Happy Thanksgiving

Happy thanksgiving to Hacksaw 46, Old Coach, Abe Froman, Brodie2Washington, htwaits, Razoreater, #80, Cubus, Dust Mite, Sebnynah, TomD, Prime Time, Brotha Tuna, Jack Hammer, CFC, Scooter_McG, JedYorkTheDork A.K.A. MidWestDynasty A.K.A. MidWestNiner, Rocket, MWNiner, Rebuild A Winner, undercenter, mike, Leo Nomellini, Shoup, ShoupBJ, Rick, The Truth, Cassie Baalke, the k, ribico, OREGONINER, Speed kills, Sweetsinger, GFY Baalke A.K.A. Mr. Everything A.K.A. E A.K.A. Neanderthal Offense A.K.A. Johnny Cristo, 55 Niner, Rusty_In_SoCal, sawbrodie, ChocolateChipKellyDough, Jsand3030, AES, red, allforfunnplay, Allan, KezarMike A.K.A KexarMke, 49er42, Touchdown Niners, robert ethan, Whine Country, Questforthe#1DraftPick, JuanHunglo, Houston9er, 49reasons, Jerry, Runman49, Ed, Luis I, exgolfer A.K.A. Hit ’em with the Hyde, ninermd, Folkwolf101, tkamb, Leo, Grimey A.K.A. GrimeTime A.K.A. Grimey9er, EastCoast9er, Nick, NaVorro Willis, Mood_Indigo, Italian Niner, eMJay A.K.A. MJ, Rollotomasi, Matt, Ralph Bedwell, MosesZD, BILAL19, Wilson 73, Shemp, Fahad Munshi, Brian in Oakland, Steelematic, Larry, BigP, JPN001, oneniner, Goldmine49, fesnyc, tahoelocal, Sanfranbob, Mariposa9er, Michael, seriously, Fansince77, Adam707, ghost, Redwood, Josph A.K.A Joseph, jay, Cameron, BigskyMT, yepyep, Andrew, David, Txtree49er, Ben, Shish, Daniners, Max Banners, hightop, Alex Smith for President, FDM, Dan, NorCalMafia, BigSuede, oldschool9erfan, Chicago49er, Scott, pete4mtx, BruceZ, KY49er, ricardo, as you were, hova, La-La Land, rjpbobp, Sean in Canada, Real Neal, NinerGangBangBang, George, Dano, ChessGM, 7x7ers, CK=Elite, MontanaMan16, Big niner, Crab15, dc9er, V’s Epiphone, Spaceborn, Nomaldedo, Jaican49ers, 49ergirl, 3rdNKing, claude balls, steve c, Adusoron, bayareafantatic, people who read but don’t comment, people who comment but don’t read, people who used to read and comment, people who read and comment on Twitter and people I forgot.

I’m thankful for all of you.

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  1. Nice one, Grant! On behalf of everyone, I think it’s safe to say we all appreciate you taking the time to mention everyone by name. Thanks and right back at ya!

  2. So many A.K.A.s for me. ?
    Thanks Grant, and Happy Thanksgiving to you and everyone on this blog! Enjoy this day with your friends and family members.

  3. Another solid year across the board. Sure the team is in the toilet but aside from a few dreamy years there that’s really nothing new these days. Thanks to Grant for turning on the lights and having thick enough skin to put up with the likes of us degenerates. Sorry for the janitor remarks earlier, I blame Baalke for putting me in such a terrible mood with the team he’s assembled. Anyway, thanks to all of those that continue to put up with my crap and to those that understand that I’m almost always, just kidding.

    Happy Holidays everybody.

  4. Thanks Grant!

    We don’t really celebrate Thanksgiving here in Brazil but I wanna thank all in here for keeping the blog moving.

    I wish I had more time to read it, but between my second baby being 1 month old and this dreadful Niners season I have not had enough time to search for the insightful comments among all the “Fire Baalke”, “Jed Sucks”, “Chip should go back to college” and “Seb’s gonna Seb” posts.

    I’m also thankful for a better season next year (because, really, it will be pretty difficult to be worse than this year, although I thought that last season too).

    1. Allen, salutations. Gratz on the new one. My one piece of advice, spend as much time as you can with them so they can soak up your wisdom, because in a blink of an eye they will leave the nest.

      You only get one chance in raising your children. Make the best of it, and you will be rewarded with things more precious than rubies.

      I am envious that you live in Brazil. Not only are our Niners epicly failing, but I have to endure 4 years of Trump. To his credit, he has not done anything crazy, and has backed off on some of his comments. I know this is not to be too political, but I just wish everyone to know that he is our president, and I will abide by the results of this election, like any American should.

      1. “but I just wish everyone to know that he is our president, and I will abide by the results of this election, like any American should.”

        Good boy.

      2. Thanks Seb.

        That’s some solid advice.
        Appreciate it.

        Regarding the President, are you not familiar with brazilian politics?

        I mean, the USA elections are a mess. The candidates, the system, the polls, the whole process.

        But Brazil is in a total other level.

      3. Freekin Seb………….Happy Thanksgiving to you up there in Sabastapol!

        Just have to get in your little dig to those who don’t think lock-step with you, don’t you? Well, here’s something to put in your pipe-smoke this: The Republicans didn’t want him, the Socialist (You work-I take) Democrats didn’t want him, and the Govt. Press didn’t want him! But those who do not want another nation, did! Take a long drag on that killer weed!!!!!

        All the best to you and yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (And no, I do not hate you!!!!!!!!!)

  5. Happy Thanksgiving Grant, all (well, except to Jed York). I’m thankful for this blog that does not oppress the Faithful’s opinions :) Keep up the good work.

    1. I certainly hope not… Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is obvious insanity but then again this would not surprise me considering that bumbling tool (aka Jed York). Lets hope Biderman is wrong for the sake of the Faithfuls :/

      1. I hear you, fam. I am scared now and it was the worst thing I have read all week, happen to be today. We need guys like Grant Cohn and other beat writers to keep putting pressure on 49ers PR dept to make this happen.

        If York is smart he will do the right thing and fire Baalke. He will lose this fanbase and including myself if he does not do it.

        I do not remember what Cohn said, but many of the writers last year were saying Tomsula was going to stay because of his fully gtd salary and he needed to prove to the public that replacing him with Harbaugh was the right thing. Lo and behold, Tomsula got fired officially 1 hour after their win over the Rams in week 17. So like you said lets hope Biderman is wrong.

  6. Just want to say that I’m appreciative of all the 49er posters on this site. Living in Seattle, my small group of 49er fan friends has been getting even smaller since Harbaugh left. Just found out that another bud is seriously contemplating becoming a ‘Hawks fan. I’d rather the Raiders than the ‘Hags. Pretty soon I might be myself, but it’s great knowing I can find fellow faithful 9er fans here.

  7. Thanks Grant – we don’t have Thanksgiving in Oz, but in the spirit of it I am thankful to you for providing and running a site where you provide us with insider info and spark and manage spirited and entertaining 49ers banter for and between us, the fans. And I am thankful to my fellow posters for joining the ride – wouldn’t be the same without the whole, crazy lot of you!

  8. Happy Thanksgiving, Grant and fellows dwellers of the asylum. As we slide into the evening in a haze of tryptophan and alcohol, let’s hope that the Niners will catch the Fins off guard looking past this game.

  9. Talk about your dysfunctional family, LOL! This looks like a Suspicious Characters Watch List from Homeland Security Dept.
    Best wishes to all the ‘family’ and to their families.

  10. Sorry for the way late response, I was on a little vacation with the fam. Thanks for this Grant….means a lot. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. I’m definitely thankful for your hard work in running this great site. Also thankful for all the Niner faithful I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with on this site.

    God Bless everyone.

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