From the sidelines: John beat Jim at the press conference Friday

More than a few questions were asked of the Ravens’ coach in Friday morning’s press conference in which his brother, the 49ers coach, just sat there and said nothing.

John would speak, Jim remained silent. It was bizarre and uncomfortable to watch, the most awkward moment coming was after someone asked Jim to give an example of a risky thing he did as a kid.

Jim Harbaugh responded by giving a recap of the 49ers season. Had nothing to do with the question and was as far off point as possible without talking about where he gets his oil changed.

I know it’s not fashionable to feel sympathy for someone who asks for none, but I feel sorry for Jim Harbaugh. It was his brother right across for him, for crying out loud.

Can you imagine if the Patriots made it to the Super Bowl and it was New England coach Bill Belichick sitting across from him? Belichick turns sour faster than a lemon.

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