Final Impressions

Here are my final impressions from the Niners 24-3 loss to the Saints.

  1. If the offensive line doesn’t drastically improve, the 49ers will not be a winning team this season. They gave Smith and Kaepernick barely any time to throw the football. Both starting tackles, Joe Staley and Anthony Davis, looked sup-par in pass protection.
  2. Alex Smith looks more game-ready than Colin Kaepernick. Even though Smith only completed two passes, he looked more confident than Kaepernick, plus he didn’t turn the ball over. Kaepernick had two interceptions and two fumbles. He looked like a neophyte. The announcers on t.v. said the Niners will sign a veteran QB at the end of the preseason, and that seems prudent.
  3. The lockout indeed hurt the 49ers more than the Saints. Continuity clearly helped the Saints, as they could complete passes and score touchdowns. Harbaugh’s going to have to coach this team up at lightning speed to catch up to the playoff teams.
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