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  1. Grant – Excellent analysis, I think it will be a higher scoring game then you’re saying (mainly due to good field conditions).

    I hope you gave a generous tip to whoever cut your hair (looks much better). :)

  2. Grant, congratulations again on getting more opportunities on television. That’s very exciting, must be a lot of fun and is really great for your career.

    This was a much better showing for you. The haircut was a good move ;) The muted navy suit was a better choice as well. I think you did a good job today.

    I noticed that in the beginning your nerves got to you a bit and you were swiveling in the chair, as the dialogue continued and you became more at ease you stopped. I also think you should look at the camera(audience) more while giving your answers. Maybe that’s not what you’re supposed to do, never been on tv myself, but I thought it would have been better to not stare at the side of your head so much.

    Anyway what’s most obvious is that you were much more comfortable overall this time around and that’s a sign that with more opportunities you’ll get even better. Well done old man.

    1. In the article Kaepernick says he’s looking forward to Jesus opening up the offense. Forgive me, but that’s what they did last year and it didn’t work.
      Problem #1: The line can’t pass block long enough for plays to develop.
      Problem #2: He’s not all that accurate. (Steve Logan was quoted as saying he likes Kaep’s accuracy. Red flag.)
      Problem #3: He doesn’t throw with touch.
      Problem #4: He doesn’t see the field that well.
      Problem #5: He doesn’t execute some of the plays designed for him.

      Btw, I met a guy last night who used to be a backup lineman in the NFL. He also played in Canada. We got talking about Kaepernick, and he said he didn’t think Kaep had the respect of his line. This rang a chord with me because one Sunday I had noticed a TV sideline shot of Kaep talking to his linemen and they were all looking away from him. Then I asked this guy why he thought that was, and he responded that he thought it was because they viewed Kaep as a thug. Those were his words. He said he knew some of his former coaches at UNR and that they had told him that’s what they thought about Kaep.

      1. George – I enjoyed reading your post, I doubt Niner O-line views #7 as a thug though.
        I do agree with all 5 problems you mentioned…..Nice job

  3. two good things about Bell-A-Cheat winning are

    1. Sherm won’t be getting’ another ring

    2. Finally we won’t have to hear from
    our SeaTac (area) troll for awhile

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