip knows what he has in Gabbert. The unknown is CK. Ponder came in off the street and looked far better than CK did. The level of competition wasn’t exactly the same but certainly near enough that he could think, if CK is the 2014-2015 version, then he needs a solid QB he can count on as his #2. Driskel did not show he was ready for this and his performance made it possible to get him through waivers.

              4. East – I think you are correct. As always one cannot take what the 49ers say to be the truth. There is more than meets the eye.

            3. East – I think you are correct. As always one cannot take what the 49ers say to be the truth. There is more than meets the eye.

      1. Scooter – We now see the law of unintended consequences in play. It came down to Ponder or Driskell and Baalke made his choice. I think that Driskell had potential and should have been the No. 3 as a developmental guy like you say. Ponder would have been free to paint his house and sign later if needed. You are also right about time to change our offense.

  11. I am very disappointed that Marcus Rush got released. Part of me hopes he will clear waivers and he can spend a 2nd season on the practice squad, while part of me would like to see him get picked up by a team who will use him. I still believe that he can fill the role of situational pass rusher and get 5 to 8 sacks.I wonder if the Pats are looking for a pass rusher he could get 10 sacks with a team like that.

    1. I agree with you.

      I would have rather seen Marcus Rush on the roster than Marcus Martin.

      I know the majority of his sacks came against guys who will not be playing on Sundays but that should count for something regardless.

  12. Atrocious decision on Marcus Rush , on a team with no pass rush they should have damn well found a spot for this kid because he gets to the QB? Could have cut several other players to keep him , he’s not clearing waivers !

    1. I haven’t watched the All22, but in real time tv I looked for and didn’t quite see M.Martin stink it up like I expected. He faced the 2s to be sure, but it seemed like he generally held his own. There’s a chance they can sneak Balducci to the PS, and later this year or next year he can displace Martin on the 53. Or, if Beasley can get more practice work at OC, then maybe they could move on.

  13. So after looking at balkees failures at the wr position, he drafts like he has a tom brady like qb, who can actually win with scrubbs. His problem is he doesn’t and hes to hard headed to go get that proven number 1 in the draft or spend big in free agency on 1. I still like the way hes rebuilt our old defense. Even though it was at the expense of good offensive skill positions. Bur you have to start somewhere. And i agree with the build defense 1st mentality. But while doing that, you need to hit on late round offensive picks and free agency. We have not hit on free agency since 2011.

  14. I’m okay with Baalke as long as Gamble is around. The fact we are cutting picks shows he’s listening to Chip. He was able to make a good deal for a WR Kelly wanted. First year with Harbs he listened to his head coach too.
    Besides if the GM is fired remember Jed will hire the next one too & he is no Eddie D.

  15. Lane Kiffen called me to see if he could speak to Chip for some pointers. I immediately thought, what would Seb do? So I got out my copy of Sun Tzu and said WTF? Anyway Alabama 38. USC. 3. You guys still think I don’t know offense?

    1. Baalke would never get on this blog in a million years, and you are not mean and vindictive enough to impersonate TB.

      I suggest you get another name, and please do not turn into Jed.

      1. Seb – I told you I would wear the clown avatar for you. Razor showed me how to do it. I think the board needs a little (al lot?) more humor given how things are going. I am dedicated to protest the lack of humor in the world and during the national anthem I am going to sit down in my living room drinking my Mexican beer until everyone starts laughing more. (I don’t have the luxury of getting Pliny growlers in Arizona) Right now I miss Cassie. Where is she?

        1. WC, I salute you. When I pour out a frothy Pliny into an ice cold glass, I will tip my cap to you.

          You are so right. This site needs less combustion and more levity.

          Kaep thinks we need more justice, and I agree with him, too.

  16. My assessment of the past few hours.

    A lot of you are eating crow. Even if Kaep is not starting, Chip is smart and innovative enough to get him into games. Sun Tzu said that if ones wastes a potential weapon that will help them win, it is the fault of the commander.

    Final cuts are gut wrenching and not for the faint of heart. Careers and even lives are being affected, both positively and negatively.

    Since this roster does not have Devey or Pears, it is 100% improved.

    Glad to see Baalke is so active. Maybe Gamble is helping.

    I think the coaching staff is 100% improved, so the offensive malaise will be cured.All they need to do is be bold and unpredictable, and they will score points. Chip is the key.

    I am generally happy with this roster, would liked to have kept more players, but realize that there just is not enough room.

    Hope they poach a couple players from playoff teams that they will play this year. Keep trading because that will show to me that they are trying to win. make trades that are win- win propositions.

    I hope Kaep will accept his role, and be a good team player. I hope he works hard with Gabbert and supports him in any way. Kaep should realize that he is one play from starting, so he should think ahead and prepare for all contingencies. I hope Gabbert does well, because that would mean that the Niners are winning.

    GO NINERS !!!!!! SIX !!!!!!

    1. You have to remember that Baalke has always been active this time of year. He has traded for picks players who would not make the team or were expendable. I doubt that Gamble’s presence is much of a change here. Where it may be of help is in player evaluation so we don’t get a Pears but a Streater.

      1. You have to remember that Baalke, even with 49 mil in cap space, signed Beadles, a sub, and Jordan freakin Devey.

        Balke could easily have outbid Oakland for Sean Smith, then he would not have had to draft an ACL Redmond or a red flagged Robinson.

        Players drafted just after Redmond include Yannick Ngakoue DE, Darian Thompson S, Jonathan Bullard DT, and Shilique Calhoun. Players chosen after Robinson include Kenneth Dixon RB, Dak Prescott QB and Devontae Booker RB.
        Dixon allowed Forsett to be cut, Prescott is playing lights out, and Booker made Hillman expendable.All of those players have a shot to start on their teams.

        I know, I know, hindsight is 100%, but looking back at the draft, Niners could have done better.

        Gamble came in, and AD came back. Now there is a flurry of activity. Amazing coincidence? Maybe. At least Baalke is not sitting on his hands.


        1. i know you like the Gamble/AD trope, but if AD was coming back it was already in the works and AD admitted it was his posturing. I am no Baalke fan but if you give credit to his subordinate for bringing in players then you have to revise some other drafts too. Can’t just cherry pick what you want.

        2. Personally I’m still pissed we took Garnett over Myles Jack. He will be the defensive rookie of the year in my opinion. And it would have immediately settled the issue of who to start next to Bo.

        3. SEB

          I have asked that you stop the regurgitation on Devey and Pears….I agree with you about Pears, but accepting because he was the best alternative at both RG and RT. Your beef seems to be about Jordan Devey…who played for the 49ers for 1 1/2 seasons, with a years playing experience playing for a HC with less experience. He did not have good coaching with either NE nor us…so did not perform well and was cut…and picked up by KC. Now, I have mentioned that I do think that you have occasionally made some ‘good’ football statements and shown some understanding of the game….John Schneider (IMHO) knows a hell of a lot more about it than you do ….After all, he is the GM of the KC Chiefs who picked up Devey when we dropped him. In checking the KC roster this morning, I see that Jordan Devey is the #2 RG for them. That you continue to blame him for Kaep’s miseries, sort of pi$$e$ me off….HE’S GONE, and now he is someone elses problem or savior whichever the case…so how about giving him a hall pass and let him live his life…whaddya’ say?

          1. Ore, Boone should have been designated the starting RT because he was the second best O lineman. Staley, at LT was the best.

            I blame Baalke and his micromanaging of the roster, and meddling with the coaching. especially since we all knew Baalke was so cheap and did not want to pay Boone RT money.

            Devey is where he belongs; on the bench and not playing. I am jumping for joy that he is not on this team anymore, but do not expect me to wish him luck. Devey is a QB killer, and I like AS too much to want Devey to try (and fail) to protect him.

            1. Seb

              To my knowledge, Boone never played at RT, so we really don’t know that he could…so it was Baalke who rode herd on both Harbaugh and Tomsula, and both their OLine coaches to NOT play Boone at RT…? You have no proof about Baalke and “his micromanagement of the roster, and meddling with the coaching especially since we all knew Baalke was so cheap and did not want to pay Boone RT money.”
              Your statement seems to treat Baalke as though HE was writing out Boone’s paychecks…NO, that is Jed’s job.

              I have never cared to see someone critiqued so brutally as you bashed Devey….you’re probably the main reason that I champion him. I took the time to research him and found some answers that I liked, and so I willcheer him as long as he protects my favorite NFL QB…

              1. At Ohio State, I think Boone played RT at times. He also replaced Staley when he went down for a bit, so he knows the tackle position.

                Boone said, ‘I just play where they put me’, so he wanted to play RT because he would get RT pay.

                If you do not think Baalke is cheap, look at the salary cap.

              2. To be fair…
                Boone played at T a few times when players were injured and by most accounts played well.

                Oregon does have a point regarding Baalke, I can’t see any way he railroads all the coaches and tells them who plays where. He controls the roster as he always has but does not determine the starters. I think many fans are giving him far to much power.

              3. Shoup, I am talking about last year. Tomsula, with no coordinator and minuscule HC experience, let Baalke run roughshod over him.

                This year, there is a new sheriff in town. Chip is nobodies patsy, and seems pretty commanding.

                If Oregon wants to champion Devey, he is welcome to do it. I will just challenge his football acumen, but since he thought Kaep should be cut and no longer a Niner, I already thought that.

                Those Pats fans labeled Devey a QB killer. I am just echoing their sentiments.

              4. Seb, I wasn’t referring to previous regimes.
                I don’t believe any coaching staff would relinquish authority of who starts to the gm, as ultimately their neck is on the line if it doesnt work out. Additionally it would indicate that not only was Tomsula complicit but so were other coaches such as Chris Foerster, Geep Chryst, Tony Sporano and Tom Rathman. Coaches by nature are alpha personality’s and not likely to stay silent if someone tries to force something on them, especially after they are fired. Can you see Rathman staying silent in this situation, because I can’t?

                Furthermore, you once speculated that Tomsula threatened to quit over Paraage leaking info… If you were correct, can you really imagine that the same coach who is willing to quit over someone leaking info, would then allow someone else to tell him who to start?

                Personally, I believe the coaches thought that they had a very weak offensive line ( no stretch there), and because of this decided to put their two best blockers on the blind side, in an attempt to help the qb. The thought process being if we can protect his blind side he can at least see the rush coming and react accordingly. Unfortunately, the plan fell apart when Kilgore was hurt as this allowed the rush to come from right up the gut as well as from the right side. The problem was once this became apparent they were to slow to react.

              5. Shoup, we will just have to agree to disagree. Baalke did act like an 400 pound gorilla. The whole RB fiasco with Hayne exemplifies my perspective. Instead of Hayne, Baalke signed cut couch potatoes and kept Hayne on the bench because he controlled the roster. That essentially made the coaches play Draughn and Harris, even though they had less than a week to learn the playbook, while Hayne had been on the team even before the OTAs.

              6. And through it all Rathman, a competent coach and a strong personality, stayed silent and didn’t even look for employment elsewhere, instead he was happy to stay in an organization that allows the GM to call the shots?

              7. Rathman has survived the Singletary purge. He survived the JH purge and now finally the JT purge.

                Why? because he is a former Super Bowl winning 49er who is damn good at his job.

                Rathman will survive the Baalke exodus, too.

              8. Rathman surviving his job has nothing to do with it.
                You’re essentially saying he is spineless enough to be railroaded by someone that knows less than him. You are also saying that not one but all the coaches let go, for some reason kept silent about it afterwards. That just doesn’t jive with what I know of Rathman or human personality’s in general.

              9. No, I am not implying that Rathman was spineless and let himself be pushed around by others.

                Rathman is bulletproof because he has rings, and is a damn good coach, and is nobody’s fool.

                Also, it is generally thought that one should put the 2 best O line men at the tackle positions. We all saw what happened when they did not employ that strategy last year.

  17. Cutting Rush ( I hope Seattle picks him up and he’ll sack our QB 6 times for good measure), cutting Kelvin Taylor (with TWO injured RB’s) even Dres Anderson leaves us with a sorry team.
    Who’s in charge?

    1. If Rush went to another team the Niners play, I hope the Niners run right at him. Harris, with his return skills, is more important than Taylor. Streater is an upgrade from Anderson.

      1. sebnynah September 3, 2016 at 8:21 pm
        If Rush went to another team the Niners play, I hope the Niners run right at him. Harris, with his return skills, is more important than Taylor. Streater is an upgrade from Anderson.

        So know Baalke made some good decisions huh?
        When it comes to kaep it’s baalkes fault for everything he doesn’t do well. You’re something else.

        1. MD, I did give praise to Baalke for making trades so the Niners get something instead of losing players for nothing.

          However, I have also ripped him for trading a player to the Niner’s nemesis. Now the Niners will have to face former Niners twice a year, and I bet they are being debriefed as we speak.

          So, yes, it is Baalke’s fault for all of the terrible things he has done, since he is the GM and is supposedly in charge of personnel, but he does do things right every so often.

          When it comes to Kaep, Baalke wanted him long gone, so by some miracle, he is still on the team. For that, I give total credit to Chip.

          1. And when princess kap gets injured from a used water cup on the sidelines it will be costing this team 15 million next season. Way to go Chip!

    2. Latest USA today polls says the following are in charge – Tome Gamble 20%, Trent Baalke 20%, Mommy and Daddy York 20%, Paraag Marathe 20%, Joan in Payroll 19%, Little Jed 1%.

      I think its the Yorks in some variation.

      I agree, this is risky. If the gamble pays off, Taylor will be on the PS, ready to step in if needed.

  18. Grant, thanks for the roster breakdown.

    – Yup. QB isn’t set in stone. Kelly’s said QB (and all starters) must maintain a high level of play to retain starters

    – Kelly burns through NFL QBs faster than Spinal Tap burns through drummers. I see all three getting snaps.

    – Baalke ran the last seven drafts, and was McCloughan’s Director of Player Personnel for another two drafts. Why the arbitrary “last five drafts?” What’s the league wide five year average for roster turnover?

    – Do any other teams have more (non-tradable) late round comp picks in the last five drafts than the 49ers? Those have to drop a the stick rate. (they can be traded starting next season)

    – If Taylor gets snagged during 24 hr waivers, we are dangerously thin at RB. We’ve literally ran out the last two seasons. Hyde seems to be made of glass.

    1. “Kelly burns through NFL QBs faster than Spinal Tap burns through drummers. I see all three getting snaps.”

      Why? Kelly has a history of using 2 QBs in a season. Only in his first year did he use a 3rd QB, when Matt Barkley saw some action in 2 games.

      If the 49ers use 3 QBs this season it is more likely to be due to poor QB play than due to injury.

  19. Grant’s “interpretations” always amusing.

    I thought he said before that Driskell would start by the end of the season and be 2017 starter, but he could not even beat a QB that was at home unemployed.

    Maybe Grant should by some reading glasses because he is not reading the signs so well.

  20. Group by group analysis of the roster compared to last year:

    O Line: Not even close. vastly improved.
    Tight Ends: Vernon Davis was a wasted roster spot for about half the year in 2015. Vance Mcdonald seems to have turned the corner. Much improved.
    WR. Weakest group on team but not much worse than lasbt year. Boldin was pretty much on his last legs in 2015. Slightly improved.
    RB: Let’s face it, last year was a disaster. Reggie Bush was a total failure. Carlos Hyde could not stay on the field, and Davis was too raw to contribute. Improved.
    QB. Kap was injured last year. He is healthy now. Gabbert is the same, but we now have another veteran in Ponder who has shown flashes. Improved.
    D Line. out of this world improved. Not even close.
    Cornerbacks. Much improved.
    Linebackers: Assuming Bowman is back to his old self, much improved.
    Coaching staff: Not even close. huge improvement over Tomsula, Chryst, and Mangini.

    So I see improvement of varying degrees in just about every area of the team. The team won five games last year, I can see 10 or 11 wins and a wild card spot this year. Remember when Harbaugh came in 2012, none of the self proclaimed experts gave us a chance of a playoff spot. Harbaugh proved them all wrong. I have a feeling Chip will prove a lot of talking heads wrong this year.

    Go Niners.

    1. I hear you. Lots of improvement. But the schedule is sadistic. Not just who the 49ers play, but the nonsensical travel dates+times.

      The first two games for example: 7:30 Monday night game. Fly 3,000 miles to play Carolina at 10am the following Sunday. To make it even more fun, Carolina will be on 10+ days rest.

      And to make me feel better about the NFLs regard for the 49ers, it’s the 2nd year in a row they’ve done this.

      1. BTW, I think the Carolina game will not be too hard on them because it is happening so soon in the season, If that had happened on the 10th game, they might be worn down by then.

        1. Its identical to the start of last season. Both years is was

          – A 7:30pm Monday night opener vs the Vikings.

          – Then flying back east for a 10am game

          – vs a team in their home opener with a jacked up crowd

          – vs a team with ten days rest

          The wheels fell off in Pittsburgh last year.

          This show how poorly regarded the 49ers (and the west coast) is within the NFL power structure. The league (well aware of the 49ers insane schedule), clearly chose eastern TV revenue over fair competition.

          It was bad enough when teams had to travel after 6pm Monday nighters.

            1. Did you read Open Field (John Brodie’s autobiography)?. There is an interesting part about when Red Hickey first brought the shotgun into prominent use. First game, the 49ers literally destroy Detroit (who was good then) at their house 49-0. Next week 35-0 against the Rams. Third week they beat a good Vikings team 38-24. Brodie went from skeptic to sold after scoring 122 points in three weeks. Next week the Bears win 31-0. Brodie says: “we were overconfident, had a false sense of power- but that was the beginning of the end for the shotgun”. The shotgun has endured however. That’s because it was not used to simply fool other NFL teams. I hope Chip succeeds, but how much of what he is doing is trying to fool the NFL and how much is competitive football? I need more evidence before I am willing to make that call. Like I said, I hope Chip succeeds. Innovation is good for the game. But realistically, we are stuck with the Chip experiment, like it or not, because no other HC wanted to be part of our mess.

              1. One more Chip thing, I have a real problem with an NFL head coach that calls the plays. I believe that Sun Tzu has something on leaders who are too preoccupied to lead. :>)

              2. WC

                (to your below post)

                What do you think we had with Harbaugh…constantly changing Roman’s play calls ?

            2. Oregon – I know you’re a Chip fan and I really am too. I’d like to see him use his talent for innovation and get ahead of everyone else and stay ahead. I don’t want to see him put in a position where he has to do too much too soon. Like anyone else, I can’t predict the future. But on my Christmas list is this: Baalke gets sent to Siberia and Gamble and Kelley combine for some fine music. As far as Harbaugh’s changing plays, two wrongs don’t make a right.

    2. Rick,

      It’s possible that things will play out the way you suggest, but I do think each of your position breakdowns is on the positive end of the spectrum of outcomes for each. The odds of them all playing out in so favorable a way is pretty low, but hey, who knows.

  21. Grant

    Did you not say smelter was going to IR?

    To go on IR would he not have to go thru the waived/injured process?

    former fourth-round pick DeAndre Smelter, who had a torn ACL when Baalke drafted him just last year. The Niners gave up on him already. What an awful pick.

    1. Having him waived/ injured means the 49ers can re-sign him to either the 53 or PS this season, after the period of his injury + 3 weeks. If they want to. Rather than IR where he would be done for the year.

      1. Up until the first cutdown date, injured players with less than four years of service cannot go onto IR until they pass through waivers. Those players are released with the “waived/injured” designation. Known as “injury waivers,” this process exposes the player to waivers, but warns other teams that the player is injured. If the player clears injury waivers, the team can then either place the player on IR or agree to an injury settlement (paying the player for the weeks that he is expected to be recovering from his injury) and then release the player.

        So to go on IR did he not have to be waived?

        1. No, I don’t believe so. He could have been placed straight on season ending IR, just as Rogers and Ellington were earlier in the week. You can do that with young players once the first round of roster cuts happen.

  22. Baalke is terrible. Rush, Skov, Taylor, Smith, and trading McCray to Seattle, really Seattle! On a positive note, Patton is poised for a breakout season. Assuming he doesn’t have to play with three different QBs.

        1. Rush is not better than Brooks, Harold or Carradine.

          Skov is not better than Bowman, Armstrong, Hodges or Wilhoite and does not have the special teams value that Bellore brings.

          Taylor is not better than Hyde, Draughn, Davis, and or Harris who was also cut.

          Smith was not better than any of the linemen they cut on D.

          You’re putting way too much stock in guys doing well against non-NFL level talent. We see this every year. Your frustration kinda reminds me of the young pup who is writing about the 49ers over at KNBR now.

          1. Bingo. The outcry about losing these fringe players is crazy. They were playing with and against 3rd stringers for a reason.

            1. Jack Hammer

              I must express at least minimal disagreement…Smith was head and shoulders above Dorsey who is old, ineffective, and always injured…He couldn’t even out shine Ricky Jon Francois in the same Dline at LSU. The only time he’s in position to tackle is when he missed the play call…I don’t believe that he’ll ever play for the niners again…Smith gobbles up space, and allows our LB’s to do their work. Balducci showed more as a rookie in TC and preseason than Marcus Martin has since High School…and Alex (a college DLineman) was playing on the Oline (C).
              Rush and Brooks (an old favorite) are just about ‘a wash’ as far as pass rushing except that Brooks has a giant pay increase coming up, he’s too long in the tooth, and Rush NOW has a better motor and could and (IMHO) will develop into bigger and better…and for you York fans…cheaper….

            1. This was a tough decision for us but Wilhoite has some incriminating pictures of Jed from when he was at Notre Dame and…we tried to keep it quiet but I thought you should know. Actually Cassie said she was going to spill the beans but I wanted to show her up.

          2. Agree with you about everything you said except for Skov; I think he IS better than Wilhoite.
            Skov has a great attitude, more passion, play after play.
            I think he’s only going to get better, and I hope we get him back.

        1. I know Kelly doesn’t mind going with 3 RBs, but I was thinking a RB might be added too. Forsett is a good ZBS running back…

            1. He’s younger, but if Forsett is healthy I think he is better. Just look at their career averages. Forsett 4.9ypc, Hillman 4.1ypc.

              Wonder if Forsett will get picked up by Kubiak though…

        2. You don’t think they’re done with WR yet…lol

          Why would anyone in their right mind think that they were? It’s a nightmare, Jack!

          1. I’m not too down on this WR group, at least not as much as I would have been with white, smelter, and dress on the 53. They have experience and youth, solid trades.

              1. You address me just like him. If you start Cand P, it will give you away.

                Drop the Baalke name. You cannot act like he is you.

              2. Enough is enough. Cassie is better at humor. A picture of TB seemed appropriate given the “clown” theme but more realistically a picture of an elephant in the room would be better. Like I said, the second coming of Joe Thomas. I don’t think Jed could have picked a worse person to continue the 49er legacy. From the Morabito days through Eddie D, the 49ers have never been about the bottom line $ until the Yorks came along. At some point Jed will realize the intangibles that are necessary to have a true championship franchise. Baalke’s departure cannot come too soon for me. As always, time to change the subject.

            1. If you followed my posts,you would see that the theme was for all to show a sense of humor through all this. We’re all just trying to get through the day Tom. Chill out.

  23. If they put Dorsey, Redmond and Theus (shoulder) on an injury list, which 3 players would they bring back?

    I am thinking Garrison Smith for Dorsey, with White and Harris back for returner duties.

    1. I doubt Dorsey or Theus will go on any injured lists. Dorsey would have gone on PUP at the start of TC if he was far away from being ready. And he’s been reported as doing individual drills in pads in recent practices. If they put him on IR, he misses most of the year. I haven’t heard anything to suggest Theus’s injury is long term either.

      Redmond I think will go on IR. I realise he is further along than Dorsey, but he’s the #7 CB, so they can afford ot put him on IR and let his knee keep healing. No need to rush him. If they need him later in the year they can activate him. If not, keep him on IR for the year.

      1. Dorsey has not played a snap, and Theus supposedly played all year with a bum shoulder. Both are not critically needed and would do better to heal fully.

        Baalke promised Redmond would be ready, but he is a shell of his former self. No burst.

        Hopefully, they can bring back Dorsey in the middle of the year, or if a DB goes down, Redmond.

  24. Grant, a couple observations about your comment on Balke’s draft record:
    1. Going back to 2011 is a stretch. Compare most other teams and their 2011 picks likely are gone too. What is the average length of an NFL career, maybe 3 years?

    2. Each draft typically yields maybe 1/3 productive players, and production can be in terms of starters or useful backups. Occasionally you get 1 to 2 players that are Pro Bowl or HOF, but not every year.

    3. 2013-2016, 49ers have the most picks, the most picks remaining on the team and the most “projected” starters in the NFL

    1. I saw on PFT that the Colts have 10 guys on their 53 from all the drafts since 2012, and 7 are from this year’s draft class. Now Grigson is hardly the standard of excellence, but the turnover rate in the league is pretty high.

      1. IND has 1 guy out of 7 from their 2013 class remaining (Hugh Thornton) and he is on IR. They have 2 out of 5 remaining from their 2014 class and have done relatively better with cutting only 3 of 16 from their 2015 and 2016 classes.

        DEN 2013 class is only 2 of 7 remaining. SEA is the worst in the NFL since 2013 with retaining only 9 of their 28 draft picks from 2013-2015.

        1. Nonsense once again. The Niners aren’t pretending to be talent deficient, they are talent deficient. They are striving for mediocrity, and if they can show improvement the Faithful will ride with them. There was never any way in Hell that Kelly was going to be able to turn the roster around in one offseason.

              1. There’s no one listed worth getting up in arms over. Treggs is receiver who could keep a spot on our team. Smith, a nose tackle on defense that lets running backs run wild on it. Driskell well he was a project but now has to get written up as a wasted draft pick.

              2. Shoup, are you intimating that the teams that added 4 Niners castoffs to their 53 roster might have worse personnel than the Niners? I mean if these guys were such terrible talents….

              3. I’m stating there is no reason to get worked up over losing guys that ultimately would never see the field on a bad team. This is not like 4 years ago when guys we cut would be starters on other teams.

  25. Waiver claims are over. In less than an hour teams can start building 10-player practice squads. NN’s list of eligible practice squad players.


    OL Alex Balducci
    WR Devon Cajuste
    DL Demetrius Cherry
    OL Fahn Cooper
    QB Jeff Driskel
    CB Prince Charles Iworah
    OL Norman Price
    RB Kelvin Taylor
    WR Bryce Treggs

    1st year

    DT BJ McBryde
    OLB Marcus Rush
    WR DeAndre Smelter
    DT Garrison Smith

    2nd year

    WR Dres Anderson
    TE Je’Ron Hamm
    OT Colin Kelly
    ILB Shayne Skov
    WR DeAndrew White

    Anyone have a practice squad wish list?

    1. Taylor, Rush, Driskel, Smith, Smelter, Skov, White, Cooper, Balducci

      – This is a wish list, not a prediction.
      – I’m tempted to leave a slot open for flexibility
      – I prefer Anderson over Balducci, but even practice squads need position balance. Along with being a player reserve, they still need to function as practice squads.
      – I’m unfairly biases towards this year’s draft class. Guilty as charged.
      – Taylor and Rush provide much needed depth and thin positions.
      – Have not given up on Smelter. Injury-Waiving him (rather than stashing for another season on IR) could be a sign he might play this season.

      1. WR DeAndre Smelter was not claimed, so he reverts to #49ers injured reserve list. – Maiocco

        OLB Marcus Rush, who led NFL in preseason sacks (6), was not claimed. He is free to sign with any practice squad. – Maiocco

        1. Bryce Treggs was set to sign with 49ers practice squad, but his contract was unexpectedly claimed by Eagles. A pleasant surprise for him. – Maiocco

        2. It appears all NFL teams saw the same this coaching staff did. Rush did not do enough to warrant a 53 spot.
          The loss of driskel does not really bother me. He was VERY raw. SF needs a QB who is further along.

        1. Purcell is quick, Smith ate double teams. I was really hoping for Smith. Better hope Dorsey’s coming along nicely.

        2. Purcell was better against the 3s in lreseason last year than Smith was against the 3s this year.

          Purcell was playing against the 1s this year. Comparing what Smith did to what Purcell did is not comparing apples to apples.

    1. I think it works like this… to “claim” a player, he has to go to the new team’s 53.

      If a player clears waivers unclaimed, I think a new team can offer more $ to go on their PS.

  26. Garrison Smith claimed by the Seahawks to go along with McCray (two players we should have kept)… As much as I hate that team they know what they’re doing (take a hint Baalke!).

    1. Oh, they have a great track record taking bottom of roster players from the Niners.

      Kentwan Balmer, BJ Daniels and Nick Moody were GREAT pickups.

    1. On Rotoworld:

      Bengals claimed QB Jeff Driskel off waivers from the 49ers.
      The 49ers are likely crushed. They spent a good deal of time talking Driskel up, and certainly wanted to develop him on the practice squad. For now, he’ll be the Bengals’ No. 3 quarterback before likely being stashed on the practice squad in Cincy.

              1. What? The Bengals cut a guy they drafted in the 3rd round just last year and the Vikings cut guys they drafted in the 4th and 6th this year? Those GM’s must be trash.

              2. LOL Jack. No no, its only when Baalke picks don’t work out that it matters. Other GMs are allowed to have picks not work out.

              3. Gotta love the all or nothing on Twiiter and blogs. Just because you say someone doesn’t completely stink your labeled a #baalkefan, LOL.

              4. Also very true, Jack.

                This thread aside, it constantly amazes me how if you don’t completely agree with something someone says, it means you must think the exact opposite.

              5. No worries Grant.

                If I have it right your take is that Baalke will be fired if the team is miserable this year.

                My take isn’t much different really.

                If they can’t get to .500 or better this season let him go. His picks and additions didn’t look bad when he had Harbaugh, but last year with Tomsula it was lousy all the way around. Now he is working with what I feel is another good coach who can get the most out of the players.

                Good or bad, this roster is all Baalke’s now.

                Hope that makes sense.

  27. All this nonsense about Kaep and now they exposed and lost their loan recent QB draftpick to Hue Jackson. On top of that we lost 2 players to Seattle that will impact their roster. John Schnider kicks our ass again!

  28. Not one super star, a perceived hellish schedule, picked as the worst team out of 32, odds makers can’t find one victory in the entire season, a trio of ‘has been’ QBs, no real threat at the receiver position, brand new coaching/philosophy on both sides of the ball, are just some of the ingredients required for a season for pleasant surprises. When you are at the bottom there is only two things that can happen, remain at the bottom or begin the accent to the top.

    I believe this season is not going to be near as bad as some predict.

      1. This exchange from the Blues Brothers says it all”

        Elwood: It’s 106 miles to Chicago, we got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it’s dark… and we’re wearing sunglasses.

        Jake: Hit it.

        1. Chosin Reservoir. An aid rushes into Chesty Puller’s tent and says
          “General, our two regiments are surrounded by 10 Chinese divisions!”
          Puller: “That’s right son, we’ve got ’em right where we want ’em.”

  29. Not to mention no waiver wire claims for an overvalued roster. Colin is talking at a church (distraction-week 1) not focusing on football. Damn we are the Chris Cohan Warriors!! I was in denial but it’s hitting me now.

  30. –The 49ers were not awarded any players via the waiver system, a league source told

    Hmmm… Wondering if we tried claiming some players or Baalke just sat on his hands.

  31. So far…
    – 49ers awarded no waiver claims
    – Driskel, Lemonier, Smith and Treggs are on other teams 53-man rosters
    – Treggs agreed to sign to 49er PS, but was surprised by being claimed off waivers shortly after.
    – Skov to 49er PS.
    – Rush unclaimed off waivers. Will Niners sign him to PS?

    1. – Skov on 49ers PS.

      – Rush intends to join the 49ers practice squad. – Barrows (Is “intend” a done deal?)

      – Hamm will sign to 49ers practice squad, per source. – Branch

      – Anderson to 49er PS

      – 49ers claimed off waivers: Driskel to Bengals, Treggs to Eagles, Lemonier to Browns, Smith to Seahawks. Trades Acker (Chiefs), McCray (Seahawks) also seem to have stuck.

      1. Skov, Rush, Hamm, Cooper, Anderson so far.

        Fahn Cooper to their practice squad, per source. – Branch

        Still waiting for something better than “intend” re Rush.

        1. Nothing much, he can just occupy 2 blockers and clogs up the middle. Seems to have a nose for the ball, and his penetration helped Rush get to the QB a couple times.

          Since Dorsey and Dial are down, it might be nice to have had another NT.

          Yup, other than that, he is a scrub.

  32. Does all the claims vindicate Baalke’s ability to find talent in your minds? Of course I don’t think any WR will be picked up.

      1. While I have said that I do not want Baalke fired right this second, Baalke may fire himself if the Niners have another 5 win season.

      2. B2W

        Agreed…Being between the ownership, coaching staff, ‘fan’ vitriol, and the know-it-alls would be more than I’d sign up for…take lots of sleeping aids, and a constant diet of ulcer medicine….Oh, by the way Trent…I’m one of your fans….

        1. Aside from Wilhoite none of those players were better than players retained. Rush while a good pass rusher had trouble setting the edge and would be a liability in run schemes. When you have 53 it does become a numbers game. Scooter and Rocket have covered this pretty well for anyone who wants to pay attention.

          1. G. Smith > Purcell or even TJE
            McCray > Cromartie
            Skov > Wilhoite
            Driskel* > Ponder

            *Ponder may be the better QB atm due to experience, but Driskel has a higher ceiling imo and neither will most likely play this year anyway.

              1. He’s not any slower than Wilhiote at this point. Notice how many missed tackles Skov was cleaning up when playing next to Wilhiote? Skov also beats him in smarts… Just needs more experience. Skov is by no means a starter but certainly better depth out of the two.

              2. Yeah Jack
                Speed and coverage ability get more emphasis each year, thus Cromartie (and a draft choice) over McCray and Wilhoite over Skov, despite some opinions expressed. Guys watch a few plays in preseason games and form rock solid opinions on really small sample size. Neither Wilhoite or Skov are very good; Wilhoite a journeyman and Skov a bubble guy. McCray has been a bubble guy always.
                I liked Garrison Smith and predicted in the spring that he’d be in the mix as he was. But he was behind Purcell on the depth chart. That the Seahawks needed to improve depth on DL and DBs doesn’t say anything about Baalke one way or another.

              3. ” doesn’t say anything about Baalke one way or another.”


                Also, I find it interesting that Kelly and the coaching staff is getting zero credit for this roster and the roster moves. Yes, Baalke has final say. But seriously, does anyone believe these decisions were made without input from the coaching staff?

                If Skov was considered by the coaches to be better than Wilhoite, guess who would be on the 53. Same with McCray.

              4. Scoot
                We like our villains clear cut and unequivocal, so perhaps a poll:
                Is Baalke –
                Darth Vader?
                Bella Lugosi?
                Vlad The Impaler?
                Snidely Whiplash?

              5. Some would suggest he must be using Jedi mind powers on Jed to have kept his job thus far, so I am voting Vader…

              6. Well, Vader seems the most humorless, so he gets my vote too, cuz that’s definitely Happy Go Lucky Trent.

    1. Not really. It means 4 teams are taking a look at some young players they couldn’t sign as UDFA’s. Lemonier is anyone’s guess.

      1. That should have read 3 teams not 4. Lemonier is obviously not a young player or an UDFA. Driskel may have gone undrafted if Baalke hadn’t taken him.

        1. Rocket,

          Well, yes, but it also means that each team liked a 49er castoff enough to add them to their roster, at the expense of cutting a player.

          1. ex,

            UDFA’s are not a sign of draft acumen. Many times there are multiple teams trying to sign the same players after the draft and the players go to the team they feel they have the best chance of making. The 9ers waived a couple of guys that other teams likely tried to sign and so they are now taking a look.

            Driskel very well could have gone undrafted if the 9ers hadn’t taken him and the Bengals may have been looking at him as a guy to go after if he didn’t get selected and now have a chance to check him out for themselves.

            All I’m saying is, this is not a sign that Baalke is doing something right. It’s more about teams wanting a chance to look at UDFA’s they were interested in but didn’t sign.

      2. Exactly rocket. These gms are taking a look at guys to see if they can strengthen a roster weakness or if they might be a better scheme fit on their team.

  33. At the end of the day, each team has to play the same number of games. I am so tired of the nahsayers bemoaning schedules, travel, start times, etc. At the end of the day, each man is paid to perform.
    I have this team finishing 11-5 this year. Carolina dismantled their defense. Az has a dismantled O-line. Their best CB had a torn ACL. I said this back in May. Now Az is starting to realize much the same and scrambling to reinforce the D.
    The level of talent in the NFL is not as drastic as it is in college. Many of these players are just as good as their opponent. It becomes a system game. Which system is executed better typically determines a win. They start with 2 out of the 3 first games being difficult. Then they get a week to prepare for another 3 game stretch of difficultly before having an extra day to prepare for the season finale against Seattle.
    I say stop making excuses and looking for a reason to be negative. The schedule is not an excuse. These athletes are paid to perform, so I expect them to.

    1. Matt – you go get em, my man. I will let you on a little secret. The Niners are going to the Panthers den and they are coming out with a win which in turn will be the catalyst that will carry the team through the year.

      1. Is it better that Niners have these tough games early in the season when teams have little opponent film to game plan against? They might have film of Kelly’s system and breakdowns of his tendencies, but not with *this* team. Or grasping at straws here? Just trying to find a way to keep hope alive and avoid starting 0-5

    2. Matt

      Thanks for relieving the pressure off me I’ve called it 10-6 since the draft…maybe you and I can negotiate a group price for the same therapist….ONLY IF HE’S A TRUE
      NINER FAN !

  34. 11-5!? Love the optimism but sadly this team will come nowhere near that…. I can see a home opening victory over the Lambs (see win over Vikings last year), but it’s all downhill from there.

    If York is smart, he’ll fire Baalke and promote Gamble at season’s end so the team can start drafting – and retaining – some talent again. Maybe then progress will be in our sights.

  35. I’d like another Rb to be honest. Also I think the nfl should start expand the rosters a bit… Longer seasons, short weeks, concussion protocols etc. mean they might need to evolve a bit more.

  36. “Jaguars, 49ers have most players claimed on waivers”

    Does that mean the 49ers have a strong roster, or does it mean they didn’t correctly evaluate the talent that they have?

        1. Sir, with Kaep on the team, The Niners have upgraded in every department, except maybe ILB. The Niners do have talent, and the multi player poaching just meant they wanted the Niner scrubs.

          That said, the trading a good player to your opponent strategy is pretty brain dead. In fact, maybe even obtuse.

          Maybe Baalke should have traded away more players, to create room for those who were poached. He actually did get a sweet deal of a seventh in three years for Kerley.

          Still think Baalke is on thin ice, so he should be doing everything in his power to get better players for Chip. Both Miller and Ponder have good trade value. Denver saw how Ponder could beat them with his arm and legs. Several teams need a new or better fullback. Just do not trade him to a team they play this year, and especially, 2 times per year.

    1. Just means that Baalke does not know how to use the abundance of picks every year. He accumulates 11-13 picks every year and instead of using them to trade up, he drafts all of them only to cut them later. Poor strategy

    2. It means teams are filling out the bottom of their rosters and are kicking the tires on young players. None of the players claimed from the Niners are going to contribute much at all this season and could be released again at some point. Lots of roster flux for the next few days.

    1. Yeah I remember reading articles like that a few years ago. Unfortunately the 2011 draft was Baalke’s zenith and it’s been downhill from there. He’s had one of the worst drafting records over the past 5 seasons, and has clearly shown he doesn’t have the confidence or ability to draft WR’s.

          1. Baalke has drafted a bunch of average to below talent with a couple of exceptions in Reid and Hyde if he can stay healthy. Jury is out on Lynch and Ward, who could both be solid starters if they continue to improve. Too early to judge the past two drafts but the best pick just may be a 7th round OT he lucked out on.

            I don’t see how anybody can take an unbiased look at the drafts since 2011 and give Baalke a pass. He has drafted a team of middling talent with little to no impact.

            1. Rocket,

              Why is it on one hand, you’ve said that good GM’s make their money in the later rounds (something I strongly disagree with, btw, late round success isn’t sustainable, IMO), but when Baalke hits on a late round player, you say that he lucked into it?

              1. Every GM should be expected to find good players with their early picks ex. Finding late round contributors and UDFA’s is more luck than skill I agree, but the part about making their money is in regards to supplementing the roster with good late round finds. With the system set up the way it is now, teams have to carry a number of these types of players on the roster.

                I don’t think Baalke is a good draft evaluator. He has shown a propensity to fixate on a limited number of positions with his early picks and has numerous failures on the offensive side of the ball. He is comfortable drafting DB’s and and Dlinemen. Other than that his knowledge truly seems limited. Brown was a late round flyer who was overweight and didn’t play a lot at Florida. It was a total fluke.

              2. Rocket:

                I agree with your assessment of Baalke’s ability to evaluate players in the draft.

                However, with regards to the later rounds, you say Baalke, but in reality there is a team of draft evaluators, isn’t there? Baalke no doubt has the final say, but at certain times I would bet that he does simply defer to some of his evaluators regarding the picks that they would like to make. It would make sense to me that, when he does defer, it would be in the later rounds. Hence, Brown may not have actually been a pick that Baalke would have made, but came from someone else on the team. Of course, I have no way of knowing for sure.

              3. Cubus,

                No doubt there is a lot of discussion with the scouts, but Baalke is the guy who makes the final decision. He has made a big deal about hanging onto final say on the roster, so he should be the one criticized the most for it’s failures imo.

      1. Baalke is going to move into a “Presidential” role next year.
        Gamble will be promoted to GM and handle all player personnel.

    2. Dee Phiant

      AJJ came to us with the 30th pick right ? That was a bonus year for WR’s if I remember, the only problem is that all (or most) of the quality went before TB had a chance, because of our SB draft position. I’ll leave it to the statistical folks on here to figure out how many of those WR’s taken ahead of AJJ are still starters ? Thanks TB….I could use a couple of gratus ducats sometime….

    3. Aldon Smith, LaMichael James, Vance McDonald, Tank Carradine, Corey Lemonier, Andre Smelter, Marcus Martin, Brandon Thomas, Quinton Patton, Marcus Lattimor and Joe Looney come to mind.

        1. Smith didn’t even make it to his second contract and is basically out of the league at this moment. He had two great seasons and fell apart after that. If a player is great, they earn a big contract. If a player is great and doesn’t earn a big contract because of their issues, they’re a bust. More than half of Smith’s career has been a total train wreck.

          1. That’s ok. His contributions were vital to a run that included a Super Bowl and 2 NFC Championship Game appearances. Sure could use more busts like that.

            1. Jack,
              He was a high first round pick; he was supposed to be a franchise cornerstone. He wasn’t and he didn’t make it to his second contract. J.J. Watt would have been a superior pick. Smith was good for a couple of seasons and flamed out. Those couple of seasons don’t erase the last three years.

              First two seasons: 100% availability
              Third season: 68% availability
              Last two seasons: 50% availability
              This season: Currently serving one year suspension, due to end in November. Entered rehab for the second time during his career. Currently being investigated for violating his current one year suspension. Under 40% availability if reinstated on time.

              You can spin it however you like but he’s a bust on a severe downward spiral.

  37. Question for all those enamored with players not retained, what players in the last 2 years, excluding this one, should the 49ers have retained. Which player from the last couple of years is better than players on the roster?

    1. Good to see a voice of reason. In a year or two these guys will be like the others – nobodies that some 49ers fans got excited about how they looked against 3rd string players.

  38. I see Taylor is on the practice squad. Taylor provides much needed running back depth. Hyde, Draughn, Davis and Taylor on PS makes me feel better about getting through the season without having to go fishing for a free agent running back.


    While Seb and Razor are as giddy as 7th graders, jumping for jubilee because they were asked to dance and no longer carry the stigma as “wallflower,” TomD awaits The Kap starting announcement after their big Monday Nite loss to LA Rams. At 0-4, the 49ers panic, naming Kap starter (or sooner, maybe at 0-2).

    Then, at season’s end, the 49er front office which benched Kap after his 0-5 debacle, find out on 12/25/16 that Kap needs a knee and shoulder scope costing the organization 14 million or his entire 2017 salary. Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Xmas Trent and Jed!

    At that time, Kap rattles off 5 more losses in a row and the 49ers name Ponder starter.

    Whine Country

    September 3, 2016 at 2:40 pm

    Be fair Razor. We don’t know yet that CK won’t get the RGIII treatment.Too early to break out the champagne.

  40. Once again, Seb loses.

    The Seb actually doubted TomNostradamusD that Jeff Driskel would make the 53 man roster….Jeff did make the 53 man roster, so Seb, who said that he would not, loses again.

    1. NosTrollDumas, you think that you can predict that Driskel will gain the number 2 spot over Kaep and he might even get cut for spite, and not have me remind you of that bombastic blubbering bilgewater.

      No, Driskel got cut, so you lose on so many levels. They will get the Florida Driskel, so he will be a journeyman at best.

      I win because I get to point out every piece of pompous delusional drivel you ever posted. Kaep for Tebow, thats very funny. Kaep for VON MILLER, the best defensive player in the league, who almost single handedly won a SB.

      Driskel did land well, but he will be behind AJ, so he will never see the field. He will do well to work hard, study hard and help as much as possible. Driskel made a 53 man roster, but he sure the heck did not make the Niner squad.

      TrollD, maybe you have now become a Bengal/Raider fan.

  41. Bengals Roster 2016: Bengals claim former 49ers quarterback Jeff Driskel off waivers

    This means the Bengals will have three quarterbacks on the 53-man roster, at least for now.

    Geoff Hobson ‎@GeoffHobsonCin

    Bengals like his measurables. First Opening Week waiver claim since Tate in 2011

    11:18 AM – 4 Sep 2016

    Lou Holtz: “I think down at Florida it got very toxic for him…He became a scapegoat. I think if you sat down and talked to him he’s exactly how you’d want your son to be….He’s a leader.”

  42. Another year, another lack of a developmental QB on the roster… Gabby, Kappy and Ponder – oh boy! Jed, please promote Gamble already… #Baalke_is_dead_GM_walking

    1. Blame that on waiting until the 6th round to draft one. There were a number of options in the first 4 rounds, but in typical Baalke fashion he ignored it until late in the draft.

    2. Red,

      Notice how Detroit cut Baalke draft pick, Brandon Thomas , seconds after they took one look at him.

      Now we have to question all of Baalke’s draft picks to F/A’s talent because he’s been caught doing something I said he was doing last year.

      That is, stashing, not good talent like the Steelers did with Brent Jones until Bill Walsh discovered this and signed him off their roster, but Baalke commits an organizational sin of stashing putrid players so he won’t be found out as a bad GM.

  43. I also won the starting QB debate from Seb, naming Gabbert months ago, even pointing out to Seb that Gabby beat out Kap once and will do it again…Did Seb listen to Prime or me…No! Prime and I expect no apologies or congratulatory responses from Seb, who over the years, sang Kap’s praises and went on a year and a half long soliloquy often posting long-winded Kap manifestos of how he should be our starter.

    1. TrollD, instead of Kaep off the team, he is still a 49er. You argued that he would be cut for financial reasons. I argued that Kaep gives the Niners the best chance to win. I won hands down against your screeds, and Kaep will start some time this season. The bet I had with George had an injury clause, and Kaep did not get to compete because he was with held due to injury, but I am a man of my word, and Gabbert won the starting job, so I will humbly and quietly accept my clown as a gesture of good sportsmanship. I have been taunted and insulted for just writing things, so a clown Avatar is no big deal. George will get a lot of satisfaction, but I do not mind, I like George.

  44. The Rams question marks at quarterback makes this a tricky pick with them being on the road. However, the 49ers have question marks just about at every position and are in a clear rebuilding stage. San Fran is going to be one of the worst teams in the league this season and won’t be favored often. While Keenum may not be the long term solution, the Rams at least have an above-average defense and one of the top running backs in the league.

    So, the Rams and the small chalk seems like the pick here.


    1. I can actually see the Niners winning this one in a close contest (home opener, Kelly trickery, etc.). It’s all downhill after this one though…. 5-11 if a few bounces go our way (I would love to be wrong of course).

    1. Baalke stinks because he never gets good players.

      Baalke stinks because he lets other teams grab all the good players he got.

      Gamble works beneath Baalke and should get all the credit for anything good that happens while Baalke is GM.

      Baalke worked beneath McCloughan, but should get none on the credit for anything good that happed when McCloughan was GM.

      1. Ok, but Baalke should be judged by the relative state of the team. In Harbaugh’s last year the team was 8 and 8. Last year the team was either 31st or 32nd in the league. And now this upcoming season, the team is predicted to be the worst in the NFL once again.

        Baalke is the GM. Doesn’t “the buck” stop with him with regards to fielding a competitive team? How many years should we give him a pass for fielding an inferior product? If Baalke was a GM in an industrial environment, he would have been gone after last year.

        1. Predicted in the NFL means nothing.

          Lets wait and see the results first

          I’m most worried about the WRs but I think the team will be competitive in many more games than expected.

    2. I have it on good authority Baalke gave Borland a concussion, stomped on Willis toe, told a Seahawk to break Bowman’s ACL, forced Aldon Smith to guzzle whiskey every night, sprinkled aging dust in Justin Smith’s oatmeal, forced Harbaugh to choose Kaepernick over Smith at gun point…

      Baalke makes mistakes. Has strong points and weak points. I have huge gripes with 49er management overall, and wish the York’s would sell the 49ers.

      But I’m just not into the bash Baalke cult, and extreme data cherry picking.

      Now if anyone wants to start a Bash the York’s cult I’m all in.

            1. Not Scooter, but yes I think he is on the hot seat. The GM position isn’t just about draft picking. There are other considerations, such as

              1) Being active in FA in trying to improve the team.
              2) Creating a harmonious environment where coaches and players want to stay with the team. I’m not convinced that every retirement after Harbaugh was fired was just bad luck. I think a number of these guys looked at the absolutely horrific selection of a HC (Tomsula) and chose instead to retire. Harbaugh is a piece of work no doubt, but he’s a winner.

              In short, Baalke is responsible for the team that is currently on the field. Two years in a row either in last place or rated in last place. A proven inability to draft skill players (imo, CK was Harbaugh’s pick and at least there was one or two years there). Again, in any other industry he would be fired for such poor results.

              1. “I think a number of these guys looked at the absolutely horrific selection of a HC (Tomsula) and chose instead to retire. ”

                I hope you realize how ridiculous that sounds

              2. All players retired because health and/or age.

                Most of them played in far worse rosters before.

                I just cant believe somebody actually think any player retired because he did not like the coaches.

              3. I think for some the poor choice of coaches may have pushed them into it. Haven’t you ever worked in a company where there is a major change in management and people either jump ship or if close to retirement decide to retire? I’ve experienced that several times, therefore, to me it is not out of the realm of possibility.

              4. Jump ship?

                If you say some FA chose other options or some players considered asking for trades because of the CS I would be inclined to agree.

                But retirement no.
                And there was not a single sign that it could have been the case, other than pure speculation based on fans opinions.

            2. Grant:

              I’ll point to two other things that indicate that Baalke is on the hot seat:

              1) After Kelly was hired, Jed said that Kelly would be the head coach of the team for a long time. To my knowledge he didn’t say that about Baalke. In fact, he said that Baalke would need to hit it out of the park with regards to the draft.

              2) Gamble was promoted to assistant GM. It doesn’t matter who initiated the promotion. As assistant GM, Gamble is now in a position to be involved with all GM issues and thereby make any transition more seamless.

              So Baalke’s on the hot seat. If the changes he has made improve the team, then perhaps he doesn’t get fired. Even if the improvement is mostly due to hiring Chip Kelly, then Baalke still gets the benefit. My feeling is that if I’m going to hold him at fault for the “bad” luck, he gets to benefit from the “good” luck (in the form of Chip Kelly improving the team).

              1. Agree, for Chip Kelly it would be a good decision. Regardless, point is that buck stops with Baalke in my opinion.

            3. Baalke’s flaws… There are two schools of thought. Both have some validity.

              Macro View – You can’t pin down Baalke as specific reason why great player X is gone, but when large numbers of people suddenly leave, there’s usually something behind it.

              There seems to be a clear pattern. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. And there’s been alot of smoke.

              Microscope View – When you examine why great player X is gone, there’s a clear, identifiable reason with nothing to do with Baalke.

              Willis would be first ballot HOF and have millions more in the bank if he stayed a few more years. Heck, he enthusiastically played within the dysfunction of Singletary. Think he walked away from that because of Baalke?

              Summary – I don’t think Baalke chased away all these great players. I think his draft criticisms are laced with unrealistic expectations relative to draft position, and unfair data cherry picking. When it comes to draft process, he’s one of the best GMs in the game.

              But there are two clear negative patterns.
              1) Drafting skill positions, especially receivers.
              2) Managing personalities.

              To me, issue 2 is his biggest flaw. Baalke seems to be a very smart process manager, but not a “people manager.” Its the big personalities he has difficulty with. Jim Harbaugh, Anthony Davis, Aldon Smith… if there are failings, its the people management aspect of the game.

              A more people savvy GM might (just might because you can’t be sure) have exerted more influence on the behavior of these subordinates.

              Baalke’s an introvert. More comfortable watching film and scouting small school games for obscure gems than smoothing out behavioral issues of malcontents, or navigating the petty complexities of a business filled with massive egos.

              The 49ers are poorly managed, but don’t pin it on Baalke. Baalke would be an ideal GM for a team with (emotionally) stable ownership, and a John McVay type executive that can smooth out petty issues before they become brush fires.

              I’m hoping Tom Gamble will play the McVay role. I don’t think Baalke’s dependent on Gamble for draft success, so much as Gamble can help create an environment where Baalke can do his job better.

              And if Gamble has personnel acumen, all the better. The 49ers like to mess with our heads by telling the truth from time to time. When Kelly or Baalke describe the draft as a collaborative process involving coaches, scouts and management… maybe they are telling the truth.

              1. Brodie, I think you’re hitting the nail on the head. Baalke’s emotional intelligence is low and it affects the way he is able to do his job. He is just as prickly as Harbaugh was in interviews but has a better delivery. Nevertheless his body language seems to betray what he is thinking.

                His scouting department’s inability to find the special skill players has put the team in a bind. All this is on him. He still finds good talent in the draft and is able to maximize player value most of the time.

                Baalke has hired two innovative coaches and I’m not too sure if he was on board with the Tomsula hire. He seemed to be playing the part of the good company man which may explain his continued tenure.

                If Gamble is able to smooth out the more challenging aspects of Baalke’s personality while helping to get the scouts to evaluate skill talent better then things will improve.

                The caveat for me is Jed. He seems meddlesome and not bright when it comes to football matters (Harbaugh’s comment was probably a way of saying – Stay in your office and leave football to those who know it). He is also somewhat thin skinned. He’s well versed in corporate speak but does he have the self awareness to let go of the petty and allow those around him to do their jobs properly. That remains to be seen.

          1. I think the talent level that Baalke arrived at last year, by what ever means, is flat with more dips than peaks. He was late to grudgingly admit that a rebuilding was needed. As the roster stands this year, I don’t see anyone that will have to be accounted for, so they will need to out team play anyone they hope to beat.

            For me, watching the OL and tight ends develop, and watching the defense play when their tongues are not hagging out, will have to provide my enjoyment for 2016.

        1. After getting rid of a 44-19 HC and hiring a D line coach, Baalke has run out of fall guys.

          Gamble will help make a smooth transition. They will kick Baalke upstairs, and have him concentrate on the numbers, and away from the players.

          However, if Chip can start winning, Baalke will be granted a reprieve.

          1. Also, for those who say we’re an 11-5 team this year, Baalke (at least until further notice) is going to have to find a QB just in case we need one down the road (sarc). Be careful what you wish for.

      1. Well said Brodie. With that many picks it’s almost counterproductive. Not everything is gonna stick.
        He has had some misses but no GM would be able to recover from the purge I call it 3 years ago!

  45. Exactly Baalke is useless and his entire tenure has been an unmitigated disaster. The 49ers were much better off before he came in board.

      1. My point is that people tend to forget that Baalke was at the helm during the run to the SB. I know the counter argument, that he inherited a good squad. Still, he brought in necessary pieces. He let an important TE walk away but I suspect Jed may have been in the background on some of these moves too. He has to work in the environment that he is given.

  46. This afternoon a guy walks into the Station House Cafe in Pt Reyes where my wife and I are having lunch. I’m a tad nearsighted, but the guy looks a bit like Chip Kelly in face and build and is wearing an Oregon cap. I put on my glasses and can see that it’s not him, but a fair likeness.
    As we left I said to the guy “I thought you were Chip Kelly and I thought you had more important things to be doing.” His wife cracked up and said “He doesn’t think he looks like Coach, but everyone else does.”

  47. 1. QB situation
    You hit the nail on the head, Grant. When Kelly said “Right now”…that made me believe immediately he is not sold or as confident as a coach should be in Blaine Gabbert. I truly believe that he is not totally sold on Gabbert but had to start him because he has no other choice. I think to myself that Gabbert is healthy, training and throwing since week 9 of last season, had all reps in minicamp and OTAs, most of the reps in training camp…yet Gabbert has not looked sharp at all. Considering the advantage and silver platter he was handed, I do not feel like Gabbert ran away with the job and it was not until after week 4 of preseason he got named starting QB. People say Chip waited it out to name QB1 to avoid controversy but I do not think that is the case. All coaches ideally want to name their QB1 ASAP because they want to get ahead of the program and make sure his QB gets as many reps possible to be ready for week 1 and beyond.

    2. Kap
    If Gabbert starts like 1-3, he will get benched for sure and Kap will get his shot. I think the Rams game in winnable and maybe the Cowboys game since they will be missing 3 starters on defense but either way Gabs is on a short leash. Gabbert will not win games for this team nor will he bail them out if everyone else plays bad (like good QBs do) but his saving grace will be if the defense and run game balls out. If the team is at .500 after 8 games, then I think the team will roll with Gabs from there on out since they would still be in playoff hunt at that point. In that case, Kap will be deactivated but will come in if Gabbert gets hurt in 2nd half of season meaning Kap would give em best chance to win and stay in hunt. It really is a week by week thing with Kap and Gabs situation

    3. WR
    Surprised they did not keep 6 WRs on roster but perhaps they took the chance of knowing that Dres or White would clear waivers and end up on practice squad. Dres Anderson actually did by the way which includes 7 total WRs (5 on squad and 2 on practice squad).

    4. RB
    Same dilemma as no3. They probably took a chance knowing Taylor would clear waivers and end up on practice squad which he did so that gives them 4 total RBs, with 1 being on practice squad

    5. Baalke is on ice, no doubt.
    The ACL all-stars was a big dent in the plans going foward. He taken a total of 8 of them in the last 4-5 drafts. 2 of them are on the roster currently which is Tank Carradine and Will Redmond. Those 2 might end up being solid contributors but taking a chance on 8 injured players is playing with fire. The other 6 picks could have been spent on guys who can come in, learn the schemes from day 1, and be immediate contributors. Good teams usually take BPA available regardless of how stacked they might be at a certain position. We saw Josh Sitton of Packers get cut, but they also been grooming and developing players regardless to stay young and prepare for disaster situations. He is also too adamant on tryng to develop his draft picks and is so opposed to FA. Not saying he has to spend 100M on a high price player like Suh but to supplement the roster with complementary players that are not costly. I am sure he could have went after certain WRs like Travis Benjamin or Mohmmad Sanu who werent costly. He did not address the WR positions through FA or the draft.

              1. Little do you know. I hate to brag, but just a couple hours ago, I had my wife shuddering with delight.

                No wonder you are so twisted. You have to buy your satisfaction.

              2. No, we just enjoy a healthy sex life. I do not need to give you a blow by blow account.

                20 seconds? sounds like you talk from experience. Those hookers are getting paid well if they do not charge by the hour.

              3. Itchy palms, Scooter?

                I do not need to have my manhood questioned, but I could go into a lot more detail if you doubt me.

              4. Scoot
                It’s like a couple of old rummys too drunk to actually bring off a brawl outside a pub. Or perhaps Primus & Sebhead.

              5. Since you insist. I had planned to do things Saturday night, but she worked that day and felt drained. Me, being the kind husband, asked for a rain check. She promised today, and since my son was up in Ashland, we had the house all to ourselves, so we could relax and take our time. Very satisfying.

                Do not know why you are so interested in my sex life, but rest assured, I am just a normal red blooded American with a titillating and exciting healthy relationship with the woman I love.

              6. So first we get into politics, then segue into religion and now sex. At the next meeting of the 49ers blog rules committee, I’m going to propose a penalty for TMI.

              7. I just like to see them squirm. They try to insult me, but now I know that only hookers will touch Prime and he suffers from premature ejaculation.

                I will get to needle him, but all along, I just prefer to talk about the roster and strategies that might help the Niners win.

                Try to hit me below the belt, and I will return the favor.

      1. “Silver Platter” for Gabbert
        1. Healthy
        2. Training and throwing since week 9 of last season
        3. Had all OTA reps
        4. Had all minicamp reps
        5. Had majority training camp reps
        6. Has the backing of the front office
        7. Local media pulling for him
        8. Kissed up to and bribed locker room i.e. setting up dinners, texting guys congrats when joining team, buying wine sets for certain teammates. Looks pathetic and cheap when you are competing for job and salvage career.
        9. Kap being hated by front office and trade drama
        10. Kap rehabbing through 3 surgeries and cleared for physical actvity a month ago
        11. Kap out of shape
        12. Kap coming back to training camp and missing some time again due to arm fatigue

        Despite being given every chance to succeed, Gabs still looks like the same player possibly worse. When I say worse, he did not have to handle complex route concepts like he did with Chryst who just set up repetitive checkdowns for him. Now that he is asked to do more, its getting tough for Gabbert. I already seen he is struggling with this and even saw it at Kezar. Most importantly despite all these advantages, I feel that a player in that situation should be able to run away with the job like Cousins did to RG3 (although Cousins didnt have all those mentioned advantages). The fact that Coach Kelly waited until post week 4 to name him starter tells me that Coach Kelly was reluctant to name him QB1 but had no choice up until the 11th hour. To me I think Gabbert is on a very short leash.

        1. Good points Arturo, way off and over reaching, but good points.
          No need to argue at this point. It’s show time now. The best players will rise to the occasions, the poor ones sit and watch.
          It all starts Monday night in 1 week.

    1. Arturo,

      for the first 2 points.

      1. True… but I postulate that the coaching staff is not sold on either one. The fact that they chose to keep Ponder rather than the developmental prospect in Driskell, should tell you a lot. Gabbert did not run away with the job because he is not very good. The problem is, Gabbert became the starter not because of his play but rather because as bad as he was, Kaep was worse.
      2. At some point the team would need to make a change only because something has to be done… the problem is the first part of the season is brutal and no matter who starts… they will most likely get beat. Personally, I will be happy if the offense looks good and gets some rhythm even if we lose.

    1. If Kelly would quit taking out Kaiser, maybe the Irish could put up a better fight. And don’t get me started on Van Gorder!

      1. Razor:

        It’s been said many times on this blog that deliberately playing two QBs during a game in the NFL is a bad idea, which I generally agree with. However, it was also infuriating watching Auburn do the same thing last night. Wasn’t Malzahn one of your choices for the 49ers HC or maybe it was OC in 2015? Also, given that the college game seems to be dictating more and more the type of football played in the NFL (dual threat QBs, zone read), do you think this trend in college to play multiple QBs might eventually drift over into the NFL?

        1. I don’t like it, and much rather settle on one. Kaiser throws the ball much better, and I don’t understand why Kelly is doing it. I don’t expect see much more after tonight. Yea, I liked Malzahn but have cooled on him as of late. I think Kelly(ND) is the guy I’d have my eye on right now, as long as he doesn’t insist on bringing Van Gorder….

  48. About the Bozo the Clown avatar challenge, I don’t think the competition was conclusive with CK starting late and also having the dead arm episode. Remember that they both had to be injury-free. I think a recovery period has to count. So why don’t we just forget it. Thanks to Razor and anyone else for already honoring the bet.

  49. I’m pretty sure one of you guys has mentioned this but I’ve been busy today.

    Garrison smith and driskel were mistakes I believe.

    We have 3 floundering vet qbs. Each one as crappy as the other one in his own special way. On a crappy team that’s not going anywhere this year. Why not just keep driskel to at least see what he can do after one year.

    If we had super bowl ready team. I would load up on veteran qbs. Just in case our starters get hurt. Not this year. Stupid as can be. Plus you just drafted him.

    1. I saw enough of Driskel to see the Florida Driskel emerge. Those 2 picks were not only bad throws, they were bad decisions.

      My take is that Driskel needs to study hard and work to become a better QB. He was and is way inferior to the other 3.

      With Dorsey and Dial out, Purcell could use a backup. Smith would have been another NT, but Baalke went cute, and tried to sneak him onto the PS. Looks like his strategy backfired.

  50. I am content. Baalke, while professing to never look at social media, actually is following my advice.

    I said that Baalke should poach a player from an opponent to not only weaken them, but also gain important Intel.

    Chris Harper who played for the Patriots, fits the bill. Hope they pick his brain and the intel they derive from him will help the Niners win.

  51. This just in from TMZ-
    -Gary Bussey, long awol from his RFC* Halfway House, has been discovered to be living in a tree house in a bucolic northern California orchard posing as a 2000 year old Chinese sage and teasing poor weak minded peasants with his superior strategic and tactical football industry wisdom. Highly paid professionals subscribe to his (well, Grant’s)(well, the PD’s) online ‘newsletter.’
    Details at 11:00

    * Really Friggin’ Crazy

    1. BT – TB here. Joan in payroll cuts and pastes all of Seb’s posts everyday and then I read them. The ones that I find particularly good are sent to Chip and he distributes them to his staff as he sees fit. This is a team effort and Seb is a very important part of our team. (BTW I didn’t pass along the posts about his sex life) Semper Fi Bro.

      1. Navel gazing is one thing, but to assume that it is a spectator event……..that others (who are really busy in their jobs) would follow and subscribe to the ramblings of someone without resume on a backwater blog (yup, that’s us) makes anyone dealing with that person feel like we’re wasting our time.
        PR people scan the blogs, as evidenced by Niners’ PR asking Grant to redact an aspect of his TC practice notes, but that’s image people herding fluff content for the most part. It’s more like Market Research than operational R&D. I think it was Parcells who said “If a coach or GM takes the fans’ advice, he’ll be sitting among them soon enough.
        It’s preposterous that Seb (or any of us) think that anyone on coaching or FO staff would take our advice. It’s insulting that Seb would think we would accept this notion even if he has succeeded in self delusion.

        1. Kaep showed us all the power of one man to effect change.

          Now, even Trump is insulting him and Obama is praising him.

          We are not all impotent and unimportant. One of the most powerful things in the world is a thought provoking idea.

          Remember, the pen is mightier than a sword.

        2. BT, when I write that the Niners should put a man in motion, then see Patton go in motion and score a TD, you may say that I had nothing whatsoever to do with that.

          However, I will crow about it, and say they listened. Delusional or not, they did send a man in motion, and it was wildly successful.

          1. I will say the Niners should call a play that scores a touchdown.
            So when they score one, just know that Chip got the idea from me.

            1. Shoup, if you were more specific, it would make your claim more credible. Maybe you should say that you want Gabbert to wait until the defender falls to the ground before throwing the ball.

              I think Gabbert or Kaep should roll out, buy time, and their threat to run will discombobulate the DBs so they will forget the WRs. Then they should just throw the ball to a wide open receiver for a big gain, or score.

              I will also say that Chip should go bold. If the ball is near their goal line, he should not settle for a FG. The Niners should go for it, because settling for FGs is a good way to lose.

      1. I’d rather have the draft pick. IMO McCray would never have become the Second Coming. This way Seattle will sign him when he gets healthy if they are still interested, no?

        1. From my perspective, Baalke hasn’t made a serious attempt to draft a QB to truly develop as a franchise QB since Kap was selected in the second round of 2011.

          1. cubus

            I guess that shows that he learned his lesson….let ‘Chip’ and Gamble do it…I’m still catching hell for my last attempt….

          2. To be fair to Baalke, qb is the one position coaches want significant input on. Harb seemed quite married to Kaep who was on the same roster as Alex Smith for 2 years… Note* Geep was also married to Kaep as he became the OC due to him… So last year and this year were really the only 2 years he had to draft a qb since Kaep. And this year he drafted Driskel

              1. So what your essentially saying is that Baalke believed he had a franchise QB in Kap and therefore there was no need to draft another potential one? I’m talking about the drafts over the last five years as a whole.

                I know this is hindsight and it’s easy to say this now, but was it really necessary to draft CBs back-to-back in the 3rd and 4th round? One could argue that Baalke could have taken Dak Prescott in the 4th round. As I said with hindsight it’s easy to say that, but still, no attempt was made until the 6th round to do anything at the QB position, when the need was clearly there (note: I agree that the OL and DL were bigger needs and Baalke addressed those in the 1st round).

              2. cubus,
                The first year of Baalke’s tenure he essentially took over last minute for Scott M. The second he relied on harbaugh and drafted CK… and for 2 years he had CK and AS on the roster… its tough to draft a qb, when you most likely going to cut them.
                Last year he could have drafted someone but they had a ton of needs considering the retirements and people that left. This year the qb class was not special, so they waited.
                I’m not saying that more couldn’t have been done, I’m simply trying to give the full picture.

    1. East, in the spirit of forgiveness, I will not insist on you changing your avatar. It was unrealistic to think Kaep would throw a pick, so I am so happy he is on the team, you can keep your favorite player on your avatar.

      Now, the fun begins. Niner football. Wonder what the Niers need to do tp defeat the Rams. I hope they stack the box to throttle Gurley, and dare Keenum to beat them with his arm.

        1. I’ll honor the bet. A deal is a deal, Seb. I can take my punishment. I’m married;-). Oh, but no more details about your love life TMI!!!

  52. As bad as the Brandon Thomas pick turned out (100), how about that Louis Nix pick by the Texans (84)?

    Cut by Texans after TC in 2015 and cut by Giants after TC this season.

  53. Scot Ostler has a piece at SF Chronicle about Colin’s no-show at the Baptist Church. Ostler suggests that Colin may never have knowingly agreed to a specific date and was unaware that the Church had expected him and had advertised his presence. Ostler stated he had a source for this.
    Colin got batted around in the media, local and otherwise. He’s unlikely to criticize the church, so he took some heat there, perhaps undeserved.
    I don’t think Colin ever intended to be the tip of the spear, the icon or focal point of the movement he thinks is necessary. He doesn’t seem like the Jean d’Arc type to me.
    Colin seems to me like a surfer who has dropped in on a wave that is orders of power above his skill level. I’ve done that; fully committed, no way to back out, no choice but to ride it out and no particular confidence in surviving the event.

      1. By all means revert to preconceptions and ignore the possibility that details may mitigate a public impression. It is pretty likely that Nessa had Colin deliberately mislead the pastor about his attendance so as to make himself look bad and dilute the message that Nessa directs he promote. Seems logical and legit.
        Nessa has achieved a cult status like Nessie the Loch Ness Monster; unseen, unknown, but with all manner of powers attributed to her.

    1. Technically Baalke was right. Redmond was on the 53 man roster this season. ;)

      Seriously, I like the move. Chris Davis was doing well. If Davis got hurt, Ward can slide back into slot, with (likely) Robinson moving from the bench to outside corner.

      Since the 53 was already established, I wonder of this is a non season ending IR.

    2. Bitter sweet… Another Baalke draft pick out for the season (hey Baalke, thought he would play you said?) but D. Harris is a nice change of pace/3rd down back to this point and I could actually see Hyde missing the opener…

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