Gore: “We know what type of team we are. We’re a great team.”

SANTA CLARA – A smiling Frank Gore held court at his locker this morning. Here’s what he said.

Q: It seems like in previous seasons if this team had had a blocked punt like that, things would have snowballed and gone downhill.

GORE: Yeah, everything would have turned around.

Q: Yeah, what does that about the character of this team?

GORE: We just know that we’re a good team. We don’t panic at all. When things don’t go right we all get together and tell ourselves, “We’ve just got to do this and settle down and make plays,” and that’s what we do.

Q: What does this team need to get out of its last regular season.

GORE: We’ve got to go down there and try to jump on St. Louis early, try to get it over with early and try to get ready for the playoffs. We know what type of team we are. We’re a great team. The offense is playing good, defense is playing good, special teams is playing good – that’s what you need to try to go far in the playoffs.

Q: You mentioned how the team didn’t panic after the blocked punt. In the past did you sense…

GORE: “Here we go,” yeah. Yeah, we did. But we’ve had so much success this year. Like I said, we know that we’re a good team. When we go out there, if we want to do it we can do it. If we want to score a touchdown we can score a touchdown, and that’s the mindset we have to have going into the playoffs.

Q: Was there a panic in the past?

GORE: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Q: What did you guys say on the sideline after this blocked punt?

GORE: We just said, “Hey, offense let’s go try and get down the field and get some points.” I felt that we was. I was like, “We’re going to win the game.”

ME: Did you feel like all the offense had to do was score a field goal, so you could put the game in the hands of your defense?

GORE: We wanted the touchdown but it didn’t come down to that. We just wanted the points, really. Once we got the points our defense was going to do good. Seattle gave us all they had be we just were the better team.

Q: Did you watch the Packers game last night?

GORE: Nah, I went to the Warriors game.

Q: Did you see the highlights though?

GORE: Nah, I didn’t. We ain’t worried about no Packers right now.

Q: This team doesn’t panic like in seasons past. Is that something that builds up over the course of the season?

GORE: I think having the coaches behind us and having success on Sundays, I think it built up. That’s good. Back in the day after that blocked punt everybody would have been like, “Oh man, what are we going to do now?” But now it’s like, “Ok, let’s go ball, let’s go make plays and put points on the board and win the game.”

Q: Is there a game this season that sticks out where that clicked?

GORE: The first time it happened was when we were down in Philly. In that, we were just (snaps fingers four times). In the second half we started making plays.

ME: What are going to do today?

GORE: I’m about to get a workout in, and then the hot tub and the steam room.

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