Gabbert: “Being a quarterback, you have to be the leader. You’ve got to be the vocal guy on the football team.”

SANTA CLARA – Blaine Gabbert spoke to a group of reporters in the media room after Tuesday’s OTA. Here are selected quotes from that group interview.

Q: You’re learning new receivers and you’re also learning a new system. What’s that balance like for you?

GABBERT: It makes it fun. This is my sixth system in six years, so kinda starting from scratch, starting from the lowest building block and working up with these guys. You’re all learning at the same pace, so there’s going to be gradual improvement throughout the summer.

Q: What has it been like in the quarterback room with you and Colin Kaepernick? Any awkwardness?

GABBERT: It has been normal. His focus right now is rehab, and my focus right now is learning offense, being in the weight room, being with the guys on the football field. But no, it’s been great. We’re in the meetings together, we’re in the locker rooms together and we’re out there working to get better together.

Q: Not being able to throw the ball in practice, how much do you think that’s going to hinder him in picking up this offense?

GABBERT: It’s funny, because I was in his shoes my second year coming back from a shoulder surgery. You just have to make the most of the mental reps. Physical reps are the best reps you get, but at the same when you’re standing behind, you’ve got to watch the guys get reps in front of you and then watch the film.

Q: How are you using this time to take charge as the starting quarterback where you left off last year?

GABBERT: I just kind of take it and run with it. I’m having fun. Just trying to build on the last eight weeks of last year. Building confidence in guys. Getting guys to trust in me and this offense, and just going out there and having fun. That’s the biggest thing right now. You’ve got to enjoy this summer process because it’s like recess on grass. We just go out there and have a ball. We’ve got the music rolling. It has been a good time so far.

Q: You, Colin Kaepernick and Jeff Driskel all are about the same size and speed. Is there a benefit to having three similar quarterbacks?

GABBERT: I don’t know. I just catch the ball, throw the ball and run with it if I have to. But, yeah. Jeff’s a good athlete. Colin’s a good athlete. Thad’s a good athlete. I think I’m a pretty decent athlete. So I guess it’s a good thing.

Q: Do you think your athleticism is underrated? I don’t think people would perceive you as being the athlete Colin is.

GABBERT: Yeah, everybody is going to have their opinion. But I can run with them pretty good.

Q: A few of the guys have talked about the leadership that you’ve demonstrated. While there’s a competition, do you have to kind of tread lightly a little bit before asserting yourself as the leader?

GABBERT: No, I don’t think I have to tread lightly at all. For me, being a quarterback, you have to be the leader. You’ve got to be the vocal guy on the football team, directing this offense, directing really offense, defense and special teams on game day. And that’s the thing that I enjoy. I like being the guy that guys look to, whether to get them lined up, if they’re looking for advice, just providing the offense with a little bit of juice on the field.

Q: Colin’s future is murky, and there has been a lot written about what the 49ers are going to do at quarterback. The implication is you are not a long-term answer. You have a chance to prove some skeptics wrong. Did you listen to a lot of that, and are you eager for the opportunity?

GABBERT: To be honest, I really didn’t listen at all. But no, the opportunity is front of me and this football team to go out there and have a great season, start off on the right foot. I look at that challenge as one that I’m willing to accept. Nothing is ever going to be given to you, especially in the National Football League. You’re not going to be given a job – you’ve got to go out there and take it. And that’s my mindset. I’m never going to shy away from competition. You’re always competing whether it’s against somebody or against yourself, and I welcome that.

Q: Many people thought the 49ers might take a quarterback early in the draft. Obviously they waited until the sixth round to take one. Do you take that as a vote of confidence in you?

GABBERT: Teams are going to draft quarterbacks just to get numbers. Usually teams carry four or five quarterbacks – I’m not really sure. I’m going to go out there and do my job, compete with the guys in the room and the best guy is going to play. Plain and simple.

Q: Is this offense similar to the one you ran at Missouri?

GABBERT: Shoot, that was a long time ago. That was seven or eight (offenses) ago. But yeah, it’s very similar. All offenses and schemes are similar. They all run very similar concepts, but it’s the verbiage and tempo that changes. Your reads sometimes change, but it’s very similar. We were in the shotgun pretty much the entire time I was at Mizzou, but I would say most offenses are a lot of shotgun now.

Q: Is there a comfort zone being in the shotgun?

GABBERT: Yeah, you really get to see everything. That’s why it’s so fun, because Coach Kelly puts the trust in us to make the right decision, be definitive with the football and just run. That’s the thing that he says – stay on time, stay on schedule and keep the ball moving.

Q: Because you’ve been in so many offenses, do you find it easier to pick them up now than in the past?

GABBERT: Yeah, I feel like I’m getting pretty good at learning them. I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing. What you put into it is what you’re going to get out. I take pride in thinking I’m a smart guy. You’ve just got to work diligently throughout the week, especially off the field before the meetings even start so you’re prepared going in. Because you’re going to get asked questions and you want to be on top of your game. And then when you get out on the football field, you don’t want to be thinking. When you’re thinking, you’re going to play slow. That’s the biggest thing at the quarterback position. You’ve got to be reacting and it’s got to be muscle memory.

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    1. At least he can hit a 7 yard pass.
      But yeah that’s my only problem with his game last season. But I see it as a good thing to, his confidence is higher than ever probably. And I don’t think Kelly is going to tolerate those short throws. Chryst was probably happy about them. Uhg!

      1. Only 38 percent (18 of 48) of Gabbert’s third-down completions resulted in first downs. In contrast, 61 percent (25 of 41) of Colin Kaepernick’s third-down completions resulted in first downs before he was demoted. Kelly came out and threw shade on Gabbert, saying he didn’t know what he was told to do or what the play call was….

        1. Razor his wishful thinking can’t be bothered with the facts. BG is a pro bowler in the making right? Even Grant said he threw a lot of check downs today. Sounds like the same guy different offense to me. CK might be the same guy in a different offense as well.

          1. Wilson… How in the world is Kaep a pro bowler? Since you want to stretch the point?
            Here are some questions
            How many turnovers did Gabbert have compared to Colin?
            You’re living off of the past with Gabbert. His name and the title bust is sitting on your mind.
            Players adapt and change with better rosters and coaching. Jax was horrible Alex smith years horrible. And although I’m not a fan of Alex smith because I don’t think he’s a qb capable of winning superbowls with a very solid team around him I can’t knock that he’s a decent qb and a heck of a lot better than when he first started. Colin is not just going to pick up how to read defenses and accuracy. Two things Gabbert is just better at. This dream of him turning a page and becoming one of the only running qb’s to make a “pro bowl” without pocket skills a lot more far fetched than thinking Gabbert can strive under Kelly.

            1. “I can’t knock that he’s a decent qb and a heck of a lot better than when he first started”

              hey moron….I am shocked a loof like you can make a statement……

            2. Just to clarify if you are saying NOW…..

              .Alex is a decent qb and a heck of a lot better than when he first started……And Colin is not just going to pick up how to read defenses and accuracy.

              Are you saying we should have stayed with Alex?

              if NO, kindly justify your above comment…….

            3. I was too sarcastic with that comment. I don’t think Kaep is a pro bowler either. I do think its kind of crazy to expect BG to be any different than he’s always been. Ask the Jacksonville fans what they think his ceiling is? He hasn’t shown anything different than he’s always done. For starters BG had 7 INT’s and 2 fumbles. Kaepernick had 5 and 1 so what’s that about the comparison? Don’t let the facts dissuade you. Both CK and BG could really be the same as they’ve always been in Kelly’s offense.

              Gabbert is a check down machine and he looks great but he’s not going to win games. He’s an illusion. Its funny you hope in something he’s never done and dismiss a QB that’s had success as never regaining it. What’s more likely BG becoming a functional QB or CK regaining his form? I’ll go with the guy who’s had success over someone who’s never really had any.

              I like Alex, he’s a better QB than BG will ever be.

              1. Since you guys (well MD) have invoked the name of Alex Smith, I’ll throw in a familiar scenario that I could see happening this coming season.

                Gabbert will get the starting gig, but his continuing check downs will bog down the Kelly express and he will eventually be benched for CK7.

                Don’t know for certain if Kaep can mimic what he did in 2012 when he replaced AS, but he will be better health wise and also be a little more familiar to Kelly’ offense when he does take over.

                Wishful thinking? Maybe. But I believe that the table is set in Kelly’ offense to have a QB that can do more then throw a short pass.
                Also, if Gabbert starts to have flashbacks of his days in JAX after taking a few shots when running the ball who knows how he reacts mentally.

                One thing is certain, this will not be a boring season given the new regime and which players can best prosper in it.

            4. MD,

              Gabbert has never been a very good QB in College or the NFL He put up some ok numbers at Missouri, but the guy he replaced – Chase Daniel – was a way better player in that system. Hell I think Daniel would be a better option in the NFL at this point.

              I can’t for the life of me figure out why you and some others feel Gabbert is going to be anything other than what he has been. The guy just isn’t very good. As bad as Kap was last season, he has put together a far superior career to Gabbert. Gabbert is a backup caliber QB. That is what he has shown he’s capable of.

              1. Rocket

                For the longest time , I wondered what it was that kept you posting on a blog of a team you don’t seem to even like…. as for the 49ers, you are just an insult machine….you see things that no one else sees (perception, I suppose) be it coaching, administration, or individual performance, you have used your mastery of negative vocabulary to lash against rookies, veterans, or retirees who don’t follow your lofty aspirations. Are you really Seb ?

                DON’T you dare use this to eke out a compliment to Gabbert, or any of our receivers…Baalke’s personnel choices or any of the other personnel groups that we, the real fans of the 49ers plan on cheering year round…All I need to see is your icon, and I skip to the next….enough snide hurtful comments…these guys are playing for our entertainment….and their living….

              2. Wow Oregen, I don’t know what Rocket did but it’s really ok for him to not like Baalke and Gabbert and still be a fan of this team.

                You sounded much more negative on Harbaugh and Kaepernick but you still allow yourself the freedom be a fan. My experience is you do a lot of the same things your calling out Rocket on when these guys are mentioned to other posters.

                You can be a fan and not like what the team does or believe the forum hype on someone. Quite a few of us didn’t buy into Tomsula last year and caught a lot of flack for it. Turns out we were right. It’s totally ok for us to question Gabbert just like it’s ok for you to question Kaepernick. Skip over his posts but you don’t get to tell him whether he’s a fan or not.

              3. Oregon,

                As is often the case, your comment is ridiculous and hypocritical. You have criticized a QB who won, a HC who won and base your views on personal like or dislike. You offer nothing football related and are nothing more than a yes man for the team. I see what everybody with an ounce of objectivity sees and if you really were paying attention, a lot more people – not just on this board – agree with my view over yours. You are pretty much on an island with your view of this team being fine and dandy.

                I see what is actually happening. You see what you want to believe. That is the difference between us. You agree with people who praise the team and offer scorn to those who don’t. You are a confused fan who can’t accept anything negative being said about an organization that deserves it.

                I have been justified in my criticisms going back to when you were all excited about replacing Harbaugh with Tomsula and I told you it was a disaster. How did that work out for you? You predict success even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. You refuse to see that the people running this team have destroyed it. This was a great team under Harbaugh and I supported them, but starting with his dismissal, it’s been a complete train wreck of moves that have ultimately made this team one of the worst in the league. The results clearly show that, but you ignore it and make silly comments about how good the depth is, or that this team will win 10 games. You are completely delusional.

                I am a fan of the SF 49ers and always will be. The support goes back two generations in my family and will continue on for many more. That doesn’t mean I can’t look at a GM who has clearly failed miserably and question why he still has his job. It doesn’t mean I can’t look at the fact a very successful HC was fired simply because the owner didn’t like him personally. It doesn’t mean I can’t look at an ownership who has failed miserably for over a decade and question how they do business.

                That is part of being a fan. Wanting the best for your team and not accepting incompetence should be encouraged, not vilified. Supporting failure just breeds more of it. Feel free to skip over my posts as much as you like. Doesn’t matter to me as you offer nothing objective anyway.

        2. In hindsight Gabbert didn’t have the luxury of Carlos Hyde though.
          Yeah the 3rd down throws must’ve addressed this season. Wasn’t a fan of the offense on 3rd downs last season.

          1. Hyde had one great game, then stunk against the Steelers and then was injured from then on. BG had Tiller and Kilgore where as CK had Devey and Martin. The coaching was crap last year. We can’t learn much. You can love BG, I am not a fan of his. I do hope I am wrong and he surprises everyone. But I am not holding my breath.

        3. Razor,

          Kelly’s comments sounded like giving Gabbert an out for all of his throws short of the sticks, rather than being a criticism.

          1. Ex Kelly is trying to win his players over right now. He’s not going to call out either QB in the media. JH did it all the time telling us things about how great certain players were while not addressing their faults publicly. You’ve go to know Kelly in private won’t be happy if there are receivers open for the 1st and BG throws short. Or if CK throws into coverage when there are players open as well.

            I am taking everything he’s saying about CK with a grain of salt too.

    2. You would think the receivers getting payed millions of dollars could get one YAC but hey, all on the qb……

      1. perhaps they could if the ball was thrown to them in stride rather than behind them or at their feet or not at all in the case of Torrey Smith vs StL

    3. Razor

      There is something that continues to baffle me, and it deals with Blaine’s “Seven yard throw when it’s third and eight”….so YOU’RE the QB, and it’s third and 8…the defense brings the heat…and your receiver hasn’t reached the sticks when the blitz LB decends upon you….do you throw to the sticks, or to the receiver with the good possibility of YAC ? Or do you eat the ball and watch our punter kick from 5-10 yards deeper ? ….What ….?

      1. If Kaepernick is unavailable and you’re stuck with Gabbert, give him max protection and coax him to throw further downfield….

            1. Maybe very very local politics will work for you. As for the question, you throw short of the sticks if that’s the only option you can see. If you’re missing better options, then it should be the bench for you unless you’re the only viable option.

              QBs are constantly throwing short of the sticks, and that started with God, or to some folks — Joe Montana. ;-}

              Some of them just do a better job throwing short — like hitting the receiver in stride — Joe again with Taylor and Rice.

              1. HTwaits

                Did we even have a punter with Joe , Rice and Taylor….? (tongue in cheek)

      2. The problem Oregon is that what you’re proposing isn’t true. As CFC pointed out many times last season here Gabbert had open recievers down field. He never looked their way. He felt or imagined pressure and went right to the check down. The plays were there he didn’t make them.

      3. If it happened once or twice you could argue your “blitzing linebacker” scenario. but since only 18 of 48 3rd down completions resulted in first downs that would mean the other 30 didnt. Was there a blitzing LB in BG’s face for all of those 30 plays?

        And furthermore we are not talking about “throwing to the sticks” its more the check-down to RB and pray plays that are upsetting (to me at least)

        1. Bos9er

          Where did you find those stats ?
          Do you have a link ?

          excuse me, but that sounds like some misinterpretation


      4. Oregoniner, you make a good point. An optimist looks at things differently than a pessimist. Rocket is clearly a pessimist when it comes to the 49ers. Oh, he’ll claim to be objective, but it’s clear his “objectively” is an excuse to bash the 49ers, whom he claims to be a fan of, because when it comes to Gabbert, system fit can absolutely effect a quarterbacks performance.

        Take Nick Foles as a recent example. It doesn’t take a genius to evaluate how differently he performed in St. Louis Rams’ OC Frank Cignetti’s system, as compared to Chip Kelly’s system.

        For Rocket to come to the conclusion that Gabbert is who he is, regardless of system, reeks of a troll masquerading as a 49ers “fan”. I say that because, we’ve seen evidence time and time again in the NFL that system fit matters, for every position, and especially QB. To deny this with a pessimistic outlook is not a good look for a so-called “fan”. .

      1. Unfortunately it sounds like Kaep’s muscles have gone on vacation… :-P Will be curious to see how a slimmer Kaep goes.

        1. Yea, I’m interested to see if the reduction in muscle mass equates to better mechanics, accuracy and even agility….

        1. Yeah, I’ve seen some of Kap’s “muscle memory” against top competition in road playoff games, sometimes under brutal weather conditions, conference championship games, and even Super Bowl caliber competitors. I’ve yet to see Gabbert’s muscle memory impress me against regular season level competitors, let alone against the creme de la creme….

          1. Razor I agree Colin was playing at a high level a couple of years ago. But we all know the old saying… “What have you done for me lately”
            And we also know he’s declined when Gore left and the defensive pieces started leaving. Putting more stress on the offense. I would have been fine if he struggled last season a bit because the o-line was so bad and the defense wasn’t as good as the past. My problem is he went to a camp and was supposed to look more comfortable with his reads and mechanics. He looked worst than ever. And with that price tag that’s unacceptable. Gabbert is on an upswing, not a huge one but improving. Kap on the other hand is declining. And really doesn’t want to be here, or at least didn’t a month ago. With that said Gabbert has to be the the leading cantidate right now.

  1. Glad Gabbert set the record straight. Kaep is not being shunned, or has ever lost the locker room, because all the players realize that backbiting and gossip just hurts the team.

    Sounds like they are being professional about it, and I like his attitude.

    1. Yeeeaaahhh… can’t say I see where Gabbert said anything to that effect, but hey, you go right ahead and believe that.

      1. Did Gabbert mention that Kaep is being shunned like some posters have been claiming? Did he mention that Kaep has lost the locker room? No, because that would be false. Sounds pretty professional to me.

      2. Gabbert, when asked if there is any awkwardness, stated -no, its been great.
        Said both are working together in meetings and locker room to get better.

        1. Ya-huh. Yep, you are spot on. Couldn’t agree more. Its bleeding obvious that Gabbert’s comments completely shut down the theories and rumours about Kaep losing the locker room or being disliked by some segments of the team. Bravo for seeing this!

          And I mean lets face it, as you point out above, the sheer fact he didn’t come out and agree its been totally awks, and that yes, Kaep did indeed lose the locker room and is being shunned (despite not being asked this) is absolute rock hard proof the rumours are all lies. Once again, well done and bravo on seeing this!

          1. Scooter, are you now claiming that the players will not play for Kaep?

            Please mention your sources and name a player.

              1. So, until he does, you will continue to assert that the team is fractured so much that players will not play for Kaep.

                Scooter, I thought you were better than that. Creating dissension and turmoil is the last thing this team needs.

              2. No, I will continue to suggest the rumours MAY be true, and the players MAY NOT play for Kaep, IF those relationships aren’t built/ rebuilt. We aren’t inside those walls. We don’t know the truth of what is happening. And none of the players have confirmed or denied anything on record.

                Don’t mistake my saying you’re interpretation of Gabbert’s comments as denials are wishful thinking with me saying the rumours are true.

                Finally, unlike your good self, I don’t think my comments have any impact on the team. I don’t think my saying the rumours could be true actually makes any whit if difference to the team, or makes them any more or less true.

              3. Any awkwardness (with Kaep) ?

                ‘Its been great. We are in the meetings together. We are in the locker room together, and we’re out there working to get better together.’

                Guess he was not emphatic enough for you.

              4. I guess I just don’t see the same thing you see in that comment. Looks to me like a guy giving a very diplomatic answer.

                Where were his teammates offering their support of him last year?

              5. Last year, most players thought that Kaep would be cut or traded away because they thought that Jed and Baalke wanted to get rid of the last vestiges of the JH regime.

                They also probably thought that if they supported Kaep, that they would be next. Anyone worried about their job would be treating Kaep like a leper, and EVERYONE was worried about his job.

              6. Right. So the players were so ticked off with the FO they were quiet about Kaep to make sure they continued to work for that FO. Makes sense.

              7. None of this means anything.
                When was the last time you have heard an NFL player state another player was not liked in the locker room when said player was still on the team? This doesn’t happen (ok maybe T.O would have)… so no one can say if Kaep has or has not lost the locker room based upon comments made by players to the media.

              8. Shoupbj, I know they benched Kaep and leaked smears about Kaep losing the locker room. I know they banned him from the side line in an effort to shun and ostracize him. I know they sent the leaker to demand a pay cut. I know they gave Kaep permission to pursue a trade with another team. I know that Baalke was threatening to trade Kaep up until the last second before the draft.

                Maybe they should not have done any of that, promised Kaep his job back that he lost due to injury, and praised him to the high heavens to facilitate a trade and get the most compensation for him.

                Instead, they destroyed any trade value and are now stuck with him. I would not put it past the FO to bench him again as another petty emo insult, to prove who is boss, but if they want to display class and act like a champion, they should change how they operate.

                These continual smears saying that Kaep is still being shunned and declaring that player may dislike Kaep so much, they will not play for him, is counter productive. It is a good way to sabotage the season even before it starts.

              9. Scooter I’m new to commenting be have been following this blog for years. You make a lot of well thought out points and it’s painful to watch those go over some heads…Seb.

              10. Thanks mate. I do sometimes (ok, maybe more than sometimes) feel like I am talking to a brick wall. A walking, talking contradiction of a brick wall.

              11. Seb,
                What does any of what you stated you know have to do with what a player will say about a current teammate. Players on a team, don’t say a teammate, is a locker room pariah, ever.

              12. Scooter, Shoup, Since, maybe you think that locker room dynamics are fair game and everything that happens in a locker room should be broadcast to the general public.

                In real life, most teams emphatically state that the locker room is off limits, and what happens in the locker room, stays in the locker room. Most teams do not want to air their dirty laundry for all to see.

                For instance, the drama heard in the Warrior locker room between Draymond and Kerr was reported because the walls were thin. However, the Warriors acknowledged the dissent, yet said that they did not intend for that to get out to the general public.Now that the incident is long over, Draymond apologized and everyone moved on, it does not matter too much. Still, the Warriors did not like the fact that someone was standing outside eavesdropping.

                Now we have you three wanting to spread rumors that may or may not be true.

                It is the Niner locker room, and I think that the FO, coaches and players do not want some poster from around the world speculating on locker room dynamics without a shred of evidence, or encouragement to spread something that should stay within the locker room.

                I will reiterate that the very idea that if some players hold such a grudge against Kaep that they will state that they will not play for him, it is a recipe for failure. Claiming that since you have not heard them deny this, so it must be true, is obtuse.

                Personally, I do not want to know if there is tension, especially if it will hurt team unity. I hope all rumors and gossip stay within the locker room, so the team can concentrate on winning. Wildy speculating that one player hates another, or is less popular than another, is just what the Niner opponents want. They want dissension and discord.

              13. Another word for you to look up Seb, ‘comprehension’.

                You continue to show you have failed to comprehend what I am saying, so I really see no point in continuing this conversation.

    2. Seb,
      Personally, this talk about Kaep being low-keyed and not hobnobbing with the team is a bogus theme.

      With a new and fresh regime in place it’s safe to say that virtually every player has to prove themselves and basically start from ground level. And this involves the coaching staff as well – of whom I can venture that they don’t want to come in with a hatchet ready to cut players without giving them a chance to perform.

      Once CK is healthy, he will be given an equal opportunity to win the starting QB gig. Kelly will carefully and studiously select the QB he see’s as giving the team the best chance to win.

      At the moment the playing field is level and all things are relatively equal. By mid-August most of the questions will be answered.

      1. In MWD’s jejune opinion, the big difference is salary and his reasoning behind him earning the starting job….

      2. AES, I agree. When some poster claims a friend of a friend is telling us that Kaep is being ostracized and is wearing his headsets, I take it with a boulder of salt.

        They are being professional about it, and all are working hard together to improve.

      3. Spot on AES. I highly doubt Kelly will be influenced by anything that has happened in the past. Kaep will be given every opportunity to win the starting job. As will Gabbert.

        As to whether Kaep’s teammates feel the same way, well, that’s another matter.

        1. Scooter,
          All Kaep has to do is first win over his coaches confidence followed by the offense players.
          There aren’t that many players left on offense from last years team who have a gripe with CK.

          Boldin may have been the unspoken offensive leader from last year and there is no guarantee that he will return. Staley was Kaep’ wing man in the locker room, so at this point of pre-TC all the losing the locker room talk may likely involve one or two players minimum.
          Kaep doesn’t need to be highly vocal, he just needs to lead by example.

          1. There isn’t? The only guys that have left are Boldin, Vernon, Boone and Devey. Are they the only guys that had a problem with Kaep?

            I doubt Staley is as tight with Kaep as you suggest. He reportedly stood up for Kaep against Vernon, but I suspect Staley had more of an issue with Vernon’s me first attitude than anything. If you recall he was highly vocal in his support for Alex Smith when Harbaugh benched him. He provided no such support of Kaep last year. And this offseason said Kaep would be a distraction if he stayed on the team come TC.

            I agree Kaep needs to focus on winning over the coaches, but he also needs to focus on building/ mending the relationships with his teammates. It will be hard to win over the coaches if his teammates won’t play for him.

            1. Scooter, the players are not petty and emo like the FO. They just want to win, and if they see that Kaep is their best ticket to success, they will embrace him with open arms.

              Believe me, the players have also followed the Kaep saga. They also saw the FO send the leaker to demand a pay cut from Kaep. They had a front seat to all the backstabbing. I bet many would state that they would not blame Kaep in the least to want to flee this dysfunctional dumpster fire. The fact that not a single player has mentioned Kaep being out on an island is proof to me that it is a new year with a new HC who told the team to treat EVERYONE with respect.

              1. Not a single player has denied the rumours about Kaep from last year, either. Their silence on this matter is more likely an indication of there being some truth to it.

                You are right that the players just want to win. But part of believing they can win comes from building trust. Sounds like Gabbert gets that. Rumours suggest perhaps Kaep does not.

                I am not suggesting all the rumours of player rifts with Kaep etc are true. But I am stating that Kaep needs to build the trust between himself and his teammates if he’s to be successful. Maybe that trust is already pretty strong. But there is plenty of reasons to doubt that is so.

              2. You infer that he still has lost the locker room, when for the life of me, I cannot see how Kaep has done that. He lost his starting job due to poor play because he was so injured he needed 3 surgeries. How can an injured player lose the trust of the team? Most players have been injured themselves, so it is bewildering to assume they hate Kaep because he became injured.

              3. You are suggesting that the player rifts with Kaep are true, and will not believe otherwise until you hear them deny those rumors.


              4. I am suggesting they may be true. Not they are true. Understand the difference?

                As to why I think it may be true, in fact more likely than unlikely to be true, is due to more than the rumours themselves. You just need to watch the visible frustration of his receivers last year (Torrey Smith in particular). The indifference of the OL when they were beat. The lack of support from teammates when he was benched. The comments of players about Gabbert when he was named starter. There is a lot of reasons to believe thete is something to the rumours.

              5. And I am suggesting that your assertions that they may be true is exactly what the Niners do not need at the moment.

                If you want to sabotage the season, spreading divisive rumors as if they may be true is a good way to start.

              6. See my earlier comment about how I don’t believe my comments carry any weight with the 49ers. I didn’t start the rumours. And my ardent wishing they aren’t true will have no bearing on whether they are or are not.

                Also, might I suggest the last thing the 49ers need is for rumours of the FO being incompetent to continue to be spread. Yet you seem to have no qualms bashing them. Why is that?

              7. No, I am giving my opinion that the FO is acting like petty emo dweebs, and need to grow up and start acting like adults. I want them to change and get better, and be better persons. They need to start acting like class means something, instead of dragging the whole team in the gutter.

                You are right, I cannot make them change, just like I cannot make you stop engaging me. Obviously, they are ignoring my criticisms, even though Jed claims he reads and hears them loud and clear.

                But at least I can point out why there is continual incompetence, and how they might start acting like the Niners from the Glory Years, winning rings. Until they do, they will continue on dwelling in the cellar, and the gutter.

              8. Yet, when I discount them, your need to oppose me makes you perpetuate them as if they are really true.

                Sounds logical, and predictable.

              9. Scooter,

                You are being unfair, bordering on unreasonable, in expecting Seb to apply the same “logic” to his arguments as he does to your’s.

              10. I know it is Ex. How dare I try and hold Seb to the same standards he preaches. :-P

                Seb, there is absolutely no difference in me discussing the Kaep rumours and suggesting there may be some truth behind them and you saying the FO is incompetent and behind all the Kaep drama.

                Actually, not true, I at least can acknowledge we don’t know all the facts about the Kaep situation. You on the other hand have no qualms singing to the high heavens about all the “proof” you have behind the FO being the ones orchestrating the leaks. Despite the fact there is no such proof available, just rumours and circumstantial “evidence” that strongly suggests it. Which is really ironic since you have been in my grill about perpetuating the “lies” behind Kaep losing the locker room, which is based on rumours and circumstantial evidence that strongly suggest he did infact lose it.

                Hypocrisy really suits you. You wear it like a glove.

              11. Scooter, speaking of hypocrisy, I will mention 2 words that you should derive much meaning from.

                Shaq Lawson.

              12. Scooter, when I made those claims that Marathe was the leaker, many disbelieved me and challenged my veracity. When I cited 3 sources and the dates, posters still have remained silent. Maybe you want to disbelieve everything I post, but when asked, I have provided proof.

                When I claim that the FO has behaved in an abhorrent manner and cited incidents with archived articles that prove the animus towards Kaep, you twist it to show that Kaep is at fault, and players will refuse to play for him. Then claim that the absence of counter declarations just mean that the lies and smears are true.

                Defend the FO all you want. You are just defending the indefensible.

              13. You might want to look up the meaning of the words ‘hypocrisy’ and ‘proof’.

                Changing my mind regarding Lawson is not being a hypocrite. I even acknowledged to you when you raised it that I was wrong, and had changed my mind.

                Regarding Marathe being the leaker, once again, you are citing rumour and circumstantial evidence as ‘proof’. Does it look like he’s guilty? Sure does. Still no proof though. Yet when I use rumour and circumstantial evidence regarding Kaep, you claim I have no proof. And that, by the way, is the meaning of a hypocrite. And by the way, I don’t claim to have any proof (because I don’t, just like you don’t). I just claim there may be something to the rumours, and the circumstantial evidence suggests it could even be likely.

                For the record, I agree the FO has acted in a very poor manner not just towards Kaep but in general over the past few years. We’ve already had this discussion, so not sure why we need to have it again. I didn’t bring up the FO to discuss their merits, I brought it up to show how you are being a hypocrite. I have no problems with people talking about what a poor job they have done. Just like I have no problems with people discussing how Kaep may have some issues with his teammates. You are the one jumping up and down about the unfairness of mentioning one and how it can derail the 49ers season while only too happy to discuss the other. Hypocrisy at its finest.

                Lastly, you appear to be seeing things in black and white. If one does not agree with you about something, they must hold the exact opposite point of view. Not so. I actually believe many of the same things you do regarding the FO. I have no desire or need to defend them. You seem to have a desire and need to defend Kaep though. Not sure why. He’s a big boy, let him put his big boy pants on.

              14. Scooter, I like to root for the under dog. Right now, Kaep is obviously that.

                I have tried to counter the shade thrown at him, because he is not able to do that here on this site. I am a firm believer in fair play, and want to present the other side.

                I have been carefully trying to not make wild accusations without a shred of evidence. I have cited the Tomsula leaving incident, and have provided many archived articles. I know for a fact that Marathe was at the meeting with Kaep’s reps ( Maiocco April 28th 2016).Others may say that Kaep’s reps asking permission to talk to other teams that happened minutes after the meeting was just an amazing coincidence, I just say it was a logical consequence.

                I have tried to be consistent in my posts, and if I have strayed from that , I will acknowledge my regression. However, I think that some employ a double standard in which I am to be held at the highest standards while others may slip and use a lower standard.

                I guess we will just have to differ in our methodology, and conclusions.

              15. I’m not saying there isn’t any evidence to suggest many of the leaks come from the FO, in particular one Paraag Marathe. In fact I agree (though I also believe some of the leaks are coming from elsewhere as well as they sound more like locker room gossip than office gossip).

                But you say you defend him because he is not here to defend himself. Surely you can see the exact same thing applies to Marathe. And surely what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

                So the reason you are defending Kaep (while bashing Marathe) can not be because he isn’t here to defend himself. It also can not be because you dislike the idea of perpetuating rumours that if true could sabotage the season, as a divide between the FO and playing group would be just as bad as having Kaep ostrecised from his teammates (in fact potentially more so) yet you have no qualms perpetuating and lending credence to such stories.

                No, the real reason you argue against the Kaep rumours is simply that you don’t want to believe they are true. That is a fine point of view, but it really is just your point of view. And there really is a fair amount of circumstantial evidence that suggests there is some truth behind the rumours. You may say the visible frustration of the receivers with Kaep, the lack of support from his teammates when he was benched and the comments by players about Gabbert’s strengths (which all happened to be areas of weaknesses in Kaep’s game) are just an amazing coincidence, but perhaps this is just another example of your ‘logical consequence’ at work.

                As for the standards I hold you to, at this point all I ask is you live up to your own. I am sick and tired of your whining, ranting and accusations of hating on Kaep and wanting to create turmoil in the team just because I think there may be some truth to some of the rumours. Not when you then go and bash the FO or other players. You want to talk about double standards? Look within, before lashing out.

              16. Except, it’s hard to believe a QB is “the best ticket to success”, when he’s not spending nearly enough time studying game film, and it obvious he isn’t by his failures on the football field when it comes to reading defenses.

                There simply is not a conspiracy to see Colin Kaepernick fail Sebnynah, no matter how many times you make incorrect, presumptuous and false statements.

                There are simply too many sources with inside knowledge of the locker room dynamics, for these reports about Colin’s teammates losing faith in Colin and questioning his commitment, to be wrong. Denial changes nothing.

            2. Scooter,
              I didn’t mean to imply that Staley was a friend or close to Kaep. He came to CK’ defense in the locker room during a meltdown time.
              Staley seems like the type of person that will just do the right thing, relationships not withstanding.

              If Kaep loses the QB battle in TC than I could see where he might be as Staley noted; a distraction.
              But if he wins back the QB gig the team (well his detractors) will need to rally around him for there to be team unity and a positive locker room atmosphere going forward.

              Chip Kelly and the FO will need to help monitor and facilitate this if the need arises.

        2. The only way for Kap to win back any teammates he may have lost, is to show up and play well. Just bust his ass and work hard to win the job and the rest will take care of itself.

          1. Yes, I agree with this, though with the caveat that he should also actively work to build/ rebuild relationships if indeed there are any issues there. And it also appears the 49ers players are willing to let Kaep have a chance. Staley, Hyde and now Gabbert have all commented to the effect that its been good working with Kaep this year, and Staley has said on record the QB position is one in which he will trust the coaches to make the right decision for the team, whatever it may be, and be happy with it.

            1. If there are any personal differences with individual players, then yes he needs to rectify that. From the stories that came out however it seemed like a lot of the criticisms and revelations involving Kap were the type of things that become an issue when a player and team are not playing well. If he dedicates himself to getting healthy and puts in a good effort to win the job, I think everything else will be forgotten.

              1. Yeah, winning games will mask a lot of the issues that have been reported. But that doesn’t make them non-issues when the team is winning.

                The team will follow pretty much anyone if they are winners. But when things get tough, and they always do at some point, will the players continue to play hard and follow someone they don’t have a strong belief in? Someone they don’t really trust to be their leader? So far, the evidence suggests no.

              2. The players that aren’t able to get past the static and do their job will be jettisoned….

              3. Agreed. I said this in another post just a few minutes ago, but players don’t follow somebody they don’t believe they can win with. That is just the competitive nature of the game and nothing any player can rectify short of playing well enough to instill confidence in those around them.

              4. “Nothing any player can rectify short of playing well enough to instill confidence in those around them”.

                Ultimately you are correct. A bad QB that knows how to get his players to trust and believe in him is still a bad QB, and eventually the players will want the team to move on from them for a winning QB. But a QB that does truly inspire his team and builds the trust through his leadership abilities is more likely to have the players supporting him through the inevitable tough periods, for longer.

              5. To put it another way, there is a reason Tim Tebow has a winning record as a QB, and it has nothing to do with his QB talent.

              6. Interesting point Scooter. Do you think Sanchez or Gabbert can inspire people the way Tebow did? I am pretty sure Kaep’s not that guy either.

              7. No, neither guy is as inspirational as Tebow. He has incredible self belief, and it rubs off on others. I’m just using him to make my point.

                But it does sound like Gabbert has won over the team as their leader. Right now, it appears they believe in him. But I think when they see him play tentatively again and see his confidence start to waiver in the pocket that belief the team has in him will also waiver. It sounds like he has the team on his side, so they’ll be rooting for him to succeed I reckon, but after a while if things go south it will be hope rather than belief driving the team. Bad things happen when you rely on hope.

              8. The bottom line is if any professional athlete on this team does not do their job because they don’t like the quarterback, they’ll be traded or released. That kind of foolishness will be met with a cold dose of reality. Certain styles are tailor made for certain other styles, and I think that’s what we are talking about with Chip Kelly and Colin Kaepernick. Reggie Bush was in the locker room, and he said Colin is the guy. There’s a reason nobody wanted Gabbert, maybe it wasn’t his leadership but the realization that he’s not going to lead anyone anywhere near a championship….

              9. When did Bush say Kaep was the guy?

                I know he said he’s a very hard worker, and is very talented. Even said he does interact with players when out on the practice field. But this was all last year while Kaep was still the starting QB.

              10. And what does saying he is the guy even mean, anyway? What was the context?

                I don’t think any player would openly criticise Kaep even if there is some dissension, or refuse to work with him. They are professionals. But motivation is an important part of playing your best, and it can be hard to stay motivated if you don’t trust/ believe in your supposed leader. That may be due to poor performance (as you suggest would/ does occur with Gabbert), or due to just not having a good working relationship with them.

                Don’t get me wrong, nobody is saying Kaep needs to be friends with everyone on the team. Its a work place environment, and you don’t need to be friends. You just need to respect each other and trust each other as colleagues. That is what Kaep needs to aim for. And for all we know, he may already (and always have been) at that point with his teammates.

              11. He said it the other day on NFL Network Channel. Every player on that team recognizes the upside and potential that Kaepernick brings to the table, but he still has to prove it. That happens in training camp, not OTA’s….

              12. I hope the players just act professionally. Becoming mean and vindictive is just a recipe for failure.

                Glorify Tebow all you want. Last I heard, he is out of the league.

            2. “But a QB that does truly inspire his team and builds the trust through his leadership abilities is more likely to have the players supporting him through the inevitable tough periods, for longer.” ~ Scooter

              On the surface this makes sense, but we also need to look at this as transcending the locker because ultimately, the coaches and the FO will determine if a QB that is popular with his teammates but has a losing record is worth keeping on the field.
              While being popular with teammates is ok, it won’t be the team that decides who plays.

              While many players may like Gabbert over CK, the QB that provides wins will be the player that they will want on the field with them.

      4. Actually, at this point, BG is ahead as he should be given CK’s benching and surgeries. But, CK will get a fair chance to overcome BG’s current lead.

        That’s the Matt Barrow’s live chat comments about the QB position.

        1. Razor

          I’ve been following your question on Muir, the Aussie….I haven’t seen any copy on him…did I miss anything ? Certainly is an intriguing fellow…’big as a house…’ We certainly have a bevy of ‘huge’ UDFA’s…..

  2. Interesting. Brandon Thomas was getting first team snaps. Maybe the past coaches did not have a clue about the O line personnel.

    Tank is now an OLB? And Bruce Miller is now a TE? Maybe Baalke should bundle players that may not fit, and try to get a future second or third round pick for them. I would include Patton, Vance MacDonald, Marcus Cromartie, Ray Ray, Chris Davis, Anderson, Lemonier, Pears and Silberman as potential trade fodder.

    1. It’s about time Thomas started playing. Wouldn’t that be the best surprise of the year to have Thomas play well.

      The bundled trade stuff is tired. You tenacity is admirable. Don’t fight reality though.

        1. Wilson, I just envision an offseason where the marginal players take up a lot of snaps, then get cut, get swooped up for free and start on another team.

          Niners get nothing. If they trade now, the other team will benefit because they will fill holes in their squad and the Niners may get a good future pick. It is a win-win.

          I also want the Niners to have a couple vacant spots that could be filled by grabbing a couple 53 cutdown players or poaching players from another team.

          Maybe you think that Baalke is not smart enough to pull that off, but he did trade 3 players during the off season last year. Just singly, not bundled.

          1. Seb, we’re not going to agree on this. You need those players to evaluate the talent you acquired. Do what Scooter said and as the 7th worst team in the NFL find the left over players from other squads that we need so badly.

            Its not about Baalke, its not the way things work even though you’d wish it.

            1. Wilson, we will just have to agree to disagree. On this present roster, there may be several players who do have talent, but do not fit into the Chip Kelly scheme. Bruce Miller is a perfect example. He does have value, and will likely be cut. Trade him away and get a future draft pick.

              Same thing with Patton and Vance. Right now, they do have value, and other teams would like to get them and have them in TC to fit them into their system instead of waiting until they are 53 roster cuts and try to install them with little familiarity with their playbook. Celek has obviously beaten out Vance in the TE competition, and there is a logjam of potentially good WRs.

              San Diego would want all 3 players, so they might part with a second or third round pick for them. They are confronted with a tough division with 2 playoff teams and an up and coming Raider team. They may be relegated to the cellar again if they only rely on unproven rookies to fill all their needs.

              1. Again like I said Seb, lets see if your wishful thinking actually happens. Only a few teams in the NFL use FB’s these days so Miller’s options are limited. I would say Patton and V McDonald are not productive players. Neither of them has done much at all. Again why in the world would the Chargers want rejects from a five win team? They won’t help anyone, especially not us. Like I pointed out before we could end up trading and getting a Devey. No one in their right mind would give up draft picks for players who aren’t producing. They’ll trade one of their crappy players but they won’t trade a shot at new talent. Its not in any teams interest to trade picks for players who will be cut. Why would they do that? It only hurts that team Seb to trade when they can get it for the cost of the player vs the cost of the player and draft picks.

                You can say it over and over and over and over and it still doesn’t make it true or probable. It doesn’t work the way you wish it too.

              2. Wilson, they are not rejects or practice squad players. They actually started, and even though they might not fit into Chip’s system, they have value and could improve another team.

                Last I saw, the Chargers won only 4 games, so they should be as desperate as the Niners, and have huge needs. Both Miller and Vance would help Melvin Gordon immensely with their blocking.

                Do not worry, I postulate many trade strategies, and hope they work, but at least they did trade 3 players last year, albeit singly, not bundled. If they did trade multiple players, I would jump for joy, but since Baalke does not listen to me, I will be resigned to just hoping.

                I still think that those players do have value and can improve their team. Maybe if they went to a new system, they will thrive.

              3. Futility Seb. The Chargers only lost one more game than us. The Don’t want failed draft picks. They want productive starters not guys who don’t perform. It’s not the system they were in since they’ with been in two and they were bad in both. The Chargers don’t look up to us. You’re making a huge assumption that they can thrive in the NFL.

      1. Pardon me. I just want the Niners to win and succeed. This may be a way that they can accomplish those goals.

        Sounds like you want them to sit on their hands….. and keep losing.

        1. Seb

          You’re still playing ‘Fantasy Football’ …or still trying to make Chicken salad out of Chicken poo….bundle that…

          1. Well I use Chicken Poo to help grow lettuce for my salads, so it may be a more convoluted way to accomplish my goals. ;p

      1. George, TY. Hope you are feeling stronger and recovering nicely.

        I agree. Hopefully, Garnett will claim the LG spot since that is where he excelled.

        1. Thanks, Seb. I’m doing fine.

          I realize it’s just started, but the sign Thomas is on the first team is a positive.

        1. That just reinforces my view that Chip Kelly targeted Garnett and Baalke cooperated by providing the ammunition. Also, just goes to show how being considerate and respectful leaves a lasting impression, especially in this day and age….

          1. Yes. I fully believe that Chip got a lot of say with the first 2 picks, and Baalke had more say with the rest of the picks. Hence the ACL pick in the third.

  3. Fangio says he’s not worried about Floyd’s weight, but he had him meet with “Q” to receive his gadget that would signal Floyd every two hours to consume food….

  4. Players don’t get schmundled when they’re traded because most teams don’t want more than a single player from any other given team.

    Carradine and Anderson might get 7ths, McDonald might get a 6th, and Miller and Patton might fetch 5ths. Nobody else you mentioned would yield a thing.

    Kaepernick will get us a 2nd from the Jets, though.

    1. Yet in baseball and basketball they bundle players all the time. Football with a 62 man roster has more variation than a 12 man basketball team. If a Basketball team has a 3 player deal, that is one quarter of the team. If the extrapolate that to a football team, that would be equivalent to a 15 player trade.

      Multiple players for a single pick is advantageous to the team giving up a pick, because usually, a team acquires one payer each pick. 3 players would have 3 times the value. Therefor, a single future pick could fulfill 3 immediate needs.

      Another team that may be amenable to a trade is Indy. They need to protect Luck, generate a pass rush and move on from Gore by getting younger. They also are in a division that has gotten better, so it will be harder for them to get back to the playoffs.The Niners should offer Thomas, Lemonier and Mike Davis for a conditional second round pick. If the Colts make the playoffs, it upgrades to a first round pick.

  5. …..”Several offensive players have said in recent weeks that Gabbert, who started the final eight games last season, has the demeanor of a leader.”…..

    1. The Bronco’s players say Sanchez has the demeanor of a leader. The problem is he’s not a good NFL QB. Gabbert may have some leadership qualities lets see if he’s a good QB.

      1. Never, ever going to win any championships with Gabbert. Kaepernick will win the job, and anyone that gets caught up in the idiocy will be expunged….

        1. My point Razor with Sanchez is what the media is saying here in Denver. Its great he sounds like a leader but it doesn’t matter if he can’t play well on the field. I think the same is true for Gabbert. I don’t care what he sounds like if he doesn’t play well enough to win games. Football isn’t won in press conferences.

          1. Essentially both Gabbert and Sanchez are cut from the same leadership cloth. They sound good, they look good, but don’t play so good….

          2. Very true wilson, and if he isn’t winning, then players won’t follow. It’s a fickle business. You can’t lead if players don’t feel they can win with you. I think anybody who is dreaming about Gabbert becoming anything more than he has been, is in for a rude awakening.

      1. That’s what’s weird: Kap wins, but carries himself like a loser; Gabbert has lost, but is trying to carry himself like a winner.

  6. I just don’t see a QB who can’t read a Defense being able to win a championship. When you look at subpar QB’s who have won championships: Dilfer, Rypien, Hostetler, and Brad Johnson, you see a lot of Gabbert’s qualities. They can read a defense. They are not so inept as is Kaepernick.
    So, I stand behind Kaepernick cannot win a championship. He has a lot of talent. So did Culpepper, Moon, and Flutie. However, Kaepernick is a career backup at best moving forward in 2017

    1. Hard to see that NFC Championship Trophy, standing behind all that denial. Kaepernick should thrive in this offense, because he’s a spread quarterback. RG3 was never going to thrive in Gruden’s offense, because he’s not a drop back passer. If the goal is to win championships, Kaepernick gives them the best chance to do it….

        1. Take your gripe to the NFL, they call it the NFC Championship game and you get a NFC Championship Trophy. Don’t take my word for it, look it up. Once you win that, you have the right to fight for a world championship. That’s called a Super Bowl. If you believe Gabbert is your best chance, good luck with that….

            1. Marv Levy was one of the greatest coaches in NFL history. The word that best describes him comes from the book of champions, resiliency….

    2. I beg to differ. Kaep can read a defense, and my proof is the fact that he ran the Pistol in college, which requires split second reads. Many many times, Kaep would buy time with his mobility and hit the third option.

      No QB can read a defense if the OL allows the defender to run past them like they were turnstiles, and the QB has a pass rusher in his face before he gets his feet set. Kaep was sacked 80 times, and probably used his mobility to avoid another 80 sacks. Gabbert, even with a better O line, still did not have a clean pocket all the time. His quick releases were because he knew he had to get rid of the ball quickly and could not let the receivers get past the 3rd down marker.

    3. Where do you get the idea that Gabbert can read a defense any better than Kaepernick? The only thing Gabbert did last season was get the ball out of his hands which was great considering Kap wasn’t doing so, but don’t confuse that with reading a defense and making the right decision. He often didn’t which is why the 3rd down percentage was so poor.

      1. Gabbert has demonstrated an ability to read a defense throughout his career. He is not a top tier QB, but he is a capable QB much like the QB’s mentioned who won a super bowl.

        Kaepernick could not make a presnap read to through to an uncovered T Smith. Until he demonstrates something other than that glaring example, he simply cannot read a defense.

        As far as Third down efficiency, both QB’s struggled. It doesn’t matter who is under center. When the receiver runs a short route or cannot achieve yards after the catch, then, the offense will struggle on third down.

        Many of Steve Young’s passes were short of the marker. J Rice and T Owens did a marvelous job of getting the first down after the catch. By your reasoning, Steve Young was incapable without the YAC.

          1. For the same reason you see Alex Smith succeeding in KC and at the end of his SF career, the O-line has a lot to do with success. Both Kaepernick and Gabbert have been running for their lives behind the line in SF.

            That being said, I am only comparing one trait. Reading a defense. Gabbert can and Kaepernick can’t. It’s a trait that has been dissected over and over. The conclusion from many NFL pundents has been that Kaepernick cannot read a defense.

            1. Kaep can read a defense, or he would not have gotten to a SB in 10 games, and almost returning the next season.

              Pundents? Many pundits claim lots of things, but I think they are clueless most of the time. Watching them try to do a mock is hilarious, because many times they are totally wrong.

              Kaep ran the pistol in college. You do not amass 10000 yards passing and 4000 yards rushing by not being able to read the defense.

              If you know anything about the pistol, there are pre snap reads, and post snap reads and decisions.

              1. Kelly’s offense is simplistic and savagely efficient, using numerical advantages provided by different mismatches to create simple reads and quick plays. Also, in 2014 the Eagles threw 20 yards or more downfield on 13.7 percent of their passes, the sixth-highest rate in the league, and Gabbert seems incapable or unwilling to do that….

              2. Exactly. That is why am am starting to be more optimistic. Chip Kelly is the perfect coach for Kaep, and Chip likes Kaep so much, he tried to trade for him last season.

                If the O line improves, and Kaep has more than a nanosecond to throw, maybe Torrey will shine.

        1. Matt,

          How do you come to the conclusion Gabbert has shown an ability to read a defense throughout his career? The guy has been a total bust and has struggled to throw the ball down the field. This idea that he can read defenses and Kap can’t is a myth created by those who want to believe Gabbert is good and Kap is not. Kap’s overall numbers dwarf Gabberts. He has actually accomplished something; Gabbert has not.

          The fact is Kap was a lot better on 3rd downs than Gabbert was last year, and the reason is he didn’t settle for the check down pretty much every time like Gabbert did. There were plenty of instances where Kap should have thrown the checkdown, and there is no doubt that he was struggling mentally by the time he was benched, but this idea that Gabbert was somehow a big upgrade and is a better player overall is complete nonsense not supported by the stats or results.

          1. My comparison of Gabbert is in relation to Kaepernick. Gabbert has struggled mightily. That is not the argument. My only observation stands at Kaepernick throughout his career has been labeled as a QB who cannot read a defense. His play moving forward has shown as much.

            He has degressed into a running back who throws the ball. He certainly can make a read of a single player while running, but he does not get the complexity of an NFL defense

            I am not saying Gabbert has more talent or is an upgrade over Kaepernick. I am merely comparing one aspect of Gabbert’s game to Kaepernick’s game.

            As for 3rd down, I agree Gabbert should have made throws beyond the marker. His judgement should be questioned. I would expect though that an NFL receiver breaks a tackle to make the first down at least once out of seven attempts. That simply did not happen no matter who was under center.

            1. Matt, when you say degressed, I suppose you mean regressed. Digressed means you have gone off topic.

              When you claim that Kaep cannot read a defense, you totally discount the importance of the O line, and totally forgive the coaches for incompetence.

              When you say that Gabbert can read a defense and Kaep cannot, then state that Gabbert does not have more talent or is an upgrade, you sound confused.

              I will counter your assertion again, Kaep, having run the pistol, has to be able to read the defense. Getting to the SB and almost returning is also a good indication that Kaep is reading defenses. Having a 4-2 road playoff record means that Kaep can read defenses of playoff teams.

              1. Thank you for the correction Seb. I did mean regressed, not digressed. I believe our difference lies in the depth of the argument.

                My disagreement with Kaepernick under center stems from how NFL defenses effectively game plan for him. They make him read a defense. They change coverages and make movements before the ball is snapped to confuse him. And it works.

                I concede that the coaching has been terrible. However, they both had the same coach. The players responded better to Gabbert for whatever reason. It is not part of my argument. My only speculation there is that it was easy to blame Kaep instead of their own efforts.

                A 4-2 playoff record was a great accomplishment. Since then, the NFL has answered. Teams have presented a problem that Kaep has thus far been unable to answer. I am not arguing that Kaepernick was successful.

                In 2015, Kaepernick was presented with being able to make presnap adjustments and read defenses. He struggled. He missed wide open players running down the field even during his 4-2 playoff run. It has been getting worse not better. He hesitated to release the ball.

                The alternative is a QB in Gabbert who almost doesn’t think and releases the ball immediately to the running back.

                My argument is that of the two, in Kelly’s system, I would prefer to have the QB who doesn’t hesitate trying to figure out what he is seeing. I attribute that to being able to read the defense before the snap. Perhaps I am wrong and instead it is deciding before the snap that he is going to throw to the RB no matter what.

                Thank you for correcting and educating me.

              2. Matt, I hope you noticed that I did not call you stupid like some other posters seem to afflict me all the time. I may disagree, but will try to not be disagreeable. The biggest difference was the O line. Some called Devey a QB killer when he played for the Pats, and he proved his nickname by destroying Kaep. In the end, the O Line improved greatly with Kilgore, Tiller and Brown playing.

                I will concede that Kaep regressed. However, you must look at the whole picture. Yes, they both had the same coaches, and one QB went 2-6 with them, and the other went 3-5.

                I will also say that the coaching was way too predictable, even 2 years ago. Raider DBs said that they knew what play was going to be run just by looking at the formation. The league did catch up to JH, because he went from 3 NFCCGs to 8-8.

                I hope to have some more spirited debates with you, because even though you may be wrong in my opinion, you do articulate your position well.

            2. Matt,

              You are making assumptions here. Reading a defense is something that most QB’s can do including Kap and Gabbert. The issue is being able to focus in the 2 seconds after snap and adjust to where the ball has to go. There is zero evidence that Gabbert does this any better than Kap or that he can read a defense better than Kap. What Gabbert did better than Kap was dump the ball off. Kap has never liked settling for a check down and that is part of the reason for his struggles.

              Don’t confuse what Gabbert does with reading a defense better. It’s simply getting rid of the football which quite often is not what you want your QB to do.

              1. What Kaepernick was never able to do well was audible out of a play call based on what he saw at the line of scrimmage. That’s what reading a defense really is. The pre-snap read and executing it.
                What Gabbert does better than CK is take what the defense gives you. That’s what you want your QB to do. Not make decisions based on what you think you can do like force throws or turn the play into a scramble drill. 2 things #7 did all too much!

              2. This is complete BS Prime. Even in his first start Kap was making audibles at the line.

                “Blue baby buffalo”

              3. Please show me where either of those guys said Kap can’t read a defense pre-snap and make an audible.

              4. Grime says “Please show me where either of those guys said Kap can’t read a defense pre-snap and make an audible”

                Have you been living in a cave the past 24 months? You never seen the interviews of both guys referring to CK as being easily confused by certain coverages?
                Cmon man, don’t play stupid!

              5. What’s the matter? Afraid of finding out that what you said was complete BS? Or are you incapable of doing a little research? Here’s a hint: there’s this thing called Google.

              6. So do yourself a favour and look it up. I know what was said and you don’t. Do your own research. I’m not here to win arguments. You obviously are!

              7. The truth is I already did the research and apparently your memory isn’t as good as you think it is. But go ahead, stand on your ignorance and keep making yourself look stupid.

              8. Are you serious? Even you are not as dumb as Seb to ignore what the league has said about CK!

              9. I have the Mathieu quote open in another tab in my browser. He never says anything about Kap’s ability to make pre-snap reads or audibles. But go ahead, keep basing your opinions on stuff you pulled out of your a$$.

              10. They knew exactly where he was going to throw to and when he would run. They disguised their defense accordingly because he was so predictable. What does that tell you? He could not read what they were going to do.
                Why? Not smart, never studied enough and one dimensional.
                Guys like you and Seb keep pretending he is a legit QB. That cave you live in must be real small for you not to hear what other NFL players are really saying!

              11. You made an absolute statement that was false. I called you on it. Keep moving those goal posts buddy.

              12. What has been the one criticism of CK? The media has said it, other players have said it. You want definitive quotes as to who what where when and how? Get over your love affair of him and see what others are saying. You want quotes? Please! Its only been talked about since the last 2 years of his regression and you want me to cut and past quotes, grow up!

              13. I think the problem here is there were two different interviews with Mathieu in which he said different things. In the first he said:

                “We knew going into this game that the focus for them was to run the football. Their passing game has just simplified so much, it was easy for us to anticipate routes, get some good breaks on the ball today.”

                He wasn’t just focusing on Kap, he was saying the passing offense was simplified.

                In the second interview he really threw Kap under the bus, saying they knew his tendencies, which way he would roll out etc. Two different statements a few weeks apart.

                The truth as I see it however is that the system was a bigger problem than Kaepernick. To further back this up all you have to do is look at Kap’s numbers in the previous meetings against AZ. He had a winning record against them during his time as a starter and put up two of his best statistical games against them in 2014.

                The problem last year was we had a terrible OC and protection along with a QB who was skittish and going downhill as the season wore on. There is no doubt Gabbert looked better and the offense looked better for a time, but that was because Kap fell apart mentally by the time he was benched.

              14. Rcoket says “The truth as I see it however is that the system was a bigger problem than Kaepernick”
                I agree in part. A play caller can make a QB’s job much easier. However, the areas that #7 struggled in were unteachable. Leadership, accuracy, work ethic in the film room. All those things led to his play going down hill. Sure Geep had a vanilla offense but maybe because the guy scooping the ice cream could not distinguish between chocolate and vanilla?

              15. Prime, if you do not want to engage me, please stop using my name. Otherwise, a storm is coming. ;p

  7. Class, everyone repeat after me:

    George Halas = NFC Champion
    Lombardi = World Champion
    Lamar Hunt = AFC Champion

    1. Right, and Dan Marino is a champion, and Thurman Thomas, and Donovan McNabb, and Bruce Smith, and …

      1. Johnny they hang those NFC championship banners in the stadium too. There is a difference between conference and world champions. People are dissatisfied with one and love the other. I don’t get the hang up if the NFL calls it a championship why are we even bothering to discuss it? Everyone knows the difference between the two.

        1. “Yay!!!! We just lost the Super Bowl 55-10 to the 49ers, but WE’RE STILL CHAMPIONS!!!”

          – said nobody ever

          1. Geez, read everything “There is a difference between conference and world champions. People are dissatisfied with one and love the other.”

            People may not appreciate conference championships it doesn’t make them any less of a championship because you lose the super bowl.

            1. Yes it does, that’s exactly why it’s a misnomer. Great, you won a chance to be the champion. Did you win to become the champion? No? Okay, congratulations, you’re the first loser! Well done! Well deserved!

              1. Nice try but you don’t get to tell the NFL what it means. I am not going to argue this one its a waste of all of our time.

                You do realize the history of the two separate league championships and then the uniting of the leagues to provide an overall champion right?

              2. Yes, Wilson, I’m clear on the history and everything else about everything that’s ever happened, ever. I also know what champion means, and the loser of the ultimate game of the season is not the competitor who has defeated ALL rivals, and is therefore not the champion, no matter how the NFL wants to market its playoff system.

              3. The best football of the season is usually played on Championship Sunday. Superbowl Sunday? Not so much.

              4. Anyone calling a national contest a World Championship shouldn’t be using the word misnomer in a debate no matter how silly that debate happens to be.

        1. Yeah, Razor, I’m not blind, nor stupid, nor wrong about this. Ask Dan Marino is he feels about never being a champion. He won’t argue that he was. If you can’t find Dan, Charles Barkley was just talking about it the other night with Dwight Howard on Inside the NFL.

          So, whatever term they want to put on the ring doesn’t determine the meaning of the word. There can only be 1 champion.

          Whatever, though. I guess it shouldn’t bother me that a 49ers fan is celebrating a Super Bowl loss. Go right ahead.

    2. Champion: a person who has defeated or surpassed all rivals in a competition, especially in sports.

      Unless you’re changing the definition of the word “all,” the word “champion” can be applied to only one competitor.

      Hence, Trent Dilfer, champion. Dan Marino, not a champion.

        1. Thanks, Razor, that means a lot! I’m not under any delusions about what the NFL chooses to call the winners of its two conferences, and don’t care what they’re called, frankly. I just know that participation trophies don’t have any value to professional athletes.

          When Chevrolet claims the Corvette is the best car in America, you know it’s marketing, not reality. Do you not understand that false use of the word “champion” is also nothing more than marketing?

          1. You could enlist the services of JPN001 to give your passion the tools necessary to elicit change in the NFL, and subsequent businesses worldwide….

            1. You are correct: I am passionate about words having meaning. Why haven’t you changed your avatar to that champion, Marv Levy, yet?

          2. Even by your own definition they defeated everyone in their division thus making them division champions.

            Its not that hard to get. In high school My soccer team won our AA-AAA division and were champions for the county out of 11 teams. We then went to regional’s and won t and became region three AA champions over 30+ other schools. Then we finished 2nd in the state of Maryland. So our loss at the state level nullifies our other championships? In those other playoff formats we were considered champions for that specified region and format. The county championship had nothing to do with the region and state tournaments.

            The same goes for college football when teams win their conference and then go to the NCAA playoffs. Just because they don’t win a national title doesn’t make their conference championship void.

            In your argument my team would have had to go all the way to some sort of international youth world cup to be champions. It doesn’t work the way you say. There are different kinds of champions set by the governing bodies.

            Now there’s a case to say that conference championships used to be of value but aren’t any longer. Until the NFL changes that, teams are still conference champions.

            1. Sentence should read “We then went to regional’s and won and becoming region three AA champions over 30+ other schools.”

            2. The NFL is the pinnacle of football, and it’s a single league, a single union of 32 teams, only one of which can be its ultimate champion each season. The reason the 49ers had a dynasty and the Bills did not is because the Bills were never champions.

              You’re right, it’s not hard at all. You simply ignore the meaning of the word champion.

              1. Clever Johnny you ignore the facts you want like there are 2 divisions with their own titles up for grabs. Baseball, Basketball, Hockey all do it but you still stand as having the correct understanding.

              2. Razor, don’t be insulting. Try to remain civil. I know it’s hard for you, because of your absolute need to feel right and knowledgeable. It’s fine. Just don’t lower yourself. I haven’t insulted you.

              3. Wilson

                What are you talking about? AL/NL Pennant is the same as AFC/NFC Championship. Participation in the World Series, Super Bowl, or Stanley Cup does not a champion make, and that you’re arguing otherwise just buries you.

                The best player never to win a “___” is a discussion that persists in all sports about HOF level players who were never champions. Jim Kelly, Dan Marino, Charles Barkley, Pat Ewing. None of them were champions, and all of them must always live with that when being discussed in any type of legacy conversation.

              4. JC, considering the Niners have only been to 3 NFCC games and have won one in the past 20 years, That is all a Niner fan can brag about.

                Of course, a SB championship is the goal,but they seem pretty elusive lately.

                Now, I would expect an improvement from last year, so 6 wins would be an achievement. With Chip, I wish he might make the Niners not have a losing season. If Kaep does well, I hope for maybe a division championship, and if everyone stays healthy, I pray that a playoff win would be attainable.

              5. Johnny you’re promoting the stupidity of the media that a player is only measured by championships. You can keep trying to define championship in your narrow way but if the governing body calls it a championship they don’t give a flip what you think. Regional and divisional championships mean they defeated everyone in that region or division. It meets the definition in every way. Yes the Super Bowl or World Series is the ultimate championship. Keep fighting against all sports because you don’t like the way they define.

              6. I’m sure there’s millions of winners out there that feel like yourself, and need a sponsor to champion their cause….

          3. Perhaps we could consider whether there is a difference between what is a championship and what is the championship. While I do not subscribe to the point of view that the only important measure of performance in a sport is winning the ultimate championship in that sport, I do think that differentiating between winning a championship from winning the championship when one wins lesser championships on the way to winning the ultimate championship is important. Further, whether to call someone a ‘champion’ without any qualifier depends on the relative nature of that championship.

            Let’s consider auto racing. In most auto racing series, each race has a champion. For example, the Indianapolis 500 winners is the referred to as the champion of that race. However, most auto racing series also have a series championship. The unmarked use of the term ‘champion’ (i.e. when the term is used with no modifiers to indicate the type of champion) is understood to only mean the series champion, not the individual race champions.

            The same is true in football. The conference champions are spoken/written of most usually as marked usages of the term ‘champion’ (i.e. “NFC Championship) rather than the unmarked usage. In the NFL, the unmarked usage is reserved for the ultimate champions, the victors of the Super Bowl. This is because the NFL, the press and even the fans recognize the difference between a championship and the/b> championship. Thus, usage of the term champion with regard to the NFL typically requires a qualifier unless one is referencing the ultimate champions, in which case the term is used without a qualifier.

            Thus, it is appropriate to say that Kap has led his team to a championship, but not, in the NFL context, to the championship unless ‘championship’ is qualified by indicating one means the NFC championship. In the same vein, if one refers to him as a championship winning QB, in the NFL context, it would be best to qualify such an assertion with ‘NFC’ since the unmarked usage is more usually confined to Super Bowl champions.

            Finally, I do take issue with Johnn(E)’s implied disparagement of Corvettes. They are indeed, as any right thinking person knows, the greatest (although perhaps not the best) American made car model. I know this because I have owned at least one Corvette from the time I was 17 (a 1969) to the present (a very low mileage 1994 that I just can’t part with – I recently sold a 2007 that was objectively a much better car, but I like the ’94 better). But I digress.

              1. One of my pet peeves (I’m starting a peeve ranch) – Calling the overall victor “the men’s winner” or “they won the men’s basketball championship.”

                An overall victor should be recognized as one.

            1. Hold onto that 94. The C4’s and C5’s and are just on the cusp of becoming valuable as collectors.

              1. I agree, CFC. The only Corvette I have owned that I truly regret parting with is the 1969. But I know that I would also regret letting the ’94 go, so I keep it.

                I would love to buy another early model C3, but anything that is not going to be a ton of work is out of my price range. I do keep an eye out for a decent ’78 pace car, however, as I have always wanted one, and I might even buy one that needed work.

              2. That’s funny because I was a breath away from buying a 78 pace car about 5 months ago from a guy in Reno.

                The 78 pace or an 88-89 convertible would be my top choice. I’d get them cleaned up and then put them away for about 15-20 years.

              3. The hardest thing I was finding when looking for the 78 was finding one under 10k that still had the original motor. Mooks keep dropping in crate 350’s into these things and toss the block. SMH.

            2. JPN

              The best car made in America is probably a car made either in Fremont or Spartanburg, best car in America is likely made in Maranello or Stuttgart, best American car in America is probably the Corvette.

              My buddy from London rented one of the 2015 Vettes when he visited here in November, and that car was amazing, truth be told.

              What is your practice area, by the way?

              1. Johnny,

                I no longer practice (although my licenses are active). I work exclusively in education now.

              2. JPN

                Good man! Lucky students, I’d say. Law school was one of the better endeavors of my life. Cardozo, Hand, Easterbrook. The macaw. Love it all. Such vibrant language used to aggrandize for perpetuity such mundane events.

              3. CFC…Jpn001…

                The best car made in America is a pickup….For those of us who always longed for Corvettes, Firebirds etc., we got out the welding torch, knuckle-buster wrench set, a geometry plan, and more time than money, a 327 (early), Turbo 400 tranny, a 2.98 Chevelle rear-end, a ’78 Firebird ‘clip’, a 55 gallon drum ful of elbow grease….and then get to work

                After some 35 years, its in my driveway…Wimbledon white and chrome…and yes it drives like a dream, or goes like a scalded dog…’at’s my baby…thanks for the opportunity to brag….

  8. Grant

    Yesterday, Kawakami implied in a Tweet that he believes the 49ers still intend to trade Kaepernick, and wouldn’t be surprised if he was gone before training camp. Today, in his TFL article, he states that he believes the FO is still in the process of undermining Kaepernick.

    Do you have thoughts on this? Do you think Chip wants Kap to get a fair chance? Do you think if Jed/Baalke get rid of Kap before TC it will create a problem with Kelly?

      1. You think Seb is Tim Kawakami? One lives completely inside of a dream bubble where Kaepernick is his God and the other rips Jed York incessant… Oh, gotcha

        1. Both rip the York’s incessantly and are into conspiracy theories regarding Kaepernick. I was kidding, don’t get so serious.

          1. Seb shoots from the hip, unless he’s caught in that tempest in a teapot 49er front office sends his way via Hayne leaving and Kap benched!

    1. Its funny that they would try to undermine the exact same guy they are trying to get max value for in a trade.

  9. I’m not sold on Gabbert but with a good play caller like Kelly, and a revamped oline, this offense could be good enough.
    Let’s be honest,this is not a playoff team unless Kelly and company can pull a rabbit out of a hat with this young team. But getting 6-7 wins and showing development is a win for us fans at this point.
    I’m going into this season reminding myself it’s year one of a three year rebuild. Deal with it!

    1. Is that what you tell your players Prime? Not sure that’s the way to get them to play hard. I think you have to go in with the mindset of winning a championship, because that’s why they play the games. Now you’ve got to find out which quarterback gives you the best chance to do that, and that’s what Chip and his coaching staff will be doing in the next 8 weeks….

      1. Yeah, Prime, you gotta tell them to make it to the Super Bowl, where if they lose, they still get to be called champions!!!

        1. I’d concentrate on winning the division first, you know that little thing they call NFC West Champion?

          1. Given that state of the 49er organization, winning the conference would be amazing. I’m blind! I can’t find the path!

            1. Wilson, yes, it’s frustrating when people change the definition of a word to suit their own preferences.

              1. It’s cute that you think you can define the word so narrowly when the even the dictionary doesn’t define it that way. Isn’t that exactly what anyone does in making a champion. They define what a champion is according to their standards and they have a contest to prove it based on their standards not yours?

                (sometimes pl) any of various contests held to determine a champion
                the title or status of being a champion
                support for or defence of a cause, person, etc
                the distinction or condition of being a champion :
                to win a championship.
                advocacy or defense:
                championship of the underdog.
                championships, a series of competitions or contests to determine a champion:

              2. Dictionaries are merely guides, and ones that do not always agree with each other at that. They provide the most sterile definition of a given term – the denotation – and focus on just those elements that necessarily distinguish a term from other terms, often to the detriment of true understanding of the semantic wealth of a given term. They are not only woefully unhelpful with meaning in context (especially contexts in which usage is highly customary, such as sports), they are actually problematic in dealing with real language usage.

                Unfortunately, most literate American’s have been so indoctrinated into Noah Webster’s limited and politically motivated understanding of lexicography (as have other lexicographers since him) that they unquestionably rely on products of limited use as if they were the ultimate arbitrator of the language. Even judges fall prey to the insidious trap that are dictionary definitions, going so far as to take judicial notice of dictionary entries and use same to decide cases without regard to the whims and inconsistencies of the lexicographer’s craft.

              3. ‘arbitrator’ should be ‘arbiter’.

                And yes, I appreciate the irony of my own need to correct my misusage above while decrying the draconian and limited understanding of word usage foisted on us via the scourge of modern dictionaries. ;)

              4. Wilson

                Cute is you bungling the entire discussion. Your definitions are for the word “championship.” This entire discussion is about the word “champion.” Go look up that word in whatever dictionaries you like and come back when you’ve found evidence to support that a champion is defined in plural. You won’t.

              5. Johnny maybe that’s your issue. Razor started with championships and you muddied the waters by moving to champions. Nobody else did that but you.

                It’s called the NFC Championship Game.

  10. The real QB to watch is a year away, according to ex-49er QB, Tim Rattay, who served as Driskel’s QB coach in college.

    “He’s got 1st round talent. You’re going to see that in practice, and he’s got a good chance to be a very good pro,” said Rattay.

  11. The much-ballyhooed quarterback battle between Colin Kaepernick and Blaine Gabbert? Didn’t happen.

    And, according to head coach Chip Kelly, it’s not likely to happen anytime soon.

    “There’s not a race,” Kelly insisted, fully aware the regular-season opener against the Los Angeles Rams remains almost four months away (Sept. 12).

    Well, then when, coach?

    “I don’t have a timetable,” he claimed. “You can’t put a timetable on it.

  12. It would be interesting to have a count of QBs labeled as having “first round talent” by fans or ex coaches who were never achieved the tittle Starting NFL Quarterback.

    1. There are a lot of players who have first round talent. The problem is they don’t have the intangibles needed to achieve success in the pros. That’s why the draft is so unpredictable. You just don’t know which players will work hard to achieve success and which ones will mail it in after they get a big check.

    1. Glad to learn about Willis’ new job. Smart, dedicated guy. Good that he continues to live and work in the Bay Area.

    1. Was it just before the 2014 season that they called it retooling? Maybe it’s just the current sales pitch.

  13. So now that the argument around the 49ers pending QB ‘battle’ is in full swing, I ask this – does anyone think it really matters who the 49ers QB is this year? Is either Kaep or Gabbert going to make this a good team?

    I still expect the 49ers QB of the future to be drafted in 2017.

    1. IF kaep regains his confidence he has a chance in this system to be the QB going forward. Gabbert definitely won’t be the QB of the future. Chances are there eyeing a QB in 2017. Much better class.

      1. “Chances are there eyeing a QB in 2017. Much better class.”

        Rocket will be chiming in any second now about how we say this every year… ;-)

        But, yes, I think the QBs likely to be available next year look (at this stage) better than the ones from this year. Brad Kaaya is the one I am really looking forward to watching this season.

        1. I think an under the radar prospect is the kid from Ole miss. Kelly. I believe it’s Jim Kelly’s nephew. He can play. Obviously the top 2 guys are Watson and Kaaya. Both should be top 5 picks. With Kelly as well a top 15-20 player as well. Miles Garrett looks like the best edge rusher to come out since Miller. This guy is UNREAL! The Niners would greatly benefit from a 4-12 season.. It’s sucks to say but it’s the truth.

          1. The under the radar QB prospect for mine is Luke Falk.

            Kelly can play, but sounds like he needs an attitude adjustment. I’d steer clear of him.

            1. I agree with Falk. You and I discussed him previously and he could be a guy they could get on day two that could pay off handsomely.

        2. Scooter …

          Didn’t Harbaugh give Joe’s kid a try-out
          awhile back ? …

          It’s never too late, ya know …

          Hey …don’t laugh .. just remember the old
          saying ….

          ” … Happiness … is a Montana
          under center !

    2. Scooter,

      The fact you knew what I would be thinking is enough for me ;)

      I definitely think they will be looking for a QB in 2017. Whether there is a candidate for franchise QB of the future is another story. I already stated my belief that next year’s class won’t be as good as this one was because I’m not high on Watson and Kaaya hasn’t shown enough to be considered as a franchise caliber player yet, but that could change obviously.

      At this point I’m looking at guys in the second and 3rd as I don’t see Watson or Kaaya being worthy of a top 5 pick.

  14. If the Niners are so bad that they cut Kaep and are looking for another QB, they may take 5 years to get back to the playoffs.

    If they are forced to draft another QB, they will miss out on McCaffey.

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