Gore on Kuechly: “Fast. Big. Fast.”

SANTA CLARA — Wednesday afternoon, a reporter asked Frank Gore about Luke Kuechly, the Panthers’ middle linebacker. Here is a transcript.

Q: “What do you see from Luke Kuechly?”

GORE: “He’s a beast. I compare him to our guys. He’s a top guy at his position, too. I respect him. He’s fast, he can read and get to the ball — he’s fast. Fast. Big. Fast. He’s got it all. I’ll be ready for him on Sunday.”

  1. This does not pertain to this topic but Jim Millar and Pat Kirwan were speaking about the refs putting the flags away for the playoffs and saying how it helps the cheathawks more than anyone else due to their aggressive D.

      1. True, Grimey. The Niners couldn’t overcome the Ravens/refs combo last season, can they do it this year vs the Panthers and going forward?

    1. That’s a good point. I’m so sick of the refs not calling Sherman on those plays. He is one of the best if not the best in the game but they let him get away with way too much. I respect his toughness and how he plays and all, but come on.

      That being said, I hate him….maybe hate’s too strong…..I loathe him…there you go that works

    2. Sean,
      to a degree I blame our coaching staff for not altering the play of our CB’s to take advantage of how the refs are now calling games. It’s not just the Seahawks that are taking advantage. Lots of defenses are taking notice and adapting to more physical press play.
      It is very effective at throwing the timing off and allowing the D line an extra half second to get to the QB.
      I just don’t see how refs are allowed to basically ignore the rules and rewrite the rule book. It gives the NFL a black eye IMO.

  2. Q: “What do you see from Luke Kuechly?”

    GORE: “He’s a beast. I compare him to our guys. He’s a top guy at his position,
    I wish I could have been there to ask:

    Q:”Some(then I would make a small pointing gesture at Grant) would say that he’s not a top 10 draft pick? Would would your reaction be to those comments?”


  3. For the 2013-14 season our starting front seven is costing us $22,961,371 in 2014 without modification those same seven players will cost us $41,912,843. We were already nudging the cap this season. Forgetting for a second that we have major extensions that need to be signed during or at the end of next season how do we afford a 19 million dollar combined pay raise for 7 players? That’s just for those 7 players, there are plenty of other players on the books to get raises next season plus we have a draft class and free agents to sign next spring.

    This SuperBowl run could be a must win for us as we might have to start saying goodbye to some popular names in the very near future.

    1. Cut Carlos for one…maybe restructure brooks and cowboy….thats all i got…

      Who thinks us extending Crabs is our priority this season, besides Kap?

  4. Crabtree is a given. He’s been our leading receiver over the last two seasons, and we are all witness as to what he means to this offense since his return.

    Crabtree and CK will be top priorety then the Org will begin work on the players.

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