Grant previews the 49ers season on RotoViz Radio


49ers rookie running back Joe Williams runs with the football during practice

I previewed the 49ers season on RotoViz Radio Monday evening. You can listen below.

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  1. Chip Kelly was a fraud(sorry Oregoniner), Granted. Lots of personnel changes from last year, and so I’m not sold that they under performed 7 games worth. Even if it seems like it’s a cupcake schedule. They’re young, and it’s a new system.

    Your points on Hyde are spot on, but a 6th round pick? No. You ride him like the one eyed fat man rode Little Blackie, and then let him garner you a compensatory pick in 2019 when he signs with a team next year. I wouldn’t trade him for anything less than a 3rd round pick. Not worth the risk otherwise. They’ll be leaning on the running game for play action, so you can’t have enough. Don’t want to be looking on the street again. Besides, he will be motivated to get that big contract from a team like the Seahawks or Panthers.

    Quarterback assessment was interesting.

    I like Barnes to push Kilgore off the team and be the backup to Zuttah.

    I like the comparison to the Redskins as to what Shanny is trying to create until he finds a true number one receiver.
    Kittle/Paulson/Dirty Martini is how I see the TE group shaking out.

    1. Thanks, Razor. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the Niners probably won’t get any compensatory picks next year unless they lose more impact free agents than they sign.

      1. Seems unlikely at this point, Grant. Fair point, but it’s possible. I still think you keep him, because you want Williams to truly earn it, while at the same time, not subject him to an unnecessary baptism of fire. Let Williams slowly take on more reps as production warrants, and keep him fresher for next year when the team will be better….

        1. What’s going on Razor, is this some sort of parallel universe? I am a little uncomfortable fining myself agreeing with you as often as I have lately. lol

            1. By the way, I do agree with Grant on his assessment of Joe Williams, and I was on board (and on record) with Grant’s assessment pre-draft. This kid looks like a special talent and perfect fit for this offense. As for Breida, we’ll see how well he plays in camp but if he excels, I’d hate to see him hit the waiver wire because as highly rated as he was as a UFA, I doubt he clears waivers, so he’s likely as good as gone if the team tries to sneak him onto the the practice squad.

              My RB roster:


              Does anyone know if Bibbs is practice squad eligible?

              1. Bibbs is too good to cut. He could also take Kick Offs. Breida will show that he needs to bulk up and get stronger.
                Hopefully, Breida makes the PS.

              2. Doesn’t matter, Bibb’s is just a guy.
                He has had a total of 29 carries and 2 receptions in 3 years… and it took him 2 years just to see the field in Denver meh :/

                Breida on the other hand is the most explosive RB on the roster athletically. His SPARQ score was higher than any other running back in the draft. And while he is smaller, between Hyde, Williams and Hightower they have plenty of size on the roster.

              3. I agree shoup, Kapri Bibbs is just a guy. He’s a UDFA who’s been a marginal NFL RB for 3 seasons, why would anyone expect him to suddenly breakout? As far as I can tell, Bibbs has made only 1 outstanding play in 3 seasons. He’s a 3 year veteran who has bounced around from practice squad, to being released, to back on a practice squad and released again. The 49ers will have to make a choice between Breida and Bibbs, because if Breida (who was a priority UDFA) shows up in training camp, there’s simply no way he’ll clear waivers.

                The jury is obviously still out on Breida, but he seems like a better fit for Kyle’s system than Bibbs.

          1. I am a little uncomfortable fining myself agreeing with you as often as I have lately. lol

            Sometimes it takes a little getting used to winning all the time…;>)

      2. That’s true Grant.

        However, it’s also true that Hyde was selected with the 57th pick of the draft, so he’s got high value as a compensatory free agent (CFA).

      1. I felt bad pointing out that I agreed with, Grant knowing I’d hurt your feelings, so I apologized. Chip’s a fraud because he’s not a football genius as advertised.

          1. I had no love for Chryst’s or Kelly’s offense, and consequently haven’t played Madden in over 2 years. If we get Captain Kirk in 2018, I will be a day one purchaser…;>)

        1. I think Chip Kelly is a COLLEGE FOOTBALL genius. His systems work wonders at the college ranks. The pros …… not so much. Too repetitive, not enough deception, and the attrition it poses on his own defense is simply too much.

          1. The premise of Kelly’s system is speed and tempo. Grant wrote an excellent piece about how tempo in the NFL doesn’t translate as after each play the refs have to set the ball allowing teams to get set. As for the speed piece of the system the NFL is speed. So his system was neutralized. He is still a great offensive mind. He just couldnt make that system work in the nfl.
            Kyles system would not translate well to college level as the implementation would be too drawn out and counter productive to talent leaving for the NFL

            1. If Chip Kelly were a great offensive mind, he’d be a head coach. Maybe Old Miss is desperate. Kelly has experience dealing with sanctions…;>)

        2. Razor, be honest man, you were completely on board with Chip last year and bought into the hype completely.

          Chip’s system has worked at the NFL level but he needs specific types of players for it to work and it’s hard to do that in the NFL. Much easier to recruit at the College level.

          1. That’s a fine point rocket.

            The biggest problem with Chip , IMO, was that Chip stubbornly stuck to his system, which is based on five interlocking elements: Tempo, Scheme, Versatility, Science and Culture. When the system works, these elements reinforce each other to produce astonishing synergistic power. But when the system malfunctions, the interlocking elements drag each other down like dominos in the same way.

            Chip was successful early on as an NFL coach. But before long the NFL adjusted, as it always has, and Chip never made many the necessary counter adjustments. Chip is a bit arrogant, as all successful head coaches need to be, and Chip feels like his system, when executed with precision, cannot be stopped even when facing the most prepared opponents. It’s less about deception and more about taking advantage of the numbers (it’s a numbers game so to speak). His inside and outside zone schemes work, in theory, because when executed with precision, he could gain an advantage by having one more blocker than the defense could account for without leaving themselves exposed on the backend. But the league made one big adjustment, in part thanks to the NFL rules committee, which made a very important ruling in 2014 I believe. That ruling green lighted defenders treating the QB as a runner, which took away the protections afforded to traditional pro style pocket passers. Ironically, this hurt Kaepernick as well, and Jim Harbaugh was not happy about it. In Kelly’s system, the inside and outside zone-reads give his offense a numbers advantage whether the QB runs the football or not, although the QB must at the very least be enough of a running threat to keep the defense honest. However, the NFL made a serious adjustment a few years back. They decided rather than play reactively against zone-read, they would essentially play proactively, and attack the QB and hitting him after the mesh point whenever they could, regardless of whether or not he made the decision to hand the ball off to the RB. An while there were other adjustments the league made as well, but this was by far the most impactful. To make matters worse, the league figured out some of Chip Kelly’s “tells”, allowing them to diagnose a lot of his play calls presnap. However, Chip was so confident in the numbers game that he stubbornly stuck to his playbook, which for obvious reasons became less and less effective over time.

            The dagger-between-the-shoulderblades for Chip, happened in his final season as an NFL HC. There were many people who assumed that if Chip Kelly could only just acquire a legitimate duel threat QB, who could burn defenses with his legs, his offense could get back on track. Yet, with 2 exceptionally athletic QB’s at his disposal, things didn’t improve at all for Chip’s offense. The 49ers may been void of offensive playmakers, but in theory a good system should always make, even the marginally talented players on paper, look better. Yet Chip’s entire team, including his defense simply regressed, and found itself overworked and gasping for air by mid season at least, if not even earlier.

            Of course there are other factors involved as well. In some respects Chip doesn’t relate all that well to professional players, than he does to his college recruits. And he never could strike a balance when it came to discipline. He was either too rigid and confrontational (2014 and 2015 – Eagles), or too soft (2016 – 49ers), and this was yet another reason he lost his edge as a head coach.

            In the end, the wheels fell of for Chip Kelly as an NFL head coach. But I think he can still be an outstanding college head coach, if he ever decides to return to the college ranks. As for the NFL, his run has ended with a GIANT THUD!

          2. I agree. Chip took that Philly team and had them win 10 games twice.
            Baalke dismantled this team and sat on his hands to intentionally tank.
            It was amazing that Chip had the number 4 ranked running game, but little else. The defense was unstoppable, and set records in futility.
            To Chip’s credit, he kept the team together, when it easily could have blown up. He played the hand dealt to him, but Baalke thought they were playing lowball.

            1. Chip needed race horses to make his scheme work. Baalke gave him mules.
              Belichik would have won less than 7 games with last years team.
              The most exciting part of this years team is that Baalke is not around,

              1. Yep, plus he had no answers when his scheme was shut down. Baalke gave him mules, but you can’t have a 100+ quarter horses on a NFL team like you can in college either. Baalke is gone, and that’s huge. Full Shanny in the fold, embracing our roots in Walsh’s brilliant offensive philosophy, and proceeding with a proven plan is why the future looks as bright as it does….

              2. Per Seb, let’s hope the coaching staff cuts back on the celebratory head slapping. With a poor year in 2016, slapping was down I’d imagine.

              3. Speaking of excessive celebrations, that may have cost them the Bears game.
                I would like the Niners to become more disciplined and focused.
                Sure, the players are choreographing their TD celebrations, but as a fan, I would like for them to tone down their celebrations, and act like they have been there before. I think eye black was excessively used, like Skov did. It is not needed, and if they win, it looks like war paint, but when they lost, it looked like clown paint.
                I would like for the Niners to win at least 3 games before they start wildly celebrating. Maybe they should emulate Jerry Rice, who showed dignity and class. .
                They should meet triumph and disaster and treat those two impostors just the same.

              4. THATS a fact………………..

                Every bit as much a poison as Joe Thomas-maybe more so.

        3. He didn’t do the advertising, so he is not a fraud in that sense. His style is just not compatible with today’s NFL game. The 9ers experimented with many years ago and then it was called the short punt formation and by several other names. Now some teams are using unbalanced lines with QB under center which was called the tween in the 1940s because it was 1/2 way between the single wing and the T formation. There is really nothing new under the sun, it is just the same formations applied differently. .

        4. Raz

          O.K., so here we sit with a 6-year contract on both the HC and GM…and we fire a HC who …”will be HC for many years to come…” …Oh, pardon me, I meant ONE year….even though he doesn’t get the benefit of conducting his own draft…(Baalke) nor picking his FAs’ …(again, Baalke)…so it’s one season of ‘play the cards you’re dealt’ I don’t think that you’ll get many arguments as to Baalke being the fly in the soup…but let me give you a tip…Jed York had no allegiance nor loyalty to either Tomsula or Kelly. What I’m saying is Shannahan and Lynch: watch your asses…6-years or 6-months…you’re just another paycheck to Jed…and he’s got lots of money…

          Mark my words, ‘Chip’ ain’t done coaching in the Not-For-Long….

          1. ESPN, where the “great” offensive minds go. Gruden better watch his back. I think Chip is overrated when it comes to adjusting to your personnel, intricacies of route running, and overall diversity of scheme. These are things Shanny has consistently demonstrated, and having his father to lean on is priceless. It’s a 2-4-1;>)

            1. If I had a nickel for every time I yelled the words “not that same damn play AGAIN” last season ___________ fill in the blank

    2. That’s a true statement Grant.

      However, it’s also true that Hyde was selected with the 57th pick of the draft, therefore he has “high value” as a compensatory free agent (CFA).

  2. Related to the discussion about Hyde today, PFF has a report that rates our backfield 28th in the league. They say,

    “Carlos Hyde finally put together a fully healthy season in the NFL but didn’t thrive in Chip Kelly’s hurry up, no huddle offense. With Kyle Shannahan in town, Hyde could very well break out in 2017, especially with the No. 1 graded FB from 2016 in Kyle Juszczyk leading the way. The 49ers drafted Joe Williams out of Utah to compete with Hyde but he never graded well in college and only forced 31 missed tackles in 2016 in the Pac-12. There has been a lot of noise about a competition among the running backs, but as long as Hyde stays healthy, it should be his job and has potential to top 1,000 yards for the first time in his career.”

    I’m not sure that their factoring in Juszczyk makes much sense in this analysis, as I can’t see a full back having much use in the outside zone, if any. I realize that’s not the only scheme they will be running. Maybe that’s what PFF is factoring in.

    1. Hyde/1000 yards
      Williams/500 yards
      Hightower/300 yards

      That would put the 49ers in the top 15 in the NFL in rushing yards, and that’s probably the most realistic jump that one should expect….

      1. Those numbers look about right Razor.

        I have to ask you though ……….. how do you feel about your boy holding out on his contract?

        1. He’s gonna sign tomorrow when he reports just like Garnett did last year. July 29th 2016, I believe. No worries.

          1. No concerns that he might pull a Joey Bosa? Same agent, and seemingly the same kind of contract dispute. Bosa didn’t end up signing until late August last season.

            I hope you are correct about that Razor. FINGERS CROSSED! Thomas already missed most of the offseason practice sessions. If he misses a large chunk of training camp he could be in for a very slow start this season.

            1. None whatsoever. Haven’t heard one leak about a hold out. The Chargers tried to offset his signing bonus and his deal, which was unprecedented. I highly doubt the 49ers try that. It will be one or the other. You can uncross your fingers, because he will be signed, sealed and delivered tomorrow. King Solomon was a GREAT pick!

              1. OK then. I hope you’re right.

                He’s going to be a fine addition to this front 7, regardless of whether he was my first choice or not. I won’t lie, you know I was a little disappointed with the selection up until the 49ers landed Reuben Foster. At that point I gave ShanaLynch an A+ for day one of the draft. That’s an amazing haul considering the dilemma with finding enough value with what was originally the #2 overall pick.

                I’m going to get on board the Solomon Thomas train along with you this season. Of course, I won’t be able to avoid comparing his impact on the 49ers with the impact JAMAL ADAMS and COREY DAVIS make on their prospective teams.

                Solomon Thomas and Corey Davis are the lone first round holdouts right now and not coincidentally, both are represented by the same agency as Chargers defensive end Joey Bosa, whose holdout last season stretched into late August.

              2. I know we are all trying to turn the page, but one of my favorite 49ers beat writers, Sacramento’s MATT BARROWS, just backed up one of my Trent Baalke critiques I made recently:

                McDonald for sale. Former general Trent Baalke’s greatest shortcoming late in his tenure was that he wanted so badly for his picks to succeed that he became blind to whether they actually were good or not. ”

                Exhibit A is Vance McDonald, a tight end who was picked 55th overall but who never has played 16 games in a season and who never has surpassed 391 receiving yards in a year. The 49ers rewarded McDonald for those middling numbers with a five-year contract in December. ”

                YIKES! In actuality, Trent spent the last few years ducking responsibility by pretending many of his draft failures weren’t actually failures, by either giving them contract extension they didn’t deserve, like was the case with VM, or simply cutting more talented players who stood in the way of his own draft selections.

              3. Actually Razor, there was nothing unprecedented about the Chargers offer to Bosa. There were 2 issues that separated the 2 sides. A) Offset language, preventing Bosa from “double dipping” in the he event that the Chargers decline need to pick up his 5th year option, and B) the Chargers wanted to spread his signing bonus out over time, which is hardly unprecented. Bosa wanted all of his signing bonus upfront.

                However, Bosa was in a much stronger negotiating position than Solomon. Bosa was the first defensive player off the board, meaning he should set negotiation precedent for all defensive players in his draft.

                Thomas was the 2nd defensive player to come off the board, and the number 1 overall pick, Myles Garrett, already agreed to essentially all of the contentuis offset language arts n his contract. It’s hard to argue against offset language when the highest drafted NFL defensive player, who also happened to be the number 1 overall pick, already agreed to the same kinds of offsets. So what’s the holdup?

                I suspect it’s either offset language that Garrett has already agreed to, or Solomon is insisting on collecting all of his signing bonus upfront, and Marathe is sticking to his guns and is insisting on spreading the signing bonus out over time, which is common practice.

                For what it’s worth, while I usually side with the players, I agree with ownership on the subject of double dipping. Why should a team be held responsible for a players salary in year 4 or 5 if that player is collecting a salary from a different team for the same period of time?

              4. From the Sacto Bee…

                “The newest Madden player ratings are out, and the 49ers’ first-round picks are high among their peers.

                Solomon Thomas, selected with the third overall pick, was given a 79 rating by Electronic Arts Sports, which is the fourth-highest score among the first-round selections. The defensive end out of Stanford was tied with receivers Corey Davis (No. 5 to Tennessee) and Mike Williams (No. 7 to L.A. Chargers).”

                Foster has a 76 rating.

              5. Razor, Dan Graziano (ESPN) recently broke down the implications of Thomas remaining unsigned and the possible reasons behind it: Bosa’s holdout was over contract language and structure. The Chargers wanted to include offset language, which essentially means the team could recoup some money if it cut him and he signed elsewhere before the end of his deal. Bosa also fought with the Chargers over the schedule and structure of his bonus payments.

                As we know, NFL contract “precedents” are set on an annual basis. Secondly, even if that were not the case, since the new CBA was established, #1 overall picks – Jameis Winston, Jadeveon Clowney and Eric Fisher, all agreed to have their signing bonuses spread out over time. Even the Cowgirls’ record breaking rookie RB, and #4 overall pick in last years draft, Ezekiel Elliott agreed to it (and technically, #2 overall pick Carson Wentz is another because he’s receiving the last million of his $17 million signing bonus in January, though that’s not much of a deferment and it’s reportedly for tax purposes). So let’s be clear, in terms of substance, these contract demands are certainly not unprecedented! Not only that, according to your article, the Chargers have never offered to exclude offset language from any rookie contract, EVER, so there’s some precedent for you right there. And as for signing bonus’ being partially deferred …… this has become common practice. Teams do this for the obvious reason, the salary cap. It’s done in original contracts as well as contract extensions.

                I’m certainly not defending the way the Chargers handled Bosa’s contract negotiations from a PR aspect. In fact, it seems in bad taste, so I’ll agree with you there. But in terms of substance, the Chargers weren’t asking for anything unprecedented, or even out of the ordinary, IMO.

                As for Solomon Thomas – as I stated in an above post, contract precedents are established on an annual basis now. Thomas is also in a different situation than Bosa altogether. He’s in a weaker negotiating position than Bosa, because the Cleveland Browns’ Edge rushing dynamo, MYLES GARRETT, has already set this years precedent for first round defensive picks. He basically agreed to “all of the above”, which IMO should be a little more alarming in terms of Solomon Thomas’ apparent contract dispute.

                Hopefully you are correct and this thing won’t drag itself out for any significant amount of time. But I think Marathe is in the driver’s seat on this one, so if I were giving Solomon personal advice, I’d tell him to agree to whatever offset language and signing bonus terms that Garret agreed to and get it done ASAP. The fans are counting on you.

              6. And Razoreater is definitely counting on you Solomon. He’s been an ardent supporter of yours and will likely take some serious heat if you holdout for any considerable length of time, from some of the bloggers on Grant Cohn’s blog site. Especially since you’re in a weak negotiating position, thanks in part to #1 overall draft pick Myles Garrett, and others. Many 49ers’ fans are counting on you Solomon, but Razoreater went to bat for you big time, despite your lack of optimum size, or ideal build as an NFL edge rusher. LOL.

                Just a friendly jab Razor. I am just having a little fun with this. Of course, every joke has the seed of truth embedded within it. LOL.

              7. Sure they defer bonuses, but they don’t both defer AND write offset language into your deal. It’s one or the other. Can you provide one leak that King Solomon is holding out? Nope. Did Garnett sign on the day he reported last year? Yep. I don’t think we have anything to worry about….

              8. I will defer to Shanny’s acumen over the selection of King Solomon. He just happened to be the guy I would have taken.

              9. Like your girlfriend did with Kap, you painted Solomon to be the next Reggie White.
                Talk about writing checks your body can’t cash!

              10. King Solomon reminded me of Justin Smith, and I said as much when I watched as he prepared Turf-O and force fed it to Son Of A Mitch Trubiscuit. BWHAAA HAAAA HAAAA!!

              11. The kid hasn’t played a down in the NFL and he reminds you of Cowboy?

                Sounds like someone dropped a little too much acid back in the day

              12. Thats right I said it. You gonna invite me to Elkterd Indiana to discuss it?
                Come on, let’s see you start playing tough guy on the internet again?

              13. I’m sorry Shanny didn’t agree with you Prime Time on your boy Trubiscuit. The sooner you get over it, the less of a eucktard you’ll be….

              14. Yeah I’m sorry too. Those first 2 round picks will define this new regimes start to their NFL legacy.

                You act like Solo is a sure thing. I don’t.

              15. OK, I’m hoping for the best. The team reports tomorrow, 11:00 AM PT.

                LET’S GET IT ON!

              16. I wouldn’t piss him off. On a third-and-5, this time in the fourth quarter, Thomas got home for a sack. It had been third-and-10 but he’d been flagged, incorrectly, for offsides. “I’m really pissed off,” he says as we watch him line up. “We get a call, a nut stunt, I’m supposed to come pull up the center, he pulls up to me, I have to destroy him, get under his chin. Now his hands are off of me, the quarterback is right there. Just try to throw him down, and I’m mad so I have a lot of energy right here and just going crazy.”

                I have to destroy him reminds me of Drago from Rocky IV:

              17. WTF Razor ………. top draft pick Solomon Thomas remains unsigned as the 49ers reported Thursday for training camp, a scenario that inside sources say has “disappointed” general manager John Lynch. “Shoot, I’m concerned right now,” Lynch said. “I wish this were done. I think it should be done and I’m disappointed myself in a certain way that it’s not. But I think I’m also learning that this is part of the business part of the game. As I said, though, I’m encouraged and hopeful that we can get it done and we’ll see.”

                I’m sure Kyle isn’t happy either”I’m pretty confident that we will get it done,” Shanahan said. “It is part of the business. It’s something that you’ve got to deal with a little bit every year. It doesn’t always happen but I think everyone that’s been in the business has been through it. You totally understand it. I think Solomon wants to be here as bad as anyone. I know we want him here as bad as anyone. I’m confident we’ll get it done, but I can’t worry about it too much. I think it will end up being alright.”

                Solomon may find himself buried on the depth chart a little longer than expected! Especially if Tank shows up strong at the “big end” position. I’m sorry but the new CBA has made signing first round rookies pretty simple. This shouldn’t be such a big deal! Considering Solomon missed almost the entirety of the offseason program, I will personally also be sorely disappointed if he doesn’t get his a_s into camp ASAP!


    Kyle Shanahan is a smart coach. He knows how to tap unknown skills from his players and build confidence in his quarterbacks. Indeed, he will find a way for Hyde to achieve glory in the running game. Don’t forget Hyde’s played in three different offenses in his career and averaged at least 4 yards per rushing attempt.

    Sure, some backs may feel more comfortable in a particular type of running attack. There are running backs who thrive on the grind of lead and power runs, while others may shudder at the slightest thought of hearing “I-Right, 19 Bob” in the huddle. The suggestion that a veteran like Hyde can’t make minor adjustments to his running game is illogical.

    1. There was a breakdown done on Hyde’s runs last year that blew up the notion he could not play in this system and excel. It made no sense from the beginning and it doesn’t now. Pretty near every RB who has had a chance to play in this offense has been successful and Hyde will be no different. He’s also the best blocker and receiver they have at the position by a wide margin so he will have a big role this year.

      1. Agreed rocket.
        Williams is Grant’s draft crush and hand picked by Shanahan. I don’t see Hyde yielding his starting job to anyone that easily.
        I think that Williams will get some carries but the job is Hyde’ to lose.

  4. Shanahan is going to want Williams to be the starter, as long as he isn’t a bust you can pretty much count on that happening sooner than later

    1. Without trying to sound like a smart alex, Shanny is going to want Williams to earn that role sooner than later too.

      Have you seen The Circle? Thinking about renting it.

      1. Williams became the starter long before the night the coach was up late worried about whether or not they would get him the next day. Shanny isn’t going to pencil him in as the starter and upset the veterans before TC has even started. Williams is going to have to really stink it up though for him not to “earn” that job before week 1.

        My guess is that we’ll hear that Williams looks fantastic and not too short after that Hyde will develop a nagging injury. Williams becomes the starter. Hyde’s injury will miraculously clear up the week before he get’s traded for a 6th rounder.

        I have not watched The Circle. Let me know what you think of it.

        1. While I think Joe Williams tops the depth chart in 2018, I doubt he’ll unseat Carlos that quickly CfC. Remember, pass protection is always tough for rookies. Carlos is a veteran, so he’s got a big advantage with pass protection, and he’s a big kid and an effective blocker to boot. Williams will garner plenty of carries, but Hyde’s going to be the starter for a large chunk of the season, barring injuries of course (knock on wood).

          Plus, Carlos is simply too talented to be a poor fit in this system, IMO. He’s plenty patient, moves well laterally, has good vision, and plenty of burst to hit the hole. He’s got a second gear when he gets to the second level, as well as the ability to run right through arm tackles. It’s simply a matter of getting the timing down, as well as a fell and understanding for where and when the running lanes will develop.

          If the OL does there job, this stable of RB’s have the talent to be a top 15, perhaps top 10 unit year one. I’m very confident in Hyde and Williams, and am intrigues to see how fresh Hightower looks and who wins the Bibbs, Breida battle, because I do think that Shanny keeps 4 RB’s plus Jusyzczyk.

        2. And the last way to garner trade value for a RB is for him to “develop a nagging injury” before hand, CfC. That makes absolutely no sense.

          It’s really rather simple. If Williams simply outplays Hyde in camp, and Hightower, Bibbs, and Breida look sharp, Hyde could be on the trading block. He’s in the final year of his contract, and with Shanny’s track record developing mid round talent, as well as having a veteran like Hightower who knows this system, it does make some sense to trade Carlos rather than letting him walk at the end of the season, because I don’t think the 49ers open the checkbook for a Carlos Hyde extension regardless of how well he plays this season, unless he rushes in the neighborhood of 1,800 yards. But if Carlos makes a quick adjustment and looks like a number 1 RB, they may as well run him hard this season while they develop the young bucks behind him (Williams, Breida, and/or Bibbs).

          1. It doesn’t sound like you’re giving enough value to how much Shanahan personally likes and is excited by Williams. Also, JW can still be the starter because he’ll possibly only be in on first and second downs, when he likely wont be needed much for pass protection. On third and/or passing downs they can bring in one of the backs that is better suited for it. At least until Williams gains the coaches confidence with his own blocking ability. IF they did end up parting ways with Hyde it would be a big boon for Hightower’s chances of making the team as well as what he brings to the offense on third down. He’d be a better veteran to pair with Williams the Hyde, possibly.

            My “nagging injury” analogy could go in a couple different directions. It’s not unheard of veterans that see themselves being beaten out in camp to suddenly develop injuries that prevent them from competing on an even level so to speak. They’re just looking for excuses for why the rookie looks better then them. Mostly though, I figure that once the team realizes they are as good or even better with Williams as the primary back and/or they find an interested party that they’ll want to shelve Hyde to protect his trade value. Happens all the time, player mysteriously shows up on the injury report and misses a game and then suddenly recovers only to be traded the next week.

            1. I haven’t seen teams use an injury excuse as a reason to keep a player off the field in the event that the team wants to trade a player. The last thing you want to do is infer that any player on the trading block has some sort of nagging injury. However, I do agree that, if they decide they are interested in trading Hyde, they might simply limit his carries or hold him out all together. If they decide to pull the trigger on a trade, there will likely be plenty of teams willing to deal for Carlos. But I don’t buy the notion that Carlos is a poor fit in this scheme. I expect him to show up strong in camp once he get’s the timing down.

              I realize Shanny is very high on Joe Williams. I am also a huge fan and was one of a few bloggers who agreed with Grant’s assessment of Joe pre-draft. He has elite balance and breakaway speed, and always falls forward for the extra yard or two. I heard Larry Krueger say recently that Joe isn’t a guy who breaks tackles, and I couldn’t dissagree more. He’s an elusive runner with great vision, and for a guy his size, he breaks plenty of tackles, and has an uncanny ability to bounce off defenders without losing a step. He’s simply the ideal running back for Kyle’s system, IMO. The good news is that Joe is already a fairly effective pass protector in terms of technique. The problem is the game moves very fast for rookies, it’s understanding when and where the pressure is coming from, and which player is your primary blocking assignment, that takes time to develop. Carlos, IMO, is a 3 down RB, but if you’re going to limit his carries, why use him on 3rd down? That seems odd to me as your big RB’s tend to be more effective on early downs, or short yardage situations. If the teams keeps Hyde on the roster, why not run him hard while you develop the Williams for at least the first half of the season?

          1. The 49ers should not take anything less than a 4th. He is a free agent at years end so no one will give them anything more than that.
            The best thing would be player for player but in the NFL, that’s almost impossible to do.

          2. Why would I be joking? Have you seen the market for running backs? We just used a 4th rounder to draft our new starter that’s most likely already a better running back then Hyde, why would a team give an equal amount to an oft injured back who’s really only had relatively meager production through his first three years, injuries considered?

            A conditional 5th is likely the best case scenario to getting a 4th rounder for him. I see us getting a conditional 6th that becomes a 5th if he starts at least 10 or more games for his next team.

            I just don’t get why people insist on looking at Hyde through rose colored glasses. He’s been nothing special.

  5. very concise… Grant …

    btw … how’s your new ‘stache comin’ along .. ?
    Are you ready to post your .. u-hh … “upgraded” … pic, yet ?

  6. I just don’t see any possible way that Carlos Hyde gets cut. You’re going to cut him in favor of a couple of journeymen and a guy who quit on his team in college? Right now, Carlos Hyde is the best RB on the roster. You keep him and make him earn his next contract.

    1. Houston,
      I agree. And I’m waiting to see how Williams reacts to hitting in the big show.
      On most of his highlight runs, I was more impressed with his O-line than his running. I’m not hating on Williams in any form, but I believe that Hyde will have a say in this. He won’t stand idly by and let Williams have his job simply because he is hand picked by Shanahan. We saw how that worked after Harbaugh hand picked Kaep.

  7. I have a few concerns with some of the predictions. First, teams take time to gel and this team has no core nucleus. 4 wins in 2017 would be par. 6 would be commendable.

    I find it hard to believe Carlos Hyde will be cut. Hightower is a camp body. A rookie is not usurping a seasoned veteran no matter how much Hyde doesn’t fit the system week 1.

    The receiving core here is aged and a bunch of number 2’s. We’ve replaced Boldin with Garcon.

    The TE position is overstocked. Probably the most talent on this team is in this position. Before anyone says DE, the talent is there, the system to succeed isn’t yet in place. So, I vote TE.

    That being said, I see MacDonald Cut before Hyde. More importantly, Quinton Patton may need compromising photos of Jed and Lynch to make the roster in 2017. His string of miracles is over. Finally.

    1. 1st paragraph I completely agree.

      2nd paragraph I disagree that Hightower is a camp body.

      3rd paragraph I agree we don’t have a true #1, but Garcon is a legit #2.

      4th paragraph I agree.

      5th paragraph I agree with VMac, but Patton already lost the war. He was released awhile ago.

  8. PRO FOOTBALL WEEKLY—(Fantasy Football)

    Players who offer risk and reward: Pierre Garcon–Led the NFL in receptions (113) under Kyle Shanahan. It was 39 more receptions than the 79 he snared last season, and his 1,348 yds were 305 more than his 2nd best total (1,041) in 2016.

    Two observations: Shanahan is a wizard and Garcon isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

    Another magazine stated that Brian Hoyer is the only QB since the turn of the century to post a winning record as the Cleveland Brown starter and that Marquise Goodwin is a special player.

    Geez, Seb, isn’t that your ‘Ace in the Whole’ excuse you use for Kap when losing a debate–that his career losing record was due to poor teams he was surrounded with.

    What about Hoyer ?

    1. Forgot to mention Hoyer’s 1st six games for Chicago before suffering that ACL injury he posted ZERO interceptions…..? Has Kap ever done that.

    2. TrollD, it looks like the blackballing is in full force. Dan Orlovsky was signed. Now they are looking at one legged QBs.
      Luckily, the attrition rate is accelerated, with Luck, Cam, Mariota and Carr having questions about health.

      1. Seb… Hope you’re not wishing harm on other QBs…

        With your call for reducing celebratory head slapping, your anticipated QB attrition rate may slow just a tad.

        1. No, Cassie, conspiring to injure players is a Baalke trick, like he did when he signed DEVEY, who was a turnstile and allowed the QB to become so injured, he needed 3 surgeries.
          My proof? Baalke signed Devey, AGAIN.
          Baalke also liked to cut team players on the bus, and employed his minions to stab players and coaches in the back with leaks and smears.
          You are a chip off the old blockhead.

          1. Stabbing players? Hopefully not in the head.

            Seb, you’re a rare gem. Hope this blog appreciates you like I do.

  9. Carlos Hyde: Most fantasy football mags rate him anywhere from # 12 – 18.

    Don’t think the 49ers will trade him unless they can get a 4th rounder.

    1. Shanahan has TE–Kittle, downfield speed at the wideouts and above average slot receivers….Grant raved about Kittle and Joe Williams….Throw Matt Breida into some subpackages and suddenly, Hoyer, as poised as they get could surprise.

  10. Slight point to quibble over, but I was wondering if you were pacing back and forth while conducting the interview. It seemed like you were fading in and out in the beginning.
    Otherwise, good interview. You gave good insights and made bold statements. You impressed the interviewer, and gave him food for thought.

  11. One thing I hope the Niners do is change their attitude about concussions. Considering 110 out of 111 players exhibited symptoms of CTE, that is over 99%. This means that almost every player could affected.
    I hope the Niners take concussions seriously by stopping the practice of giving head slaps for good plays. Maybe they should advocate slapping the shoulder pad, and stay away from the head.
    One thing they found out is that concussions are cumulative. They should frown upon any player hitting the helmet, because of the whole team did that after a player made a good play, it would mean 46 head slaps.

        1. Freekin Seb!!!!!!!

          Get over yourself. These guys wouldn’t play the game if they did not want to. What are they, idiots? They know whats involved………..

  12. Thomas get your contract signed, get your butt out there with the rest of the TEAM on Saturday. Holdouts are not well received here in Niner land.

    Grant you have been awful quiet on the Thomas contract. What’s up with that?

        1. The fact that there have been no leaks alluding to his hold out, and I believe Garnett did the same thing last year is why I think that’s the plan. I can’t wait to see King Solomon on that line, and slowly assert himself….

            1. Prime Time says:
              May 10, 2017 at 11:49 am
              10 sacks right for the King?

              EastCoast9er says:
              May 10, 2017 at 11:55 am
              That’s very optimistic!

              Razoreater says:
              May 10, 2017 at 12:11 pm
              What do you expect from the fool on the pill? Try more like 6 sacks, with tackles for loss in the running game. Pressures and disruption that assist his team mates in making plays. That’s what I’m expecting from King Solomon in his first NFL campaign….

              1. Here is an idea Razor. How about spending some time doing something productive in your day instead of posting on this blog like a little school girl on snap chat every day?

                I’m sure someone in your household would appreciate you.

            2. TomD had a little prime,
              Little prime, little prime,
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              Its heart was black as coal
              And everywhere that TomD went,
              TomD went, TomD went,
              Everywhere that TomD went
              The prime was sure to go
              It followed her to school one day
              School one day, school one day
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              Which was against the rules.
              It made us all laugh and play,
              Laugh and play, laugh and play,
              It made us all laugh and play
              To see a prime time fool.

              1. The YOU Tube thing was funny last year. But being the crusty women you are, you cant let it go.
                Nice work girlfriend.

  13. The Niners should carefully study 3 things.
    They should study the drive before THE CATCH. Walsh masterfully ran when expected the pass, and passed when they expected the run. He spread the ball around and seemed to have a play for every contingency. They were the inferiorly talented team, but somehow, with the proper preparations, and genius coaching, managed to overcome a superior opponent.
    They should study how they used the man in motion during Super Bowl XXIV. They had Craig swing out and go in motion, so Joe could read how the defense reacted. They put Jerry Rice in motion so he could avoid the jam at the line of scrimmage, and Jerry was at full speed at the snap of the ball. That Niner offense was unstoppable, and carved up the Bronco defense.
    The Niners should study THE DRIVE in Super Bowl XXIII. They started on the 8 yard line, and Joe Cool drove them down the field. They should study how they set up that last play. The Bengals were fixated on stopping Jerry Rice, so Walsh used Jerry as a decoy, which left John Taylor wide open for the game winning TD. Taylor atoned for his missed block, which did not allow Jerry to score on the previous play.

    1. They should also study Dan Bunz’s stop at the goal line…and the play where Lott crushed his finger.

      But first and foremost, the coaching staff should monitor your posts hourly, and have an early morning meeting every day to recap your wisdom and plan for it’s implementation.

        1. yes, he’s the oracle of the 707….
          the Shanahan’s, Lynch, the York’s, the team, coaching staff, etc., — all will bow down to receive the wisdom of the Oracle of the north bay…

          Seriously… “how many times are you gonna keep playing the (9 out of 10) card” — tony soprano

          1. Tjf. I was very fortunate to post that before the draft. Sure, you want to act like it does not exist, but it is there in the archives for all to see.
            Too bad you do not have the football acumen to think of something like that, or the courage to post something that others might ridicule.
            When I said the Niners should trade back, garner picks and still get the player they covet, I am kinda proud of that prediction. When I advised them to obtain 2018 second and third round picks, then see them do exactly that, I feel smarter than you, and every other detractor.
            When I said for Lynch to put on his Trader Bill Hat, be aggressive and have fun, then see him do that, I get to crow.

          2. He shall be known heretofore hither-to-with and here unto as………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..”THE MIGHTY QUINN”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a.k.a. Seb-skov, Sebby, the bomber by the creek, Moony, Freddy the Filcher, Sebby of Sebastopol, the 3rd eye, and John Lennon (but sometimes Elvis Presley).

          1. He averaged 6.1 YPC last year (which is, coincidently, his career average). That’s not too bad for a ‘one legged QB.’

        1. Since he lost a step from the injury, so teams were targeting him, maybe so.
          Tearing an achilles did not help.

        2. So are Mickey Mantle’s–doing all he did his whole career on one leg………… inconvenient truth for the Mighty Quinn.

    1. Jackson later told ESPN’s Adam Schefter that the ball was “flying out of his hand,” in regards to Griffin and that the quarterback was “healthy.”

        1. That’s why every player should fall to the turf immediately after possessing the ball.


          1. Prime, please keep up. After a player coverts a third down play so they get a new set of downs, It is wise to avoid big hits that might injure the player, and cause him to lose the ball.
            In Hyde’s case, after initial contact, he should stay low and not allow the defender to hold him up so he is gang tackled. When he struggled for every inch, they bludgeoned him and tried to strip the ball away. No wonder he could not stay healthy, but your macho bravado just does not care if a player gets injured.

              1. The attrition rate on QBs is already high with 5 maybe unable to play. Cam, Luck, Mariota, Carr and Tannehill.
                Additionally, Savage, Siemian, McCown, Bortles, Kessler and Goff may be demonstrating their deficiencies all by themselves and will pull a Gabbert by benching themselves.
                Yup, like you said, Kaep may take the league by storm.

            1. Your crazy again Seb. What about all the scores from broken tackles?
              Running backs do it all the time. All the offensive guys occasionally break a tackle for a score, or at least big yardage. What, Walter Payton had it wrong?
              Crazy with the PC virus.

              1. Saw, ideally, a RB runs through the defense untouched for a TD every time. In real life, that rarely happens.
                Hyde may break tackles, but he also struggled upright, and let the defense gang tackle him. No wonder he cannot complete a season uninjured.
                By playing low to the ground, he will avoid more injuries, and stay on the field. Heck, he might even help them win games by playing smart.

  14. If you mind your own business, you won’t be minding mine! Love that tune, and just so apropos in here with respect to certain individuals. You know who you are…;>)

  15. After starting just 13 games at North Carolina, Trubiscuit simply isn’t ready to compete with seasoned veterans such as Glennon and Mark Sanchez. In fact, Pace clarified that Sanchez will enter camp second on the depth chart, leaving Son Of A Mitch in the developmental third-string role.

    Buwhahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seasoned “has beens” is more like it.

    1. Razor you actually think I care about Trubisky now, knowing he isn’t a 49er? The laughable part is you think it burns me.
      Nice try Nancy!

    2. You mean the incessant Trubisky/Shanny, franchise next 10 years day after day for 49 days straight was your way of showing you don’t care? Your poor mother….

      1. Would have been a great pick. But now we move on. See how that works. Not a 49er, who cares.
        You, your stuck in things like females, that cant let things go. Let it fester inside. Not good for your uterus Razina!

      1. You’d know that Stanford doesn’t allow him to participate if you were as smart as your mom tells you, plus you shouldn’t end a sentence with a preposition. It’s unseemly….

      1. Hello Razoreater. My son talks about you often, and others on this blog(?) too. Please forgive me, I am not too good with the blog thing.

        1. My mother passed away, and I miss her every day.
          These hate filled Trolls will go to new lows to inflict pain.

              1. Yea, thanks. Yep, all rebuilt. Looks nothing like my grandma’s old house now. It’s nice though.

            1. I don’t need to hide behind another alias. I’ll tell you straight up you are a d bag.
              I have no problem telling that to clowns ruining our blog.

          1. Freekin Seb-

            take it in the same spirit it’s given. You know their not trying to dis your mum……….but you still have to feign outrage. Like Durbin in the Senate.

    1. Interesting… His NFL Combine synopsis…

      2013: AAC Defensive Player of the Year and first-team All-AAC. Recorded 14.5 sacks, second most in FBS. Had two sacks in Russell Athletic Bowl win over Miami (Fla.). 2012: Finished second on the team with four sacks and led team with seven tackles for loss. 2011: Played in 10 games, starting in five. 2010: Played in nine games at linebacker and on special teams. High school: Three-star prospect at quarterback by

      STRENGTHS Nice bend, balance and body control. Good pass-rush ability and potential. Quick first step. Coordinated hands and feet. Athletic and agile — can stunt and loop. Flashes a spin move. Shows burst to close and get home. Moves well laterally. Gives effort in pursuit and ranges all over the field. Operated from 2- and 3-point stance. Solid character. Is coachable and has improved steadily.

      WEAKNESSES Lacks ideal length — plays short-armed and can be locked up by larger blockers. Short initial steps. Still crafting a wider array of counters and pass-rush moves. Still learning to convert speed to power. Work in progress as a run defender. Does not set a hard edge and can do a better job using his hands to disengage quicker. Needs to become a more violent hands fighter. Limited experience playing in reverse.

      DRAFT PROJECTION Rounds 3-4

      BOTTOM LINE A high school quarterback turned pass rusher who broke out with 14.5 sacks as a senior (1.12 sacks-per-game average led nation), Smith projects as a pass-rushing, 3-4 right outside linebacker in the pros. Should contribute initially on passing downs and has eventual starter potential as his game becomes more well-rounded.


    Joel Corry of CBS Sports believes that negotiating a contract without offset language has come up for first-round DE Solomon Thomas, which would be similar to 2013 first-round S Eric Reid‘s rookie contract.

    Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee writes that first-round LB Reuben Foster is “on track” to be a full participant at the start of training camp after recovering from shoulder surgery.

  17. Seb,

    You’re a master at performing the Mariachi around the question.

    Question still stands: You’re go to move for Kap’s career as a loser (owner of a career losing record) is Baalke surround him with a losing roster.

    My response was that Hoyer is the only Cleveland QB since the turn of the century to post a winning

    record for them ?….And it it is true that Cleveland and SF were equally miserable…..So why then was Hoyer able to overcome the same disadvantages Kap had in a lousy team….

    Guess we’ll agree to disagree that Hoyer is simply better than Kap.

    Can’t wait to see him with weapons— FB, Kyle Juszczyk; Joe Williams; TE, Kittle; WR’s, Pierre Garcon, Marquise Goodwin (Olympic tryouts)–Argueably fastest man in the NFL, Jeremy Kerley, Aldrick Robinson.

    Still haven’t figured out why you hate Shanahan and Hoyer so much that you wish them and the 49er organization injuries, and I quote you directly, Seb

    Never thought a person could stoop so low, but I know the lowbar is your raison particuli’ere

    sebnynah says:
    July 25, 2017 at 8:48 pm
    Luckily, the attrition rate is accelerated, with Luck, Cam, Mariota and Carr having questions about health.

    Cassie Baalke says:
    July 26, 2017 at 5:01 am
    Seb… Hope you’re not wishing harm on other QBs…
    With your call for reducing celebratory head slapping, your anticipated QB attrition rate may slow just a tad.

      1. NO true 49er fans wouldnever wish their team harm, you Seb.

        Kings 3:16-8,

        One day a woman came to King Solomon and said: “Your majesty, this woman and I live in the same house. Not long ago my baby was born at home, and 3 days later her baby was born.
        Nobody else was there with us.

        One night she rolled over on her baby and it died. Then, while we were asleep, she took my son out of my bed and placed her dead baby next to me…..(Loud Yelling from the baby thief calling her story a lie in background).
        The women argued, to which Solomon proposed cutting the baby in half for each of the women.
        The other woman said: “Go ahead, cut the baby in half, then neither will have one.”
        The baby’s mother screamed: “Don’t cut my baby in half, give him to her to save his life.”

        Solomon replied: “Don’t kill the baby, she is the real mother, give it to her.”

  18. Browns:
    Hoyer led the Browns to a 6–3 start, the franchise’s best nine game start since the team started 7–2 in the 1994 season.

    In a 29–23 loss to the Colts, he threw for a career-high 397 yards, the most by a Bears quarterback since Jim Miller threw for 422 yards in 1999 and the fifth-most in Bears history.

    Hoyer also joined Josh McCown as the only Bears quarterbacks to throw for at least 300 yards in three straight games[28] and later became the first to do so in four consecutive games after throwing for 302 yards in a loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars.[29]

  19. “Brian Hoyer: I’m 10-5 as a starter, WITH CLEVELAND !!! … that’s not bad”

    Leading into the 2011 season, Alex Smith’s career had been, for lack of a better term, a train wreck.
    In 2011, the 49ers brought in Jim Harbaugh and for the first time in his career, Smith began to flourish as he thrived in a system that minimized his weaknesses .

    Enter: Brian Hoyer, and while his career hasn’t been as stable as Alex Smith’s, he has had a similar path in the NFL in terms of ups and downs. While Hoyer has been mostly a backup in the league, his 2014 season in Cleveland notwithstanding, there are a lot of similarities between his past five years and Smith’s first five years.

    Brian Hoyer Yrs. 2012-2016

    Games Attempts Completions Percentage Avg. TD Avg. Int. Avg. Yds.
    36 1,156 687 59.80% 8.6 5 1,664.40

    Alex Smith Yrs. 1-5 (Injury Year of 2008 Omitted)

    Games Attempts Completions Percentage Avg. TD Avg. Int. Avg. Yds.
    54 1,514 864 55.56% 10.2 10.6 1,879.80

    Further evidence proves that Alex Smith has benefited from better coaching and an improved system since his trade to Kansas City.

    The similarities don’t end with just the stats as Hoyer’s situation is nearly the same as Smith’s in 2011. The 49ers had invested heavily in defense in the years leading up to Harbaugh’s hiring and it paid off in 2011, allowing for Smith to not have to shoulder the load for the team.

    Currently, The 49ers have invested heavily in defense over the past three offseasons …

    The 49ers have a strong chance of being a top-20 defense this year, if not higher, if the new scheme works. If Shanahan can use Brian Hoyer much like Harbaugh used Smith during the 2011 season, there could be some bright spots for the 49ers. All signs point towards the 49ers doing just that with a powerful running game and a passing game that takes shots based on the running game’s success.

  20. The work ethic that King Solomon has demonstrated while being prevented from OTA’s has been nothing short of outstanding. He will be a great leader of men for our defense….

    1. Count em, 10 for the rookie right? Mighty big expectations you’ve placed on the young man.
      Hope you are right or else you might look foolish again.
      Remember our bet? Buwahahaha!!!
      Details son, never forget them!

      1. No, he said 6, while I now say 11, because the other linemen will help collapse the pocket. King Solomon may get 11 because with his first step, he may get to the QB first. That is still less than one sack per game, if he plays the whole season, so I think it is an optimistic, but reasonable number.
        I just remember his Bowl game against Trubisky. He was a disruptive force.

    2. Let’s hope so… The future is almost always shiny with 1st round picks coming into training camp. Sadly, the course of NFL history is strewn with the discarded husks of former 1st rounders who came up short. Not saying it’s certain to happen with Solomon. Not counting our HOF chickens just yet.

      1. Cassie Baalke,

        “The future (of the 49ers) is almost always shiny with 1st Rd picks….”

        Unless you’re Seb, rooting for 49ers injuries so Kap is ‘forced to return’.

        1. TrollD, I have done nothing of the kind. I have said all along that Kaep is superior to all the present QBs, and that the present QBs may pull a Gabbert and bench themselves. I do not wish injury on any player. I want every player to play their entire career with no injuries, and especially not CTE.
          However, there is attrition in this sport. Some teams lose 25 players to injuries. Not every QB will avoid sacks and subsequent concussions. I am just pointing out that injuries occur, and that factors in availability of various players.
          You, on the other hand, joked about breaking into gun safes and creating nightmares, so maybe you should not talk about injuries.

          1. Hello Seb. Do not let the boys on this blog upset you. I know you have the best ideas and know much more than they do.

            Be sure to change the cat litter before you go to bed tonight. We are having tacos tomorrow so do not have a big lunch.

            I love you, Mom

        1. You two must be walking funny as butt hurt as you appear to be over Shanny’s selection. In your minds, the impudence drips with venom that eats out your brains…;>)

      2. You’re right Cassie. We never want Solomon to be a bust but he sky rocketed up the draft charts late in the year. There’s questions there.
        He’s undersized and is not an every down player. He might become bigger and be able to play every down but for being chosen that high, you want him to become Jevon Kearse or Warren Sapp. But he also could become a Reggie McGrew.

        All I’m saying is that we didn’t need another DT chosen that high in the 1st round. This regimes potential first critical mistake if he isn’t a stud and if Foster can’t mask him by being Patrick Willis.

        1. Prime time

          I totally agree with you about Thomas potential as a boom/ Bust candidate…luckily, we have Ron Blair just in case he flames out. You’re right…we shouldn’t have taken Thomas so high…Blair is better ,bigger, and faster….

          1. Bwaaaaa! Doubting Thomas club. Prime Time, Oregoniner, Cassie Baalke. If I left someone out, please feel free to make yourself known….

            1. Razor… Research my posts since March 2017. I’ve never posted anything which undercut Solomon Thomas. I have remarked that he may or may not dominate the league–this or any year. I haven’t reserved my seat at his HOF induction ceremony.

              I believe he’s a very good player coming out of the Pac12 and could have a very solid career. If he dominates for years, great. If he’s on his 3rd team in 5 years, so be it.

              Let’s see what happens before we get way angry.

          2. Ore, Blair ran 5.15 in the Combine, while King Solomon ran 4.69.
            Blair did better on the bench press with 32, but King Solomon did well with 30.
            King Solomon was drafted number 3, while Blair lasted until the 5th round.

              1. Trump isn’t working just for me. He’s your president too. Or not? Part of the resistance club too? Must be a busy man.

            1. Raz

              Blair didn’t get drafted by a fellow alum and classmate…Both are interior linemen…why even keep stats for the 40 ? Thomas has tiny hands…Blair has big powerful grippers….

      3. Recall DT Bill Sandifer, 10th pick overall in 1974? Not exactly a stellar career. Solomon may be great, maybe not. Any HOF predictions?

        DT Jimmy Webb, 10th pick overall in 1975. Average career. No HOF.

  21. 49ers roster in 2017: From blind eye to keen eye

    We’ll have to wait and see just how effective that overhaul has been, but the moves largely show a sharp eye for what was wrong or lacking on the 49ers roster.

    The smartest so far:

    * Caution with Cousins. The team’s best move may have been the one it didn’t make.

    another incoming head coach may have tried to move heaven and earth — as well as some valuable draft picks — to acquire him.

    The 49ers didn’t do that. They know they might get a better crack at Cousins in March if he becomes an unrestricted free agent.

    49ers didn’t have to part with draft picks.

    The 49ers also have given themselves a season in which to evaluate their own, far cheaper quarterback talent and to further evaluate Cousins as well.

    Read more here:

        1. Rivers is tough and I’ve watched him take a beating year after year behind that offensive line. Not sure how many weeks you could count on RG3 lasting behind it….

          1. Chargers are snake bit, with Williams going down due to a herniated disc. They spent 3 high draft picks for O linemen, so they missed out on quality talent elsewhere.
            They did get Okung, so the O line should improve.
            Cardale Jones >>>> RGIII.

              1. They love to throw deep and often too. Good news is, Gordon looks like he can be counted on to run the ball, and maybe take some pressure off Rivers and that line….

              2. Even if the Chargers improve, they will have a tough row to hoe.
                The Chiefs and Raiders made the playoffs last year, and the Broncos still have a good defense. They may be favored to get into the playoffs over the lowly Chargers.

          2. Many years ago there was an April fools story going around that the 9ers traded Alex Smith to the Chargers for Rivers. Imagine…

          1. Rick Dennison is the Bills OC. His most recent body of work…

            2015-16: (with Broncos)

            Was Denver’s offensive coordinator for two seasons, helping the team win Super Bowl 50 despite starting quarterback Peyton Manning missing seven starts to injury in 2015.

            2014: (with Ravens)

            In his lone season as the Ravens’ QB coach, Dennison guided Joe Flacco to career highs with 3,986 passing yards and 27 touchdowns

    1. Will be interesting to see how the Chargers dial into the LA scene–media, etc. as the season plays out.

  22. What should the Niners do? Maybe it would be better to think about what they should NOT do.
    Niners should not have an egomaniac GM who forces the coaches to play players out of position, and force the coaches to play his favorites.
    The Niners should not have the owner choosing a suit over a coach.
    The Niner GM should not be telling the coaches how to scheme, and he should not usurp authority from the coaches.
    The coaches should not force players to showcase their weaknesses. They need to be more adaptable and less rigid. The coaches must not prepare like adjustments are not needed. The coaches should not be predictable, and run into the teeth of the defense. The coaches need to disguise their intentions, instead of tipping off where the ball is going to the defense, just by looking at the formation. The coaches should not be afraid to take risks, and bad game management will result in losses.
    The coaches should not have the players unprepared, unfocused and lethargic. They should not allow the players to play undisciplined and out of sync.
    The players must not keep making the unforced errors. If they are selfish, they are not playing for the team.
    The owner, GM and HC should not let emotions dictate actions.
    Basically, they need to do the exact opposite from what they did last season.

    1. A ‘do not’ manifesto. Should be pretty easy to claim original thinking on these points and ‘crow about it’ as the 9ers go about their work this season.

      Would appear they’ve already taken care of the egomaniac GM matter, no? Score 1 for you.

      Owner choosing suit over coach? Well, since the owner has already chosen the coach, I guess it’s okay now to choose apparel. Perhaps you were saying…better to listen to a coach vs. listening to a ‘suit’ in the front office? Would that rule out the owner listening to the GM?

      I would think that Lynch read your post last night and has material prepared to share with ownership and the coaching staff today…”Hey guys, wow(!), this is what we’re gonna do this year…we’re changing everything…hope we have enough time since we were planning on fracturing the coaching staff, not being prepared, not disguising plays, and encouraging lethargic behavior!”

      Much for Seb to crow about–sir, you’ve set the stage well! Bravo!!

      1. Yes, Cassie, by firing Baalke, the stench is dissipating. Too bad I could not say the same thing as this blog site.

  23. The Book of Sebvelation–A reading, 22:13

    I [Seb] am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.

    1. The epistle of Seb 1:17:

      Every good and perfect gift is from Seb, coming down from Seb of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting bloggers.

    1. Sorry Razor but the best defender in the draft is Foster. It healthy he will transform our Defense like Willis and Bow did.

      1. IF healthy.
        Foster also had elite defenders in front of him, so he was untouched and had a free lane to the ball carrier. He may hit hard, but that shoulder may not take a beating.

          1. A guy with a possible bum shoulder, rated by them as high as #3 overall, you don’t get rated much higher than that.

          2. If Fosters health wasn’t an issue they would not of traded down from 2. They would of taken Foster. Once they knew he would fall down the draft they targeted Thomas. They played it brilliantly. Foster is the best MLB to enter the draft since maybe Willis. I put him ahead of Luke.

              1. Leading up to the draft they were in love with Foster. It was reported by Matt Miller during the entire process. I’m not saying that they didn’t like Thomas, I’m just saying that once they realized Foster would fall do to some red flags they played it smart. They did everything in there power to trade up to get Foster. Made calls all night in the first rnd. He was Lynch’s guy. They came away with two blue chip defenders.

              2. That’s all fine and dandy, but get to the part where they would have taken Foster over Thomas had his shoulder not been made of glass.

              3. —Over the last two weeks there has been a lot of quiet talk from scouts that the San Francisco 49ers want to trade out of the No. 2 spot. It’s only news when someone wants to come up, though. Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee tweeted this week that there is “lots of talk/rumor about Carolina … trying to obtain 49ers’ No. 2 pick.”

                I’ve heard the same, with Carolina attempting to move up to select LSU running back Leonard Fournette or Stanford defensive end Solomon Thomas. Since the Panthers own the New England Patriots’ pick at No. 64 overall, they could throw that in and get the 49ers to make a deal they already want to make—moving back six spots and targeting linebacker Reuben Foster (Alabama).

                Matt Millers notebook from March.

              4. Remember this is in March after the combine incident and the red flags that Foster obtained. They knew they could get Foster in a trade down.

              5. Yea, yea. Get to the part where they said they would have taken Foster over Thomas if not for the glass shoulder.

              6. You like to read between the lines. He was head and shoulders the second best prospect behind Garrett all year long. Thomas came strong especially in that Bowl Game. Hopefully that is a sign to things to come. I believe it is.

              7. I like to read, but when it’s between the lines, I won’t try and portray it as fact, which you are clearly doing, since you cannot provide a link that affirms your speculation. The facts are, King Solomon was taken at 3 and would have been taken at 2 had the Bears not melted down. Foster fell and the 49ers saved him from the second round, and got a 5th year option for their efforts.

              8. Well it’s fact that Foster was the better prospect all year long until a failed drug test and shoulder concerns caused his fall. Plus the combine check that went wrong. It’s also fact that Fosters tape is superior. Those are facts.

              9. Excuses are like cornholeo’s, and were a product of Foster’s own doing. If Foster’s tape was superior, he would not have fallen so far. Clearly the Seahawks wouldn’t facilitate the acquisition of a superior player to the 49ers, so your facts might not be made in the USA, but in RAW….

              10. Raw, I disagree. Foster did well, but he also had elite players surrounding him. Easy to look great when he is unblocked.
                King Solomon also has very good tape, and he was dominant in that bowl game.

              11. Foster is the highest graded LINEBACKER.
                King Solomon is not a LB. Comparing apples to oranges.

  24. Why will the Niners struggle? Because they are a 2-14 team in a strong division, and have reeled from one coaching failure to another with a GM that dismantled the team.
    Now, they have a rookie GM and coach, and while the team has improved, the turnover and turmoil will give them less chance than if they had veteran leadership with continuity.
    The team will improve, but it is easy to go up from being last in the league. Even with all the signings and a stellar draft, they are 70 mil under the salary cap, so the team overall has 70 mil less talent than many other teams.
    Yes, the team does have talent, but the other teams also have better talent, and they have improved, too. Even the Rams may present an imposing threat, because they no longer have Fisher. They have a young, bright innovative coach, and Wade Phillips as the DC. Their front 7 is filled with first round picks, and the Rams managed to defeat the Cards and Seahawks, something the Niners failed to do last season.
    Do I think they will go winless? No. Actually, I hope they quadruple their win total from last season. I hope many teams will take the Niners lightly, and not prepare hard enough for them. Then maybe the Niners can surprise teams in the beginning of the year. Towards the end of the season, the schedule is easier, and if the Niners escape the injury bug, they may string a few wins together. By feigning weakness, maybe the Niners can out maneuver teams, and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.
    As a die hard faithful Niner fan, I hope for the best, but as a realist, I see that they have a daunting challenge. Glad Lynch and KS have 6 year contracts, so they can weather the storm. Maybe in a couple years, they can dream of making the playoffs. This is a full rebuild, and I hope they improve the QB situation.

    1. This is a full rebuild, and I hope they improve the QB situation.

      Addition by subtraction. They’ve already improved that situation.

      GO NINERS.


      1. Hoyer is on his 7th team, and Barkley has not taken the league by storm. CJB is a green rookie. They could easily improve on the present QB situation, if they do not go emo, and become afraid of mean tweets.
        GO NINERS.

          1. Thought that could be a possibility after the Ravens QB trade from yesterday. Bisciotti makes good cookies.

              1. My Bad!! Buffalo traded a QB to the Chargers. It wasn’t Baltimore. Guess it doesn’t matter if both the Bills and Baltimore start with the letter B. My apologies!

              1. Well, I am glad he is ignoring the comments that say Kaep will never play another down in the NFL.

        1. Forget it, Sebs……Just forget it and put away your zealotry. This passion of yours to worship a man-just a man…………..a false idol.

          Shanahan knows infinitely more than you do. You dont have to like it-that’s just the way it is.

          1. KS is not a God. I wonder if we will see the first half KS, or the second half KS. Dialing up a passing play and getting sacked outside of FG range was not his finest hour.
            Sure, he has the keys to the City, but he is not infallible. Passing on third and one, the having the pass fall incomplete to stop the clock, just does not impress me.
            Sure, he does not want a QB with a different skillset, but when KS admits that Kaep’s skillset is very successful, maybe he should adapt to that skillset. A sign of a good HC is his ability to take take various players, and make them better. Another sign of a good coach is his ability to accentuate a player’s strengths and disguise his weaknesses. A capable coach can take disparate elements and forge them into a cohesive unit. An indifferent coach will not even try.
            I find it very frustrating to see coaches and owners conspiring to blackball a player for exercising his first Amendment rights. It is obtuse to protect rogue cops. I question their intelligence when I see Kaep being compared to as inferior to many QBs who have never sniffed the playoffs. Kaep has a 4-2 road playoff record, has been a Super bowl QB, and has set playoff QB rushing records.
            Kreuger repeated what I said when he postulated that KS and Lynch risk looking foolish to pass on Kaep, especially if he does well on another team. The present QBs are not the answer, and they risk looking foolish to ignore superior QBs who could help them win games.
            Now they are touting the dedication card, questioning if he is 100% focused on football. Staley wondered about the distractions and football only focus, but if Kaep was being stabbed in the back by the FO, maybe he did not feel wanted or 100% supported.
            Jed, by choosing a suit over a player, is more interested in making money than winning games.

  25. I, for one, am anxious about the new season. There’s a tremendous amount of promise with the new staff and players and yet, the lingering sense that things could go batty still is very much present. These questions regarding the team will have significant impact on the success of the season. I agree with Grant that the team should have a lot more closer games, but this does not always translate into wins.

    Will the new coaches and staff be ready for the grind and the challenges of an entire NFL season. Is KS ready to be a head coach or was the SB a preview of his Icaranian fall?

    How good is Lynch as a GM? Did he overpay older players who won’t be able to fulfill the role envisioned, or will attrition through injuries expose the thin veneer?

    Is Saleh ready to go head to head with some very good offensive minds. Will his schemes be solid or exposed as fraudulent?

    Are the new QBs really ascending or did they already reach their cusp? Is Hoyer a steal or a bad investment? Is Barkley really decent or did he just have flashes? Did we waste a pick on CJB or will he be a solid contributor?

    Is Garçon done or does he still get the types of catches we all want? How about Goodwin, is he a decent WR held back by bad offenses, or is he not worth the investment? How about the rest of the receivers?

    Will Juszczyk be as good as advertised or merely a good player in the right circumstances? What about all the rest of the RBs?

    Will the OL hold up? Will they integrate as a unit and if so how long will this take?


    Is Solomon Thomas as wise as his namesake and bring glory to the kingdom or will he be the same who was responsible for the demise of the kingdom his father built? Can he be an NFL player? What about Buckner, will he have a sophomore slump or is he one of the up and comers in the NFL? Will AA be a good fit or will he be one of those many players who can’t seem to find the right fit on the team (Carradine, Ward, Tartt….)

    Will Eric Reid become our Cam Chancellor or will he be a liability in run support?

    So many questions which will soon be answered…

  26. King Solomon seemed wiser than most by picking the brains of Ware, Sapp, Miller, Bennett and Beasley while Forbidden from the holy land.

        1. Unless I’ve not received late breaking news here on the east coast, by not putting your King’s “x” on the contract by the commencement of your work period…. do you have another name for it?

          1. Haven’t heard any leaks about King Solomon holding out. You were the one who brought it up. I just asked where you had read it.

            1. If he’s not on the field, in pads, friday 10AM, it’s technically a holdout. What, do you need a presser from his camp?

              From an link that had apparently pushed my other comment into moderation:

              “Former Stanford defensive end Solomon Thomas remains unsigned; a lengthy holdout could jeopardize his rookie season”

              1. That’s all you got? When a player holds out, leak after leak is put out by his agent, meanwhile the team PR department puts their spin on it. We’re talking Marante and CAA here. Are you suggesting if a planned holdout were in place, we wouldn’t have been hearing about it? This is about as stupid as believing in mermaids and not dinosaurs….

              2. Razor, I’ll use whatever word or phrase you want to describe missing in action the first day of training camp. “Overslept”? “Pre-vacation”? “Got lost on the Great America Parkway”? “In Miami for a Ballers taping”? Let’s have it.

              3. He reports today. He’ll sign by 10am Friday. If he does not, then you can call it a hold out. Until then, call it a nothingtaco….

  27. One way the Niners can improve is by making adjustments.
    Last season, the Niners really struggled because the other team made adjustments, so the Niner Offense sputtered in the second half.
    This season, I hope the Niners make adjustment to the other team’s adjustments. Maybe the Niners should implement a whole new, different scheme, knowing that the other team will stymie the same old scheme from the first half. That way, their defense will have made adjustments and schemed against the first half offense, but it will be futile because the Niners will be doing something totally different.

      1. Just checked back in for a whiff of TC. He is as always the verbose spokesman of the transparently obvious. Later he will boast point by point about his foresight. But all wind-baggage aside, finally, we arrive at the real football season.

      2. – stay flexible
        – hire wco OC
        – rerun classic 80’s plays
        – discombobulate opposing defensive backs
        – resign Kap
        – teach Kap wco
        – carry 5 QB’s due to Kap’s struggles w/wco concepts
        – feign weakness
        – escape injury bug
        – once clear that wco & Kap don’t mix, keep Kap on active 53, since weather often changes
        – change OC’s so spread offense can be re-instituted (Chip anyone?)

        1. You nailed it! Might add ‘ball carriers and receivers fall down’ And don’t forget, ‘the owner should not choose a suit over a coach’.


              1. I believe that’s a Johnny Madden quote. “It’s a lot easier to get a suit than it is to get a coach”.

                I will defer to Madden’s acumen over mine or Seb’s.

              2. It’s a good quote. I got a better one. “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help”.

        2. sorry, forgot a few…

          – make totally unforseeable adjustments to opposition’s defensive half time adjustments (“random offensive adjustment” database, controlled by A.I.?)
          – implement a whole new, yet different and un-stymie-able scheme for 2nd half offense
          – keep other team on their toes
          – keep Kap on active 53 (no… really do this, OK?)

          1. – Refrain from foot shooting
            – Look one way and throw the other
            – DBs grab WRs by the legs following a reception and carry them out of bounds

          2. – keep your abrams tank out of a ditch.
            – make sure coaches, who would otherwise be clueless, are aware of the roll out concept.

              1. Depending on the tactical situation, having a tank in a hull-down position can be beneficial.

              1. Glad I have you so programmed, you can cite chapter and verse.
                Read IF, by Rudyard Kipling.

      1. Allen, you’re my new favorite!

        Today is born the seventh one
        Born of woman the seventh son
        And he in turn of a seventh son
        He has the power to heal
        He has the gift of the second sight

      2. The gypsy woman told his mother
        Before he was born
        You got a boy-child a comin’
        He’s gonna be a son-of-a-gun.
        He’s gonna make pretty womens
        Jump and shout
        Then the world gonna know
        What this all about

      3. Sebvelation 1:3…

        Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of Sebs prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand.

      4. Revelations Iron:Maiden…

        She came to me with a serpent’s kiss,
        As the Eye of the Sun rose on her lips,
        Moonlight catches silver tears I cry,
        So we lay in a black embrace,
        And the Seed is sown in a holy place
        And I watched, and I waited for the Dawn

  28. John Lynch on Solomon Thomas’ contract situation: “We’re still working on that. … We’re hopeful we can get this done.”

      1. Matt Maiocco‏Verified account @MaioccoNBCS 23h23 hours ago
        Matt Maiocco Retweeted joe adams
        Probably about the same as last year with Joshua Garnett. It would be a surprise if Solomon Thomas is not there for the opening of camp.

    1. Other than the scenario that has Lynch “disappointed”, there’s good news in the article, esp Foster and Hyde.

      1. Matt Maiocco ✔ @MaioccoNBCS
        John Lynch on Solomon Thomas’ absence: “I’m concerned right now. I wish this were done. I think it should be done.”

    2. For a closer look at the offset language issue and the stake both Niners and Thomas’ agent have in it, there is a short description by a commentor in this blog link:
      Both side has valid concerns and negotiations can be expected to be slow and very detail-oriented. But I expect both sides will compromise and reach an agreement by the weekend at latest.

    1. Myself, I’m interested to see how many ways Grant can repackage “Niners cut Hyde” and “Niners cut Bowman” theories.

  29. Hyde said he is in the best shape of his life. He also stated his goal is to lead the NFL in rushing. He said this offense can do that for him. I sure hope he stays healthy cause I see great things for him. I’m staying with my prediction of him resigning a new contract by years end. Lynch saying a lot of positive things about Carlos.

  30. sebnynah says:
    July 26, 2017 at 9:44 pm
    What should the Niners do? Maybe it would be better to think about what they should NOT do.

    Cassie Baalke says:
    July 27, 2017 at 4:57 am
    A ‘do not’ manifesto. Should be pretty easy to claim original thinking on these points
    and ‘crow about it’ as the 9ers go about their work this season.

    The Book of Sebvelation–A reading, 22:13
    [Seb] am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.

    My Sweet Lord, Written by Seb, (as well as designing Shanny’s 49er, 2017 playbook) and everyone of his offensive strategies copied by the NFL Network who troll Seb.

    1. Seb also takes credit for these lyrics:

      The players tried for a forward pass
      With the jester on the sidelines in a cast

      Now the half-time air was sweet perfume
      While sergeants played a marching tune

      And while Lennon read a book on Marx
      The quartet practiced in the park
      And we sang dirges in the dark
      The day the music died,

      So come on Jack be nimble, Jack be quick
      Jack Flash sat on a candlestick
      ‘Cause fire is the devil’s only friend

      Oh and as I watched him on the stage
      My hands were clenched in fists of rage
      No angel born in Hell
      Could break that Satan’s spell

      And as the flames climbed high into the night
      To light the sacrificial rite
      I saw Satan laughing with delight
      The day the music died

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