Former 49ers DT Dana Stubblefield charged with raping disabled woman

This is horrifying news. According to TMZ, the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s office has filed five felony charges against former 49ers defensive tackle Dana Stubblefield.

The charges include “rape by force, rape of a victim incapable of giving consent, oral copulation by force, oral copulation with a person incapable of giving consent and false imprisonment.” The victim reportedly is a 31-year-old mentally disabled babysitter.

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  1. I don’t want to read anymore. I’m sorry to hear that Grant. Terrible news. Thoughts and prayers go out to the victim and her family….

  2. The whole story sounds fishy and I don’t believe. I don’t feel sorry for the victim either. Sounds like she couldn’t wait to get down on her knees!!

    Stubblefield is innocent!! Count it!!!

  3. Lord forgive me, but I hope the @$!#/ing piece of $#it gets his just desserts. Rape is easily enough of a sickening evil, but to do it to a disabled woman, I…there’s no words that can express my feelings on this.
    The victim, along with her family and friends are in my thoughts and prayers.

    1. Lord forgive me, but I hope the @$!#/ing piece of $#it gets his just desserts. Rape is easily enough of a sickening evil, but to do it to a disabled woman, I…there’s no words that can express my feelings on this.
      The victim, along with her family and friends are in my thoughts and prayers.

      You sound like a winey old woman……

      You have no idea if there is any real truth to this or not. He’s presumed innocent at this point until a trial by his peers has commenced and is over.

      1. renny ..

        you’re new here .. right ?

        It’s o.k. .. for someone’s opinion to
        differ from your own, ya know

      2. You sound like a winey old woman……

        Now the trolls are using sexist comments. Awesome. -_-

      3. Renny,
        Even if Stubblefield is found to be innocent, taking a shot at a potential victim the way you did is classless.

        One of the worse comments by a person made in the Bill Cosby rape fiasco came from Damon Wayans (actor) who referred to some of the victims as being “un-rapable” because of their appearance. Absolutely classless.
        Somehow you seem to fall into this category.

        I do agree that everyone is innocent until proven guilty, but it seems like you’ve done what you feel others here have done towards Dana, you’ve already convicted a person – in this case the alleged victim.

        1. AES, Dana might be the potential victim….
          First of all HE is accused. Secondly he’s portrayed as a the worst of the worst by doing this to a mentally and physically handicapped person.
          I think there is more to the story.
          Third, I think Renny called the poster a whiny woman, not the ‘victim’ .

          1. Dee,
            Read my reply to Renny again, I never accused Stubby or judged him.
            I made it clear that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. I only pointed out that Renny was doing the same thing he was accusing others here of doing with Dana – already convicting a person of wrongdoing. In this case he is describing that this person may have dropped to her knees willingly.
            Btw, your comment of her looking for a paycheck smacks of condemnation as well.

            One report said that the women’s handicap is a speech impediment, so until the actual truth is revealed it’s best you (or anyone) refrain from making accusatory comments.

            1. AES
              I missed Renny’s 1st post and see now what you are referring to.
              My comment about the paycheck on the other hand IS judgemental but as things unfold there is something odd about the case, especially since the women’s handicap is a speech impediment.
              I don’t think we will ever know the truth by the way.

              1. Dee,
                Public opinion doesn’t hold water in court. Your interpretation of the truth or mine will not carry any weight in the court house and the judge’s decision.
                We’ll just have to see how this plays out in court.
                Again, I only want the truth to win out.

              1. AES
                Philosophically speaking the truth is already out; Two people had sex in Bubba’s house. Everything else is human interpretation.

  4. How many babysitters are there who have “a mental disorder and developmental and physical disabilities.”, can’t give consent but could figure out to go to the cops immediately???
    Somebody looking for a paycheck…..

  5. I like to think the readers of this blog are above TMZ articles. If we wanted to read this sort of trash the TMZ website is just a click away.
    There is so much you could write about relevant 49er news. Will you get back on topic, please?

    1. Just terrible. Even if he’s “innocent”, it’s terrible. Unless this story is a compete fabrication.

  6. What is wrong with some of you in here? Your first instinct is to defend the guy accused with raping a mentally disabled woman?

  7. I am not a stubblefield apologist.At the same time, after reading the Yahoo Sports piece, it makes me want to get more information. There are some points here that raise questions about the conduct and intentions of both parties.

  8. What is worse than rape? Being falsely accused of rape, because then all rapists can point to that case and say that there have been instances of false accusations, therefor bringing into consideration reasonable doubt. That will hurt all future rape victims, and possibly allow rapists to go free. I hope the DA has an airtight case, and is not just grandstanding to force a plea deal.
    I wish there had been a more balanced presentation of the incident. First of all, she went to his home, twice. Second, how does a mentally disabled person get a driver’s licence? Third, how can she know how to text if she is so disabled? Fourth, How can someone be so mentally disabled to not be able to give consent? Fifth, how can a mentally disabled person be able to be a babysitter with all those responsibilities? Sixth, DS vigorously denies the allegations and has submitted to a lie detector test, which he passed. That may be inadmissible in a court of law, but in the court of public opinion, it carries weight. Maybe those facts should have been included before one declares that he is guilty and a scumbag.
    DS is innocent until proven guilty, so I will with hold judgement until that time. Maybe every other poster should do the same, and not vilify a potentially innocent person without all the facts. The accuser may be a victim, but DS could be a victim, also.
    Finally, I also agree with many that this sort of salacious news is not needed on this site, and just detracts from football.

  9. So out of 11 picks 5 were defensive picks and of those 5, 3 of them were CB’s and the other 2 DL. There were 253 draft picks, of our 11 picks 8 of them came in the 2nd half of the draft.

    We have one of the lowest average scoring offenses in the league but we didn’t pick up an offensive weapon until pick #211.

    How is this team ever going to get better with these drafts?

    1. Fixing the O line will make all the offensive skill players better.
      This draft filled a lot of needs. Did not know if they were smart to be so redundant, but there may be safety in numbers.

  10. Matt Barrows ‏@mattbarrows 5m5 minutes ago
    Since 2010, Trent Baalke has drafted more cornerbacks (10) than any other position. No. 68 (Will Redmond) is the earliest* he’s taken one.

    No CB picked higher then #68, what a shocker the position has been mired in mediocrity. Even after 10 drat picks at the position we still don’t have anything close to a top flight CB on this team.

    We can’t fire Baalke fast enough.

      1. 10 picks at a position and not a single pro bowl player OR even close for that matter.

        1. I know but I’m pretty sure that even Grant would have picked a pro-bowl CB out of 10 tries.

      2. Which is why I can’t fathom him drafting Will Redmond. Baalke will get fired before Redmond sees the field. Not a smart pick.

        1. Trufant was a first round pick, and Redmond has first round ability. His medicals checked out, and he was a great value pick. Not sure what else you could ask for in the 3rd round….

          1. Redmond was ranked as a 3rd to 4th round prospect on pretty near every site I looked at. Some like Jeremiah think he could have been a 2nd rounder if healthy, but that is some pretty optimistic speculation. He only started 7 games in 4 years and is coming off a knee injury. You don’t see many Sr’s who didn’t start until their final year go before day 3, never mind late on day two.

            1. Because of the injury only. He has the feet, hips, instincts and quick twitch traits of NFL caliber material. Several scouts had him as a 1st round talent, Rocket….

              1. Don’t be surprised if at some point during the season, Reid moves to SS and Ward to FS and Redmond as the Nickel Corner. Bethea becomes the backup or traded. If not this year, next year for sure….

              2. Reid should be a leader by now, and Bethea is getting up there in age, and coming off an injury….

              3. Reid was a mature adult, high character player as a rookie. He should be a leader in that secondary after taking on that responsibility last year….

              4. I don’t think Reid qualifies, but I’ll give you him. The only other leaders on the defense are Bethea and Bowman.

              5. With his new contract, Dial should begin to emerge as a leader. It might not happen right away, but at some point Bethea becomes expendable. I don’t think it was a coincidence that his name came up along with Anthony Davis’ for a trade.

                Talk about potential leaders, I fully expect Garnett to take over leadership of that offensive line once Staley retires….

  11. C4C

    Go back to bed and get out on the other side……we need depth at CB…you’re opening a can of worms what’s your follow-up ?

    1. WTF are you talking depth at CB? We have 9 players signed to the position before a single draft pick puts pen to ink.

      1. “We can’t fire Baalke fast enough.” Coffee – It’s funny how everyone has chosen to pick sides on the issue and post thousands of words that all dance around the elephant in the room. I guess it’s just human nature but you said in 5 words exactly what we need to return to greatness. I guess we need the NFL season expanded to 9 months with one month off and two months to prepare for the next season. Maybe then we could focus on reality instead of this constant arguing about whose speculation is more speculative than another’s.

  12. “Trent Baalke seems to prefer athletic un-drafted free agents”

    Baalkes draft strategy is pretty clear at this point. He has no confidence in his ability to scout top flight talent. He prefers to take players that have little to no hype i.e. 5th rounders and later because that way when they bust out of the NFL nobody notices because nobody knew who they were to begin with. He chooses athletic nobody’s in the later rounds so he can avoid making huge misses on bigger targets.

  13. Now that the draft is over, we can now concentrate on the team. My feeling is that if the offense can be fixed, the team will do better. Chip may be the right guy to do the job.
    There is talent on the team, even with all the losses last offseason. I am totally bummed that Baalke did not try harder to get back AD, because he let his emotions dictate his actions. Baalke should have been communicating more with AD so it did not look like they were blind sided with his retirement. At least AD warned Baalke this time, so he got 3 O linemen in this year’s draft. Concussions are an insidious problem, so I do not fault AD in the slightest for his taking a year off. Maybe they should have considered it an injury, but that would mean they would have had to have paid him, and they were too cheap to do that. They also wanted to ignore the problem, and deny the science.
    I hope the Niners will stop being so churlish, and grant AD an unconditional release so he can continue playing if he wants to. If they continue to hold him hostage, it will just be another damning indictment on how they treat their players so decent FAs will shun the team.
    Now that they have drafted 3 O linemen, I hope the Niners release Devey. He is a QB killer, and the Niners will only get better when he is off the team.
    I hope the Niners start wheeling and dealing, trading away players they deem expendable so the Niners will accumulate future picks. I want them to pare down the roster so they have space to poach players from other teams. Kinda like the Seahawks did with the Niners for the past several years.

    1. Seb

      When did AD warn Baalke that he was retiring ? AD is a loser who everyone thinks is some sort of savior for our Oline…face it, HE QUIT ON US.! Grant him an unconditional release …? IN A PIGS EYE…If he wants to continue playing, he can continue to play or compete for a position with the team who holds his rights. It’s sort of like Kaep getting an unconditional release so he can peddle his fanny to Elway with no conditions attached. That would not be cheap…that would be stupid.

      1. Yet, the Panthers released Norman, who is an elite talent. Releasing a player is not the end of the world. The Niners should release Devey, like yesterday.

        1. Seb

          We are not the Panthers…and Norman saw an opportunity for a big (GIANT) payday. He knew that the team couldn’t afford what he wanted and hold onto the other players on the SB team…He may not have an agent, but I’ll guarantee he has a financial advisor….

      2. Oregon, Baalke should have been in constant communication with AD, so he was not blindsided that he was going to retire.
        This time he tweeted that Baalke should draft a tackle. Baalke did draft 2.

        1. Seb

          Didn’t you forget that ” talking with Baalke gives me a headache ” Just how much babysitting do you think Baalke is responsible for ? Good lord, look at the man…he’s not a child…doesn’t he have an agent ? He’s gone…good riddance…

          1. Oregon, you may be right, and I can understand you feelings about AD, but I bet some team who has their tackle go down in TC will call the Niners and try to get something done.

            1. Seb

              On that, we can agree…but remember, he was a first round pick, and presumably has a strong value yet…I’m all for a trade that sends a former first-round OT with 5 years starting experience (in his prime) whom we have already replaced for some draft choice(s) or REAL red meat that wants to play for the 49ers

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