Fisher says Rams, Seahawks and Cardinals are “quite a ways behind” 49ers offensively

St. Louis Rams head coach Jeff Fisher spoke on a conference call with Bay Area reporters Wednesday morning. Here’s what he said about the 49ers.

Q: Did you feel the NFC was an ascendant division when you took the Rams job – a lot of young teams?

FISHER: Yeah, I feel like the division has improved. Obviously, after the first half of the season you can say it certainly has, at least if you look at the statistics from a defensive standpoint. With the exception of the Niners, offensively the remaining three of us are quite a ways behind. Defensively, it looks like certainly everybody’s improving.

Q: What do you make of this 49ers offense?

FISHER: I can’t remember having to prepare for an offense that was so well-coached and diversified in the run game, and so talented. And then you add the multiplicity of the passing game and [Alex Smith’s] decision making ability – it’s no surprise to me that they were able to accomplish what they accomplished last year and what’s ahead of them this year.

Q: What do you mean when you say so diversified in the run game?

FISHER: The different types of run concepts, without getting too specific. They know what I’m talking about.

Q: Does the offensive line allow them to be so diversified?

FISHER: And the fullback and the tight ends and the receivers, yes.

Q: How difficult is it to prepare for a line like that?

FISHER: It’s a very, very talented team. They create matchups to favor them. There are very few weaknesses on that football team there, especially on the offensive side. They just don’t make mistakes.

Q: Going back a couple years to Tennessee, what was it like having Randy Moss on your team briefly?

FISHER: I had great respect for what Randy had accomplished throughout his career, was very, very impressed with him in a short time there. He was a tremendous teammate, had a huge impact on our young receiver when he was there – his day off, his work ethic, the way he practiced, how competitive he is. I was very impressed. Having experienced that firsthand, I know that he just carried that over and he’s probably having a huge impact with all their receivers.

Q: The 49ers could very well not have anyone on their injury report this week. How rare is that at this stage of the season that a team can be as healthy as the 49ers?

FISHER: They’re 100 percent healthy at halftime and they’re in position to make the run that they’re expected to make.

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