Giants thought they had talent to win, and they were wrong


Do not cry for the Giants.

They’re not victims.

They’re not suffering from bad luck.

They’re not a quality team that’s underperforming.

They’re not a left fielder or a third baseman or a starting pitcher away from being good.

They’re not the second-worst team in the MLB just because Madison Bumgarner fell off a motorcycle and injured his shoulder.

They’re not a few free-agent signings away from bouncing back and contending for the playoffs next year.

They’re not going to reload during the offseason.

They’re just bad.

And they’re going to stay bad for a long time. They need to blow up their team and start over. The sooner the better.

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  1. Honestly… this is almost the same team that should have beat the Cubs last year and could have made another run at a World Series Championship. I agree things change but not that drastically in less than a year span. To me it seems more of a perfect storm of everything bad happening at the perfect time. From opening day the team has seemed to be out of whack from the coaching to the players to Posey getting beamed in the head to Madbum busting his shoulder on a freak accident.

    1. Seriously…people don’t seem to realize how close they actually were last year. If they had a competent reliever, they’d have eliminated the cubs from the playoffs. What happens after is anyones guess.

      Now does that mean you don’t make changes after a year like this, no, but you don’t “blow it up”. You aren’t trading posey, crawford, panik. You aren’t getting rid of bum, samardizja, moore, melancin. And you probably aren’t getting rid of pence, belt, and a few others.

      This team will be different with a healthy bum, he drops everyone in the order and so their pitching should be improved just on that. Does cueto come back or do they release him, who knows, but if that does happen they have “money” to make a run at another #1/2 guy.

      This team could very easily be right back in the mix next season without the nuclear option. Thats just dumbassery.

      And I’m not even a true giants die hard fan.

  2. Seems a bit harsh given the core talent and experience on this team. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to practice my 140 character thinking skills that seem increasingly critical there days.

  3. At least it’s not a bad as the A’s. When was the last time the had a star Player or reached the World Series. Sony Gray…Please…. still watch’em but man its hard. At least the Giants have stars. A’s have sewage..Stadium is a joke…All that history and they play in a dump. Sad

  4. I disagree, Grant.

    In the days of Barry Bonds, the Giants went cheap, never outbidding folks for 2 top Free Agent starters, such as Randy Johnson and Curt Schilling…..But Arizona did.

    In scrimping on MLB’s greatest home run hitter in history, Giant investors knew exactly what they were doing….Keeping their gold mine at 3rd and King incredibly profitable.

    Fast forward to the last 7 years and the Giants stumbled onto a pitching staff that was lights out—won them some World Series….Hooray.

    But, getting 27 investors to all at the same time to agree on free agency acquisitions is their Achilles heel. Those investors did not get top level pitching and hitting that the Dodgers and other teams did. Now they’re paying the price.

    1. Also, they haven’t drafted a starting outfielder whose played an entire seasone since the first Star Wars movie–back in the early 80’s…..So their farm system leaves a lot to be desired.

    1. Keep, Bruce, clean house….Pay Billy Beane whatever he wants, but get him in here now ! Giants….

      Your philosophy of passing on hitters to pick all the good pitchers isn’t even working, and is now laughable.

      What Beane could do with the Giants payroll is unimaginable. If you can’t get him, pull a Jed, and hire one of his subordinates.

  5. sebnynah says:
    June 26, 2017 at 6:36 pm
    Prime, it sure was nice not having you around.

    No way in heck that Alex Smith would have led a comeback on the road after being down 17 points. My favorite QB did.

    TomD’s Take: A professional QB isn’t down 17 points for no reason. Kap threw those INT’s; resorted to his laser passes clanging off peoples hands from 2 yards away, staring down receivers.

    Smith wouldn’t have been in that position to begin with; having that All Star laden offensive talent he would have been up by 21, you loser, Seb.

    By the way, where’s your other All Pro you predicted in Jarryd Hayne ?

      1. TrollD, quit trying too hard. Kaep is not on a team, yet, so when he does, he will be assessed like Pete Carroll thought his potential could be. Kaep was on a 2-14 team, so of course there will be better rated players in the rest of the league. Maybe a better barometer might be playoff win -loss totals and stats. 4-2 road playoff record is impressive.

        1. No it isn’t.

          Mark Sanchez has a 4-2 playoff record…and all 4 of those wins were on the road.

          Joe Montana is 2-5 on the road in the playoffs.

          Your little chubber for kaeps record is sad.

          1. Mark Sanchez shows how important a defense is in winning games.
            Joe just showed how hard it is to win on the road.
            I will not compare Kaep to Joe, just like you should not compare the Butt Fumbler to Kaep.

            1. But I will compare Sanchez to Kaep since both benefited greatly from having an amazing defense (2012 SF was #2 in team defense, 2013 they were 3rd).

              He’s done, btw…did you not get the memo? Move on.

            2. And Kaep could only dream of throwing for 3500 yards in a season.

              One is not necessary for a Qb to be considered good, the other is.

              1. Kaep was the first QB to throw for 10,000 yards and run for 4,000 yards in college football. He can throw.
                He also is a team player, and said he did not mind not having gaudy statistics just as long as they were winning.
                In a different scheme, like the Saints, Kaep could also put up good numbers, but it would also help to have a decent WR to throw to. None of the recent WRs remind me of Jerry Rice.

              2. NFL college is not. You know who was amazing in college, Reggie Bush. How about Vince Young. How about Tim Tebow. Andre Ware. Tim Biakabatuka. Archie Griffin. Rashaan Salaam. Carlos Rodgers. Mike Williams….

                Lawerence FREAKING Phillips.

                No one cars what you did in college, it has ZERO impact on being an NFL player.

              3. Seb…..
                Your grasping, stirring up krap because you like to fuss and squabble. Its sport for you.

                You never have, and you never will, tell us what you know about the QB position that KS does not know.
                You want foot speed at the QB position? Put in track athletes….
                Walsh never did, or would……….but the Mighty Quinn would!!!!!

                Then, when he developes a terrible QB rating, call him a victim!
                Have I got it down?

              4. Saw, I am perfectly happy to be a fan of a player who I like. I like his activism, I like his skills, and I like his accomplishments. I like his potential, and admire his courage.
                I also think that Bill Walsh would have thought that Kaep was the exact Type of QB he would have wanted. Why? because he selected Steve Young. He chose Young, warts and all, broke him down, and rebuilt him into the HOF QB he became. Walsh liked QBs who were elusive and mobile, who could present a threat to run.
                I wonder if history may not have been repeated if Walsh had gotten his way and the Niners had drafted Jake Plummer. He was also mobile, elusive, and could throw on the run. Personally, I think Kaep is even more effective if he can throw while moving.

              5. eM, please think about what you just wrote.
                If that were the case, there would never be first round picks of the most talented players. One could hold the draft by lottery, and players would be allotted to teams by random.
                If I were you, I would walk back your statement. In your zeal to oppose me, you just made a ridiculous statement.

              6. No Seb…its a fact that many a great college player never did anything in the pros. If college success was a factor into NFL success then Colt Brennan would be the greatest QB to ever play in the NFL.

                Colt Brennan, qb for Hawaii from 2005-2007, currently ranks 2nd all time in career TDs at 146. Most 400 yard passing games in NCAA history (20). Most passing TDs in a single season (58). Most passing TDs for a 2 year span (96). 2nd in completion percentage.

                This guy MUST be an amazing player right, because if Colins 10k/4k at Reno means he’s a good NFL qb, than Colts records above should mean he’d be an amazing QB…right, is this how it works??

                No…NCAA success has little value or importance in the pros. Heisman winners bomb as pro players. There have been 82 #1 overall picks…only 11 of them are currently in the Hall of Fame (and Peyton will be next)…these were all amazing college players, being the #1 pick you expect them to be an all time great player, but obviously not.

                Again. No.

    1. TrollD, the game was the 2012 NFCCG in Atlanta. Kaep did not fumble or make an interception. Sure, they started off roughly, but Kaep came storming back.
      Since you brought it up, I will tell you his stats for that game.
      Kaep was 16 for 21, 233 yards, with one TD and no Ints, for a 127 rating.
      I bet Matt Ryan told KS all about how they could not hold a lead, and this last SB was just a repeat.
      BTW, Scooter gave us an update on Hayne, and he sounds like he is happy, and doing well. Still think the past coaches were not smart enough to utilize his talents. They were so clueless, they did not tell him what to expect or do if the ball is shanked. Still think he has the requisite skills and talent to play in this league. He is athletic enough, but does lack experience.

      1. eMJay………..

        Seb-skov is bored and just saying incredibly nonsensical sewage to get things going at his house. This is sport for him. Here, I’ll show you…………………

        “The faster I drive my car, the better my gas mileage”.

        See what I mean?

  6. At least the Giants have a new sponsor. It’s Mancinis mattresses, because they both offer no interest until the year 2022 for their product.

    1. Maybe move Garnett back to his better, more familiar position at the Left guard, so he can play to his strengths. Since Beadles is so versatile, he could do well at RG, or have Beadles in reserve and play Fusco.
      I am encouraged. 25th is better than 32nd.

              1. Seb

                NO, IT’s NOT…’re 6’5″ 321 lbs …you’re in the best shape of your life…you’re a first round draftee….just get in front of somebody and HIT them….another Kwame Harris…enough with Stanford Olinemen….

        1. Seems you wonder about Garnett. I do. Goes back to Baalke drafting a “power” guard when even then the HC wanted more ZBS. Now that we are strongly outside zone, one would think he’d be more compromised. We should package . . .

  7. Grant just sounds like he knows what he is talking about but he really doesn’t.

    Guy thinks the 49ers are going to be 9-7 this year!

    Giants are fine. Slater looks like he will be our left fielder for next year. Arroyo will be ready to go next year and be our 3rd baseman. The rest of the guys are fine. We will play defense and our starting pitching, although inconsistent will be enough for us to get into a wild card spot. Bullpen is obviously a concern but maybe we can get a good arm and a relieving not prospect for Cueto this year.

    1. Cueto is having a down year and he is a 30 year old rental since he can opt out after the season. Prospects is a fair deal. The Giants are 28-51 and they’re old, they actually want prospects.

  8. I beg to differ. The Giants are bad, and the Front Office made a mess of it by not getting a decent left fielder. Sugar coating the situation does not belie their record.
    They are under performing because of multiple factors. Losing Mad Baum was huge. He could be counted on to stop any slide, but losing him to an unforced error hurt the team in so many ways.
    The Giants do have talent, but maybe they are not utilized properly. Maybe Bochy could consider a different batting order. Maybe shake up a lineup like Spann, Panik, Posey, Belt, Pence, Crawford, Jones, Hernandez. The Giants seem to hit, but they cannot string them together, consistently.
    Giants should also consider putting Posey at first and Belt in LF. Then the lineup could include Hundley. Wonder if they considered putting Posey at third, since he has a strong arm. Maybe another lineup could look like- Spann, Crawford, Posey, Belt, Pence, Hundley, Panik, Jones.
    Giants should be desperate enough to start thinking outside the box. Maybe poach a Japanese National Team player who makes contact with the ball and can spray around hits with his bat. In that Ballpark, the do not need HR hitters, they need players who can pull the ball and hit into the gaps.

      1. Actually yea they should. Baseball is the sport he was meant to play anyway. Dude was born to be a pitcher and just picked the wrong sport.

  9. They’ll just have to wait until next year and then everything will be fine because it’ll be an even number year.


    1. How do you think he is in the run game?

      I bet he can’t hit or tackle. He played at a small school division 3.

      Hype Train!

      1. I hope he makes the team, because the Niners need playmakers. He played well in the Senior Bowl, and his 2 interceptions were 2 more than many of the present DBs made last season.
        Cant hit or tackle? Maybe you are thinking about Witherspoon.

  10. While I agree with Bobby Evans needing to fall on his sword, I disagree with Letting Bochy and Rags go. Bam Bam, not so much, since they are not hitting.
    I hope they keep Pence, but Spann is a big defensive liability. However, there are not many good alternatives.
    The Giants do have talent, but it has been a perfect storm against them. This sure is an odd year….

    1. Letting Bochy go would be the dumbest thing the Giants could do. I don’t need to tell you why.

      You listed over 10 players to dump which means Boch has no talent if you want to look at it that way. He’s the best manager in baseball and will probably get hired by an NL to to come back and mop up the Giants if that were to happen.

      Grant, you are like a wet blanket on a cold night. Anything positive that comes out of your mouth either precedes or follows some type of negativity. A chip off the old block.

          1. No, he needs to concentrate on football. If he leads his team to win the SB, maybe he could become a dual sport player, because he can throw the ball 95 MPH.

            1. Oh come on Seb, think of the story and the storm to come if Kaep pitches for the Giants. You’d be loving it to death… You could claim it was always your idea.

              1. With the time it takes him to deliver a ball, he’d lead the majors in stolen bases given up.

  11. Just leave Mad Bumb and Posey alone. The rest of the roster is fair game. I think it’s time for a new approach with more Bats especially in the Outfield. I think Bobby Evans should go or move into a new role upstairs he’s not creative enough. Bochy doesn’t need to go anywhere unless he wants to-he’s a Legend and steady force that is the perfect Manager during a down season. Upper management is the issue & they need to build the farm system with new dynamic players like the Rockies & Cubs have. Pitching matters, but having zero outfielders that can hit is like Baalke ‘a philosophy with no Wide Receivers. Either way 3 WS championships in 5 years and the best ballpark in baseball-it’s all good.

    1. If you’re talking about power, the Giants are #11 in road-power this year and have never been below average in the past five. AT&T has a huge park-factor against home runs. So if you’re one of the ‘we need power’ people you need get used to it and stop complaining. So here’s how fields, using the extremes of MLB parks, effects power:

      1. Chase Field (Phoenix, Arizona) 1.458 <– HRs are hit at 45.8% greater rate than MLB average. For EVERYBODY.

      30, AT&T Park (San Francisco, California) 0.537 <– HRs are hit at a 46.3% LOWER rate than MLB average. For EVERYBODY.

      If we brought in some 'bat' the first thing that would happen was his HR totals would drop like a stone, especially if he's left handed. The second thing that would happen would be all the idiots writing columns or complaining on the blogs about how stupid Evans is… Even though it's their stupidity, not Evan's.

      You have to play to the park. Our park kills power. It especially kills LH power. If you took a 30 HR RH guy from Cincinnati or Baltimore or Arizona and put him on our team, he'd be a 20 HR guy for us. If you 30 HR LH power guy, like Belt, he'd be Belt. And you'd complain.

      (FWIW, on the road, Belt has show himself to a 30-to-35 HR guy in his career hit a HR 1 in ever 19.5 road ABs. He really does have power. He really is the best defensive 1B in the game. Fans are completely foolish when they trash him and think he's expendable. On any other team he'd be a persistent All-Star.)

      1. Belt will always be inconsistent and is. He has a hole in his swing. He’ll never be a 30hr guy unless his swing changes. As for the team power, they have almost zero power coming from the Outfield. In their whole lineup nobody (even Posey) scares the opposition. This team was carried by its pitching staff in 10&12 and carried by the magical run Bumbgardner in 14. Throw what ever stat you want out there but I know what offense looks like and we don’t have it. And when your pitching drops off as it has and you have no real offensive threats that scare you it’s time to bring organizational focus to blue chip talent especially in the outfield.

        1. The problem is- decent hitters do not want to sign with the Giants if he has to play half his games at AT&T Park. That park will lower his average, so he will want to go to places like Wriggly, Arizona or Colorado, which are more hitter friendly.
          I think Bobby Evans tried to get power hitters, but they went elsewhere, unlike Baalke, who did not even try.
          However, Bobby Evans is the GM of a team that is 29-51, so he will take the blame. Just part of the job description.

          1. Good hitters can hit anywhere. Look above at the list of guys who hit for power while playing their season at ATT…you notice a lot of guys who you would’t figure to be power guys. And hitting for average should be something that can happen at ATT with that large opening there in center right.

            1. Still, good hitters want to keep their batting average up so they can command the big bucks. I think Cespedes chose the Mets because he knew his batting average would suffer at AT&T Park.
              They do not pronounce that AT&T is a pitcher’s ballpark for nothing, they certainly do not claim it is a hitter’s ballpark.

  12. lol. And Grant ‘removes all doubt’ You should stick to football. Baseball is very much a sport that can be broken down by stats as it’s really series of two distinct individual engagements.


    Unlike football where asinine opinions can be strewn about and are hard to disprove statistically because everything accomplished is highly dependent on others.

  13. I have been an avid SFG fan since the mid 60’s and consider them my very first professional sports team.
    So I can be brutally honest in saying the their (our) playoff run is over.
    We saw the beginning of the end after the all-star break last season. They made the playoffs by virtue of their fast start out of the gates, but by season’s end it was clear that our baseball champions got old over night.
    It’s an old story that happens to every great team. The greatest of teams and athletes will never win against father-time.
    The 49ers tried to stay young during the latter end of their dynasty but age caught up.
    The Warriors will one day have to face age reaper as well.

    I wish my teams could win championships every year but the reality is that very few winning teams make it into the dynasty category.
    I consider my privileged to have been able to witness greatness from my favorites team starting with the 49ers, Giants and now the Warriors.
    Still waiting for the Sharks…

  14. I remember when Tim McCarver was crowing when the Giants won their second World Series: “The Giants have won the last two out of three World Series”. Wrong Tim. The Giants just won two of the last 50 plus WS and us old timers suffered through each one. The biggest reason was also the fact that we had one of the worst hitting ballparks in the game. As far as I’m concerned, whoever designed both ball parks should get an F- unless you love pitchers duels (which I don’t with rare exceptions). Someone once pointed out that no Giant had ever won a batting title at Candlestick. The reason given was that modern marvel (the first new stadium the modern era) had a gigantic foul area where balls that would routinely go into the stands at any other ball park would be outs at Candlestick. At least there though, they did adjust the fences from the original configuration so that it would not put the fans to sleep. It is as MosesZD says: Lights out pitching (and a few breaks) ultimately led to the Giants being able to end 50 years of futility. There is no question in my mind that without pitching (like right now) the Giants have the worst home field DISadvantage of any team in baseball. So if they want to continue business as usual consider the DBacks as a model. They have one of the most friendly hitting ball parks in baseball, but without Johnson and Schilling having career years and playoffs…well – the only thing you can say is that they do have a long way to go to beat the Cubs losing streak.

    1. Didn’t seem to hurt Barry or Jeff Kent. Rich Aurilia, Ellis Burks, Reggie Sanders, David Bell, Marquis Grissom, Pedro Feliz, Moises Alou, Ray Durham, Bengie Molina, Pablo, Huff, Juan Uribe, and Buster.

      All of them were able to break atleast 20 hrs while playing 81 games at ATT.

      Its not as if Rich Aurilia and Marquis Grissom are know power hitters. Jeff Kent was a righty. Bonds a lefty. Both hit plenty of HRs and had power while playing at ATT.

      This acceptance of less than 20 hrs for a Giants player is pathetic. ATT may not be a hitter friendly park, but please, if Mike…errr…Giancarlo Stanton was playing at ATT he’d still very much be the dominant batter he is.

          1. Giants pitching staff is sub par and the only respectable record that they have (last time I checked) is that they are 3rd in fewest homeruns allowed. You can pick out stats to prove anything but the fact remains AT&T is a a very bad place for hitters. People use statistics as a drunkard uses a lampost, for support not illumination. I stand behind my statement that the Giants WS success has been principally a result of outstanding pitching and the way the ball bounces.

  15. Not a Giants fan but it’s kind of funny reading something like this about a team that is a year off a wildcard and won the last of 3 world series 2 and half years ago. You can’t dump players and start over in Baseball due to guaranteed contracts, but even if you could, the Giants would be overreacting in doing so as Grant is with this article. #Fake Drama.

        1. He’s not that bad. At least with Evans you could move him into another role & people like him. Baalke we’ll never see around here again and nobody would care.


    “There’s going to be no room for the young guys on the 40 man roster if they don’t start selling,” Crowley said. “I think if they really feel out of it and they think they can get the type of prospects they want for Johnny Cueto [and] Eduardo Nunez…then they might as well do it. So if they do feel the need to bring up these young guys and give them a shot, the only way to do so is to clear room on the 40 man roster and trade for prospects.”

  17. Zach Orr is trying to resurrect his NFL career.

    Orr said Wednesday on Good Morning Football he’s exploring the possibility of coming out of retirement after receiving encouraging diagnoses about the congenital spinal condition which initially seemed to doom his NFL career.

  18. Look Seb, Even Tim Tebow’s a Pro…..But where’s Kap ???

    Tim Tebow got promoted by the Mets.
    by Morgan Moriarty and Richard Johnson Jun 25, 2017, 6:06pm EDT

    NFL Top 100, 2017: ‘Top 100 Players of 2017’: No. 81 Alex Smith

    What ??? Tebow in the Pros, Alex Smith ranked 81st

    1. Maybe Baalke should have traded Kap for Tebow + draft picks when I wrote the 49ers front office to do so a few years ago.

      1. This is why I think you have absolutely no football knowledge. You would have to be brain dead to advocate trading Kaep for Tebow, even with picks.

    2. TrollD, you are so pathetic. You are so desperate, you think Tebow is a big leaguer, instead of a scrub wallowing in the minors. FYI, he is batting .220, and was so erratic in his throws, he nailed some guy in the nuts.
      Kaep is being patient, and will wait for attrition to present an opportunity.

  19. Solomon Thomas gets work in with Hall of Famer Warren Sapp

    This is the second all-time great Solomon Thomas has worked with since the 49ers drafted him.
    Thomas worked out with Demarcus Ware also.
    by David Fucillo@davidfucillo Jun 28, 2017, 10:07am PDT

  20. 49ers: Brian Hoyer is the ideal quarterback for the team in 2017
    by Chris Wilson 11 hours agoFollow @insidethe49

    No one expects the San Francisco 49ers to win many games in 2017, but thanks to quarterback Brian Hoyer, the 49ers could be the best bet in Vegas.

    The 2017 quarterback free-agent class was exceptionally weak. But the 49ers — who started free agency without a quarterback on their roster — may have found their diamond in the rough in the eight-year veteran Hoyer.

    1. TomD’s Take on the Article: Hoyer’s a Winner.

      Hmmm…….. Well, one of Seb’s best Kap go to excuse is, Kap was on a bad team, whenever a poster debates Seb about a Kap weakness.

      However, this article points out that ‘bad teams’ are all Hoyer’s known, but he still has a winning record.
      Guess Kaps not a leader, but a follower, eh, Sebby ?

      1. Kaep was put on the cover of Time just like Gandhi and Mother Theresa did many times. He is also getting his jersey put in the Smithsonian. That sure sounds like leadership to me.
        Hoyer’s last playoff game, he looked rattled and threw the ball like the DBs were the intended receivers. I do not like that kind of leadership. Winning? No, he single handedly lost that game, despite having the league’s best defense.

        1. Ayatollah Khomeini was on the cover of Time.
          Donald J. Trump was on the cover of Time.
          Neither they nor you know the first fing about the NFL

          1. I only knew enough to advocate that the Niners trade back, accumulate picks, and still get the player they coveted. I also advocated that they use a later draft pick to move up to get the player they wanted, and counseled them to obtain 2018 second and third round picks.
            In my 10 point plan, I told Lynch to be aggressive, put on his Trader Bill Hat, and have fun. Mission accomplished.
            You, on the other hand, were probably one of those detractors that thought that it was impossible to trade back, and that they should not even try.

            1. Seb… Preening again. Narcissistic as ever. Lynch was clueless until you schooled him with your 10 point plan. You go Seb!

    2. Before injuring his forearm, Hoyer was on his way to a breakout statistical season in 2016. Playing on another bad team, he eclipsed 300 passing yards in each game he started prior to his injury, and threw six touchdown passes without throwing an interception.

      How far back do we have to go for a Niners team that approached 300 passing yards per game? Steve Young’s heyday? We are so used to 150-180 passing yards, I’ll even take a consistent 200 yards.

    1. If you looked close on those Time covers, both Gandhi and Mother Thetesa were wearing pig socks.

      In their own way. They both advocated ministering to the downtrodden and (Gandhi moreso than Theresa) in resisting an oppressive power structure by non-violent civil protest.

  21. King Solomon looks cat quick, with a heavy paw. I like that he’s getting his masters degree outside(Ware) and inside(Sapp) in NFL pass rushing 101, just prior to training camp. I cannot wait to see how that SPARQ translates to disruption, and the ultimate destruction of Russell Smurph….

  22. I am optimistic about the pass rush. Looks like they addressed the problem with the draft and free agency. King Solomon will allow them to rotate in players to keep them fresh, and a player under the radar may be DJ Jones.
    With a better pass rush, the DBs will not be stranded on an island.
    My main concern is Saleh, because of his lack of experience, but I hope I am proved wrong.

      1. Prime, I wrote 10 things Lynch should do during the draft, and he did 9 of them.
        The only one he did not do was avoiding the unforced errors.
        I am certain that no other poster on this site advocated that the Niners obtain 2018 second and third round picks.
        You on the other hand, bet that the Niners would draft Trubisky. I consider that on par with advocating a trade of Kaep for Tebow.

  23. One player who I think will make the 53 is Lorenzo Jerome. He has a nose for the ball, and he is versatile. He may supplant ward at FS, so Ward could start opposite Robinson at CB. He may also contribute to the ST.
    I was worried about his 4.7 forty at the combine, but he redeemed himself with a 4.53 pro day run. With Jerome, they may stop those long gains by the RBs, if he can fill in those running lanes.

    1. Good to see this kind of self-motivation and realization that he needs to improve if he wants to compete at the highest level in the NFL.

    2. That’s encouraging. Let’s hope all these greats help the King finish plays. We know Thomas is strong, so when the opposing QB or RB breaks his tackle, it’s usually about effort. He seems committed to his craft, so his effort should improve.

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