Future neurosurgeon pursues NFL dream

Oxford‘s Myron Rolle, a future neurosurgeon who served an apprenticeship as a safety at Florida State, is pursuing a football career this weekend at the NFL Scouting Combine.

The highlight of my weekend might have been when I asked a question to Rolle that made him pause for a moment before saying, “Good question.” (That career moment comes two minutes into the below podcast.)


Q: As a safety, how much of your game is smarts and how much is instincts?

Rolle: “That’s a good question (darn right!). For me, personally, I use a lot of instincts to play. I use a lot intelligence to play as well. My intelligence kicks in a week before or two weeks before when I’m studying and preparing on film. My instincts, obviously, have to show up within a millisecond. If you can combine both of those, you can be a very effective safety.”


* * *


CombRolle.jpgRolle said he needs football because it is part of his life. He hopes to have a long NFL career before turning his focus to his other pursuits, such as lending his services to assist . . . well, I’ll let him explain . . .


“I would like to take those skills to low-income, middle-income countries and develop good medical infrastructure and deliver good quality health care to people by understanding their cultures, their histories, their traditions,” he said.


He hopes to prove to NFL teams this weekend that he’s committed to playing football. Rolle came to the Senior Bowl at 217 pounds. He weighed in today at 215 pounds.


And then he uttered this statement to prove his point: “I want to do some violent things on the field.”


* * *


In other notes . . .


–LSU S Chad Jones might emerge in the first round. After playing at 233 pounds during the season, Jones got his weight down to 221 at the combine. At 6-2, he looks the part and threatens Texas‘ Earl Thomas and USC’s Taylor Mays to become the second safety selected. Jones has decided to postpone a promising pitching career (he was a 13th-round draft pick of the Houston Astros) to pursue football, which he considers his first love. Jones said he is scheduled for a formal interview with the 49ers this evening.


Texas DB Earl Thomas is 5-10 ½, 208 pounds. That’s 10 pounds heavier than his playing weight, which he considers a good thing. He said the extra weight helps him when he comes down to play in the box. Thomas is a versatile player. He said he can play both safety spots, cornerback and nickel back. And he expressed no preference for which position he plays in the NFL. “I’m a ball player ready to play,” he said.


Boise State CB Kyle Wilson had a strong showing at the Senior Bowl to apparently solidify his spot among the top players at his position in the draft. He has the added element of being a threat in the return game. “I feel I can return (punts) with the best of them,” Wilson said. “But I didn’t get many chances this year. They wouldn’t kick me the ball.”


* * *


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