Five reasons 49ers have a chance to beat Cardinals

These are five reasons the 49ers should win Thursday night. SHOULD win. Not will win.

I’m not making any bold predictions here. Haven’t seen Chip Kelly’s game plan or watched the team practice this week. Can’t vouch for the Niners’ preparation. Just explaining why they have a perfect opportunity to upset the Cardinals at home.

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    1. I have to agree, Grant likes to assume to much notice how he doesn’t mention all the key injuries and lack of talent the 49ers have especially the biggest one(Bowman) I expect the Cardinals the run wild on our weak Defense

        1. Oh yeah that’s what we thought about the Seahawks and look what the back up RB did LOL Grant you should stop while your ahead SMH

    2. The KKK Kapernack Kneeling Karma, is putting the voodoo on the whole team maybe when end game of the kneeling is worked out (like what was that all about anyway) the team can focus on winning. My guess is when the poison (#7) has been traded to the CFL, go Rams your have a focus is on football not Ferguson.

  1. That was a good article, Grant. I still think the 49ers lose the game. Their secondary is much better than the Cowboys, and Johnson is going to run rough shot. Yes, Gabbert had an alter ego in the first half, but as the game intensified, his original materialized. 27-17 Cardinals

      1. Comes with the job, Prime. This franchise is a dumpster fire, and the fire department is too indifferent to put it out….

        1. I know it’s bad, in fact it’s really bad. But….. all it takes is one stellar draft, some big money spending in free agency, a real GM and Jed to find a new hobby.
          See, it can be done!

          1. I’ve got a 12 step program:

            1. Sell team to Joe Montana
            2. Fire Trent Baalke
            3. Fire Chip Kelly & Staff
            4. Sell Levi’s to the Raiders/Build on Treasure Island, SF
            5. Hire Nick Caserio GM
            6. Hire Josh McDaniels HC
            7. Hire Mike Vrabel DC
            8. Sign Jamie Collins ILB
            9. Sign Jeffrey’s WR
            10. Renegotiate Bowman’s contract
            11. Draft DeShone Kizer QB Round 1
            12. Draft Carl Lawson OLB/DE Round 2

            Send Oregoniner over to Chips so he has some dip….

      1. Why is that, Grant? Stacking the box and making Stanton pass is a great scheme in theory, but what happens when he throws those swing passes to Johnson? He’s pretty much been a wide receiver with a running backs mentality. I’d say he’s a must start if he’s on your fantasy team….

        1. I remember when Stanton beat us in 2014 when Harbaugh was still coach and a better defense with Willis/Borland and Justin Smith, now we have Wilhoite/Bellore LOLOL

  2. You could have stopped at Drew Stanton will be the starting QB, but I agree with the other points too. The Cards are really struggling and have to make the trip on a short week. Everything is in the Niners favor and yet I can’t bring myself to predict a win.

    As for that pass to Celek Gabbert made, he made the same one on the exact same play in preseason. He’s got that one down cold.

    1. Rocket this defense is so soft that Stanton will look like a seasoned vet out there. The only reason is we can’t stop the run. Arians will force feed it down the 49ers throat then play action us to death soon after.
      Gabbert will just finish things off having to throw at will down 3 scores. Then all the Kap lovers will say, we need a change at QB when in reality, it’s the defense that has not done it’s job all year!

        1. I agree but when you can’t stop the run in the NFL, outside of turnovers,it is the second most critical mistake a team can make.

  3. Grant – Actually, a very succinct analysis. I especially like your deeper analysis into this FIPS statistical analysis. Shows that you are delving more deeply into the inner thinking and analysis of the game. Bottom line with your FIPS actually shows that the players are playing relatively “clean” football and not beating themselves. Also, without your direct admission, it shows that the coaches need to “pony up” and put more on the plate with respect to the game plan so the players have a chance to win.

      1. Yup. Must agree. The FIPS thing was good. Hadn’t heard of that. The 49ers are fairly efficient in terms of offense. They are 30th in total yards but they are around 15 in points scored. They are +2 on turnovers. The 49ers have 70 first downs and they’ve attempted 60 3rd down conversions. So basically they aren’t making many chunk plays. By contrast, the Raiders have 84 first downs but have only attempted 48 3rd downs. A lot goes into that stat but it also basically means the Raiders are getting more chunk plays on 1st and 2nd downs. The other big thing that stands out is the 49er offense has committed very few penalties. They are 31st in the league in offensive penalties. If they ever get any playmakers I think this offense could be good.

        1. FIPS has potential, but it’s flawed. The F and I should be more heavily weighted than a P or an S. Also, an S should be more heavily weighted than a P.


          Maybe: FIPS score = (6xF) + (6xI) + (2xS) + (1xP)

          1. A weighted FIPS. I like it. The only thing that matters is this stats ability to help me wager successfully. If it works then we need to pay Grant a commission.

    1. The problem with Grants analysis is the Cardinals are way more talented then the 49ers Also Drew Stanton is going up against our horrible defense that made a rookie QB look like Joe Montana last Sunday. Grants not fooling me

  4. 49ers will lose for 2 reasons:
    – Cards D is too good for the 49ers O.
    – Stanton will encourage the Cards to rely more on the run game, which is the best way to beat the 49ers anyway.

    1. Pretty much sums it up, and it doesn’t hurt when you draft a running back like Johnson to go two wheeling through this defense….

      1. And the Cards backs will just get to the next level before eventually breaking open huge gains all night long.

        I think we are underestimating the loss of Bowman. There was already a lack of leadership on defense, now who do they look to lead them? Reid? The guy who always is in the wrong place or misses his assignment. This team is in complete dissaray!

        1. I think we are overestimating the loss of Bowman. He was playing like an old man before he went down. Really struggled changing directions.

              1. Bowman was not close to what he was pre-injury, but he still was our best defensive player last year and for the last 4 games.

                As our best defensive player, I would not underestimate his loss even if he was not the Bowman of 2013. Dallas immediately begin to attack the Bowman’ area once he went out last Sunday. Some here may not appreciate the post-injured Bowman but Dallas did, by going to his area.

                I see the Cards wining tonight due in big part to running right at Bowman’ area.
                Bowman will missed big time!

          1. Oh really? You mean when Ezekiel Elliot started getting bigger chunks of yardage when Bowman went out LOL Okay LOL

              1. His largest run was 10 yards before Bowman went out then after Bowman went out he had 20 or more yards 2 or 3 times

    2. Correct on both points Scooter.

      I don’t like Gabbert against the Cardinal secondary. I have a really bad feeling that this we be over quickly due to mistakes by Gabbert.

      Our run defense is awful. I would say load up in the box, but I don’t trust Brock 1 on 1.

      1. Just think Brock was getting killed by the Cowboys 3rd and 4th WRs LOL Dez and Romo didn’t even play thank god for us because it would’ve been a blow out! Now Brock will be asked to cover Fitzgerald or Floyd who are starters and nobody will be able to keep up with John Brown

  5. “They should shut him down, just like everyone else does. If the 49ers don’t shut him down, something is seriously wrong with their defense.”

    There is already something seriously wrong with the defense. This defense has the capability of making Stanton look like a hall of famer. This defense couldn’t stop a turtle on its lunch break.

    Glad you notice that Gabbert threw the ball well against the Cowboys I thought the same. We still need a QB.

    Being a huge fan of the Ducks and Kelly I don’t understand what is going on. Meek is not an adjective that I would choose, but there is defiantly something going on. I liked that Gabbert ran early in the Cowboys game and hope that continues. He needs to throw deep early just to let them no they will.

    As far as the offense is going, they need to run the ball consistently and Hyde at best is inconsistent. Seems to me he looses vision on some plays. Running the ball is what makes this offense work and they are not running it good enough.

    Because I don’t bet I can continue to be the eternal optimist. Once again this is a game the Niners have no business winning. Lots of injuries, no QB on the team, defense is weak at best, WR’s can’t get open, special team is not so special.

    Niners 31 Cardinals 13.

    1. How do you see our defense, less Bowman and Buckner stopping the Cards?
      Our Dline is getting man handled in the run game so much so that they are washing out the linebackers. Bowman was the only one that could navigate through the traffic… and now we are starting practice squad players at linebacker.

      I see a blowout loss.

      On the plus side these type of games are serving to highlight a few things… 1. In spite of the majority of our high draft picks being on defensive side of the ball… its still lacking in talent. and 2. Jim O’neil can’t coach on the defense. Period.

    2. Why didn’t Hyde get more carries? They didn’t go to him enough or go to him consistently. If they say he is the workhorse then he should be touching the ball 22-25 times a game.

  6. I’ll be there amongst the 35k fans (might that be generous?- yes…. 30K).

    For any veterans, just an fyi that there are some discounted tix on Vet Tix.

    I would like to see Dorsey at nose and blitz the run….. I assume AZ will utilize the same approach against us- see if the QB can win the game.

    I would like to to see some screens and more throws to the TE’s………. I will remain “homerly” optimistic………. just gotta figure a way to hide Wilhoite so they don’t dink and dunk in his zone- he is a HUGE liability.

      1. Don’t worry everyone, the guy that wasn’t good enough to make the 49ers opening 53 man roster and no other team wanted either will save us! Hooray!

        1. Maybe the coaches did not make the proper assessments. They let Garrison Smith go, and he did well against the Niners.

          While I lament the loss of Bowman, it is next man up, and if they sit Skov, maybe their assessment skills are lacking.

          1. It wasn’t just the 49ers coaches that thought Skov wasn’t good enough to be on the 53. Every team in the NFL had a shot to add him to their roster… and didn’t.

            Garrison Smith is no better than Purcell. Both guys dominate against third string players, and are ok backups.

              1. And paying for it.

                Losing Williams and not having a fully fit Dorsey is a problem. They aren’t controlling the middle at all. Armstead really got found out in the run game against the Cowboys too. Too often Purcell and Armstead either took themselves out of the play or were too easily blocked out of the play against the Cowboys. Buckner has also had his issues anchoring, though at least he appears to mostly be playing the right gaps. Dial has probably been the best run stopping DL this year for the 49ers.

                Having ILBs (and safeties) missing assignments or being blocked out of it too easily is also a problem. Hodges has really struggled when he’s been in the game, and against the Cowboys Bellore was down right dreadful when he went in. Bethea also had an awful moment on one of Elliott’s runs where for some reason he tried to loop around the outside rather than fill the B gap like I can only assume he was supposed to.

                Honestly, just freaking awful run defense.

                To be honest, Seb is partly right with Skov. It would be hard for him to do worse than Bellore did when he went in. May as well play him and see what he can do.

              2. Niners should get Kendall Reyes. He was cut by Washington, and maybe he would thrive in a different system.

              3. Reyes has the dubious honour of being on PFF’s end of season worst run stopping DL list a few times already in his career. I’m not sure he is the answer to the run D issues!

                Here is what PFF had to say about him at the start of FA:

                The former second-round pick has been a major disappointment for San Diego. The defensive line has been a weakness for the Chargers the last few seasons, and Reyes has been a large part of that. He has graded in the bottom five of all interior defenders each of the last three years, has never finished a season with even an average grade against the run, and hasn’t had a above-average pass rush grade since his rookie year.

                No thanks!

              4. Its OK, KR can be picked up cheap, so Baalke will love him.

                I wanted the Niners to get him in the FA market.

                KR may benefit from a change of scenery, and a different defensive scheme.

                He cannot be worse than who they got right now.

          2. Naturally Seb, your assessment skills are off the charts–orders of magnitude above anyone in the NFL…anyone.

            1. I also want the Niners to poach Jordan Tripp off the Seahawk PS. Not only for the intel, but he is backing up All pro players, so he may be a definite upgrade.

        2. That is an inaccurate statement on Skov Scooter. While it is true that he did not make it past the final cuts, it was not due to him not being good enough because it has been stated by the team (Kelly if I recall) that Wilhoite only beat Skov out Wilhoite due to have more experience.

      2. Giving Skov some playing time on early downs may be worth the shot. He appears to have regained some of his old speed over the off-season.

        1. Mood, I totally agree. He seems to have a nose for the ball.
          Skov should be used on first and second downs, to help the run defense.

    1. Dave

      I think that Dorsey is just about done….I look for Blain to be the one to stick his finger in the fan…2 sacks

  7. Hmm, they should put players in position to succeed. The receivers should do a double move. Now Tim Ryan just mentioned that they should line up the RB deep and let him choose the hole to run through.

    Sounds like some posters like my ideas. ;p

    1. I wonder if Gabs could add
      the pump-fake to his .. u-mmm ..”arsenal” ?

      Hey … don’t laugh …
      it just might .. work !

        1. Well, if the safeties bite on the fake, they will not be in position to defend the long ball.

          Of course, the Niner QB needs to throw it far enough, and that seems problematic with Gabbert.

  8. 5 ways the Niners could win.

    1. Be bold. Go for it. Stop being so timid.

    2. Unsheathe their Super Bowl QB, unless they want to lose. He said he is ready, and Gabbert is hurting the team with his play.

    3. Become more innovative, and run varied plays like counters, I formations, sweeps, draws, reverses, fake reverses, naked bootlegs, fly sweeps, and put Kaep in for the flea flicker.

    4. Make honest assessments about the players. Become as desperate as a 3 loss team should be, and play Garnett, Skov and DuJuan Harris.

    5. Assume they know the plays ahead of time. Counter that by being more deceptive. Set them up, then take advantage of their tendencies. Throw out the playbook, and game plan at halftime, and do something totally different to counter their adjustments.

    1. My guess is after we take a drubbing from Arizona, Kelly will put Kap in and maybe get more creative on offense. We need a new DC and a new GM and most of all – new ownership.

  9. I’d like to see Davis at hb, yes he fumbled once or twice in preseason but he also looked explosive, possible home run threat. Oh, and Gabbert hasn’t made a hof throw in his life…..

  10. Two west coast teams without quarterbacks playing on a Thursday night? Will easily be one of the least watched NFL games this season. By 7pm pst I’d love to see the ratings.

  11. How many more games will the 49ers actually win this season?

    At this point I’m seeing two winnable games by this team. Tomorrow and Dec 11th against the Jets.

    3-13 should be low enough to make this Baalke’s last season.

    1. I don’t think we beat Arizona this week. I think the home games against the Saints and Jets are winnable. I expect to win one of those games.

      Jeff Fischer will be out of the playoff hunt by week 17 and will throw the game. This will give them a higher pick and will kill any chance of us getting Kizer:-(

      S.F. 3-13
      Cle. 2-14

        1. Falcons? That unstoppable force meeting our very movable object? We’ll be lucky if we hold them under 60. Bills will be a tough out too.

    2. Wow you have two winnable games! I keep looking at the schedule and I can’t find ONE! Here’s how Bruce Arians phone call to Carson Palmer went yesterday

      Arian: Hey Carson just wanted to say hi and let you know you should just stay home with your wife and kids since we’re playing the 49ers this week.

      Carson: Yeah I was thinking the same thing coach I’ll just treat it like a bye week.

      Arian: I know you passed concussion protocol today but I was thinking there’s no way we’ll lose this game even if I tried, hell I might even tell Fitz to sit out the Cowboys did it.

      Carson: You know what coach better yet just play the backups.

      Arian: I might just do that I’ll FaceTime you during the game.

  12. I don’t think the 49ers gained any advantage from Carson Palmer not playing as Grant is assuming. He’s part of the reason the Cardinals are 1-3 he’s been terrible Grant just likes jinxing the 49ers every chance he gets because he’s still butt hurt about Chip putting his dad in his place LOL

  13. 5 reasons the Niners won’t win on Thursday night:

    Blaine Gabbert (1 of 3 backup QBs on this roster)
    Defense/O’Neil (aka The Charmins)
    Chip Kelly (should pull a Nick Saban and stick to where he’s good at)
    Trent Baalke (wishes Scot McGloughan would give him a clue)
    Jed York (Yorkies couldn’t wait to get rid of only 2 winning head coaches in their 16 yrs of ownership)

  14. It shouldn’t come as a shock that Jim O’Neil’s defense is struggling against the run. While with the Cleveland Browns, his defenses were among the leagues in that category.

    Cleveland Browns
    2014: allowed 4.5 yards/run and 141.6 yards/game (32nd)
    2015: allowed 4.5 yards/run and 128.4 yards/game (30th)

    2016 SF 49ers: allowing 140.5 yards/game (or 4.5 yd avg)

    O’Neil may get fired (scapegoat) before the season is over.

        1. Tackling is important, but if you are not lined up properly before the snap, you’ve already taken yourself out of the play. This is one of the things that happens when you are starting young players, but it shouldn’t happen continually. That is poor Coaching.

  15. As long as Baalke is in the picture, leather football helmeted strategy exists.

    Hyde is still the game plan, and play tough D

    Bruce Arians, no dummy, Isolates Wilhoite forcing the Niners to switch to Hodges.

    The Cards then play with an overloaded line Walsh used to beat the Bengals in their 1st SuperBowl, with– Guess What-Bill Ring as running back .

    Hodges will be pushed around the field like he’s wearing ice skates (which is why he can’t hold a LB position long in the NFL -bad at run D) and the 49ers will switch back to Wilhoite, and so on, an so forth, as the 2016 NFL season turns.

  16. In Road games the 49ers have now lost 10 of their last 11.

    Kelly sounds like Tomsula after these games only offering: “I have to review the tape,” when asked what went wrong.

    Cards 45- 18

  17. AJ Hawk was available after the Bowman injury making him the best run defending LB on their team.

    I know Baalke may be incompetent, but not blind.

    The York’s and their cheap ways are behing this non-signing and the Niners will pay, big time, on Thursday Night, short week, as Arians destroys them with their Div. II, Washburn University, Linebacking Corps

    1. A Lauded Draft Pick: Hawk’s success at OSU made him one of the top prospects in the 2006 NFL Draft class. Considered a reliable athlete and speedy for a front-seven defender, experts regarded him as a top- 10 pick. The Green Bay Packers took him at No. 5 overall.

  18. The 32-year-old is considered to be extremely durable: Despite manning such a physical position, he’s missed just two regular season contests over the course of his long NFL career. Hawk brings loads of experience to the table, and as a Super Bowl champion who’s made the playoffs during eight of his 10 years in the league, he adds a winning pedigree, too.

    1. Hawk had one really good year back in 2006 and never matched that performance. In seasons 2008-2011 he was one of the lowest rated LB’s in the league. In 2014 the year Bowman was out he was terrible. There’s a reason that the Packers, a team that needed a LB at the time was willing to let him go and there’s a reason he was just unemployed for the last 6 months.

      Not signing AJ Hawk isn’t a bad move by Baalke.

        1. Replacing bad players with bad payers is trying something but it isn’t trying anything intelligent or useful. It’s called spinning your tires.

  19. Thank you, York’s.

    Washburn University’s, Wilhoite, and Central Michigan’s, Undrafted F/A, Nick Bellore will man the Linebacking vs. the Cards on a short week……Can 49er fans find a louder “House of Horrors” than Cards stadium

  20. I agree with Grant that Niners will stack the box and limit damage from the run up the middle. But Arians vs O’Neill is no contest. Arians will find ways to get the ball to the 3 receivers. Stanton has a decent arm and even if he only connects 25% on the deep throws, they don’t have to score more than 21 points to beat the Niners. Cardinals 21 – Niners 17.

    1. Stanton can deliver the deep ball that Arians likes if left unmolested in the pocket.
      He can hit behind the LBs too unless Niners get a pass rush. While stopping the run is pretty much Job#1, loading the box has its drawbacks, especially if Arians expects it.

  21. Evan Mathis, Mike Iuppati, DJ Humphries, Jared Veldheer.

    Sounds like a fun Thurs. Night. Cards play basic football with this group-conservative and win this game.

    1. I don’t know if I can put it all on Chip look at the lack of talent he has to work with we probably have the worst group of WRs in the NFL.

  22. Worst article you’ve ever written.

    Wandering around the facility for five years doesn’t make you a football expert.


    I’m sure you were an adequate English TA at UCLA but every coach and front office person in that building forgot more football over morning cornflakes than you will ever know.


    And commenting that missing Bowman is overestimated?

    Your ignorance is astounding.

    1. Yup the past 3 games. those geniuses have allowed 466 yards per game. Sorry to pee in your cornflakes, but Grant is more astute than you think.

      Grant is smart enough to see that the Niners need to start tackling better, something those coaches conveniently forgot how to do.

      Worst article he has ever written? No, that might be his declaration that Kaep would be cut.

      Grant actually said that they should try double moves, and put players into positions to succeed. Those are very smart ideas.

      1. “…Grant actually said that they should try double moves, and put players into positions to succeed. Those are very smart ideas….”

        And where have we seen those “ideas”
        in print before .. ?

  23. An okay article Grant, but none of that is going to matter against the Cardinals. They have a stronger secondary and run defense. The Arizona WRs and RBs will potentially have a field day against the 49ers defense, and Stanton will look like competent QB as well. The 49ers may be able to put up a little bit of a fight, but the Cardinals will walk away from this game with a win.

    Cardinals 24
    Niners 20

  24. Niners are going to surprise folks. The loss of Bow hurts, but the return of Lynch is huge.

    I am hoping that the Niners get at least 4 sacks, and the defense gets a tip for a pick.

    1. Which Lynch is going to show up: the one who can be a nightmare pass rusher or the one that takes several plays off?

      1. The one who’s probably not in the best football shape. That said, the Cards’ RT is not that great either so it may work out in Lynch’s favor…

          1. u-mmmm … maybe prime .. but ..

            the real question is ..

            Which Gabbert will show up …?

            The first half Cowgirl game.. Gabbert .. or
            second half Cowgirl game one ?

            1. I’m more worried about the defense. In case you have not been watching, the defense is killing us.
              Don’t worry though Kap lover, he will soon get his chance!

              1. I am worried about both Prime. No one on the offense scares the other defenses in the league, and O’Neil has the defense on pace to be worse than last season.

              2. I never had any expectations for Gabbert, he will be nothing more than a bridge QB.
                But the defense was suppose to be a strength.

              3. No one should have thought that about the defense after Kelly hired O’Neil.

              4. I’m just going off all the high picks we used on that side of the ball.
                O’Neill is another story.
                I think it’s lazy to just blame Kelly and his coaching staff this early on in the year. If it’s not Gabbert it’s the coaching staff. That’s all everyone on here wants to do, blame them when there are so many other reasons!

            2. I think you mean the first quarter Gabbert MWN because he did virtually nothing in the second quarter.

              1. “…I think you mean the first quarter Gabbert MWN ..”

                yeah.. you’re right.. MidWest ..
                I stand corrected …

                btw … have you noticed … that even
                an innocuous reply to prime seems to
                cause him to lash out …?

                methinks someone musta stole his
                binky too many times when he was
                a toddler …

              2. MW don’t be all sensitive. You have been begging for Kap all offseason and after very game. I see through your little love affair over the guy. Between you and Razor, your finger nails are down to a nub waiting for old wind up to enter the fray. The sad thing is, it wont matter much at all!
                Blaming Gabbert its just sour grapes!

  25. I’ll also add Cards travel / Niners no travel on a very short week. Against a struggling opponent now without their all-pro Qb, if there was ever the opportunity for Niners to resemble a functioning NFL team, this is it. 17-14 Niners. If they end up losing, that’s it for my predictions the rest of the season.

    1. “….MW don’t be all sensitive. ..”

      Oh… I’m not sensitive… prime ..
      your tirades and tantrums.. here .. don’t
      bother me in the least …

      I just cannot understand just why ..
      you throw a hissy-fit .. because some .. here..
      think that there is a … possibility
      that the Niners probably .. might win
      a few more games .. with Kap at the helm..
      than the dumpster fire we all hafta suffer with
      now …

      You rail at anyone who dares to have
      a different view as you do …

      I dunno about up in Canada .. but.. here
      in the lower 48 ..
      that attitude is very immature ..

      Just maybe … if you would
      remove Gabberts athletic supporter from
      your face … you … too .. may be able
      to see that as well

      1. MW, Clearly you have no football intellect to think that anyone, even your hero Old Wind up could come in and help this talent deficient squad! This losing streak is not about Gabbert!
        You are a dreamer if you think Kap can help win games. But you keep holding out hope. That’s what you Americans do, wishful thinking without the thinking part!

  26. ” …This losing streak is not about Gabbert!…”

    really … ??

    How soon you forget …

    What you fail to realize .. (and admit) .. is
    the Gabbert we saw from the 2nd qtr ’till the
    end of the last game … is
    the very same Gabbert … he has been his entire
    carrear ! …

    And you think that’s .. good enough ?

    Gabbert has only seen … the playoffs
    on TV …

    and Kap .. has not only seen the playoffs on the field ..
    he’s actually won !

    If you go to your local Moose-Jaw casino .. I bet
    you could get some odds on Kap returning to form… over
    Blaine (all of a sudden) .. becoming a GOOD … QB …

    Which scenario do you suppose …has greater odds .. ??

    yeah … I thought so

    1. MW you are basing the hopes of winning games on a guy who made the playoffs so many years ago and till this day cannot beat out Gabbbert. Now I know why you are not all there!
      If you think the 3 loses are on Gabbert instead of the lack of talent at WR and the soft defense, then I am convinced you don’t even watch the games and just listen to them on the radio? Which is it?

    2. Yes Kaepernick was the QB when the team made the playoffs in 2012 and 2013. Those teams also had a top 10 defense.

      Replacing Gabbert with Kaepernick will not change the net results much if at all.

      1. And that’s what all these Kap dreamers have failed to admit. This isn’t a QB issue, although Gabbert was never the answer to begin with.
        This 49ers team is lacking talent at key positions. But pipe dreamers like MW want to blame Gabbert in the hopes Kaepernick can somehow come in and turn this team around.
        Well MW, this is not 2012 son. There is no Justin Smith, Aldon Smith, Bowman, P Willy, Carlos Rogers to save the day!

      2. Well… Jack …

        We won’t really know that for sure..
        until it happens… will we ?

        Sure … the Defense sucks … and
        no one will argue with that .. but …
        even if we still had the Fangio defense ..
        how many games could we win with
        Gabbert ?

        I just think the odds are better with Kap !

        Bottom line … Kap .. can be … a
        much better QB … than Gabbert … can ever
        hope to be !

        1. MW says “I just think the odds are better with Kap !

          Don’t quit your day job and don’t put any money down on this foolish opinion!
          Its time guys like you realized that what he once was is no longer. Get over it and move on. You sound like the girl that got dumped and cant let it go!

        2. Perhaps you forgot how bad Kaepernick played in 2014, the first half of last year and this preseason.

          Even when this team was going deep into the playoffs three straight years it wasn’t due to the play of the QB.

          1. 2014, the Niners had 22 injuries. In 2015, they had Devey, Pears and Martin.

            Looks like the O line has improved, and so far, Hyde is healthy. Kaep is finally healthy, too.

            Kaep is getting the RGIII treatment because Baalke is an emo troll. Its almost like they are intentionally tanking to get a high draft pick. Baalke is a big reason why they will not play Kaep, and I can only grind my teeth while watching them lose.

  27. I’m slightly surprised at the overwhelming amount of people selecting the Cards to win tonight. I get that they have a great secondary but 90%(no that’s not an official stat) of the targets Gabbert throws at are being covered by a linebacker. With Gabbert I have no fear of the opposing secondary because they’ll be untested for the majority of the game.

    I’m not picking them to win but I’m still surprised that nobody else is either.

    1. Have you seen the run defense lately? Now without their leading tackler?
      Wilhoite who does like to get his jersey dirty and Hodges who was just benched? DForest out and Armstead limited, Dorsey just getting back from injury and whos left?
      This will be over by half time.

  28. Who’ll cover Fitzgerald in the slot this evening? He will school either Robinson or Reid. If the Niners can’t get some pressure on Stanton (or contain Johnson for that matter), it could get bad. Hope I will get a pleasant surprise.

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