Grant’s thoughts on the Giants and Falcons

Since we’re all watching football today, I have some thoughts on the Giants and the Falcons.

First, the Falcons.

They need a new quarterback and a new coaching staff.

Matt Ryan is like Alex Smith without any of the good qualities. His arm strength is nothing special, he never makes a play and he chokes. He won’t win a playoff game – he’ll probably lose it. So it’s time for the Falcons to find somebody else.

They need to find new coaches, too. The ones they have always seem to call the wrong play. They can’t convert third downs or fourth downs, and that’s partly because they run the obvious play. They run on third and one when the whole world expects it. Like Ryan, they’ve reached their level, and it’s not a playoff level. It’s a level that loses big games. They’ve got to go.

The Giants looked good, though. They’ve got a good chance to beat the Packers next weekend in Green Bay. Their defensive line will push around the Packers offensive line and hit Aaron Rodgers. They might be able to recreate the type of pressure the Chiefs got on the Packers.

The Giants could definitely hold the Packers offense to fewer than 30 points, but could the Packers defense slow down the Giants offense at all?

Tail back Ahmad Bradshaw is back and healthy. Wide receivers Victor Cruz, Hakeem Nicks and Mario Manningham are all playing very well. Yes, the Giants could certainly beat the Packers next weekend.

That would be fortunate for the Niners if they make it past the Saints, because they’d be able to play the NFC Championship game at Candlestick Park.

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