Greg Roman’s third down tendency

I wrote a column this week on the NFL catching up to the Seahawks offensive coordinator’s tendencies. In the interest of balance, I want to share a tendency I’ve noticed about the 49ers’ offense, although I don’t think the NFL has caught up to it.

Since Michael Crabtree returned Week 13, he has received 15 targets on third down and Anquan Boldin has received 16 third-down targets. Since Week 13, Vernon Davis is third on the 49ers in third-down targets with just four.

There is no question Greg Roman wants to call a short pass to Crabtree or Boldin on third down and more than one yard to go. So, it seems the 49ers’ third-down passing offense would be vulnerable to a “Double Robber” defense — both safeties dropping down in the alleys where the slants are thrown. The slot cornerbacks play with outside leverage, and the outside cornerbacks play with inside leverage to take away the post route.

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      1. If your thesis is true that the NFL has not caught onto this yet I have two questions for you.

        1st: Why are you writing for a local blog on not on an NFL coaching staff?

        2nd: If you’re a true Niner fan, why would you bring this information to light?

      2. His tendency is to call short passes to Boldin or Crabtree when calling passes on third down.

        That’s not really earth-shattering Grant. Roman has Kaep throw those short passes because he knows that both Boldin and Crabtree will physically fight their way for more. I have said since about mid-season that possession type WRs fit this offense the best.

      3. Grant,
        3rd down and short shows the limitations of the pick and stick philosophy. Roman has to guess right, instead of giving the QB multiple reads. That’s why he goes with the run more often then not and why the Niners don’t convert a lot of 3rd and shorts.
        If we had a diverse passing attack and Colin matures, we can then attack the D on all levels, instead of hoping Roman gets hot with the play-calling.
        I didn’t think Crabs would make as big a difference as he has. i thought the Seattle passing offense had a bigger big play threat when Russell just chucks it and they get same lame PI call, where as their dbs are mugging and grabbing the whole game.
        Now with Crabs and Boldin, I think we can stress their DB and shorten the game with some long drives and wear out their d for a healthy dose of Frank Gore in the 4th.

    1. The overwhelming tendency on first play of every game is to run Gore up the middle for 1 yard. This must stop Sunday, it’s a waste of a precious play.

    1. Kap has also been indecisive when throwing a TD against the Seahawks…..

      Kaepernick in Seattle,
      “In 2013, Colin Kaepernick had an overall passer rating of 91.6, but a rating of only 41.7 vs. the Seahawks. Four of his eight INTs this season were thrown to Seahawks defenders. Kaepernick threw 21 TD passes on the season, but only one against Seattle.”

  1. City of Seattle is calling today “Blue Friday” and they raised a 12th Man flag atop the Space Needle today.
    Disgusting! This 12 crap is way out of hand now.

    1. I agree Crab, this whole noise thing is so comical. The Hawks fans think the Niners won’t be able to handle it, that it’s actually going to rattle them. That’s hilarious.
      We’ve battled the cold, the noise, road games in hostile environments and we’ve handled it with toughness. I’m picking the Niners to win:

      1. I agree Prime, I am picking the Niners to win 23-20. I was listening to Brian Billick on 1320 ESPN radio and he feels the progression of losses from 2 years ago with the fumble in the Champ game, last year’s Super Bowl loss, and now with this year’s game, they just have that feeling this year. The road wins are a primer for this.

    2. Hey 12th man….You ghostly-pale, vitamin D lacking morons are not any louder than most fans. A freaking architect designed you a stadium that traps noise. It’s not you…idiots!
      You moronic halfwits stole the 12th man name from Texas A&M. Now it’s yours??? A&M started the 12th man in 1922! .…over 90 years ago, you low-life thieves!
      Hopefully you desperate losers will suffer on Sunday.
      We would hate to see you get a lead of 7+ points. That’s when the frantic frenzy begins, doesn’t it? That’s when you slobs mutate into giddy flesh-eating zombies. You become highly aroused, hunched over, one of your arms is now twisted in an unnatural way and then excessive drooling is triggered as you stare into Fox TV cameras.

      Hey 12th man…..The PED’s are for the Seattle players not you!
      What’s next?… Expect pain and anguish on Sunday night.
      Like Dennis Hopper says……“Bad things” will happen to you on Sunday….”Bad things man!”

      1. Crabs,
        I might as well strike and throw the match since you just thoroughly soaked the 12th man in gas. The Niners are going to be spitting ether this weekend, it’s F’n on! Niners 26-16.

      2. You like that BigP? I re-read my post and I think I over bashed the 12th man and I’m sorry for it…………..Not!!…….Throw the match BigP.

      3. Crab baby I am ready for war:) this is the time to make the 12 men spit their beers and staying up at night wondering why my cheat hawks lost! Go Niners

      4. I’m hoping they set a new world record for the quietest 60,000 people in one building….I’m thinking early 4th quarter when the 49ers go up by 2 scores…

      5. Md – Lol….I’m guilty of the same thing. Way back when I was at an XFL game at LA Coliseum and some chump kind of boxed my car in on side street. He had a USC car flag and I snapped it.

    3. Unless they can sneak in, there will be no Californians in the Seattle seats as they are not allowed to purchase tickets. Yet Seattle fans are allowed noise makers (whistles and drums and the like) into the stadium. And they are allowed to toss Skiddles. Guess this team from the North needs a lot of help.
      From the architecture to the Madmen contrived flag ceremony, the 12th man is both a fix and a pox on the game. In the end, the 12th man will end up deaf, horse and with no memory of the game. Now that has to be worth the high ticket price. Oh but they will hold onto that record.

      1. Only the Seattle Team Site was denying Ca. Zip codes. Tickets have been available online. There will be some Faithful there, but we’ll have to see them cuz we won’t be able to hear them. ; >)

    1. The outside cornerbacks wouldn’t overreact to the slant on the slant and go because the safeties would drop down to cover those alleys.

      1. Yes, but the Niners run a lot of out patterns on 3rd and short. I’m talking about an out and up, where the safeties are inside and there is nobody deep.

      2. The irony to all this is not the passing game but rather Frank Gore and Marshawn Lynch.
        In what should be a low scoring game, which ever team wins the battle in the trenches win.
        49ers win big:
        Niners 29
        Seahawks 9

      3. Grant, two safeties can’t cover three slants. They way you have is that the slot will get a free release to the slant, I assume that one safety would cover the slot slant then? If so then the receiver on that side would be open for the slant if he can get past his defender. Do that once or twice and the double move leads to 6.

    2. slant and go to a corner route would work. as would Vernon Davis pressing the seam which would either take away one of the “Robbers” or leave him open.

    3. Yes, sluggo is a great route to run against the cover 3 press.The safeties can drop down the alleys all they want, they need to cover deep on a sluggo.

  2. Seattle would play press cover 3. so the strong Safety isn’t going to drop on the slant route. He’s going to protect the seam and defend Davis. The Corners are going to be in press zone and pass them off to the linebackers.

    1. also, in cover 1/3 the free safety would stay deep. so there wouldn’t be a “double robber” type of play. it’s just not how Seattle runs their defense.

    2. Don’t they always play cover 3 regardless? Earl Thomas never goes to the alley does he? I’m not sure I get Grant’s point, but then again I didn’t play defense in high school.

      1. I think they play cover 3 (press zone/man hybrid) on most downs. But like the Niners, I think (and I’m not 100% sure) that on obvious passing downs (longer than 3 yards?) They will play 2 deep like most teams.

      1. yup, i read that yesterday (found it at the Field Gulls site). If you want to go even deeper, there is an article on Grantland by Chris Brown about Pattern Matching which is briefly touched on in that Seahawks article when it talks about the press corners reading vertical routes by the receivers.

        here’s another similar article about the Seahawk’s Defense,/a> from a couple years ago.

    1. This is what I was going to say. If you assign players to stop Boldin and Crabtree aren’t you leaving yourself vulnerable to a serious case of VD?

  3. Much of this is over my head, and I don’t have bandwidth to view “tape” of coverages… but Kaepernick has a tendency not to see underneath coverage, especially to the left. This is true going back to his first preseason game.

    This is probably not a secret to the SeaRoids or Roman. Colin needs to nail his reads on those quick outs to keep the pick-6s away.

      1. Yup, and it did cost a pick-6 in last season’s game vs the Packers.

        Colin is “young”, but already 26 in his third year. Much has been said about his need to develop pocket footwork, but he has a vision issue too… frequently skipping wide open receivers while throwing to covered receivers.

      2. This is a “Lie.”

        This is a “Fact.” Kaep throws way harder than DBs expect, which is why they almost never intercept a pass of his that hasn’t been tipped.

        Another “Fact.” Micah Hyde was falling to the ground when he mismanaged the Kaep “almost pick-6,” so even had he handled it, he would have been downed at the spot when the intended receiver touched him.

        Lowell Cohn wrote a fantastic article on Baalke today, by the way; definitely the type of piece a young journalist should try to emulate.

    1. I think that when Kaep reads a single high safety he determines (initially) that the middle of the field is closed. So you see him working his primary outside receiver which is usually the Flanker on his right side. I think from there he looks to Vernon (who is usually on the same side or pressing the seam in the coverage) and takes awhile to get back to the other receivers. Usually by the time he gets to those receivers he’s either forced the ball or scrambled out of the pocket.

      On some plays he knows where receivers are and can immediately make his decisions because he knows the defense and knows where the receivers are but others he has to see the field.

    2. Funny I woke up today thinking to post the same thing.

      Grant, not only against a Green Bay this year, but against the Packers in last year’s playoff game as well when it WAS returned for a pick-six.

      This is one read Kaep continues go make mistakes reading coverage.

  4. In the grudge match of the century (or at least the last few weeks), the 49ers bring too much offense, too much of a rested defense, sprinkled with just the right amount of special teams, and go on the Shawk the Hawks in Seattle, 20-16.

    Davis and Kaep score TDs and Dawson kicks two field goals set up by a long punt return and the obligatory Russell Wilson Pick (he’s thrown one every game to the 49ers). Niners move on to NJ to face Tom Brady and the Pats. Quest for Six will be complete.

  5. Seahawks could run this as a disguise and play a double slot robber or play a 2-deep man under or play a Tampa 2 scheme from the same disguise. Also, they can rotate from this disguise to a 3-deep scheme and give CK the same pre-snap read of a 2-deep shell. Can also blitz the nickel and the dime DBs off of the #2 receivers to either side and have the two deep safeties drop down into a zero coverage package.

    Very intersting potential disguise.

    1. cover 3 is too soft unless you call a blitz and Tampa 2 is too soft vs. the run. I also don’t think that anyone would believe that Seattle is playing 2 deep in a non-obvious passing down.

      1. cover 3 and cover 2 zone defenses can be problematic vs. 3+ WR sets because of flood attacks. Seattle is more likely to go with quads or cover 2 man under (sometimes called cover 5)

  6. The key match-up in this game is 49ers O-Line vs Seattle D-line. Seattle’s D-Line is really explosive and can get into the backfield quickly. If the 9ers can overcome the disadvantage of using the silent count and protect Kap then they can win.

    1. That’s the best and most concise key to the game I’ve seen. This game truly is determined by who wins in the trenches. Everything else will fall into place.

      1. Yeah, you could say that about every game but this one stood out to me because the noise in Clink really affects one position group, and that’s our O-Line.

  7. Just heard Havrin’s a no-go Sunday. I had nightmares of a repeat of last season’s Vikings game where the power of Peterson and quickness of Harvin gave the 49ers fits. Musgrave called a great game that day.

      1. Nick,

        I’m laughing at how Pete Carroll says that he’ll be at practice next week. I guess richardsherman promised Pete that the hawks would’ve in the Super Bowl. They forgot that they are not playing the saints for the 3rd time. I can’t wait until we shut that crowd down. After this beat down, that stadium or team will never be the same again. Book it!

      2. 23J
        I’m confident about this game. I went back and re-watched the last game against Seattle. Their D isn’t as strong as the stats suggest. As long as the 49er’s offense is patient, protects the football, and gets solid production out of CK, look for a double digit win.

      1. Pu$$y Harvin has been one of the most overrated players in the game. Dude cannot stay on the field for more than a game. At some point sooner than later he’ll just have to hang ‘em up.

    1. F Montana? Guy is a prick…. Couldn’t even show up for the last game at the stick… Guy thinks he is bigger then the game… He was great QB but he has NO class!!!!

      1. hey, no name d!p$h!t, Joe has consistently chose family over the game since his retirement! Cant knock it. He dosent need the money or the fame. Rode of in to the sunset like in a movie. so shut up dork!

      2. Guy is a prick I met him several times when I was about 6 years old… I bleed red and gold…. I went up to him two different times for an autograph when no one else was around and he said he didn’t have anytime for that!! So unless you experienced that in person jshaw shut your mouth! I’m all about family and I respect that.. At the same time it’s ONE day to give back to the fans and franchise that made him!!! He was GREAT QB but I lost a lot of respect for a guy like that…. Go niners………

      3. You met Joe Montana several times when you were 6 years old? I only remember playing with Hot Wheels and my slinky at age 6…. Was your mom or older sister trying to make a move on Joe or something?

      4. I’m all about family and I respect that.. At the same time it’s ONE day to give back to the fans and franchise that made him!!!

        So you’re saying that he should have put the franchise first instead of family because he is a former QB of said franchise. Don’t claim you are family first and then follow it up with a double standard No Name.

      5. Just got a little pissed off that he decided to blast our QB on USA today… I don’t have a problem with him giving kaep advice.. Who better right? Just that he decided to take it on a national stage… Could of went about it a little better. As far as being a family man first that’s great… Im a family man first but so is the other niner greats that showed up to the place that was a huge part of there lives and ours… So when you see that and you have had a chance to speak with him in person, you realize the guy is still bitter about young taking his job!!!

      6. I’m referring to your story about Montana refusing to give you (a 6 yr old kid) autographs, when no one else is around.

      7. Crab, not blasting what he did for us niner fans.. I m blasting the way he handled critiquing our QB.. He is an all time great, but with that said, he could of not gone nationally to point out what he needs to work on before the NFC tithe game… If anybody has the right to give an opinion on any QB it’s him… Just handle it better… With that said, Go niners………… I’m ridiculously pumped up for this game… I don’t come often to write on this blog but I read all your guys post pretty regularly and you guys are as passionate as I m… I’m the kind of fan that paces 3 hrs before each game cause the red and gold means that much to me… Been a fan since arriving to this country from Italy when I was 3…….

      8. Crab, ya regarding the autographs it was two seperate times… He told me each time that he didnt have time right now…I experienced it myself, plus I have heard from several different people that he was a prick…

      9. CKElite – I pace around 3 hours before each playoff game too (with cold beer usually). It’s all good, I wouldn’t keep callin Joe a prick though. Can you just keep the personal feelings about Joe more to yourself?
        There are some great Italian regulars in here. Welcome to the blog….not sure why your name isn’t showing up when you post. It only shows up in tbe “trending post” area.

      10. Since we’re coming out, I too am a pregame pacer. I also never sit down the entire game, and constantly pace through the commercials…..

      11. I appreciate it crab, I wear my feelings on my sleeves some times… I don’t know why my screen name doesn’t appear either…I apologize to those I offended about the GOAT! Just didn’t like the timing although he was spot on… I saw the story of Russell Wilson on Espn! I hate the Seahawks with a passion but I respect the hell out of that Doug Flutie clone… It’s going to be tough boys but I believe in our boys!!!! Is it Sunday yet?

      12. Elite – Have you ever had an aquarium? This blog is similar to an aquarium. When you add some new fish to the aquarium, the regular tank occupants are thrown off a bit, out of their comfort zone.
        Like me, they snoop around the new fish and see if they can be bullied etc. :)
        Damn… my aquarium theory isn’t too bad.

      13. “Damn… my aquarium theory isn’t too bad.”

        Crab your theory is might be all wet and fishy to boot! :)

        Go Niners

      14. Hah with the pacing! I can often make it through the 1st Quarter, occasionally the 1st Half on the couch. But 2nd Half, talkin track meet, LOL!
        As to Joe, well all those times Sean Penn was in the news for going off on some Papparazzi I couldn’t help but smile and think there goes me! I don’t need people in my face (paparazzi). A 6 year old maybe deserves a little slack, but it got so old for Joe & Jennifer that they used to put on disguises to go to the market when he was playing. They helped raise a lot of $ for their school and Diocese.
        What Joe said about Colin was fine and not an attack. Let’s chill on that. We know who to be mad at, and it ain’t Joe! ; >)

      15. No-name,
        You have some strong sentiments regarding J.Montana, but I agree that unless a person has been turned away by a childhood hero at the age of 6 they really can’t be judgmental.

        I shared a similar story on here a few years ago about a friend of mine that was a pastor in Denver. He had been elected as a new pastor to a church in Hanford and made the move to the central valley.

        I visited his home in Hanford and he gave me the house tour. He had an office/man cave filled with Minn. Vikings memorabilia everywhere.
        Then he showed me his swimming pool which had a huge Vikings logo painted on the pool floor.

        I couldn’t help but ask him how having grown up in Denver he missed being a Broncos fan.
        He told me that his entire family (along with him) were rabid Broncos fans.
        So I asked why he was now a Vikings fan.

        No-name, here is his story:
        He said that his family had been long time Broncos season ticket holders and attended every home game. He said that he will never forget when he celebrated his 12th birthday at a game in which the Broncos played the Vikings that he ran down to the field area where the players enter to the lockers.

        He told me that he always wanted to have an autograph signed by his favorite player Floyd Little but was never able to get through the crowd because of his small size.
        This time he beat the crowd to the players entrance area and shouted for Little to please sign his autograph being that it was his birthday. He said that Little told him that he was not signing any autographs today and walked into the players entrance.

        My friend told me that felt crushed. Then he heard a voice call out to him and say. “hey son, happy birthday, I’ll be glad to sign an autograph for you if you like.”
        The man behind the voice was none other then Vikings great, Allen Paige.

        Hey no-name. I give you kudos for remaining true to the 49ers even after this episode at age 6. But I can’t blame you for the lingering effects either.

      16. Under, Bro Tuna – I bet the both of you have not slept well this week. The anticipation of NFC Title game is _______. Please fill in the blank. I can’t think clearly now. Too fired up man! I’m taking a break for a bit to read all of todays posts.

      17. AES, I approciate that story and your thoughts on it! O was crushed no doubt but I had and have some much passion for the niners it never crossed my mind to switch teams… I’m 30 now with a family and I’m prolly as passionate if not more then I was back then… I have a 8 month old boy who will be a die hard niner fan as well… I came to this country at a young age and have loved this team since then…. This is ONE of the most important games Sunday in my opinion since that horrific way to lose the SB last year… Beating this cocky punks would mean a lot man…

      18. Mystery Fan, aka Unknown. When you log in to post, make sure the “website” line is blank, then your name should appear.

      19. “Montana…no class”?! Now that my friend is hilarious. All he did was win 4 SBs for the Niners then barely complain when the Niners dumped him after erstwhile-career ending back, elbow, and shoulder surgeries for another QB who lobbied incessantly for his job. Joe Montana is pretty much the definition of class in sports or almost any other arena. But thanks, you gave me a nice laugh before the big game tomorrow…

    2. Great story AES.

      Unfortunately since your screen name wasn’t appearing, I was calling you No Name. How about I call you NinerFan until your actual screen name can appear? I can understand your feelings about Montana due to what he did when you were six. Some players are so egotistical at times that they end up doing stupid things, but it’s also possible that he had something on his mind that was bugging him and took a little bit of it out on you.
      Montana didn’t call out Kaep. He was just pointing out some of the things that the media and fans have been saying for a while now, which just happened to be on the national stage.

    3. Hey No-Name,
      Much respect for the way you’ve handled the conversation. And for being willing to call out a guy most of us think of as a football god. You got cajones, mang! The fact that you’re still an avid Niners fan makes you all right with me. Shoot, I even read comments from fools who trash Steve Young.
      As for the “no name” thing, I think if you don’t put a website in the form, it’ll show your screen name. Welcome to the blog!

  8. Pete Cheat us a pure punk! He said: “It’s super disappointing for Percy. He wants to play,” Carroll explained. “He’ll be back at practice next week … We’ll be thrilled to have him back.”

    He is stating basically his team will beat the 49ers and will move on to the super bowl. I hope this pompous errogant man a very sad defeat this Sunday.

    1. Well sure Chicago, isn’t he supposed to be confident about their chances of winning?

      Just like we think we’re going to win?

      I get it though, could be BB material depending on how you spin it.

      1. Just you should be confident in your team to win every week but this statement is a guarantee that they are going to beat the 49ers which is a huge assumption. He could have stated we will fight to win this Sunday so hopefully Percy can practice for the Super Bowl! I want Pete to get punked so badly.

    2. Niners should hand Percy a Niner jersey with his name on it after game Sunday and tell him “you can practice with us next week Percy.”

  9. It absolutely is so disrespectful Carroll’s comments regarding Harvin being ready for the Super Bowl. Let’s do this and take care of business and have Percy with the rest of them clean their lockers out.

    1. I love it, billboard material. First bad move by the cocky coach. He will make more bad moves as his staff better hope and pray that “12th man” can score some points because no way the 49ers staff gets out dueled by that guy.

  10. 1. Isn’t the Panther’s front 4 rated higher than the Hawks? If so the O. line should do fine, if they do not let the noise get to them.
    2.Glad Harvin is out. What was better; picking up Harvin or Boldin? Tough question wouldn’t you say?
    3. Should our first offensive play be:
    a. Frank up the middle;
    b. play action pass;
    c. pass play;
    d. none of the above.

    1. A kickoff return by LMJ. And MD, why you calling me a punk? Was it because I was right about the blog being football and football only when that clown Bayareafanatic is not around?

      1. Fan,
        for starters, change your name. Especially because you are no fan. You don’t even belong on this blog. The best example I have of that is that you called out our QB moments after he helped get us into the NFC Championship game for the second year in a row.

        As for Claude the insecure dirt bag, he didn’t just make a comment about how I coach kids, he infered that I should be background checked to be around children. It was an extreme low blow. He was called out by several people for it and Grant deleted his post. Note, I don’t post with Claude. I don’t communicate with Claude. I don’t seek Claude out, he’s an insecure needy douche bag that feels the need to follow my nuts. What can I say.
        As for FDM, same thing. I don’t seek him out. He like Claude don’t post anything of value to me. All they do is follow and attack me. FDM went as far as researching my name and posting it on this blog. Why? Cause he’s a beer faced punk like Claude. Now crawl back to your corners. I’m enjoying my football team.
        I don’t even know why I responded to you to be honest except to stick up for myself. No one on this blog cares for you and you have been getting called out quite a bit lately. Poor kid…..

      2. And Fan,
        look up the definition of troll. This is a Niners faithful blog. You and your handful of backhanded stabs at our QB all season define a troll. And you’ve been doing it since last year. And I’ve been calling you out on in since last year.

      3. Fdm….. I called you that because that’s how you’re acting. In that post bay never mentioned anyone by name. Hammer actually started the name calling or insults and of course Claude has to join in like always. With nothing to offer but sucker punches after someone else has already started the fight. Usually it’s with his buddy ribico. After all of that was done YOU on a whole different topic have to start the same thing up again. Out of nowhere. That’s what bitter punks do. We are 1 FIng game away from a Super Bowl and some are still bitter about being duked with Alex smith. They remind me of the last kid at the table who refuses to eat their vegetables. You guys can spin it how you want. But you all SEEK out Bay, or Jordan’s comments just to start talking s***! I’m sorry that you guys may have been picked on in highschool or at work or maybe never played a sport in your lives, you guys have mastered stats. Good for you. But knowing stats and knowing the game are two totally different things. Anybody can learn stats, not everybody had the chance to play football, baseball, basketball or any other sport.
        I’m bringing this up because there is an obvious difference in thinking with two different types of fans.
        I know this bay and Jordan and some others who pegged the Alex smith saga have DAILY posts about this team and football. Claude and yourself do not. I’ve asked Claude tons of times to show me where he has started his own post about this team winning or losing. He couldn’t scrape up 10. He’s just a guy who feels big when others are ganging up on another. I don’t blame them for defending themselves. I think anybody would do the same if they were getting attacked with every post they put up.

        And fan….. It’s sickening that you would defend Claude’s comment. You’re another one. How old are you? You guys need to get over it. You were wrong ck is the qb. Swallow your crow and move on. And you wonder how some question your Fanhood.
        What on earth could you possibly be bitter at?

      4. Look who’s back, and the cancer spreads. I guess 2 days without you and your immaturity was a blessing. Now that you are back, a nightmare for all of us. Oh well……

      5. MD,
        appreciate you looking out. And I hope you didn’t mind me borrowing your “beer face” quote. I like that quote and it is fitting.
        What can you say to a guy like FDM. He researches my name, he trails my blog entries. I haven’t even been here for two days and he writes trash about me on more than one post. Yet he calls out my immaturity. There is an old saying, “you can’t coach stupid”. Well you can’t teach it lessons on a blog either.
        Go Niners…..

      6. Bay you are a joke, the reason I’m talking about you is that it was great not having your name calling and bickering with everyone on here for 2 days.
        You think people follow you around, you are dreaming pal. You are the class clown on here. People attack you because you are a moron, plan and simple.
        When you are not here, we talk football. When you are on here, its drama and cat fights. Do us a favor, go coach your little boys and be done with us idiot.

      7. You only looked stupider by the post. My name calling? Funny cause I wasn’t around for two days and you post this….

        when that clown Bayareafanatic is not around?

        Look in the mirror douche bag. You won’t like what you see. Oh and it’s not your blog. Rarely post here and when you do it’s generally not football related. Go dig a hole. Bury your head in it.

      8. You know what Bay, ask yourself why do you fight with so many people on here? Talk about looking in the mirror, you are the cancer that keeps spreading and its embarassing for you.
        Boo hoo hoo, someone called you a name and you cry, meanwhile, its your calling card. Grow up

      9. FDM it has been very cordial the last couple days. Let the big mouths talk and focus on the great run our team is on. Can’t wait til Sunday!

  11. I hope they dip the safeties down in a robber set… There is tremendous opportunity to hit them with a deep shot. CK must play smart and make the big read. It would be nice to see Patten or VD loosen up the defense with 3-4 deep shots in the first half. Hell that is better then simply wasting a play running up the middle.

    I think the redzone play calling is more crucial for this game.


    I honestly didn’t think it was possible to make a worse trade then when Seattle swapped second round picks and sent a third to San Diego for Charlie Whitehurst but the Percy Harvin trade really takes the cake. People(Seahawks fans) will defend the move with the injury but Harvin being injury prone and soft were well discussed red flags before the trade was made. Any future conversation about his potential contribution needs to be tempered until he actually produces again on an NFL field.

      1. The man is so injury prone that he could be knocked out by someone throwing a pillow cushion at their TV when he appears on the screen.

  13. I am shocked there is not more lawsuits against the NFL for their inconsistent enforcement of fines! The refs call plays as they wish and the allow some teams like Seahawks do whatever they want without financial repercussions. Let’s count the number of head butts, face mask, pushing and shoving in this game or the entire season!

    According to CSN:

    Running back Frank Gore and wide receiver Anquan Boldin were both fined $7,875 for separate incidents during the 49ers’ divisional round victory over the Carolina Panthers last week, an NFL spokesman confirmed.

    Boldin was fined for a head butt that did not draw a penalty flag. Gore was flagged for grabbing the facemask of blitzing Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis in the second quarter.

  14. Trent and coach, I hope we learned a lesson in drafting WR!!! We need to look for very physical and big WR with good hands and not worry too much about speed in this draft.

    1. Right on Chicago. A good example is Alshon Jeffery. The Niners passed on him and look what he’s done since coming into the league. The knock on him was his lack of speed.

  15. Crabs
    My wife just said “Calm down! The game hasn’t even started yet!”
    That answer it for you?
    I believe the Niners mindset is sufficient to win this game. I believe their talent is sufficient also.
    The World is waiting to see them slay the dragon in Seattle, but they have to go out there and get it done against a harsh environment.
    Hopeless Homie, I stand with my boyz. Niners by one point or more!

    1. Let’s keep in mind that 49ers are the defending NFC Champs, playing better football, and have less pressure on them (lower seed road team ). I believe Seattle will play tight and make key mistakes. If the Niners play their game and execute, they’ll win by at least 7 points.

      1. Hey No-Name,
        Much respect for the way you’ve handled the conversation. And for being willing to call out a guy most of us think of as a football god. You got cajones, mang! The fact that you’re still an avid Niners fan makes you all right with me. Shoot, I even read comments from fools who trash Steve Young.
        As for the “no name” thing, I think if you don’t put a website in the form, it’ll show your screen name. Welcome to the blog!

      2. Sorry, that should have been posted above.

        Nick, I agree. After the way the Niners handled the Panthers, supposedly a tight, all-defense game, I think they come out roaring, and put the Seahawks down by ten or more. Can’t wait!

  16. I am probably going to be the only one that believes that this will be a high scoring game. Niners 36 Seahawks 32.

  17. speaking of third down efficiency…

    Niners at 37 %
    Broncos – 47 %

    That means Denver is the putative “team to beat”.

    My name is John Fox and I approve of this message.

    1. Now you’re John Fox? Really? Forgive me, but I think you’re a tool who brings ZERO to this blog…

      We’re Niner faithful, and we agree you’re a troll…

    2. But ds….. That means that old has been who never wins in the playoffs Manning is the one putting up those stats. You know the guy harbaugh wanted a couple of years ago that you hated?
      Lol how about that for some archive jive crabs?
      We all know this is ds. Weirdos that talk in their own “alien” language and in circles don’t come around often. One personality left and its other one is here. Make no mistake. This is Ds

  18. just curious ..
    who’s your favorite Niner ? … hell … let’s go with
    your favorite “Top 20″ ?

    (Grant .. while I don’t expect it .. I’d love to see
    who are your faves as well)

    heres mine =>

    20. Bubba Ventrone ..
    (gotta love a kid named “bubba” .. and besides ..
    he reminds me of Tom Rathman … with hair)

    19. Michael Wilhoite .. (just love his hustle and attitude)

    18. Dan Skuta .. (wonder if he bronzed his TD ball)

    17. Glen Dorsey … (reminds me of Michael Carter)

    16. Ray McDonald … (hustle to spare)

    15. Tramaine Brock … (needs more experience)

    14. Demarcus Dobbs … (done well off the bench)

    13. Eric Wright .. (love his hometown spirt.. but ..)

    12. Tony Jerrod-Eddie .. (might end up to be a good pick-up)

    11. LaMichael James .. (waiting for him to bust a good one)

    10. Kendall Hunter .. (love to see him have a long conversation with Roger Craig)

    9. Andy Lee .. (saved our bacon on more than one occasion )

    8. Phil Dawson … (see Andy Lee)

    7. Ahmad Brooks … (who knew he could leap that high ?)

    6. Anthony Dixon .. (“Boobie” .. ’nuff said)

    5. Patrick – Navarro -Willis – Bowman … (sosumi)

    4. Michael Crabtree .. (we missed ya)

    3. Anquan Boldin … (pay da man)

    2. Colin Kaepernick ..
    (when he beats the SeaChickens their house .. the keys
    to the new kingdom will come in gold)

    1. Vernon Davis …
    (my faded #85 rookie is one of my most prized possessions )

    Ok .. theres mine … any takers ?

    1. Nice MWN, but your list is incomplete without a Joe Staley or Alex Boone. Gotta love the big uglies and their funny personalities.

    1. Kassim Osgood
      Quinton Patton
      Corey Lemonier
      Jim Harbaugh
      Greg Roman
      Vic Fangio
      Jim Tomsula
      Eric Reid
      Donte Whitner

      Just to name a few. :-)

  19. Iupati’s pass protection will be important in third down situations. He can’t afford to fall on his butt bullrushed by Red Bryant. Also Bennett vs Davis will be another matchup to watch on third downs. If Kap gets a clean pocket for 3-4 seconds, he will deliver.

  20. Another reason why I think the Niners don’t blown out again. Last time they played in Seattle they suffered several freak injuries, especially on D.

    1. Ian Williams broke his ankle in the first quarter on a cut block that should be made illegal
    2. Eric Reid suffered a concussion and left in the second quarter.
    3. Ray McDonald also hurt his ankle and left in the fourth quarter.
    4. Vernon Davis had a balky hamstring that limited his movement, though he stayed in for most of the game before leaving in the fourth quarter.

    These injuries, coupled with the five turnovers made winning that game nearly impossible. Despite this, the score was only 5-0 SEA in the third quarter. SF is a much tougher team now

  21. last week Colin found it necessary to kiss his bicep.
    Please, please, please do not let us discover that he
    started celebrating too early.

    Last time I checked, winning a Lombardi trophy
    requires two more Xs in the win column.

    Greater postgame pain this week, rookie.
    (is the headphone mannequin overconfident?)

    1. no, goofball … it wasn’t “necessary”
      it was .. “appropriate”

      methinks you’re just jealous because ..
      Kaep has biceps

      Can you answer a question for me ?

      doncha ever get tired of being a jerk ?

  22. OK, here’s an off topic Andy Rooney type rant. Not really football, so feel free to take a pass.
    When you hear something that you know is incorrect repeated over and over as fact, it gets annoying; to me anyway. Remember Lynch’s Earthquake Run? How could we not, it gets talked about so often. The blithering idiots on ESPN keep saying the fans caused an earthquake; caused a seismic event. This is pure nonsense. The reverberations felt by many and measured by seismographs were exactly as like an earthquake as when a truck drives by and you can feel the vibrations in your feet. This is NOT an earthquake. This is NOT a seismic event. There are incidents where thunder has caused a measurable trace on seismographs. These seismographs in Seattle are sensitive enough to pick vibrations from earthquakes in Australia, so little surprise they felt the rumbling of the crowd.
    Media talking heads spouting poppycock isn’t just in the sports field, it’s all over the “News” too; pretty or handsome faces looking you (camera) earnestly in the eye and telling you things that they have no idea are right or wrong. Don’t know what they’re talking about and don’t seem to care much.
    The fact that the commotion from the football game is detectable on local seismographs IS amusingly compelling, but can’t the tv Producers hire some fact checkers to assemble the details so the script readers can say something accurate? Smh.
    Done. Thank you.

  23. BT ..
    I expect the next “earthquake” the CLINK
    experiences.. will be the one caused by all those
    12th- man (people) running for the parking lot ..
    b/c the niners stomped them !

    1. Did anyone see Carmen Policy’s open letter to the 12th Man? It’s on SFGate for those interested. A very polite tease.

  24. Great letter from policy to the Seahawk fans:

    Dear Friends In Beautiful Seattle,

    All of us at Casa Piena wish to congratulate you, your Seahawks and my friend Coach Pete Carroll for providing the Nation with such an exciting 2013 season. Your fire and passion has created a marvelous rivalry with our San Francisco Forty Niners that has become the most intense, confrontational and “sound-bite-laden” match up in the NFL today. We are quite certain that your valiant efforts will be appreciated by fans throughout America as you fall just one game short of going to Super Bowl XLVIII in the Big Apple. Please note, that as the final whistle blows on Sunday January 19th and the Niners have become this year’s NFC Champions, that much of the Napa Valley and San Francisco Bay Area will be lifting a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon as a toast to your memorable but terminated season. Good luck next year and please consider visiting us this summer so that we can talk about the Forty Niners victory in New York and a sixth Lombardi Trophy on their shelf.

    Go Niners

  25. Guys I am so excited for this game. This is the time for the coaching staff to build on this seasons legacy buy changing up some of tendencies to make the seacheats defense pay. We got to get some big plays on offense and defense to shut up the crowd. I wish our team all the focus, determination, glory and the strength to be victorious. Go Niners

      1. As per the previous playoff games I hereby call upon the spirit of all the wresting greats as guardians to our team and beacons to road victory again.I know this to be completely irrational but what the hay.P.S. Odin you are invited too.GO NINERS!

    1. Jack if you were Grow what would you do on the offense to take advantage of the DBs playing physical with the receivers off the line of scrimmage? Also, do you think niners will utilize more bunch formations to make it difficult for the sea cheats dbs?

      1. They ran a fair amount of bunch type sets in week 14 and were able to get some good runs from it. I would go after them with 2 TE sets, run that power on them, and work the flats hard off play action. Tahe’s good.those 5-7 yard chunks on 1st down.

        I like the matchup on the outside with Boldin or Crabtree against Maxwell. That’s one they need to win. And be smart with how you take shots at Sherman. He gets a lot of grief for being so physical but he’s

      2. I’ve seen a number of wasted shots early in games against Sherman, especially Go and Hitch & Go. I have not seen too many succeed and a few have been picked. I think that’s for a bit later in the game when the heat of battle has him really cheating up.
        First down efficiency will be key. We’ll need Boobie on a couple of wheel routes. It would be helpful if our #2 & #3 TEs would make some catches too. Can Tuk catch a flare on play action? Mr. Patton, ready to step up?

      3. How you challenge Sherman in the game is run right at him. People use to do it with Deion Sanders. Don’t throw his way but test him early and often and see how involved he wants to get in tackling. Either way you have to go to his side by pass or run otherwise the field gets tilted and that’s a huge advantage for their defense.

  26. I don’t expect the noise to bother Niners tmrw.
    For example, in the early days of relationships when your wife/girlfriend scream at you the first couple times….you get rattled and can’t execute daily activities like normal.
    After you’ve been startled a couple times, you learn to man up and you become numb to the screaming and shouting. Now you can conquer your day.

    1. It’s like sleeping with NYC out your window. It’s intimidating to noobs, but you learn to tune it out.

      It’s not surprising that division opponents, those who have a history of playing there (AZ, Niners tomorrow* ) have solved the 12 little men.

      * Confident, aren’t I ;)

      1. The rally cry the Niners are employing with their “road warrior” mentality is what will carry them this week again.
        Never mind that the team has won 8 straight, its now the confidence to travel anywhere and focus on it as a business trip. The noise may have been a factor in week 2 but after these huge games this past month, I cant see the 49er players being intimidated by a crowd regardless of who it is.

  27. Bwah. I went to put on my Niners jersey to show my colors around town today, but a big glob of red salsa down the front! The victory celebration last Sunday I guess. It will be out of the wash soon…….

      1. Yep. Road jersey as pictured. Big red blob in the middle of the 0. Just came out all cleaned up, ready to rock&roll.

    1. Lol, all amped up huh Brotha?

      I’ve been wearing 49ers gear to the gym all week (Including the socks).

      Game can’t come fast enough.

      1. Lol me too! Today when I finished taking a shower in the locker room I saw a guy with a niner jacket which made me smile and scream go Niners! We both laughed while all rune other guys wondering what’s up with these niner fans in the bears territory. It was great to see another niner fan,

    1. 38 yds (this season) … and the SeaChickens
      only paid a (guaranteed) $25 million ?

      They sure got their money’s worth, huh ?

      (deficit spending… or what ?)

  28. Greg Cosell (and another radio guy whose name I forget) made a very specific prediction for what the Niners will do in the passing game. I’m not sure I understood all of it, but it sounded nice.

    He said that when Niners go base personnel, they can make the Seahawk defense be cover 3. Seahwaks do NOT flop corners, so Sherman stays on the left, and Maxwell will stay right. This allows you to match up anyone you want against Maxwell at the slot on the left side of the formation. This will be an easy one read play for Kaepernick. So do the Niners put Patton in the slot or Boldin? Does this make sense to anyone?

    1. I dunno, Chewie ..
      I really hope it’s Patten in the slot … I think
      he has the potential to become a real weapon for Kaep ..

      Imagine Cheatin’ Pete’s head right about now …

      ” .. Boldin, Davis and Crabtree .. oh my !…”

      Now he has to contend with Patten ! …

      Oh.. I love the possibilities !

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