Grant’s top-three favorite 49ers

I’ve been asking myself, “Who is my favorite 49ers player?” I’m not asking who is the best player. Just my favorite player. Here’s what I came up with.

My Number One favorite player on the 49ers is Anthony Dixon. I find the guy to be a scream, and I’m always gravitating towards him in the locker room to listen to him talk about anything.

My second favorite player is Scott Tolzien. He’s quiet and he doesn’t start scenes around his teammates like Dixon does, but Tolzien will sit and talk to you for as long as you like. He speaks with a Midwest accent, and once an interview he’ll say the phrase, “Well, shoot.”

My third favorite player is Bruce Miller. He seems like the most normal person on the team, meaning he’s the most aware of just how abnormal an NFL locker room is. One day about a month ago all the writers were crowded around Dashon Goldson at his locker asking him questions about I forget what. Miller has the locker next to Goldson. During the interview Miller walked back from the shower with the intent to change at his locker, but he saw the crowd spilling over in front of his space and he looked at me and laughed, as if to say, “Well, dang! That was an unexpected curveball!” When the interview was over I walked over to him and suggested he assert himself in the future. He said, “I know! I’m working on it.”

Who are your favorite 49ers?

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