Gore talks, has no comment re: trade demand

SANTA CLARA – Frank Gore sat on a table in the locker room this morning and spoke about the new contract he hasn’t received from the 49ers.

When asked if he would demand a trade, Gore said he has no comment for that.

Here’s the complete transcript of what he said.

Q: Any thoughts on your contract situation?

GORE: Right now, me and my agent talked. Things aren’t going right right now, but I’m a football player and my job is to play football. Hopefully things get right and I would like it to get done before the season so I can just focus all on football and not if I’m going to get it done or not. Like I said before, I want to remain a 49er for my career. If that doesn’t happen, hopefully I’ll have a great year and test the market.

Q: So you’re not giving an ultimatum for this year?

GORE: Like I said, if [the contract] doesn’t happen, I’m going to have to go out there and show everybody that I’m healthy that I can be the Frank Gore that I’ve always been. If I have to test the market, that’s what I’ll have to do.

Q: Will you continue to negotiate during the season?

GORE: Like I said, I would like to get it done before the season, but right now things aren’t looking too good. I’m going to come to work and be here for my teammates and try to do the best for me.

Q: Is there a cut-off date for negotiations?

GORE: No, that’s up to upstairs and my agent. For me, it’s to come everyday and get myself better and do what’s best for my teammates in here and that’s play football. Like I said, things aren’t going well right now, things are kind of slow. I’d like to get it done before the season so I can put all my focus on having a good year and trying to get to the playoffs.

Q: Are you getting the impression that the team doesn’t want to commit to you long-term because they’re not convinced that you can stay healthy?

GORE: I don’t know. But I know I can play football. Since my who six years I’ve got great film and everybody knows around the league that I can play football. Like I said, if it doesn’t happen, I’m going to have to play football and try to put the best film out there that I can and try to test the market.

Q: So you would play out the year rather than request a trade?

GORE: I don’t have a comment for that. It’s up to the team and my agent. If they want to trade me, that’s what it is.

Q: Is it unavoidable that you’re going to get a little mad if things don’t progress?

GORE: I would be upset, but I’m still a football player, and like I said I want to be here for my whole career. It’s up to upstairs, the team. If they want me here I want to be here. I’m just going to come out here every day, practice hard, and if I have to be a free agent next year, that’s what it is.

Q: Where are the talks at right now?

GORE: My agent just told me things are slow. Like I said before when I first got back here, I’m here to play football. My agent’s going to take care of that and if it doesn’t happen I’ve just got to put the best film out there in the last year of my contract and try to test the market. Whatever team wants me, I will do the same for whoever gets me.


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