Gore v. the Seahawks front-8

The last time Frank Gore faced the Seahawks’ front-8 at Candlestick — October 18, 2012 – Gore exploded for runs of 10 yards, 11 yards, 18 yards, 20 yards and 37 yards.

Five big runs in one game. One of Gore’s greatest performances.

This season, Gore has had runs of 10-yards-or-more 22 times — outstanding. But he hasn’t had any runs of 10-yards-or-more since since the Saints game almost three weeks ago.

If Gore has any gas left in the tank, he will break a few big runs against the Seahawks — even if Joe Staley and Mike Iupati cannot play.

Advantage: 49ers

  1. I wish we had at least one of our 2 probowl linemen back this week but we’ll have to make do. I actually trust Boone at LT and even Looney at Guard I don’t mind, but I really don’t want to see Snyder out there again. Yes he’s versatile, he can play every position on the line, but he equally sucks at every position on the line. Our interior line has been the strength of our running game for a while, so it’ll be interesting to see if we can get anything going this week.

    Key to this game will be getting Vernon involved early and often. He hasn’t done anything in our last 2 losses to them. We gotta start stretching the field with him. Should be a good game and brutal game.

    1. The reason that RB from several teams gained huge yardage was because the Seahawks LB were playing to aggressive. They have since made the small corrections to cover lanes that open up for RB to run thru. Since they have made this simple adjustment, the LB were successful at shutting down RBs like A. Peterson and others.

    2. I’m sure Frank Gore will have a few good run-plays, he is an elite RB. But in order for Gore to have a truly successful game, he needs the OL men to open holes in the trench for him to exploit. But Gore needs to be patient long enough for those play to develop

  2. As long as we get iupati back ill be be happy. Snyder is actually doing well, on the run, and ive always thought boone was a solid lt. I think its on our line and receivers to win the game. And defense just needs to keep playing lights out ball!

  3. “8 man front are the new 7 man fronts.”

    Wednesday’s Did Not Practice report had Iupati and Joe Staley as expected. Also had Justin Smith which is not unusual since he’s a vet.

    Vance McDonald (ankle) has me a bit concerned. We need VMac’s size. I was hoping more games under his belt would help VMac in his SAK role. Stack the box? See Vance fake block, then slither past all those DBs for some big gains.

  4. So even with the likelihood of Iupati and Staley missing this game, the running game is predicated on Gore having gas left in the tank? You just gave a reason why the running game will struggle as it has for the last 3 weeks Grant. Iupati and Staley are the best run blockers on the line. It’s not about how much gas Gore has left, it’s whether the replacements can step up and do the job.

  5. I think the success of the run game will depend on if the passing game can hurt “The Legion of Boom” and make them back off a bit.

    If my eyes aren’t deceiving me the Seahawk’s secondary appears to be running a pattern matching Cover3/Cover1 scheme. I think with some deception and tricky receiver patterns that cross up the man/zone reads, the coverage can be eaten up. A sluggo/jerk route is the kind of pattern that screws up those reads. Basically, the DB reads the pattern after the snap in the receivers route stem (he can narrow down the number of possible routes) if the pattern is a horizontal one he plays zone if it’s a vertical route he plays man coverage.

  6. Interesting. Gore coming off his worst 3 week span since being a rookie. And two OLineman out. And the niners get the advantage in this matchup. Not even I woulda said that.

    1. The Niners clearly don’t have an advantage in this area with two starters out, but this way if Gore doesn’t have a good game again Grant can continue with his Gore in death spiral angle.

      1. ^This^

        I don’t see how one can reconcile this latest assertion with Grant’s claim that he isn’t placing all of the blame on Gore for the 49er’s problems in the run game.

  7. Grant is hoping beyond hope that Gore gets stopped by the front of the Seahawks. Pure comedy throwing in that little bit about not needing Staley or Iupati to run the ball well, and giving the “advantage” to the 49ers. He’s obviously trying to set himself up for a “Gore is done, I told you so” column. Even if Gore breaks of a couple of big gainers he’ll always have his fallback: “if we take away his long runs” schtick. We get it. Gore’s legs are gone. The Tank has nothing left in his tank.

  8. ‘If Gore has any gas left in the tank, he will break a few big runs against the Seahawks-even if Joe Staley and Mike Iupati cannot play’
    Now that is a brilliant play by Grant. Grant’s positioning himself for the next discussion on Gore. If Gore doesn’t (shy two starters against one of the best defenses in the NFL), then Grant can say See, Gore’s done. If Gore busts a few he can fall back on Told you so. Way to define the ground rules. heads I win, tails you lose.
    Gore has slowed down, OK? I think he’s nicked; why else is Boobie getting carries?
    Hunter isnt getting any yards either. Last year’s injury? Then why is he too getting tackled behind the line?
    Gore is not the main reason for the lack of productivity. Trying to set up a Pass or Fail standard that deliberately discounts a 40% OL injury rate seems kinda slippery to me.

    1. It’s more like Heads: “I win”; Tails: “I win”. Even if Gore breaks off a few big runs he’ll still fallback on his “If you take away his long runs” schtick. Frank will need to run for 250 yards for Grant to remain silent on the issue. If Gore runs for 50 yards he’s done. If he runs for 120 yards (with runs of 23, 28, and 19) he’s done. Frank can’t win this argument.

      1. Lets say he gets 20 carries:
        50 yards gets you 2.5 yds average.
        120 yards (minus the long runs) get you only slightly better 2.9 yds average.

        Despite the fact that Gore would average 6yds per carry in the second scenario, Grand would postulate that Gore is done using his convenient (“take away his long runs”) data set. Comical. It begs the question: Why am I here commenting? I don’t know. I don’t even look at road accidents as I pass by.

  9. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the 49ers ground game struggle a bit again this week. The Seahawks won’t change their defense too much from what they usually do, but it will be 8-man boxes and 49ers will likely be without some key blockers. For the running game to get going the 49ers will need an effective passing game from the get go, open some running lanes up in the second half.

  10. I hope you’re right here Grant, but a patched up OL, recent poor performance against stacked D’s, and the quality of Seattle’s defense leads me to fear the worst here. Niners are going to have to hit on all cylinders – coaches have to have a less predictable offense (when everyone in the bar is calling our “run” before our first downs, its kind of a bad sign), Kaep has got to make good decisions and throws, the WR’s need to get off the line and separate, and Frank has got to run well. If we stay predictable and one-dimensionable, we might get chewed up.

  11. What a joke of an entry! I agree with most of ya’ll on here – Grant’s playing both sides here so he can come out on top with his unique and down right stubborn assessment on Gore…Like Mr. Teebs stated, why am I even bothering to comment on this blog?! Me like many others have lost respect for this blog over the years, and this latest episode just adds more fuel to that fire..

  12. I am shocked that Frank Gore has the advantage over the Seahawks Front 8, according to Grant previous remarks, Gore should be in a Nursing home, getting life support.

  13. Gore’s performance in the first matchup was an outlier. In the other 4 games against Seattle since the start of 2011 he’s gone:

    22 for 59
    23 for 83
    6 for 28
    9 for 16

      1. take out all of frank’s runs this year that have gone for less than 10 yards and he has had an unrivaled season of epic proportions

  14. Seattle has a much better quarterback and is slightly better with the other offensive personnel. Defensively both teams are about the same with Seattle having better corners. The 49ers will probably lose by at least a touchdown. Unless Kaepernick suddenly develops, this team isn’t going past the 2nd round of the playoffs this year. They aren’t good enough.

    1. Mike i will agree with you in one area. This is CK’s game to shine, he is at home and he has all his weapons back. He needs to look smooth and confident this week win or lose. If not the 9ers need to scout college QB’S very heavily

      1. hopefully kaepernick gets off to fast start—this season when things go bad early he has tended to go into pout/unconfident mode—i think the 1st game vs seattle may have been different had he not thrown the pick after dahl’s blocked punt…niners missed a golden opp to get the jump on the seahawks

      2. Mark,
        You hit the nail on the heat about the pouting. I can live with the regression, but I hate how he doesn’t have any fight in him when thing are not going his way.
        Russell Wilson has had some really bad games this year, but when the team needs him to make a play, he almost always does.
        It’s time for Colin to grow up — play like a man. Keep fighting. During the Panthers game, I was sitting at a bar in LA with nothing but Niner fans. None of us believed he could pull off the comeback. None of us were surprised when he throw the pick to end the game. One guy said it’s like he just gave it and threw it up for grabs so he can go home and put on his pink headphones.

  15. The niners are going to make the playoffs whether they win or lose this game honestly it doesnt really matter. I am more concerned with the matchup in the playoffs then this game.

    1. B4

      It’s not a given that we see Seattle in the playoffs. It’s not even a given that we make it to the playoffs. This game is very important. We need to win this game. We worry about the playoffs if and when we get there.

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