Fisher on Rams: “Still feel like we have a fine quarterback in place here.”

St. Louis Rams head coach Jeff Fisher spoke on a conference call with Bay Area reporters Wednesday morning. Here’s what he said about the Rams.

Q: When you were considering the Rams job, did you look at the NFC West and analyze it, and if you did, what did you see from that division?

FISHER: Certainly very, very impressed with what took place out there and the great job that Coach [Harbaugh] was doing with his team. It didn’t have any bearing on my decision. We all in life accept great challenges. This is going to be a tremendous challenge for us to consistently match up with the Niners. My decision was based on our owner and the fact that I felt like and still feel like we have a fine quarterback in place here.

Q: What kind of impact are you seeing from CB Cortland Finnegan?

FISHER: Since the day he arrived, he’s been a great example to not only the younger guys but some of the older guys on the roster from a practice standpoint and a preparation standpoint. He’s a professional. He’s had a huge impact on the younger DBs in the room.

Q: What has been his impact on rookie CB Janoris Jenkins?

FISHER: There’s a little bit of that, but Janoris is a very talented young man. He’s got tremendous football instincts and intelligence. One would assume that there’s a lot going on, but Janoris has been able to handle a lot of stuff on his own. The two of them are close. They understand challenges and they talk the game all day long.

Q: Do you think WR Danny Amendola will play in this game?

FISHER: He’s been fazed back into practice. We’ll have a better idea later in the week.

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