Gore pleased with 49ers’ first-round picks

The second round has just opened with the Rams selecting offensive lineman Rodger Saffold. But 49ers running back Frank Gore is still quite pleased with the performance of his team in the first round.

The 49ers invested in two offensive linemen: Anthony Davis and Mike Iupati. And Gore was watching it all unfold from his home in Miami. Gore just spoke to a couple 49ers reporters via a conference call.


What was your reaction when the 49ers took two offensive linemen in the first round?

Gore: “I was happy about that.”


Do you know much about Anthony Davis and Mike Iupati?

Gore: “I really don’t. The only thing I saw were the highlights last night. They look pretty good.”


Have you checked out their heights and weights?

Gore: “Yeah, they’re 6-5, 320-something, 330. I’m very happy about the picks that the organization did. I can’t wait until they get out there and get this thing rolling and get the boys lined up and move forward.”


What does it say about what the 49ers want to accomplish on offense this season by making two 325-plus-pound linemen first-round picks?

Gore: “It says that coach Singletary and the coaching staff that they want to run the ball. And looking at some of the highlight tapes, Iupati . . . it looks like he can move. I saw him getting off on the linebacker and in space moving pretty good. I’m happy about that.”


What was your reaction when you saw C.J. Spiller go to the Bills at No. 9?

Gore: “I was surprised, knowing they have a great young back like Marshawn Lynch. He had a down year, but I know Marshawn is a great running back. I was surprised.”


Any sense of relief that Spiller would not be coming to the 49ers at that point?

Gore: “I can’t worry about if he would’ve been there, they would’ve taken him. I can’t do nothing about that. I just know I can play football. If they would’ve gone that way, I would been ready to come to camp and help my team and do everything coach Singletary and the team wanted me to do.”


You went to the Pro Bowl last year, but how can your season be better in 2010?

Gore: “I’d say, me playing all 16 games healthy.”


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