How good is Deshaun Watson?

Tuesday at the Senior Bowl, Deshaun Watson’s college coach, Dabo Swinney, declared Watson is “Michael Jordan” and “the best (QB in the draft) by a long shot.”

Swinney certainly could be correct that Watson is the next Jordan, although that comparison may not speak so highly of Watson, because Jordan played shooting guard. He probably couldn’t have played quarterback in the NFL.

As far as Swinney’s second claim goes — Watson being the best quarterback in the draft “by a long shot” — I don’t think Watson even was the best QB in his conference last season.

Let’s compare Watson to two other QBs from the ACC — Mitch Trubisky and Brad Kaaya. Each played five of the same opponents in 2016 — Virginia Tech, Pittsburgh, North Carolina State, Georgia Tech and Florida State.

Here are those QBs’ stats from those five games:

Watson: 70% completions, 7.8 yards per attempt, 12 TDs, 8 INTs, 95.7 NFL QB rating.

Kaaya: 62.6% completions, 8.16 yards per attempt, 9 TDs, 2 INTs, 100.7 NFL QB rating.

Trubisky: 65.2% completions, 8.16 yards per attempt, 12 TDs, 2 INTs, 107.4 NFL QB rating.

What do these numbers tell you? How good do you think Watson really is?

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  1. Look what he did two years in a row against as close of an NFL defense as it gets in college(Bama).. There is no way I’m taking Trubisky or Kaaya in the first rnd over Watson. Watson has the “IT” factor…. He goes in the top 7 of this draft when all said and done. A much better prospect coming out then Dak was. He won’t be Jordan but he will be a very good QB cause his work ethic and his character are off the charts.

    1. Agreed. Now if you’re comparing picking Watson at #2 vs. Kaaya or Trubinsky with a 3rd round pick I would be highly intrigued. But to pick a guy with a dozen starts under his belt who didn’t play that well against Stanford in his last game (2 INTs BTW vs one for Deshaun against a Bama defense that will have what 2-4 first round picks), that seems like a coach/GM killer move.

        1. Watson didn’t have Mike Williams in the National Championship the prior year and was still excellent. This is something to be said about coming up big in big games. If Watson slips too far I can see that anger that fuels Brady and Rodgers.

      1. I don’t grade his game against Stanford that badly. His online was clearly over matched. And in spite of his poor play early on he lead his team back and threw 4 to passes in order to complete 1 to put them in position to tie the game. And the final play was just a case of his line getting destroyed.

    2. Chad Kelly played better than Watson against Alabama. You shouldn’t draft a QB based on his performance against one opponent.

      1. Grant,
        You are correct you shouldn’t solely base your opinion on one game but you should heavily base it on his performances vs the top D’s that he played. Beating and almost beating Alabama 2 years in a row is very impressive.

        1. One must also take into account who Bamako tends to defend well… sometimes college achievements are not equating to the pro evel.see tee martin and Peyton maninning.

        2. Excuse me, but Watkins looked good against the top-ranked Alabama defense ONLY because the defense was on the field all game long for a total of 99 yards. In the first three quarters, Watkins was awful. The problem with Alabama, though, their freshman QB was even worse. Over and again, the QB Hurts engineered a speedy 1-2-3 punt. Inevitably, the Crimson Tide’s defense turned into soft slow-moving mud. With everything in slower motion and the corners not able to keep up with the receivers, only then did Watkins look good. In the pros, on a bad team, he will prove himself to be inadequate.

        1. Oops. Maybe I misunderstood your post Grant. Maybe you are just making the point about drafting a QB based on his performance against one team, and not advocationg for Chad Kelly as an NFL prospect?

          1. I’d consider Watson no earlier than mid 2nd round. That’s actually slightly higher than the grade I currently have on him. However, it’s January, and I haven’t finished my QB prospect evaluation.

            By the way, my “sources” tell me Kyle Shanahan is indirectly as involved as he could possibly be in the 49ers GM search, considering he’s got a Super Bowl game plan to implement. He’s definitely taking over as the 49ers next HC, and most powerful man in the current organization aside from ownership. He will be their next HC!! I’d bet my house on it!

            1. So the question begs, who does Shanny like out of all of these prospects? He’ll have an inside angle on Kizer’s freshman season. And Kizer has more potential to develop into an elite NFL QB than any of the 2017 draft prospects. Bank it!

              1. One point about Watson. There is an intangible quality of some athletes. Call it the “IT” quality., that doesn’t always show up on the stat sheet. Watson has winners “aura” about him. He’s the quintessential big game QB. I have questions about his accuracy and decision making, but make no mistake, that kid is a WINNER!

                Like I said, I have a late 2nd round grade on him, not considering the position. In other words, when you factor in the over-valuation of QB draft prospects, I’d pull the trigger anywhere in round 2 if I were a QB needy team., and he fits my offensive philosophy.

              2. Watson could be great. But being Michael Jordan is a whole other level. But what is Dabo supposed to say?

                By uttering those comments, he’s effectively recruiting.

      2. No one said just one game, it just happens he played well both times against the number one team. He was 18-2 as a starter. He’s a gunslinger, but his completion % suggests good accuracy. What do we really know about Trubisky. That said I’d still take Myles Garrett and Brad Kaaya in the 3rd round if possible.

            1. Chad Kelly will be a forgotten player in the NFL. Is he now or will he ever be one of the top ~40 quarterbacks (NFL) in the country? Nope…

  2. Would need to look into the details of those games a lot more. I imagine he had a better record against those 5 though. Also seems doubtful Kaaya or Trubinsky could have shredded the pro quality Alabama defense like he did. He’s a winner, I know that.

    1. Not so fast. Look closer. Watkins was not just playing against Alabama’s top ranked defense, he was playing against the Crimson Tide’s freshman QB Hurts who was poorly running a patchwork offense due to the dismissal of I.C. Kiffin. Set aside his run late in the game, in which he didn’t have the wherewithal to eat up valuable time by stopping short a foot from the endzone, Hurts was awful. His poor play allowed Watson too many repeated chances against a defense that had his number all game long until they became entirely exhausted near the end. Altogether, Alabama’s defense played 99 snaps, most of them in the 4th quarter. They were on the field nearly 70% of the game.

  3. Swinney also said that Tajh Boyd would be a great pro. A franchise changing QB.

    I like Watson. He’s a tough SOB, but there’s no way that he is worth a first round pick.

    1. I think he is worth a first rnd pick.. I think he is better then Goff coming out. Just my opinion and time will tell.. His tape is great. He is tough, strong mentally and has good not great physical tools. Would I take him second overall no. I prefer to select a QB in rnd 2-3…

      1. He’s nowhere near Goff as a passer RAW. Better athlete obviously, but Goff was way ahead of him in pocket awareness, accuracy and ball placement.

        1. slow down on Goff rocket. I big part of a Quarterbacks potential NFL success is what’s between the ears. Watching Goff extensively this past season, accuracy and particularly ball placement was borderline piss-poor. Yah, yah, it takes time to build chemistry and timing, but holy cow, at times it looked to me that Goff had no idea where his ball was going as it left his hand. I went back and looked at his college tape and saw a QB who took advantage of wide-open receivers, and if he had been trying to fit his passes in tight windows in college, he would have struggled ….. mightily. I can only imagine how poorly he would likely have have played against in the college football championship game VS Bama!

          1. He did play poorly this year. The point is he didn’t get protected well or have a running game to fall back on. Coming out of College last year he was the best pocket QB I had seen in a long time and his accuracy and poise in the pocket were excellent. I have been bullish on Goff but only because I saw him play for 3 years and improve extensively to the point I thought he could be a franchise QB. Whether that happens or not remains to be seen, but he has the accuracy and poise to be excellent in McVay’s system moving forward.

            If he was playing Alabama with the weapons and talent Clemson possess’ I have little doubt he would have been very good.

            1. fair enough rocket. I’ll give Goff credit for his college pocket awareness and toughness. Even when he struggled this season, he did show pretty decent pocket awareness. However, it seems to me that Jarred Goff is one of these QB’s who can’t process information fast enough to keep up with the speed of the NFL. Which, of course, didn’t show up on his college tape.

              I’m not sticking a fork in the kid yet, but my expectations for him as a pro are not currently very high. Time will tell. I still cannot believe Jeff Fisher and Les Snead went with Goff over Wentz. I wonder of Fisher would still have a job if he had taken mine, and Grant’s advice and drafted the Dakota Kid instead.

              1. He was taken #1 because of the things I mentioned. It is extremely difficult to project College players to the pro level because there is so much you don’t know about the person, so the best you can do is look at the attributes they have that translate to the NFL and hope the rest develops along with it.

                By the time the draft arrived, Goff was almost universally viewed as the top pick in the draft by draft sites and NFL personnel people who were interviewed anonymously, and the reason was his superior pocket ability to not only deliver the ball accurately, but to be able to move within the pocket and keep his eyes focused downfield. That is one of the hardest things to find in a College QB and very difficult to teach. That doesn’t guarantee he will be successful but it’s a sign that he can play under duress and with a poise that also can’t be taught.

                You aren’t the only one who is now questioning his future. I’ve seen numerous references to the fact the Rams may have destroyed the future of their franchise etc. by people who want to make a conclusion on a small amount of info. It’s part of the deal now with these young guys, but I still feel that Goff if given a good Oline to play behind and good weapons to throw to, can be a very good NFL QB. I don’t proclaim to be anything more than a guy on a message board who loves this game, but I saw a lot of NFL skill in this kid as did the Rams and many others, so I’m not going to pull the plug on him after half a season in a bad offense with no protection.

                We will find out beginning next season because they’ve hired a very good teacher who will install a system that gives him every chance to succeed.

          2. I just remember his first pass. It was a pick. The pro game is so fast, it takes a special player to keep up.

            Goff should have taken the Aaron Rodgers route, but got the Alex treatment.

      1. Grant never said Fales would be a great QB. He said he’d be a good late round pick for the 49ers or a team that could be patient and develop him. It was all about fit.

    2. Agree. I think a 3rd round pick for Watson is just about right. I probably wouldn’t be upset with a 2nd round pick but I wouldn’t use the 34th pick in the draft on him if I were the 49ers.

  4. I’m not a fan of him at all. He is a leader and a playmaker but they are not rare in college.
    I have not seen him make make multuple reads or pass accuratelyour consistently. With nfl spacing windows are condensed and the ability to make quick decisions and fire accurate passes are paramount.

    1. No one coming out of college is used to throwing in tight NFL windows or adjusting to NFL speed. The closet thing to the NFL is bama. He shredded that defense. Sabean stated that he is the best QB he has seen since Cam…

          1. You keep pointing to his success against Alabama like its some kind of precursor to success in the NFL. I just showed that you’re wrong so you change the narrative.

            1. Oh didn’t know that Manziel beat Bama in the TITLE game.. sorry must of missed that. But I guess performing on the biggest stage doesn’t matter.

              1. Russell was a moron and didn’t possess a work ethic. Watson is the opposite. That matters ALOT for a QB.,,,

              2. Dude. Manziel beat Bama in Tuscaloosa not at a neutral site. And he also didn’t have almost a month to prepare.

              3. Ya it also was against a different defense.. Allen top 3 pick. Foster top 10 pick. Anderson a first rnd pick. Williams first rnd pick. Humphrey first rnd pick. Fitzpatrick a top 10 pick in 2018. I’m sure I missed a couple players.

              4. Sure. And Manziel faced Dee Milliner, CJ Moseley, HaHa Clinton Dix, 3 guys taken in the top 21. Throw in Nico Johnson as well.

              5. RAW,

                Bama has had better personnel than most teams they’ve played since Saban arrived and that game was no different.

              6. RAW,

                Cardale Jones beat Bama in the playoffs a couple of years ago. I don’t think he’s a great NFL prospect either.

            2. They didn’t play the same defense so your comparison is a little too simple. Playing well against Alabama doesn’t mean you will be a poor pro. Manziel had issues of the field, and they were evident in College. Watson seems to have been very well behaved.

              1. Nobody had higher character than Tebow. The guy worked his rear end off. Didn’t mean he was a good pro and his college numbers were far better than Watson’s.

              2. This is not an exact science finding a QB. There are misses every year. There are also finds every year. Some things you cannot take for granted. In my opinion when you watch Watson play, he plays with a quiet confidence. Nothing rattles him. He struggles then he refocuses quickly. He might not anticipate or thrown open like some of the others. But his work ethic is off the charts. He will continue to get better cause he is relentless… I’m not betting against this guy. The areas he struggles in he will work on.

              3. Yes. Watson was a fantastic college QB. Don’t think anyone is disagreeing with that.

                All the other stuff you say to prop him up could have been said about Tebow.

            1. Jack,
              I really believe in the intangibles at QB. Montana drafted in the 3rd rd because he “didn’t have the arm” Brady in the 5th and Warner undrafted. These guys were all looked at as long shots to make it in the NFL. What did they have in common with Watson, the intangibles. imho

      1. RAW,

        He did play well against Alabama. He also made very few tough throws against them. Numerous short passes and balls thrown up for Williams to make a play on. He did what he needed to do but that doesn’t make him an NFL caliber QB.

            1. I have to dispute the “no running game” point rocket. Todd Gurley won OROY didn’t he? He struggled in large part this season because teams stacked the box against the Rams on a regular basis (and also becuase he has poor vision, but that doesn’t change the fact that teams stacked the box). A stacked box should work to a quarterbacks advantage, right?

              1. They couldn’t run or past protect 49reasons. You need some semblance of a running game to keep a defense from cheating on the pass rush and to have any kind of play action game and they didn’t have it. Both Ram QB’s were constantly under duress and you can’t do anything offensively if that is the case.

  5. Another great athlete who came make all the throws. By all accounts he is a great teammate.

    However, I am tired of qbs who are inaccurate and who have poor field vision.

    Pass please and trade down.

    1. Trubisky might be the best pocket passer and most accurate out of all the QB’s this class. His red flag is the number of starts. Pair him with a vet for a year or 2 and he will be good.

      1. I have finally had an opportunity to view more of Trubisky’s game film. I like what I see. Pin point accuracy, good mechanics, fast release with adequate, if not above average arm strength. Able to get through progressions. Very athletic.

        I’ve read scouts concerns in terms of throwing mechanics, but I don’t see any problems there. Inexperience seems to be his only true weakness. Could be “the guy”.

  6. Watson: 814-1207, 67.4%, 8.4ypa, 90TD/32Int, 84.59 QB Rating

    Tebow: 661-995, 66.4%, 9.3ypa, 88TD/16Int, 119.11 QB rating

    Both tough guys, known as “winners”, blah blah blah.

    1. You can trust your eyes a little better I would hope. Watson can throw and run. Tebow couldn’t throw… Watson is superior in all aspects to Tebow.

      1. “Watson is superior in all aspects to Tebow.”

        Nope. In college Tebow was an absolute stud. His accuracy was better than Watson from a completion percentage, higher TD percentage and a lower interception percentage.

        You are correct though about the whole “tighter windows” thing. It was Tebow’s downfall and will be the same with Watson.

      2. It likely will come down to what Shanahan wants in a QB. Trubisky is the closest thing to Matt Ryan in the mechanics area of his game, but neither Trubisky or any QB in this years draft is worthy of a #1 or #2 overall pick.
        I remember Mike Nolan meeting with Alex Smith and Aaron Rogers to determine which one of the two would be the choice. After drafting Smith, Nolan said that he gave him the nod because he opened the door for his mom. I certainly hope that Shanahan has a better and more refined matrix when picking a QB.

        The top 3 QB’s (Trubisky, Watson, Kizer) are 2nd tier QB’s who are mid to late 1st rd and even early 2nd rd picks. The 49ers would be reaching to make either of these QB’s their number two pick.
        Trading out of the #2 pick would make more sense if the 49ers want to draft one of these guys.
        That said, I could see Shanahan going with Trubisky if he thinks he see’s a little bit of Matty Ryan in him – especially if MR brings home a SB trophy.

  7. >>that comparison may not speak so highly of Watson, because Jordan played shooting guard. He probably couldn’t have played quarterback in the NFL.

    Though Jordan could have played the QB position in the NBA. His career average of 5.3 assists per game exactly matches all *point guards* in the league this season – 5.34

    Another guy by the name of Montana was a pretty good point guard too.

  8. Watson is a great athlete and a tremendous College QB. He’s a winner, has poise, played well against Alabama. That being said, he is not a good pro prospect imo. There is a long list of successful College QB’s like Watson whose skills did not translate to the pro game. RGIII was more talented than this guy imo, has more to work with and we all have seen how things have progressed with him.

    Watson is a very good athlete who relies on his legs as much as his arm. The system he plays in is almost solely one read/half field, and a lot his big plays are jump balls thrown up to the superior weapons he has at his disposal. You don’t see him throwing people open, in fact he often throws the ball behind receivers or makes them dig out ground balls, and the few times I’ve seen him try to fit a throw into a tight window have resulted in picks.

    Nobody knows how well he can adapt to the pro game at this point, but there is no way I would invest a 1st round pick on him. Trubisky is also a gamble due to the lack of games played, but I saw more high level QB play from him in one season than I ever have from Watson.

    1. Thank you Rocket.
      This year I honestly don’t grade out a single qb as a top 20 pick. But sadly next year doesn’t look better unless the kid from Usc stays on pace and steps out.

      1. I agree with you Shoup. Very questionable QB class this year. My hope is that next season we see some of the highly touted prospects like Rosen, Darnold, Browning, Jackson etc. take the next step and make it a great class. There is a lot of potential but the results haven’t been stellar as of yet.

    2. I have a late 2nd, early 3rd round grade on Watson. No chance in the world I would draft him in the first round. However, some guys find a way. I wouldn’t be shocked if Watson turns out to be a viable NFL starter, but I certainly wouldn’t hitch my wagon to him. I’d take Watson ahead of Cooper Rush though, lol.

  9. Watson = Over hyped = Jamacus Russell who went to 1st overall pick. Has physical gifts but no brain. How many of these type of QBs have won multiple Superbowls? Montana and Brady picked apart the defense using their brain and accurate throws (+ good decisions), not by muscles. The Kaepernick’s experiment has failed miserably. Please pass!

      1. BTW KC’s Ballard, who also turned down the 49ers, is interviewing with the Colts. Hmmm. Maybe it’s Levi’s that’s the problem.

  10. This discussion seems to happen every three years. Remember when the media dared to think RG3 was the second coming? Some thought Griffin was way, way better than Andrew Luck. They didn’t seem to understand what kind of teammate RG3 would be, how much he depended on the non-pocket-throwing, run-and-gun style of offense at Baylor, and how often his superstar WRs at Baylor bailed him out by catching poor throws in every game. Nor did they understand how dishonest he would be in playing with injuries, to say nothing of the backbiting he did during his weekly chats with the owner Snyder. He won rookie of the year, due mostly because of his outstanding rookie teammate RB Morris. Now, look at him. RG3 is a has been and a draft bust. Don’t expect a whole lot more from Watkins. He looked good in the championship against the Crimson Tide, but only late in the game after Alabama’s defense had been on the field almost nonstop for 70% of the game: 99 plays total!

  11. I read prior to the championship game that Watson didn’t go through reads so I watched for this against Alabama. I did not see a single pass, well, maybe one, where he looked at a second receiver. On every pass play he dropped back, looked at a single receiver, then threw to that receiver. Can you imagine a Tom Brady or Aaron Rogers never getting past their first read? This is a trait you can get away with in college, but not in the NFL. As Niners fans we know the pain of having a QB who doesn’t get far into his reads. Do we want to replace him with another?

    1. Ya I can imagine Rodgers not going through his reads in the NFL. He sat for 3 years learning from one of the best ever in Favre. It takes time to master that or even be proficient at it. Let alone coming out of college knowing how to do that.

  12. Watson has shown he can shine on the biggest stage, but then he had some clunkers, so he is not a sure bet.

    Dabo is a little prejudiced in favor of his QB, so I would take whatever he says with a grain of salt. In this case, maybe a boulder of salt.

    Niners should be content with Kaep, so they do not have to draft a QB high. They can afford to trade back, accumulate picks, and select defenders with those high picks. Maybe if a quality WR is available in the second round, they could grab him with one of their picks.

    Jets are drooling over Trubisky, so they could be a trade back possibility because they want to leapfrog ahead of the Bears. Trading back from the 6th spot with Cleveland is feasible because they have that extra first, and will undoubtedly select Garrett with the first pick. Maybe even a third move back with the Saints or Colts could garner another second round pick. If the Niners can parlay that number 2 pick into more than 4 picks, they could go a long way in fixing that putrid defense.

    The Niners should look hard at Cooper Rush, but Mahomes, Webb, and even Dobbs could be good alternatives. The important thing is not to wait until the 6th round before selecting a QB.

    1. You’re like a broken record…Cooper Rush, Mahomes, Webb…bloop…Cooper Rush, Mahomes, Webb…bloop…Cooper Rush, Mahomes, Webb…bloop…

      1. Jack, I added Dobbs to the mix. Your zeal to dismiss my posts knows no bounds.

        At least I did not mention Kizer….But if he falls into the second round, and the Niners get several second round picks, he may be an option.

        1. Cooper Rush, Mahomes, Webb…bloop…Cooper Rush, Mahomes, Webb…bloop…Cooper Rush, Mahomes, Webb…bloop…Cooper Rush, Mahomes, Webb…bloop…

  13. I wouldn’t take any quarterback in this draft at 2 or 34. Maybe trade 33 up into the mid-late 2nd for Pat Mahomes.

    A Matt Waldman breakdown.

    I frequently disagree with Greg Cosell’s QB opinions (he preferred RG to Luck), but he views all college quarterbacks as “prospects”, nowhere near ready.

    Based on the “they are all prospects” notion, might was well draft a QB with natural positives and coachable negatives.

    Mohomes Natural Traits
    – Quick Release
    – Super Quick Pocket Feet
    – Can throws hard or with touch
    – Improvisation

    Mohomes (possibly) Fixable Flaws
    – Non Pro Pocket System
    – Inconsistent Footwork Technique
    – Decision Making

        1. Is it just me or did we not have pretty much the worst defense in the NFL last year? The only QB we should be looking at is one who also plays DB. Grant’s challenge here is a trick question. Don’t take the bait.

  14. Did Dean Smith run an offense that wouldn’t translate to the NBA level? Did Jordan ever have a problem reading the whole court? Was Jordan considered short for his position? Is Swinney on crack?

    1. No one compares to MJ, the closest are Lebron, Jerry Rice and Mike Trout but I can only make that comparison after they proved themselves in the pros. To compare any athlete to MJ before they are drafted is just plain silly.

      1. I think what he meant to say is when the game is on the line, he has that clutch gene to deliver like Montana or a Jordon….

  15. Still can’t name a runnin qb first that’s won a Super Bowl. He’s another flash in the pan college qb as of now. What he learns and how much he can change his game is what’s going to tell. To much of a project to be taken with the 1st pick.

  16. Heard a contrary rumor about the Jets trading up for a QB on (for what its worth) walterfootball.

    I want to trade back, but this could be a bad year for trade backs. I’d take most trade backs within the top 6 picks at 75% chart or better.

    I’ve been leaning Jonathan Allen at pick two. A dark horse for the 2nd overall is Malik Hooker, especially if the new DC runs single high safety coverages. If we did trade back to six and Hooker was there, that would be my choice.

              1. A trade down would be ideal. If the new GM can pull off a 2 to 6 trade 75% chart or better and took Williams (or Hooker or Foster or Barnett) I’d happily take it.

                75% chart in the Jets scenario picks 6+39+71+2018 late second rounder.

              1. We’ll find out how fast he is at the combine. Williams has the best body control and strength at the highest catch point, Davis is the better route runner. Can’t go wrong with either, really….

          1. I prefer Davis because I put a premium on route running, and I feel he has a bigger chip on his shoulder. I’m also not aware of any medical red flags….

          2. I love me some Mike Williams. I’m also smitten with Corey Davis! Both guys look like sure fire #1 WR’s.

            Pro comparisons:

            Mike Williams = Terrel Owens
            Corey Davis = Demaryius Thomas

            1. Brandon Marshall is another good pro comparison for Mike Williams, although, to be honest, I hate making pro comparisons, especially QB’s.

              So why am I?

            2. Mike Williams = JJ Stokes

              There, fixed it for you. Show me tape of Mike Williams breaking away from a defender and scoring. Williams is slow. We’ll find out for sure during the combine.

              1. Mike Williams has enough hand strength and wiggle at the line of scrimmage to beat the jam, using his upper and lower halves in unison, and accelerates well out of his breaks. May lack elite long speed, but has strong acceleration.

                Besides, Stokes wasn’t that slow. He ran a faster 40 than Brandon Marshall. Stokes was a pouter. Didn’t have the competitive edge. Some would even call him soft, especially for his size.

              1. Corey Davis is 218 lbs soaking wet. Owens was closer to 230 lbs.

                Don’t get me wrong, I like Davis a lot and would be very tempted to draft him ahead of Williams. However, level of competition might give Williams the edge in terms of grades.

          1. Ross may go in the first, so he would logically not be available. Think he is rated around 20.

            Curtis Samuel is rated 33, so he may be a target, but I am hoping McCaffrey falls to the 34 spot so the Niners can select him.

            1. I’ve seen Ross anywhere from mid first to early second. But I agree that he won’t get past the 1st round, especially after the combine. McCaffrey has been as high as a mid 1st and as low as a high 3rd.

              I will wait until after the combine and the start of free agency before I do a mock draft.

          2. John Ross could be. He doesn’t have the typical size & weight scouts look for in a #1, but he’s got speed to burn for a guy that goes almost 6′. Hoever, he’s had significant injuries in both knees, so that’s something to think about.

      1. Completely agree Grant, it’s not too often you’re in a position to draft a true #1 WR. Also I think Shanny will be looking for his Julio.

        What do you think of Davis?

      2. You don’t take a WR with one of the top picks if you are a lousy and rebuilding team. Taking a WR that high is when you are a top team looking to add that last extra piece and you trade up. Picking a WR that high when you are a bad team NEVER WORKS (especially when you don’t even have your QB yet)

        Unless the 49ers are COMPLETELY IN LOVE WITH SOMEONE at #2, you trade down and maybe down again and draft OL and DL this draft. And … I would take TWO QBs in this draft, even in the top four rounds, not one.

  17. Leadership, guts and clutch are underrated. Watson is the kind of prospect that will get a GM fire… either for taking him, or for passing on him.

  18. Why didn’t Ballard interview with the 49ers but will with the colts?

    “The Colts: (1) have a franchise quarterback; and (2) don’t have a non-ownership, non-football executive who is involved in football operations without the same accountability to which football employees are subject.”

    We knew that didn’t we?

      1. …or (3) it really is all about the money baby. On that subject: anyone else notice that ticket prices are FROZEN for the next two years. After what we got you might expect a rebate, but hat would probably not be good anal ytics to use Seb’s term.

  19. It’s better for us to trade down accumulate picks and get a WR. Weapons like Williams and Davis comes once every 3-5 years. Kayaa can be project sit him and build him sign a free agent qb to teach him like Hoyer…. I don’t believe in reaching personally I’m all in for Trubisky but I’ll much rather draft a WR and wait for Rosen next year

  20. Tennessee got two 1st RD picks if we can convince them to trade up that would be smart then we can get Davis at 5 and then we can draft a Barnett at 15 ideal situation is to find a way to draft both Trubisky won’t last to 5 so forget that

  21. Shouldn’t matter which quarterback as long as Shanny Jr is doing the picking. Let him hand select his quarterback, whether that be at 2 or wherever he wants. No question Watson rates highest in intangibles. He’s got character, heart, clutch gene, and above all, humility. I’m not as concerned with his mechanics as I am with his chalkboard interviews. That will most likely determine where he’s drafted….

    1. +1 razor. That’s one of the reasons I am personally so high on Kyle. I have no doubt he’ll get the QB position squared away.

    2. I agree Razor. The best quality with Shanahan is that he’s worked with numerous QB’s.
      Whoever it is, the offense will be tailored to that guys strengths

  22. I think he’ll be good. Excellent intangibles to go with excellent athletic talent and pretty good mechanics and feel in the pocket. Needs to work on dropping back, reading defenses, decision making and going through his progressions, like most spread QBs. I think questions about his accuracy are overblown. He’s not amazing in this regard, but he’s also not bad.

    1. I like how he took that beating in the first part of the national championship, was not rattled, and cooly drove down the field to win the game.

      1. Good article. General accuracy is still considerably better than what the 49ers have endured the past couple of seasons.

        1. This isn’t your daddies college football programs where they put an emphasis on quarterbacking. It’s all about athletics and general accuracy nowadays….

      2. That’s why I like tall, long receivers with strong mitts! Makes that rare, pin point accuracy requirement less required….

        1. Very similar, however it maybe that Watson can read defenses. Maybe he can process information at a high rate, and go through progressions. Maybe he’s pretty football savvy, where RG3 wasn’t. One yuuug difference, humility. I could see that turning off the Shanny’s, RG3’s character….

  23. A QB that seems to be helping himself at the Senior Bowl and could be intriguing to Shanahan is Nathan Peterman. Lots of people saying he reminds them of guys like Cousins or Garoppolo.

    1. I can’t wait to find out what he does. Will he trade for Cousins, will he draft one high instead or will he get a guy like Schaub and wait to draft a hidden gem. Should prove interesting….

        1. Late to the party on that one Seb. If he had declared there were already some people saying he would be a first rounder. But he didn’t declare.

    2. Peterman and Kaaya both played Virginia, Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech, North Carolina and Duke this year. Here are their stats in those games:

      Kaaya: 57.9% completions, 9.3 yards per attempt, 9 TDs, 2 INTs, 103.3 rating
      Peterman: 63.6% completions, 9.8 yards per attempt, 7 TDs, 2 INTs, 111.2 rating.

      1. Grant Cohn, if you were a super hero they would call you “Stats Man”. Somehow I get the impression you will have your life’s statistics listed on your grave stone.

        Just joking with you Grant, although my wife says there’s always a little truth to every joke.

      1. Leo, hadn’t you heard? Arthur is writing a Blank check to keep Shanny Jr. Either that, or Irsay is going to “ninja” Shanny Jr in the heat of the night…;>)

        1. Yes, I also thought I heard mention of Swiss bank accounts and a new Island off the coast of Belize named Lil’ Shanny Island.

  24. I think the Browns should listen to Dabo and take Watson 1st overall. You definitely don’t want to pass on Michael Jordan.

  25. 1) You can’t draft what isn’t there.

    Its possible there are no long term quarterback solutions in this draft, also possible trade price for veterans is too high. The rebuild could be delayed by at least one year. And that’s that.

    Its time to start thinking about building a good roster. When that magic moment a worthy quarterback is there, he will step into a more talented team. The way Carr, Presscott and Wilson did.

    2) You can’t trade if there are no serious offers.

    Pretty much everyone would love a trade back to around 6. Its very possible the same player the 49ers would accept at 2 will be at 6.

    But this also means there’s less incentive for teams to want to trade up. Look at the 2013 draft. The Raiders traded 3 for 12+42. No big haul. Way below chart.

    I’m predicting a somewhat sour fan base the days following the draft. Lots of “should haves” and “Could haves.” But 2 and 34 are good spots, even in a poor trade-back year.

    Pick 2 – Allen, Hooker, Williams, Barnett, Foster would make an immediate difference.
    Pick 34 – Good class in TEs, RBs. Edge and MLB within trade-up range. Solid “number two” receivers like Cooper Kupp to be had as well.

    1. This draft is shallow on NFL QB prospects. It doesn’t mean there aren’t any gems to be had. I personally think as many as 3 QB’s have a decent chance to be good NFL QB’s. Could be more, could be less, and a big part of it is providing the right environment for these guys to develop.

      1. Sure fire franchise QB’s are few and far between. There’s almost always some risk, thus the question becomes, where in the draft do you draft them.

  26. Deshaun Watson and Nathan Peterman both played Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech and Syracuse in 2016. Here are their stats in those games:

    Watson: 69.4% completions, 7.8 ypa, 7 TDs, 2 INTs, 107.6 rating
    Peterman: 60% completions, 11.8 ypa, 6 TDs, 2 INTs, 120.8 rating

  27. Question to all – What is the minimum trade back you would accept to trade back from 2 to 6?

    Keep in mind I’m asking about the minimum, not the ideal or desired trade deal.

    I’d trade 2 for the Jets 6+39+72. 75% chart.

    1. Depends. If Garrett is sitting there, nothing less than two one’s. If not 75% would be the lowest I’d go too, but I’d try and get them to throw in Marshall as well….

      1. If Garrett is there, I’d “run the ticket to the podium”, even if they don’t use tickets or podiums anymore (do they?)

    1. There’s no hurry or desperation in finding a GM. You’ve got your HC/GM in Shanny Jr. The most important part of the GM puzzle is to make sure he fits….

  28. I keep seeing these stats and especially quarterback ratings. While these stats are not exactly meaningless, they also do not translate in any real way to NFL success. Namath and Montana did not have world class college stats, nor did Mister Tom Brady. ‘Nuff said. And of course Tebow’s and Manziel’s stats were other worldly.

    You could say “eyeball test” but I’ve rarely been as blown out looking at a college QB’s videos than I was with Kaep. And he did get off to a spectacular start with the 49ers. You just never know. I’d like to see Kaep with a year under Kyle (with a young QB playing backup)

  29. If it is Dominik it’s good he’s already scouting at the Senior Bowl

    If Watson not before the 2nd maybe 3rd round–only 2 national championship college qbs have won Sb–Montana & Namith
    It’s always fun to watch Gruden QB show & he puts them through some pretty fun stuff that shows up later.

  30. I think Watson could be a good NFL QB, but he needs to go to a situation similar to what Prescott was in.

  31. This falls into the category of not repeating the same mistake twice. Lets not inflate the perceived abilities of this weak crop of QB’s like Harbaugh did Kaep. That has been a painful journey.

  32. I think the better comparison of Watson for analysis would be to Lamar Jackson. In comparing the mobility, Watson may have an edge, but when it comes to accuracy, Lamar Jackson is way more accurate than Watson. Therefor, it would be better for the Niners to fix the defense this draft, because it is deep in defensive talent. They should find a nose tackle, bolster both sides of the pass rush, find two new ILBs and do not count on Bow coming back. If he does come back, sweet, bonus. They need to fix the defense, or it will not matter what the offense does. Kaep had Two 400 yard games in a row, and still lost. Giving up a historic record of rushing yards was painful and a black mark against last season.

    They should utilize Kaep in a prove it year, maybe pick up Shaub as insurance and back up, and wait a year for Jackson. they should still draft a QB, and Cooper Rush in the late 4th might be a reasonable choice. Lots of upside, but needs to study and bulk up.

    Actually, next season’s crop of QBs are so much more superior to this year’s, there may be only 3 QBs chosen in the first 2 rounds.

    1. Work for two young guys with meddlesome parents or work for a single owner that has a franchise QB and has a long leash and gives management full control.
      He may party a bit –But a no brainer.

    2. Much ado about nothing Grant. Kyle has final say on roster, some highly sought after GM’s don’t want to cede the final say to someone else. End of story.

      A HC having the final say has worked in many instances. I would even argue that currently, the top football franchises use this approach. Both of this years Super Bowl teams included.

      You’re creating a mountain out of a molehill.

  33. It’s not difficult to see there Grant. He was not interested in the Niner job because Kyle will have the majority of the power. Thank god the Niners didn’t put the GM search over the coaching search. Ballard was pushing Cable!

    1. Nice try RAW. Ballard declined before anyone knew that KS was in the picture. Not to mention that he would get any say in personnel.

  34. I would love for Shanny to draft a qb this year with plans not to play him for at least one year. Trade back for more picks and draft at least one qb. In fact, I hope they draft at least one qb every year.

  35. Hey Seb- wanted to continue our discussion what I feel is needed in a Mike/Kyle S. Offense. Look I am not saying Kaep is dumb, he had a 4.0 in high school not sure about, college but you need to be ultra calm, keep very fidgety, able to go through multiple reads, Kaep, one read and gone!, also football is important but is social causes are more important to him. Matt ryan, Tom Brady, and Peyton Manning football #1 priority,there is different types of smart or what can be processed, in nano seconds of time, some people like Karpov needs more time, Steve young had to refine his skills to fit this offense. He revved “hot” like Kaep at times but made necessary changes, look he has good skills to get this far and to a super bowl but I and others don’t see what you see, just agree to disagree, I want. Quarterback that is more accurate and sees the whole field in a calm manner! Kaep is lucky to have you as a fan. Good to debate even if we have to pick sides. Take care!

    1. Reb, I just see a player who has been surrounded by incompetence. From the owner who does not have a clue, to the ball boy ogling the cheer leaders so he forgets there is a game on, and gets hit in the head.

      Maybe you do not know this, but Kaep ran the Pistol at Reno, and I saw a player who was lightning fast, bold, decisive, unstoppable and dominant. When he finally got to start on the Niners, he was the same way. Awesome throws that made your jaw drop, throws that very very few NFL QBs would make, much less even try.

      Kaep took the league by storm, and came within 5 yards of winning it all.

      Then the coaches decided to try and fit Kaep into their system, instead of fitting their system to accentuate Kaeps’ skillsets.
      It was almost criminal the way they stubbornly took a bass, and tried to make him sing tenor. They chained him in the pocket, which is the last thing you want to do with him.

      To analogize, I ask you to remember the movie- Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

      They go to the mine foreman, and ask for jobs. The mine foreman asks the Sundance Kid to draw his gun, level it, and shoot at a rock. he misses, and the foreman turns away and spits his chew. The Sundance Kid asks if he can move. The foreman grimaces and turns away, saying go ahead. The Sundance Kid moves like lightning and blasts the rock to bits. They get the job.

      Kaep is the same way, Force him to be only a pocket passer, and he is not very accurate delivering the ball flat footed. However, if they let him roll out, be mobile, and throw on the run, he can be deadly accurate. Forcing Kaep to be only a pocket passer is like putting an Abrams tank in a pit. Sending out a bunch of turnstiles to try (and fail) to protect him, and the pocket collapses like a house of cards, and he is beaten like a pinata.

      3 years ago, I just wanted them to get a play off in time. 2 years ago, I wanted them to stop announcing what play they were going to run. Last year, I was hoping for some in game adjustments, and wanted them to use their time outs wisely.

      I will concede that Kaep needs to improve, but I also see him as their best player on the team, who gives them their best chance to win. All those haters must have been grinding their teeth after that Rams game, because I saw Kaep play like a true leader. He showed grit and determination, and mounted a comeback, down by 2 scores. Kaep was clutch, and willed the team to victory. I like quarterbacks who do that.

      Gosh, I wish Kaep had been given the opportunity to sit behind a Hall of Famer for years to learn to hone his craft, like Steve Young was able to do, but alas, it was not meant to be.

      Thank you for giving me this opportunity to reiterate my position. I do think that Kaep could improve, but will also say that if another QB can out compete him, I hope he will act with class like Alex did, and not be a disruptive force. I hope he calmly and maturely accepts his position and tries in every way possible to help the Niners win. He will be only one play from starting, so he should prepare for every contingency.

      Thanks again for disagreeing without being disagreeable. I am confident that KS is smart enough to utilize Kaep properly. It would make my day to hear KS say that one only learns of how valuable something precious is, only from the moment it leaves his hand while throwing it away.

      GO NINERS !!!!!!

      1. Well Seb – looks like it’s got to be George Paton for GM. If anyone can get that tank out of the pit that would be him.

        1. Sure, a 1940s era Sherman tank, aka the single wing Too bad JJ Abrams isn’t in the running for GM. He’d get his namesake, and Seb’s, tank out of the ditch before you could say “lost”.

  36. It was sounding pretty good til the point about haters and the Rams game. The Rams…if this is a defining moment, by definition it can’t be the Rams. The Rams define worst possible competition. Any defining moments doesn’t gain definition unless they are against viable teams….

    1. These same Rams defeated both the Cards and Seahawks, something the Niners failed to do 4 times.

      That Rams game was huge, because it stopped a 13 game losing streak. It was not -ho hum, big deal, it was an incredible relief, that stopped the death spiral.

      You may dismiss it as inconsequential and no big deal. I will not. It represented half of the Niner victories that season.

    2. I also did not include Reb in the hater category, and if he felt I did, I apologize. The haters I mean are the ones who were mad because Kaep won the game. They are the ones who crowed every time the Niners lost, because they would rather have a Kaep led team lose than win.

      I think we can all agree that we want better play. From the QB to the ball boy.

      1. I agree 100 percent and you make good points, like you I have been a fan my entire life so yes, go niners! Look I have also played and been a fan for along time, I have always thought the pistol offence is less complicated then the pro or west coast, maybe I am ignorant to that. look kaep did some amazing things, I was ahuge fanbut a buddy at work who is a high school ref on the side and played quarterback through high school was never convinced Kaep was great even when he was doing great things, he thought harbaugh did a great job of masking his flaws and highlighting is strengths which you believe a good coach like KS can do. I just think there will be better options but you never know, I am a huge fan of westerns so I liked your analogy but being the argumentative person I can be he might be able to blow away the person in front of him but could not see or do away the varmits far left or far right of him like Billy’s the kid or Jessie James, or Joe Montana or Brady could do. But like you said good to debate but not to hate! I may tease you and make fun like the others sometimes but if you think about it to make the history books or stand out it is not to go with the flow, so if Kaep, does come back some day the only who called it was you, I don’t see it but you never know! Way to stick to your guns. I enjoy all the posters but the way you and prime go back and forth have really cracked me up!

        1. Reb, this is not my first rodeo. (Another western reference). Prime is amusing to me, too. I bait him, and he takes the bait. Hook, line and sinker.

          Eventually I can get him to spew expletives, so then I can declare victory, which ticks him off to no end. He then declares himself victor but just looks even more ridiculous. Now he is trying abbreviations. Some day, he will learn his lesson.

          Yes, I fully admit I am swimming against the tide. Still, even though I have been resigned to seeing him leave or be cut many times, Kaep is still the starting QB. Even though Chip had no clue about defense, he saw what I saw in Kaep, so at least he was smart enough to recognize talent. Too bad he had Baalke meddling, and those Anal Lytics were undoubtedly the reason why they seemed to be incapable of making any half time adjustments. Anal lytics are fine as a tool, but when it directs the scheme and play calling, it fails miserably. The reason? The other team has anal lytics, too, so all they have to do is work backwards, and everything becomes too predictable. No wonder the Niners kept running into the teeth of the defense. The defense knew what the offense was going to run, so it was easy to stop.The second half futility is from the defense just getting more data.

          Just like the notion that a QB must deliver the ball from the pocket. The other team knows exactly where the QB will be, so they can just tee off, and rush to a spot. If a QB is mobile and elusive, the pass rushers need to guess where the QB will be, and if they guess wrong, they may run out of position. The unpredictability of the QB will make the defense more hesitant and tentative. Kaep, on the move, is a hundred times more dangerous, and since he can out run the safeties, he is a powerful weapon that they have sheathed for too long.

          Why do I think that KS will relish the challenge to rejuvenate Kaep? Matt Ryan.

          MR will have told KS about the time when Kaep was in their matchup during the 2012 season, when Kaep spotted them 17 points, but came storming back. Ryan saw first hand how Kaep can dominate a game, so he will tell KS that Kaep, in his system, will be unstoppable.

          The lack of vision criticism will have to be endured, but In Kaep’s defense, he may be looking, but if the receivers are blanketed, he will have no one to throw to. Hopefully, the Niners will spend a second or third round pick to acquire a legit deep threat. It is no secret why Matt Ryan is doing so well. He has Julio Jones to throw to.

          Reb, thanks again for the opportunity to have a civil,respectful debate. I may say things that annoy posters, and maybe my tone grates on their nerves, but do not doubt for a second that I hunger for more rings, even with an owner like Jed.

          Look forward to more posts from you. You seem to be well grounded, and can articulate your arguments well.

      2. The “lose so we can get the #1 pick” crowd VASTLY outnumbered the “lose because I’m a kaeper-hater” bunch last season. Probably by a factor of 100 to 1. Or is that something that went right over your inflated head, Seb?

          1. Real fans want a QB who takes the game seriously. Studies and works hard at getting better. And then actually gets better instead of flaming out.

            1. Kaep has never ever been accused of not working extremely hard. The lack of study time screed was just a smear to stab him in the back, and Gabbert, while sitting, should have had his laptop open all the time. Maybe Gabbert turned his on and just left it on, while Kaep closed his to save his batteries. Obviously the additional study time did not help with Gabbert’s play on the field.

              Flaming out? Kaep shined brightly in that win over the Rams. He also had some 400 yard games, so with better support, he will do even better next season.

              1. He also had one 400 yard game (in his entire career)

                so with better support, he might come close to his career average of 177 YPG

                Fixed that for you.

              2. Sorry Seb, it would have been too easy for Kap to refute this story. These
                IPAD’s track the amount of time players spend on them. If the story were bunk, Kap would have produced evidence to the contrary. That he didn’t, smells of guilt, not to mention his trouble finding open receivers on the filed.

              3. 49, they may say how long they are turned on, but it does not say how thoroughly or beneficially the user is spending his time. In Gabbert’s case, it sure seemed like it did not help at all.

                Besides, that should have been proprietary information, and never should have been leaked. It was only leaked to stab Kaep in the back . It was a leak, and it was a smear, and it was business as usual for Paraag.

          2. >>REAL fans do not want the Niners to lose

            Finally, common ground. Careful though Seb, I’ve heard labeling fans as real or not can be cause for a banning.

    1. Great knowledge on your part razor and complete ignorance on my part as I have no idea who rocky seto is, should I? I guess I will look him up!

      1. Wow, assistant head coach and was on petes staff at USC, only 40, hope this helps the demise of the seachickens even more!

        1. Rocket – With your word skills, I though you would preface your news with: “The Seahawks are off to a rocky start for next year…”

  37. Keeping in the spirit of Pre Super Bowl hype, conspiracy theories and generalized
    Patriots bashing, we have a Brady ‘almost issue.’ Tom and Gisselle’s nutritional and lifestyle advisor “Dr.” Robert O Young has been sentenced for running a fraudulent advertising campaign for his retreats and supplements and practicing medicine without a license.
    It seems like there ought to be a way to twist that up into at least a minor controversy if not a full blown kerfuffle. Given Grant’s creative skills at fiction and some folks’ here abilities to devise theories completely unhinged from reality or common sense, we may be able to amuse ourselves briefly.

    1. Nothing beats Russell Wilson preaching Christianity while pimping/promoting the ‘Nano Bubbles’ inside Recovery Water® (a company he invested in) for having cured his concussion. It’s not exactly Christian to knowingly sacrifice the health and well being of people in order to put $ in your pockets via false claims about tap water…..

      1. P, it’s not exactly Christian to do the many many many unChristian things that purported Christians do. I think a lot of things beat it, televangelism comes to mind. Supporting a thrice married, admitted sexual predator for President does as well.

      2. Big P
        Well,yeah, that’s why this Young guy is going to jail. He convinced a number of people to discontinue Chemotherapy and take his bogus supplements instead. Their cancers progressed through stages. Junk science for obscenely callous profiteering.

      1. The important part of the article discusses the connection between Dominik and Bruce Allen. With rumors that Dominik is a potential GM candidate, along with Shanahan’s arrival it lends credence to the possibility that the team could be interested in acquiring Cousins.

      1. Nothing like getting a guy who’s worked with Aaron Rodgers since his 2nd season not to mention one of the more successful WCO’s in the league to mentor your new rookie.

        1. Hopefully Shanny has been making calls and will announce his staff quickly after the SB. This would be a smart call for him to make.

  38. I suppose most have by now listened to Peter’s King’s podcast interview with li’l Shanny. I just heard it and it seems like he has pretty much mentally-ready for the Niners job.

    Peter King seems to be well connected. After his post-season press conference, Jed sought out comfort in a phone call to King the following day. As early as January 2, King predicted that Micky D would remain with the Pats because of multiple reasons including his family situation. He also correctly predicted that Shanny going to Denver was far from a slam dunk, because while Elway and Kubiak were close, Elway and Big Shanny were not very close. I think he had also mentioned Joseph as a leading candidate for the Denver job.

    1. Could be the Pat Mahomes of receivers. Big numbers against nobody in a goofy system. Has great hands. Has a quick burst off the line but isn’t really a burner speed wise. Apparently needs to work on his blocking. Talk of him sneaking into day 2.

          1. Maybe, we’ll see what he’s like after a year of NFL training and “nutrition.” Like Boldin, needs a Fitz on the outside to take away double teams otherwise could find it hard to get off the line.

              1. That’s not a bad one. I think after this week its’ safe to bet that Kupp wont be falling to the 6th like Garcon did. I found a most reliable number on his height, 6’1 1/2″ so he’s a smidge taller then Garcon. Doesn’t look as fast as Garcon though. 40 time is in the 4.5’s although I bet his 10 yard split is probably closer.

              2. Garcon ran a 4.42 with a 1.50 split. That’s blazing fast. I’ve seen Kupp’s 40 listed at 4.55 but cant find his 10 yard.

              3. Not sure what he’ll run, but he isn’t fast or sudden. Doubt he succeeds as an outside receiver. All his work will be from the slot, more than likely….

        1. Kupp -great hands ,pursues the ball in the air ,good routes and despite the lack of flat out out speed has good burst and albeit against questionable competition (as CFC points out )seems to have a knack for getting open.Intriguing player.

      1. We’ll see what kind of speed he has at the combine. This kid simply gets it. Talk about a savvy route runner. And the hands on this kid ….. WOWZA! I mention last week the 49ers would do well to draft Kupp in the 3rd. Sounds like he’s going way before that.


        Mike Garafolo ✔ @MikeGarafolo
        We’re all living in Cooper Kupp’s world, people. The Eastern Washington WR is dazzling with his route running again today #seniorbowl

        Tony Pauline @TonyPauline
        Cooper Kupp/WR /Eastern Washington looks brilliant thus far today at the #seniorbowl

        Dane Brugler ✔ @dpbrugler
        The scouting phrase “route savvy” was invented for Cooper Kupp #seniorbowl

        1. And let us not forget Cooper Kupp embarrassed Marcus Peters, as Kupp went for 8 catches, 145 yds, and 3 TD’s vs the Huskies in 2014! .

          1. My disappointment ,selfishly, was Luke Falk not declaring.Love to see him mature within Shanahans system for a year or two.

              1. Great, there’s a decent chance we wont even need to draft Rush as he may go undrafted. We can save a draft pick.

  39. Could be diversion but I think you can take the Jags out of the first round QB market.

    ProFootballTalk ‏@ProFootballTalk 2m
    Jags G.M. says team can with a Super Bowl with Blake Bortles

      1. Slow release due to elongated throwing motion. Staring down receivers doesn’t help his turnover ratio.
        SB? Work needed.

  40. I know Williams isn’t fast, but there’s another receiver I’m very interested in their 40 time. Corey Davis. If he can run a 4.4, he’ll be the first one off the board. I’m thinking 4.5 though….

            1. I am not knocking any of those players. Just wanted to mention that Jerry Rice was not clocked as a burner, but during games, he stepped it up a notch. Maybe Ross is similar. He may not seem like a speedster, but he sure gets open. He does kinda remind me of Jerry with those precise routes.

      1. I’m a big fan of John Ross. He’s a play maker. Every time he touches the ball, he has the potential to take it to the house. He reminds me of DeSean Jackson – similar size, speed, and explosiveness.

      2. I’m also a big fan of Corey Davis. The dude is big, fast, and physical. He seems much more explosive than Mike Williams. Corey plays like Terrell Owens – “tape don’t lie”.

  41. Interesting just now to watch Dominik on espn as part of a panel discussing the 49ers. One of the other guys brought up the Jed-Harbs divorce, but Dominik focused on the positives, was not critical, praised Shanny and waxed on about how Jed knows it’s a several year rebuild. Very polite and looking to the future. Heh, not going to take himself out of the running……

    1. Nooooo surprise there. Shanny Sr wasn’t a fan, so I assumed Shanny Jr wouldn’t be either. They took Cousins for a reason, and he’ll be looking for a similar quarterback in this draft. That’s why I could see him liking Kaaya if he’s there at the top of the 3rd round….

    1. I believe Ballard is better than Wolf. Initially I believed the Packers Gm structure in system was probably better. However looking at team is like Kansas City whom uses free agency better & the draft and have a stronger roster I believe it’s better than these Green Bay guys. Realizing Green Bay has had Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers and only been to two Super Bowl’s in that amount of time (20 years)shows not a great deal of roster depth past the quarterbacks and one time signing Reggie White and another time signing Woodson to help them with their Super Bowl’s.

    1. John Clayton: “It appears that Kyle Shanahan’s going to get a five-year deal to be the coach and almost the general manager of the 49ers. I think he’s going to get authority over everything because I think he’s in a position to do this. He’s got maximum leverage, he’s coming off a phenomenal year.”

      Rocket didn’t want to believe it :)

      1. No I didn’t want to believe candidates were turning the job down because of it. I’m hoping one of the remaining two take the job because if not things are going to head in a direction I don’t want to think about.

        1. I figured Shanny was going to get control of the 53. Anything more than that is a concern both because he’s never had that kind of power and he’s going to have enough on his plate trying to Coach this sorry ass roster up. They really need to find somebody who shares his vision and can work effectively with him.

            1. Don’t dump on my positive outlook Scooter ;p I’m holding onto the hope that Shanny and one of the remaining two GM candidates will be named right after that SB until it’s proven otherwise.

              1. :-) I think its funny that the last two years you have been trashing the HC hiring process and eventual hires, but now that your boy Shanahan is on board you are taking a positive approach to similar types of rumours we had the past few years regarding HC candidates.

              2. The difference is, I actually like this HC candidate Scooter. I’m not deluding myself into thinking everything is going to work out the way I want it to, but at least I can get behind the names rumored to be in the race this time.

              3. Yes, that’s pretty much my point. You like Shanahan, so you are defending the process. I imagine if they had hired a defensive guy as HC and there were the same rumours of power and GM candidates removing themselves you would be far more critical.

              4. My complaints previously weren’t about the process as much as it was the names involved and ultimately the HC chosen. I do wish Jed would hire someone to replace him and Paraag to run searches like this, but that isn’t going to happen so the best we can hope for is to wind up with good people.

                I’m really not sure what there is to criticize about the process to be honest. They went into this wanting to find two individuals that could work together effectively in the HC and GM roles and the order in which to hire them wasn’t as important as getting the right people as I understand it. I guess it depends on what you feel the most important role is that dictates how you view this search. Personally, I think getting a top HC overrides everything else. We needed an identity and a proven system and we seem to have gotten that in Shanahan. I’m not downplaying the importance of the GM position, but I think it’s easier to fill that role and the hardest thing is finding somebody who thinks the same way as the HC. I’ve said previously that I think the HC should have control of the 53 man roster and if that is a non starter with potential GM’s then so be it, but if they can pair Shanny with a good Personnel man, I think we’ll be ok provided he’s open to listening and not operating with an iron fist. Whether that comes to pass is the question.

      2. I told you Shanny Jr would be HC/GM and his dad, although not given an official title, will be his primary resource. So much for that thief in the night crap by the Ponies….

      3. This article just doesn’t make sense… unless Jed told Paton otherwise, he should well aware of what the position entails and what kind of authority KS will have…why in the world would he even waste his time with a 2nd interview unless he was seriously considering the offer.

        It doesn’t line up

        1. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Jed hasn’t discussed this with the candidates yet, because during the first interview it hadn’t been decided on Shanahan.

      4. Almost GM? That’s an empty statement.

        Yes, Shanny has leverage. However, I think he’s smart enough to know he cannot do it all himself. He needs as team of smart football people. He’ll have more power than anyone, but I am confident he’ll be smart enough to delegate GM duties. The 49ers will find a compatible GM to be, well, their GM. Kyle Shanahan is not going to bite off more than he can chew. Why would he set himself up for failure?

        This tells me one thing for certain. Jed is learning. I’m all in on the Kyle Shanahan show!

  42. SiriusXM NFL Radio ‏@SiriusXMNFL 42m
    Cooper Kupp tells us he plans on running a 4.4 / 40 yd dash at the NFL Combine @CooperKupp #SeniorBowl
    Good luck with that :)

    1. “There’s no reason to believe Watson will be as bad as Leaf, but Leaf does illustrate the potential that even the most scrutinized quarterback prospects can miss – and miss big – after being selected with a high pick.”

      The point of the article is that Watson or any other QB is more likely to be a bust than the next MJ. The headline is hyperbolic click bait.

  43. Which QB’s do people think Shanahan will be interested in drafting? Not who you want, but who fits his system the best.

      1. I don’t think they’ll be interested in any quarterbacks in the first round. Kaaya in the 3rd would be their prime target….

        1. Razor,

          I was answering the question about who fits Shanahan’s system the best. I agree that they won’t target a QB early. I don’t like Kaaya’s inconsistent accuracy. But if Kyle likes him I like him.

          1. I think Kaaya represents what they’ll be looking for in the mid rounds. At least 3 year starter in a pro style offense. They’ll sit him behind Cousins if they can get him for a 1st and 3rd round pick….

  44. Here’s a premature draft with no trades or F/A acquisitions:

    Round 1 Pick 2: Jonathan Allen, DE/DT, Alabama (A+)
    Round 2 Pick 2: Carl Lawson, DE/OLB, Auburn (A-)
    Round 3 Pick 2: Cooper Kupp, WR, Eastern Washington (A-)
    Round 4 Pick 2: Joe Mixon, RB, Oklahoma (A)
    Round 5 Pick 2: Noah Brown, WR, Ohio State (A+)
    Round 6 Pick 2: Sam Rogers, FB, Virginia Tech (A)
    Round 6 Pick 18: Fabian Moreau, CB, UCLA (B-)
    Round 7 Pick 1: Chad Kelly, QB, Ole Miss (C-)
    Round 7 Pick 2: Eric Saubert, TE, Drake (A)

    1. Sorry, I object to Mixon. Even though he was provoked, the optics are bad. Niners should select an ILB with their 4th.

      We are on the same page with Kupp, Brown and Moreau.

      Sure like the idea of using a fullback.

      You know who I like for QB, but Kelly has some good highlights.

  45. Prime Time’s 1st Mock draft:
    I’m guessing the 49ers trade away additional 6/7th round picks.

    Round 1: Mitch Trubisy, QB, UNC
    Round 2: John Ross,WR,WSH
    Round 3:Tim Williams, OLB, ALB
    Round 4:Wayne Gallman, RB, CLM
    Round 5: Riley Bullough, LB, MSU
    Round 6:Amara Darboh, WR, UM
    Round 7:Tyler Orlosky, C, WVU

    1. I don’t think Full Shanny goes for a 13 game starter. He couldn’t beat out Renner or Williams. If they can’t use it for Cousins, they’ll go a different route than quarterback in the first round….

          1. I would not start him unless he earned it in camp. I’d like the Niners to sign Matt Barkley and another vet and have Trubisky watch for the year.

        1. Ha! You really think Full Shanny would take that kind of risk on a 13 game starter that couldn’t beat out 2 nobodies? Call me highly skeptical!

          1. Trubisky under the right tutelage, will be an instant upgrade to what we have.
            Kyle Shanahan is smart enough to devise an offense user friendly for him and each year add to it.
            Like I said earlier, I think he should sit on the sidelines and learn for a year.

            1. Bah, this is why you should go back to being the water boy.

              Declaring a raw, green rook is going to supplant a grizzled veteran is why I think you have no football sense at all.

              Sure am glad KS is smarter than you, and I am confident that he is competent to take Kaep, and let him take the league by storm by unleashing his potential.

              1. Declaring a raw, green rook is going to supplant a grizzled veteran is why I think you have no football sense at all.

                Kaepernick is as much of a grizzled veteran as I am Oprah Winfrey.

              2. I see you are starting to parrot me. One of the oldest tricks in the book.

                Considering most NFL players are fortunate to last 3 years, Kaep , with his 6 years, makes him a grizzled veteran. He has lasted almost twice as long as most players

                Considering Kaep has had at least 4 surgeries to repair all the damage. I will throw in war tested, too. Kaep is a grizzled, war tested veteran

              3. That is not parroting Seb. That is called pulling a piece of your claim from your post and challenging it. To call Kaepernick a grizzled veteran is utterly ridiculous. Brady? Yes. Brees? Yes. Palmer? Absolutely. Kaepernick? Give me a break!!!

              4. ‘Why I think you have no football sense at all’.

                Sounds like parroting to me.

                Your definition of grizzled is different than mine. I am thinking of some one being battle tested, who has been through hell. Age is only one factor.

              5. Congratulations Seb. You have based your ridiculous belief of parroting on something I never once said.
                If we go by your definition of a grizzled veteran, then every rookie after experiencing their first snap is a grizzled veteran.

      1. I like Trubisky, but I can’t see any way they’d take him that high. Way too risky. If for some reason he falls to the lower part of the 1st, trading up for him would be an option.

  46. The 49ers had a number of strong candidates bow out or decline interviews during their GM search. Chris Ballard (Chiefs) and Nick Caserio (Patriots) were believed to be two of San Francisco’s most preferred candidates, but elected not to interview. Ballard interviewed with the Colts on Thursday.

    Packers executives Eliot Wolf and Brian Gutekunst elected to take new contracts to stay with Green Bay. However, a new Packers deal hasn’t prevented Wolf from being a candidate for the Colts job.

    Including coaches, that’s 7 people turning down the 49ers.

    Shanny’s leveraging just fine at this moment.

  47. Saturday is quite a significant day; since I would like to help everybody understand each other as thoroughly as possible, Kyle, there are unique 49ers issues I think you should bring up just to make sure you’re going into this with your eyes wide open.

    Basically, this is everything you need to know about the 49ers and shouldn’t be afraid to demand.

    * Tell York and Marathe that you will not sign a contract that places Marathe ahead of you in the 49ers hierarchy. If they agree to this–that you report directly to York and nobody else–get it in writing. If they do not, tell them they can find another coach.

    Kawakami: A 49ers cheat sheet for Kyle Shanahan

    Do it in a friendly way–you’re all friends re-establishing a championship culture together!
    But you’ll probably never have another chance to do this, and if you skip over Marathe’s murky role, you will regret it.
    The one thing that kept former GM Trent Baalke employed all those extra years, even while the 49ers struggled, was that he had a direct line to York.

  48. Kyle, if you have Marathe between you and York, you eventually will start wondering if Marathe is telling York bad things about you, and once that starts, it’s over.

    T. Kawakami

  49. TomD’s Response: Kyle, don’t trust the York/Paraag front office during K negotiations…Get E_V_E_R_Y_T_H_I_N_G in writing.

    Your GM will either be closest ally in the front-office… or he’ll turn into your most dangerous enemy. You want the first thing.

    * Tell York and Marathe your plan to acquire a new quarterback and get them to agree to it, with witnesses.

    1. *T. Kawakami (who knows the York’s speak with forked tongue. They had the police phone his home after revealing 49er annual profits).

  50. * Emphasize right now that you’re not in this to be a go-along, get-along guy and point out that Tomsula and Kelly tried to do that and lasted one season apiece.

    T. Kawakami

  51. Tim Kawakami Verified account 

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    Jimmy V

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    @timkawakami @JRAF21 Isn’t it worse that we keep whiffing on our “targets” and settle for plan E’s? Makes him look even more incompetent

    11:07 AM – 26 Jan 2017

    Tim Kawakami Retweeted Jimmy V

    That’s the “never thinks it through” part that everybody else but Jed can understand.

    Tim Kawakami added,

    1. TomD’s Response:

      I agree. Your so called, “plan E’s (or Tomsula’s) are why the 49ers were voted the worst franchise in all of sports.

  52. My new mock draft will have 3 trade backs, and two trades up.

    First trade back will be to the Jets at 6. Niners will give up the second overall pick for the Jets 6th overall, along with their 2017 second round pick (38), and a 2018 second round pick.

    The Niners should then trade back with Cleveland. The Niners would exchange their 6th overall pick for the Browns 12th overall pick, along with their second round pick (33) and their 2018 second round pick.

    The Niners should then trade back with the Titans. The Niners should exchange their 12th overall pick for the Titans 18th overall pick, along with their second round pick(50), and their 2018 third round pick.

    The Niners will have moved back 3 times to the 18th spot, and gained 3 second round picks along with 3 future picks.

    The Niners should move up twice. They should offer a 4th fifth and 6th round pick to move up to the third round, and they should offer a 5th, 6th and seventh round pick to move up into the 4th round.

    Adding it up, the Niners will have a first round pick, 4 second round picks, two third round picks, two 4th round picks and a 7th round pick.They will also have two seconds and a third round pick in 2018. The Niners should be up front and say they want to move back to get more bodies. Jets will want to move up because they want to grab Trubisky before the Bears could select him with the third pick. Browns would want to move up so they would have the first and 6th pick. The Titans would want to move up so they would have the 5th and 12th pick instead of the 5th and 18th pick. It would be a win-win for all involved. The future picks would be a bonus, and would be determined to balance the draft value chart. Maybe the Niners could get additional picks to balance it out..

    So in the end, the Niners could lose the second overall pick, but get the 18th, 33rd, 34th, 38th and 50th picks.

      1. Yup, I wanted Kaep to stay, and he has not only stayed, he has won back his starting job and has done well with little support.

        So it looks like what I wanted came true, and every screed you bloviated came back into your face. Yes, thankfully, I get to show you up again. Next you will be advocating some raw, untested rookie to try and take over. Maybe you do not know this fact, but many players that are drafted from college may take years to become proficient enough to play in the Pros. First of all, they have to bulk up, get a LOT stronger, so their bodies can absorb the punishment delivered.

        Then they have to think in an entirely different way. The college game and the pros are different like night and day. The spread, run and gun offenses just would get cut to shreds in a pro setting. Why? Team speed. Every rookie says that it is so much faster, and everyone is big and fast. Sometime it just comes down to – who wants it more. Large picture windows become arrow slits.

        Every rookie would benefit from sitting their first season, to concentrate on just bulking up and memorizing the playbook. Some first and second rounders get playing time, but the first rounder may be the only one to get a starting job. The others should be supporting, but never crack the lineup. Many 6th and 7th rounders get cut, only to sneak them onto the practice squad. The third forth and fifth rounders may get cut, but they are valuable because they are under contract for the benefit of the team. Looking at history, the chances for a QB to bust is way higher than his chances are to succeed. Declaring Trubisky as the savior is just more pie in the sky.

        However, in the Niners’ case, there is dire need everywhere. That is why I want as many of the first 50 best college players as possible. Getting 5 picks instead of only 2 just makes sense. Perusing over the draft boards, there is good talent into the second of players who might start. Considering the Niner voids, those players would be penciled in as starters through default. No other viable candidates.

        So go ahead and diss my plan. It is only idle speculation in the off season. No, I have not emailed these plans with the insistence of them following this scenario. I just want them to think outside the box. The problem is, Jed is not thinking at all, and he may not like the news he will get during those Saturday meetings.

      1. Just ruminating on who to get. I will use these mocks to show some of my drafting knowledge. Ya gotta admit, getting second rounders will increase the chance of hitting on some talent.

        The important thing is to think of this draft class as a core to build upon. Sure would like to see another ’86 draft, not a 2012 draft.

        1. I was just making an implausible statement suited to the scenario you outlined.

          Trading back is a fine idea. Trading back three times and still coming away with pick #18, pick #34, plus three additional 2nd rounders (not to mention future picks) is unbelievably optimistic. Won’t happen. Thanks for playing.

          1. You do not need me to make implausible statements. You make enough of them on your own.

            Well, at least posters are talking about trading back. Even Grant, now. He even mentioned the Jets as a possible trade partner.

            Both the Browns and Titans have 2 first round picks, so it would be worth their second picks to get both the players they were targeting. Niners will still get a quality player at 18.

    1. All you need to do is look at the pressure statistics to know they are comparing apples to oranges. It’s a fun debate, but Mariota is still a limited QB benefitting from playing in a power spread scheme with an excellent OL and RBs.

        1. I’ll take the 22 year old that is being asked to run a full pro-style offense and doing it well despite not having much around him other than Evans.

            1. Sorry, he just turned 23. Still younger than every other starting QB in the NFL aside from Goff, but running a more complex system than the other first and second year signal callers.

              1. Mariota isn’t asked to do as much as Winston. He makes good decisions in a pretty simple offense.

      1. Great article, Scooter. Winston is a smart, hard-working QB who has a supportive HC in Dirk Koetter and an experienced QB coach in Mike Bajakian. He has the opportunity to get better and so should the personnel at skill positions. He did make some poor decisions in college but who doesn’t do that in their late teens? I had hoped he would come to Stanford to succeed Luck. Annually, only one player on average who gets a football scholarship and admission to Stanford turn it down. That short list includes Manti Teo, Jordan Zumwalt, Luke Kuechly, Jameis Winston.

            1. I think Winston still might have a little more room but for the most part I think we’re already seeing the best versions of both players. Fairly low ceilings.

              1. Interesting. I think both can get significantly better especially Winston, but who knows? A lot of the time the whole thing is predicated on what you can put around them.

              2. “A lot of the time the whole thing is predicated on what you can put around them.”
                Pretty much always. Luck has not been able to grow as much as he could have because of the horrendous O line and inadequate running game.

              3. “A lot of the time the whole thing is predicated on what you can put around them.”

                I guess but a great player will make those around him appear better whether they actually are or not. Put Terrell Owens in his prime or Jerry Rice on this team and suddenly Gabbert and Kaepernick look considerably more functional.

              4. Carlos Hyde suddenly appaers to be a legitimate starting running back when you have an elite WR on the team. Is he actually though or does the presence of that player effect how the defense plays the run?

              5. There’s a difference between progressing as a player and becoming more functional because of the talent around you.

              6. It’s all related. In order to get better you have to have the environment to get better in. A young QB isn’t going to progress if he doesn’t get decent protection from the Oline or have reliable weapons in the running and passing game. Very few QB’s can come in and elevate a bad team especially young ones two or three years out of college.

              7. This is why I think the 49ers need to move on from Kaepernick. There are some guys who need a great supporting cast to be functional. Others, make players around them better and at the QB position, you have to be able to make lesser talented players around you better, even functional. For example, Chris Hogan, WR, Patriots. He is a guy who has limited speed and size but somehow Brady has turned him into a #1 go to guy.
                Kaepernick looks to make Kaepernick look good. When things break down, the first look is break down his own pocket and scramble.

                Trade him to the Patriots along with a 2nd for Garropolo. Maybe Belecheck is the only one who can help him now!

          1. I’d take either guy, CfC. Not sure why you don’t like them, but both guys are going to be decent NFL starters for some time at worst I think. And Winston I believe will be considerably better than that if the Bucs can support him with a good OL and ground game.

            1. I realize that an average level NFL starter is a large upgrade over what we’ve had but in the context of picking prospects in a draft which is how I was speaking when I’d say I’d pass on those two I don’t see anything special about them. They’ll always need something on the team to take pressure off, like an elite play maker or offensive line etc. They don’t elevate the players around them, they need someone or something else to do that for them.

              Mariota equals Alex Smith to me. Just good enough to win games but can’t do it unless there’ some other part of the team that’s better then he is. Will struggle with consistency.

              I agree Winston has a higher ceiling but I still don’t think he’s anything special, he doesn’t make anyone on that team better. Another QB that needs a strong run game to be effective. The NFL un-drafted pool is replete with those.

              1. I’ve seen Watson take his game to the next level during the final countdown, when his team needed him to for victory. It’s that rare Montana/Brady DNA trait that is very appealing….

              2. I agree on Mariota, disagree on Winston. He already is making the team round him better. The only real support he gets is Evans.

              3. Mariota elevated the play of Rishard Matthews and Tajae Sharpe and averaged 7.6 yards per attempt.

              4. Throwing the ball more to a receiver might elevate the receivers stats but doesn’t that really elevate them as a player. Did he rally make Matthews a better receiver or simply a more productive one?

              5. “and averaged 7.6 yards per attempt.”
                And the 49ers passing attack averaged 7.7 yards per attempt in 2016. What does that say about avg yards per attempt?

              6. Just because he was focal point of the passing attack doesn’t mean he became a better receiver. He just got more attempts thrown his direction. Most receivers production would increase with more passes thrown that way, do they all become better receivers?

              7. It also helps when those receivers are facing a lot of 1 on 1 matchups as teams commit to stopping the run.

              8. Jameis Winston has tremendous talent. But until he improves his decision-making, he’s Jay Cutler.

              9. Matthews averaged 4 receptions per game and 15.4 ypc with Tannehill in 2015, and 4 receptions per game and 14.5 ypc with Mariota in 2016. How did Mariota elevate his game?

              10. Show me a receiver on the Titans who’s number of receptions didn’t increase greatly from 2015 to 2016 but whos average and # of TD’s did. That’s a receiver who’s elevated his game but not because he’s the benefactor of more attempts.

              11. Jameis Winston first 2 years: 8,132 yards, 50 TDs, 33 INTs.
                Brett Favre first 2 years as a starter: 6,530 yards, 37 TDs, 37 INTs.

                Both guys are gunslingers with big arms but prone to gambling too often. But put the talent around him like the Packers did Favre and Winston will win you a lot of games.

              12. Different eras. This one is more QB friendly.

                Winston’s career numbers: 59.6% comps, 7.4 ypa, 4.9 TD%, 3.0 INT%, 85.2 QB rating
                Cutler’s career numbers: 61.9% comps, 7.2 ypa, 4.6 TD%, 3.3 INT%, 85.7 QB rating

              13. Different eras, similar mentality.

                Cutler isn’t a good comparison because he’s a me first, sulky individual. If he had the same mentality as Winston, Cutler could be a good QB.

                Carson Palmer is another guy that had a similar start to his career. Drew Brees had a similar INT rate but nearly half the TDs.

              14. Winston’s decision-making is on par with Cutler’s. Their numbers are almost identical. Winston needs to get better, but he took a step back in 2016.

    1. MM- Are you going to cut Kaep? You could save millions.

      KS- That is the stupidest idea I have ever heard. Kaep is the best player on the team, He has a prodigious skillset. Ariens is scared of him. He gives the Niners the best chance to succeed. I would never cut him before having an adequate replacement. That is why the Niners are in this mess. They did not think it through. They never, in a million years, should have fired JH without having a coach ready and willing to step in and replace him. Now you want me to get petty and mean, and use emotions to dictate how to run this team? That is what got them in this trouble in the first place.

      No, I am going to use logic and reason. I want to be mature, fair and judicious. I am going to calmly and shrewdly make assessments, and I am not going to blindly make a mistake without thinking.

      I am not going to give up without even trying. I am going to wring every ounce of effort from these players, and I am going to start by looking at the team dynamics. Kaep won the Eshmont, so he displayed courage, leadership and was an inspiration to the team. I will take that into consideration.

      My job will be to take Kaep, and put him in positions to succeed. My job will be to accentuate his strengths, and hide his weaknesses. My job will be to utilize his skillsets to their maximum potential.

      Cut Kaep to save millions? Are you crazy? The Niners have millions to spend, so Kaep’s salary is reasonable. They do not need to save, they need to spend. speak to me when there is less than 5 mil in cap space before broaching that subject again.

      Kaep is possibly sacrificing his health to play this game. I would never ask for him to give up a penny of his salary just to save money. He is risking all so I will honor that contract to its fullest. I would only ask if the Niners were up against the salary cap, and a small sacrifice on his part would ensure getting a player who could help the team win.

      I came to this team because of Kaep. I asked Matt Ryan what he thought of Kaep, and he said Keap is the real deal. He said that with Kaep, I would have a decent chance to succeed. If I cut Kaep, he might go to the Cards, and I will have to play him twice a year. I bet he would have tons of motivation to show how short sighted I was.

      I want Kaep, because if I can fix Kaep, when everybody said it could not be done, I will be hailed as a genius.

      I also want to win. So, does that answer your question?

      MM- I got your message, loud and clear.

      1. If Kaep does not opt out of his contract (and that still is a distinct possibility, some might even say a probability) what will PROBABLY happen is that Kyle will, after watching a lot of video, get together with Kaep personally and have a very honest up front conversation on what he thinks of as Kaep’s strengths and weaknesses and take stock of how much Kaep wants to (if at all) return to the 49ers and work with him to improve as a QB. That MIGHT even entail a restructuring of his contract. Could turn out to be like Harbaugh and Alex. But I think that will all depend on a real sit down.

        1. Kaepernick’s stats in 11 games: 16 Touchdowns and only 4 interceptions. + 2 rushing Touchdowns. Cutler’s stats in 5 games in 2016. 4 TDs 5 picks.

          I cannot believe Grant was serious In suggesting Cutler would be a better option for the 49ers in 2017. I think he threw it out there to start a discussion.

          Judging by the contract signed by Bradford last year, Kaepernick’s 2017 salary is also not too out of line. I don’t think you will get Cutler for anything under 11 or 12 million plus he would want a two or three year deal.

          Right thing to do is to draft your quarterback of the future and bring back Kaepernick as a bridge for a couple of years. Exactly what Harbaugh did with Alex in 2012. Of course I have no hopes that 2017 will turn out like 2011. The 2011 team was loaded at every position, this one has the least talented roster in the league.

          The last thing you want to do is to draft Kaaya or Trubiski and throw them in games right away. I know how well Wentz and Prescott did as rookies last year but the talent level on the Eagles and the Cowboys was miles above this Niner team.

      2. You immediately destroyed your argument when you claimed Kaepernick is the best player on the team. Everything after that was not worth reading.

        1. Gosh, on most teams, the starting QB is a very very very important position.

          Guess you will say Staley, but he is a little long in the tooth. Any defenders? Nope, they all sucked and set records in futility. Torrey? Too bad he has under performed. Hyde? Too injured every year. Beadles? He was playing out of position.

          Kaep wins by default.

          1. You are utterly killing your argument Seb by using the default idiocy. It also shows a bias that refuses to look at the truth.
            Buckner had what many outside of this site termed as a quiet DROY campaign. McDonald, despite his drops and injury, had a better season. Kerley was the best WR on the team, and Beadles surprised in a good way. Heck, even Brooks was better, which is not saying much. All Kaepernick did was show he has not grown since 2012, and that the regression in 2013-2015 is still in him, with the Bears game being the evidence of that.

            1. Wow, just wow. So you think that a rookie is the best player on the team? Congratulations, you must think the Niners really suck. Buckner played too high, and he was out there for all the games when the defense gave up all those rushing yards. It seems like they ran right at him, and he shunted aside like he was an afterthought. One TD, he was driven back like he was on roller skates, and beat the RB into the end zone.

              You love Mr. Stone Hands? His main accomplishment was to get a good contract, then the next day break his shoulder.

              Kerley? LOLOLOLOLOLOL.

              Beadles did not grade out well, but I do admit he is versatile.

              Brooks? Now I know you are desperate. Brooks was undisciplined, and may have cost them a game by his insistence of jumping offsides at the worst possible moments.

              Yes, Kaep did not have a good game in Chicago, but I blame the brain dead coaching. They did not use their time outs wisely. They actually used their time outs to help the other team. They also shut down the passing game, made the team one dimensional, then could not make any half time adjustments. Kaep may not have been the worst QB to play. At least he did not get a safety which cost them 2 points.

              MWD, you are looking pretty foolish to tout those players. In your zeal to try and diss Kaep, you proved my point. Kaep is the best player on the Niners, and if you and your ilk succeed to drive him away, he will come back to haunt the Niners for years.

      3. Hah ha ha you are astonishingly delusional, as I’ve pointed out before, just one among several. Understand, you’re not a head-scratcher, you’re not a savant, you’re a echoing barrel of laughs. You are your own echo. You’re like a monkey trapped in a barrel with only one toy — a Kaepernick hand puppet. And what you call “thinking outside of the box” begins and ends with that irreparably flawed QB known as CK Dud, your so-called solution, in fact your football identity hangs on his fate. Can we predict his fate with a fair degree of accuracy? Yes. he’s already written it in bold and indelible letters. But carry on with your faux-football babble. You’re a burlesque slap-stick act that’s always good for a barrel of incredulous laughs.

        1. Yep, and you bringing the hate just brings nothing to the table.

          I am perfectly fine cheering for the starting QB for the San Francisco 49ers. That is what real fans do.

          You, on the other hand, seem to have a hidden agenda to diss some one advocating for social justice.

          No, my fate does not hang with what happens to Kaep. I will wish him well and keep cheering for the team I love, if he happens to be cut and leaves.

          I have been advocating for Kaep, and since he is still here, your screeds are the ones who have fallen flat, and exposes your total lack of football knowledge.

          Keep hating all you want. It just defines you. I detect the latent racism that I do not see in some of the other posters’ critical comments. You and Gnomo are way too transparent. I can see right through you. Unreasoned ignorant hate shines form every orifice.

    1. +1 Bandit. Why would Kyle want to start the rebuild with a player who has become the biggest distraction in the NFL. I like Colin, but I think his calling is outside football. Maybe he can play at seminars and explain to people how not voting is the best way to bring change and advance civil rights.

  53. Studying the draft board, I have come up with a mock of the first 3 rounds. Stopped at 66, the Niners third round pick.

    Tried to stay within 5 of the ranking position.

    So, with the 18th, 33rd, 34th, 38th,50th and 66th, the niners select-

    18- Jabrill Peppers S.

    33. Jarrad Davis OLB.

    34. Carl Lawson DE.

    38. Raekwon McMillan ILB

    50. Cooper Kupp WR.

    66. Vincent Taylor DT

    1. Only his Fan Club.
      I don’t get why people read Seb’s fantasies, let alone try to reason with him.
      50,000’words every day, nothing cogent among them.

      1. Of course, when the team imploded and he was left with drek, It was ALL Kaeps’ fault. Baalke had nothing to do with it, right?

        Hopefully, the new GM will want to win.

          1. You know what the rhetoric will be from Sebnnoying when the 49ers cut Kap loose right? Trust me, this guy is the El Chapo of the blog. A rat who always has an escape route/excuse.

        1. Ryan Leaf, widely considered the greatest QB bust of all time had a better win/loss record over 21 games then Kaepernick has had over his last 22.

    1. A shame. He was heading in the right direction before his knee injury. Hopefully he is able to play again at some point.

    1. KS should leverage his position to get rid of Paraag and if MS gets a position like President of football operations, it would mean that Jed would just fade into the woodwork, so I am all for MS coming aboard.

      I agree. They should embrace and invite back as many former Niners as possible. Bryant Young would be a good candidate for D line coach.

      1. First order of business, fire one of the two guys who interviewed you, who outranks you and is permanently tight with the entire ownership family.
        Seems legit.

    2. Unlikely that any of the ex-stars would want to grind it out in coaching. Young can’t even get his Christmas decorations down before February. Niners should just allocate a lounge with an attached office / meeting room where these ex-players can drop by to impart their wisdom to the young whippersnappers … between rounds of martini … or a health drink, after a round of golf at the course at the Danta Clara Golf and Tennis club across from the Niners’ HQ.

  54. Niners Nation ‏@NinersNation 5m
    This is a bit of a surprise. @HolderStephen reporting 49ers meeting w/George Paton today (thought it’d be Saturday)
    Wonder if Jed is getting nervous?

    1. I posted it yesterday along with a comment regarding how many whiskey shots and beer chasers McCloughan might have had before that picture was taken. Went over like a lead balloon.

  55. If the Niner front office determines the quality of a player by compare and contrast using statistics as their argument then it stands to reason why this organization has become one of the worst. Of course QBs are the one positon that gets most of the attention and where comparing/contrasting is the most irrelevant. Talk about footwork, delivery(arm motion), touch, distance, accuracy, ability to read defenses, height, weight, speed, elusiveness, durability, leadership, and mental toughness then you will find your QB.

  56. Getting two really good starters at #2 and #34 seems like a better deal than rolling the dice on a QB… Rebuild overall team talent vs QB reach

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