Fran Tarketon says Colin Kaepernick looks “confused” and “mechanical”

Hall of Fame quarterback Fran Tarkenton spoke about Colin Kaepernick Friday on KNBR. Here is what Tarkenton said.

TARKENTON: “I see a guy that looks confused, and I’ve thought about that because I really like this young man. I love your team. I just love everything about it, and I picked them to win this year.

“If I were Jim Harbaugh – he doesn’t need any advice from me, he does pretty good himself – but I understand quarterbacks, too. Let this kid…free him up. Let him be Colin Kaepernick.

“He’s got skills got skills nobody else has. He’s got to use  his legs, use his instincts and be natural with himself. He looks mechanical. He looks like he wants to do everything just right. He wants to be perfect in what he does. Go out and be yourself.”

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  1. I’d say this seems to be a pretty good take on whats going on with Kap’.

    Maybe they just overloaded him with information and he has too much going through his mind which is restricting his play quite a bit. I dont think over-simplifying is the anwer but coaches need to adjust and make sure Kap is fully comfortable in the system so he can go out and make plays. May be to late for this season, but I expect this off-season we go back to the drawing board.

    Thanks Grant.

    1. Agreed, the Tarkenton comments are less about Kaepernick and more to do with system implication. Gruden on Monday night football spoke of the complexity of Roman’s offense in that he’ll call three plays at one time and Colin has to audible according to the defense. Alex Smith due to his vast Years of experience and knowing his limitations never payed it any mind, called the first play, killed the one, checked it down, and got off the field. Kaepernick is trying to stay on the field at all cost and without all his weapons looked confused and mechanical. We’ll see how things change with Crabtree, Manningham, and a now an experienced Baldwin. No more excuses.

  2. Tarkenton sounds like he’s analyzing a second year starter … oh wait, Kaep is. If Kaep can maintain some of the momentum that he’s demonstrated in 49er wins, then we’ll do just fine heading into the playoffs. Must beat: Rams, Cardinals, Bucs, Falcons in the stretch … I’ll take 11-5 end of season.

      1. Hold on there, Chewie. Ramblers were a terrific cold weather car. Zillions in Minn/ND/Wisc/NH/Maine/Vt.
        Ugly as Studebakers, but solid in cold weather. A car that will start on a cold, dark, sub-zero morning is like a prized Blue Tick Hound. Just saying, been there.

      2. Yeah, what thew Tuna Man said. Don’t knock a Nash, they were solid and we could start ours at 10 below on the frigid shores of Lake Erie circa 1957…

      3. colin finally topped 200 yards passing this week vs worst defense in league–and he still fell further behind smith for yards per game—in case you missed it, smith was trading punches with rivers like 2 heavy weights in the ring, 8 lead changes–would have had a clutch comeback win if andy reid knew how to mamage the clock and not call time out on last drive to give chargers more time to score

      4. Mark…how is that the 49ers vs redskins game? Im sure on a Chiefs blog..They would admire your passion for Alex and Andy and The whole kansas city chiefs team

  3. I understand Tark’s take on this. (For those of you who don’t remember, Fran was sort of like Russell Wilson; undersized, quick & elusive, extended plays and innovated, knew where everybody was on the field.) I’ve posted this theme a number of times as part of not being strangled by over-thinking, and its been said in various ways by others here too. I’m coming around though to the idea that he just has to do this work, stay hyper-disciplined for a while to earn that Black Belt. Ten thousand reps, Grasshopper. He’s pretty good even restricted, when he integrates it all……..Andiamo!

    1. Yep. Once he masters the art of quarterbacking, he will be unstoppable. Tarkenton was fun to watch, but disappointed in all three of his Super Bowl appearances. To this day, he believes he is the greatest quarterback of all time…….

    2. BroTu,


      It’s just far to complicated to boil down to coaching staff keeping it simple and the QB just being himself.

      This advice sounds a bit like magical thinking (like “The Secret” that was so popular a few years ago), all you have to do is believe and it will happen.

      Nope, sorry, there’s hard work involved.

      This is not to say that Tarkington is wrong, it’s just that playing QB in the NFL is hard. Transitioning from being a free lancing college QB to a NFL pocket passer is harder. It may be that CK necessarily looks a bit mechanical, right now.

      Besides that, I would venture a guess that “fluid” or “smooth” are never going to be the first adjectives used to describe CK. His throwing motion is always going to have a mechanical look to it. Who cares?

      In Tarkington’s day, his advice for CK would’ve been more on point. Today, the NFL defenses are much more sofisticated. As a result, offenses have to be much more disiplined and precise.

      Perhaps the coaching staff could’ve done things somewhat differently, with maybe some better results, but overall, the 49ers are lucky to have JH, GR, et al.

      I get the feeling that this is just a point on CK’s learning curve. Maybe it’s a point on the coaching staff’s learning curve too. Is there anything wrong with that?

    3. I like Fran’s analysis, think it correct. Something is bothering Kaep.
      Why is he sounding like a “company man”? Saying, (or implying by his comments )”I just work here”, remember? Are they expecting too much of him? I agree let him be himself and have some fun. He did a lot of that last year. We saw some of it Monday night.

  4. Way too much thinking at the line of scrimmage before the ball is snapped. Call 1 play and figure out the best alignment for that play. If it is a run play and Davis looks like he is covered by a linebacker, audible to a pass with Davis as the primary. Keep it simple.

    Is it me or does Alex Smith look a lot more comfortable in KC than he did here?

  5. VERY wise words from Tarkenton. Kap should not be being molded into another Alex. Yes, Harbaugh boosted Alex’s career big time by how he used him, but Kap needs to play a looser game. Only 2o yards or less running the ball some games? C’mon guys!!! Kap should be gaining 50 yards minimum and flingin’ the ball.

    By the way, just a quick comment on Tarkenton, who I certainly don’t always agree with when he pontificates. I’m 62 and in the mid and late 60s, Tarkenton was just about my favorite player to watch. I even thought at the time he might have been the greatest football player who ever lived. Just an absolute FUN guy to watch with the football, AND he threw a lot of touchdowns for those days. Watch a youtube clip or two on him, you’ll be amazed and also laugh occasionally. No QB ever played like him. Closest feeling to watching Tarkenton I had was when Steve Young first started playing for the 49ers. We need to see more plays where Kap rolls out and half the time runs the ball and then the defense won’t have a clue as to what he will do, run down the sidelines or throw a long one, or throw one to Vernon now free down the middle. This conservative, close to the vest offense is gonna kill the 49ers eventually. We’ve got KAP, gosh darn it! Let’s USE him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Despite what Fran recommends for the evolution of Kap, it’s the cerebral passer who typically wins the Super Bowl and throws for massive amounts of passing yards along the way. I’m all for Kap if he can MASTER the mental aspects of pro football. If he isn’t a guy who is projected to do that, then we’ve got problems.

      Also, anyone who talks about Kap as a rookie because of his number of starts is insane. A rookie has had 1 ROUND of training camp, exhibition season, practice reps, film study, playbook terminology, etc. Kap has had 3 ROUNDS of all that. Not a rookie.

      1. Actually he didn’t get much his rookie year due to the lockout. There also is no comparison to playing in actual games. He didn’t start getting starters reps until midway through last season. He is closer to a rookie than an established vet.

      2. Sully, you make a good point about the need for the QB to be a cerebral. Do not allow the tattoos and the Dr Dre Beats around CKs neck fool you! CK definitely has the mental capacity to continue to grow and become as what you call it a cerebral passer. CK had a 4.3GPA in High School and was an honor student. He also excelled academically with a 4.0gpa in college. His Wonderlic test score also was excellent (37) in comparison to some of the top Qbs in the league:

        Russel Wilson 28
        Aaron Rogers 35
        Cam Newton 21
        RGIII 24
        Andrew Luck 37
        Tom Brady 33
        Peyton Manning 28
        Joe Flacco 27
        Ben Roethlisberger 25
        Eli Manning 39
        Drew Brees 28
        Tony Romo 37
        Matt Ryan 32
        Philip Rivers 30
        Matthew Stafford 38
        Mike Vick 20
        Steve Young 33
        John Elway 29
        Brett Favre 22
        Donovan McNabb 15
        Jim Kelly 15
        Terry Bradshaw 15

        Obviously there are so many other factors that will dictate whether a QB becomes an elite player such as the ability to adapt and retain information, physical ability, fitness, dedication and work ethic and we have to wait and see what happens with CK in the next few years.

        However, your comment about CK not being a rookie as a third year player is completely wrong. Ck did not attend the off season workout during his first season due to the NFL lock out and then the second season he was a back up QB with limited practice and coaching opportunity since teams invest all their time on the number one QB. Ck just completed playing a whole season a few games ago and now he is just adjusting to read the complex nfl defenses that were designed to stop him.

      3. I’m not suggesting Kap is a 3-year starter. But anyone who uses the “he’s really a rookie” claim is kidding themselves. He’s had over two years in the same system with the same terminology. And he’s had over two years of practice reps and time in the film room.

        And I know Kap had a high GPA. Ryan Fitzpatrick went to Harvard and he makes some incredibly dumb mistakes.

        All that said, obviously I hope Kap turns things around. But I still stand by my claim that the headiest QBs in pro football were also heady–on the football field–in college. I’m uncertain that it can be 100% taught.

      4. agreed. there was a reason Aaron Rodgers was so good from the get go. it’s not the same as a true 2nd yr player, it’s just another excuse.

  6. I agree with Tark’s take. I’ve been saying the same thing as have a few others including Grant. Stop making him think so much and let him react and play. The multiple plays in the huddle, and having to make all the adjustments before the snap is too much imo. Make it simpler, let him use his legs more often, don’t rely on the deep drops in the pocket so much. We’ve seen a little more quick passing which is a good start.

  7. That interview actually was Friday. Here is another interview with a Hall of Fame QB from last week, Steve Young:

    “Is it just offensive coordinator’s play calling? We don’t have any threats on the perimeter? Is that the issue? Is that the real issue? Or is it now, fundamentally, Trent Dilfer was onto something last week saying about, ‘No, it’s Colin.’

    “And, really, Colin comes off of fakes and they’ve got some neat little things … and people are wide open on the first look. And now they’re not open. Now the second look is not something that he’s really great at. Is that, fundamentally, the issue? You wonder which one’s really causing the problem. Because (there) is a problem right now.”

    “In Washington, we better start seeing it or the alarm bells will go ring even louder,” Young said. “If it is fundamental to the quarterback spot? My gosh. Now, that’s a whole other can of worms that I don’t want to think about.

    “Because if it’s just play-calling, and we need some receivers back, and, you know, we need, philosophically and tactically, we need to get more excited, and expansive and wider, and fuller, and riskier. If that’s all it is, then fine. But if it’s something fundamental to the position, to the guy, that’s a whole other can of worms that I don’t think anyone wants to talk about right now.”

    “The precipitous fall, if that’s the case, from where Colin was at the end of the year and how much pressure he was putting on defenses and how baffling the spread-option and the Pistol was,” Young said. “That window is so closed. And now having to go play real quarterback.

    “And we know that that’s not going to happen in five seconds. That’s a process. Is that just too much right now? And people smell it, and know it, and now it’s affecting everything? That’s alarming. If that’s truly what’s going on – and I don’t have enough intel to really know that yet – but if defenses are calling it then you’re in a lot of trouble.”

    “… After the Colts game it became, we’re going to run the football, play great defense, go back to what we were with Alex Smith,” Young said. “That’s kind of how we’re going to do it. We’re going to kind of set a stake in the ground. And it worked. Five games in a row. You really got the sense that that was the 49er way. Who we really are. And that was fine. But, in the meantime, the constriction around the offense now is not just a strategic move. It’s now an illness.

    “And how do you get out of it? And how do we get expansive again? How do we threaten and really be the team that can go the distance because that’s really what we’re talking about, right? We’re not talking about getting in the playoffs and losing in the first round. We’re talking about a team that’s built, and has the capacity and a window, of guys in the locker room. Leaders ready to go. A stingy defense. A lot of offensive talent. Top-five offensive line. This is the time. Last year was maybe a little early, but it exposed itself at the time. Now is the time to make hay ….

    “I don’t mind a game or two here or there, but now it’s a problem. You know, throwing for 90 yards and throwing for 110 yards and being really efficient? OK. But at some point, no, that’s not going to get it done. And now you’re losing games that you should have won. Not just because of what happened with Ahmad Brooks. Not just because of a little turnover here or there. Fundamentally, we’re not playing well enough offensively to win in this league. And that’s alarming.”

    1. Where does Young get off? He’s the reason the Niners have ONLY 5 Lombardi trophies. Kaep is 10x the QB he’ll ever be … this one’s on the coaches, not on Kaep.

      1. “Kaep is 10x the QB he’ll ever be …”

        Your joking right. Steve Young is IN the hall of fame both college and pro. Two-time NFL MVP. Super bowl MVP and winner. 6 time NFL leading passer which is the most in HISTORY including four passing titles in a row which also the most in NFL history.

        I love Kaep and think he and the team will evolve out of their current problems but please do not say he is 10x the QB that Steve Young was because he is not.

      1. Steve often says a lot to say very little. Ultimately it comes down to Kap as to whether this offense gets untracked. There are different ways to go about it, but it’s going to take however long it takes until Kap is comfortable playing in the pocket. In the meantime give him some success’ to go with the failures by changing things up once in awhile instead of continually trying to throw a creampuff through a brick wall.

        We’ve seen a little more of that with the quick slants in the past couple of games. You don’t have to go play action 5-7 step drop every time you throw the ball.

      2. “Of course, he studied to be a lawyer …”

        This made me smile. Steve Young is a Hall of Fame Super Bowl winning quarterback with a J.D. In theory, he should be the ultimate analyst. In reality, he rarely provides profound insight, he does not communicate clearly, and he often rambles.

        P.S. Law school actually trains students to be succinct, because it tends to be a clearer and more persuasive form of communication and the more you say, the more likely you say something that can be used against you or to weaken you argument.

        Source: I’m a lawyer

  8. I disagree and here is why: I believe that last year, Harbaugh used his raw talent to get to the super bowl. This year, he planned on forcing Kaepernick into a pocket passer, weather good or bad. This will make Kaepernick better in the future for long term success and use Kaepernick skills as a wild card. I do not know why people want to let him loose all the time, he will get injured and people will figure him out (see RG3 and all of the other mobile QB’s). He is not there yet to let loose. Remember that Young and Rodgers were not elite overnight.

      1. I used to think Harbaugh had some long range plan in place and knew what he was doing in respect to some of his earlier moves. Then subsequent events proved that he was being either just impulsive or just it’s opposite of being totally locked into a predetermined mind set.

  9. It’s all on the coaches.

    Here it is again, straight from Crab’s mouth to your ears (eyes): “Stay on the gas — we’ve got to keep on that gas. If we score, we keep scoring. We score until we can’t score no more. That’s where I come from. I mean, that’s football. I don’t know nothing else.”

    Harbaugh has a top-3 defense and explosive weapons in Kaep and VD, yet he still coaches conservatively, which is why we lost two games in a row. If the coaches went to bed tonight and woke up tomorrow morning coaching under Crab’s mantra above, the Niners would win the Super Bowl this year.

    It won’t happen though. The ghost of Sing lives in Jim. Fear is bigger than hope in those two. Pin it on Ditka.

    1. E I agree with you. It is on the coaches. Last night CK audibles into plays in the 1st half that went no where. Actually right into the teeth of the defense. Roman needs to simplify the play through language and reads.
      The time it’s taking from the huddle to the line is making him over think things. This is why Fran might be right in that he looks mechanical.
      Give him two reads per pass play, if it’s not there run or throw it away. Not a football coach but to me it should be that simple.

      1. actually GR has been calling two reads on the same side of the fields……i noticed some of the long passes to the sidelines had someone opened in the middle of the field…..

  10. As legend goes, Colin was Harbaugh’s guy from early in that draft season. They drafted this guy for their system, believing he has the physical, mental, and emotional ability to run a team with that system effectively on an NFL level and win. We keep talking about simplifying the system for him because we can see he’s not really comfortable. Raye tried simplifying the system (further!!!) so much for Alex that they wouldn’t let him check out; didn’t work. Simplifying for your QB is simplifying for your opponent.
    Colin needs to learn this complex system better. He needs to recognize better and sooner. He can’t forget about his footwork. He’ll win a bunch of games with this roster while he’s learning. My take is he’ll be a star, not just competent.

    1. Let’s just say it’s easier said than done and if you haven’t played at a high level it’s easier to say what you would do. Can we stop comparing Kap to Alex. It’s not close. You can dumb an offense all the way down for Kap, he has way more improvising ability than Alex. I’d rather have a dumb down system where he can improvise., than an overly complex system that bogging him down in the middle of plays. There was a lot less shifting last night and it proved helpful.

    2. BT,

      It’s not about simplifying the system; it’s about not overwhelming him. The system is the system; the extras like calling multiple plays and getting to the line late only to have to make the adjustments in the blocking scheme seems to leave him unnerved at times.

      He has to learn to play within the pocket, no question about it, but you can also have him doing other things instead of just dropping him deep on play action the majority of the time. Keep defenses off balance so they don’t know what is coming which they seem to a lot of the time with the Niners.

      I agree Kap has the talent to be great but a lot of very talented players have been demoralized early on in their careers and never realized their potential. It’s a fine line Coaches have to walk when developing QB’s. Most of all it takes time.

      1. He plays well in the pocket when he doesn’t have defense stacking 8-9 in the box and blitzing more than our offense can block. That’s football at its simplest form. Like Fran said, set him free. He was free last year. He will learn to play from the pocket but it’s not happening in one year and our season is on the line.

      2. Kaep seems to be the type of player that has good instincts. His first year he seemed to always know when to take off and when to wait for the receivers to get open. I think because they were so worried about not having a viable back up that they took away that option for him and made him play to conservatively. He is trying to play to much with his head rather than his instincts. Actually the subconscious can process information faster and more efficiently than the conscious can. Those individuals that can harness that ability should be allowed to do so. The relationship between the conscious and the subconscious is not really understood enough.

    3. BT …
      yeah, you’re right when you say ..
      “….He’ll win a bunch of games with this roster while he’s learning. My take is he’ll be a star, not just competent…

      but .. I think we need to keep in mind .. CK has only
      been playing for a little more than a year and a half ..
      (I don’t count the year he spent holding the clipboard)

      He’s young … he WILL make mistakes !
      (Hell .. that’s why they put erasers on pencils)

      And we also need to keep in mind ..
      that just about every HOF quarterback sucked
      in their first couple of years …

      Now … looking at it from that perspective ..
      I’d say Kaep is presently …
      ahead of the curve

      1. How dumb does the system need to be? Kap is missing easy checkdowns as it is. Plus, defensive coordinators are so good now, you really can’t reduce the complexity much further. Also, STOP bringing up Kap’s legs. He’s not exceptional at finding people off the scramble, which is why he ends up running for three yards, then getting whacked. He will NEED to be a great pocket passer for our odds of a Super Bowl win to be within reason.

      2. About as dumb as it was when Alex played. We all held our breath when Alex dropped back five steps to go deep. Slants, ins, outs, comebacks, etc. and running frank gore 20-25 times. That’s how simple. Then play action and go deep. Play action, roll out, and go deep. It’s simple pitch and catch.

      3. Sully Ball,

        You’re absolutely right Kap missed a lot of easy check downs. Not only that, when kap is pressure and he get flush out of the pocket and scramble to the left he’s not very proficient throwing the football. You can see against the less talented Redskins defense, when he scramble to the right he’s more proficient throwing the football and he had a lot of success finding he’s receivers. When good defensive teams pressure Kap on both side of the field, Kap has difficult time scrambling and finding his receivers, Kap becomes one dimensional QB.

      4. You could say that about any QB Capeman. Just like your boy Russell Wilson. When he is pressured up the middle and contained in the pocket, he cant see over people and is forced into a bad decisions.

      5. FDM,
        Are you saying when opposing defense pressure Wilson he makes a lot of bad decision, because he can’t see over the other players? I find it hard to believe that Russell had made a bad decision yet. Wilson has a QBR 105.1 and six interception and 19 TD’s and a passing completion of 176/275 with 2362 yards.

        As of today he lead the #1 Seahawks team with a 10-1 record on top of the NFC and the NFL as well. No matter how the opposing defense tries to contained and pressure Wilson in the pocket, he seems to find ways to get open with his legs and when he does, he’ll find his open receivers down the field. For a small QB like Russell he must be doing something extra ordinary that other taller QB’s in the league can’t do.

        This kid Wilson is a special player…You’ll never know how far this kid Wilson will take the Hawks, sky’s the limit. Wilson is a better QB than Kap right now and he knows how to play the QB position in the NFL.

      6. Wilson is a special player for now, but he’s not built for the long haul. He runs around until the play breaks down, and then makes something out of nothing. He takes a pounding and in a few years he’ll slow down. He’s not good strictly in the pocket after 3 seconds. But he does have more QB skulls then Colin right now. He’s the reason they are 10-1 for sure. But in town he’ll slow down.

      7. Fan 77,
        Absolutely, I agree with you. We’ll see in three years how his body holds up to all the abuse and hits he’s been taking. Maybe, he’ll be a lot more smarter taking less hits and he might even be like the Hall of Famer QB Fran Tarleton who also isn’t tall like him, but had a good brilliant career in the NFL.

  11. Off topic but I saw a special called the Brady 6 that documents the 6 quarterbacks that were drafted before Brady. It was interesting to see the great Bill Walsh in the 49ers draft room overlooking Brady also.

  12. I find it fascinating that Steve Young has no constructive criticism for Kaepernick and Harbaugh. Young just hammers Kaepernick. Why? Young is the poster child for growing pains. His career completion percentage was 53 until he was 28 years old. It took Young a long time to learn what Kaepernick is learning now.

    1. Grant- 3 things wrong in 1 post, gotta be some kind of record.
      Let’s not blow something else out of proportion. He was asked the “questions” and he answered them well, he did not hammer Kap, he did offer constructive criticism, I listened to the entire interview so nothing is taken out of context like posting just parts of the 20 minute conversation. You just stated the EXACT reason why he knows what he’s talking about. He lived it. Tsk tsk.

    2. To further illustrate my point… Where did Young rate ‘after’ his career? Highest rated QB ever until Aaron Rodgers came along. A very articulate guy goes from the bottom to the summit, I think he would be the most qualified person to comment on such things.

      You also forgot to add that he played 3 years in the USFL and 3 years for the Bucs, when they were HORRIBLE. That’s the reason he was 28 with a poor completion %. He still holds the record for most passer rating titles with 6.

      And…Of course he won’t rip any 49er QB, it’s called respect for the position.
      The guy has class, a SB ring, 2 MVP’s and is in both the college and NFL HOF.
      Not too shabby for the poster child for growing pains don’t ya think?

    3. All true points about the greatness of Young, but in terms of criticism of QBs he offers nothing. Ask him a question about Kaep’s problems and you get 10 minutes of nonsensical rambling ending with a some tired cliche such as ‘well, he’s gotta make plays’. Dilfer actually has something to say. Young, not so much.

      1. I’ve never heard anyone at anytime describe what is needed to be a successful QB in the NFL as well as Young. He doesn’t rip people, which is what gets the most attention. He breaks down the dynamics of the whole team, coaches included, as it relates to the QB position. Mentioning what they do well and what needs attention. That is the definition of constructive criticism. The twitter crowd want 8 words delivered with multiple exclamation points, Young is elaborate with his answers.
        I like Dilfer, and agree with much of which he states, but he is a meat and potatoes analyst, whereas Young provides you with all the ingredients of the entire meal. He probably turns some off, because he explains things instead of just bashing or praising.

  13. “confused and mechanical” sounds like something my very first girlfriend said way back in…

    Harbaugh has to strike a balance between cutting him loose (thus slowing his development a a pocket passer) and teaching him what pro-set football is all about. There will be some games where CK7 gets the green light to run all over the place, others were he’s mainly a pocket passer.

    1. Totally agree with this post except for the first girlfriend part. I was smooth like butter from the get go…

      I liken CK’s struggles to Johnny Manziel here in my back yard. Or perhaps even the college version of Vince Young at UT. All these guys are dynamic athletes who struggled initially. Only when the coaches realized that they had to just let them play did the QB’s production really explode. Kliff Kingsbury said he realized what he had in Manziel and he let him out of the rigid structure of the offense and let him create and that’s when the offense took off. Same thing with Vince Young. Mack Brown tells a story about Vince Young showing up at the OC’s house on a Sunday in his sophomore year asking for the coach to give him more freedom. After that day, the Longhorns never lost another game with Vince Young at the helm. Not saying Roman needs to let CK run but perhaps they need to make the offense a little less rigid to allow CK to read and react instead of being so mechanical.

      1. OK, both you guys got me laughing.
        I guess I think that ‘letting them play’ achieves buy-in on whatever play is being executed by the QB; a good thing. Buy-in = belief = confidence.
        But with Vince Young, the professional experience sputtered out. Too many superior athletes in the NFL? Rarely can one guy dominate physically at that level. Perhaps Vince couldn’t or wouldn’t evolve. My uninformed guess is that his emotionalism stemmed from not knowing how to overcome adversity.

  14. This is exactly the reason Colin is struggling. He’s not Peyton! He’s a 2nd year starter! Call a play and let him run it. If it doesn’t work… Then on to the next play! Can’t be any worse than what’s going on right now!

    1. We repeatedly called for Kap to run it early in the year and teams STUFFED it repeatedly. That’s why Harbs has shifted gears, trying to make Kap more of a pocket passer. If we could run Kap consistently we would.

      Also, don’t forget, Kap’s long frame takes bigger hits than, say, Russell Wilson’s. So the more we run Kap the better chance he has of missing games down the stretch.

  15. A very interesting article from Andrew Carroll that attempts to explain why the 49ers’ offense has been so up and down this season:

    Summary: Much of Kaepernick’s success last year was based upon unsustainable success on deep passes. Kaepernick’s completion percentage (60%) and interception rate (3%) were far superior to the league averages, which is not something you can count on to repeat itself. And it hasn’t. His completion percentage on deep passes is much closer to league average this year (46%) and his interception rate has increased by half (4.6%).

    Warning: The article is numbers-heavy. If you don’t like statistics, you won’t like it.

    1. Good article. It had a Sabermetric-y-ness to it.

      It always good to look out for outlying performances, they’re rarely sustainable. For instance, if a batter in baseball has an abnormally percentage of batted balls that fall in for hits one year, look for a batting average regression the next.

  16. Sorry to sound like BS. The Smithers were hating Kaep, and now they recognize it is the crummy play calling. Hello Keep it simple.

    1. No moron, it’s the play calling and ability to read and react to the defense! You can’t just throw to one guy all game. That’s the QB not the play call.

      1. It’s my belief that they should run him ’til his legs fall off….I don’t think that he’ll ever become a good pocket Quarterback. Design some special plays to sprint out, and shorten his drop-back to 3 step for shorter passes….just like Montana

    2. It’s a broken record with the Smither/Kap argument. If you criticize Kap, you’re a Smither. Please. Kap is the Niner QB. When he’s not playing well, some fans are calling him out. He played a little better last night and that’s good. He will need to step it up game after game from here on out.
      Rams should be interesting. They won easily early in the year, behind the running of Gore. Teams are going to take that away.
      They have an elite defense, but the offense is remedial until Colin is willing to throw to more then two receivers.
      Five more games to figure it out!

      1. Fansince77 is correct. You can like both Kap and AS or have severe questions as to whether either is a franchise guy. I can think of no reason why liking one means disliking the other.

      2. Prime,
        Crabs will play about 12 snaps. The guy you want to see Kaep go to is either Fuller in the flat or MacDonald.
        Troy Aikman made Novacek a pro bowl player because he was his outlet guy on 3rd downs. Teams would stack 8 in a box to stop Emitt, then double Irvin.
        Colin has to learn how to make teams pay for taking what they give him.
        Watching the game last night, it’s a little boring because you just know Kap is going to force it to Boldin or make an incompletion. The art of QB play it ain’t!

      3. Yeah,

        Lets throw to Fuller more! Or tgrow to the tight end that catches every other pass. Who is Fuller? Wow! So dense! Crabtree is the 3rd target. Last year he had Moss, Davis, Crabtree, Manningham, Williams and Walker. This year he has 3 dependable options. Wake up! Get that through your thick skull! No TARGETS!

      4. 23 dummy,
        Clearly I got under your clown skin. Why don’t u got back to your passing lane theory on how our 6-4 qb can’t see over the offensive lineman, and keep crying about how Vernon dropped that sideline pass.

  17. Here is a video of the Packers’ Week 16 game against the Raiders in 2003.

    Brett Favre drops back 17 times in the first half, and Mike Sherman makes him roll out on 8 of those plays, almost 50 percent. Favre was 34 years old. Why was Favre rolling out more frequently at 34 than Kaepernick is rolling out at 26?

    1. Different scheme, different offense, different everything. What makes you an expert in invoking a style of play over what Harbaugh believes is better for this team?
      At some point don’t fans just accept the philosophy of the coach and let it ride. It almost sounds like your saying Harbaugh has never thought of this.

      1. Prime,

        Grant’s a smart guy. He knows that nothing generates hits like blaming coaches, trust me I know. The two most clicked on pieces both questioned Roman.

        What’s curious is the timing. Kaepernick is coming off a career high QB rating and instead he wants to rehash a topic over a week old.

        Maybe if we all just agree with him he’ll move on to actual news. Did you hear Crabtree was activated today?

      2. Nah Grant. I think you’re a real good guy. Me suggesting how you should write is like you suggesting how Harbaugh should run his offense.

      3. Jack, you certainly don’t believe Kap’s QBR last night does ANYTHING to answer questions about the problems he’s had all season against great defenses.

      4. Darn it BigP! That was going to be my next poll question. Who has the better mustache, Jeff Fisher or Aaron Rodgers?

        Back to the drawing board I guess.

      5. Nah, I only complain when they get too pass heavy/dependant on the QB. Unlike most I really enjoy watching Harbaugh’s offense.

      6. >>Your posts get more and more condescending toward me.

        Probably in direct proportion to your increasing condescension towards a coach with .700 plus record over 2 3/4 years, two NFC championship games, one Super Bowl appearance, successful NFL career.

        Coach should definitely be taking advice from a twenty-something nepotistic beneficary.

      7. And why so much static towards Harbaugh? Because Harbaugh made Lowell look silly at a press conference when he first got hired!
        How can any fan, reporter not anknowledge the great job he has done turning around the 49ers since the previous regimes? No, not personal at all!

    2. Grant, do you feel Kap has been successful finding receivers on the rollout this year? I haven’t seen the stats on Kap rolling out vs. in the pocket…

    1. I vote that in this digital age viewers should be able to select the camera angle from up in the box that shows everything between the line of scrimmage and 30 yards downfield. With 65′+ widescreen TVs now, that’s a no brainer.

      1. ESPN and CBS do a real good job with their camera angles. There were some really good shots from behind Kaepernick last night.

      2. It’s expensive for the league to consistently do that, but you can find many of those features online. The really cool thing is the 3D surround camera feature where they can control the camera during the replay, just like in Madden. All the big networks utilize the replays from it. It’s like Google Earth for football replays. It utilizes a series of cameras around the bowl of the stadium to make a composite video file, which can be viewed from every angle in real time while watching replays.

  18. Two weeks ago against the Vikings, Russell Wilson dropped back 20 times, and Darrell Bevell moved the pocket for him 5 times – once every four drop backs.

    1. “Two weeks ago against the Vikings, Russell Wilson dropped back 20 times, and Darrell Bevell moved the pocket for him 5 times”

      Just a guess but that is probably more out of necessity due to the injuries they have faced along the offensive line.

      In the NFC Divisional game last season in Atlanta, Wilson dropped back 44 times, and Bevell only moved the pocket 5 times.

      1. The effectiveness of the read option skewed that last season. The constant threat of the zone read seemed to keep pass rushers off balance. Now the read option is just a change up, so moving the pocket takes on a renewed importance.

      2. His weakness has to become his strength if he wants to to be one of the best. He’s going to get better, or he’ll end up on the scrap heap. It’s really that simple…..

        1. Of course. But he shouldn’t be dropping straight back in the pocket 90 percent of the time. For Kaepernick, that figure should be between 50 percent and 75 right now. Favre rolled out almost every other drop back well into his 30s. Kaepernick is like Favre, not Brady.

      3. Have you ever thought that the reason he’s dropping back that much is for the experience? Would you have thought a zone read quarterback could do that without his number one receiver and still be 7-4 and a viable playoff contender? He’s rolled the dice and so far has not crapped out. I expect he’ll be looking for dividends in January…..

      4. There is some truth in that too. Take week 8 against St Louis for example. In the first half Bevell only moved Wilson on 3 of his 17 drop backs, and everyone who watched that game remembers the Rams pounding him.

        In the second half Bevell had to change it up so he called movement on a higher percentage of dropbacks, 3 of 8.

        The game dictates how much of it you have to do.

        Against Carolina it wasn’t Kaepernick or the coaches messing up for the most part, there were 5 drops in that game, and the majority of the pressure didn’t come until the 4th quarter when they were pinned deep.

        I agree with you that moving Kaepernick is effective at times, especially when he is struggling like he was in New Orleans. What I disagree with is the notion that there is a mythical amount of times that a team needs to do it.

        My guess is that we might see a bit more of it this week against the Rams. They have a good front 4 and moving the QB would make sense as we saw during their first matchup in week 5.

        1. I see what you’re saying, but if I were the O.C., I would strive to roll out Kaepernick frequently because I’d bet those roll outs would be my best plays. There is a reason Brett Favre rolled out so often during his career. It worked for him. I think it would work for Kaepernick. He’s better when he’s an athlete throwing on the run than when he’s a quarterback throwing from the pocket. And Russell Wilson is a better pocket QB than Kaepernick right now.

      5. Kaepernick is nothing like Favre. Favre stood in the pocket and delivered big time throws while taking big time hits.
        Again why people compare a 3rd year QB to any of the greats is really not fair or accurate at all. This is why Kaepernicks criticism is unwarranted really because people put him in category that was warranted so early in his career, essentially from last year.

      6. @FDM the “greatness” label came from the loser fantasy football fans who use stats as a measure for CK’s productivity. Little did they know that NFL coaches are the best at studying players and making them do things they don’t want to do.
        Grant talks about rolling CK out more often. Maybe when you actually watch the games you see defenses keeping him in the pocket!
        As for stats it’s the old cheap parlor trick.

      7. Grant I think some might be confused when you say rolling. You can’t continuously roll your QB. You can however slide your pocket. Sliding your pocket still forces DB’s to maintain their field assignment while giving the QB another second to read the field.

        For some reason Kaep just looks more comfortable when you move him though. And New Orleans sure didn’t look prepared though when Kaep rolled and hit Vernon for a TD.

        1. Yes, I’m talking about sliding the pocket, too. But if you watch old games of Favre, he rolled out about every third drop back, and he rolled both to the right and the left.

      8. Oh I know. Shaun Hill took a 4-0 Niners team and got beat on a roll out deep pass by Farve with no time left. If Hill wins that game, he may have held the QB spot much longer.

      9. Shaun Hill, there’s a guy who should send X-mas cards every year to the 49ers defense for allowing him to be a QB in San Francisco for as long as he did.

    1. As someone on this blog said, Jack has established himself as a “bean bag blogger”. Well said my friend, well said.

      Grant will be torn this week. Who to root for? Cowboys or Raiders? Does it really matter? They both suck and will end the year as non-factors.

      1. +1 Ghost.

        And unlike the other “experts” around here, Jack puts his reasoning out there regularly for his 4 readers to digest.

  19. Grant thanks for the post. I am certainly not an expert like Jack or the 49er coaches but Fran’s objective makes a lot of sense to me. Since CK started to take over the QB position, there has been a huge burden of responsibility for him to carry the team on his shoulders to the super-bowl and win the big game. Despite our expectations he is still a rookie QB trying to digest all the complexity of playing the position at the highest level without a whole lot of experience. This is certainly no excuse and this is what expected of the great players in the NFL. However, I believe the coaching staff has put too much responsibilities on CKs shoulders with an extremely complex offensive philosophy and a very strict guideline on how to run it. This strategy has impacted CKs confidence and how he plays the game as well as the performance of the offense. Ultimately it is up to the coaching staff to allow CK to play his game and simplify the game plans so CK does not have to try to be robotic. Why not give CK more flexibility in the offense and just tell him to go and have fun. I am not sure if CK is the future of this franchise but at least we must put him in the right position to evaluate his ability to learn and grow if we want to continue to be competitive in the next few years. GO NINERS

    1. “…we must put him in the right position to evaluate his ability to learn and grow if we want to continue to be competitive in the next few years.”

      just an assumption , maybe, just maybe, Harbaugh thinks that whatever they’re doing right now to CK is the right position to evaluate his ability to learn and grow…….

  20. I just tuned to the NFL Network and all they’re talking about is RGIII and the Washington Redskins. What BS! Who gives a shiat about RGIII outside of DC?

      1. Again, what Brother Tuna said. He’s on a roll. With some dill, ranch dressing and and a few bits of red onion. Chardonnay optional… ;- )

        We all gonna have a swell Thanksgiving?

      2. Whoops, my attitude is showing. But Ghost brings up an important issue: Heck yeah, I hope each and every one of you have a happy Thanksgiving with friends & family. Savor the moments, they’re precious, even if the crazy Uncle is there. By the way, look around the room. If you can’t identify the crazy Uncle, it might be you!
        To international Faithful who don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, well, enjoy all the ball games on the tube.
        And in a non-denominational spirit of good will, let’s extend the greeting to all-y’all. Even ‘Carmen San Diego’.

  21. Lots of chatter here about the Niner problems but curious to know if anyone else heard Pete King on the Herd this morning. Both have the Niners ranked a close second to Seattle in terms of winning the Super Bowl. So for all the doom and gloom about problems at the QB position couple of people with pretty well respected opinions look at this issue just a bit differently than most of the posters.

    1. I did see that from King this morning. This team is 6 points from being 9-2. Forget what anyone else does, if they handle their own business they will be there come January.

    2. cant agree that king or cowherd offer respected opinions–heck, king choose the rams to be big winners the year they had the worst record in the league—and cowherd is the grant cohn of the national media (no offense grant–just saying he thinks he knows more than he actually knows)

  22. Fran is a bitter old man, he’s criticized Favre and Eli Manning in the past too. They’ve both won Super Bowls……. maybe this is a sign?
    All arrows up!

  23. In my opinion we restrain Kaep to much cuz Kaep is more of a attacking QB not like our former starter who was the prototype of a defensive QB.
    I understand that our coachingstaff wants to keep him more in the pocket but they should not exaggerate because thats not his game.

  24. Thanks Crab15 but i’m not a newbie on the blog hehehe.
    Sure why not if we have the same opinions.
    I think Kaep should be molded to a Favre type of QB and to me this means taking shots downfield(but need more deep threats) and let the creativeness and instincts from a QB speak.

      1. Is there a quarterback on record that enjoys getting hit?
        It’s the ability to not panic before the anticipated pain and still be able to calmly deliver the goods that separates the men from the boys…..

      2. That’s what I mean Raze. If you watch Colin, he recoils from getting touched. He slides way too early and looks like a deer in the headlights. No one likes getting hit but football is a collision game. Have as great Thanksgiving!

  25. i actually love hearing steve young speak and often agree with everything he says.

    and yeah, lol, kaep is better than young, riiiiiiiiiiiight, lay off the acid guys ;)

  26. Did y’all see where another seahag CB was suspended for drug use when is the NFL going to make a statement.they should punish the organization for all this bs I mean come on man they’ve had the most infractions by far the past 2 yeats

  27. When. Watch Kaepernick I definitely see a guy who seems to be forcing himself to be a pocket QB. The bottom line is that the reason he scares teams is that he can run like the wind; If we continue to run plays that don’t take advantage of this he will continue to struggle. Why not move the pocket more? Everyone saw what happened in the Saints game when Kaep rolled out and Gore’s man left him all alone to make a play on the QB. Of course Gore dropped the ball, but if he didn’t, we win that game. Last year, everyone was so afraid of Kaepernick running that they overplayed him just like that and receivers got open–that would happen now if only we used what we know defenses are afraid of against them. Worst case is that Kaep runs and makes 5-10 yds, but more likely we will see receivers open downfield more where Kaep can then take advantage of that big arm.

    1. I agree with your suggestion, AJ. It’s a no-brainer. Let Kaepernick. If Harbaugh wanted a game manager, why did he choose Kaepernick over Alex Smith?

      1. Every quarterback at some point in the game is a game manager. The term should not be derogatory. It sounds as if you don’t think Harbaugh has a methodical plan in place for Kaepernick…..

        1. It’s a good thing but something some quarterbacks take years to become. Harbaugh knew Kaepernick wasn’t a game manager yet, but Harbaugh wants him to operate like one and it isn’t working. I don’t see a good plan for Kaepernick this year. That’s been obvious. That’s what Tarkenton is talking about.

      2. I see a quarterback who is learning what it takes to run a complex NFL pro offense on the fly, while at the same time having the ability to do what he does at any given time. That’s the plan. To add as much of that facet to his game as possible in order to increase the teams odds of bringing home another championship to the city of San Francisco….

      3. The plan from our coachingstaff for Kaep should be simple ok develop him a bit in the pocket but dont let him lose his creativeness with restraining him cuz its hurting our team also and what is the most important? OUR TEAM./

      4. I think the coaching staff thought they could utilize the pistol more then they did.
        Also, they are definitely more old school and traditional, they don’t adapt well. Bill Belichik would find ways to make the offense work with the tools and personnel they he had. He would be designing a variety of plays that were simple for Colin to learn, and he would exploit all the weaknesses in defenses and let Colin fly. And I bet Colin would still learn how to throw a check down from time to time.

      5. It’s a double edged sword for Harbaugh. If he lets the kid off the leash and he goes and gets hammered on a run or roll and is out for an extended period then he’ll take flak for not protecting him better. They’ll(you’ll) ask him why he didn’t know better given how teams are defending the QB’s these days. Why did he risk his young prospect if he didn’t have to…

        The team doesn’t have a losing record and is still on track to make the tournament. If he lets the kid play free and he gets hurt and we miss the playoffs then how smart was it to let him off the leash?

        1. It’s more dangerous keeping Kaepernick in the same drop-back spot nine out of every ten times than moving the pocket every few drop backs so the defense doesn’t know where he’ll be.

    1. Kobe Bryant has a lot more wear and tear on his body. And basketball takes a bigger toll on those knees. Aaaand!
      The black mamba has some voodoo witch doctor overseas. He was jumping and running like he was 22 again last season

      1. what do the knees have to do with the achilles? not being smart just trying to understand the connection….are the 49ers rushing crabtree back too soon?

      2. Mark
        If coming back too soon, alter your gait to relieve the tightness in AT which in turn affects the knee by placing too much strain on it. Similarly to how lower back pain can often be traced to problems with feet

  28. Many of Tarkenton’s recent comments have fallen in the “cranky old man” category, but from my fan’s perspective, everything quoted here is right. Or at least I agree with what he said. Kaep has looked tentative all year except against the Pack. He looks reluctant to run, forces the ball in to covered receivers rather than going to visibly open ones, and gets the play(s – reportedly three per snap) in too late from the coaches. Simplify the calls, get them in sooner, let him run when he wants, make other receivers his 1 or 2 reads – LET MY KAEPERNICK GO!

    And despite my “cranky old man” comment, I loves me some Fran.

  29. Truthfully Wilson is closer to Tarkington than kap from what I have seen. I don’t like them molding him so much but what choice do they have? ( no Alex smith backup) as much as Wilson is awesome ( hate rest of Seahawks) he is getting beaten up too. Even with all the rules of pub protection, he is a target, as everyone knows no Wilson no Seattle) People forget michael Vick could still be the most athletic fasted biggest arm ever, but where is he now? No doubt they will let kap be kap as we get closer to the playoffs, but it’s clear Harbaugh wants him to be able to be a passer as well. ( it’s like every pass he wants to throw through brick walls) luck can kinda do both, so it’s a audacious plan . ( no shotgun qb has ever won a Super Bowl, and their are reasons why) but Harbaugh is a qb guru right? Go 49ers!

  30. I think it’s a combination of things , one playing without turnovers is one of our strengths , but I do think receivers other than Boldin drop passes that we see other receivers make some passes are right here but so is defenders cause we don’t have any speedsters that get open , but what I do notice is we have been predictable on play calling n teams crowd box , we need to pass on those plays n not get in 3 n longs , more play actions , roll out as we did against Redskins, one thing I think Kap doesn’t do is dump offs to backs which are easy passes n would help chains n drives alive n help open up more areas of field trying to stop that dimension along with laps an illite to run n throw deep
    What has Mangini done to help Roman

  31. Tarkenton is correct in his assessment.
    This former QB great has not only seen many QB’ in his time but was one of the first QB’ to set the template for the scrambling/running QB in the NFL.
    I respect his analysis.

    That being said, I would have to say that Tark is not giving anyone here a great revelation. We all have seen the same things that Fran has regarding CK’ game this season.

    But the great Tarkenton failed to delve into the reason why CK is looking the way he has.
    I’ll call it the Harbaugh QB Vision.
    CK is in a transitional process by design. It is apparent that Harbaugh is purposely transforming CK into a more refined drop-back QB. And Although CK has had his intense hiccups’ Harbaugh knows that CK has enough talent to morph his game during the season.

    Through all the frustrating moments CK has had this season, I strongly feel that a more refined CK will emerge to lead this team for years to come.
    But for now, Tarkenton is correct, but I for one am not closing the book on CK – the best is yet to come!

  32. Who cares a rat’s behind what Fran Tarkenton thinks. Whenever I hear one of these old geezers pontificate about how good it was back in the day I am reminded of the line: “The older they get, the better they were”.

    Fran Tarkenton was a midget QB who liked to run around like a chicken with its head cut-off. His style worked to some extent in the regular season, but in big games he was ineffective. His 0-3 record in the Superbowl speaks for itself.

    Harbaugh knows what he is doing. He wants Kap to be the franchise QB for the Niners for the next ten years or so. He is not about to throw it all away for the sake of style points and inflated passing statistics. NFL rules are heavily tilted towards pocket passers. Why would you want your QB to run around and get hit needlessly.

    Ask Green Bay fans if they are happy that Rodgers left the pocket on the play where he hurt his shoulder. Ask the Rams if they are happy that Bradford left the pocket on the play where he tore up his knee. Under the current NFL rules, the pocket is the safest place for a QB. I’d take an in-completion and have my QB available for the next snap than pick up a first down and lose my QB for a month in the process. You have to consider risk vs reward.

  33. Ask yourselves, “Does he have ‘IT’?” Kap does, period. Now some perspective: Third year, first full year as starter in very complex offense, cannon arm, mercurial legs, high intelligence quotient and most important, IMO, the ability to ‘let go” after failure occurs at a moment or a game. He has it all and it’s all natural as termed by Tarkenton.

    This natural ability is being NFL developed by Coaches H, R and C. They add more to his palette where he can expand his options given the D which he has to read and access at a very high and quick level. He does, but sometime fails. He’s not perfect. It’s going to happen. Lulls against quality defenses bring out deficiencies being exploited especially due to a drop in talent-caliber players surrounding him, i.e. no Manns or Crabs. Then add Davis to that mix of missing players and what do you expect within this complex O and a young QB?

    Kap is fine where he is in his progression as a top-flight QB. Great run Ds will load that box daring him to throw. Well, when you have just Boldin and Davis and then one goes out, yea, good luck with that when they double or even triple team your “go-to” guy. On MNF, the appearance of Manns opened up the secondary to allow Kap’s other targets to get open which they did. Even when they weren’t, Kap threw it to both Davis and Boldin to make plays and they did.

    Now that Crabs is coming back, defenses will have to account for him and not stack the box as much or risk getting burned by any one of the other receivers including the very fast Davis. That being said, there’s a good argument to show that Kap can’t do it by himself. Well, as far as I recall football is not about individuals, but “THE TEAM THE TEAM THE TEAM”.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all our 49er family. God bless.

    1. Great perspective. Add to it that while he is going through his “learning curve”, he did it with WR and TE downgrades from last years playoff team and somehow still managed to win and protect the ball.
      We were a McDonald catch and a ref’s bad call away from being 9-2. For our stretch run we have Aldon who was also missing for much of the first half of the season and Crabs coming back. Truth be told, I’d be fearful of playing the Niners right now.
      On another note, how beast do Brooks and Aldon look working together? Imagine next year’s line with Tank in the middle and Brooks and Aldon working the edges. WOW.

      1. Bay I agree with you in that if Im another NFC team, the last team I want to play right now is the 49ers. We are getting bodies back and all signs point to getting hot at the right time.
        Now other teams are playing hot as we speak like the Panthers and Cards but if somehow our defense can continue to get better and our offense just get 10% more efficient, we could be a shiny dark horse down the stretch.

      2. Okay so if you want to say the MacDonald Catch and the ref’s bad call was the reason the Niners aren’t 9-2, then you agree that in the 2011 NFCCG, Alex Smith was two Kyle Williams fumbles and a non call on Ahmed Bradshaw’s fumble from leading the Niners to the Superbowl.

        Yes those were two tough losses, but they were also team losses. If Colin doesn’t throw the pick at the end of the Panther game, if Osgood doesn’t run into Sproles, those plays affected the outcome too.

        That said, the team is 7-4, with a QB wearing training wheels, that’s not too shabby.

        Seattle is facing its adversity, we’ll see how they do against Drew Brees.

      3. Bay I agree the D seems to be getting better each week and when T. Brown gets back we will be even better. Two questions remain to be answered, #1 can CK beat a good D at this point in his development and #2 can our O line hold up against a quality D. We will see in 2 weeks.

  34. I am not a fan of playing crabtree next the 2 games…….yes we suck on offense but defense is lights out…….having crabtree is just going to confuse ckrap more, i see more interceptions due to forced passes.

  35. I’m making my pumpkin pies today, cuz
    the bird will be in the oven all day tomorrow ..

    Here’s wishing Grant, and all here a very
    Happy Thanksgiving !

    (And … if you’re gonna be on the road ..
    Drive ‘em careful !)

    1. We had a family negotiation on pies.
      Sweet Potato/Pumpkin/Pecan/Lemon Meringue.
      Settled on Sweet Potato with candied pecans.
      Can’t wait.

      1. Garrison Hearst OT 96 yard touchdown run fueled by moms sweet potato pie leaving the defense engulfed in the fumes from his afterburner…..

  36. This came from Fran Tarketon? That’s incredible! The football jocks and commentators only follow whatever is in the week’s past news just like everybody else. They don’t know anything but the obvious.

  37. The Chiefs can lose the remainder of their games. The defense will be fed up pretty soon. Look for the Chiefs to find another QB in the draft.

    1. Neal,

      The offense for KC put up 38 points last week and lost because of the defense playing poorly. What does the defense have to be fed up about?

      1. Rocket,

        Look at all of the other games . The defense has played exceptionally well except for the last game. AS is just a quick fix, Andy Reid wants to win a Super Bowl, and will find this out, the same way as Jim Harbaugh has. CK is still learning the game, but I expect him to be lights out and next season, we will be a ton better, our QB won’t be as green, and hopefully we can score with a few draft picks.

      2. Neal,

        The Chiefs won all those other games. Again what do they have to be fed up about? They didn’t lose a game until the defense started playing poorly.

        You could be right about Reid drafting another QB who knows, but right now Smith is not why they have lost a game.

      3. The Niners should draft another QB too. Look at what Colin’s done. He’s in the bottom in all major categories! He could only pass for 230+ yards against one of the worst pass defenses in the league!
        During the nine game win streak, the Chiefs were behind or barely clung to the lead, and then Alex the chiefs to a final scoring drive to ice the game.
        Unlike Colin, who did nothing in Carolina and NO, where he had a chance to win the game in the last two minutes and just stunk up the place.

      4. Rocket why you bother to explain or debate with stupidity is mind boggling. We’ve engaged in this debate with this type of moron for years, why go back there?

      5. Fan 77,

        The Niners should absolutely draft a QB, the free agents market, is a bunch of retreads. I would love to find a QB, that can challenge Kaep, similar to what Young did to Montana. Probably not to the talent level but Colt McCoy is the answer.

    2. Slime,

      You are such a sociopath, the members of this site, think your a idiot. You bash little kids, Cancer Patients, Gays, bashing my wife. Your Mother must be embarrassed to have a low class loser like yourself. What did she do wrong? I was wondering a co-worker of mine got a jay walking ticket, as a legal aid, can you help her out. Also your football knowledge is next to nothing. Stick with the CFL.

      1. Hey Neal and Prime happy Thanksgiving. Life is good the 9ers are winning [maybe not quite as much as we hoped they would] Iran might be nuke free [we hope] Gas prices are going down and you two are getting into the holiday spirit. Enjoy tomorrow!!!

      2. Now are you making fun of the Boys and Girls Clubs. We know that you hate children. Is that best you can come up with? Never mind, so happy that I can write you off as a tax deduction for charity.

      3. Thanks Old Coach,

        As for me, I will be surrounded by a ton of friends and family. You can see Slime at the soup kitchen. Although he will be a customer and not helping out the needy. We all should be grateful for soup kitchens, we don’t want him alone, eating a PBJ sandwich by himself, in his 25 degree studio.

    3. neal, i bet you were one of the guys who said,after 2008, 2009, and 2010 that smith would not come back to the niners…it really irks you that he has proven you wrong and become a good nfl qb….the chiefs 9 wins and smith’s clutch play probably kept you up at night, especially with kaepernick struggling to get to 150 yards passing most games….
      smith will be the chiefs qb next year—he has played very well this year, no one has had to excuse his play by blaming the play calling….they will be drafting low in rd 1 and wont have a 2nd round pick…they wont spend it on a qb…andy reid, unlike you, likes smith..he had tried to get him when he was coaching the eagles…so wish all you want, the chiefs are happy with a qb that has turned 2 wins into 9 and counting…yes the chiefs could lose the rest of their games but so could every other team..smith will keep proving types like you wrong

      1. I like the blog, but you have to go outside to get the inside scoop. I loved Matt on Comcast yesterday, a live blog, where he talks directly to the fans, and also the same with Kevin Kurtz and the Sharks.

    1. The popularity of this blog is related to the comment structure and the allegiance of long-time posters. I’m of the opinion that the writer is more or less a steward of the blog. This is most definitely the House that Maiocco and the Press Democrats IT team built. As long as the current writer is mildly entertaining and posts frequently then he can be a success with this blog due to the posters. If you put one of the more knowledgeable posters in charge of this blog like oldcoach or jack hammer then the blog would be just as successful as it is now if not more successful. GC is ok and I find him occasionally insightful but his arrogance and sometimes delusional takes are a turn-off for me. I keep coming back for the dialogue with other posters.

      1. HOU basically the blog writer blows! The only reason he got this gig was because of Daddy. That’s the bottom line!
        Without Maiacco and Branch previously, this blog would be dead!

      2. I never posted till GC was here but I enjoy Maiocco live blogs and columns on Comcast. He does not have agenda, and just a honest reporter, and very well respected. This blog is pretty much automatic because of the loyal fans that are on here and I agree that if Rocket, Old Coach or Jack, it would still be successful. Grant has made some good points but like his Father, he sometimes puts himself as part of the story, instead of reporting the story. Lowell Cohn is a master of comparisons and sarcasm, and I will always read his stories on the Giants, Warriors and Niners, in my mind, he is a excellent columnist. Never on the Raiders or A’s, I just don’t care about them.

      3. Houston one of the reasons I enjoy this blog is because it is different than Miaocco or Barrow’s blog in that they are beat writers and Grant is more of an opinion editorial writer like his dad. I go to Miaocco or Barrows blog for up to date news I comment here because there is always a controversial subject being discussed and that’s due to Grants style. Sometimes I find his style irritating but never boring. Also this blog has the best posters, present company included.

      4. That’s overly harsh PT. Grant got this blog because of his Dad and because of his education. He’s proven himself to be an adequate writer and occasionally clever. Taking a shot at him because his father may have helped him along the way just smacks of jealousy. That opinion is small-minded and weak. That’s what fathers do – They help their kids. That’s exactly what I intend to do with my kids. I can get them in the door but they have to stay and advance on their own merits. So what? That’s the way of the world.

      5. Life is full of connections. Grant is more then competent to hold his own on here. If my kid wanted to get involved in the business that I am in or if I have any connections in what he wants to do after college.I will try to get him any advantage I can. Prime Slime is a very lonely hateful bitter negative soul, if I got a dollar, for every time he has been kicked out of here, I could get myself a lobster dinner for 10 tonight.

      6. HOU come on, it’s not harsh it’s reality. You compare the previous writers of the blog to now and tell me they are as equal in quality? There was never as much bickering as there is now because the topics were all football centered. Now they are written to create unnecessary arguement. Colin vs. Alex over and over again. It’s like someone trying to prove their worth every day. BORING!
        I’ll admit Im stupid for getting involved or being the drama. But don’t tell me he has kept this job because of the exceptional work, it’s because Daddy is a long time employee.

      7. Good points by Houston and Old Coach. To chip in:
        > Credit to Grant for interacting as freely as he does with commenters. He swims with the sharks.
        > The Pub-like community on here, fractious as it is, has a life of its own. Kinda like The Blob in that 50′s movie. Sometimes when I’m chuckling at some shenanigans on here on my iPad I have to look around and feel like Xador (Mork & Mindy) with his imaginary band of friends.

      8. PT, you’re off your meds bro. There was ALOT more acrimony and hate filled rhetoric before Grant came along. That wasn’t a product of the writer. It was primarily around Alex Smith but also about Mike Singletary and Jimmy Raye. The old days were like a WWE cage match. Now it’s like listening to old people argue over who gets the remote.

    1. Next season can get ugly Jack, Gore was quite upset before he signed his 3 year deal. Now that being said Gore does not have that much left in the tank, of course Gore would want to play another 3 or 4 more years. What do you do will be the question that the Niner brass will have to deal with. I would just do a a year at a time, depending on how well he does for this season and next. Drafting a running back will be necessary. Although we might have a stud on the bench, waiting for his turn next season,

    2. Frank Gore is definitely the heart and soul of this 49er team on offense. He is truly a great football player. But it is also true that he is in decline. I hope he sticks around but I just don’t see him being the primary back next year.

      1. Razor,

        Would you sign him another 3 year deal? I would not. Also Ronnie Lott, Joe Montana, and Jerry Rice, were the heart and soul of the team too. All three of these players were better then Frank Gore is or was.

      2. Ha! I think Frank would fit in nicely with the legends you mentioned, but to answer your question… I wouldn’t bet against him holding on for another year either.

      3. Maybe Frank wouldn’t look so old and slow if SF threatened the D more with the passing game. 8 in the box is what it is. When Hunter or James come in they get the same look. Now Frank’s breakaway has been in visible decline. Balance helps on offense just like pass rush/coverage are tied on D. He could help himself at this stage of his career if he caught the ball better, but he’s probably shocked that CK remembered the check down and it catches him by surprise.

    3. Hammer,
      Thanks for posting the site. Interesting read.
      But every time I read another write-up regarding Gore’ seemingly tired or no-legs it begins to sound like an old broken record (ok, I know, records are extinct now).

      We have all been down this road too many times to know that Frank Gore cannot be neglected.
      In the same way CK’ number’s have been affected with Crabtree’ absence, I believe the same can hold true for Gore with Iupati out.

      I respect the fact that Gore is now looking to the sidelines for Hunter to replace him when he is winded. Gore would not have done this a couple of years ago.

      Sure, FG has not been running as hard as he did early in the season, but as long as he’s healthy and rested come the playoffs, I’m more than satisfied with where he’s at the moment because FG has proven time and again that he is very capable of having a big game left in him.

      1. I posted here 3 yrs ago that I thought Gore was done then again 2 yrs ago and finally I repeated that prediction again this yr , You would think if I keep repeating myself some day I might be right, so here I go this will be Gores last yr as a starter. They will break in Lattimore slowly but by the end of next yr he will be the starter. [then again I might just be wrong......again]

      2. Hammer,
        Sorry, I didn’t pay much attention on who the writer was. I saw the website and took it for granted that it was an article by one of their writers.
        Glad to see you on a credible website Hammer.

        But apologies and kudos aside, I stand by my response (lol).

      1. Houston I’ve been predicting that they would package their 1st with one of their 2nds to move up and take a WR but lately i’m thinking that if CK doesn’t continue to show big improvement late in the season they might need the 2nd rd picks to get a QB in that rd

      2. I know we need a receiver but I want a dominant interior d-lineman notwithstanding Dorsey and Jerod-Edie’s performance aganst the Redskins. I know you guys think I’m crazy but Cowboy is getting up there in years and Dorsey has been uneven to say the least. Also, an interior d-lineman can contribute to wins alot more quickly than a WR.

      3. Isn’t Carradine more of an End to be rotated with Aldon or Brooks? I thought maybe he could be interior but I think he might be a little light for that role.

      4. Razor,
        I love Mike Evans, he is Vince Jackson 2.o.
        A great combination of size, speed, and above all; talent.

        But most the early draft projections have him listed as a top 12 pick which would be a big reach/get for the 49ers especially if we go deep in the playoffs.

        I’m sure that we would be in position to package some picks for him, but I’m not convinced that the team who has a chance at drafting him would want to trade such a talented and potential future star.

      1. Jack, but he’s not a deep threat, lol. I can hear that now come draft time. But I wouldn’t be unhappy with him. My son-in-law, as a former Bulldog, was really talking him up when my daughter and him came to visit last weekend for an early Thanksgiving.

      2. coach, hope you’re doing better with the prostate — something I know a bit about myself. I haven’t been able to comment the past couple of days, but read your post about it. I hope it isn’t serious.

      3. From everything the draftniks say Carr is the real deal. I am always a little leary of QB’s coming from spread systems like that. He’s playing on Friday in San Jose and I’m planning on going to check it out. Good matchup between him and David Fales.

      4. Hammer,
        I haven’t paid too much attention to college football this season because my team (Cal Bears) is playing like boo-boo (as the kids at my school say).

        Are there any other players besides Carr and Adams playing for Fresno that might have pro football potential?

        I do like QB A.J. McCarren from Alabama as one of our picks in rd two. Some draftniks have him going in the late 1st or early 2nd which baffles me because this guy is a winner at a big time university.

      5. Spaceborn actually the prostate remark was a joke. I had pneumonia but i’m feeling lots better. I’ve got to be 100% by the seahawks game, I only go to one game a year now and after the game I take my nephew out to an iconic SF eatery. have’nt decided on a spot this year any suggestions?

      6. AES,

        A.J. McCarron shows poise under pressure and comes through in big games. As of now, he’s projected to get drafted in the 2-3 round range. However, I’d take him over Marcus Mariota or Johnny Football any day.

  38. Can’t believe the guys bashing Steve Young. Yes, he’s wont to be a bit loquascious, but he’s also one of the most articulate and astute commentators out there. And, though he’s “ONLY” won 1 Superbowl, this Hall of Famer has the credentials to be somewhat credible, don’t you think? Anyone equating Kap and him at this stage of Kap’s career is beyond a homer and perched precariously at the edge of either ignorance or insanity. I think Kap has to shoulder at least some of the blame for the offense’s ineptitude thus far. It’s not an all or nothing on either the coaches or Colin.

    1. Happy Thanksgiving to all — though I’ll probably be on tomorrow unless my computer acts up again, lol. I already had Thanksgiving with family last weekend and the leftovers all already gone, so if I have any turkey it will be a turkey-dog while watching football and drinking some brews while the wife works.

  39. News from Seattle:
    - Browner has not been suspended yet

    The league substance abuse program and discipline is separate and distinct from the PED program

    Browner’s suspension last year for PEDs plays no role in his reported non-PED violation this year.

    Players can serve suspensions while injured
    This would mean that if Browner won his appeal, but still had to serve a four-game suspension, he could serve it with Thurmond, and still be available for the playoffs if he was healthy and the Seahawks wanted him.

    Browner has not been suspended. He is waiting for the outcome of his appeal, with the hope that either his suspension is completely lifted or it is a four-game duration that could be served while he is injured the next four games. His defense is that he is being unfairly disciplined as a STAGE 3 offender due to missed NFL tests while he was in the CFL.

    Browner’s best case scenario is a four-game suspension
    It sounds as if he is challenging the notion that missing a test while in the CFL should not count as a violation, and his new violation should be treated as his second. That would still mean a four-game suspension. The reason I am not closer to 100% confident in this is that I do not know the full breadth of possible outcomes. It may be possible that the whole test is thrown out because he was only being tested due to being in STAGE 3, and he was only in STAGE 3 because he missed tests while in the CFL.

      1. Sure, this is a Seahwaks site, right?
        Cape, dude! No, really, just getdafunkoutahere. Wasammdayou?
        We don’t care about you or your chump team because, (wait for it……..): this isn’t a Seahawk site. Amscray.


        - Seattle has until Saturday to place Browner on IR

        This means the team will have to make a move with him by then, and unless the appeal decision is won, all of this probably is moot. The team may have already decided to move on regardless of the outcome. The fact that they have not placed him on IR already indicates they are leaving themselves open to the possibility he could return.

      2. Wow, Darren, going out of your parameters of not responding in your own threads is amazing. Does this preclude a Darren meltdown? LOL No jumping off bridges now, please?

      3. Weather forcast in Seattle for all you 49ers Fans rooting for the Saints.

        The forecast is calling from some rain/snow mix Monday morning, and clear and cold (under 40 degrees) at game time. Anybody that lives in the PNW knows forecasts are crap in Seattle. It will be cold. That seems highly likely. The rest of it is anybody’s guess. If it is just cold, advantage Seattle. If it is cold and raining, bigger advantage Seattle. If it is cold and snowing, biggest advantage Seattle. Brees and this Ferrari offense are not built for games like that. Their improved running game gives them a chance, but if Brees is slowed, the team will be hard-pressed to score points.

    1. Capeman,

      Willing appeals are rare. Sherman won his on a tech. Browner is hurt and cant play anyway. His suspension for 1 year is 99% done. Maybe you shoyld try out for tgat cornerback job. He is done. He wont play for your team EVER again. This is just tge beginning. Watch what happens when you lose to the Saints. It about to all start falling apart for your team.

      1. 3jordan, they waived P. Cox to make room for Winfield. Its official P. Carroll said Byron Maxwell would be starting in place of the injured Browner against the N.O Saints. They’ll probably activate Marcus Trufant for the Saint’s game.

        We’re not worried with the Saints team we know we can beat anybody at home. Especially, knowing Brees and the Saints offense had a tough time scoring against the 49ers defense. The Hawks dominated the teams the 49ers previously played against.

    2. So after you’re done rubbing one out to photos of your grandmother you honestly can’t come up with anything better to do other then to come here and continue to show the world why you have no friends? You are a small small person and I pity you.

      1. November 29, 2013, Update from Seattle..Good news 49ers fan.The strength of New Orleans’ defense has been the pass rush, but the Seattle Seahawks, off their bye will have all of their banged up offensive linemen available. Pro Bowlers LT Russell Okung and RT Breno Giacomini will be back on the field to protect Russell Wilson as will Pro Bowl center Max Unger.

      2. Update for Capeman. Percy Harvin is having issues with his hip. He has never healed well and now he is questionable with his bad hip even though he’s been off 2 weeks with the bye. Browner is out and so is Thurman. Guess what? Brees and the Saints throw the football quite a bit. The question is not whether or not your team can protect. The question is, can they cover? You lose this week. And it’s just the beginning. Sorry for the bad news.

      3. Old coach, if the Hawks offensive line protects Wilson, D. Brees and the Saints offense will be on the sideline for awhile watching Wilson moving the Hawks offense down the field and control the time of possession in favor of the Hawks.

        The 12th man will definitely have a say in the outcome as well. The importance of this game is not lost on the Seattle players – a win would give them a two-game lead in the NFC and they will own tiebreakers over the Saints and the Panthers with the win.

        Seattle Seahawks rises to the occasion and creates a little distance between them and their pursuers.

        Good luck to the 49ers team and their fans in their quest for the wild card spot

      4. @3jordan,
        Richard Sherman, Byron Maxwell, Jeremy Lane, Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor, and a kid name DeShawn Shead is the answer to your question. BTW, don’t take too long in making up your mind in our wager Seahawks vs. 49ers on December 08, 2013. Don’t worry Percy Harvin is okay he’ll be playing.

      1. Update for @3jordan,

        The return of Percy Harvin is also an intriguing storyline ahead of Monday’s contest. Seattle’s weakness on offense – the 29th ranked passing game becomes a whole lot more dangerous with Harvin in the fold.

        Russell Wilson has arguably been the most impressive second year QB in the game – better than Andrew Luck, better than RG III and better than Colin Kaepernick. He presents a challenge to a Saints D that held a similar guy in Colin Kaepernick in check a couple of weeks ago.

      2. November 30, 2013: Update news from Seattle. Good and bad news to all you 49ers fan.

        After making a splash in his debut for the Seahawks during the pre-bye week victory over the Vikings, Percy Harvin is listed as doubtful for Monday night’s game against the Saints because of soreness in his surgically repaired hip. The good news there’s no structural damage to the surgical hip the soreness is the only issue. Pete Carroll said 75 percent chance that his player will not play in the MNF game. He also stated that he wanted his versatile WR healthy for the long haul. And he should be ready to go against the 49ers in their December 08, show down at the sticks. For the mean time wide outs D. Baldwin, G Tate, J Kearse are good WR and tight ends Zack Miller and Luke Wilson should be able to hold their own and help Russell put up some score on the board.

        The good news for R. Wilson and the Hawks, Pro-Bowler offensive guards R. Okung, Breno Giacomini and Center Max Unger are all back against the Saints.

        In last season 49ers blowout loss to the Hawks, Browner was out against the 49ers, and the Hawks still manage to win all their games without him. But the talented corner backs of the Hawks lead by Star CB Richard Sherman and their young upcoming stars Byron Maxwell, Jeremy Lane and rookie Deshawn Shead and veteran safety’s Earl Thomas is having an outstanding season, Kam Chancellor are all good pass defenders.

  40. LOL!!!!!! @ ALL u who keep wanting to blame EVERYONE else BUT Kaepernick!!!! If u don’t believe that he’s HIS OWN WORST ENEMY u have no clue what it takes to be the best of the best!!!

    Take Brady, P. Manning, Brees. Even when they throw a TD pass, when they go back over to the sideline normally the first thing they do is go look @ the still shots/photos to see who else was open or what else they could’ve done that play because of the defensive alignment. Kaepernick doesn’t and that should be the first thing he does after EVERY possession!!!
    That’s ONE of the biggest issues that he has. Kaepernick like RGIII ALWAYS says ” WE need to play better. ” , ” WE need to execute the plays better.” He rarely says I unless the writer/reporter/journalist pretty bait him into saying I!!!!

    Trent Dilfer didn’t say, the 49ers are doomed. They need to find another QB because I didn’t think he’s ever going to be a stater in this league or that he can’t play. He just told the TRUTH!!!

    But, since Kapernick CAN”T accept constructive critism he (and his apologists) got offended. LOL!

    When he was asked how he felt about what Tren Dilfer said Kaepernick went into defense mode and said, ” He’s not in the building with US everyday!!! Ask him if he knows what my progressions are!!! I’m preparing this season the same way I prepared last season !!!! ” There’s the PROBLEM!!!! Each year the BEST OF THE BEST ALWAYS add something new to their arsenals!!!!! If he’s preparing the SAME way he did last season, that means that he’s NOT growing or progressivly getting better and he’s being EXPOSED because the opposing coaches have studied film figured him out & u can see it when he plays!!!!

    He didn’t have to tell me that he didn’t work on his foot work in the pocket, or that he didn’t seek help to adjust his throwing motion so that he can get the ball out quicker or that he doesn’t know the playbook (the same one he’s had along) like the back of his hand like he should, especially since he has the same coaching staff since he was drafted 3 seasons ago.

    Maybe he should worry about learning all of these nuances instead of trying to get Joe Flacco’s McDonald’s or trying beat Russell Wilson in Madden and go practice things so he’ll be prepared for the REAL games!!!! Until he understands this and does these things, expect more of the same!!!!

    You people are hilarious!!!!!!

    Most couldn’t see how A. Smith got set-up by Nolan from the beginning of the rebuilding process for the ENTIRE 49ers organization even after witnessing it for yourselves and complained about him not being able to do this or that and about his pedestrian #’s until he was gone.

    Hell, most of u have forgotten that VD couldn’t even go out for a pass for his first 4 seasons in NFL because he had to block because the O-line was being built from scratch!!! Remeber that David Baas(C/G) out of Michigan (who’s been with the Giants for the past 4 seasons) was the 49ers 2nd pick in the 2005 draft!!! Or never mind the fact that Mike Nolan said, ” A QB no more important than ANT other player on the field!! ”

    Colin Kaepernick was fortunate enough to have a veteran QB to learn from, as well as other veteran players on the team to learn from as well.

    All of that makes a difference whether u want to believe that or not is entirely up to u!!!

    1. Zzzzzzzzzz…
      Sorry, you lost me when you tried to compare seasoned veterans and future HOF players to a player who has yet to play two full seasons.

    2. Dang, thanks for straightening us all out. I had no idea we were that stupid. Now that that’s settled, what’s your take on the ACA? Syria?
      Original Sin? I want to be on the right side of these issues.

  41. Lord and Master Colin will destroy the Seahawks today and his wrath will be felt 33-6.

    49er fans will be bowing down and worshipping his arms.

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