Frank Gore’s reduced production

Let’s deconstruct Frank Gore’s running and see where he’s at near the end of the regular season.

Among running backs, he’s ranked fifth in the NFL in yards per attempt (4.8) and he’s ranked seventh in both elusiveness and yards after contact per rush according to Pro Football Focus.

Over the first seven games, he averaged 5.8 yards per carry. Over the last eight games he’s averaging 4.04 yards per carry, good but well below his season average. In each of those last eight games he has recorded one run of more than 14 yards. That is very good. But if you take away his longest run in each of those games, he’s averaging just 3.19 yards per carry, and that is not good.


Week 16: @ Seattle. 6-for-28 (4.7 ypc). LG: 18. W/O LG: 5-for-10 – 2.0 ypc.

Week 15: @ NE. 21-for-83 (4 ypc). LG: 15. W/O LG: 20-for-68 – 3.4 ypc.

Week 14: vs. Miami. 12-for-63 (5.3 ypc). LG. 19: W/O LG: 11-for-44 – 4.0 ypc.

Week 13: @ STL. 23-for-58 (2.5 ypc). LG: 23. W/O LG: 22-for-35 – 1.59 ypc.

Week 12: @ NO. 19-for-83 (4.4 ypc). LG: 14. W/O LG: 18-for-69 – 3.83 ypc.

Week 11: vs. CHI. 17-for-78 (4.6 ypc). LG: 14. W/O LG: 16-for-64 – 4.0 ypc.

Week 10: vs. STL. 21-for-97 (4.6 ypc). LG: 20. W/O LG: 20-for-77 – 3.85 ypc.

Week 8: @ AZ. 16-for-55 (3.4 ypc). LG: 17. W/O LG: 15-for-38 – 2.53 ypc.

What do you make of these numbers?

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