Gore says 49ers O-line is creating biggest holes he’s ever seen

SANTA CLARA – Frank Gore spoke at his locker Tuesday afternoon. Here’s what he said.

Q: How does your body feel going into the second half of the season?

GORE: I feel fresh still. I’m healthy. I’m ready for the second half. It’s a blessing I’m not nicked up. I’m just having fun running through the big holes they’re giving me.

Q: How are your ribs?

GORE: A lot better. Even before the Bye week, they were feeling better.

Q: Do you feel close to back to normal?

GORE: Yeah, I feel good.

Q: Do you feel like the Cardinals were targeting your ribs?

GORE: That’s football. A running back is going to get hit everywhere. I know in the second half they put their whole team in the box to try to stop the run.

Q: Peter King said you’re the best running back in football right now. How does that make you feel?

GORE: It’s a blessing. I work hard. I try to do everything well as a back – running, blocking, catching. My O-line’s been doing a hell of a job springing me and giving me big lanes that I’ve never seen before. Coach G-Ro’s doing a great job scheming.

Q: What do you think is not to be overlooked about the Rams?

GORE: Anybody can be beat. We feel like we’re the top dog in the division. They’re going to want to come in here and show the league they can beat us. They’ve been playing solid ball. They’ve been playing a lot better than years before. We’ve got to be ready.

Q: Is this the best offensive line you’ve ever played with?

GORE: Yeah, best group ever. They play together.

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